APP: Chapter 119

In the next half an hour, Xie Chi asked his doubts one by one and Shen Yi answered patiently.

Xie Chi’s view of Shen Yi had changed. The only thing that made him feel uncertain was… the look in Shen Yi’s eyes when he spoke was indescribable to Xie Chi. It wasn’t a scrutiny that involved interest. Rather, there was a strong desire for understanding and some inexplicable care and accommodation. It was completely different from the arrogant and indifferent Shen Yi of the rumors.

Xie Chi suppressed the strange feeling in his heart.

Shen Yi didn’t answer many of his questions or only answered them halfway but even so, Xie Chi could guess a lot. According to Shen Yi, the Pet organization was involved with the app very early. It was only in the past two years that the target was to kill Shen Yi.

The relationship between the Pet organization and the app was actually easy to guess.

He had been curious. In the world he lived in, the development of biological sciences was slow. It was the weak point of the scientific field and hindered social progress. According to the development of biological science, there would be no artificial uterus technology in 40 to 50 year, let alone artificial arrangement and combination of genes. It was estimated that this technology would be realized in 100 years.

Yet it was achieved quietly and caused a sensation in the entire scientific community that year. The scientist who invented this technology was pushed to the altar. Xie Chi still remembered the name of that scientist—Lian Shi.

Lian Shi was less than 30 years old when his scientific research results came out. A young talent achieved such an unprecedented achievement. He was famous and remembered by the world. Before Xie Chi entered the app, he just thought that Lian Shi was a talented person. Now he contacted the app’s wish system and had an unpleasant guess.

What if Lian Shi had entered the app? What if Lian Shi made the wish of ‘Lian Shi invents an artificial uterus and mastered the technique of artificial genetic arrangement’ in the app? What if he finally achieved his wish and returned to reality.

The flap of a butterfly’s wings brought an irreversible change to the world.

Advanced technology appeared but social ethics and law were still far behind. The Pet organization worked overtime to study the manufacture of humanoid pets and finally succeeded. They made a fortune in secret.

Xie Chi didn’t know what role Lian Shi played in it. Was he the head of the Pet organization or was he just a scientist who devoted himself to science and technology, wanting to break the scientific limit to benefit humanity only to open Pandora’s Box?

Shen Yi seemed to avoid talking about this part. Why?

Shen Yi admitted that he had undergone genetic modification but it was after birth. Was he some type of immature test subject? As for why people in the Pet organization could take root in the app, it was too easy for those who had mastered genetic technology.

Cheng Zhou’s pious death before his death inspired Xie Chi.

Cheng Zhou should be a second generation or third generation pet. The pets of Xie Chi’s generation could only set the ‘employment tendency and personality tendency’. They were mostly ‘tendencies’ and weren’t completely fixed. However, the second and third generations were more stable. The scrap rate was extremely low and the possibility of violating orders and betraying the owner was almost 0. They were equivalent to the formatted generation and might be able to set a deep obsession.

The thing needed to enter the app was obsession. Xie Chi entered the app because of his obsession with getting Xie Xinglan a body. An improved pet could enter the app due to an obsession that was artificially set up.

Due to the interference of gene technology, the high threshold of the app no longer existed. The app was like a big, plump cow being silently stung by blood-sucking bugs that couldn’t be shaken off.

Xie Chi had felt the neutrality of the app since he first entered it. It wasn’t a bad system and didn’t trick any actors. Xie Chi felt a certain degree of respect for it. The app maintained order and its rewards and punishments were clear. The app allowed him and Xie Xinglan to be separated and even compensated them with points. In fact, if the app didn’t give compensation and he felt resentful, what could he do? He could only accept it obediently.

In fact, the app had long told him its identity. Every time he entered a horror movie, there would be this sentence in the tips: [app owned horror movie].

The app was just a production company that attracted actors and produced horror movies to sell to audiences. It was just that the actors were shooting real horror movies and the app paid them in points that could be used to achieve their wishes. The app had been telling him that everything depended on the needs of the audience. It was a monopoly profit-making company generated by audience demands.

