APP: Chapter 10

Yan Jing was cold and sweated for a while. He felt more than ever that Xie Chi was abnormal.

Xie Chi must’ve been inspired by the ghost hand moving the clock and came up with the dice method. It was a crooked and evil way but it worked. Xie Chi really completed a conversation with the ghost who wasn’t in one dimension.


The ‘audience’ outside the horror movie blew up.

[This is cheating ahhhh.]

[He didn’t even ask people and asked a ghost. Fu*k, I’ve never seen this before.]

[It makes sense. If you ask the female boss if she killed someone, would she admit it? Just as the female ghost who was killed by the female boss and trapped in the elevator, unable to take revenge. Maybe someone will come to help her so she will definitely say it.]

[The question is who would’ve thought of such a method?]

[Hiss, this newcomer is frightening.]


In the movie, Xie Chi’s face became quieter in the candlelight. His eyes were a warm amber but there was a cold insight in them.

“Then how can we help you?”

Xie Chi asked and rolled the dice again. The word on the desk was ‘DOWN.’

Down? What did this mean? Xie Chi frowned.

He threw it again and this time it was as before, ‘LIFT.’

Go down the elevator? Xie Chi seemed to understand a bit and threw it again.

This time, it was a word that Xie Chi didn’t know. ‘JING.’

Xie Chi frowned. It was a general vocabulary he didn’t know but the female ghost definitely wouldn’t deliberately embarrass him. Xie Chi nudged Yan Jing, “What does the English word J, I, N, G mean?

Yan Jing was surprised. “Brother Xie, why ask me? If you don’t know then how can I know… eh? Wait—”

“Jing?” Doubt filled Yan Jing’s face. “Is this Chinese pinyin?”

Xie Chi, “……” This female ghost was bad at English.

[Hahahahaha xswl]

[There are no English words I don’t know. If there is one, it is Chinese pinyin hahahaha.]

[It has been 18 years. It is really good that she can remember that elevator is ‘life’. It is worth praising.]

[Then why drag it out in English? If people ask questions then she should say ‘dui (yes)’ or ‘shi (yes)’. If they aren’t correct then she should say ‘fou (no)’.]

[The above person makes sense hahahahaha.]

Xie Chi quickly suppressed his complicated mood as he thought about what the female ghost wanted to express. Jing, this was likely to mean ‘well.’

So down, lift, jing—together it meant go down the elevator shaft. The moment this sentence was spelled out, Xie Chi’s mobile phone rang.

[The plot progress has been updated. Actor Xie Chi should go down the elevator shaft, find the body of the female ghost and bring it out. Use this method to help the female ghost get out of the elevator and get revenge on the female boss.]

[Congratulations, because you chose to help the female ghost, the female ghost will no longer attack you.]

[You have made a significant contribution to the plot. At present, the personal exploration degree of the main plotline of Spirit in Red Clothes is 45%. The personal exploration degree of the side plotline Baby Head Poisonous Creature is 30%.]

Xie Chi was about to show off when a voice prompt was heard from Yan Jing’s mobile phone.

[Public announcement: All actors please note, the main plotline of Spirit in Red Clothes is almost halfway complete. Please hurry and perform well.]

Xie Chi’s face was completely gloomy.

Yan Jing was stunned for a few seconds and then cursed. “Brother Xie, reporting the progress of the main plotline, isn’t this a pit? Those newcomers have all been together for a while and know each other’s level. It is impossible for them to advance so much. Since we have been moving alone, they will know that the plot progress is almost halfway because of us. Will they try to get involved with us…”

Yan Jing hadn’t finished speaking when the voices of the other actors were heard from the stairwell. Within 10 seconds, three newcomers opened on their floor and showed them a close smile.

Coldness filled Xie Chi’s eyes.

After Zhou Wen and Zhang Lan’s deaths, there were only three newcomers left apart from Xie Chi and Yan Jing and they were now all here. There was the thin black man who was first bitten by the poisonous creature, a wavy-haired woman and a middle-aged man with a square face.

“My name is Zhang Bin and I work on the same floor with Jiang Rui.” The square-faced middle-aged man introduced himself with a shy smile. “We were stunned when we heard the announcement just now. After all, we’re ashamed to say…”

The woman with wavy hair was called Jiang Rui and she glanced at Zhang Bin before taking the lead, “The plot exploration of Zhang Bin and I are less than 5% so you guys are really good! This is only the second day and it’s already half over! I really didn’t dare to think about it…”

The thin, black man laughed at the right time. “The three of us have finished our work. Can we stay here for the sake of safety? After all, there will be more people to talk to and we can take turns keeping watch…”

Yan Jing was angry when he heard this. The three of them wanted to take advantage while also acting dignified. Yan Jing wanted to say everything in his heart for Xie Chi. Xie Chi was well-educated so Yan Jing would be the one to say everything. Yan Jing was about to scold them when Xie Chi grabbed him. Xie Chi sat on the sofa lazily and nodded to them with a smile. “Of course, help yourself.”

The three of them didn’t expect Xie Chi to be so good and surprise flashed on their faces. In full view of them, Xie Chi casually collected the dice and candle on the table and threw them into a trash basket to the side. Then he turned on the lights of the fifth floor.

Yan Jing seized this opportunity and whispered, “Brother, why are you letting them stay here?”

Xie Chi was washing his hands and whispered with a smile, “We are all in the same building. If they want to follow, can we stop them? If I agree then they will follow with dignity. If I disagree…”

Xie Chi didn’t continue but Yan Jing immediately understood. “They will track us!”

Yan Jing gritted his teeth.

“Yes.” Xie Chi wiped his fingers with the paper towel and spoke carelessly, “People who come here want to fulfill their desires. In other words, it is inevitable that they will use unscrupulous means to get what they want. As long as they want points, they will certainly find a way to follow us. It is human nature.”

