APP: Chapter 123

“Then I’ll talk to Ye Lan first and come to you with He Xiao? Uncle He is very nice.” Ye Xiaoxiao explained.

“Yes. The actors will soon finish being busy. We should meet and get to know each other briefly.”

Ye Xiaoxiao hurriedly said, “See you then!”

Xie Chi nodded and went around the wards of the wounded with Ren Ze.

“Hey Xie Chi, I know that girl.” Ren Ze waited until he couldn’t see Ye Xiaoxiao before quietly speaking.

Xie Chi glanced at him. No wonder why Ren Ze basically didn’t speak just now.

The two of them walked down the stairs and Ren Ze continued, “I heard you and Lu Wen say that you belong to the same world. Then Ye Xiaoxiao and I belong to the same world. As far as I know, her family has money and she seems to have gone abroad at a young age. In any case, she is very willful and her parents are used to it.”

“By the way, I suddenly remember that there are zombies in Yan Jing’s world while Lu Wen is a fishman in your world. My world seems quite normal. It is very stable and orderly…”

Xie Chi waited for him to finish.

“However, it is amazing that our worlds overlap to a large extent. Yan Jing’s world is obviously behind the world of Ye Xiaoxiao and I but its social structure and historical evolution is similar to ours. Just like…” Ren Ze didn’t know how to describe it.

Xie Chi spoke for him. “It is like your world where the development is incomplete or the general direction of development is the same but it deviates in the details. It is like a torrent coming down from a mountain. If it encounters something, it will diverge and flow in different directions. Even so, the source is the torrent and the essence is water.”

“Yes, this is the feeling.” Ren Ze said. “The gap between your world and Yan Jing’s world is quite large but the overlap is still high.”

Xie Chi was silent for a moment before staring at him. “Do you believe in the parallel world theory?”

He would think about it from time to time, trying to explain it with known science or pseudoscience. This was the most similar and closest possibility to him.

Ren Ze’s mind suddenly became clear. He paused before replying truthfully, “I… I don’t know.”

Ren Ze felt that both science and science fiction were far away from him. He naturally didn’t believe in ghosts and gods before entering the app. He was a modern young man with no faith and doubts about everything. He went to a meaningless university and passed through life.

Then Xie Chi said this and Ren Ze understood. “In fact, it makes sense. In the world of Ye Xiaoxiao and I, it was clearly recorded in a book that there were zombies hundreds of years ago. Then due to the growth of humans, they were completely wiped out. Cremation started to be carried out and no new zombies were both. Therefore, we might’ve never seen zombies but we are no stranger to them. Zombies will also appear in movies in our world.”

Ren Ze was slightly startled. “Then… will there be a world where zombies have grown without extinction? Or a world where cremation hasn’t been implemented yet?”

The more he thought about it, the clearer he became. He stared at Xie Chi. “Your world is at a certain node and you are on a different fork in the road.”

Xie Chi nodded. He did think so.

Ren Ze suddenly thought of something and a trace of panic in his eyes. “Will there be repeated selves in our worlds? Or repeats of us in more worlds we don’t know about?”

Xie Chi reassured him. “Don’t worry, the possibility is basically zero. The evolution of the world will affect the entire body. One small change might be insignificant but there is a high probability that there is no ‘you’ in the subsequent history. Even if he looks exactly like you, he isn’t you. The living environment is different. He knows different people and experienced different things. How can you say that he is you? Humans are a product of society. Once the surrounding environment has changed, they will naturally change.”

Ren Ze instantly let go of his worries. He felt his worry was a bit unreasonable and smiled. “So we are still unique.”

Xie Chi nodded. “Of course, this is just a very crude guess.”

It wasn’t known if he would have a chance to know the truth in the future.

Xie Chi turned around and glanced at the two strange moons behind him. He connected it to this whimsical conversation and had subtle thoughts.

Time, space, time and space.

Ren Ze suddenly whispered, “Xie Chi, look!”

