AM: Chapter 94

Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia were very busy at work but on the weekends, they still found time to go home and eat with their children.

Pei Shaoze would put on an apron and cook for his family. His cooking skills were very good and included things like spicy chicken wings, braised pork ribs, sweet and sour fish, and all types of dishes. He usually wore a suit and looked serious and indifferent. It was hard for the employees of the Tianxuan Group to imagine their president wearing an apron. Cheng Xia secretly took lots of photos of Brother Pei wearing an apron but he didn’t send them. He just kept them on his phone for his own collection.

Cheng Xia was very professional when it came to making pastries. Every time Pei Shaoze cooked, he was responsible for making delicate pastries for the children to eat slowly. The two of them worked together in the kitchen while the children ran around helping their fathers.

Their son was responsible for helping Pei Shaoze wash the vegetables while their daughter was responsible for helping Cheng Xia get the molds… The two days when the family of four were busy in the kitchen had become the warmest time of the week.

The reason why Pei Shaoze asked the children to help was to let them develop the habit of working hard to reap results at an early age rather than sitting around and waiting for someone to feed them. The children also liked to follow their fathers around.

Pei Shaoze finished cooking the dishes and told the children, “Go bring the dishes to the table.”

The two children ran over and lined up in front of Pei Shaoze to serve the food.

Pei Shaoze handed a plate of chicken wings to his son and a plate of ribs to his daughter. Then the two little ones carried the dishes to the dining room, placed them down carefully, and ran back to the kitchen to help with the tableware.

Cheng Xia saw the two children walking in a line and sighed emotionally, “The children are really becoming more obedient.”

Pei Shaoze wondered, “Isn’t this a good thing?”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. They really appreciated the two children that God gave them.


One year on Father’s Day, Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia received greeting cards at the same time.

The greeting cards were drawn personally by Pei Niancheng. It was a picture of a family of four standing in front of a villa and holding hands. The words on the greeting cards were written by Cheng Yize and the handwriting was very neat. [Happy Father’s Day! Dad, we love you!]

Pei Niancheng drew it while Cheng Yize wrote it by himself. When Pei Shaoze got up in the morning, he saw this card at the head of the bed. He opened it and couldn’t help smiling.

Cheng Xia opened the greeting card and his eyes became hot. He thought that he really had saved a galaxy in his previous life. Otherwise, how lucky was he to meet an alpha who spoiled and loved him so much and have two sensible and cute children?

Time flew. The two children gradually grew up and soon went to elementary school.

The eldest son inherited Pei Shaoze’s tough and handsome profile and was already a well-known handsome boy at school from a young age. The youngest daughter had big eyes that resembled Cheng Xia and white skin. She was as beautiful as a little princess.

Cheng Xia was a famous star in the entertainment industry and often encountered paparazzi when going out. In order to avoid the two children being disturbed by the paparazzi and fans, Pei Shaoze protected their identities very well. The photos and personal information of the two children had never been exposed online.

Fans knew that President Pei and Cheng Xia’s children were twins and their nicknames were Da Cheng and Xiao Cheng, but they didn’t know the specific names, what they looked like, and where they studied.

Cheng Xia didn’t want the children to enter the public eye when they were too young. He hoped that the children would grow up carefree without being disturbed by the outside world. Therefore, he rarely posted about his children on Weibo. The most he did was send photos of a cake and blessings on their birthday every year.

The protection of the children meant the paparazzi would consciously mosaic the children even when taking photos of the family of four. There was no need for fans to disturb the simple world of the children.

Time passed quickly. Cheng Xia’s acting career went smoothly and he gradually went international. He even won the Best Actor Award at the most prestigious international film festival and became a benchmark for real actors in the entertainment industry.

The movies Pei Shaoze invested in became more and more popular. As long as the words ‘Producer Pei Shaoze’ or ‘Produced by Tianxuan Movies’ were attached, the audience would almost always buy tickets and they wouldn’t be disappointed. The consequences of the double harvest of the box office and word of mouth were that Pei Shaoze was always ranked first in the entertainment industry’s rich list and it was difficult for others to surpass him.

The two of them were so excellent that their children attracted more attention from netizens. Many netizens said that the children’s lives were too good to be born in such a family. They were simply born the winners of life.


The personal information of the children was exposed due to a certain competition.

