APP: Chapter 112

“You mean, the spider silk ladder is a gift that rewards us for trusting each other but the correct direction is… climbing down?!” Ren Ze trembled.

This idea was too subversive and too shocking.

Xie Chi nodded. “If the energy distribution really achieves the idea that all prisoners can stay on a floor comfortably together then it proves that the spider silk ladder is also good. Climbing up will get you closer to the deeper sins, the eternal hell. Then climbing down, relatively speaking, is closer to the grassroots, closer to all living beings and all living beings are in… the human world.”

Xie Chi asked, “Do you remember what the name of our movie is called?”

Ren Ze replied immediately. “Living Hell.”

Xie Chi looked at the vast sea of clouds above his head and the endless abyss below his feet through the blood fog.
“Paradise doesn’t exist. There are only the eternal hell and the human world. The eternal hell is above and the human world is below. We are serving our sentence in the place that lies between the two. So this is… the living hell. You and I are both living while this is our hell. We are prisoners in prison and we will always struggle to choose between the human world and eternal hell. The first is an unrealistic fantasy while the latter is a utopia that is beautiful but difficult to reach.”

“In fact, your words aren’t quite right. The even distribution of energy isn’t common prosperity. It is called egalitarianism. It is also an extreme and is like the idea of the Peach Blossom Spring.”

“This is a movie and it might want to convey something more beautiful.”

“The reason why people are human is because they are always pursuing things that might not be physically obtained such as power, love or the belief in something that might not be real such as Buddha or God.”

“It isn’t hope that needs people but people who need hope, especially in places like hell. We have to believe in something.”

“This is probably the theme of Living Hell.”

Ren Ze suddenly became cheerful but also a bit melancholy.

[Suddenly, I think that this movie is beautiful. It isn’t like a ghost movie at all.]

[Son Chi is awesome ahhh.]

[It might spoil the atmosphere but I still want to say that yesterday, Chi Chi was a cold and ruthless exploiter. Today, he changed to a theologian. Son Chi, what is your position?]

[Xie Chi: Live and earn enough points to be first in the comprehensive ranking is my position.]

(Hahahaha this is being flexible and taking advantage of the situation.]

[This movie should be almost over.]

[Speaking of first in the comprehensive ranking, do you think it is Xie Chi or Xie Xinglan? Xie Chi has always been first. Do you think he will be crushed this time?]

[I stand by Xie Chi!]

The three of them talked for a while.

Ren Ze looked at Xie Chi. “Then… that poster?”

Ren Ze remembered that on the movie poster, there was a beautiful lotus pond above hell. Xie Chi smiled and didn’t doubt his reasoning. “Lotus pond, a prisoner’s grave, sins are all covered by beauty.”

Ren Ze inexplicably got goosebumps.

Xie Xinglan remembered something and glanced at Ren Ze. “Have you ever seen the mirage?”

“You mean the one that looks like a jellyfish?”’

Xie Xinglan made a hum of agreement. “That is the structure of hell.”

Ren Ze was stunned before reacting, his voice involuntarily going higher. “You mean there are countless hells exactly like ours?”

Xie Chi glanced at Xie Xinglan before laughing. He told Ren Ze, “That isn’t the point. The point is the head of the jellyfish.”

Ren Ze thought about it and connected the jellyfish tentacles with the head. “The jellyfish tentacles are the hells so the jellyfish head is… the so-called Paradise?”

Xie Chi told him casually, “We only paid attention to the structure of hell but forgot that the tentacles and head are all part of the jellyfish. They have the same source and are the same thing.”

Ren Ze felt a terrible chill and was completely persuaded. Yes, if the jellyfish tentacles were hell then the jellyfish head was naturally… also hell. They were essentially the same thing. If the mirage was really insinuating something then it might be: the hell on top is the eternal hell.

“Then after this…” Ren Ze knew the truth but he still didn’t know what to do.

Xie Chi declared, “Notify everyone. The sooner, the better. Then complete the energy sharing.”

