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APP: Chapter 115

[Fu*k, Son Chi is a prophet!]

[The man holding the script!]

[Facts have proved that Son Chi can kill a third-tier actor. Ji Xingchen, who hasn’t even reached the third tier, dared to go up and received a stone hammer.]

[Stupid people always have an illusion: I think I can do it and everyone else is lucky.]

Before the third reincarnation cycle arrived, Xie Chi persuaded all the prisoners to complete the equal energy sharing.

Not long after the third cycle began, the spider silk ladder regenerated and no one fought this time.

The prisoners acted in groups divided by Xie Chi. The first group got on the spider silk ladder and took it down to the bottom. After confirming that the shaking of the spider silk ladder stopped, the second group of four or five people went down. Then it was the third and fourth groups…

The chaotic hell had order for the first time.

After around 20 minutes, everyone had gone down to the eight layer of the cold hell. This was already the bottom of hell but the spider silk still led to a lower place. Everyone hesitated for a moment and no one dared to jump down. The huge black hole at their feet was too dark and bottomless. They didn’t know if this really led to the human world. If something went wrong…

Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan glanced at each other and nodded. Then Xie Xinglan led Xie Chi to go down the spider silk. It wasn’t known how long they went down in the thick darkness until a small light appeared underneath them. After seeing the ground below his feet, Xie Xinglan jumped off first and then hugged Xie Chi down.

The two of them didn’t reach the human world but entered a dark red and dreary corridor. The walls of the corridor seemed to be covered with dark things.

“You stay here, don’t go over.” Xie Xinglan instructed before approaching the wall.

A row of g*ns hung from the walls of the tunnel. Xie Xinglan took one and wiped the dust off the g*n with his hand. A cold feeling came from the dark g*n and Xie Xinglan felt his soul having a small fluctuation.

Xie Chi walked over. “What is it?”

This g*n looked like a normal handg*n. The g*n was loaded. Xie Xinglan thought for a moment before firing a short at the wall. Unexpectedly, the bullet left no trace on the wall.

Xie Chi lowered his eyes and thought about it. Then he abruptly raised his head. “It might be a soul g*n.”

Xie Xinglan was taken aback before looking at the end of the corridor with his mouth curved up. “Where do you think this corridor leads?”

Xie Chi had an answer in his heart.

“Xie Chi!”

The rest of the group saw that Xie Chi’s group of two were fine and also climbed down the silk. They were stunned when they saw the g*ns hanging on the wall.

Xie Chi turned his head. “Everyone, take one. Take everything left and charge with me.”

The group looked at each other and nodded.


In the temple of eternal hell, a group of Buddhist disciples sat cross-legged with closed eyes, fidgeting and knocking on the wooden fish. The sound of the wooden fish sounded again and again and was like children slamming a bowl against the table while waiting for food. The bowls in front of them were empty.

They ruled countless hells. Although a steady flow of food was delivered, they were still hungry. It was like there was a black hole in their stomach and they would never be full. It was clear that they had all become fat and ball-like.

“Don’t knock!” The Buddha at the head opened his eyes in an annoyed manner.

Then a disciple rushed in joyfully. “Someone has come in!”

The disciples’ eyes widened in surprise. They dropped the wooden fish and came out. They saw two young men with outstanding appearances. Two! Someone started to drool. The movement spread like a plague and the sound of the lips smacking together were endless.

Buddha came out, glanced at this group of helpless disciples and smiled at the two people. “Congratulations on entering—”

The young man on the opposite side suddenly raised his hand. He held a dark g*n and fired a shot at the sky. The sound of the g*n was deafening and it was like some type of signal. The well-dressed and handsome young man opposite them showed a kind smile.

The Buddha and his disciples suddenly had an ominous hunch in their hearts. The next second, a group of people rushed out behind the two. They were stunned when they saw the benevolent Buddhas on the opposite side.

Then Xie Xinglan fired a shot that hit the Buddha. The Buddha’s rotting flesh flew and he issued a gloomy ghostly howl. The group finally reacted to the illusion in front of them.

“Shoot them for me,” Xie Xinglan declared coldly.

The group raised their g*ns.

