APP: Chapter 12

[Oh my god. He entered the community so easily??]

[This person has a gift for crime. It is a bit scary and almost unpredictable.]

[He just entered the community. Can he enter the female boss’ place?]

[I feel that the above person will be hit in the face hehe.]

[The problem is that he doesn’t know the floor or house number of the female boss.]

[Oh, he only knows that the female boss entered Building 8!]

Xie Chi stood in front of Building 8 of the community.

The female boss had just walked into this building and the specific floor was unknown. Building 8 had over a dozen floors and he couldn’t test them one by one. He didn’t have that much time. Xie Chi looked down at his watch. It was 7:30 p.m. and he had to go to work at 10 o’clock. Taking out the time it took to get back, the real amount of time he had left was… an hour and a half.

He couldn’t ask anyone around him. Then Xie Chi’s eyes fell on the building intercom. Generally, there would be gates in front of the community building and this building was no exception. The building intercom was installed on the gate and was similar to the doorbell. The visitor could have a conversation with someone in the building by pressing the house number on the intercom.

Xie Chi’s lips slightly curved and he randomly pressed a number. Around half a minute later, the intercom was switched on. A balding, middle-aged man appeared on the camera of the intercom. The man didn’t know Xie Chi and looked alert. “Who are you? Why are you ringing my doorbell?”

“Hello.” Xie Chi showed the roses in his hand with a bit of embarrassment. “Uncle, I originally wanted to surprise my girlfriend. It was easy to enter but I don’t know her floor.”

His expression was frustrated and wronged.

The middle-aged man suddenly smiled. “Young people really love to do this. It isn’t even Valentine’s Day! What does your girlfriend look like? If I’ve seen her then I’ll tell you. People who live in this community slam their doors every day when they get home. I don’t know what many people look like so don’t hold out hope…”

Xie Chi described the female boss’ appearance.

“You are talking about her!” The middle-aged man’s eyes changed. It was filled with a strong contempt and his tone was cold. “She and her husband live in 888, we all know this.”

The middle-aged man added, “She is pregnant and her husband is very happy.”

He deliberately emphasized ‘pregnant’ and ‘husband.’ Apparently he regarded Xie Chi as the third person in the relationship.

Xie Chi wasn’t angry and smiled at the intercom. “To tell you the truth, the child is mine.”

The middle-aged man sucked in a breath. “……”

Xie Chi turned off the intercom in an expressionless manner.

[Hahahahaha xswl. The baby is mine.]

[It is so simple to find out the house number? Fortunately, I’m already dead. If I’m alive and living in a community then I would feel cold.]

[This man’s brain circuit is strange. Oh my god.]

[So what if he knows the floor? Is it easy to enter the house?

[Upstairs, aren’t you hurting? Aren’t you hurting?]


Xie Chi looked up. The balcony on the eighth floor wasn’t closed and there were no anti-theft guard rails. It seemed the female boss didn’t have a pet.

Xie Chi looked at the platform set up on every third floor of the building and had a vague idea in his mind.

There were platforms on every third floor, which meant there were platforms on the third, sixth and ninth floors. The female boss lived on the eighth floor, which meant he either had to jump from the ninth floor platform or climb from the sixth floor platform.

Xie Chi went to the elevator, trying to control his mouth as he said, “Brother, your little boyfriend needs you. Pick one, climb up from the sixth floor or jump down from the ninth floor?”

Xie Chi thought it would be as usual. Xie Xinglan would take a few seconds to reply. As a result, he had just asked when Xie Xinglan immediately replied, “Jump down.”

He cherished words like it was gold. Xie Chi was stunned for two seconds. The elevator stopped on the ninth floor and Xie Chi went out.

There was a narrow window between the elevator corridor and the platform that was around one metre high and half a metre wide. If one went through the window then they could go to the ninth floor platform. Xie Chi determined there were no cameras in the corridor and struggled to open the window. Then he handed control of his body to Xie Xinglan.

Xie Xinglan stepped on the edge of the window, lowered his head and jumped forward, landing gently on the platform.

[I seem to  guess what he is going to do.]

