APP: Chapter 113

The two of them communicated for a while.

Ji Xingchen wondered, “When will you start?”

“There is no hurry. Su Qing and Xie Chi are separated now and I only have one chance. If I expose myself to kill one person, there is basically no chance to kill the other person. The best opportunity is when they get together.”

“However, this probability is too small. If you can only kill one, who do you want to kill?” Ji Xingchen tentatively inquired.

Cheng Zhou thought for a moment before answering coldly, “Xie Chi.”

Ji Xingchen was taken aback. He hadn’t expected Xie Chi’s priority to be so high.

[Cheng Zhou is hiding so deeply!]

[Why does he want to kill Xie Chi and Su Qing? These two people have no connection.]

[Maybe there is a vendetta from the real world.]

The two of them were talking when there was movement in the sky. Cheng Zhou watched Xie Chi’s trio coming down and killing intent flashed in his eyes. They hadn’t stayed on the upper layer and actually fell into the net.

“Did they come to chase you?” Cheng Zhou turned to ask Ji Xingchen.

Ji Xingchen was seriously injured and instinctively panicked. “Do you plan to do it now?”

Xie Chi saw the scene where the two people were whispering and felt it was a bit strange. He couldn’t help frowning. Xie Xinglan was keenly aware of Xie Chi’s changes and he asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

Xie Chi looked up. “Don’t you think their relationship has changed?”

Xie Xinglan glanced at Cheng Zhou and Ji Xingchen again. Cheng Zhou still looked careless but Ji Xingchen was a bit restrained and his expression was even a bit… wanting to please. However, Cheng Zhou was obviously Ji Xingchen’s follower.

After a bit, Cheng Zhou and Ji Xingchen came forward with an alert expression. Xie Chi’s gaze fell on Cheng Zhou for a moment before quickly retracting. He smiled and explained his intentions, but held a bit back. He only talked about the energy being evenly distributed and didn’t say that going down the spider silk ladder was the way out.

Cheng Zhou lowered his eyes and curled his lips slightly.

If you were really sleepy then someone would give pillows. If Xie Chi wanted to share energy then he would definitely notify everyone. Then Su Qing and Xie Chi would be together. This was the best opportunity.

“I have less energy and I have no opinion about sharing mine equally. What about you, Brother Ji?” Cheng Zhou wondered with a smile.

Ji Xingchen snorted coldly.

Xie Chi didn’t care about Ji Xingchen’s disagreement and went straight down to the next layer. After leaving the layer where Cheng Zhou and Ji Xingchen were located, he opened his mouth. “Brother, I remember you said that when you first went down, you encountered a slightly strange corpse on the fifth layer of the cold hells.”

Xie Xinglan thought about it for a moment before remembering. “You mean the corpse that appeared to have been killed by an ordinary weapon but was actually quietly eroded by something?”

Ren Ze was at a loss. “Is there a problem?”

“Who would want to conceal their true killing method?” Xie Chi thought of the scene where Ji Xingchen stood restrained behind Cheng Zhou and gradually fell into contemplation.


For the next half a day, Xie Chi and his party went all the way down. The first time Xie Xinglan went down, he killed and accumulated energy. The second time was to become rich in business. The third time was to persuade and invite.

For those who didn’t believe, Xie Chi just needed to give a rough demonstration. After all, Xie Chi’s group was the more powerful party yet the energy was shared equally with them. Thus, the path downward quickly opened up.

The ones with more energy were all actors and they doubted the correct way out at first. Then once they connected the clues obtained by themselves and compared it, they knew it was true.

They also became part of the group supporting the Xie Chi trio.

Xie Chi’s group left and the originally smiling actors had dark expressions. “They must be right. However, if we really go out as they said, they will have contributed so much to the plot and must be ranked in the top three. Won’t we fall behind?”

“I have a way. Just kill the three of them. Then we will evenly share the energy with the others and go down.”

“Are you dreaming? We can’t beat them. Even if they died, we won’t be the top three. Don’t forget that there is Ji Xingchen and Cheng Zhou.”

