AM: Chapter 95

Pei Shaoze woke up and found that the surrounding environment wasn’t right. The light in the room was dim and the pure gray curtains and sofa in the corner were completely different from the place where he and Cheng Xia lived. It was very similar to his bedroom in the real world. He endured severe pain from his head and got up to walk to the window. He opened the curtains and found—

It was raining lightly outside. Looking out from the bedroom, he could see the lush garden. There was a wide gravel road next to the garden and the familiar branches and leaves of the banyan tree blended together. This was the villa where he lived in the real world. It was a southern city so the trees were still green even in winter.

Pei Shaoze’s expression changed and he picked up his phone. It was November 24th, the day after his birthday.

The system didn’t deceive him. The real world’s time had stopped when he was in the world of Accidental Mark. The moment he woke up, he returned to the day after his birthday party. He opened his WeChat and they were all people he knew in this world. Nothing had changed. It was as if he had a long, long dream where he spent his life in another world.

However, his experience in that world was so clear and true. He and Cheng Xia had intertwined and slept with each other countless times, mingling lips and teeth and being skin to skin for so long. Their love was so deep. How could it be a dream?

Pei Shaoze took a deep breath and opened the Internet to search for Cheng Xia, but he didn’t find anything. He remembered that he had asked the system a question. The Pei Shaoze in the book world had his name and appearance. Then in the real world, was there a person like Cheng Xia from the book world? At that time, there was no answer.

He couldn’t be sure if there was a person called Cheng Xia in this world. He only knew that after loving Cheng Xia, he could no longer live the rest of his life alone.

He was only 30 years old in this world. If he lived up to 70 years and there was no Cheng Xia by his side for the next 40 years… he couldn’t imagine falling asleep every night. For him, life without Cheng Xia was simply a type of cruel torture.

He had to find Cheng Xia.

Pei Shaoze had this in mind and immediately drove to the company. The consequences of the hangover gave him a headache so his expression was extremely ugly when he came to the company. His assistant thoughtfully poured him a cup of hot milk and brought him a plate of snacks. “President Pei, you haven’t eaten breakfast yet? Have something to eat first.”

Pei Shaoze nodded and picked up a pastry from a plate. He couldn’t help thinking of Cheng Xia. Cheng Xia liked to make pastries the most and he would make many flavors every time. The surface of the pastry was also painted with delicate and beautiful patterns that were pleasing to the eye.

Pei Shaoze placed the pastry in his mouth and found it difficult to swallow. He was always thinking about Cheng Xia.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, several important managers of the company were called to the meeting room by Pei Shaoze. President Pei’s serious expression made everyone feel like they were sitting on pins and needles. Once all the managers arrived, Pei Shaoze spoke slowly. “I have decided to set up a project to shoot a movie called ‘Looking for Cheng Xia.’ I will hold an open audition nationwide for the main character.”

The executives were stunned. The box office of the movies President Pei invested in exploded and everyone was very sure of his vision. Still, the copyrights manager couldn’t help asking, “President Pei, is the script already written for the movie? Or…”

Pei Shaoze answered, “There is no script. Find someone to write it now.”

“What is the theme?”

Pei Shaoze thought about it for a moment. “It’s the theme of love. Someone lost his most beloved person and wants to find him. The person who is lost is called Cheng Xia. The inspiration for this movie comes from a recent dream.”

Pei Shaoze glanced at the people present and his calm and determined voice didn’t allow anyone to raise objections. “I will personally invest in the production of this movie and want to hold auditions as soon as possible after the establishment of this project. Let the publicity department buy the hot search to let everyone know about it. This movie will hold open auditions for the leading role. It doesn’t matter if they are from a film academy or not. Encourage new people to come to audition to see if we can find anyone with talents.”

The managers exchanged looks. This wasn’t the first time that President Pei had invested in a movie but normally he would do a good job of investigating the investment, carefully studying the script, and making sure the script was valuable before casting for it. This time, there was no script, no director, and nothing was decided. Suddenly, he wanted to set up a project to make a romantic movie?