Pei Niancheng participated in a national painting competition when she was in high school and her work about ‘family’ won first prize. As a child, she often scribbled everywhere with colored pens and even drew on Pei Shaoze’s suit. Unexpectedly, the child was gifted in drawing. Pei Shaoze also encouraged his daughter to cultivate her talent and asked professional art teachers to guide her over the years.

She wore a white dress at the awards ceremony and held the certificate with a smile on her face. Her big eyes seemed like they were full of stars. The moment the photo was exposed, many netizens exclaimed, [What a beautiful fairy!]

[She is so beautiful. Who is this?]

[This appearance can debut as a star.]

[She is said to be from Rong City’s 7th High School. Not only does she have a good academic performance but she is also good at drawing.]

The netizens quickly learned that she was called Pei Niancheng. Then someone said, [This name seems like it could be President Pei and Cheng Xia’s child. Pei, Nian, Cheng?]

There was no impermeable wall in the world. Soon, some classmates pointed out that Pei Shaoze did appear at the last parent meeting.

The melon-eating netizens found Xiao Cheng’s Weibo and found her brother Da Cheng who interacted frequently with her. Then they became shocked again. The sister won first place in the National High School Student Drawing Competition at a young age while her brother actually composed music and wrote lyrics by himself at a young age? Cheng Yize was a high school student but he had his own songs on Weibo and there was a song called ‘Father’ that he personally wrote for Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia!

The identity of the two children could no longer be concealed.

Netizens were dying of jealousy. [Pei Niancheng and Cheng Yize, they are even showing affection when naming their children!]

[Wooo, I’m so envious. Why didn’t I reincarnate as President Pei and Cheng Xia’s child? Can I reincarnate again?]

[Is President Pei still missing a daughter? I am a good one!]

[They raised their children well. Both are very good!]

There were many netizens who became fascinated with the appearance of the siblings and said, [I couldn’t marry Cheng Xia so I am determined to marry Xiao Cheng in the future!]

[I failed to marry President Pei. Can I marry President Pei’s son if I work hard?!]

Cheng Yize had loved music since he was a child and inherited Cheng Xia’s talent for playing the piano. At the age of 12, he passed the 10th certificate of the Rong City Music Association. Chen Yijun had always regretted that Cheng Xia didn’t become a singer so she accepted Cheng Xia’s child as her apprentice. So Cheng Yize learned composition from Aunt Chen Yijun, the goddess of singing. Not only did he write a song for his fathers and sister but he also gave an original school song to the school for its 100th-anniversary celebration. This was included in the school history museum of the 7th High School and shocked the entire school, harvesting him countless fans.

However, the child was similar to Pei Shaoze as he grew up and he was very indifferent. All the classmates who confessed to him were coldly rejected by him. The reason he gave was, “I am still young and I want to focus on studying.”

Pei Niancheng was the goddess of the school. Her drawing skills were first-rate, she danced ballet and she had good grades. The long line of people sending her love letters was blocked by her brother and he used the same reason. “My sister is still young and has to focus on studying.”

The classmates, “……”

‘The two of you are first and second in the whole year. Do you still need to focus on studying? What about the learning scumbags?!’


The children grew up and their differentiation finally arrived.

Their son differentiated into an alpha while their daughter was an omega. This was also expected by Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia. The siblings might be low-key but a lot of people were paying attention to them. The result of their differentiation soon became known to everyone.

A reporter asked Cheng Xia during an interview, “Cheng Xia, will your son or daughter inherit Tianxuan in the future? Is President Pei training them as heirs?”

Cheng Xia smiled and answered, “Brother Pei’s requirements for our children are strict but also very tolerant. He doesn’t force the children to do anything. They can choose what path they want to take in the future.”

The reporter then asked, “When the children were named, your daughter got the surname Pei and your son got the surname Cheng. Does President Pei prefer his daughter?”

Cheng Xia shook his head. “No, he just thought the name Pei Niancheng was more suitable for a girl. Brother Pei’s love for our two children is the same. He said that whoever he hands Tianxuan over to in the future depends on the children’s interests and abilities. He isn’t partial to any child.”

