APP: Chapter 118

Xie Chi opened the app again. The black talent in the talent interface had been unlocked. It was Xie Xinglan’s Demonic Field. There was a white talent below it to be unlocked.

[Do you want to spend 300 points to unlock your talent?]

Xie Chi felt a type of apprehension like he was opening a package and drawing cards.

Xie Xinglan’s tendency was obvious and his talent was relatively easy to guess. The probability of it being good was high. He couldn’t guess his own talent but it had a high probability of being useless.

Xie Chi clicked okay and the 5,415 points suddenly changed to 5,115 points. The lock on the white talent was slowly unlocked and Xie Chi’s heart sank as soon as he saw the name.

[Congratulations on awakening the talent: Painter’s pen.]

So his talent was the first type of special talent? This cost 300 points. Xie Chi sighed and glanced down with no hope. Then he was stunned.

[The painter’s pen can trace the unknown past and the unpredictable future. It is a pen for digging up corruption and is used for prophecy.]

[Talent effect: You can draw paintings that are closely related to horror movie clues.

Note: Needs an ‘inspiration’ trigger. Since this talent consumes too much inspiration, it can generally only be used once in a horror movie. If the inspiration is insufficient. The actor shouldn’t force it or else you might enter an irreversible state of madness.]

Xie Chi looked at this line of words and was slightly distracted. He recalled the strange dreams he had when he was young. He told Lu Wen that he had dreamed many strange and terrifying things for quite a long time. He also heard vague and unpleasant news.

Xie Chi looked down at the message on his phone again. Could this be the source of the talent? All the things he dreamed of existed in the past or might appear in the future? Or were these dreams the truth hidden under the calm appearance of reality?

Xie Chi was a bit dazed. He was a pet, a product of genetic arrangement and combination. It stood to reason that it was impossible to betray the set genes and choose a career contrary to the owner’s wishes, yet Xie Chi did it easily.

His parents expected him to be a scientist. As a child, he had indeed firmly believed that he would become a scientist in the future. However, at some wonderful point, he became interested in painting and finally deviated from his set path. He became a painter.

Was it because he was affected by those dreams?

Xie Chi had a headache when he thought about it. He didn’t want this and wanted to return the talent.

At present, the talent effect was practical but the disadvantage was obvious. Triggering it requires inspiration. Inspiration was too mysterious and he didn’t know when it would come and if it would be enough. Therefore, the stability of this talent was too poor. He couldn’t count on it too much. However, 300 points was definitely worth it.

After thinking about it, Xie Chi sent a message to Shen Yi.

Xie Chi: [Are you free? Can I see you?]

Shen Yi definitely knew why Xie Chi was looking for him. There was no need to talk nonsense and he just asked if they could meet. Xie Chi glanced at his watch after sending it out. It was 9:30 in the evening and he was a bit afraid that he was delaying Shen Yi and Su Qing’s reunion, so he sent another message.

Xie Chi: [If it isn’t convenient then we can meet next time.]

Shen Yi: [Come to my office.]

Xie Chi was surprised. Shen Yi replied in seconds? Xie Chi typed in ‘okay’ and was about to send it over. First, he received a message from Su Qing. [Shen Yi is waiting for you. Quickly go over.]

Xie Chi was taken aback. So Shen Yi replied in seconds because he was waiting for Xie Chi? He was about to reply when Su Qing added a suffix after the last message. […Xiao Chi.]

Xie Chi was shocked. He had grown so old and the only person who called him this apart from his nominal parents was Xie Xinglan.

[Okay… Xiao Qing.]

Xie Chi was a bit confused for a while. Then he thought it was some way of making friends and was afraid of making a mistake, so he imitated Su Qing.

Su Qing: [……]

Xie Chi: [?]

Su Qing: [Nothing.]

Xie Chi was led to the door of the office by Shen Yi’s agent. He pushed open the door and saw the tall, handsome man sitting on the sofa.

“Sit down.” Shen Yi pointed to the sofa opposite him. Xie Chi sat down politely. Shen Yi poured him a glass of water and got straight to the point. “You can ask anything you want and I will answer if it is convenient.”

Xie Chi didn’t hold back. If Shen Yi was paying attention to efficiency then it would save him from the hypocritical politeness. Xie Chi agreed and met his gaze.  “Are you a pet?”

Shen Yi was visibly surprised like he didn’t expect Xie Chi to jump straight out like this.

“You have thought more than I expected.” There was some approval in Shen Yi’s eyes. Xie Chi remained silent while waiting for an answer.

