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APP: Chapter 11

The little hand instantly created nails that were four to five centimeters long. They pierced the fragile skin of the skinny, black man and penetrated deeply. The skinny black man screamed. He was in so much pain that he was about to faint. He grabbed the pale hand and tried to pull out the fingernails but it was in vain.

“Help!!” The thin, black man wailed.

Jiang Rui and Zhang Bin were close by. They immediately grabbed him and pulled him. There was a creak as the door of the cabinet opened and a neck dripping black blood protruded! It was the baby ghost!

Jiang Rui and Zhang Bin were so scared that they turned around and ran away, apparently not planning to save the skinny black man. A drop of black blood dripped onto the back of the black man’s hand and there was a noise. The man’s facial features twitched and he screamed like a ghost in the 18 layers of hell. In an instant, the skin and flesh on the back of his hand were corroded, leaving only pale and grey bones. Blood mixed with pus was dripping continuously.

“Please… save me! Brother Xie!”

No one would save him. The pained black man shouted the name of the weak newcomer without any hope. Then there was a loud bang and one foot kicked the cabinet door. The change was so fast that the baby ghost didn’t have time to shrink back and its cut neck was caught by the door of the cabinet.

Xie Xinglan slammed against the cabinet door and the pressure increased, the baby ghost’s screams making people’s bones shake. Xie Xinglan chuckled. The force of the baby ghost’s hand was released and Xie Xinglan seized this opportunity to kick away the skinny black man with no hesitation.

The skinny black man was thrown back and his decayed finger fell to the ground with a clatter, but his life was finally saved.

The baby ghost in the cabinet was completely irritated and resentful. “It’s you again! I’ll kill you!”

The cabinet was on the verge of breaking but Xie Xinglan did the opposite of what was expected. He opened the cabinet door and raised his eyebrows with no fear. There was no barrier and the baby ghost’s hand reached out quickly to try and tear at Xie Xinglan’s neck. Yan Jing’s heart stopped and he desperately shouted. “Brother Xie!’

Xie Xinglan didn’t move at all. He just sneered and coldly declared, “If you want your mother to see the sun again then get out of here.”

The hand twitched unwillingly close to his fragile neck before finally shrinking back. The baby ghost disappeared and the crisis subsided.

Jiang Rui was pale and tears flowed while Zhang Bin’s legs were weak and he directly fell to the ground. Yan Jing sighed with relief and collapsed on the sofa. “Brother Xie, you scared me to death!”

Then he realized something and gulped. “Weren’t you a fighting scum…?”

Xie Chi could actually make the baby ghost shrink back…

“There are no technical skills.” Xie Xinglan replied in a perfunctory manner. Xie Xinglan just didn’t want to let the baby ghost be proud. He didn’t have much interest in saving people and it just happened on the way.

The skinny black man was still screaming in a horrifying manner due to the unbearable pain. He desperately clutched his left hand as he rolled around on the ground in pain. Xie Xinglan frowned slightly and walked over to see that the corroded area on the black man’s hand was still spreading. After a while, most of his body would be turned into a pool of blood.

Xie Xinglan picked up a fruit knife from a table to the side. The beautiful fingers held the shiny silver knife. He pulled out a lighter and slowly and carefully disinfected the tip of the blade, as if he had an innate affinity for this cold and dangerous thing.

“Do you want your hand or your life?” Xie Xinglan squatted down after finishing everything. His tone of inquiry was calm and his expression was lazy and impatient.

The skinny black man howled, “Damn it!”

If this corrosion continued then it wouldn’t be as simple as losing one hand! Jiang Rui and Zhang Bin watched in horror as the sharp tip of the knife cut through the flesh of the skinny black man. The good area was preserved while the corroded area was cut off. The entire process was fine and perfect like art.

—If only he wasn’t cutting human flesh. The man holding the knife had a cold face. His expression was indifferent and there seemed to be nothing that could make him shake.

Jiang Rui and Zhang Bin glanced at each other and cold filled their hearts. How stupid were they previously? They felt the person in front of them was so good-natured that he could be used. They were even trying to calculate against Xie Chi before.

The moment the two people had this thought, their legs softened like they had become the dead flesh under Xie Chi’s knife. This man could complete almost half the main plotline the next day. It wasn’t due to luck but truly terrible strength.

The audience outside the horror movie was silent for a while.

(This person simply… has two sides, ice and fire.]

[The contrast is so big that I have chills.]

[He has so many faces. Which one is real? My god.]

[His IQ is crushing and now he can even fight. Has the baby ghost ever felt angry like this?]

[It feels more… abnormal but I like it!]

[Looking at his technique, he isn’t a doctor but a… forget it. I won’t say it because it’s extremely scary.]

[My real name is Mu Qiang and I’m following him.] (Mu Qiang = admire the strong)


The situation of the skinny black man wasn’t optimistic but fortunately, Xie Chi had considered possible injuries when buying things on the first day. There was a medicine box with bandages and medicine.

