APP: Chapter 105 Part 2

Xie Xinglan watched Xie Chi quietly. When Xie Chi reasoned things out, his eyes were as bright as stars and he was radiant, confident and charming.

“Why are you looking at me?”

“I’m appreciating you,” Xie Xinglan spoke the utter truth.

“…Don’t make trouble.” Xie Chi glared at him and continued. “I know where I’m going in the next cycle.”

“The knife mountain hell or blood pool hell?”

“We can go down to the blood pool hell at dawn. It is right below us. In the next turn, we will go to the knife mountain hell. I will use the kappa to go there.”

“What about me?”

Xie Chi glanced at him. “Kill them yourself.”

“What if I’m below? If I’m above then I can kill to go down. It is different if I’m below. In addition, if I’m in the middle then there is no way to determine the position of the knife mountain hell. I don’t know whether to go up or down.”

“Solve it yourself.” Xie Chi’s mouth tightened.

Xie Xinglan watched him. “Really unfeeling.”

“I’m not joking. I don’t need to care about you. Have you forgotten your identity as a capitalist?” Xie Chi’s smile was somewhat mysterious.

“I’m a violent barbarian. I don’t understand.” Xie Xinglan spoke lazily.

“……” This was what he accidentally said in Zombie Lovers. He hadn’t expected Xie Xinglan to remember it.

“Thus, I have to be taught by a shrewd capitalist.” Xie Xinglan deliberately spoke slowly before suddenly approaching with a sincere expression of asking for advice.

Xie Chi’s heart trembled. He lowered his head and spoke like nothing happened. “Well… the best situation is that the knife mountain hell is the next level after the blood pool hell. We can go directly to the knife mountain hell from the blood pool. This will also save the kappa and there is no need to think about anything. The worst case situation is that the knife mountain hell is on top of the first layer of the hot hell and it is a place that none of us can reach. In this case, we can only go there in the next cycle and we need to consider the matter of meeting.”

“Yes, I’m listening.”

“By the way, you haven’t found the endless hell, right?”


“I… if there really is a need to gather then it is actually very simple.”

“I’m listening carefully.”

“Don’t forget, you are a person with ‘money’. Money can make ghosts move. If you are below then you can use your energy to buy the people above to pull you up. For them, there won’t be any loss if they pull you up. They can gain a lot of energy so why not do it?”

“It is a mutually beneficial thing. Previously, they didn’t want to pull people  up because they were worried about the risks and it is too troublesome. Still, you know that once the interests have reached a certain extent, people are even willing to fight with their lives. If you give enough energy then they are definitely willing to pull you up. If you land on the top layer, you can kill and go down. This is the simplest method for you. If you are in the middle then you can spend energy to buy information about the location of the knife mountain hell from the people on the surrounding layers. Then the method will be the same as what I mentioned earlier.”

Xie Xinglan was stunned and asked with a look of regret, “I heard you are an artist?”

Xie Chi knew what this person was regretting and glanced at him. “Artists can’t have business acumen?”

“If you are a businessman, can’t you support me when we go out?”

Xie Chi stared at him. “I can also support you as an artist.”

Xie Xinglan’s smile deepened. Xiao Chi was indeed very rich. He had a wealth worth hundreds of millions and there was absolutely no problem raising Xie Xinglan for a lifetime.

Xie Xinglan opened his mouth. “There is another question. I am better than them. How can they dare let me up? Aren’t they afraid it will be like the story of the farmer and the snake? After I go up, what if I kill them instead of giving them energy? After all, they can’t beat me. It seems that trust can’t be built when strength isn’t equal?”

“Don’t think about this. It depends on how much energy you are willing to give. How many people are willing to risk making an investment that will make them rich for a lifetime? The more difficult the environment, the more people are willing to take risks. It is because they have a wolf in front of them and a tiger behind them. It isn’t easy to live so why not fight and get it done once and for all? The people at the bottom will definitely make a deal easier, don’t worry.”

“What about the top? The people at the top have plenty of energy and there is no shortage.”

“Not necessarily. How many people will hate getting more money? Besides, the people at the top are smart. Once they determine that the risk is greatly reduced or even close to zero, they will be willing to do this mutually beneficial transaction.”

“The risk is greatly reduced or close to zero?”

Xie Chi felt it was too difficult for him to explain to Xie Xinglan. After all, the era of his brother’s personality wasn’t modern times but another society with chaotic legal systems. Xie Chi smiled.

“The first time you successfully go up without killing the prisoner who pulled you up, you will have established a ‘credit’. People will begin to believe in you. Every time you abide by the credit and complete the exchange, the prisoner will recommend you to the person on the next layer and confirm that you are not a liar. World of mouth will be established and your credit is greatly increased.”

“The top people are strong and smart. They are willing to trust your credit and word of mouth. After all, they have confirmed that the risk of trading with you is very small.”

“In addition, they are powerful. They can cooperate with each other to suppress you together. If you deceive them, they can unite and squeeze you down. Perhaps you aren’t afraid to fight alone but what if everyone is attacking you? This is deterrence. Checks and balances are mutual. This is the confidence in the other person’s heart. It is with this confidence that they dare to trade.”

“It is only difficult at the beginning. if you do well at the beginning then everything else is trivial.”

