APP: Chapter 105 Part 1

[My Chi didn’t push him away!]

[Did you forget? Son Chi has come out of the closet several times! I remember that a long time ago, he joked about his partner selection criteria: taller than him and a bit colder. Don’t you think Xie Xinglan fits it perfectly?!]

[Fu*k, Xie Xinglan is a man who grows up meeting Son Chi’s partner selection criteria!]

[I said they didn’t look right when they met each other!]

[Supporting, supporting, the spring of the rotten girl who can eat CP even when dead.]

[Isn’t this too fast? They hugged at the second meeting. Then at the third meeting…]

[Shut up above person. There is a video! How is it possible to broadcast it live?]

[Is it possible that my alpha Son Chi is about to be attacked?]

[If there is a man who kills from the heavenly top to the hellish bottom and who cares if you are cold, hot or bullied, wouldn’t you be tempted?]

[Please give me a dozen men like this!]

[Do they really not know each other?]

[Really! If they are acquaintances, how could Xie Chi not recognize him when Xie Xinglan jumped down?]

[It makes sense! It is impossible not to recognize him if they are in love. Son Chi’s reaction doesn’t seem to be fake. He must be unfamiliar with this person so there is only one possibility. Love at first sight!]

[Xie Chi who ruthlessly changes face faster than anyone has fallen?!]

[Fortunately, I’m a mother fan or I would be crying in the toilet.]

[They are both surnamed Xie. They are a perfect match. I have already chosen a CP name. Just call it Xie Xie CP, cultured and refined.]

[The Xing Chi CP isn’t fragrant. The bright stars falling into a crystal clear pool of water.]

[I know it is a bit horrible but I still want to say… Son Chi has a double personality. What if Xie Xinglan likes one personality but doesn’t like the other?]

[Hmm, there is an inexplicable NP feeling?] (TL Note: CP = couple. NP= multiple pairings)

[Hey, do you remember that this is a horror movie?]

[I think that his skills are a bit familiar. I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere before.]


On the way back to the cave together, Xie Chi saw the blood on Xie Xinglan’s body. He took out a paper towel to help him wipe it out. Xie Xinglan refused. He took it himself and wiped the blood absentmindedly. He chuckled and said, “We aren’t familiar with each other. I can’t let you do this for me.”

Xie Chi glanced at him.

‘You are acting addicted. You can be proud.’

He retracted his gaze and walked silently. After a while, he wondered, “You killed a lot of people?”

“Yes.” Xie Xinglan was afraid this person would think too much and spoke lightly. “It is difficult to go from the bottom up but the top down only requires violence. It isn’t that complicated.”

“Do you know what your name is?”

Xie Xinglan looked over in a puzzled manner. Then he saw that Xie Chi seemed to be smiling and became even more curious. “Say it quickly.”

“A very small part of the general public who first complete the primitive accumulation of capital and then become a bloody, evil and rich capitalist.” Xie Chi glanced over at Xie Xinglan’s overflowing energy with teasing eyes.

“According to Chinese history, the emergence of private property and the widening gap between the rich and the poor partly indicates the decline of primitive society and the coming of feudal society.”

“……” Xie Xinglan was amused by him. “I am a capitalist then what are you?”

Xie Chi carefully pondered on this question and quickly found a suitable answer from the flood of history. He calmly replied, “If you employ me to work for you with a tiny amount of energy, my purpose is to produce more value and double the energy. Then you are my boss. I rely on you to live and listen to your orders. If you donate energy to the poor like me, slowly build prestige, accumulate popular support and then artificially distance yourself  from the general public, shaping your divinity and establishing yourself as a ruler of a kingdom then I will be the subject you have drawn in. If you…”

“What if I earn energy to support you?” Xie Xinglan seemed to smile.

Xie Chi was still elegant at first. Hearing this, his heart thumped and he stopped walking. It took a long time before he could speak casually like nothing happened. “It is your spouse.”

[Ahhhhhhhhh wtf!]


[They are talking about academic topics so seriously. It must be so!]

[Fu*k I’m not calm!!]

Xie Chi took a deep breath and talked about the topic with a blank face. “Of course, if you have extra energy then you can raise others. There is a system of polygamy and multiple concubines. The remaining resources can be used to exchange with other resources.”

“Then what if I want to just raise you? What is it?”

“Yes…” Xie Chi couldn’t say a word when he faced this deep gaze. He just sent a sharp look before retracting his gaze and walking forward silently.

[I know this one!!! It is love!!!]

[Hahahahahahaha, Xing Xing, don’t bully people. Blatantly taking advantage of Son Chi hahahahahahahaha.]

[Too much! But I like it!]

[The shameless Xiao Chi is embarrassed. Hahaha fu*k.]

“Don’t be angry.” Xie Xinglan dragged the person back and smiled. “I like you.”

He spoke each word clearly, his voice low and gentle like water flowing quietly under a glacier. He had walked through thousands of mountains and rivers and was finally startled the moment the ice and snow melted.

[Oh my god!!!]


[Ahahahaha, did I hear correctly? My god.]

[My little heart.]

Xie Chi looked up into Xie Xinglan’s eyes. In these eyes, the moonlight was flowing quietly, the stars were flickering and his own clear, 3D reflection could be seen.

Xie Chi’s mouth slowly curved in a small arc before he shifted his gaze. “I’m not angry.”


