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APP: Chapter 100

Over a dozen people stood on an empty road in the underworld. They were actors in Living Hell. They each had thick iron chains tied to their waists and were led by the black and white impermanence like animals. Every time one or more people entered, there was an extra iron chain in their hands.

Once Xie Chi appeared, almost all the actors looked at him openly or secretly. They seemingly wanted to find out the truth about the newcomer who killed a third-tier despite his gentle face. Most of them were curious and there were also those who were afraid. There were also a few who showed a bit of arrogance and complacency. They were obviously contemptuous of this actor who had risen in the ranks and barely qualified to participate in an orange movie.

“It doesn’t look like he can kill Zhao Jinhua.” Cheng Zhou spoke from beside Ji Xingchen with a bit of dissatisfaction.

Ji Xingchen wiped his sword and looked up, his eyes sweeping over the dazed Xie Chi. Then he spoke indifferently, “People can’t be judged based on appearance.”

Cheng Zhou was stunned and then happy, as if he had encountered something particularly rare. He bumped his arm against the other person. “Are you afraid of him?”

“That isn’t the case.” Ji Xingchen frowned like he was a bit unhappy with Cheng Zhou’s words and he withdrew his gaze. “I watched his movie. The item he used to injure Zhao Jinhua and kill You Jing was a one-time use. The weapon given by the movie emperor was also destroyed. He was bold enough to lead the evil spirit into his body but…”

Ji Xingchen’s eyes became casual after the insight. “A hidden danger was probably left behind in his mind. He is physically strong and very smart, but that’s it. He currently only has a luck buff and an unknown item from a pros outweigh the cons movie. How strong can he be? Haven’t you heard that you won’t get anywhere without equipment? His partner also only has two or three thousand points.”

Xie Chi did kill Zhao Jinhua but the method couldn’t be copied anymore. Xie Chi’s items were exhausted in that battle. He might be a good player but it wasn’t worth them fearing him.

“Brother Ji, you are right.”

Cheng Zhou praised. His eyes were filled with a bit more gloating as he looked at Xie Chi. He put Xie Chi below him and smiled. “Brother Ji, you know so much.”

“Know yourself and know your enemy.”

Cheng Zhou wondered, “Brother Ji, will you rise to the third tier at the end of this movie?”

Ji Xingchen didn’t speak and his expression was blank, but his eyes flashed with complacency.

Cheng Zhou and Ji Xingchen were from the last batch of newcomers. Ji Xingchen was first out of them and now he was about to reach the third-tier while Cheng Zhou was at the bottom of the tier. He had been following as Ji Xingchen’s right arm and his development was also very good.

Cheng Zhou told him, “This time, you must be number one again.”

Ji Xingchen smiled and stayed silent.

“Brother Ji,” Cheng Zhou called out in a surprised tone. “There is a stranger…”

Ji Xingchen looked up and saw a man in a black trench coat. In fact, everyone was secretly looking at this stranger who appeared suddenly. This man was tall and upright, with sharp facial contours and handsome features. His face and body were extremely oppressive and impactful. The first impression he gave off was condescending and full of coldness.

Ji Xingchen pressed his lips together tightly and his eyes flashed with annoyance. There was actually an actor he didn’t know. Externally, the ability to attract fans with the face was much stronger than him. The specific strength was just unknown. Ji Xingchen gripped his sword tightly. He wasn’t afraid of Xie Chi but perhaps this unknown stranger would be the biggest opponent in the game except for Su Qing.

“Eh? Brother Ji, he went to Xie Chi. Do they know each other?”

“Huh? Why did Su Qing also go to XIe Chi? Xie Chi knows Su Qing?” Cheng Zhou was completely confused.

Ji Xingchen’s eyes narrowed.

The app’s sudden decision caught Xie Chi by surprise. He stood there, limbs stiff and mood complicated. He remembered the first time Xie Xinglan left. The panic in his heart was like a child who had always been with his parents, only to suddenly go to a distant place to study. He had both the child’s blankness and the parents’ reluctance. Fortunately, it wasn’t the first time he had separated from Xie Xinglan and he had become a lot more used to it.

Xie Chi returned to his senses and ignored the discomfort. Being able to complete an instance with his brother was something he dreamed of.

Ren Ze watched the strange man walk quickly toward Xie Chi with an impatient expression. His heart jumped as he wondered if this person had any grudges with Xie Chi. He hurriedly walked to Xie Chi’s side, prepared in case the man did anything.

“Xie Chi, do you have a hatred with this person? Why don’t I know him?” Ren Ze asked in a low voice.

Xie Chi gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “I don’t know him.”


