APP: Chapter 104 Part 1

Xie Xinglan slid down the rope that was over 10 meters long. Ji Xingchen was concentrating on climbing up when he saw a man falling from the top and his heart jumped. He thought the man was coming to prevent him from entering the top layer and drew his sword to stab at the man.

It didn’t matter if this man was an actor or an NPC. If it was an actor then kill him. He would just fall to the next layer and it wasn’t a real death. If it was a NPC then there was no need to have a psychological burden.

Ji Xingchen thought so and the sword that stabbed out was fast and fierce. There was the sound of the air around the sword breaking. Xie Xinglan sneered. He moved to one side to avoid it. Then he grabbed Ji Xingchen’s wrist and squeezed it hard.

Ji Xingchen suffered a severe pain in his wrist and lost so much strength that he couldn’t hold the sword. The sword fell straight down and was stuck in the ground. He used a long weapon and close combat wasn’t his strong suit. He just hadn’t expected this man to react so quickly.

Even on the way down, Xie Xinglan directly lifted his leg and kicked Ji Xingchen. Then he slid smoothly along the rope to the bottom and gently landed. Ji Xingchen fell a bit before grabbing onto the rope again, avoiding the embarrassment of falling back to the ground. He hung in mid-air, his face white for a while.

His weapon fell back to the cold hell layer but if he didn’t climb back up, the entrance to the above layer would be blocked. Ji Xingchen hesitated over whether to pick up the weapon or climb up.

After all, this was an item. If someone picked it up after a layer change then there was a high probability of losing his weapon. He would still have a chance to go up to the first layer later. Ji Xingchen looked up regretfully but could only slide down the rope.

He stared at Xie Xinglan with a face full of resentment. He had to make a choice because of this man.

Ji Xingchen had killed his previous cellmate and the entrance to the below layer was still open. Xie Xinglan came to the hole and was about to continue jumping down. He felt Ji Xingchen’s resentful eyes but didn’t bother looking back. His sight fell on the long sword beside him and he smiled inexplicably.

Ji Xingchen had an uneasy feeling.

Xie Xinglan pulled up the sword.

“You dare!” Ji Xingchen thought about how this person was going to steal his weapon and rushed over furiously. The opening to the next layer was shrinking rapidly. It was originally the size of a double bed but now it was only the size of a manhole cover.

Xie Xinglan turned and gave a condescending look, eyes full of mockery. He leaped, jumping to the next layer with the sword and disappearing. The distance was too far. By the time Ji Xingchen flew over, the entrance of the hole was only as big as a bowl and it was difficult to reach in.

Ji Xingchen was red with anger. He looked up. Due to this delay, the hole to the upper layer was only as small as a manhole.  By the time he climbed up the rope again, he would be facing the sky. Not only did he miss the best time to go to the next level, he also lost his weapon.

It was all because of Xie Xinglan. Ji Xingchen’s hands formed fists.

[My god, someone can actually deflate Ji Xingchen?]

[A godly bigshot. Fu*k, so handsome and powerful.]

[It is just a matter of meeting his strong suit. He would lose if he really fought Ji Xingchen. After all, Ji Xingchen hasn’t used any items.]

[It isn’t like Xie Xinglan has no items.]

[Isn’t it too much to steal people’s weapons?]

[Are you sick? Isn’t it your Ji Xingchen who indiscriminately stabbed at people? If he really wanted to hurt Ji Xingchen, wouldn’t it be enough to cut the rope directly? Why jump down by himself? It was Ji Xingchen who panicked and acted first. His skill was inferior. Is it strange for his weapon to be snatched?]

[Isn’t it normal for Xingchen to react in that situation. Why didn’t this person notify Xingchen first before jumping down?]

[The above person has brain damage. Your face is so big.]

[The big shot is refreshing! Nice job!]

[Back to the topic. Why did the boss go down??]

Xie Xinglan smoothly entered the second layer of the hot hell. It was already noticeably hot here. It was 30 degrees Celsius and humid. The sky was a bit cloudy like it would rain at any time.

“Please don’t eat me—”

Xie Xinglan had only taken a few steps forward when he heard a panicked cry behind him. He turned around. The two people in the second layer of the hot hell weren’t actors. They had subdued Ji Xingchen’s former cellmate to the ground and were preparing to strangle him with a rope to eat his energy.

Ji Xingchen’s cellmate was a cannon fodder with a grey name. He was killed by Ji Xingchen and fell to this place. He thought that the second layer of the hot hell was comfortable and the people there would accept them. He hadn’t expected the people below to be standing by and waiting for the rabbit, like poisonous snakes in the darkness. He fell and became the rabbit that crashed into the tree.