Xie Chi looked up at him. “I’m happy. Can’t I be?”


[Fu*k ahhhhhhhh!]

Xie Xinglan was startled. Xie Chi took the opportunity to draw back his hands. He placed them in his pockets and lazily walked forward.

[It’s over, I’m not calm anymore! He said ‘I’m happy’ ahhhhh! This is mutual exchange! Son Chi likes him!!!]

[What the fu*k!!]

[The mentality of marrying off my son wuuuuuu.]

[My mother ahhhhhhhh.]

[Who remembers that this is a horror movie?]

Xie Xinglan strode to keep up.

In the snow, the two of them walked side by side, one tall and straight, the other thin and graceful. The sky and the earth were vast, there was no sound and day was far away. White snow piled up on the ridge, staying forever, unable to melt. Life here was desperate and ugly. It was supposed to be a place of loneliness and sin but it became a wonderland of countless reunions in the world.

[Wu wu, how can there be love in hell?]

[Forgive me for having a literary disease. It only matters where he is. Hell is better than earth.]

[Striking literary and artistic love movies with a hammer.]

[That year, I also had a girlfriend who was willing to accompany me through hardships…]

[Shut up!]


Thanks to Xie Xinglan’s presence, Xie Chi didn’t need to worry about someone falling from the top and competing with him for energy. The cave was covered with snow. He spread out his jacket on the ground, turned on the screen of his mobile phone and shared the information with Xie Xinglan.

Xie Xinglan glanced at the extremely simple knife Xie Chi obtained from the old man. Then he remembered the knife placed to his throat and asked, “Did you use a deceiving the eye method on the knife before?”

Xie Chi nodded awkwardly. It definitely wasn’t enough to threaten people with a simple knife so he used his exclusive skill ‘Bluff’ on the item to turn the knife into the Evil Spirit Blade so as to scare those who fell. He didn’t expect that the first time he used it would be to scare the owner of the Evil Spirit Blade, Xie Xinglan. Xie Chi wanted to get rid of this embarrassing memory.

“The effect is good.” Xie Xinglan gave a fair evaluation

Xie Chi nodded. “I also think the most important thing is that it ignores the item level. You just need to see the item.”

“By the way, did you see Paradise from the first layer of the hot hells? It is said to be the place closest to Paradise.” Xie Chi recalled what the old man had said.

“No, the sky of the first layer was also sealed.”

Xie Chi was thoughtful. “There are two possibilities. One possibility is that the way to enter Paradise from the first layer of the hot hells isn’t feasible. Two, a special condition should be met to open the door from the first layer of the hot hells.”

“I prefer the latter.” Xie Xinglan explained, “Your information was obtained from the old man’s mouth. Mine comes from the stone tablet on the first layer of the hot hells. People’s words can be wrong but I don’t believe the stone tablet will give a false record. The stone tablet clearly says that prisoners on the first layer of the hot hell can enter the upper layer.”

Xie Chi sighed. It was easy for the people on the upper layers to obtain information and the error rate was low. He said, “It makes sense. If you only need to end up on the first layer of the hot hells to enter Paradise then it would be too easy. It is random and depends too much on luck. This isn’t the style of the app.”

Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan talked about the kappa painting.

“Painting?” Xie Xinglan was slightly surprised.

Xie Chi was a bit surprised. “You crossed 15 layers and met so many corpses. Didn’t you see another painting?”

“Are you sure there are any other paintings?”

“I feel there should be more. It is because the chain of clues is broken too badly. Where is the spider silk ladder and how to get through the first layer of the hot hells? These two questions are too critical. You killed all the way from the first layer. It takes 15 days to randomly change layers and how long will it take to walk through all layers? This time is too terrible. The app will never allow the movie to last that long. I dare say that the information you have now is definitely the most complete and fullest among all the actors that are present. It must contain almost all the information that can solve the puzzle. If you think about it, the remaining clues might be related to the paintings.”

Xie Xinglan thought for a moment before saying suddenly, “There is a line on the stone tablet that says that the knife mountain hell and blood pool hell are places for exploration.”

Xie Chi’s eyes lit up. “Yes, that’s it!”

“Why should we explore? The word ‘exploration’ is likely related to hidden treasures. The knife mountain hell and blood pool hell are likely to contain important things.”

“In addition, the content of the opportunity I got was too vague. It just happened to be that I can choose any layer to land on. I thought it was a benefit that would allow me to stay on the first layer in a certain cycle. Now that you mention the sentence on the stone tablet, the implication is obvious. The kappa can take me to the blood pool hell or knife mountain hell. This connection makes me more inclined to believe that the things hidden in these two hells are paintings. The next painting is definitely more critical.”

“The kappa painting is just the elevator that takes us there.”

“Moreover, the location of the knife mountain and blood pool hells are random. In other words, even if the prisoner isn’t lucky and doesn’t arrive directly in these two hells, they can be next to them in a certain cycle. It won’t be hard for prisoners to cross one, two or three layers to reach them.”

Xie Chi blinked at Xie Xinglan. “After all, you crossed 15 layers in a few hours. It wouldn’t be difficult to cross two or three layers in three days. Even if you aren’t strong enough to cross one layer, you can be knocked down passively and might fall to the knife mountain or blood pool hells. This difficulty is very normal and relatively fair to all people. No matter how strong or weak, you can enter these two hells. The painting just saves me this process of crossing.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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