APP: Chapter 122

Ye Xiaoxiao’s teaching was strict and she consciously controlled her body since she was child. She had never been fat. She used to have a smooth and flat abdomen but now it was soft and slightly convex. She had clearly given birth to a child.

Ye Xiaoxiao calmed down after a few seconds.

The characteristic of ‘having a child’ belonged to the role. In other words, the role she played in the movie had given birth to a child. The app had previously emphasized the importance of the movie’s roles and now there were some clues.

She glanced back at Ye Lan with complicated eyes. Ye Lan was probably herself a few years ago. If it was a memory, she wouldn’t be surprised. However, the one in front of her was clearly… a living person. Many years ago, on the same night of the two moons, she got in a car accident. By chance, she entered the same car as her future self many years later.

Ye Xiaoxiao felt a bit horrified. She stared at the sky through the car window and saw two moons. She thought for a moment before her eyes lit up.

Could it be that the magnetic field changes caused by the two moons broke the timeline, causing the original straight timeline to collapse? The time and place where she met Ye Lan was just at the intersection of the folded timeline? If this was the case, what about the other actors? Since the world had another Ye Xiaoxiao, would there be a second He Xiao and a second Xie Chi?

Ye Xiaoxiao raised her head slightly and looked at the face that was almost identical to herself in the rearview mirror. She felt a chill in her heart. She liked similarity because it brought about a sense of security and belonging. However, she didn’t like exactly the same. Since it was the same, she had a sense of fear that she would be replaced. This fear went deep into her bones.

What should she do to Ye Lan?

Ye Xiaoxiao had no idea about how the plot would progress. She tried to ignore the uneasiness in her heart. Before coming, she never thought this movie would only be a few hours. She had shot many movies. Three or four days was short while half a month or a month was long. She had never encountered one that was a few hours. The shorter the duration, the shorter the buffer time for the actors and the more violent the attacks of the ghosts.

Ye Xiaoxiao thought about how she would soon see Xie Chi and she relaxed a lot.

[This movie is a bit weird.]

[Making our beautiful younger sister have stretch marks, the app is too cruel.]


In the hospital, Xie Chi found Ren Ze sitting down waiting for a blood test. Ren Ze heard footsteps by his side and turned his head vigilantly. He immediately relaxed when he saw Xie Chi. Then he noticed Xie Chi’s clothes and sighed. “Doctor Xie, you are quite dignified.”

Xie Chi’s external temperament was originally gentle and elegant. His face was white and handsome. Combined with the white coat, he really looked presentable.

“Don’t make trouble.” Xie Chi approached. “What is your role?”

Ren Ze had also changed clothes and it should be required by the role. Ren Ze used to dress casually. It was usually a black and white t-shirt with casual pants. Now he was wearing a floral shirt with tight pants. He looked a bit flirty. Xie Chi got close and could smell the men’s perfume on his body.

Ren Ze answered, “A patient who went to Ye’an Hospital with sudden abdominal pain late at night.”

Ren Ze clearly wasn’t happy with his role and he made an expression of disgust. “A grown man still sprays perfume.”

“It smells good.” Xie Chi fake comforted him.

Ren Ze glanced at him and joked, “Dr Xie, do you want to see your patient?”

This guy was too sanctimonious.

Xie Chi looked at him with a smile. “I’m in obstetrics and gynecology. Since your stomach hurts, I will make an irresponsible guess that it might be an ectopic pregnancy.”



[Ren Ze is really blushing.]

Ren Ze left in a huff. Then he noticed that Xie Chi didn’t follow and hesitated before turning to wait. “Hurry up.”

Xie Chi followed with a smile.

“Xie Chi!” Someone at the entrance called out to him, voice very anxious.

The two people glanced at each other. “Go.”

The main plotline should’ve opened.

The two of them walked halfway over when they found that someone had come from one of the other two corridors. Xie Chi saw Yi Hesong. He could recognize Yi Hesong because of Yan Jing. Yan Jing was very popular in zombie movies. He had an upgradeable zombie lineage and was almost invincible in less advanced zombie movies. As a result, Yan Jing accumulated a lot of points and could fully afford to watch the horror movies made by Yi Hesong.

‘Know yourself and know your enemy, then you will never be defeated.’ This was a luxury he didn’t have before.

Judging from Yi Hesong’s performance in the movie, he was more tactful. If his interests weren’t hurt then he would greet others with a smile. Once there was a fundamental conflict, he would do a lot of stabbing in the back. He had the style of treating others as a domestic slave. He could be regarded as someone not bothered about trifles and a sophisticated egoist. There was no other way. A horror movie was a mirror. No one could hide their true character when it came to survival and constant choice.

Yi Hesong was also stunned when he saw Xie Chi. Then he walked over with a deep smile.