“Forget it, we can go out smoothly according to their method. We will just get a bit less points.”

“What if Ji Xingchen asks us to help kill Xie Xinglan and the others? He must not tolerate Xie Chi.  After all, it is the critical time to go out and the ranking…”

“It depends on the situation at the time. We should see which side is good to help. It is best for us if they fight each other and are hurt enough for us to kill them…”

“Haha, your heart is so big!”


Wherever Xie Chi went, more and more prisoners joined the ranks of the equal distribution group. After all, there was already a line of people walking safely with energy equally distributed. This was already the most convincing thing. It was fake that only three people could stay on the same layer at one time.

Half a day later, they had gathered around half the prisoners in hell.

The poor prisoners gained the energy they dreamed of and praised Xie Chi’s group of three. It was even to the point of worship. Those with more energy didn’t dare say anything and could only stay with this group of poor ghosts they had looked down on.

Su Qing pulled Xie Chi aside and spoke to him. “I didn’t expect that the first person to think of sharing is you. You are a kind and compassionate person.”

Xie Chi coughed and lowered his eyes. “…Hmm.”

“I also understand it now. If the key is the way to open the door to Paradise then sharing is the way to open the door to the human world.”

Xie Chi nodded.

“By the way.” Su Qing pointed to Xie Xinglan who was greeting the prisoners and asked in an embarrassed manner, “Is he your boyfriend?”

“Yes,” Xie Chi replied happily. They had spent most of this day together and he became familiar with Su Qing. Su Qing was an idealist. Xie Chi was quite surprised that there were still people with this type of heart in the app.

Xie Chi smiled when he saw Su Qing for an unknown reason.

Su Qing coughed and covered it up. “Bless you.”

“…Thank you?” Xie Chi was a bit dazed. Su Qing seemed very happy?

“What do you think of Movie Emperor Shen?” Su Qing seemed to ask inadvertently.

Xie Chi remembered Shen Yi saying that Su Qing was his friend and casually replied.

Previously, Su Qing accidentally discovered that Shen Yi had added Xie Chi as a friend. Now that he heard Xie Chi’s praises, he raised his head and spoke seriously. “He isn’t a good person. If you want to be with your boyfriend then stay away from him.”

Xie Chi was even more puzzled. He didn’t say anything bad about Shen Yi but Su Qing said it instead. In addition, the content was strange.

“Why do you say that?”

Su Qing blushed and looked at the sky like nothing was going on. “I heard gossip that Movie Emperor Shen likes to rob people of something they cherish.”

Xie Chi’s heart was filled with unbearable gossip. He glanced at Su Qing’s expression and something flashed in his mind.

This was Shen Yi’s… boyfriend?

Xie Chi lowered his eyes and restrained his weird expression. This made sense. It was why Shen Yi asked him to take care of Su Qing. Shen Yi had given him a knife and almost all the actors knew he had come out of the closet. It was hard to guarantee that Su Qing didn’t think too much.

Xie Chi couldn’t easily explain in front of the audience so he replied vaguely, “I will.”

Su Qing smiled, unaware that his inside information had been picked clean.


A hole suddenly appeared in the sky. Everyone looked up and saw Cheng Zhou and Ji Xingchen climbing down the rope.

Ji Xingchen reluctantly said, “Cheng Zhou and I thought about it and decided to join you.”

A few people in the group who had some strength had different expressions. Even Ji Xingchen was afraid of Xie Xinglan. Their restless hearts instantly chilled. Cheng Zhou jumped to the ground and raised his eyebrow when he saw Su Qing and Xie Chi talking not far away. They were indeed gathered together.

Xie Chi glanced at Xie Xinglan in the distance and nodded. Xie Xinglan understood and approached them quietly. Xie Chi frowned. He hoped this was an unnecessary move.

In order to show their sincerity, Cheng Zhou and Ji Xingchen generously divided their energies. After completing the sharing, they seemed to unintentionally walk toward Xie Chi. In the dark night, a cold light flashed and a sharp knife stabbed straight toward Xie Chi!