It was like in the real world. Due to the need to escape the summer heat, electric fans and air conditioners were born. Due to the need to keep warm, electric blankets and down jackets were created.

It was just that the app’s audience might be special. This created special needs that required actors like them to come and go. The app was a company that was being exploited by Pet. It might not be aware of Pet or perhaps it couldn’t sanction them due to the rules.

The Pet organization clearly understood this. The app was the system itself and the Pet organization didn’t violate any rules set by it. The pets that came in were really obsessed and they shot the horror movies. After avenging their personal grievances and getting rid of dissidents, the pets who violated the rules really died. The app couldn’t catch their faults.

The system had always been honest and blunt. It was people who were flexible and cunning. This was how the Pet organization could exploit the loopholes in the app system for their own benefit.

The app was like chaos with self-awareness and established rules. It developed in the direction it should. It only hoped that the horror movie industry could flourish, for top actors to develop and the number of audiences to increase. Other things were outside the system.

There were small, blood-sucking people using the app but the app’s inertia meant it couldn’t sanction them. After all, changing the rules affected its entire body. In the end, it was only people who could punish other people.

Therefore, the app continued to be neutral. It was about waiting, waiting for those who had grievances with Pet to enter the app and retaliate against them, ending them.

The situation seemed very serious but the fog in front of him had mostly dissipated. Xie Chi hated unclear things. Now that he figured things out, he was more relaxed. At least he had something to do.

“Do you want a smoke?’

By the time Xie Chi’s mind returned, Shen Yi was already smoking. He saw Xie Chi looking over and asked casually.

“Yes, thanks.” Xie Chi took a cigarette only to find that the lighter didn’t seem to work. He was just about to forget it when Shen Yi leaned over and used the end  of his cigarette to light it. Xie Chi was startled. It seemed that Shen Yi really didn’t regard him as an outsider.

“…Thank you.” Xie Chi felt a rare embarrassment as he took it.

The atmosphere was a bit softer and Xie Chi asked, “Who gave the items to Cheng Zhou?”

Shen Yi answered, “The quality of the ant ghosts isn’t high and it isn’t special. There are many people who have it.”

“Buff items are available in all horror movies and the owner is unknown.”

“As for the life-threatening talisman…” Shen Yi paused and clearly smiled, but it made people feel a chill. “It is only Yi Hesong.”

“This name isn’t on the top 10 rankings.”

Shen Yi nodded. “He is a first-tier actor outside the top 10.”

Xie Chi wondered, “Are you certain it is him?”

“There are 123 movies that the ‘Ghost Talismans’ appear in, three of which he starred in. He has never used the talismans in his movies but it can only be him. Only he has the strength.”

Xie Chi frowned suddenly. “Don’t you think this is too obvious? Pet shouldn’t lack items. Isn’t it good to give a more hidden one? Isn’t this pushing Yi Hesong out?”

Shen Yi seemed to think of something and sneered.

Xie Chi was silent for a second before suddenly raising his head. “How many points do you still need to fulfill your wish?”

“It costs 100,000 in total and I’m still short… 6,000.” Shen Yi smiled with malice.

“I see. They don’t know how much you need but seeing you stay in the app for so long, they know the difference isn’t that great. They must be unable to sit still.”

If it was going to be destroyed, who cared about being exposed or not exposed. The Pet organization must be panicking. This number was even smaller than they expected. For Shen Yi, it was at most two more horror movies.

Shen Yi stated, “They are pretty stupid. They only discovered my identity when I saved around 70 to 80,000 and realized what my wish was.”

Xie Chi understood Shen Yi’s situation more deeply and frowned. “Then you will…”

Shen Yi interrupted. “I know.”

He paused and his eyes were astonishingly bright. “Shen Yi won’t die. Only they can die.”

Xie Chi nodded. “I understand.”

He and Shen Yi were the same type of person to some extent. They were arrogant and confident. Shen Yi told him, “I will enter the next horror movie tomorrow.”