Xie Chi immediately turned his head and followed the direction Ren Ze’s finger was pointing in.

They were at a corner of the corridor. The corridor was dark and the white and blood-red moonlight were shining through the windows. Under the stairs, in front of the operating room where the lights were on, a blurred shadow was peeping.

Xie Chi immediately pulled Ren Ze to crouch down. They were hidden by the railing.

“Brother,” Xie Chi spoke in his heart.

After swallowing the evil spirit, Xie Xinglan’s eyesight was excellent and he could see clearly.

Xie Xinglan came out and saw it clearly. The man was dressed in black clothes that were extremely loose. His figure couldn’t be seen clearly and he wore a hood on his face, so his face wasn’t clear. He was stubbornly holding onto the door of the operating room, face pressed close to the door like he wanted to stuff his eyeballs through the cracks. He was quietly peering at everything in the operating room.

There was an angle problem so Xie Xinglan could only see the man’s upper body. He stood up a little bit and finally saw the whole picture clearly. Below the man’s calves was pitch black as if they merged with the darkness. His entire body floated like a ghost. Under the moonlight, the man… had no shadow.

Xie Xinglan lowered his head to send a look at Ren Ze, asking him to withdraw quietly. Then Xie Xinglan looked up again and found that the ghost was gone.

“Behind you!” Ren Ze shouted in horror.

Xie Xinglan had already reacted keenly before Ren Ze spoke. He pushed Ren Ze away, letting Ren Ze run first. Then he jumped over the rails and down a few stairs.

Ren Ze staggered and ran down the stairs quickly. Xie Xinglan was about to jump down and drag him to run when he realized something was wrong. Xie Xinglan looked up and found that the ghost was still standing in their original hiding place, motionless.

Xie Xinglan was sensitive to killing intent. This ghost obviously didn’t want to kill him but had other means. Xie Xinglan stopped and stood facing the ghost on the stairs.

Ren Ze ran for a while and finally arrived at the next stair landing. He was going to sigh with relief when he looked up and suddenly found the ghost in front of him. He couldn’t stop and almost ran into the ghost! This ghost could teleport!

He just wanted to go back wildly when he inadvertently glanced down and found Xie Chi on the stairs below him! How could it be? Ren Ze panicked completely. It stood to reason that Xie Chi came down later than him and should be above him. How could Xie Chi appear below him now? What was going on?

Ren Ze fell back and was grabbed by ‘Xie Chi’ on the stairs.

Xie Xinglan stared up at the ghost beside the railing and spoke coldly. “Don’t run away. It is a ghost wall. The stairs are an endless loop. The ghost hasn’t moved at all. You are back at the original point.”

Ren Ze was in a state of shock.

Xie Xinglan’s eyes were fixed on the ghost. “What do you want?”

It was silent. Then after a long time, the pale lips under the hood move slightly as if saying something. Once he finished, he disappeared into thin air.

Xie Xinglan’s eyes looked around. He really disappeared this time.

Ren Ze was relieved.

Xie Xinglan wondered, “Xiao Chi, what did he say?”

It took Xie Chi a while since he was unsure. “The magnitude was too small and I’m not sure if I’m correct. It should be ‘I hate you’.”

“I hate you?”

Xie Chi added, “He should have a grudge with my role.”

“Then why not try to kill us?”

“I want to know that too.”

Xie Chi was lost in thought. The ghost clearly stated that he hated Xie Chi so why not try to kill Xie Chi? Could this be related to the hidden restrictions on ghosts killing in the movie? Or was there something hidden?

After the brief exchange with Xie Xinglan, Xie Chi regained control of his body.

“Are you okay?” Xie Chi asked.

Ren Ze nodded and wiped the sweat on his forehead. He now knew that Xie Chi was communicating with his boyfriend whenever he was in a daze. Therefore, Ren Ze smartly waited. Ren Ze said, “Tell him, thank you Brother.”

Xie Chi glanced at him. “You call him Brother while you call me Xie Chi. What is this treatment?”