None of them could understand. Of course, it was common for investors to make movies using so-called ‘feelings’ and personally participating in the script production. Such examples were common. After thinking about it, they thought that President Pei might want to make a movie for himself just for the sake of feelings? In any case, he was rich and willful. It didn’t matter if he wanted to make a commemorative movie for himself. Everyone got busy and followed Pei Shaoze’s instructions.

In just three days, the publicity department determined the plan and the news of the ‘Looking for Cheng Xia nationwide audition’ went on the hot search. The movie’s requirement for actors was: newcomers are the priority. We want to find talented people.

Pei Shaoze had been in the entertainment circle for many years and had never seen an artist who looked like Cheng Xia. He couldn’t find any information on Cheng Xia on the Internet. Therefore, Cheng Xia must be a newcomer with little fame in this world. He might not have even entered the entertainment industry. This was why he changed the audition requirement to ‘newcomer.’

Pei Shaoze was an ace investor in the circle and set up a project to make a romantic movie while also looking for a newcomer to act as the actor. Once the news spread, the actors in the entertainment circle rushed to compete for the role of Cheng Xia like crazy.

On the day of the audition, there was a long line at the hotel. Pei Shaoze also came to the scene in person. Actor after actor came through the door and Pei Shaoze’s face was always calm and serious.

They weren’t his Cheng Xia.

The reason why he allowed everyone to participate in the nationwide audition was because he had a glimmer of hope. If Cheng Xia was really in this world then after several days of hot searches about the audition, Cheng Xia would definitely see it and find a way to him. Cheng Xia in this world might not necessarily have the name ‘Cheng Xia’ or necessarily be an actor but they had fallen in love with each other in the novel world. He believed that Cheng Xia would respond. He must feel that his Brother Pei was looking for him.

There were too many people auditioning and the director started to have a headache. Some of them performed well but they were rejected by President Pei without hesitation. The auditions had gone on for three days and they still hadn’t found a suitable actor. The director always felt like President Pei wasn’t choosing the leading role. It was more like… he was waiting for someone.

In these days, Pei Shaoze had been full of suffering. Every night, he would dream of Cheng Xia. Sometimes, Cheng Xia would smile and say, “Goodbye, Brother Pei.” Sometimes Cheng Xia turned and left, leaving him with a vague back. These frequent nightmares constantly tortured his nerves.

He was really afraid that Cheng Xia wasn’t in this world! If this was the case, it was no longer possible for him to be with someone else. He would keep his unforgettable memories of Cheng Xia and die alone. He still had his mother and sister to take care of so he couldn’t seek death. However, without Cheng Xia, death was really better than life.

The seventh day of the audition arrived. Pei Shaoze hadn’t slept for a week and his expression was rather ugly. The director tentatively asked, “If there is no satisfactory actor, why don’t we postpone the audition a few days?”

Pei Shaoze closed his eyes. “No, it will be closed today.”

They had been publicizing it for so long and the audition lasted a week. If Cheng Xia was really in this world then it was impossible for him to be unresponsive. If he didn’t see Cheng Xia today, he could only use another method by traveling to every city in the country to find Cheng Xia himself.

If he couldn’t find Cheng Xia in one year then look for two years or ten years. Even if it took a lifetime, he would find Cheng Xia.


At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the auditions were about to end and Pei Shaoze’s heart was empty. It felt like he had lost half his soul.

After seeing a whole day of bad acting, he had a headache. He was pressing his fingers against his temples when he heard the assistant next to him shouting, “This is the last one today. Number 98… eh? What a coincidence. This actor is also called Cheng Xia.”

Number 98 and Cheng Xia. This was the number that Cheng Xia had picked for the audition of Folding Paper.

Pei Shaoze abruptly raised his head.

The door was gently pushed open and a slender, handsome young man came in. He was wearing jeans and a beige sweater with refreshing short hair. His dark, clear eyes looked around before he walked to the middle and bowed to them. “Hello Director, hello teachers, hello… President Pei. My name is Cheng Xia. I am a freshman in the acting department of the Imperial Film Academy.”