The sound of g*nfire continued and the Buddhas screamed. A soul g*n attacked the spirit body and the lethality could be imagined. The bullets fell in a dense manner and the ghosts had nowhere to hide. The dry bones fell from their bodies, stinky blood flowed and stained the wonderland.

Paradise gradually showed its original form.

A scam!

The panic of the crowd was quickly replaced by anger and they found a place to vent their suffocation from the time they spent in hell. The blood and screams aroused their instinctive desire to kill and they excitedly shot at the group of fat ghosts.

[Fu*k ahhhhhh!]

[The bad and the ugly will eventually be destroyed.]

[Wow, this ending. I’ve completely forgotten it is a horror movie hahahaha.]

[So aren’t Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan the leaders of a new kingdom?]


Xie Xinglan had a flag in his hand and he inserted the flag in the ground where corpses were scattered everywhere. The blood-stained flag fluttered in the wind. The eternal hell that ruled over countless hells was captured by this ordinary hell.

The prisoners were still chasing the fish who tried to escape through the net and blood splashed on the side of Xie Chi’s face. Xie Xinglan stopped shooting when he noticed this. He lowered his head slightly and gently wiped the blood of Xie Chi’s face. He was about to leave when he found Xie Chi had grabbed his sleeve.


Xie Chi raised his head and kissed this person. Then he stepped back, blinked and said, “Kiss separately.”

Xie Xinglan was stunned before reacting with a smile. “The kiss should be longer.”

He came back before Xie Chi could react. It was the end of the old and the birth of the new.

Apart from Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan, a prompt appeared on the phones of the other actors.

[Would you like to stay in hell and be the Buddhist disciples, enjoying worship for eternity? Or would you like to eliminate your sins, erase your memories and return to the world to be humble people floating in the sea of suffering?]

Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan’s phones also rang. The message they received was slightly different.

[Would you like to stay in hell as the new Buddhas, being worshipped by the Buddhist disciples and those in hell?]

In the cinema, the big screen gradually darkened and words appeared.

[The last group of people who broke through the endless hell due to goodness chose to stay and become the new ruling class. What will this group do?]

[Young dragon slayer, will you eventually become a dragon?]


“Ahhhh it’s over! I was wondering where the Buddhas came from. Fu*k, it turned out to be the last group of prisoners.”

“It is nice to end it here.”

“They kissed at the end. I was caught off guard and ate a mouthful of dog food.”

“I suddenly understand why Paradise and the eternal hell are the same place. For the Buddha and Buddhist disciples, this is their Paradise. For the prisoners who enter there without knowing, it is an eternal hell!”

“That’s it! So the information on the stone tablet is correct! It is indeed a world of paradise but it is only paradise for some people!”

“Waiting. I’m curious about who is first between Chi Chi or Xing Xing. Chi Chi has never been second!”

“Items, I’m curious about what items can be gained in such a strange movie.”


In the movie, the app rang again.

[The prisoners have conquered the eternal hell and the filming of Living Hell ends here. Actors who haven’t obtained items will immediately be transferred away.]

[Privacy mode is now turned on.]

The moment this message appeared, the actors disappeared one by one. Xie Chi realized that both he and Xie Xinglan were still here and some surprise appeared in his eyes.

[Fu*k? Both? Is it two items? No way?]

[If they really are the same person… fu*k!! Gaining two items for one movie?!]

Su Qing was also left. As he waited for the item to appear, Xie Chi walked to Su Qing. “Thank you for before.”

Su Qing shook his head. He was seemingly unaccustomed to being thanked and was a bit shy. “I didn’t help much.”

Xie Chi casually said, “Speaking of which, the puppet reminds me of a movie I filmed previously.”

“Zombie Lovers?” Su Qing wondered.

Xie Chi was startled. “You know it?”

Su Qing stared at him in an embarrassed manner. Then he learned toward Xie Chi’s ear and said, “I was the screenwriter for that movie.”

Xie Chi showed astonishment but he knew that Su Qing didn’t want to be known by the audience. He said, “So you’ve seen the love between Madam Zhao and her husband. I still remember it.”

Su Qing was silent and took a long time to say gently, “I feel it.”

