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APP: Chapter 121

In the movie theater, the ghosts took their seats with their tickets and waited for the actors to start the movie.

Whenever any movie with the highest quality went online, the movie theater must be full. It was the same orange movie and the same amount of money but the audience could see more powerful actors and sophisticated plots in a peak orange movie that absolutely wasn’t available for a movie that just reached the orange quality.

The theater that could seat 4,000-5,000 people was full of noise.

“Have you seen the list of actors! Yi Hesong is coming! A first-tier. This is worth the price!”

“Yes, there are also two second and third-tier actors. This movie is amazing!”

“Will Yi Hesong shoot up to the top 10?”

“I feel that if he was more active, he would’ve entered the top 10 of the app early on.”

“Yes, his frequency of filming is too low… which one of the top 10 isn’t a model worker?”

“Yuan Ye, ahhh I love you!”

“I don’t understand why Yuan Ye came here. Didn’t he say big words that he would only take first place but not second? There is Yi Hesong in this movie. Can he take first place?”

“Che, even if he doesn’t get first place, my family’s Xiao Ye is unique! Tell me, who else has obtained first in all movies apart from the movie emperor?”

“Hehe, there really is one. Xie Chi. Coincidentally he happens to be in this movie.”

The ghost was embarrassed and spoke stiffly, “Xie Chi? I’ve never heard of him.”

“Then you’re really ignorant.” The ghost on the side sneered.

“Interesting. Haha, Xie Chi was formally known as the little Shen Yi. Now the little Xie Chi is also here.”

“Are you talking about Xie Yang, the new star who came in a bit later than Xie Chi? He is very strong and clever and is also surnamed Xie?”

“You are all bored and chatting nonsense every day. Who wants to be called ‘little XX.’ Xie Yang probably hates Xie Chi to death.”

“According to you, Xie Chi hates Shen Yi?”

“Hahahaha, Ye Xiaoxiao is here. She came to chase stars at a close range.”

“Huh? What gossip did I miss?”

“Ye Xiaoxiao is Xie Chi’s fan! She said it in her last movie that wherever her male god goes, she will go.”

“Alas, the cute girls are all attracted to the gay ones these days.”


The lights on the big screen flashed twice and the crowd fell silent.

[The actors are in their positions and the movie ‘Hospital’ has officially begun.]

Hiss. There was an electric current sound and the big screen slowly lit up. A sweet looking female host was broadcasting the late-night news. At the bottom of the screen was a line that said: “Two moons in the same sky. It is an astronomical wonder and a rare once-in-a-thousand years occurrence.”

The female host looked slightly excited and her voice fluctuated as she spoke. “This sight is taking place near a hospital on Ye’an Road in the east of the city. According to the residents there, the original full moon in the sky split into two halves of the moon. One half went to the left and the other to the right. They parted ways and formed the scene of a red and white moon confronting each other in the sky.”

“This is a friendly reminder. According to a report from the Academy of Sciences, the occurrence of two moons in the same sky has caused a magnetic field disorder near Ye’an Road. The radiation formed by the magnetic field will damage the human body to some extent. Therefore, please don’t shut off your TV or radios to drive and see it up close. We will broadcast it for you in real time.”

The phone on the desk suddenly rang. The female host answered the phone and spoke a few words. Then she looked up, her expression sad. “I have to report bad news. A car accident just took place near Ye’an Road. The car that caused the accident suddenly accelerated and crashed into several cars waiting at a red light. The scene is terrible. At present, the injured have been sent to Ye’an Hospital which is closest to where the accident occured.”


Hiss. “There are two moons and a car accident at the same time.”

“Wu wu wu, how come this is a late night show? I’m a bit afraid.”


Xie Chi woke up in a dark hospital duty room. His hands groped around him and he found his mobile phone. He turned on the flashlight mode, found the switch on the wall and pressed down. However, the light didn’t turn on.

The walls of the duty room were cracked from above and a lot of the wall powder had fallen off. There were also gray footprints left by naughty children on the white walls. It seemed that this hospital was pretty old and the funding wasn’t enough. The light in the duty room was probably broken.