[Oh my god. This is the ninth floor. Ah, he’s crazy. If he falls down then he will turn into meat sauce.]

[What the hell is his job? I want to go there.]

The ninth floor tenants could see the situation of the ninth floor platform through the window. Xie Xinglan was attentive to this and calculated the angle of view of the windows. He avoided all positions where he could be seen and approached the platform without much difficulty. He cleanly lowered himself off the platform, holding the edge of the black-painted fence of the platform with one hand, his slender fingers slightly white from the force.

[My god. I don’t want to see blood splashing on the spot. Ahh, I closed my eyes.]

[I’m afraid of heights. Camera, don’t shoot this from the top down.]

In the image, the man’s feet were hanging and his body was slightly swaying. His expression was casual as his shirt rode up and revealed the thin and white waist. The beautiful spinal line could faintly be seen.]

[Should I be appreciating a male body at this time???]

[Cough cough cough]

Xie Xinglan inwardly called out, “Xiao Chi.”

Xie Chi who was suddenly named. “Um?”

Xie Xinglan gave a low laugh, sounding almost inaudible as he asked, “Girlfriend?”

“……” Xie Chi was silent for a moment as he felt a bit like he was being grabbed. “That… Brother, were you awake just now?”

No wonder why the reply was so fast and short.

Xie Xinglan chuckled slightly as he kept moving. He looked for the right angle and moved his hand to borrow some force, body gently swinging before he released his grip.

[He let go ahhhhh]

[I’m optimistic about him. He won’t be so cold.]

Nothing happened. Xie Xinglan was as light and strong as a cat. He landed firmly on the balcony of the eighth floor. Then he stood up and his side was attached to the wall. The entire process was completed in one go.

[Just… that’s it?]

[So handsome ahhhh.]

[I’m becoming really curious about his profession.]

“The child is yours?” Xie Xinglan smiled lightly, his eyes dark. “Hmm?”

“……” Xie Chi reacted very quickly. “It’s yours.”

He paused for two seconds before adding with no shame. “I’m pregnant.”

[Why do I feel like his expression stiffened for a moment?]

[He gritted his teeth and looked helpless.]

[I inexplicably feel he is a bit spoiled.]

[Is this my illusion?]

[The focus is wrong! The point is that he has successfully made it to the female boss’ house!]

There was the sound of arguing from the house.

“You slut, whose child are you pregnant with? We haven’t slept together at all in this time yet people are coming to congratulate me. You have ruined my reputation!” The man roared.

[My god!]

[The boss’ child doesn’t belong to the husband!]

The female boss was also very emotional. “Who do you think you are? You are the one living off a woman. What do you care if I play outside? Is it hard for you to wear a green hat? Where do you think your dignity is when you spend my money? I can’t do it anymore so don’t blame me for raising someone outside!”

[This is so real.]

[I inexplicably feel she is right. Am I crooked?]

[I’m yellow.]

The argument was so loud that Xie Chi could hear it clearly without going in.

The man sneered. “I’m 60 years old. What do you want from me? Yanyun, you’re 55 years old! Do you think you would be any better off without the poisonous creature? You’re also pregnant.”

[Omg! 55!]

[Fu*k! This crude and indiscriminate movie is truly evil and vulgar and unfathomable!]

Xie Chi felt that he didn’t have to steal information. It was enough to stand in the corner and listen.

“Shut up for me! I’ll kill you! Do you believe it or not?” Once the man revealed her true age, the female boss instantly fell into a frenzy.

The long-standing resentment and anger burned the man’s sanity. “Oh, who do you think you are without the poisonous creature? Just an ugly and fat mountain girl. If it wasn’t for me cheating and making that girl fall pregnant…”

[Oh my god. This amount of information is so large ahhhhh.]

[The truth is out! The female ghost was tricked into getting pregnant! The purpose of these two from the beginning was to raise the poisonous creature. They wanted the child in the belly of the female ghost to raise it!]

[It is for the sake of rejuvenating their youth and changing their fortune.]

[Yes, this is very in line with the temperament of a rough quality movie.]