“I can also call you sister-in-law.” Ren Ze smirked.

“…Get lost.”

Ren Ze himself had multiple personalities. After knowing about Xie Chi’s situation, it was easy to tell who was whom and who to joke with.

Xie Chi told him, “Go.”

“Where are we going?”

Xie Chi pointed to the operating room with the green light lit up. “Go and see.”

The ghost peeped into this operating room. It wasn’t known if it was random or if he had a reason. If it was the latter then Xie Chi had to pay certain attention to it. Xie Chi knocked on the door and waited for a while. However, it was Yi Hesong who came out to open the door.

Yi Hesong hadn’t expected it to be Xie Chi. He frowned invisibly but still greeted this person with a smile. “We meet again.”

Xie Chi pointed behind Yi Hesong and smiled. “Can I go in and see?”

“I’m afraid not.” Yi Hesong didn’t want to show Xie Chi anything and pretended to be sorry. “It wasn’t easy to rescue him and it isn’t inconvenient for other people to see.”

Xie Chi understood and nodded. “Okay.”

“No problem.” Yi Hesong turned and closed the door.

Xie Chi walked away and Ren Ze asked him, “Is the ghost related to Yi Hesong?”

“I’m not sure for now.” Xie Chi was absent-minded.

Xie Chi knew the reason why Yi Hesong hadn’t acted. His strength might be inferior to Yi Hesong but it was impossible for Yi Hesong to kill him with a single blow. Yi Hesong was waiting for the right time and Xie Chi was waiting too.


Xie Chi went to another department. This time, the door was opened by a vigorous young man. He was handsome but had a bit of a sinister temperament. Xie Chi took a look at his face. He had a high brow, narrow eyes and naturally pursed lips. Perhaps this person was narrow-minded with high ambitions.

“I’m Xie Yang. Is there something?” Xie Yang closed the door of the operating room as soon as he came out of it. Xie Chi felt the hostility and slightly frowned. He didn’t know where he had provoked this person.

“It’s fine.” Xie Chi wasn’t interested in getting a refusal. Still, out of his usual politeness, he nodded at Xie Yang and turned away with Ren Ze.

“Xie Chi.” Xie Yang called out from behind him.

Xie Chi turned back, a bit of impatience hidden in his eyes.

Xie Yang stared at him. “I’m not your substitute. I am me.”

“Oh.” Xie Chi probably knew what was going on and couldn’t help feeling a bit annoyed. It was what others thought. What did it have to do with him? This person was in the prime of his youth and didn’t distinguish between the rights and wrongs of the matter.

“I’m going,” Xie Chi stated coldly.

Xie Yang was agitated by this indifferent attitude. The heart that was stimulated beat like crazy and he couldn’t help saying, “You might be willing to be Shen Yi’s substitute but I am different.”

Ren Ze was angry. He was about to go up and argue with this person when he was dragged back by Xie Chi. Xie Chi looked Xie Yang up and down before finally smiling. “You might not have that opportunity.”

Xie Yang’s blue vein on his forehead bulged.

[Xie Yang’s temperament isn’t comparable to Xie Chi.]

[Wouldn’t you be annoyed if you are called a substitute for others every day? It is understandable right? Don’t be an armchair expert.]

[It is clear that Xie Chi doesn’t know him. Why find fault with Xie Chi? I’m really speechless.]

[Xie Yang seems to have come in 20 days later than Xie Chi? He missed the last season’s newcomer competition and became the next season’s number one? I’m not very sure.]


[Interesting, the number one newcomer of the previous season, Ji Xingchen, was killed by Xie Chi. Will he kill the star of the next season?]

[Doesn’t Yi Hesong want to kill Xie Chi? It isn’t certain who will die. Don’t say it early, it is stupid. Besides, Xie Yang is very strong. Isn’t it normal for a strong person to have a temper?]

[Can’t you talk about the plot? It is noisy and hostile all the time. So annoying. You are watching a peak orange movie yet your quality is so low.]