[Fu*k. Why is the handsome guy’s expression so fierce? He feels grumpy and upset, like he wants to kill someone. Does he have a grudge with Son Chi?]

Xie Xinglan walked in front of Xie Chi and the gloom on his face was swept away. He and Xie Chi stared at each other and instantly agreed. The group saw the unfamiliar man stretch out a hand toward Xie Chi. “Hello, my name is Xie Xinglan. Xinglan meaning the end of night.”

His voice was deep and pleasant. The ending sound rose slightly and there was a faint smile on his face. Xie Chi was expressionless as he reached out. “Xie Chi, the Chi from a pool of spring water.”

The moment they shook hands, Xie Xinglan saw Xie Chi secretly winking at him and his smile deepened.

[Eh??? They’re both surnamed Xie. What a coincidence!]

[They are too eye-catching in the same frame! One is gentle and the other is cold, but they fit well.]

Xie Chi’s hand was dry and warm. Temperature could be felt from the palm of the hand but Xie Chi only felt a small electric current on his skin.

Xie Chi’s expression was as calm as usual but Xie Xinglan knew he was nervous. Therefore, Xie Xinglan touched Xie Chi’s little finger in a bad manner. Under all eyes, Xie Chi could only pull back his hand without doing anything. His entire hand was stiff.

Xie Chi currently didn’t want people to know about his relationship with Xie Xinglan. This was too intriguing and suspicious. He was afraid that people would use their relationship to obstruct them. He didn’t want to be Xie Xinglan’s weakness. The advantage of separation was that they could cooperate and act separately. This would increase their efficiency. However, the disadvantages were also obvious. They were easily affected by each other so he should minimize this impact.

Pretending not to know each other was the best choice and he was saved from having to explain it to Ren Ze and Xia Yao.

“I don’t know. Maybe it is because Xie Chi is more eye-catching?” Cheng Zhou spoke casually.

Ji Xingchen retracted his gaze and stopped paying attention. Those two were strangers. Even if they cooperated, it was impossible for them to have absolute confidence in each other. There was no need for him to worry.

“Hello, my name is Su Qing.” Su Qing smiled at Xie Chi a bit cautiously.

Xie Chi was startled when he heard the name. What a coincidence. He didn’t need to look for this person. Shen Yi’s friend came by himself.

[Fu*k, why would Beauty Su, who places himself above ordinary people, actually take the initiative to find Xie Chi? Surely he isn’t interested in Xie Chi? Xie Chi happens to be a gay person and so is Su Qing!]

[I will take the handsome Xiao Xie!]

[Do they know each other?]

[I’m a Xie Chi fan. I’m sure they don’t know each other!]

Xie Chi still remembered Shen Yi’s request. He had intended to get close to Su Qing to pave the way for the future so he responded enthusiastically, “I am Xie Chi. You are very beautiful.”

Shen Yi was so boastful when chatting with him that Xie Chi borrowed some vocabulary. He was really beautiful. Su Qing’s long black hair hung down and he had a very classical temperament. He was thin and neat. Su Qing was stunned by the words. He seemed embarrassed as his face turned slightly red. “Thank you.”

He was just curious about the type of person Shen Yi liked so he wanted to get closer to understand. Then he found that this person was unexpectedly attractive. Xie Chi was motivated, intelligent and had an outstanding appearance. He was indeed the type of person that Shen Yi liked.

Su Qing ignored the bitterness in his heart and smiled. “If you don’t mind, can I be with you?”

He wanted to know what type of person Shen Yi liked so he could perhaps learn a bit. He didn’t know if Shen Yi had contacted Xie Chi yet. If so, he could check the situation clearly and openly and explain it to Xie Chi, working from Xie Chi’s side. He understood Xie Chi’s s*exual orientation but he didn’t think Xie Chi would necessarily like Shen Yi.

In addition, Xie Chi wasn’t too strong at the moment. Perhaps Su Qing could protect him a few times. Then Shen Yi should be happy watching the movie, even if it was minimal. Besides, Xie Chi was indeed a person with a good personality who was easy to get along with.

This was… understanding the mentality of a rival. Su Qing smiled at himself.

Xie Chi was stunned. He didn’t know why Su Qing suddenly made this suggestion but it was just right. Xie Chi immediately nodded in agreement.

Su Qing, who wasn’t used to socializing, sighed with relief.

Ren Ze and Xia Yao, who had just arrived, were dumbfounded. Was Xie Chi’s affinity so good?

“Brother Ji, a lone wolf  like Su Qing took the initiative to seek cooperation with Xie Chi?” Cheng Zhou looked incredulous. “What magic does this man have? There is also the person with unknown strength over there.”