Xie Chi used the light of the phone to illuminate himself and was slightly startled.

He was wearing a white coat with a ballpoint pen in the chest pocket and a work card on a blue string around his neck.

Xie Chi turned over his work card to take a look.

“Xie Chi, obstetrician and gynecologist at Ye’an Hospital.”

Obstetrics and gynecology… Xie Chi’s mouth slightly twitched. Ye’an Hospital=peaceful at night. This name was quite ironic.

There was a piece of paper on the wall nearby. Xie Chi approached and found it was a duty list. The last line of the duty list had his name filled in. In other words, his role in this movie was to be the hospital’s obstetrician and gynecologist. Tonight just happened to be his shift in the gynecology and obstetrics emergency department.

Xie Chi walked out of the duty room. He didn’t know if it was saving electricity or something else was going on but the corridor was dark and very long. The two ends couldn’t be seen. There were only black-hole like shadows.

Xie Chi looked up and saw the two weird moons in the sky. The moon on the left was white and the one on the right was red. Therefore, the corridor on the left was illuminated palely while the corridor to the right was a dull red.

Xie Chi wasn’t sure where the other actors were. He was just about to stroll around to see if he could meet other actors in other departments when the app rang. It was a public announcement.

[A few notes about Hospital:

1. The duration of this movie is until dawn (when the two moons disappear). In addition, early exploration can end it early. Reminder: Time is too tight so please hurry.

2. This movie is an orange movie with a wonderful quality. After the movie is over, the actor who is ranked first will be awarded 1,000 points.

3. This movie’s convention means the progress tips about the plot exploration degree will be hidden.

4. The character setting in this movie is relatively important. Please enter your role and do what should be done in line with the role.

5. Due to the structure of the movie, the actor’s mutual getting to know each other process before the movie is omitted. The actors can get to know other actors during the course of the plot.]

Xie Chi looked down at his watch. It was 11:42 in the evening. There were only six or seven hours until the two moons disappeared. This was the shortest time among all the movies he had shot.

“Go to the emergency room! There is a series of car accidents!” Just then, a doctor called out in the corridor in a panic. The doctors asleep in the rest rooms woke up. In just a few minutes, ambulances drove out of the hospital with the harsh sound of sirens that gradually faded away.


At this time, Ye’an Road was a mess. Dark red blood was smeared on the asphalt road and a little bit seeped in. The dirty shop doors on the side of the road were all splashed with blood. There were severed limbs on the ground, flesh and blood turned into paste and the strong smell of vomit.

A tall and burly middle-aged man and a petite and beautiful girl helped a doctor carry an injured man into the ambulance. Then the ambulance drove to Ye’an Hospital. The serial car accidents weren’t small in scale and the ambulances were limited. At the request of the doctor, the enthusiastic man and girl drove after the ambulance with the slightly injured.

“Xiaoxiao, why did you come to this ghost movie?” He Xiao wondered while driving.

“Uncle, I’m here to chase stars.” Ye Xiaoxiao replied naturally while smiling. “It is better to meet Uncle.”

He Xiao didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He had cooperated with Ye Xiaoxiao before and she didn’t like playing according to common sense. She was a bit like his late daughter so he took care of Ye Xiaoxiao more. It was indeed a pleasant thing to be able to cooperate again.

There was wailing in the back seat of the car but talking and laughing in the front of the car. They were actors and arrived at the scene of the car accident. The app asked them to help the doctor take the injured to the hospital.

“Ah!” Suddenly, there was an unusual cry from the back seat of the car. Ye Xiaoxiao was taken aback and hurriedly turned around. “What’s wrong?”

The one crying one was a haggard girl with a swollen body. Her facial features were pulled together due to pain, sweat covered her forehead and she curled up in a ball. “I… I seem to be giving birth!”

Ye Xiaoxiao realized that this girl was pregnant, not fat. The girl only had mild bruises but she was probably so frightened that she was going to give birth prematurely.

Ye Xiaoxiao calmed down and urged He Xiao to drive faster.