Xie Chi was secretly surprised. He felt it? Madam Zhao had such morbid and obsessive feelings. Were Su Qing and Shen Yi not in a good relationship?

“What are you thinking?” Su Qing felt doubts.

Xie Chi coughed. “It’s nothing.”

After he said this sentence, he entered a completely dark space. He had obtained items many times and Xie Chi was used to it. The next second, he couldn’t be calm when he saw the item.

It was a ring, a simple silver ring for men. The ring hung in the air, spinning slowly and exuded a warm and bright luster. Perhaps it was due to his thoughts but Xie Chi’s breathing was a bit messy.

The app rang.

[Item: Pair Ring (Holy Light Guard Ring)]

[Brief description: It is holy due to love.]

[Item effect: If you wear this ring and he is present (within a radius of 10 meters), the actor can get five seconds of invincible immunity (choose whether to use it or not).]

[Note: This immunity is immune to all damage and is applicable to all horror movies. It is a non-consumable permanent item and can be used once in a horror movie. The item can also be used as an external decoration.]

[Output: This item is produced from the condition of opening the spider silk ladder in Living Hell—three pairs of actors complete the mutual viewing of the mark (the actor Xie Chi and actor Xie Xinglan were the first to complete the mutual viewing. This is mutual trust and also love).]

The introduction of the item was very simple but Xie Chi’s attention wasn’t on it at all. This was… indeed a ring. It was a permanent item and wouldn’t be consumed. It could also be used as an external decoration.

‘He is present’, did this mean Xie Xinglan? Within a radius of 10 meters… but Xie Xinglan was in his body so the condition was probably equal to… having none.

Xie Chi’s heart beat a bit faster.

[Do you want to bind to the item?]

Xie Chi controlled his heart, clicked ‘okay’ and grabbed the ring. The ring was grasped by him and lay in his hand. Xie Chi carefully looked at it. The inside was engraved with the letters ‘XC’ which were the initials of his name.

The corners of Xie Chi’s mouth raised. He held the ring in his hand and came out of his space. Then he raised his head and met Xie Xinglan’s eyes. Xie Chi lowered his head and found that Xie Xinglan was also holding something in his hand. Sure enough, it was a pair. This was why he and Xie Xinglan both got items.

Xie Xinglan walked over with a smile on his face. It was still in privacy mode so he fiddled with the app and found that there was an actor sharing mode as long as the actor agreed. He immediately shared his item effects.

Xie Chi received the message.

[Item: Pair Ring (Guardian Ring of Attack)]

[Brief description: It is invincible due to the protection.]

[Item effect: If you wear this ring and he is present (within a radius of 10 meters), the actor can gain a 20% increase in strength.]

[Note: The increase will happen as long as he is there. If he isn’t there, the increase will disappear. The item applies to all horror movies and can also be used as an external decoration.]

Xie Chi’s lips curved and he immediately sent his own effect.

Xie Xinglan finished reading and their phones rang again.

[Please note that if an emotional breakdown is detected, the item will destroy itself.]

Proofreader: Purichan


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Nistha Roy
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Oh no, you’re right…

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Ji Xingchen proved by statistics that those who plan to harm Xie Chi will bathe in their own blood.
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The last line scares me 🙂

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It seems the app ships them too 🥰
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this last sentence makes me create a mini movie in my head and it’s no good

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emotional breakdown i can’t even imagine a possible scenario but then again this novel is full of surprises!! lol i hope Su Qing and Xie Chi become friends their interactions are so interesting to me.

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What’s with the censorship of the word gun? Is that self-imposed? Isn’t that a little ridiculous? -_-

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that;s what I have been thinking like bruh-

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what kind of emotional breakdown can happen– 😳

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what breakin r u talking about lmfao, xie chi and xie xinglan is a different type of couple. no one can break those two off, they are even in one body so how…. xie xinglan stayin in his own body is still kinda out of reach…

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
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Emotional breakdown?? But also since they both got a ring I hope they put it on each other like a wedding ceremony ❤️❤️

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Planting flags aren’t we?

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uhhhhmmmm what does that mean 🙁

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the effect is so nice too. like a knight protecting his Prince. T-T

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