APP: Chapter 110

Xie Chi couldn’t get a glimpse of the spider silk ladder but he had seen the poster. On the poster, the spider silk ladder hung down from Paradise like a sugar coated Chinese hawthorn, falling through all the hells. The spider silk ladder connected hell as a whole.

There were two more announcements.

[Only one person can enter Paradise per reincarnation.]

[Once the spider silk ladder appears, all the prisoners’ items are in an invalid state according to the rules of hell.]

Items were invalid? Ji Xingchen’s heart jumped sharply.

Xie Chi was taken aback. Then he found the clue and murmured, “Items are invalid once the spider silk ladder appears. In other words, the spider silk ladder will disappear under certain circumstances…”

“Aren’t you going to take the spider silk ladder?” Ji Xingchen wondered.

Xie Chi looked indifferent. The answer was obviously no.


Xie Chi looked at him. “You think it is limited to one person but is it really limited to one person?”

“What do you mean?” Ji Xingchen’s patience was completely worn out and he didn’t wait for Xie Chi to explain. “Then you are free to do what you like.”

He was afraid that someone would beat him in climbing up. He immediately left Xie Chi, climbed up the mountain wall by himself and came to the bottom of the spider silk ladder.

He held the spider silk. The spider silk was too thin. It was like hair and it wasn’t easy to grasp. Fortunately, it was relatively sticky. As long as he held it tightly, it wasn’t easy for him to fall off unless there was an external force.

Climbing up was a technical job. There was no point in borrowing power. He could only rely on the strength of his arms. Not only that, his legs had become a burden as they just dangled in the air. The process wasn’t too laborious but gravity and the stickiness of the spider silk made people move slowly.


The people of hell woke up from their surprise and rushed to the spider silk ladder.

As the number increased, the silk ladder started to shake slightly.

On the spider silk ladder, Ji Xingchen looked down and saw the large number of heads. Then he looked up and saw countless pairs of dangling feet. Suddenly, he had a bad feeling. The spider thread was so thin and there were so many people on it. Would it break because it was too heavy? Then he wouldn’t be able to go to Paradise.

The prisoner above him obviously thought this as well and cursed. “All those below me should fu*king go down!”

“Why should we go down? Why don’t you go down?”

The words were the same from the top of the spider silk ladder. Once people discovered this, they continued to curse endlessly. They quarreled but more people kept going up.

Ji Xingchen endured it for a while but finally couldn’t bear the humiliation. He roared, “Don’t come up! You idiots, if the spider thread breaks then none of us can go up!”

“Is the ladder your house?”

“Who the hell are you? Why order me around? Why don’t you come down yourself?!”

Ji Xingchen was furious. He had the strength and rarely ever suffered from this type of anger. However, everyone on the spider silk ladder was equal. No matter how good you were, there was the restriction of the sticky spider speed. Everyone’s climbing speed was almost the same.

The actors who had always treated him respectfully were now blinded by anger and were disrespectful to him.

Ji Xingchen felt irritable and his eyes suddenly fell on the silk in his hand. Wasn’t it going up? Wasn’t it possible that the silk might break if it was too heavy? If there were fewer people then the weight would be reduced.

Ji Xingchen sneered. He took out the stolen weapon hanging from his waist and tried to cut the silk. He was just doing it on a whim. He didn’t have any hope it would work but unexpectedly, the spider silk thread that could bear the weight of so many people was easily cut.

“Ah!” The screams of the inmates who fell back to hell were endless.

Ji Xingchen sneered. These people were ungrateful so don’t blame him for being cruel.

Then he became scared again. If he acted like this to the people below, would the others above him react the same? After all, as long as you cut the spider silk below you, it was possible to disqualify others from competing without any effort.

Then he thought of something more terrible.

There were many people above and below him. This indicated that the knife mountain hell was randomly placed in the middle level of hell. The people in the middle of here were also in the middle of the spider silk ladder and were quite far away from Paradise. If this was the case, wouldn’t it be easy for people at the top of the spider silk ladder to enter Paradise?

It wasn’t fair at all!

Then he relaxed again and let go of his worries.

The app said that one person per reincarnation could enter Paradise. However, each layer of hell had at least two people. There would be competition even in the top levels of hell. Moreover, the app invalidated all items, the spider silk was sticky and the gap between people was minimized.

It wouldn’t be easy for the people at the top to defeat other inmates and enter Paradise but it would definitely be faster. This was a big problem. A person on top of him was obviously aware of this. “Yes! Why did you forget about the top layer?!”

“What should we do? By the time we climb up, someone would’ve entered Paradise a long time ago! Only one person can enter!”

“Then aren’t we working in vain?”

“Why do they get to go up? They are just luckier than us? What is so amazing?”

“Yes, they can’t use items so what is the difference from us?!”

This remark caused numerous people to agree.

“I have an idea!” Someone shouted.