“Xie Chi…” Ren Ze looked at Yi Hesong with a hint of caution.

Xie Chi sent him a calm glance.

Yi Hesong was tall with the superior appearance of a pet. He had good facial features, was in his early 30s and wore a white coat. He looked like a doctor but it was unlike Xie Chi’s temperament. He was clearly dressed as a doctor but he had the business temperament of a white-collar elite.

Xie Chi looked at him and Yi Hesong also looked at Xie Chi. Yi Hesong didn’t understand why an actor who hadn’t arrived in the third-tier could make the organization so wary. He briefly watched Xie Chi’s two movies. This person was skilled but wasn’t it too much of a fuss to have him deal with Xie Chi?

Yi Hesong cared about his reputation. He was inevitably unhappy that the organization sent him to do this type of thing. It was as if he and Xie Chi were on the same level.

Xie Chi dared to take the initiative to meet him, although it was probably at Shen Yi’s instruction. Nevertheless, Yi Hesong didn’t like the fact that Xie Chi felt he could fight him. He knew it all and became increasingly unhappy. Still, he was blessed in a disaster. He was sent to deal with Xie Chi so he didn’t have to conspire with the others to deal with Shen Yi.

That could’ve led to a loss of life. Shen Yi had been rooted in the app for a year and had grown his power. Once everyone met and fought to death, it was impossible to guarantee that he wouldn’t be harmed.

He deliberately held back, slowly filming and rising to the top instead of competing for rankings with other pets. He just wanted to seek stability while waiting for the organization to deal with everything. Then he would ask the organization for grace to leave the app and live a good life.

These things offset each other so Yi Hesong even felt a bit thankful to XIe Chi. Therefore, he had to satisfy the organization this time.

Yi Hesong smiled more strongly. “Hello, I am Yi Hesong. I have heard of you before. We come from the same world and you are a famous horror painter.”

Xie Chi gave him a polite and alienated smile and simply shook hands.

Ren Ze muttered ‘two foxes’ in his heart.

Yi Hesong stared deeply at Xie Chi. “I think we might have a little ‘misunderstanding’ but I don’t think you and I are stupid people, right? Exploring the plot comes first.”

His word ‘misunderstanding’ was extraordinarily heavy.

“I know,” Xie Chi replied with a smile.

Xie Chi had a certain understanding of Yi Hesong so it wasn’t surprising this person said these words.

Yi Hesong sought stability and didn’t want a conflict with himself when the plot was unknown. After all, it was a peak orange movie. The ghost in this movie must also be dangerous for Yi Hesong.

However, Xie Chi didn’t think so. He wasn’t stupid. He and Yi Hesong were well aware that Yi Hesong had an explosive chip in his body. Between them, there was only one person who could come out of this place. Once the ghost crisis was over, Yi Hesong would take care of him. What could Xie Chi use to fight Yi Hesong?

Of course, it was one thing to agree and it was another thing for Yi Hesong to believe it or not. This person was testing him.

They were sharply opposed to each other with neither prepared to give an inch. Xie Chi asked, “Are you a first generation?”

To the side, the dazed Ren Ze couldn’t help muttering, “What generation?”

Only Yi Hesong understood these words. He was taken aback for a moment before replying readily, “Yes.”

Xie Chi knew it.

It was only the first generation that would have a strong sense of self and feel that their personal interests were higher than organizational interests. In this sense, there was no doubt that Cheng Zhou was a second or third generation.

[Does anyone else understand what is going on? When did they get so familiar? Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?]

[Shh, according to gossip, the items that Cheng Zhou brought to try and kill Xie Chi last time was given by… Yi Hesong.]

[Fu*k, there was such a thing? Yi Hesong wants to kill Xie Chi?]


In the car, Ye Xiaoxiao saw Xie Chi from a distance and jumped with joy. She liked such a clean, calm, reliable and handsome man.

In the distance, Xie Chi was asking the doctor about the situation.

“There is a woman over there who is going to have a baby! Go!” The doctor urged.

On the other side, He Xiao helped Ye Lan down. Xie Chi went to help and quickly came face-to-face with Ye Xiaoxiao. He was a bit surprised by the look in this girl’s eyes. He didn’t have time to think. According to his set role, he pushed Ye Lan into the operating room with the help of others. Behind him, other actors playing doctors also received their patients.

Ye Xiaoxiao waited until there was no one around before pulling He Xiao aside and telling him everything she found. He Xiao’s expression was ugly at the thought that this world might have another self.

Nothing would happen temporarily. Ye Xiaoxiao thought about it and headed to Xie Chi’s operating room. She had to tell Xie Chi the information she knew.


In the operating room, Ren Ze looked at the pale Ye Lan and was dumbfounded. “Dr Xie, will you deliver a baby?”