Ji Xingchen’s face was slightly depressed. If Su Qing wanted to find a partner, why choose Xie Chi instead of him? Xie Chi’s side exchanged a few words and became a bit more familiar with each other.

“You praise people for being beautiful at the first meeting?” Xie Xinglan knew why Xie Chi and Su Qing were close to each other so he joked lazily.

“No?” Xie Chi glanced at him.

“Okay.” Xie Xinglan stared at him. “Then this is the first time we’re seeing each other.”

Xie Chi was taken aback before a smile slowly blossomed. “Xie Xinglan, you are really handsome.”

It was the first time Xie Chi had called him by his first and last name. The words were spoken one at a time and in a joking tone. This experience was unexpectedly pleasant and Xie Chi blinked in a seductive manner.

He did it on purpose.

Xie Xinglan nodded to express his satisfaction before returning to his indifferent appearance.

Xie Chi found nothing terrible about it. In any case, he had to act and become closer to Xie Xinglan. This way was fine as long as he didn’t let people know that Xie Xinglan was his sub personality and boyfriend.

The sensitive Su Qing looked between Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan with a strange expression.

[A dark tide is surging.]

[Why do I think the subtext is really rich?]

[Wait, my Son Chi has been out of the closet several times. Straight men won’t so naturally boast about appearance right? Could this be a spring heart?!]

[Pay attention to the previous wording!!!]

[He introduced himself as a pool of spring water…]

[Cough cough cough]

[I’ve seen all of Son Chi’s movies. I am sure he hasn’t filmed with this handsome guy!]

[Love at first sight? The handsome guy is obviously flirting and Son Chi flirted back when he replied.]

[Mutually liking each other’s faces? It is really convincing.]

[We are too sensitive! Our human foundation is rotting. We should sit down and watch!]

[Do you remember that we are here to watch a horror movie?]

The actors got to know each other for a while before their phones rang.

[The filming has now officially begun. Asking the actors to follow the black and white impermanence into hell.]

The moment the app rang, the black and white impermanence in front moved. The chains around their waists tightened as the black and white impermanence dragged the prisoners and jumped into a deep darkness.

Xie Chi felt like he was falling, falling, falling down. He fell into unconsciousness.

Proofreader: Purichan


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2 years ago

Son Chi and Xinglan trying to not become suspicious but failing at the same time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

2 years ago

Why did they only separate Xi Chi for this challenge and not my sweet Ran Ran?

2 years ago
Reply to  NeroLotus

Same, I was hoping to see Ran Ran (。•́︿•̀。)

2 years ago
Reply to  NeroLotus

the following condition for they separate is:
“The two personalities are completely independent and the three views are complete. The sub personality has extraordinary ability and meets the requirements of an actor.”
and ranran may not qualified for this, since she’s teenager and immature?

1 year ago
Reply to  NeroLotus

Pretty sure it’s because she isn’t as strong of a super ego ,she has to change through a long process showing she possibly isn’t suitable or strong enough to be separated

2 years ago

that’s right!! underestimate xie chi as much as you like, preferably at a really HIGH level; the higher the level, the greater the drop, and your father will be here to mock you heheh

and my guess is that ren ran is totally disqualified to be separated, in a movie like this, it’s not for teenagers.

Last edited 2 years ago by nico
2 years ago

I’m really curious to see Su Qing and Xie Chi’s future interaction.

2 years ago

Su Qing my dear… Shen Yi likes *you*!!!! he likes you! not xie chi!

2 years ago

su qing sounds like he’s nice. although he thinks xie chi as his rival he doesnt have bad intentions. and shen yi definitely like him, my gay radar is doing its job.

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Somebody get Su Qing some confidence and self esteem! He’s like I’m gonna study that person so I can shift my personality into something my boyfriend likes more. No! You’re perfect already pls don’t change yourself 😭😭

1 year ago

Su Qing’s mind-set regarding Shen Yi and their relationship depresses me it feel really toxic why should Su Qing change himself albeit the insecurity in their relationship has been brought on by Shen Yi’s emotional abuse on Su Qing . Su Qing is still having self esteem issues due to which he tends to be totally submissive in a toxic or unhealthy way in their relationship.

5 months ago

SQ sounds like such a sweetie omg. I hope aft this arc their relationship gets btr otherwise I’m throwing hands like omg. instead of blind jealousy, he’s tryna improve or help.

anyway, I was sad when ren ran didn’t come out too. T-T prob didn’t have enough qualities to be a ‘soul’.
so I was wondering if a ‘soul’ is needed to be separated. otherwise I’m afraid ren ze’s wish of separating would need more time or points. bcs XC’s wish is the same but the body would have to be injected w a soul. (but I’m prob biting off more than I can chew and am prob speaking w my ass HAHAHAHA.)