His eyes stayed on Pei Shaoze’s face for a moment. His ears turned red and he quickly looked away.

Pei Shaoze’s heart was beating violently. This was his Cheng Xia! This cute, young version of Cheng Xia was exactly the same as Cheng Xia from the world of Accidental Mark!

Pei Shaoze clenched his hands hard under the table as he stared intently at the young man in the center.

Cheng Xia acted the scene according to the director’s request. The scene was of Cheng Xia’s reunion with his loved one. To Pei Shaoze, his eyes were bright and filled with stars. His shy, timid and adoring eyes made Pei Shaoze want to hug him.

The director was a bit surprised. “You don’t have any movie or television works? Your acting skills aren’t bad.”

Cheng Xia explained earnestly, “I am a freshman of the film academy and I haven’t signed with a company. I didn’t dare take part in this audition but I saw that the name of this movie is ‘Looking for Cheng Xia’. The protagonist happens to have the same name as me so I… thought I would give it a try.”

The director laughed. “It’s a coincidence! President Pei, we’re filming ‘Looking for Cheng Xia’ and we really found Cheng Xia!”

Pei Shaoze stood up and said, “Cheng Xia, come with me.”

Cheng Xia was stunned and followed the man in front of him.

Pei Shaoze took him to the meeting room next door and locked the door. The man’s gaze was too affectionate and hot. Cheng Xia blushed and lowered his head. “P-President Pei…”

Pei Shaoze whispered, “Xia Xia, don’t you know me?”

The intimate name made Cheng Xia’s eyelashes tremble and his eyes dodged around. “President Pei, I-I, this should be the first time we are meeting…”

Cheng Xia didn’t know why but he had some strange memories in recent days. In these memories, he was sent to an ABO world, became an omega, and married a person called Pei Shaoze. They loved each other for a lifetime. In his dream, he kissed, hugged, and was marked by that man. He even gave birth to two children…

Cheng Xia was almost stunned. Why could a man have children? How could he give birth to children?

It was a dream but the memories were too clear as if it really happened. He still remembered that on Pei Shaoze’s birthday, he wrapped himself in a bath towel after taking a shower and shamelessly gave himself to the other person. Then they spent three days in the bedroom sweetly. Later after the wedding, they spent seven days at a place called Xingfu Island and became pregnant?

Cheng Xia woke up every morning red with embarrassment. He didn’t know what was happening with these memories that were like ‘traveling to another world.’ It was just that every time he thought of these memories, his heart was sweet and warm as if he was really loved by this man for a lifetime. Later, Brother Pei and him agreed that no matter who left first, they would wait for each other in another world…

He remembered this sentence.

At first, he felt very incredulous when he saw the audition for ‘Looking for Cheng Xia. He blamed the memories on a strange dream. Then he saw that the producer for his movie was Pei Shaoze who looked exactly like the man in his dreams.

Pei Shaoze was making a movie called ‘Looking for Cheng Xia?’ This wasn’t a dream? His Brother Pei also remembered him? One person’s bizarre experience could be explained as a dream but if two people’s experiences were exactly the same then it was a real thing that happened.

Cheng Xia didn’t know how they had gone to an ABO world but looking at the handsome man in front of him, Cheng Xia couldn’t help his heart beating faster. It was as if he had retrieved his feelings of being in that world. He wholeheartedly depended on Brother Pei, admired Brother Pei…

Their bodies and minds only belonged to each other and they would never leave each other for a lifetime.

Pei Shaoze saw that Cheng Xia was in a daze and asked in a soft voice, “You think it was a dream, right?”

Cheng Xia nodded with a red face. “D-Did you have the same dream?”

Pei Shaoze gently pulled the young man into his arms. “I will confirm if it’s a dream or not.”

Before Cheng Xia could react, the man suddenly kissed his lips.