Su Qing saw it and exclaimed. However, a sword was faster. The tip of the sword hit the blade and the knife flew back and inserted into the ground. Cheng Zhou frowned. It seemed he was exposed and Xie Chi had been prepared for a long time. He hadn’t even noticed that Xie Xinglan was so close to them.

“Do it!” Ji Xingchen exclaimed anxiously.

Cheng Zhou nodded slightly. So what about exposure? It was just a bit more trouble.

The abnormal changes here attracted everyone’s attention. The weak withdrew out of fear of being affected while the strong watched on the sidelines, waiting for the results.

“What is going on? Is Ji Xingchen crazy? Cheng Zhou dares to act against Su Qing?”

“Who knows? Perhaps he is confused!”

Xie Chi never imagined that he was actually the target of the killing attempt. In the blink of an eye, Xie Xinglan and the two attackers exchanged several moves. Cheng Zhou declared coldly, “My target isn’t you. Get out of the way or else you will die today!”

Xie Xinglan was too lazy to care for this person. He used his talent and stabbed while this person was talking.

“You don’t know how to appreciate kindness!” Cheng Zhou took a few steps back and looked at his bleeding lower abdomen, completely angry.

“Go!” Ji Xingchen glanced at Cheng Zhou.

The next second, something appeared out of thin air in Cheng Zhou’s hands. It was a group of newspapers. As Ji Xingchen was resisting, Cheng Zhou quickly tore the newspapers. In the darkness, countless ant-like black small things on the newspaper floated toward Xie Xinglan.

They instantly grew bigger in the process of flying, turning into terrifying ghost faces and rushing toward Xie Xinglan. The white ghost light flickered wildly in the darkness and the twisted faces were unpredictable.

“Energy compression.” Xie Chi’s voice was completely cold.

Ghosts were non-physical and could be compressed in size. They were compressed to the size of an ant through special means. Once released, they could instantly become larger. These were extremely weak ghosts but once the number reached a certain level, their strength would undergo a qualitative change, like a single ant becoming a huge ant colony.

No matter how fast Xie Xinglan’s reaction, some ghost faces still bit his arm. They tasted blood and were excited. Xie Xinglan didn’t say a word despite the severe pain. He just stabbed with his sword while blood dripped down his arm.

Some ghost faces crawled into his limbs along the blood, raging and destroying. It was this method that Cheng Zhou had used to kill the previous prisoner!

“How do you feel?” Cheng Zhou sneered.

Ji Xingchen was afraid and panicked in his heart. The quality of this item was at least peak purple! Cheng Zhou even had such an item. Where did he come from? Who was he?

[Fu*k, it feels like it is going to turn over!]

[Brother Lan!]

A ghost face bit at the stunned Su Qing. Xie Chi pushed him away without saying a word. The ghost face bit his wrist. There was a tingling pain as it entered and Xie Chi felt his blood surge.

There was slight movement in Su Qing’s eyes. He was the one who caused Xie Chi to be like this. Xie Chi couldn’t take care of Su Qing. He was about to find a way to use an item to help Xie Xinglan when Su Qing grabbed him. “I will go but I need you!”

This method cost him a lot but he was forced to do so right now.

Xie Chi turned back. “What should I do.”

Su Qing grabbed his long hair and separated two strands. He wrapped them around Xie Chi’s two wrists and then quickly distributed a few hairs to Xie Chi’s fingertips. Su Qing turned his back to Xie Chi and in Xie Chi’s eyes, there was long ghost hair.

Xie Chi glanced at the hair tangled around his hands and suddenly understood. “A puppet, right? Your item is a puppet and your hair is the silk thread.”

“I can only be manipulated for 10 minutes.” Su Qing’s voice suddenly became cold and gloomy.