Jiang Rui and Zhang Bin used a lot of effort and the skinny black man’s situation was barely stabilized. It absolutely wouldn’t be a problem until he went to the hospital in the day.

Xie Chi regained control of his body the next morning and found himself sleeping on the sofa in a comfortable posture, a thin blanket covering him and the strong smell of disinfectant on his hands.

His head was dizzy and the lymph nodes were a bit painful. Xie Chi reached out to touch his forehead and felt that the temperature was a bit hot. It seemed to be a small fever. Xie Chi was stunned for two seconds and he was certain in his heart. This disease was caused by the horror movie. He wasn’t someone who would get sick spontaneously.

Jiang Rui saw he was awake and there were deep fear and respect in her eyes. “Brother Xie, are you thirsty? I… I’ll pour some water for you.”

Xie Chi caught a glimpse of her shaking hands and his eyes narrowed. Jiang Rui was afraid of him?

“No.” Xie Chi slowly arranged the folds on his shirt. “What about the others?”

Jiang Rui replied with a dry throat, “Yan Jing went to buy breakfast. Zhang Bin ordered a taxi downstairs and is ready to accompany Zheng Ming to the hospital…”

Zheng Ming was the name of the skinny, black man. Going to the hospital? Was Zheng Ming injured last night? Xie Chi was surprised by Jiang Rui’s attitude but didn’t ask much. Obviously, his brother did something terrible last night. Xie Chi was accustomed to this.

“How is Zheng Ming?” Xie Chi casually asked.

Jiang Rui smiled bitterly. “His left hand is a complete waste. He can only hope to live until the end of shooting and recover. Thanks to you, he can hope to survive.”

All the injuries that actors received in a horror movie were the character’s injuries. Therefore, once filming was over, the actor left the role and was safe. Remaking a cut off hand was a trivial matter for the app.

Xie Chi nodded slightly. From this sentence, he got a glimpse of what happened last night.

“You said they’re going to the hospital?” Xie Chi straightened his clothes and stood up thoughtfully. “I’ll also go.”


Xie Chi went to the hospital and first paid for a blood test.

They waited for the result. Yan Jing sat on a chair outside the examination room and handed the purchased steamed dumpling to Xie Chi. “Brother, where are you uncomfortable?”

Xie Chi took it but didn’t have an appetite. “A small fever.”

“Didn’t you sleep well?” Yan Jing felt his question was a bit off the mark. It was Xie Chi who slept most freely in the horror movie.

Xie Chi smiled without saying anything.

“Number 47!” The doctor was calling for him.

Yan Jing accompanied Xie Chi inside. The female doctor pointed to several values on the test result sheet and looked a bit serious. “Your platelets and red blood cells have dropped while your white blood cells have increased…”

Xie Chi’s mind became certain as he listened with a smile.

The female doctor originally saw this man was handsome, gentle and young. She felt a bit sad and worried about him. As a result, he was so light and breezy. Did young people not take life seriously these days?

The female doctor spoke euphemistically. “You might need to stay a bit and have a blood marrow biopsy to see what is going on.”

Yan Jing didn’t understand the meaning of the previous values but he heard the words blood marrow biopsy and was so shocked he dropped the steamed dumpling.

“No need.” Xie Chi got the desired answer and he nodded slightly at the female doctor before pulling Yan Jing out of the room.

“Come back!” The female doctor stood up quickly and called out behind them. “This problem is really serious! It might be leukemia! If you don’t take it seriously… hey!”

Xie Chi thanked her for her kindness and waved to her helplessly.

The female doctor stomped her feet behind them. “Who are these people? They really aren’t afraid of death?!”

[What did I say before?]

[He is so sharp that he didn’t need to come to the hospital to check. Fortunately, he kept a watchful eye.]

[Is that the key message?]

[I’m a bit curious about what’s going on with that poisonous creature.]

Yan Jing didn’t find the steamed dumplings delicious anymore. His eyes drooped and he asked cautiously, “Brother, were you sick in the real world and came here to cure it?”

“No.” Xie Chi touched his head and whispered, “I’m 100% sure that the cause is the horror movie.”

“My god!” Yan Jing was surprised. “Becoming seriously ill in only two days, how can—”

Yan Jing realized something and looked down sharply at his index finger. The next second, his expression was extremely ugly. “Is it because of the Gu? This stuff is so shady? It can make people sick?”

Xie Chi made a humming sound.

Yan Jing panicked. “Brother Xie, you are like this after being bitten. We have all been bitten so… should I also do a blood test?”

Xie Chi nodded. “Yes.”

During the time it took for Yan Jing to get his result, Xie Chi went to buy some medicine to relieve the symptoms. The longest duration of the horror movie was seven days. Now two days had passed and he only needs to survive five days at most.

It seemed that the process had to be accelerated. He had to hurry and find out the details of 18 years ago. The fact that the female boss had killed the female ghost was certain. He just needed to consider the motivation of the female boss. If he couldn’t get the whole story from asking the victim…

Xie Chi smiled. Then he could only face the difficulty and ask the murderous female boss. He might not be able to attack her but he had other ways.