Pei Shaoze’s kiss was gentle as if to melt him completely. He carefully and thoughtfully possessed every corner of Cheng Xia’s mouth. Cheng Xia was only 18 years old and this was his first time kissing. He stared wide-eyed with disbelief. However, the feeling of familiarity, intimacy, and warmth made him unable to resist at all. In the end, he closed his eyes in a trembling manner and allowed Pei Shaoze to kiss him.

This kiss lasted a bit long. Pei Shaoze seemed to be making up for the whole week of suffering as if to confirm that his favorite person had returned to him. The gentleness at the beginning gradually became warmth.

They were reunited after a long absence and in another world. They were actually meeting each other for the first time but they had been in love for a long time. It was a strange body but a familiar feeling. It was amazing and exciting.

Pei Shaoze deepened the kiss and tightly hugged Cheng Xia in his arms. Cheng Xia was kissed and his entire body was soft while his face turned red to the point of dripping blood. At this moment, he finally believed that it wasn’t a dream. Rather, it was a sweet journey to another world that belonged to him and Brother Pei alone. Perhaps he lost his memory and traveled to that world, before returning here and recovering his memories. In short, all the details in his mind of his relationship with this man were true!

After the long kiss, Cheng Xia’s eyes were hot and he tentatively called out, “B-Brother Pei?”

Pei Shaoze hugged him tightly. “It’s me. I’ve been looking for you.”

Cheng Xia buried his face in the man’s chest and hugged him excitedly. “I can’t believe how there are so many memories of you! It’s like we spent our lives in another world and…”

Pei Shaoze chuckled. “You gave me two children.”

Cheng Xia blushed and whispered, “How can a man give birth to children?”

Pei Shaoze heard Cheng Xia’s complaint and felt soft in his heart. He joked, “In that world, you had omega pheromones which was a sweet orange scent. You would also go into estrus. You loved it every time I took care of you. You would cling to me and wouldn’t let go.”

Cheng Xia was even more embarrassed. Based on his normal three views of men in this world, the ABO world that he and Brother Pei had been in was simply too shameful. He whispered, “I’m not an omega now and I don’t have pheromones. I am different from the Cheng Xia in that world… do you still like me?”

He raised his head and his eyes were as bright as Pei Shaoze remembered.

Pei Shaoze reached out and gently rubbed the young man’s head. “Of course, I like you no matter what world we’re in.”

Cheng Xia smiled happily and tightly hugged the man in front of him. “Brother Pei, I love you so much… during this period of time, I’ve been having nightmares. I dreamed that you turned around and left. I felt so uncomfortable.”

Pei Shaoze’s heart softened. He had the same nightmare but fortunately, it was just a nightmare. They really reunited in another world. In this world, Cheng Xia wasn’t an omega and Pei Shaoze wasn’t an alpha but they still loved each other’s souls. This type of love was incorporated into their bone marrow and penetrated into their blood. Even if the world changed, they could recognize each other immediately.

Pei Shaoze asked softly, “This time, do you want to continue being an actor?”

Cheng Xia smiled. “Of course! I might be an 18-year-old newcomer at a film academy but I have memories of winning domestic and international acting awards. Haven’t I opened a cheat? Won’t it be easier to succeed?”

Pei Shaoze saw this sunny expression and couldn’t help smiling. He gently held Cheng Xia’s hand and interlocked their fingers. “Of course. ‘Looking for Cheng Xia’ is a story adapted from our experience. You can make your official debut with this work.”

His eyes were gentle as he gazed at the young man in front of him. “This time, I will continue to accompany you.”

—I will accompany you to the top.

—I will also accompany you and grow old with you.

Rainbow Turtle: And that’s the end! This was such a sweet and healing novel that cheered me up instantly the moment I read it. I couldn’t resist falling into the pit despite having so many other novels I wanted to do. I hope you all enjoyed it and let’s wish Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia the best in this second life!

Proofreader: Cat

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    Thank you Rainbow Turtle and Cat.


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    rennaangela otero

    Second time rereading this, I absolutely love this book 🤧💓💓


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