Ren Ze frowned. “What if they don’t believe it? Those with less energy will definitely believe it. Even if they don’t believe, they will join us without hesitation because energy sharing is like a pie falling from the sky for them. However, as long as they have peace of mind, those with more energy will find it difficult—”

Xie Xinglan interrupted. “Strike the rich to share the fields.”

Ren Ze, “……”

Xie Xinglan glanced at Xie Chi with a smile. “Teacher Xie, am I right?”

Xie Chi stared at him appreciatively.

Xie Xinglan told him, “The classes weren’t in vain.”

Xie Chi had been talking to him about social structure for the last two nights.

“How do you plan to fight with the three of us?” Ren Ze carefully weighed the combat effectiveness of the three of them. Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan were strong but if they were attacked as a group, the odds of winning would be poor.  The other people weren’t fuel-efficient lamps.

Xie Chi sent him a strange look. “Who said there would only be the three of us?”

“Eh?” Ren Ze was confused again.

Xie Xinglan stated, “As the old saying goes, those who win the hearts of the people will win the world.”

Xie Chi added, “In layman’s terms, the power of the people is great.”

Ren Ze, “……” He seemed to understand something.

Xie Xinglan told him, “We aren’t alone. Once we ‘disperse our wealth’, it will be them who are attacked by a group.”

Xie Chi continued, “The general trend is on our side. I believe that those with more energy are wise and will finally make a choice that a wise man should make.”

Ren Ze, “……” The two of them were echoing each other.

[Hahahaha a MLM organization.]

[Brainwashing ability MAX.]

[Huh? Ji Xingchen got the key!]

[What is the situation? Cheng Zhou, he??]


Ji Xingchen sighed with relief when he opened his eyes. He was alive.

He encountered an unknown monster under the knife mountain hell and almost lost his life. It was life, not energy that was swallowed by that monster! Fortunately, he reacted quickly and committed suicide to fall to the next layer before the monster bit him.

The moment before his death, he saw something stuck between the teeth of that mouth. So he ventured into it, endured the pain of being bitten, took it out and held it in his hand…

Ji Xingchen was shocked. There was nothing in his hand! He abruptly sat up and found that Cheng Zhou was stuffing the black key into his pocket.

Ji Xingchen was a bit uncertain about this person’s meaning and wondered coldly, “What are you doing?”

Cheng Zhou had always been following him but now Cheng Zhou took the key while he was unconscious. This was too abnormal.

“Holding it for you.” Cheng Zhou came over.

“No.” Ji Xingchen was wary and held out his hand to Cheng Zhou. “Return it to me.”

Based on Ji Xingchen’s keenness, he naturally knew that this key could probably open the door to the world of Paradise on the first layer of the hot hell. Therefore, this key was essential. Moreover, it was an item he got after risking his life. It belonged to him completely. How dare Cheng Zhou have the cheek to grab it?

Cheng Zhou shrugged and smiled. “So ungrateful?”

Ji Xingchen found that this person was looking at him condescendingly and became completely angry. “What the hell are you doing? I am advising you since we know each other. Give it to me now and you will still be my buddy.”

Ji Xingchen was thinking about his previous relationship with Cheng Zhou and thought he had given Cheng Zhou enough face. However, Cheng Zhou just sneered. “Who do you think you are? You were beaten up badly by Xie Xinglan. How can you dare to challenge me?”

Ji Xingchen hadn’t expected Cheng Zhou to say such words and started to calm down. Apart from the familiar face, the atmosphere of the person in front of him had completely changed, whether it was his tone or demeanor of speech. Cheng Zhou used to flatter and cater to him but now he was ostentatious and fierce.

Ji Xingchen was sure that the Cheng Zhou in front of him was the one he passed through three movies with. The list of actors given by the app couldn’t be fake. Cheng Zhou couldn’t be switched out. In addition, Cheng Zhou was holding his mobile phone. The mobile phone with the app bound to it only recognized its owner. Even if other people wanted to pretend to be him, the mobile phone would expose it. Therefore, there were two possibilities. The first one was that he was possessed by a ghost. The other was that he had been hiding, deliberately acting humble and small.