Xie Chi nodded. “Do you know where Yi Hesong is going? I will go and kill him.”

Shen Yi was stunned before wondering in an astonished manner, “How did you know what I was going to say?”

Xie Chi coughed. “According to your character… if you didn’t want me to kill him then you wouldn’t even tell me his name.”

Xie Chi had definitely figured it out. Shen Yi wouldn’t say anything that was inappropriate and meaningless. Once he said it then it was definitely useful. Shen Yi felt a bit ashamed after being seen through. He slowly leaned back against the sofa, glanced at Xie Chi and tentatively asked, “Do you think you can kill him?”

“No, he is first-tier and I’m not even third-tier.”

Xie Chi answered very decisively and calmly. Shen Yi was stunned again. “Then why do you dare to go?”

Xie Chi blinked. “It is because you will give me items.”

Shen Yi, “……”

He did make such an arrangement but Xie Chi mentioned it first. This made him unable to respond for a while.

Xie Chi smiled slightly. “We are in the same team. You were embarrassed to ask me to help you so I took the initiative to say it. Asking directly for things can also save you some embarrassment.”

Shen Yi was angry and amused. “So everything is for me?”

Xie Chi blinked again. “You are a ‘bigshot’. It isn’t good to quarrel with me.”

Shen Yi was so choked up that he couldn’t speak.

“We are close…” Xie Chi just wanted to speak smoothly to ask for things when Shen Yi interrupted with a smile. “Are we close?”

“Yes.” Xie Chi replied. He didn’t quite understand why this person was fighting so hard.

Shen Yi was silent for a moment. “I’m generation zero and I’m older than you. You can call me… Brother. Then I’ll give it to you. You can’t bring in red items but you can choose any unbound orange item.”

“No.” Xie Chi refused even though this was clearly a very attractive condition. There was only one brother.

Shen Yi thought for a moment before a smile appeared in his eyes. “Then you can call me Dad Shen Yi just like my fans.”

Xie Chi thought there was a problem with his ears. He stared like this person was crazy. Did this person want to take advantage of him? Wasn’t this stirring up trouble through flirting?

Xie Chi pretended to be stupid.

Shen Yi obviously realized that he had lost his dignity and spoke sternly, “I have selected the items. You can receive them when you go back. There will also be information about the movie Yi Hesong will go to.”

Xie Chi smiled brightly. “Okay.”’

He immediately stood up and said goodbye. After going out, Xie Chi thought about it before casually sending a message to Su Qing.

[You should keep an eye on your boyfriend.]

Su Qing: [……]

Xie Chi looked at the six dots and felt that this was really a confusing night.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Laughing at Shen Yi’s clumsy attempt to get closer to his son

2 years ago

OMG Xie Chi thought his ‘DAD’ is flirting with him lmao

2 years ago

Lmao, take Xie Chi’s advice and speak directly. So awkward XD
But I guess its his character flaw, its why Su Qing feels so unsure.

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Pfffft….oh geez poor Shen Yi!!! Hahaha Xie Chi is such a cool friend though notifying Su Qing to watch Shen Yi

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now I’m pitying the app, its been wronged by pet organization *pat pat the app*

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he can’t believe his own son is playin with him lmfao

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Shen Yi : You can call me dad
Xie Chi: He wants me to call him daddy
Xie Chi: Su Qing I think your boyfriend is flirting, be careful
Su Qing: How did he manage to mess up father-son bonding time

Tin fell
Tin fell
1 year ago

Shen Yi: You can call me daddy
Xie Chi: ????
Su Qing: face palm

1 year ago

🤣🤣🤣 Their interactions are hilarious 😂

5 months ago

I never expected their conversation/acquaintance to be this funny. 😂

I wanna see more ‘father and son’ bonding session HAHAHAHHA.

it’s rly apparent that communication isn’t SY’s strong suit LOLOL. poor SQ HAHAHAHA.

Last edited 5 months ago by jin
2 months ago

im crying, the way Xie Chi thinks Shen Yi is tryna flirt with him rn but all he want is to bond with his son….😭