“It can be yes or no,” Shen Yi replied.

Xie Chi raised his eyebrow slightly. “What do you mean?”

“Some of my genes have been modified but I’m not a pet grown from an artificial womb like you.”

Xie Chi was taken aback. Shen Yi’s words allowed him to get a clearer picture.

Pet (human pets) trafficking had become a grey industry with a huge market. Xie Chi was a first generation pet and since then, there had been improved versions in the second generation and third generation. Xie Chi had been paying close attention to this because they were related to himself.

Hearing Shen Yi’s words, it must’ve happened to Shen Yi much earlier than him. Shen Yi’s genes were only partially altered, indicating he was still a child born from human s*xual behavior.

Xie Chi wondered, “So you are the equivalent to… the pet zero generation?”

Shen Yi was surprised before happily nodding. “You can think so.”

“Are you… standing on the opposite side of Pet?” Xie Chi’s tone slowed down and he tentatively asked. The Pet’s attack on Su Qing had proved Shen Yi’s position. He was standing opposite Pet.

Shen Yi stared deeply at him before smiling. “Yes.”

He might’ve already guessed it but Xie Chi didn’t expect this person to admit it so clearly.

“Pet’s hand has reached into the app?” Xie Chi asked again.

“Your words aren’t quite right. There are other words that are more appropriate.”


Shen Yi’s expression became cold. “Pet’s hand has never left the app.”

Xie Chi’s eyes were cold. “What is their purpose in setting up roots in the app?”

“Their purpose in the last year is to kill me.” Shen Yi spoke in an understated manner.

Xie Chi stared straight at him. “Because of your wish?”

Shen Yi was stunned for a moment.

“Your wish can’t be achieved with 70-80,000 points and you are fighting them. My guess is… you want to completely destroy the Pet organization? So they want to kill you before you accumulate enough points to achieve your wish?”

Shen Yi was helpless. This little guy was too clever and didn’t give him any face.

He didn’t talk and Xie Chi knew it was a default agreement. Xie Chi admired this person a bit. Making such a big wish seemed selfish at first but it was actually selfless. Xie Chi didn’t have such ambitions. He hated Pet but it wasn’t to the point where either one of them died.

Xie Chi stared straight at Shen Yi with cold eyes. “I have a very important question. Did you give me the knife in Horror Skewers because you knew I was a pet and deliberately pulled me into the water, forcing me to stand on your side? Did you want them to mistakenly believe that I’m with you and will fight against them?”

Xie Chi hated Pet but he also hated being used. If the answer was no then he would be emotionally inclined to Shen Yi. If the answer was yes then he would part ways with Shen Yi.

Shen Yi smiled without saying anything. He just took a photo from the folder on one side and slowly pushed it to Xie Chi. Xie Chi’s eyes swept over it and his pupils shrank. This was a scene from Zombie Lovers. The photo showed the first time he appeared after being reshaped by the heavens. His fingers were curled up and he appeared to be holding something.

“The chip?” Xie Chi’s heart completely sank.


Shen Yi explained, “You are numbered. The chip in your body has a positioning function. The moment you entered the app, the people in the app knew about it but at that time, they ignored you.”

“Do you know why?” Shen Yi paused and smiled like a fox.

Xie Chi remained silent as he waited for this person to continue.

“It is because the chip has a self-explosion function.”

Xie Chi’s breathing suddenly became choked up.

“Is it this chip?” Shen Yi took out a chip that Xie Chi was familiar with from the drawer of the coffee table and handed it to Xie Chi.

Xie Chi checked it and confirmed it was correct. “Yes.”

The Pet’s chip was unique and he couldn’t be wrong when recognizing it. Shen Yi nodded and took out a manipulator from the drawer. He went to the window and opened it. Xie Chi watched as Shen Yi threw the chip from the 100 storey building and pressed the button on the manipulator. There was a loud bang and then a deafening explosion occurred in the air.

Xie Chi’s expression sank at the sound of the explosion.

Shen Yi walked back and sat down. “They didn’t care about you because as long as you do anything that threatens the organization, they can immediately detonate the chip and kill you without any effort.”

“Later, your chip came out due to the app and you were out of their control. They noticed this but you were still weak at the time. The people of Pet are hidden deeply in the app and didn’t want to be exposed because of a newcomer. They gave you very little attention.”

“Thanks to the shooting of the horror movie, you exposed more information. The dual personality is enough to make them panic. What does it prove? I think you know very well that a pet can’t betray their genes and they will never get sick. However, you developed a second personality. You have a mental illness.”