Cheng Xia always called Pei Shaoze ‘Brother Pei’ in every interview. This had never changed over the years. After getting married, he smiled every time he mentioned Pei Shaoze. Whenever the two of them attended an event together, Cheng Xia’s eyes were always full of trust and admiration when seeing Pei Shaoze. Such deep love in a person’s eyes couldn’t be fake.

Pei Shaoze was also fond of Cheng Xia. No matter what Cheng Xia asked him to do, he wouldn’t refuse. Every time Cheng Xia entered a crew to film, he would often go to visit the set. The relationship between the two people was stable and became the ‘immortal couple of the entertainment industry’ that the netizens most envied.

A few years later, the two children graduated with excellent grades.

Cheng Yize decided to study at the conservatory of music. Once he became an original singer, netizens joked, [A singer like Cheng Yize will go back to inherit the family business if he isn’t popular. He didn’t come out to sing to make money. This is really called ‘I am interested so I came to have fun’!]

After all, his net worth was terrible and he was part of the Pei family.

However, he had no interest in inheriting the family business. He was very talented and his songs were better than others. As a result, the coldest and richest singer made his debut in the music industry. He signed to Tianxuan Records when he was 18 years old and started to release his own albums. He soon secured his position as the little king of the music scene. His father Cheng Xia took the movies and television path while Cheng Yize took the music path. The alpha’s cold voice became a clear stream in the fickle singing world.

On the other hand, Pei Niancheng had a unique vision and could keenly smell which scripts had popular elements. Therefore, Pei Shaoze asked her to study at the company and finally gave Tianxuan Movies directly to his daughter. Pei Niancheng wore sunglasses and had a heroic appearance. She became the youngest and only omega female president in the circle. Everyone called her the ‘little President Pei.’

She was very good as a child and became famous in her first battle in kindergarten. No one in elementary school or high school dared to offend her. Now…

Who would dare look down on Tianxuan’s president?

Under the influence of Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia, their omega daughter was very powerful and her style was like Pei Shaoze’s back in the day. Their alpha son also didn’t take the common road. He wanted to hold concerts all over the world to make up for his father having no music awards in the trophy display cabinet.

Their family was like a cheat.


Years later, Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia retired together. Pei Shaoze handed over all of Tianxuan’s property to Pei Shaoyan and the children and rested in the house bought in Ya’an. They raised flowers and fished at home, living a relaxed and comfortable retirement life. Even with white hairs on their heads, they were still loving. They held hands every time they went for a walk.

Cheng Xia sometimes liked to joke, “Brother Pei, I don’t know how many years I can live in this life but I feel it isn’t enough time to be with you.”

Pei Shaoze gently let Cheng Xia lean on his shoulder. “I also don’t think it’s enough. As long as we can recognize each other, perhaps we can still be together in reincarnation and the afterlife?”

Cheng Xia smiled happily. “If there is reincarnation then I hope to meet you again.”

“…Me too.” Pei Shaoze held Cheng Xia’s hand and interlocked their fingers. “In the end, no matter who dies first, we must wait for the other person in another world, okay?”

Cheng Xia’s eyes were hot as he held his favorite alpha and said seriously, “Okay.”

The two of them didn’t suffer from any illness. They died on the same day and left peacefully.

Pei Niancheng and Cheng Yize attended the funeral of the two people in black suits. Pei Niancheng was already the president of Tianxuan Movies at this time and she looked calm as she slowly said, “For my two fathers, leaving on the same day might be the best ending for them in this world. No matter who goes first, the one left being will be sad and pained. I believe they left on the same day to meet in the next life.”

Cheng Yize, who had just started a concert tour, looked at their photographs and said, “The love of my fathers is the most beautiful thing in my mind. In the video of their wedding, they swore to the sea and the sky that they would only love each other and would be loyal and dedicated, never forsaking the other person. They really didn’t forsake each other and grew old together. Although Xiao Cheng and I are really sad about the deaths of our parents, we also believe that they will continue to be together in another world.”

The brother and sister bowed deeply to the two photos at the funeral.

In fact, it was Pei Shaoze who left first and Cheng Xia closed his eyes that afternoon.

Father Cheng Xia must’ve been reluctant to give up Brother Pei so he went to find Father Pei Shaoze. If there was a heaven, they would continue to hold hands in heaven. If there were an afterlife and reincarnation then they would meet again in the next life.

After all, they were so in love. Who was willing to leave the other person behind?

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