“Who are you?” Ji Xingchen stared at him.

“Don’t think about it. I’m not possessed.”

Ji Xingchen’s hands clenched into fists. “Why stay by my side?”

“You don’t have to care about this.” Cheng Zhou noticed Ji Xingchen’s shaking hands and smiled. “You can do it but I advise you to be cautious.”

Ji Xingchen was filled with anger. It stood to reason that even if Cheng Zhou hid a part of his strength, his true level shouldn’t be strong. After all, he had watched all of Cheng Zhou’s movies and the points were just like that. They were regular and a lot worse than himself. He shouldn’t be afraid of Cheng Zhou. However, Cheng Zhou was too confident. It made him not want to act in order to prevent harm to himself.

He still hadn’t recovered from his injuries and shouldn’t take the risk. Ji Xingchen had always been a person who could bear things. He endured it and asked, “Who are you? What do you want to do?”

“The previous question has nothing to do with you. As for the last question, I can tell you clearly.”

Ji Xingchen frowned at this person.

“I want to kill Xie Chi and Su Qing.”

“My luck before wasn’t good and I didn’t meet them. I went up and down and couldn’t find them. It isn’t easy to catch them in my net.”

“What do they have to do with each other?” Ji Xingchen frowned. It stood to reason that this was the first time Xie Chi and Su Qing should be meeting.

“It has nothing to do with you.”

“This is the first time you are meeting them. Do you have a hatred with them in the real world?”

“Don’t you think you’re asking too much?” Cheng Zhou’s voice became cold. It was clear that his patience had run out.

“Shouldn’t you tell me if you want me to help?”

Cheng Zhou sneered. “It is just a matter of increasing my chances of winning. Don’t take yourself too seriously. We have no conflicts of interest, do we? As it happens, I can help you get revenge. Don’t you want to kill Xie Chi?”

Ji Xingchen was a bit moved by this but he was afraid of agreeing too hastily. However, now he felt a fear that he would be killed if he refused. He might be able to fight Cheng Zhou at full strength but now…

“Once it is over, the key will be returned to you.” Cheng Zhou guessed what he was thinking and smiled.

Ji Xingchen was overjoyed before he sobered up and sneered. “Why should I believe you?”

What if it was a blank check? If he promised to help Cheng Zhou but Cheng Zhou went back on his words, wouldn’t he lose more than he gained? Besides, how could Cheng Zhou easily give him a key item like the key?

Cheng Zhou sneered. “How about the app arbitration?”

Ji Xingchen was shocked. The app had an arbitration function where two parties could make an agreement. If one party failed to complete it, the app would punish them. However, why wasn’t Cheng Zhou interested in such a precious thing as the key? If they did the arbitration then there was no room for Cheng Zhou to take it back.

Cheng Zhou didn’t want to leave the instance? How could that be?

Ji Xingchen didn’t know what Cheng Zhou was thinking but he didn’t want to miss this opportunity. He immediately said, “Okay but you must show your strength first. I won’t insert myself in there until that time.”

“Don’t worry, you just need to attack.” Cheng Zhou spoke while instinctively touching the lower part of his left shoulder.

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2 years ago

Chen Zhou is Shen Yi’s enemy?
Sidenote: Did Ji Xingchen actually fully kill Yu An a few chapters back? I thought Yu An would be fine like everyone else was, but Yu An was already down and had his power stolen when Ji Xingchen attacked him again.

2 years ago

so Chen Zou also has a pet chip.

2 years ago

So…Does Su Qing also have a pet chip..? Or is it merely because he’s Shen Yi’s lover? Is that why Shen Yi asked Xie Chi to protect Su Qing? Because he knew Cheng Zhou would try to pull something off? The only thing that links these three (XC, SQ, CZ) together in our present knowledge is if they’re all pets or they all have something to do with Shen Yi. Or both idk.

1 year ago

he’s the one that shen yi is looking out for, but why???

1 year ago

Oh I believe it must be something regarding shen Yi that he is targeting Xie Chi and Su Qing