APP: Chapter 104 Part 2

On the sixth layer of the hot hell, Xie Xinglan met Ren Ze and Ren Ze watched him warily.

“Your cellmate is still alive?” Xie Xinglan was a bit surprised. “Why are you hiding here?”

Perhaps it was because Xie Xinglan had previously been friendly to Xie Chi that Ren Ze wasn’t too afraid of him. Ren Ze hesitated for a few seconds before curling his lips. “It is too hot here and I don’t have enough energy. I’m afraid that if I see my cellmate, I can’t help killing her to get energy. I don’t want to be like this so I hid myself. This way, I won’t rush over to kill her. There is a buffer period for me to calm down and regret it.”

“You are like the Virgin Mary.”

“It is what I want to do. Why do you want to manage it?” Ren Ze lay on the ground, paralyzed from the heat. “Are you looking for Xie Chi?”

It sounded ridiculous but it seemed this was the only possibility.

Xie Xinglan was silent. This was the default.

“He isn’t above?” Ren Ze was a bit worried. He hadn’t expected Xie Chi to be unluckier than him.

Xie Xinglan nodded.

“Still going down?”


Ren Ze was stunned before smiling. “Then you are even more of a Virgin Mary than me.”

Xie Xinglan, “……”

Ren Ze got up. “Don’t kill my cellmate. She is a little girl and is like me. If she doesn’t kill me then I can’t act against her. You can kill me instead and I’ll go down with you to find Xie Chi. He is so strong and will definitely be okay, but it is the bottom floors after all. If he can’t climb up then he might be hungry.”

Xie Xinglan glanced at this person and his heart was a bit warmer. This was Xiao Chi’s friend.

Ren Ze’s two personalities didn’t seem to be separated. The app was still humane and didn’t let a teenage girl out to suffer. If Ren Ran was killed then Ren Ze would go crazy.

“How many people did you kill?” Ren Ze walked over and compared himself. He suddenly felt the huge gap between the rich and poor.

Xie Xinglan had a completely solid body and the outline was very three-dimensional. He might just be a soul but he was no different from humans. His facial features were cold but his face was ruddy and radiant. Energy overflowed from all over his body. Even the color of his clothes was a bit brighter, although it was covered in the blood of unknown people.

Ren Ze felt that the person standing opposite him was a superstar while he was under the overpass selling slippers, sweaty and weak. Bill Gates spread open his hands to show his innocence. Ren Ze walked up to Xie Xinglan and took a breath of the air around him like it was a drug. He felt like his entire body was sublimated and he was floating into the clouds.


Xie Xinglan watched him like he was crazy.

“What is your relationship with Xie Chi?” Ren Ze was a bit nosy. He had watched all of Xie Chi’s movies and Xie Chi didn’t know this person.

“I like him.”

[What the fu*k??]


[The bigshot went down to find Xie Chi??]

[Wait, they’ve just met once! I made a clear investigation of Chi Chi’s relationships. He never knew this person previously!]

[I’m shocked!]

[Love at first sight??]

Ren Ze was also curious and asked casually. He hadn’t expected this person to speak so clearly and with no hesitation. He stared for a moment. “N-No, he is a man…”

“I know. I can tell the gender.”

“…I’m not reminding you that he isn’t a woman. Uh, how to say it.” Ren Ze was choked up and unable to speak. “B-But you have only met once…”

“Is this a problem?”

“This… what do you like about him?”

Xie Xinglan frowned at him. “What about him isn’t worth liking?”

Ren Ze was speechless. After thinking about it for a long time, he somehow felt that Xie Xinglan was correct. This person was really ruthless and arbitrary.

“Stop talking nonsense,” Xie Xinglan told him.

Ren Ze stuck out his neck. “Come on.”

He opened his eyes a crack. “W-Will it hurt?”

“See the cut to the throat.”

Ren Ze didn’t feel like he died. He was dead and lived again.

This was the sixth layer of the cold hell. He went straight from scorching heat to severe cold. Ren Ze was afraid he would go crazy with the change from hot to cold but he found that his body was unexpectedly comfortable.

It turned out that his body was half solid. Xie Xinglan had killed him and made him descend to the next left but still left him a lot of energy. This way, he could survive here. He might be on a lower floor but he was more comfortable than on the upper floor. He was also the only one here. Xie Xinglan had killed the others for him.

Ren Ze was stunned for a long time before looking around. He found that Xie Xinglan was missing. He wasn’t even prepared to take Ren Ze down to find Xie Chi. He just dusted off his sleeves and left. Ren Ze was helpless. All of them were so independent and had their own ideas.

Xie Xinglan didn’t think much. Xie Chi didn’t like others sacrificing themselves for him and he didn’t like to owe people. Xie Chi would rather give than receive comfortably. For Xie Chi, inner freedom and no constraints were above everything else. He wouldn’t embarrass Xie Chi.

On the seventh layer of the cold hells, the corpses on the ground were still warm. Xie Xinglan stepped forward and took a look. He squatted down to examine the corpses closely and suddenly frowned.

This person was stabbed to death on the surface but his insides were completely destroyed. It was as if his whole body was hollowed out by some type of gu or evil spirit. However, nothing could be seen from the outside.