“Shake it! Shake the spider silk ladder up to the top! Then no one can get in!”

“That’s a good idea!”


Ji Xingchen calmed down from his initial surprise. He secretly scolded them for being idiots and let go, jumping back to his starting point before they started shaking. His expression was ugly as he looked back at Xie Chi, who was sitting on the sidelines coldly with his legs dangling in the air.

He hadn’t expected Xie Chi to see it thoroughly. Xie Chi must’ve anticipated this.

The spider silk above his head shook violently. It was obviously the prisoners who broke the silk. Everyone had different intentions when climbing up but they worked together to pull people into the water. Ji Xingchen looked at this scene and felt it was ironic.

Still, once they really succeeded in shaking the spider silk ladder so it fell from the top, Ji Xingchen felt extremely happy and peaceful. He was happy because this group of dogs were punished for biting other dogs and peaceful because the spider silk ladder was gone and no one could reach Paradise.

Xie Chi was looking at his watch and waiting for his brother in a bored manner when he heard a scream from the cry.


This voice was a bit familiar. Xie Chi looked up and found Ren Ze turning 360 degrees in the air as he fell.

Xie Chi was taken aback and was afraid that this person would fall into the mountain of knives. Fortunately, Ren Ze had good luck. He smashed into a black pine tree in front of Xie Chi and hung dangerously from it.

Ren Ze felt like he was broken and raised his head to curse. “Sons of a bi*ches! Shake you until you’re paralyzed! I fell to the next layer, fu*k! If I fall to my death then I won’t let you go!”

Then he turned his head and saw Xie Chi whose expression was hard to describe.

“Brother Xie!” Ren Ze’s anger was swept away.

Xie Chi hurriedly pulled him over.

Ren Ze wondered, “How many people are there?”

“Three including you.”

Ren Ze was relieved. “That’s okay. We don’t need to kill.”

Ren Ze sat next to Xie Chi and scanned the energy in his body. This energy was a lot for others but it was a shabby amount for Xie Chi.

“Xie Chi, where is your cellmate?”


Ren Ze looked in the direction that Xie Chi pointed and saw Ji Xingchen. He was startled and leaned in, whispering, “Have you fought him?”

“I can’t beat him.” Xie Chi told the truth.

Ren Ze hadn’t expected him to be so straightforward and was surprised. He wanted to ask when he thought of something. There was a bit of teasing on his face as he hinted, “Did someone look for you during the last reincarnation?”

Xie Chi nodded.

“You and he… how is it going?” Ren Ze spoke curiously. “By the way, did you know that after he left last time, Ren Ran told me that she thought Xie Xinglan was a bit familiar…”

Ji Xingchen was approaching. Xie Chi avoided talking about this topic with Ren Ze and raised his head to give an introduction to Ji Xingchen. “This is my friend Ren Ze. Give me some face.”

“Okay.” Ji Xingchen took back the killing intent he had instinctively shown. He still needed to use Xie Chi. Once he and Xie Chi besieged Xie Xinglan, they would definitely be able to kill him and seize his energy.

He was just thinking this when a hole appeared in the sky.

Ren Ze’s expression changed. “Xie Chi, someone fell down. There are now four people.”

Xie Chi stood up. “Remember to attack Ji Xingchen soon.”

“Oh… yes?” Ren Ze was stunned.

He saw Xie Xinglan jumping down. Then the phones of the four people in the knife mountain hell rang.

[There are more than three people on this floor. If the number of people isn’t reduced within five minutes then the energy inversion system will be adopted. The prisoner with the lowest amount of energy on this floor will automatically fall to the next floor.]

Ji Xingchen and Xie Chi looked at each other and then at Ren Ze. The meaning was clear. Ren Ze was the one with the least energy here. If Xie Chi wanted to protect Ren Ze then he had to work with Ji Xingchen to kill Xie Xinglan.

Xie Chi knew it and nodded slightly.

Xie Xinglan perceived the strange atmosphere but walked to Xie Chi like nothing was happening. “Buy information? It is fresh?”

Ji Xingchen’s lips moved slightly and formed the word ‘go.’ He no longer underestimated the enemy and directly used the item Clone. Dozens of Ji Xingchen appeared in the area. This item was obtained by Ji Xingchen in a ghost movie where the real body was hidden behind the false bodies, waiting for an opportunity to kill him in one blow.

Xie Xinglan had been vigilant and fought with Ji Xingchen.

Last time, Xie Xinglan took advantage of the convenience of close combat. This time, Ji Xingchen took advantage of the steep and narrow terrain. His clones blocked Xie Xinglan’s sight to the greatest extent. If Xie Xinglan was careless then he would fall into the abyss.

However, contrary to expectations, Ji Xingchen discovered that Xie Xinglan’s skills were several times better than he had imagined. Xie Xinglan walked along the cliff like it was flat land. On the contrary, Ji Xingchen had lost his usual weapon and there were bodies everywhere. He moved slowly and gradually exposed flaws.

