APP: Chapter 117

There was buzzing in Su Qing’s mind.

Shen Yi wasn’t prepared to give him time to digest. It seemed that Cheng Zhou’s appearance made him understand that the other person already knew something and that it was meaningless to cover it up. He simply opened the app on his mobile phone, clicked on the wish interface and took care of something.

Su Qing’s lips unknowingly opened. The moment he recovered from the great shock, he looked up and saw a semi-unfamiliar face.

“Xie… Xie Chi?” Su Qing’s pupils shrank.

This face was 30-40% similar to Xie Chi except that Xie Chi’s facial contours were softer. Xie Chi’s facial features were gentler and handsome while the person in front of him was sharper, handsome and more aggressive.

“I am Shen Yi.”

Su Qing almost fainted. Shen Yi even had a fake face. It meant he never knew Shen Yi.

“Just after entering the app, I bought a human skin mask on credit for negative points. After I got more points, I made a wish to conceal the truth.” Shen Yi explained.

All this was too hard to accept. Su Qing’s face was pale and his heartbeat and breathing were chaotic. He knew Shen Yi’s personality and Shen Yi disdained lying. Once he spoke, every sentence was the truth. Otherwise, he would just keep his mouth shut. So all this… was true.

“Don’t talk and just listen.”

“Xie Chi is my only son.” Shen Yi saw Su Qing’s unpleasant expression, realized how ambiguous these words were and added, “…However, there is no mother. It is non-human fertilization.”

Su Qing just wanted to open his mouth when Shen Yi interrupted. “Don’t ask.”

“Leave the app immediately after your last movie. This isn’t a place where you should stay.”

Shen Yi closed his eyes, a bit tired for the first time. In the app, the power of the Pet organization was everywhere. Even he was walking on thin ice, let alone Su Qing. The appearance of Cheng Zhou indicated that their relationship was known to the other person due to an inadvertent leak. Later, things will be more difficult and his actions had to be accelerated. It was only when Su Qing would be able to get out of the app and get to a place where Pet’s hand hadn’t reached that he could get rid of the nightmare and be safe.

“I will go to the next movie tomorrow.” Shen Yi made up his mind and his eyes became determined.

“So fast?!” Su Qing’s eyes trembled violently. His eyes were confused. His brain had stopped working due to too much information. He just followed instincts and expressed straightforward thoughts.

Shen Yi was like a model worker. The more the difficulty of the title went up, the longer the rest period of the app for the actors. However, Shen Yi maintained a high-intensity shooting frequency for as long as a year. It could be called a miracle in the industry and he didn’t seem to need to rest.

Su Qing had just returned and Shen Yi was leaving again…

“You can go back when it is okay.” Shen Yi said.

Su Qing was anxious. “I can stay with you!”

Shen Yi would enter the movie tomorrow. By the time he came back, Su Qing would’ve already entered the shooting for his last movie. Then Su Qing would leave the app after the shooting. It seemed they would have no chance to get together. This might be… the last time.

Su Qing felt pessimistic. He was willful but he listened to Shen Yi’s words. Shen Yi told him to leave and he would leave obediently. Still, why not let him stay longer…

“No,” Shen Yi simply refused. “The little guy should come to me tonight.”

Su Qing was stunned for a long time before realizing that the ‘little guy’ was talking about Xie Chi. Then he asked angrily, “What if he doesn’t come?”

Shen Yi smiled. “Then he isn’t Xie Chi.”

Su Qing looked down and pursed his lips. After learning that Xie Chi and Shen Yi were in this relationship, he became even more jealous because he was excluded. Shen Yi and Xie Chi seemed to have innate familiarity and understanding.

Shen Yi smiled. “You are technically his stepmother. Be generous.”

Su Qing heard that Shen Yi wanted him to be more generous and his heart was pricked for a moment. Then after hearing that he was the stepmother, he was happy again. After that, he thought about the complicated relationship between them and looked down. “…Oh.”

Shen Yi thought he was very cute.