Yan Jing soon came out and walked to Xie Chi blankly. “Brother Xie, my blood work is normal. It is just that the platelets are a bit high and the doctor said I was anemic.”

Xie Chi was silent.

The side effect of being bitten by the poisonous creature was illness. The negative effects of the poisonous creature hadn’t appeared to Yan Jing and the others yet but Xie Chi was sure there must be some. After all, they were bitten by the Gu.

It was just that the effect was different on him at the present.


At five o’clock in the afternoon, the female boss came to the company for a routine inspection. Then at six o’clock, she went into the underground garage. Three minutes later, her luxury car drove out of the underground garage.

The driver drove and the female boss sat in the front passenger’s seat.

Yan Jing and Xie Chi were sitting in an obscure green taxi. Xie Chi watched the female boss’ car slowly merge into traffic. “Master, please help me follow the car in front. It is the one with license plate number xxxxx.”

The driver stared suspiciously at the two people in the mirror and shook his head repeatedly. “I don’t do this type of business. You hurry down…”

Xie Chi quickly told him, “Master, I will be honest. It is my buddy’s girlfriend in the car. My buddy just received a message from his girlfriend that she is going to work overtime but he saw her get into that man’s car…”

Xie Chi trailed off awkwardly at the end and he looked embarrassed and speechless. The driver’s soul was refreshed and he glanced sympathetically at Yan Jing by Xie Chi’s side. It turned out that they were going to catch adultery.

Yan Jing clenched his fists in a timely manner, his face full of anger as he secretly forced himself to act out this role.

The driver immediately relaxed his vigilance. “That’s okay. However, I’ll just follow outside and won’t go inside anywhere…”

Xie Chi replied without thinking. “That’s fine.”

[I feel like he’s going to do it again hahahahaha.]

[What is he going to do? Even if he follows the female boss to her home, he can’t get in.]

[Trying to steal information? Does he think it is so easy? How can the female boss live without security? He can’t even enter through the gate, let alone the door of the house.]

[Don’t set up a flag too early. You can’t think of him as a normal person.]

[No, we are in a modern society. Do you really think there is a way of unknowingly mixing into other people’s homes and getting what you want without being found out?]

The car ended up at the gate of an upscale neighbourhood.

“There are hundreds of square metres here.” The driver murmured and he became more sympathetic to the short man beside the handsome man.

It seemed that the short guy’s girlfriend was after big money. The female boss got out of the car. The driver saw her big belly and was stunned. He couldn’t hold back and blurted out the words, “Little brother, you are too miserable. This child probably isn’t yours.

Yan Jing’s forehead vein twitched twice. “……”

Xie Chi patted him on the shoulder, saying that he would remember Yan Jing’s sacrifice.

The two people got off the taxi. Xie Chi pulled Yan Jing to the side and whispered, “You play around nearby and turn on the volume of the phone to wait for my call. Once you receive my call, hail a taxi and we’ll hurry back to work.”

Yan Jing heard this and was inexplicably excited. “Okay.”

Xie Chi took out a small mirror and started to organize his appearance.

[Why do I find that this approach is a bit familiar?]

[Hahahaha, I seem to have a guess.]

Yan Jing couldn’t help wondering, “Brother Xie, can you really get in? This community looks like it has good security against thieves. There are cameras everywhere and you don’t have an access card…”

Xie Chi stated, “I’ll try it.”

Yan Jing walked away and Xie Chi first headed to a nearby flower shop. He bought a bouquet of roses and walked back to the gate of the community.

A few young girls came out for a walk and saw the well-dressed, gentle looking man and couldn’t help whispering, “Is he going to see his girlfriend? How romantic! He is even bringing flowers!”

“Single dogs eat a mouthful of dog food.”

“What a handsome man! His legs are so long!”

“Hey? He is coming toward us! Hurry, who is his girlfriend?”

“Not me!”

Xie Chi stepped forward with a bit of embarrassment. “Hello, I just got off work and wanted to surprise my girlfriend. As a result, I found I couldn’t go in. So can I…”

Xie Chi glanced in an embarrassed manner in the direction of the security room. The bouquet of roses in his hand was charming and expensive.

The girls were very happy. “We’ll take you in!”

“Then I’ll have to trouble you.” Xie Chi thanked them and looked at a building with a faint air of love on his face.

“Your girlfriend lives there?” One person realized and joked with a smile.

Xie Chi nodded with a smile.

“She must be so happy!”

The group of people talked and laughed as they headed to the office to swipe their entry card. The guard saw a new face and came up to ask, “This it…”

One of the girls looked over. “It’s my friend.”

The property guard nodded and let them go. Xie Chi smoothly entered the community and smiled. “Thank you.”

“Have a happy day!” The beautiful girls winked at him.

Xie Chi slightly bowed and laughed like a spring breeze. Once they left, the smile on Xie Chi’s face disappeared and he stared in an expressionless manner at the building the female boss had entered. The next step was to get into her house.


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