[The little brother is so excellent that this is simply an insult to his intelligence. He painstakingly worked hard only to listen to this explosive scene.]

[These two damn people deserve to die. I’m sorry for Miss Female Ghost.]

Xie Chi listened in a complicated mood as he organized his thoughts.

18/19 years ago, the female boss and her husband were still poor. By chance, they got the method of how to raise the Gu. They needed to cut out a full-term live baby so the baby could be killed by poisonous bugs and spiders.

The creatures killed each other and the last one to survive was called the Gu.

The baby head Gu was a spider so the spider had won the battle, but poisonous creatures raised this way only contained the most common poison. It was only when the Gu swallowed the baby’s head and the baby head grew on it that the baby head Gu was considered to be refined.

The role was to rejuvenate youth and change their fortune.

18/19 years ago, the female boss was almost 40 and had nothing. The things she was lacking most were money and youth.

Therefore, she let her husband cheat and got the female ghost pregnant. Then once the female ghost was about to give birth, she deceived the female ghost and cut the baby out of the stomach. Then she dumped the female ghost’s body down the elevator shaft that hadn’t been completed at the time.

The baby head Gu was made. The woman became young forever and money rolled in. However, the female ghost was born in the dark elevator shaft.

Around the 15th of July was when there was the most yin in the year and the female ghost would wantonly come out. The female boss hired temporary workers to offer them to the female ghost in order to briefly calm her anger.

Xie Chi thought about it clearly and the app screen lit up.

[The plot progress has been updated. Actor Xie Chi has discovered the truth about the birth of the Spirit in Red Clothes. The personal main plotline exploration degree is 80%.]

[Please complete the female ghost’s wish as soon as possible. Go down the elevator shaft to find the female ghost’s body and take it out. Help her get rid of the bondage of the elevator and get revenge on the female boss.]

After you fulfill the wish of the ghost, the main plotline of Spirit in Reed Clothes will reach 100%.]

[Public announcement: The main plotline of this movie is coming to an end. Actors, please hurry. After the main plotline ends, the actors who haven’t opened the side plotline will be forced to leave the horror movie.]

Xie Chi put his phone back in his pocket and looked down at his watch. It was 8:30. He would have to rush back if he wanted to make it to work before 10 o’clock.

Xie Chi no longer hesitated. “Brother, let’s go back.”


The argument in the bedroom came to a halt. Xie Chi sensed something and glanced at the bedroom with a frown, but he said nothing.

It was too late. He had to go back.


At this point, inside the bedroom.

The female boss’ hand painted with bright red nail polish had turned into a furry, black spider leg that was deeply embedded in the man’s neck.

The artery was cut and blood splashed, instantly dying the white sheets.

On the clean and translucent window glass, thick blood flowed slowly down, sketching a beautiful image of death.

At around 9 o’clock in the evening, a heavy rain started to fall outside.

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2 years ago

the audience are so freaking relatable and funny

2 years ago

Holy shit 🙂 A spider Woman 😦I HATe spiders ಠ_ಠ

2 years ago

Shouldn’t it be August 15, instead of July? Since in an earlier chapter it said that the temporary workers were hired in the 7th month of the “Lunar Calendar”, this month would also pertain to the “Ghost Month” celebrated in China, thus make it a setting that’s reasonable. Anyway, thank you so much for the translation!

2 years ago
Reply to  Mew~

chinese have a special calendar to determine special festival. according to the chinese calendar, the ghost festival indeed happen on 15th july but when we converted it into our general calendar i forgot is it gregorian or something, thehungry festival is on august month.
if u searched online, u can find a website that can convert our english dates to chinese dates
heheh = ̄ω ̄=

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Whoa, what a monstrous couple. I hope Xie Chi can safely remove the female ghost without the spider boss intervening. I think female boss is the danger from now on. Thanks for the translation!

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Reply to  ctomes

[So what if he knows the floor? Is it easy to enter the house?

[Upstairs, aren’t you hurting? Aren’t you hurting?]

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Never reveal/ask a woman her age guys or her hand might turn into a spider leg and rip out your arteries.. ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