Xie Chi felt that Su Qing was as light as a piece of paper. He lightly hooked his index finger and Su Qing flew to Cheng Zhou, joining the battle. The ant ghosts on Xie Xinglan’s arms were weak but they depended on their numbers to win. The moment they encountered a more powerful evil creature, they immediately fled.

[Fu*k, Su Qing is exactly the same as the female ghost. Scary and emotional.]

[I haven’t seen him use this before!]

[Why is Xie Chi so experienced in manipulating puppets?]

[Did you see Zhang Linu in Zombie Lovers. I’ve seen it.]

[Wait! The news says that Su Qing is the screenwriter of Zombie Lovers! Damn, don’t tell me the puppet prototype is him?]

[A lot of private goods!]

Xie Chi followed the method that Zhang Linu used to manipulate the puppets and he controlled it with ease. Xie Xinglan was under pressure but now gradually gained the upper hand.

“What to do?” Ji Xingchen retreated steadily and looked at Cheng Zhou in embarrassment.

“You forced me to do this!” Cheng Zhou wiped away the blood on his face and his eyes flashed with an insidious color. The next second, his strength soared by several times. He rushed toward Xie Xinglan, his figure as fast as a bolt of lightning.

Everyone watching the fight was shocked. “Is it a buff? What quality?!”

“This is at least an orange item! The increase is too much! It is an all-round increase!”

“Where did he get so many things?”

Cheng Zhou cut off the silk threads that Xie Chi was using to control Su Qing. Su Qing lost the ‘controller’ and fell to the ground fiercely, coughing up a mouthful of blood. He could no longer get up. In an instant, Xie Xinglan suffered a few more injuries and became covered with blood. He was pushed a few steps away, gasping for breath.

Cheng Zhou rushed again. This time there was something else in his hand. It was a piece of yellow talisman paper!

“Ahh!” An actor who was closely watching suddenly screamed and covered his eyes, but it was too late. He saw the ghost pupil on the talisman paper, was stared at by the ghost and went directly to hell.

The talisman paper was yellow and the front was a photo of a dead man. In the photo, the man had a green face and fangs, bleeding from his orifices. His eyes were upside down and were a disgusting grey.

“Brother! Don’t look at the paper!” Xie Chi cried out. Xie Xinglan immediately closed his eyes.

“I know this! A talisman! Close your eyes! You will die if you see the front of the talisman paper!”

“Where did it come from?”

“Wait, I remember that this type of talisman is only produced in the Ghost Talisman orange movie! Why does Cheng Zhou have it? Cheng Zhou has never been there!”

“Fu*k, there is someone behind Cheng Zhou! Another actor gave it! Items can be given away and transferred! Have you forgotten the knife that the movie emperor gave to Xie Chi?”

“There is someone up there who wants to kill Xie Chi and Su Qing?!”

“The amount of information is a bit big!”

“Two orange items and one purple peak item. Fu*k, it isn’t a small backing!”

Xie Xinglan was unable to use his eyesight and there was a lot of noise in his ears. Xie Xinglan’s injuries kept increasing but he didn’t retreat at all. There was another blow and Xie Xinglan fell with the sound of broken bones. Ren Ze immediately used points to apply the healing but it was a drop in the bucket.

Xie Chi had red eyes. He gritted his teeth and rushed directly forward.

“Xiao Chi! Go back!” Xie Xinglan heard the familiar footsteps and yelled while climbing up.

Cheng Zhou saw Xie Chi coming to him and was surprised and delighted. He attacked while Xie Chi stood in place, eyes closed and motionless. Cheng Zhou called him a waste inwardly and was about to kill him. Xie Chi’s ears moved slightly and he abruptly raised his hand when he heard Cheng Zhou was close to him.


Cheng Zhou closed his eyes in horror. Xie Chi’s hand was holding the exact same talisman as his own! He knew how terrible this thing was. He would die with one glance!

Ji Xingchen also immediately withdrew from the offensive and turned around.

Xie Xinglan used this opportunity to stab forward with the sword. Cheng Zhou was hit hard and finally realized it was fake. He was furious. “Xie Chi, I will kill you!”