The pain passed after a while and disappeared. The girl exhaled heavily and slowly raised her head, ready to thank Ye Xiaoxiao. Then she became stunned when she saw Ye Xiaoxiao’s face. Ye Xiaoxiao felt that this person’s eyes were a bit strange. It was inevitable that she would look back a few more times. Then her expression suddenly froze and her eyes filled with disbelief.

How come…?

This girl was wearing very rough and old-fashioned clothes. They were estimated to cost a dozen to 20 yuan a piece. It seemed that her financial situation was quite tight. Although she was going to be a mother, she was even younger than Ye Xiaoxiao. Ye Xiaoxiao just turned 22 this year. This girl was 17 or 18 at most and she was going to have a child.

This wasn’t important. The important thing was… this girl looked like herself.

The girl’s face was severely swollen because she was pregnant and her cheeks were covered with freckles. Her eyes were red and swollen because she had cried. Looking closely, there were some marks on her face, probably due to the accident. This was why Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t realize immediately how much this girl resembled herself.

In fact, their facial features were almost exactly the same. It was just that Ye Xiaoxiao was a bit older, her facial features were well developed and her makeup was relatively delicate. Meanwhile, the girl was simple and haggard.

Ye Xiaoxiao’s hairs on her body rose and the girl was obviously startled. Ye Xiaoxiao felt it was impossible in her heart but she summoned up her courage to ask. “You… what is your name?”

“Y-Ye Lan.”

Ye Xiaoxiao sighed with relief. It wasn’t what she thought. It was just that they both had the surname Ye…

Ye Xiaoxiao continued to talk with this girl with a bit of fear. Ye Lan was young and in severe pain. She soon opened up to this gentle sister who helped bring her to the hospital.

Ye Xiaoxiao learned that Ye Lan’s family was very poor and she went to school a few years late. Therefore, she was only in middle school despite being 17 years old. Her parents had no plans to send her to high school.

Ye Lan got a boyfriend in middle school. She was confused and didn’t understand anything, so she was tricked into bed. She didn’t know it was s*x but it was painful. No one at home taught her and she didn’t even know she was pregnant until her belly was too big to cover it up. There were a few brothers and sisters in her family and her family felt ashamed since they lived in the countryside. In a fit of anger, they drove her out of the house.

She dropped out of school and worked outside. Without money, she couldn’t even have an abortion. Therefore, it dragged out for several months until she was about to give birth. Ye Lan was crying louder and in a painful manner as she gradually collapsed.

Ye Xiaoxiao couldn’t help thinking of something. If she was Ye Lan and grew up with such an embarrassing and dark past, she would… have a motive to change her name.

Ye Xiaoxiao rubbed her temple while feeling a bit crazy. However, she couldn’t control her thoughts. It was mainly because this face was too similar.

Ye Xiaoxiao lowered her head and stared at her belly. Then she turned slightly sideways and raised the corner of her clothes. Ye Xiaoxiao’s eyes suddenly widened and her fingers couldn’t help shaking.

She had stretch marks on her stomach even though she had never fallen in love.

Proofreader: Purichan


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2 years ago

Oh no. Does one moon represent one world? Therefore two moons mean that two words have connected temporarily?? It seems like it’s a parallel world from what’s happening near the end. I hope it’s not what I think it is.

2 years ago

This kind of thing makes me uncomfortable 🧍🏽‍♀️ The whole ‘twin’ or identity theft thing always makes me nervous.

If you remember that I was supposed to take a break from reading from last chapters comments … mind your business 😂😂😂 (kidding)

2 years ago

i seem to understand a little bit; maybe these two moons really mean two parallel worlds. example: the self from another world is now 5 years ahead in the future. did the two moons separate on the surface, when in fact there was a fusion of spacetime? past and future..idk i’m going to collapse

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Oh no! Run while yu can Ye XiaoXiao. So scary!
Will they merge identities if they’re not careful?

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Holy shit!!!! This is scary!!! so parallel worlds!!! can ye lan then replace or switch lives with ye xiaoxiao

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I wonder if this means that whatever happens to your double will also affect you? Such as, should Ye Lan come to die, then Ye Xiaoxiao would too, because she cannot outlive her “past self” or whatever 🤔

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Hospital and dentist is such a nightmare of a place for me.

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