Xie Xinglan stared at Xie Chi for a while.

“Don’t compare yourself with me on something you aren’t good at. After all, I can’t fight.” Xie Chi thought the other person was frustrated and comforted him.

“No.” Xie Xinglan looked at him and smiled. “I just think that I made a profit.”

“What… profit?”

“I thought about it. Employee, subject or spouse. It doesn’t seem to be contradictory.” Xie Xinglan’s smile deepened. “You can do three jobs alone.”

“…Get lost.” Xie Chi was angry and amused. His face was a bit hot as he turned his face away. “Talk nonsense again and you will have to go outside to guard the cave.”

Xie Xinglan instantly changed. “Teacher Xie, I have another question.”

Hearing this name, Xie Chi’s face was even redder. “Say it.”

“If I have to support you and engage in business to buy off people, how can I get so much energy?” Xie Xinglan originally thought he had saved so much and it should be enough to support Xie Chi. Now he thought it was a pitiful amount.

“Or do I need to kill again in the next round? However, I shouldn’t make too much money.”

Xie Chi coughed. “After a violent suppression, you need to change your bloody methods and use civilized methods to earn energy. You have to lose your wicked capitalist status, wash away your sins and become a serious businessman. Since energy can be distributed, there are many things you can do.”

“What should I do?” Xie Xinglan leaned over again.

Xie Chi said, “People can make money from three types of inequalities: unequal resources, unequal power and unequal information. Violent suppression makes people fear you. Now you can use unequal information to trade with them for energy.”

“Don’t talk about theory.” Xie Xinglan had a headache. “How to do it?”

Xie Chi asked, “They all know that you came down from the first layer of the hot hells, right?”


Xie Chi asked again, “They all know that the first layer of the hot hells has the right information, right?”

“Yes.” Xie Xinglan seemed to understand.

“Come on.” Xie Chi took out the small notebook that the old man used to write a diary. “Copy all the information you saw on the stone tablet verbatim. You can copy it the first time and then I’ll copy more. We will sell the information to earn energy.”

Xie Xinglan hadn’t expected Xie Chi to be so prepared. His eyes flashed with surprise and he continued to ask, “How can they trust that the information I give is correct?”

“You are stupid. It is better to sell it cheaply at the beginning. Everyone can afford it and buying won’t put pressure on their survival. It is like earning 3,000 yuan a month. Would you mind buying something for 1 yuan? After all, it isn’t a loss if it is wrong. Once you have established your credit and they are sure your information is correct, they will come to you and you can sell it for a more expensive price.”

“In any case, you have a monopoly on this type of information and no one knows as much as you do. You have crossed 16 layers! What is this concept? You have crossed through 16 out of 19 hells! If you sell it to those who live on each layer, do you know how much energy it is?!”

“……” Xie Xinglan felt a bit aggrieved. He felt that the one sitting next to him wasn’t the romantic Xie Chi but a prudent wife.

“Besides, you have strength and it is safe for you to occupy so much information. If I knew so much information and wanted to engage in information trading then I absolutely can’t do it. It is because they will want to kidnap me and torture me directly to get the information from my mouth. Why bother spending energy to buy it?”

“So only you can do this.” Xie Chi made a final decision and put the pen into Xie Xinglan’s hand. “Start writing. Once you are done, go to sleep and I’ll copy it.”

Xie Xinglan had just written down a few words when Xie Chi reminded him, “That… you can write a bit better.”


“Remember to pick up that sword later. It can still be used. If you don’t need it then I can sell it for energy. After all, it is a precious force.”


[Hahahahahaha fu*king look at the way he is staring blankly.]

[This change in style hahahahahaha. It was a fairy love a second ago.]

[This love suddenly became an old couple. Why is Xing Xing a henpecked husband? I’m laughing to death hahahahaha]

[Hahahahaha Xiao Chi is too good at living.]

[If they stay here for a long time, won’t they be able to turn hell into a capitalist society?]

[It is really possible for my mother, Xiao Chi.]

[I have the motivation to start studying again.]

[Xie Xinglan’s ‘oh’ contains a hundred thousand points of grievance hahaha.]

[These two are too good. I’m laughing to death hahahaha. The virtuous wife is simply good.]

[I think that when they meet, the tone of the movie is upupup. Hahaha so happy.]

[Really good match.]

[The pair with the freshest and most refined style.]

[Others are struggling to survive. I thought I had enough energy to fulfill my lust but finally, I have to build an empire? Hahahaha.]

[Men must have ambitions. Be ambitious and domineering or how can he have a wife, children and a warm bed?]

[I can see that Xie Xinglan is quite willing.]

[Hahahaha, the ambitious Son Chi is grabbing Xie Xinglan’s ear and forcing him to go out to work. I have a picture!]

[Hahahaha Xie Xinglan, why are you so ugly? Did you see Son Chi’s expression of disgust?]

[Xing Xing’s contrast is cute hahaha.]

[Xie Chi must be rich in the real world.]

[Yes, I’m relieved to hand Son Chi to Xing Xing. Who can make Son Chi suffer hahaha. Xie Chi might have no romantic bone but he still has money, face and a brain.]

[I have become a CP fan. I’m fine.]

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Yoshi K
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