He was fooled! He forgot that Xie Chi’s current strength couldn’t activate the talisman at all. Even Cheng Zhou had to use the buff to activate the talisman. Xie Chi was protected behind Xie Xinglan and on the way, he brought back the seriously injured Su Qing. Ren Ze immediately treated Su Qing.

“There is nothing serious?” Xie Chi asked coldly.

Su Qing shook his head. Xie Chi stood up again and Su Qing stopped him. “Where are you going?”

“Going to help.”

“I can see that your strength isn’t good enough. Don’t go, he won’t be willing.” Su Qing coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Xie Chi.” Ren Ze pointed in Xie Xinglan’s direction and paused for a moment. “Ren Ran can see that he is….”

He swallowed back the rest of his sentence. “You can’t use strength so don’t go. Going will just add chaos…”

[Yes, I just remembered. What happened to Son Chi’s strength!]

[Yes, Chi Chi can obviously fight well!]

[Fu*k?! Wait—]

Xie Xinglan closed his eyes tightly and only relied on hearing to identify the direction of the attack. He barely parried and made a small space for Xie Chi. Xie Chi shook off the hands of the two people and spoke coldly. “I have to die with him if he dies, not to mention he isn’t dead yet. How can I just hide in the rear?”

“You don’t have a way—”

Xie Chi was silent for a few seconds before raising his head and interrupting. “I do!”

Xie Chi stood up and roughly tore off the sleeve of his right hand. On the hand, there were the traces left behind of where he controlled Su Qing. He remembered the scene where the lucky buff was put in there. After thinking about it for a few seconds, a golden halo was ‘forced’ out.

“What are you doing?” Ren Ze was stunned.

Xie Chi sneered. “Ant ghosts, full growth buff and life-threatening talisman. Can’t items be transferred?”

The golden halo slipped from his hand and drifted toward Xie Xinglan, instantly binding with Xie Xinglan. Xie Chi heard laughter.

“A luck buff for a fight?”

“Let’s take action. The outcome is almost decided and we can gain some favor with Ji Xingchen.”

“Now I have hope of being in the top five.”

Xie Chi sneered. They were stupid. At this moment, he figured it out. Zombies promoted love and justice while Living Hell promoted goodness and compassion. They were all in the direction of heaven, the correct path and the energy of luck.

His buff was completely invalid in Horror Skewers and 1552 Haunted House because they were basically about evil ghosts. However, Living Hell was different. Living Hell was a movie that taught people to be good!

He wouldn’t lose. They were the ones who were wrong!


Xie Xinglan felt the buff enter his body and suddenly understood what Xie Chi was thinking. He tried to mobilize the unknown part of his talent again—the Demonic Field.

It was still a pool of stagnant water. Did it fail? Xie Xinglan wasn’t discouraged. He didn’t bet everything on this. He hadn’t lost yet. He could still wait. The other side’s buff had to end and that was his opportunity.

Suddenly, there was a question in his head.

[Do you want to completely destroy the luck buff to trigger Demonic Field once?]

Demonic Field needed probability to activate. The luck buff gave… a higher probability than ordinary people. Destroy the luck buff in exchange for probability.

It was so-called sincerity to use luck.

The so-called oath of dao, the heart of dao.

The general trend was the natural laws.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Hmm what kind of grudge does Cheng Zhou have?? Or is it actually just someone instructing him to do it? Hope it’s not related to You Jing and his mother

2 years ago

Wow, its not just a grudge put a whole scheme to kill Su Qing and Xie Chi. I still think its something to do with Shen Yi. Its the only way these two are connected.
Thanks for the translations!

2 years ago

Hhh this vague flashbacks of Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From The Trashcan, they both have intelligent and strong MCs but both are also targeted by a higher and more intelligent being/power this is scary ah. I’m almost 90% sure that Chen Zhou isn’t acting alone he definitely has a backer.

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1 year ago

If he is really a boyfriend of movie emperor then you should have alot of toy to deal with the enemies