Ji Xingchen gradually couldn’t handle it anymore. He saw Xie Chi still standing idly by and yelled angrily while resisting Xie Xinglan, “What are you waiting for?”

“Oh.” Xie Chi’s mind seemed to return. “Here I go!”

Ji Xingchen was overjoyed. The addition of Xie Chi was bound to change the situation.

Xie Xinglan’s mental strength was great after devouring the evil spirit. Once the initial confusion passed, he gradually recognized the difference between Ji Xingchen’s true body and the clones. Before Ji Xingchen’s true body moved, he would control the movements while the clones didn’t do so.

After Ji Xingchen’s next blow, Xie Xinglan finally discovered the true body.

The sword stabbed at him and Ji Xingchen barely escaped. Even so, his side was scratched. He took a few steps back but before he could stand firm, he felt a terrifying wave of energy behind him. His body was instantly cold like he had fallen into an ice cellar.

Ji Xingchen turned his head abruptly. Xie Chi was holding the eight trigrams disc in his hands. The energy of the eight trigrams disk quickly gathered and was about to shoot out in the next second.

This was the eight trigrams disc that seriously injured You Jing and Zhao Jinhua! It wasn’t a one-off item!

Ji Xingchen was panicked. He still had a long way to go until Zhao Jinhua and his physical quality was worse than her. If he was hit by this blow, he might not die but he would be half-disabled!

The moment he was distracted, Xie Xinglan’s sword stabbed him. He was stabbed directly and coughed up blood. He endured the severe pain and had no choice but to jump into the knife mountain hell.

“Xie Chi! Why are you betraying me? Killing Xie Xinglan is also good for you!” Ji Xingchen shouted resentfully from below. He wondered why Xie Chi betrayed him when it was a win-win plan.

He fell into the abyss. As he looked at the edge of the cliff through the bloody fog, he saw Xie Xinglan pulling Xie Chi into his arms.

Ji Xingchen suddenly realized. He was fooled! They had that type of relationship! He regretted it.


“Don’t chase.” Xie Chi spoke on the cliff. “We will just be on guard against him when we go down later to find the treasure since he might be alive. Of course, the best case is that he fell to his death and went to the next layer.”


Ren Ze glanced at Xie Xinglan, Xie Chi and then Xie Xinglan’s hands. He felt the atmosphere was like there was no one else besides the two people and seemed to understand something. His expression became incredulous.

Xie Chi finally remembered Ren Ze and pointed at Xie Xinglan with a chuckle. “Didn’t you just ask me about him? Let me introduce you. This is my new boyfriend.”

Ren Ze looked up sharply and cursed. “Fu*k.”

So fast? It had only been two or three days yet it developed into this? Ren Ze doubted life. Xie Chi wasn’t an impulsive person. This…

“Xie Xinglan. Xiao Chi’s friend is my friend.” Xie Xinglan extended his hand.

Ren Ze stretched out his hand with mixed feelings and shook the other person’s hand. He had a new understanding of Xie Chi. Ignoring the weird feeling given to him by gender, the two of them were indeed a good match when it came to appearance, strength and personality…

Ren Ze gulped as he remembered what happened just now. “Xie Chi, your eight trigrams disc wasn’t a one-off?”

If it wasn’t a one-off then it was a bit abnormal. Such a good thing would actually drop in a pros outweigh the cons movie?

Xie Chi shook his head and explained calmly. “It isn’t the eight trigrams disc. It is powerless and just a smokescreen.”

He blasted the eight trigrams disc in his hand straight at Ren Ze and nothing happened. The eight trigrams disc disappeared directly.

Xie Xinglan smiled.

“……” Ren Ze turned his head and looked down the cliff. He silently felt that Ji Xingchen was a bit miserable.

Xie Chi told him, “Let’s go and descend the cliff.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Ji Xingchen ain’t a clown, he’s the whole circus

2 years ago
Reply to  Biejsgye


2 years ago

I feel like Xie Chi should have kept that bit about it being an illusion a secret until after filming. Now anyone who watches the film after will have a clue about his items.

2 years ago
Reply to  ctomes

True, I’m kinda hoping that the perspective wasn’t on them at the time so that it won’t be shown in the movie

2 years ago
Reply to  ctomes

It doesn’t really matter because the ‘Bluffing’ skill only has 3 uses and he’s already used up two. Meanwhile he still hasn’t used the copying aspect, and people might even assume that when he copies an item that it’s just an illusion.

Olivia Iriciuc
Olivia Iriciuc
1 year ago

I’m just guessing here, but, isn’t a spiderweb considered a trap? Spiders weeve the spiderweb as a trap to catch their prey. I feel like it’s a false sense of hope and there must be another exit.

1 year ago

Just a clown dancing on our MC palm