Su Qing walked to the door silently as he was watched by Shen Yi. Then he couldn’t help turning around and asking, “Shen Yi, have you thought about what type of life you want to live?”

Shen Yi was stunned and couldn’t help imagining it in his mind. It was a very peaceful day. He returned home after a busy day where Su Qing was waiting for him. They kissed and then hugged.

Su Qing persistently asked, “Am I in it?”

Shen Yi was silent for a moment. He avoided answering and just looked at Su Qing calmly. “Su Su, the type of life a person should live and the type of life they want to live might not be the same. I chose the former, so I have to give up the latter. I am sober and I don’t regret it.”

Su Qing was stunned. At a certain point, he suddenly understood it and smiled with certainty. “There is me.”

Shen Yi was startled. He was about to say something when he was interrupted by Su Qing. “I will be waiting for you to find me.”

There had never been a moment when Su Qing was so happy.

Shen Yi was silent. Su Qing gritted his teeth and no longer hesitated. He turned his head and left. After he left, Shen Yi stared at his gauze-wrapped hand for a while before letting out an inaudible ‘yes.’

He wore his false face once again.


The moment Xie Chi returned to his residence, he received the points from the app. The two movie lists gave him 100 points and there were the 300 points as compensation for removing Xie Xinglan from him that the app promised, so this part was 400 points.

He scored 1,604 points and Xie Xinglan got 1,689 points. The average of the two was 1,647 points. In other words, he got 2,047 points from Living Hell. He previously had 3,369 points. Add this 2,047 points and there would be a total of 5,415 points.

It was over half way until his wish. At this rate, he just needed to make 2-3 more movies to achieve his wish and return to reality.

Xie Chi opened the title page. His current title was still ‘Rising Star Who Showed off One’s Ability’ but there was a small line of words after it: If you successfully shoot one more orange quality horror movie, your title will be upgraded to ‘In Fashion Third Tier’ (three oranges). If you succeed in shooting a red-quality movie, you will rise straight to ‘Hot Second Tier’ (one red and two oranges).

XIe Chi actually wasn’t interested in understanding the title system. All he wanted was points. The promotion of the title will help him shoot higher quality horror movies and earn more points.

The evaluation under the title had been updated. This time, there were many things:  Due to word of mouth, your popularity has reached the standard of second and third tier actors. Your fan retention is high and extremely loyal. Your good and evil orientation: both good and evil. Your own development trend: offensive and defensive. You are an all-round actor and have strong personal energy. There is a relatively low demand for cooperation. Type of horror movies you are suitable for: almost all of them. Your items: one purple and two orange, which is unique among the actors in the same section.

Comprehensive evaluation: Your future is unlimited.

Your representative works include: Spirit in Red Clothes, Zombie Lovers, 1552 Haunted House and Living Hell, all of which you are the first male lead without exception. You also participated in the variety show Horror Skewers and won first place.

Below the evaluation was a line of small words: [Congratulations. Since you have successfully shot a horror movie with an initial orange quality, all types of horror movies are open to you.]

After browsing, Xie Chi swept through the top ten. Shen Yi is still first and then going down…

Xie Chi frowned. There were two or three changes in the top 10 rankings.

He didn’t understand it. Weren’t the top actors in the app changing too often? It stood to reason that the higher one rose, the less the rankings would change . It was because there were points and representative works. Only the crowded bottom ranking would have great fluctuations in the rankings.

He pressed a hand to his temple and erased the strange things from his heart.

The phone vibrated and pulled him back from his thoughts. The screen displayed Ren Ze’s face. Ren Ze was inviting him to make a video call. Xie Chi knew he wanted to ask about Xie Xinglan and he reluctantly clicked to confirm it.

“Xie Chi.” Ren Ze coughed twice. “I take back what I said previously. Those who want to be with their sub personality aren’t animals.”

“…Thank you but you don’t need to mention it.” Xie Chi was reminded of this.

Then Ren Ze stated, “You still know how to play. Tsk, in vogue.”