“My boyfriend can cut open a belly.” Xie Chi was still in the mood to joke.

Ren Ze, “……”

“I’ll stop joking. The app will give instructions. Just wait—”

Before Xie Chi’s words finished, their phones rang at the same time.

First there was a public announcement. [The actor has successfully contacted an NPC. Please note that in this movie, the actor must not harm the NPC. Those who violate this rule will die.]

Xie Chi also had a second message on his phone. [The character’s personal plot has been opened. If there is a technical need then the app will help. Please don’t worry.]

At the same time, the audience in the movie theater saw a line on the big screen. [This movie is subject to the plot and some parts don’t conform to common sense. Don’t go too deeply into it.]


The operating room was quiet. There were only Ye Lan’s heavy breathing and occasional wails. Xie Chi went to Ye Lan’s side to check her condition when Ye Lan grabbed his wrist. Ye Lan’s expression was terrible with pain and she pinched hard, instantly leaving a few bloody nail marks on Xie Chi’s wrist.

Xie Chi didn’t move and frowned slightly. “What’s the matter?”

“Doctor, I don’t want to have a baby. I… I don’t want this child.” Ye Lan managed to squeeze out complete words from between her clenched teeth.


Shame flashed across Ye Lan’s face. “In any case, I just don’t… I don’t want him. I… I’m still young, I can’t support him. Once he is born, I won’t be shameless enough to see other people… I still want to study and I want to go home. I don’t want him to suffer. He doesn’t have a father…”

“Don’t you think it is too late now?” Xie Chi looked a bit unkind.

“I… I want to have a baby.” Ye Lan couldn’t stop her tears. “However, I don’t have money. People see I have a big belly and don’t want to hire me. I couldn’t save money and there was no place to go. I procrastinated and suddenly I’m about to give birth prematurely…”

She might be an NPC but Ren Ze still couldn’t bear it.

“So what do you want me to do?”

Ye Lan covered her eyes with her hands in an ashamed manner. “Induction of labor… yes, it can be called this. First… find a way to break him and then take him out…”

The more she spoke, the smaller her voice became, her lips trembling. She didn’t hear Xie Chi’s reply and became more panicked, almost collapsing. “Doctor, I beg you. My life will be over after giving birth to this child!”

“You want me to kill someone.” Xie Chi spoke quietly.

“No no no! It isn’t murder. I heard that as long as he is still in the stomach, it isn’t illegal.. it isn’t murder, it’s not.. ah!”

There was another terrible pain. It seemed that the child in her stomach was blaming his mother for being stupid or he saw his death and was desperately protesting and fighting for life.

Ren Ze pulled Xie Chi to one side and whispered, “What are you going to do?”

“Give birth.” Xie Chi didn’t hesitate.

Ren Ze was surprised. “Why?”

He couldn’t understand why Xie Chi could decide so simply.

“She doesn’t matter. I don’t want to kill people. It isn’t good for me. I just recognized this.” Xie Chi answered coldly.

Ren Ze suddenly realized. Who knew if the child would become a ghost and haunt Xie Chi because Xie Chi killed him. Ren Ze did have too many inappropriate emotions that covered his eyes and prevented him from making the most correct judgment initially.

Xie Chi walked back. “You can give birth and then give him away or take him to an orphanage. I’ll help you contact them.”

Ye Lan’s eyes showed despair but she thought this doctor was right. This was obviously the best way. If she killed this child then she would live in a nightmare all her life and be tortured by her own conscience. If the child was born and sent away then he might still be adopted by a good family instead of having a hard time with her.

“Then… give birth to him.” Ye Lan closed her eyes and wept silently.


On Yi Hesong’s side, the ugly old man lying on the operating table was bleeding and dying. Several doctors and nurses in the room watched, their hands slightly slow as they looked at the surgeon Yi Hesong, waiting for him to make a decision.

If he was an ordinary old man lying on the operating table then they would’ve rushed to treat him immediately. However, he was a criminal who deliberately caused a major car accident.

He wasn’t drunk and his mental state was normal. In order to retaliate against society, he stepped on the accelerator and crashed into several cars waiting at a red light. He crashed into several cars and ran into pedestrians.

There were six or seven people who died in his hands and others were still being rescued. Their hearts were inevitably full of resistance at the thought of treating such a murderer. In fact, even if the old man was rescued, he would be shot when the death sentence came. So why bother to work hard to save him? Just…

They just had to move slowly and wait for his vital signs to slow down…

Then they could say to the outside that the surgery was ineffective and he died. It was a happy thing.

Yi Hesong stared at them. “What are you doing? Save him!”

He didn’t want to be haunted!

Several people woke up. They were ashamed of their previous hesitation and became more active in treating the old man.


At the same time, other people were making tough choices like Xie Chi and Yi Hesong.