It was a very insidious means. However, why hide the true killing method? Could it be that this spooky thing that destroyed the insides of a person was an item but he didn’t want to expose it? There was no one around. This person might’ve seen abnormal movements from the sky and hid first. At present, he couldn’t afford to delay. Xie Xinglan suppressed the small doubts in his heart and continued down the hole that was still open.

The eighth layer of the hot hells was an endless desert of death. Xie Xinglan still didn’t find Xie Chi. There was still the eighth layer of the cold hells, the blood pool hell, the knife mountain hell and the endless hell.

Xie Xinglan jumped down to the eighth layer of the cold hell.

The eighth layer of the cold hells was a place of extreme cold. It was the dead of night without a gleam of light. Xie Xinglan had gone from day to darkness and his eyes couldn’t adapt for a while. He was blind for a few seconds.

Just then, someone quietly placed a cold and sharp blade against Xie Xinglan’s neck.

Xie Xinglan was secretly startled. The person here was alert, calm and moved quickly. They weren’t sloppy at all. If it was someone else then they would be a dead soul under the blade. However, it was him.

This person was obviously of average skill but his senses were sharp. The weapon was quite strong and a bit like… the Evil Spirit Blade. Xie Xinglan didn’t want to play around with this person. He still wanted to find Xiao Chi.

Thoughts of killing flashed in his head and Xie Xinglan gripped his sword.

“Don’t move,” the man ordered coldly.

Xie Xinglan’s eyes flashed with disbelief. The cold voice in his ears was like heaven.

Xie Chi felt the person in front of him stiffen before obediently being motionless and was secretly relieved. This was the third person to fall from the upper layer. The first two who fell wanted to kill him and it was impossible for him to sit back and wait for death. He could only start out strong. Fortunately, this person seemed average and afraid of him.

Xie Chi’s heart had thumped when he hid in the darkness and saw the sword light. He thought it was Ji Xingchen but now it didn’t seem to be the case. Ji Xingchen would’ve already done something to him and he wouldn’t have been killed and fell to the eighth layer of the cold hells.

This should be a person with no strength. The bloody smell around his body was so heavy that he had probably suffered a very serious injury.

“Listen, I don’t want to kill you. I have enough energy.”

Killing two weak chickens from the upper level had given him plenty of energy, not to mention that this person was weaker than himself. They couldn’t pose a threat to him. Xie Chi wouldn’t bully this person as long as they didn’t attack him.

Moreover, this person’s body was very warm to touch. They obviously had enough energy and wouldn’t use any means to survive. There was no fundamental contradiction between them. Still, Xie Chi couldn’t rest assured about this person. He didn’t want to stay awake all night to guard against this person. The loss would outweigh the gains.

[Hahahaha?? Bigshot, you are pretending to be a weak chicken.]

[My mother had a big accident.]

Xie Chi saw that this person was silent and continued. “You have two choices. One, I will tie you up and we will be at peace. Two, I kill you and swallow your energy.”

Xie Chi had a rope provided for people below to climb up. He could ensure he was safe as long as he incapacitated this person.

“What if I don’t want to be tied up?” The man chuckled lightly.

Xie Chi secretly thought that this man didn’t know how to appreciate kindness and his eyes flashed cruelly. “Then I will kill—”

Wait, this voice was a bit familiar. Xie Chi suddenly withdrew the force of his hand.

“Kill me,” Xie Xinglan smiled and spoke for him.

Xie Chi lost his mind. Then Xie Xinglan grabbed his hand, snatched his knife and pulled Xie Chi into his arms.


[Fu*k??! My Son Chi has been hugged!]

Xie Chi was held for a long time and quietly cursed. “Fu*k.”

His shame was thrown in front of his brother. He made a fool of himself in front of an expert. He was dead.

“Your impression is quite unique.” Xie Xinglan chuckled.

“……” Xie Chi was silent and didn’t want to struggle. He was even greedy for warmth and didn’t want to come out. Xie Xinglan’s chest was warm and the abdominal muscles underneath were tight and slightly convex through the thin clothing. It felt very good. The moment Xie Xinglan spoke, a hot male breath rushed toward his face and dispelled the cold brought about by the hell.

This was a humanoid stove. How many people had he killed? Was Xie Xinglan looking for himself? Once Xie Chi thought of this possibility, the corners of his mouth slowly raised up in a smile and his eyes became clear

“How come you didn’t recognize me?” Xie Xinglan’s voice above his head was low and lazy.

“It is too dark to see.” Xie Chi paused and shifted the blame without changing his expression. “In addition, your sword.”

“It is unfamiliar?” Xie Xinglan threw away the sword.

“Yes, I saw a shadow jumping down. I thought this person was quite tall and didn’t think too much about it.”

Xie Xinglan remembered that Xie Chi really wasn’t familiar with this body. The time that Xie Chi spent with Ren Ze was a thousand times longer than with this body.

“Hold it for a while and you’ll be familiar,” Xie Xinglan said with a smile. He fell from the top all the way to the bottom and found Xie Chi.

Proofreader: Purichan

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Get urself a partner who is willing to go down to the bottom of hell just to find you

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I know right. My standards are getting way too high from reading all these novels 😅

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Me identifico contigo 😅

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Gosh for real tho the dedication xie xinglan have is very high 😤

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I love that they playing this as a sort of meet cute for the other players/audience (“⌒∇⌒”)

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the audience be havin the best time of their life

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Yoshi K
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