Xie Chi was silent.

“You are a heresy, a mutated top pet, an existence that violates the core of their organization. They can’t understand it.”

“In addition, you’re rising too fast and you’re a threat to them.”

“Su Qing is just my boy… s*x friend. He doesn’t pose a threat to Pet itself. They just hate him and wanted to kill him while the opportunity was there, but you are different.”

Shen Yi drank some water. “I can tell you clearly that in the app, the Pet organization only recognizes people by their chip. It is because the heart is full of intrigues. Only the chip that can monitor the mind and control life is the most assured thing. From the moment you lost your chip, you completely lost the opportunity to join them. Even if you surrender, they are an either-or organization. There is no middle ground where there is time to go back. Uncontrollable pets are their enemies. Therefore, they didn’t even bother asking about your position and sent Cheng Zhou to kill you.”

Xie Chi pursed his lips. He was silent for a moment before looking up. “Thank you for explaining clearly.”

Xie Chi wasn’t an unreasonable person. Shen Yi’s words made him clearly see Shen Yi’s motives.

From the moment he lost the chip, the sword hanging over his head started shaking. It would fall down sooner or later and it was unavoidable. It wasn’t that Shen Yi wanted to bind him. It was that Shen Yi could only choose him.

Xie Chi didn’t regret it. After knowing that the chip could explode, his first reaction was that it was fortunate. He felt lucky. At least now he could control his own destiny instead of being forced to obey. He didn’t want to perform tasks like a machine, dying meaninglessly one day like Cheng Zhou.

He was free now and he had his brother. He could choose to resist. Things had become simpler.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Woahhh 👁👄👁

Nistha Roy
Nistha Roy
2 years ago

I think I like shen yi a little bit

2 years ago

I thought this novel would only focus on the supernatural app, didn’t expect there’s also this pet organization. It made this even more interesting, I love this so much

2 years ago

The additional plot really intrigues me of what the ending would be like

2 years ago

If both couples plus blind zombie and fish man don’t get a happy ending Im gonna find the author and send her my tears because she will be hearing from my therapist

1 year ago
Reply to  NeroLotus

ohmygosh same +1

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago
Reply to  NeroLotus

Same! I’m especially worried for Su Qing and Shen Yi rn. I’m guessing Shen Yi has tried being so standoffish with Su Qing to make sure the Pet org didn’t think he was important enough to kill but I’m still worried

2 years ago

Lol, I was waiting for a “Luke, I am your father” moment, but I guess Shen Yi is going to keep quiet about that detail.

2 years ago

shen yi babie babie

1 year ago

there’s a fanfiction series about organization that modified human having superpower in AO3, titled “Designation: Miracle” by umisabaku. it’s been i year since it’s last project completed, but the series status is still on going. i love the series so much but i don’t know when the author will continue :'(

1 year ago

so the app is neutral…? if u have desire to do something they will help whether it is beneficial or not to others… if u really think about it, although the organization is trying to kill him rn, he’s free and he could resist. he’s not weak so it really does make it simpler for xie chi.

8 months ago

I can almost guessed that MC power is for the future plot about losing ML after the bring got destroyed.

The only way to get him back by drawing, after all the body and flash is just container and can be change as long the soul is there.

Meow meow
Meow meow
7 months ago

Wait so when shen yi said “my friends saw zombie lovers, you embarrassed me” he actually meant the pet organisation saw how much you care about me so now they want to kill you??? That’s so sad…

1 month ago
Reply to  Meow meow

When you say it like that it suddenly makes so much sense. He didn’t mean friends in a good way at all! I knew he was saying things indirectly cause Su Qing can’t know too much or he will be in danger, but this kinda solved almost the entire puzzle!

7 months ago

Just who were pathetic and evil enough to create the pet organisation it just feels completely demonic almost similar to human cloning issues just so damn unethical.

2 months ago

I think I know why pet keeps the chip… I don’t think it’s for the parents…at all… It’s bull they just want them to be raised in good positions in good families take control and possibly gain power. That’s what I would do if I could plant a chip in them. Just when the pets think they can achieve great things and live their own lives in society I’d tell them ‘ obey me or die your life is in my hands because of the chip’. In this way I can make the pillars of society obey me and follow my every whim. A perfect way to gain control through seed / children. Not to mention how many of them there are. Only thing I’d do differently is as SOON as they disobey like xie chi and don’t follow their career and move away or enter the app without orders it’s bye bye

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