Compared to Xie Yang, Yuan Ye in the next department was much more cheerful.

Yuan Ye was very tall and was probably a bit older than Xie Chi. As the name suggested, his temperament was very stubborn, unruly and unrestrained. He had the enthusiasm of a Westerner, spoke quickly and was very energetic.

“They are my patients.” Yuan Ye personally took the two over and pointed to a man and woman in good condition on the bed.

The man had woken up but the anesthetic effect hadn’t passed and his consciousness was a bit confused. He just stared at them blankly. The female was injured more severely. Her lower body was bloody and she was still unconscious.

Xie Chi glanced at their faces and paused.

The man in his 50s looked a bit like Xie Yang.

The male NPC had a very set hair style and his beard was shaved well. Based on his skin condition, he should be maintaining it. He was a bit fat but wasn’t greasy. It seemed he had a successful career.

Ren Ze touched Xie Chi’s arm. “The woman has had a facelift.”

The female NPC was indeed as Ren Ze said. She had a sharp chin, high nose, big eyes, double eyelids, white skin and big breasts. At first glance, she seemed carved out of a mold and had no special features. She looked beautiful at first glance but after a while, she couldn’t be remembered. She was probably very young and in her 20s.

Out of all the actors Xie Chi met so far, none of them looked like her.

After gaining an understanding of the patients, Xie Chi and Ren Ze went out with Yuan Ye. Yuan Ye lay on the railing, drew out a cigarette to smoke and took the initiative to say, “They were in the same car when the accident happened. I asked about their relationship and the man refused to speak. When his consciousness was still sober, he offered a lot of money to bribe me so that the woman would die during the operation. I refused.”

Ren Ze wondered, “Isn’t this an old man and his mistress? Due to some disputes, the man was tired of playing and wanted to dump the mistress. Or it could be that the mistress wanted to blackmail him so he took the opportunity to try and kill her.”

Yuan Ye glanced at him. “I think so too. This woman is really crazy. When I performed surgery on her, she had many light scars on her body. There was too much work on her chest, cough. It is estimated that she did a lot of breast augmentation and down there…”

Xie Chi agreed, slightly embarrassed.

“Thank you,” Xie Chi told this person. Yuan Ye took the initiative so Xie Chi also briefly told him about the situation on Xie Chi’s side.

Before leaving, Yuan Ye stared deeply at him and said with a smile, “Be careful of Yi Hesong. He is the one who gave the life-threatening talisman. I don’t know what type of grudges you have but don’t take him lightly. I just can’t get used to his style and hypocrisy. You are more pleasing than him.”

Xie Chi glanced at this person. He already knew this but Yuan Ye was being kind after all. Xie Chi nodded slightly in thanks and left with Ren Ze.

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2 years ago

New side character? Im excited!! till now we only have yan jing, lu wen, ren ze and shen yi. I don’t really like xia yao(?) so hopefully that ye xiaoxiao and yuan ye can be the new side characters!!

2 years ago
Reply to  amyes

There’s also Su Qing!^ω^ Don’t forget about Xie Chi’s stepmom lmao

2 years ago

I suddenly had a thought. Maybe this ghost trying to kill Xie Chi is related to Ye Lan’s Child?

2 years ago

perhaps this spirit has to do with the criminal; he must have killed people before this accident and the doctors are saving him, he might hate him for it. and we won’t be hypocrites, in reality it is this way, this hesitation to save bad people with blood on their hands, but even so, for a doctor, a life is a life and they can’t deliberately kill him, a guess :p

2 years ago

Is this Xie Yang’s first appearance? I genuinely don’t remember him. Was he in the last film ( – _・)?

2 years ago

lol i love ren ze and xie chi joking around!!! i’m really glad xie chi is gaining friends

Literal God
Literal God
2 years ago

Guessing that plastic surgery lady is Ren Zi but after a sex change.

1 year ago
Reply to  Literal God

I had the same toughts!