“Why do you want to eat me? Y-Your energy is so abundant and y-you are substantially solid…” He was terrified and stammered to persuade them. If he fell down again then the people there obviously wouldn’t have enough to eat and he would be even more miserable. It was only here that there was still a possibility of discussion.

He couldn’t fall down. Yu An had only this thought in his head.

“Who can have too much? Can’t we save it after we finish eating? Who knows where we will be next? Don’t talk nonsense!”

“You can just give me a little bit… I won’t fight you.”

“What the hell are you? Why would I give you a little bit… huh? Qian Qiang, look. Another one has fallen!”

The person called Qian Qiang looked up at the sky and joked. “The upper layer is quite awesome. Two people are squeezed down for us.”

“He is coming here. Isn’t he afraid of death?’

Yu An turned on his head slightly on the ground and watched the lazy looking young man throw the sword in his hand. Then Qian Qiang behind him collapsed with disbelief. The other person realized something was wrong and immediately let go of Yu An in order to escape.

Yu An watched the lazy looking man run forward, kicking this person to the ground and breaking his neck. The sound of bones being dislocated made Yu An extremely frightened.

The man came toward him.

“D-Don’t kill me…” Yu An stepped back. This man was a demon. He was one hundred times more terrifying than the previous two.

Xie Xinglan glanced at him. The man was thin and helpless. He wasn’t a nosy person. He just thought of Xiao Chi. Xiao Chi might be clever and treacherous but it was impossible to guarantee that he wouldn’t be bullied by scum with high strength in such a place.

He could understand bullying the weak. He used to disdain it but he mostly stood on the sidelines and didn’t interfere. It was only when he had someone to protect that he started to hate these people.

The hole to the next layer opened. Yu An watched the man pull the sword from Qian Qiang and pass by him without stopping before jumping down to the next layer. He was the only one left on the second layer of the hot hells. The young man who saved him seemed to have never been here.

Ji Xingchen was on the first layer of the cold hell and saw the opening to the second layer of the hot hell open. He knew that Xie Xinglan had killed someone and opened the upward channel. His hatred over the sword hadn’t been relieved. He was so angry that he jumped down, only to see a weak man sitting on the ground with a dazed expression. This was his former cellmate.

“Where is Xie Xinglan?” Ji Xingchen grabbed Yu An’s collar and asked with gritted teeth. Yu An was stiff and trembling as he pointed in the direction of the hole.

“Xie Xinglan, what are you doing?” Ji Xingchen let go, feeling resentful and ashamed.

Xie Xinglan had gone crazy and jumped to the next level. It was already the second layer of the hot hell and the environment wasn’t as good as before. Ji Xingchen was full of anger and had nowhere to vent it. Then he abruptly looked at Yu An.

Ji Xingchen smiled at him.

“Don’t kill me!” Yu An had a strong sense of killing intent. He staggered up and tried to escape but he was caught by Ji Xingchen. Yu An was killed by Ji Xingchen a second time. Ji Xingchen wasn’t prepared to continue going down. Xie Xinglan might be crazy but he didn’t need to be crazy along with this person. It wasn’t too late for a gentleman to take revenge after 10 years.

Ji Xingchen casually threw Yu An’s body down.

[Who is this?]

[He will be bullied wherever he goes. He is weak and it is useless to save him.]

[Ji Xingchen is too low.]

[That’s true. This undisguised cruelty, I like it!]

[Xie Xinglan is handsome! I like him like this. Heroism.]

[Heroism must die.]

This scene was repeated in hell.

The upper layers of hell were full of concealed beasts were the lower layers of hell were naked beasts. They had no energy to put on a pretense. Their stomach wasn’t full and they weren’t in the mood to disguise themselves.

In the upper levels, people were willing to negotiate euphemistically only to reveal their ugly faces later. The further down it went, the more violent and straightforward they were. The smarter and more cunning people were more ruthless. They wouldn’t be distracted.

On the downward road, the environment deteriorated and the people deteriorated as well.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Poor Yu An 🙁
I knew I wasn’t meant to like Ji Xingchen, but that was a pretty low. At least everyone is killing to to survive, this guy is out here killing to vent.

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Love that Xie Xinglan is just on a race downward to meet his boyfriend while everyone else is just surviving. What happened to pretending you didn’t know Xie Chi? He’s so obviously obsessed I love it

1 year ago

Can’t stop won’t stop

1 year ago

Jo Xingchen RIP know already that you won’t survive and willmiss you never jerk a hole b*****

11 months ago

Proved he deserves his sword to be snatcherood