Xie Chi came out of the operating room and found a sweet looking girl sitting quietly at the door. She was university age and was clean and refreshing.

Ye Xiaoxiao smiled when she saw someone coming out. She wanted to perform as well as she practiced but she couldn’t move her feet. She secretly scolded herself. She froze up when she shouldn’t freeze.

“Hello?” Xie Chi wasn’t sure if she was waiting for him.

“H-Hello.” Ye Xiaoxiao stammered a bit.

“You are…?”

Ye Xiaoxiao stood up and exclaimed, “I’m your fan!”

The moment she finished speaking, she felt she was too enthusiastic and worried she had scared Xie Chi. Her voice became quieter and she scolded herself for being so awkward.

“My paintings?” Xie Chi was slightly startled. Had he met another person from his world?

“No! I’m a fan of your movies!” Ye Xiaoxiao quickly explained.

Xie Chi froze. He had fans in the app? He thought the fans were all zombie fans.

“Um… that!” Ye Xiaoxiao nervously touched her pants. “I-I just wanted to say…”

“What is it?” Xie Chi patiently waited for her to continue.

Ye Xiaoxiao felt that as a fan, she should be brave enough to confess. However, she couldn’t speak for a long time and wanted to shoot herself on the spot. Finally, she pointed in the direction of the operating room. “I want to say that… you just delivered my baby!”

“?” Xie Chi thought there was something wrong with his hearing and he stared blankly at Ye Xiaoxiao’s belly. Ren Ze came out behind him and also heard such a weird sentence.

[Hahahaha Ye Xiaoxiao, I think you may need to act again.]

[Losing wisdom in front of an idol?]

[The front row star chaser is whining.]

Xie Chi went to the hospital’s vending machine to buy three bottles of water with coins. He handed them to Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao and looked at Ye Xiaoxiao. “Don’t worry and speak slowly.”

Ye Xiaoxiao took the water, organized her language and told Xie Chi her findings.

“Thank you, really.” Xie Chi told her while his heart sank slightly.

Ye Xiaoxiao secretly exhaled. It was too difficult.

Xie Chi was absent-minded. So far, a second Ye Xiaoxiao had appeared but he hadn’t met his second self.

Xie Chi still remembered the self-portrait he drew before entering the horror movie. He seemed to understand a bit now. There might be a second self in this world. However, it was only a possibility until he saw it himself.

In terms of talent, he would draw images that had a slight connection to the clues of horror movies. A drawing revealed a lot but it was impossible for every piece of information to be related to horror movies. Therefore, how he understood it was important. That painting could be understood that this world had a self who looked and dressed exactly the same as himself. Or it could be understood that this world had its own ‘self’. After all, there was a big gap between Ye Xiaoxiao and Ye Lan. One of these two was accurate information and the other was broad and general information. He couldn’t say which was right or wrong until it was confirmed.

In return, Xie Chi shared the information he had obtained with Ye Xiaoxiao. He didn’t want to owe others, especially the goodwill of this over-enthusiastic fan. He and Ren Ze had been together for a long time and they had a certain relationship basis. There was no need to distinguish the relationship between them so clearly, unlike with Ye Xiaoxiao.

Ye Xiaoxiao listened with bright eyes. Once Xie Chi finished speaking, Ye Xiaoxiao spoke shyly. “I have a question I want to ask for advice.”

“You want to ask about what to do with Ye Lan?”

Ye Xiaoxiao was taken aback before nodding.

Xie Chi told her, “According to the timeline, she is the teenage version of your role. She is younger than you. If something happens to her, you might disappear. You and her are inseparable.”

Ye Xiaoxiao panicked.

Xie Chi was thoughtful. “This is probably the reason why the app gave instructions for the actors not to harm NPCS. If an NPC related to an actor has an accident then the actor’s life trajectory will also change. Don’t worry, the app has blocked this possibility.”

Ye Xiaoxiao sighed with relief.

As Xie Chi was talking, he suddenly had an idea. Since one of the car accident victims was Ye Xiaoxiao herself, was it possible that he was among the other casualties he hadn’t met?

Ye Lan’s child had already been born and there was nothing wrong here. Xie Chi made up his mind to see the other wounded and smiled at Ye Xiaoxiao. “Once Ye Lan wakes up, you can talk to her more and understand her thoughts. Find out the cause of her personality and figure out her vision for the future.”

Xie Chi had an intuition that it was very important to recognize the roles in this horror movie.

“Okay.” Ye Xiaoxiao smiled and nodded.

Proofreader: Purichan

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Ye XiaoXiao’s reaction to Xie Chi is so cute O(≧∇≦)O
Based on what they’ve discovered, maybe they have to make sure their past selves work towards becoming their future selves. So Xie Chi needs to make sure his past self becomes a doctor.
Thanks for the translations!

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