“I don’t think this is something to be advertised but I am indeed lucky.” Xie Chi asked casually, “Is it convenient to tell me? Why did you develop such a cute sister?”

“……” Ren Ze choked up and blushed. He looked down and said, “Hang up.”

Before Xie Chi could respond, Ren Ze had already hung up.

Over on his side, Ren Ze rubbed his hot face. He hadn’t wanted this.

During the time when his mother was pregnant with him, she looked forward to him every day and night. She hoped that he would be a daughter, thinking that a daughter would have an extremely close relationship with her. At the time, the doctor telling the parents the gender of the child wasn’t illegal. When his mother had a B-ultrasound, the doctor told her she was pregnant with a daughter. (In China, it was recently ruled illegal to tell parents the gender of a baby before birth in order to prevent abortions if the gender isn’t what the parents want.)

His mother was so happy that she bought all his clothes up to when he would go to kindergarten. As a result, she gave birth to a baby in October. Ren Ze’s childhood was spent in pink. He had a pink room, pink clothes and a feminine nickname. His mother would put him in beautiful dresses and tell him every day that it was a pity that he wasn’t a daughter. As a result, he developed his sister’s personality.

On Xie Chi’s side, there was a knock on the door the moment Ren Ze hung up. Xie Chi put down his phone and went to the door. He was opening the door when he heard Yan Jing and Lu Wen whispering outside the door.

“Did you know that Brother Xie has a double personality?”

“If you already knew then why didn’t you tell me? It isn’t a good gesture!”

Xie Chi had a slight guilty feeling for a while.

Outside the door, Lu Wen spoke in an aggrieved manner. “It was your Brother Xie who didn’t tell you. Why don’t you accuse him instead of just accusing me?”

Yan Jing glanced at him. “Everything Brother Xie does is right. Can you say the same?”

Then he started chattering.

“Yes yes.” The little monk Lu Wen recited Buddhist scripture. “You are right.”

Xie Chi felt like he was hearing flirting and swearing.

Before he had time to throw away this idea, Yan Jing found that the door was open and pushed it open in surprise. He now had more points and could be extravagant. He wanted to spend points to look at Xie Chi.

He was just going to talk to Xie Chi when he was attracted by the ring on Xie Chi’s hand. He wore a ring on his right ring finger and index finger each. They were silver, simple and magnificent. On his white and slender fingers it was particularly pleasing to the eye.

Yan Jing thought in his mind that Xie Chi wasn’t the type of person who liked fancy accessories. This ring was a bit of a hindrance on his hand and Xie Chi paid attention to practicality…

These rings had a special meaning. Yan Jing thought about Xie Chi’s emotional state again and felt like he was hit by a bolt from the blue. “Are you engaged or married?”

Xie Chi touched the ring and didn’t know how to explain it for a while. Xie Xinglan’s ring was a bit big and it was just right wearing it in his index finger. He could only wear two on one hand and he might wear it like this until Xie Xinglan had a body.

Thinking about this, Xie Chi gave up and said, “It is around the same.”

Yan Jing’s mouth dropped open large enough to contain an egg. Yan Jing immediately became envious again. “Your boyfriend doesn’t even have a body yet he has a ring! Some people have saved for thousands of generations and can’t afford a ring.”

“…Shut up.”

He was really afraid that Xie Xinglan would come out and strangle Yan Jing to death. Lu Wen also coughed desperately to suggest that the other personality wasn’t as good-tempered as Xie Chi.

They said a few more words. Xie Chi asked Yan Jing to pay more attention to suitable orange movies before Xie Chi was alone again. Xie Chi had other things to do now besides filming an orange movie as quickly as possible. He had to investigate the entire story of Cheng Zhou and the source of the items owned by Cheng Zhou.

All this couldn’t be separated from one person—Shen Yi. Xie Chi was about to go to the meeting with the movie emperor when his phone rang.

[Reminder: It is detected that you have reached 5,000 points. Do you want to unlock your talent?]

Proofreader: Purichan

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Meow meow
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