Xie Chi’s tone was light but Yan Jing was so angry he almost vomited blood. “Brother Xie, aren’t you angry?”

Xie Chi only smiled and said nothing.

Yan Jing calmed down and whispered, “Brother Xie, are we going to find a way to smash the bottom of the elevator and go down the elevator shaft?”

Yan Jing shared the main plotline progress with Xie Chi because of his participation but the plot exploration degree belonged personally to Xie Chi. Yan Jing wasn’t greedy. He knew that he couldn’t use porcelain to monopolize diamonds. He knew that Xie Chi took him along out of mercy, not to mention taking care of him.

Yan Jing couldn’t say anything about this matter of going down the elevator shaft. The elevator shaft was the operation channel left for the elevator in advance when building the elevator. It was similar to a well. The size of the entrance was based on the size of the elevator and it was generally square-shaped. The depth was determined by the number of floors in the building. The higher the building, the deeper the elevator shaft.

Yan Jing thought about the height of the building and the possible situation under the elevator shaft and shivered. “Brother Xie, the company building has over a dozen floors. The elevator shaft is at least 30 metres deep and there is no light. The body of the female ghost…”

“Not for the time being.” Xie Chi spoke lightly.

He wasn’t in a hurry to finish the main plotline and leave the horror movie. His side plotline was currently behind the main plotline and he needed to explore it. The main plotline was a key link.

Now that the female ghost had given him a clear hint on how to lift the curse, she would never tell him the truth about what happened 18 years ago. Xie Chi was so certain that he didn’t hesitate to grab the dice and throw them away.

The information obtained in a horror movie using a single method must have a limit. This was to maintain the plot. Otherwise, the female ghost would reveal all the information and it would be a ridiculous horror movie.

Generally speaking, there were only two major breakthrough points in a deciphering ghost movie. One was to discover the truth behind the ghost’s birth and the other was to find a way to live (release the curse).

The female ghost clearly told him the latter so it was impossible to tell the details of how her body got down the elevator shaft 18 years ago. He had to find another way to advance the plot and dig into what happened in that year.

The main plotline of Spirit in Red Clothes was actually very clear. Check the truth and remove the curse. As long as Xie Chi completed these two points at the same time, he could successfully complete the main plotline. This was indeed in line with the difficulty of a novice movie.

Xie Chi’s current headache was the side plotline. The side plotline’s requirements were too weird. It was to explore the secrets of the decline of the baby head Gu.

It wasn’t the birth but the decline. He had thoughts about why the baby head Gu was born but not why it declined. Why did it suddenly fade in colour and become a flat black, directly reducing its toxicity, was the centre of the side plot.

The matter of his nosebleed wasn’t over yet.


All the actors were together and it was inconvenient for Xie Chi to casually sleep.

Xie Chi yawned as he smoked in front of a remote window on the fifth floor. He watched a couple talking and laughing on the street below. The tall and thin boy walked quickly, stopping from time to time. As his girlfriend acted coquettish, he smiled and waited for her to run to him. They seemed to be lovers who had just fallen in love. They also looked around while kissing under a street light, sneaky and cautious.

The window reflected Xie Chi’s cold face.

“Hiss.” The cigarette had burned very short and Xie Chi was unknowingly slightly burned by the ash. There was a slight tingling and he was about to sit down for a while, when a familiar and deep voice came from the bottom of his heart, coaxing him, “Xiao Chi, be good and go to sleep. Change with me.”

Xie Chi was stunned for a few seconds. “Brother, you’re awake?”

Xie Xinglan paused before chuckling and teasing him, “I felt my little boyfriend thinking of me so I woke up.”

Little boyfriend.

Xie Chi’s lips curved and he said wickedly, “I wasn’t missing you.”

Xie Xinglan paused for two seconds before replying, his voice lazy and beautiful. “Then I miss you.”

Xie Chi heard what he wanted to hear and was instantly satisfied.

“Smoke less, be obedient and go to sleep.” This time, Xie Xinglan became serious and his tone couldn’t be ignored. If he had a body, he would probably press on Xie Chi, disciplining Xie Chi and forcing him to close his eyes and sleep.

Xie Chi’s lips curved. “I know!”

Jiang Rui, the wavy haired newcomer, saw Xie Chi standing alone by the window for a long time. Her eyes rolled and she grabbed a glass of water, wanting to talk to him to hopefully gain information. After all, he was very gentle and easy to talk to.

“Brother Xie, aren’t you taking a rest?” Jiang Rui asked politely.

Xie Xinglan frowned and didn’t talk. He was alienated and indifferent. Jiang Rui hadn’t expected him to respond like this and continued daringly, “Brother Xie, you’re really good! The main plotline is nearly 50% and this is only the second day.”

Jiang Rui became more and more embarrassed. She hadn’t expected Xie Chi to care for her but she didn’t think ‘Xie Chi’ would glare at her coldly. “I already know. You don’t have to say it.”

This was Xie Chi right? Was he so powerful?

Jiang Rui, “……” This was completely different from what she expected.

Shouldn’t Xie Chi be humble? Were powerful men narcissistic?

On the other side, the thin, black man’s hands were dirty and he was washing them. As he opened the cabinet under the sink to find some soap, a small white hand reached out from the cabinet and grabbed his fingers.

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2 years ago

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I just wanna know why on gods green earth the girl expected a warm welcome out of our MC when she just wanted information in the first place? Just because he’s nice doesn’t mean she can just… take advantage. He’s there to get something he desired just like she is.

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Oh my god that poor guy can’t catch a break. He’s forced to put his hand into the jar first by Zhou Wen and now he gets grabbed by ghost baby hands. I’d pass out immediately, no poison needed 〣( ºΔº )〣

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