AM: Chapter 93

That evening, Pei Shaoze personally posted on Weibo. [@Cheng Xia, my favorite baby. You’ve worked hard. I will try to guard our family of four in the future.]

It was accompanied by a photo. He held Cheng Xia’s hand with his big hand and a baby’s hand was in Cheng Xia’s other hand. The fleshy hands of the two babies were placed on the palms of their fathers. The netizens trembled from the cuteness and congratulated them. [A family of four. Be happy!]

[President Pei is now a father, congratulations!]

[President Pei must be a good father. I’m envious of President Pei’s children. Isn’t this reincarnation too good?]

Cheng Xia had taken a break after filming the workplace drama some time ago and didn’t show up for half a year. Netizens had been wondering what Cheng Xia was doing in the second half of the year. Now they knew that he actually had children with President Pei and gave birth to two at once?

Omega actors having children were common. Shu Yue had previously returned due to pregnancy. Although Cheng Xia’s fans were happy that Cheng Xia had children, they were worried that Cheng Xia would leave the public eye. Many people said on Weibo, [Xia Xia won’t quit the circle, right?]

[No, we haven’t seen enough of your movies yet!]

Zhou Yan logged into Cheng Xia’s Weibo and posted. [I’m the agent Zhou Yan. Cheng Xia is resting in hospital and asked me to tell everyone that he won’t retire. Acting is his most loved career. He will be back after a period of rest.”

The fans were relieved and left congratulations on Cheng Xia’s Weibo.

Cheng Xia’s body recovered well and he was discharged from the hospital within a week. Pei Shaoze took Cheng Xia and the children back to Binjiang Villa. In order to welcome the birth of their children, Pei Shaoze completely renovated the second floor and created a children’s room for each of the babies. The back garden was also transformed into a small children’s playground.

He was worried it would be too hard on Cheng Xia so he also hired a professional nanny to take care of the children.

The two babies were well-behaved and soon adapted to the environment of their home. They didn’t cry and wake up their fathers in the middle of the night. Under the guidance of the professional nanny, they gradually developed the good habit of eating and sleeping on time.

The babies slept for over 18 hours a day. Pei Shaoze always walked lightly when he was home out of fear of waking up the babies. Every time he went into the nursery and saw the two babies sleeping with their eyes closed, he couldn’t help his heart softening.

They were small balls with a white face that was smooth and tender and long and thick eyelashes. Their small hands and feet moved restlessly. Sometimes when Pei Shaoze touched them, they would consciously grab Pei Shaoze’s fingers…

So cute.

Both children were ugly with wrinkled faces when they were firstborn. Then two months after returning home, their facial features gradually opened up and even double eyelids appeared. Both babies had big eyes that were clear and bright. They should’ve inherited Cheng Xia’s genes.

Pei Shaoze could faintly see the shadow of Cheng Xia from the children and he loved them even more.


Time flew quickly. The babies gradually rolled over, crawled, and could walk. They learned to call out ‘Daddy’ with their soft voices. They liked to stagger as they walked, holding open their arms with a smile while saying, “Daddy, hug…”

Pei Shaoze would gently hug the children every time. He had great strength and wasn’t tired from holding both of them at the same time.

On one occasion, the paparazzi took a photo of the family of four going out shopping. Pei Shaoze was wearing sunglasses and held a child with both arms. The young father holding the two children still walked steadily and seemed very stable. Cheng Xia followed Pei Shaoze with a smile on his face, carrying the toys he bought for the children.

The netizens couldn’t help teasing him. [President Pei is really considerate. He’s worried that Cheng Xia will be too tired carrying the child so he’s carrying two!]

[Cheng Xia is following President Pei and smiling so happily!]

[It feels like President Pei is bringing a baby, a baby, and a baby with him!]

[Cheng Xia, did you buy this toy for your children or for yourself?]

[I can see three building block toys. The princess castle is obviously bought for his daughter and the airplane is for his son. However, the difficulty to put together a sports car? That isn’t a child’s toy!”

[Cheng Xia, confess honestly. Did you secretly buy one for yourself while buying toys for the children?!]

Cheng Xia, “…You found out.”

In any case, he went to the store to shop. Was there anything wrong with buying a castle for his daughter, an airplane for his son. and a car for himself?

Pei Shaoze spoiled Cheng Xia very much. He turned a blind eye to Cheng Xia borrowing the act of buying toys for his children to buy something for himself.

Cheng Xia liked to take the two children to play with building blocks and taught them how to make all types of interesting things. Every time Pei Shaoze watched Cheng Xia sitting cross-legged on the carpet as the teacher with their two seriously studying children lying beside him, Pei Shaoze would feel that the scene was particularly warm.

The netizens were right. He had an older child and two young children. His Cheng Xia had a childish heart. He liked Cheng Xia who maintained this childish heart and was sunny and happy every day.

Under the influence of Cheng Xia, the two children quickly learned to put building blocks together. The building blocks display shelves at home weren’t enough so Pei Shaoze made another row of display shelves for toys made by the children themselves.

Their days were peaceful and the children were soon sent to a kindergarten at the age of three. On the day they had to go to kindergarten, the two children hugged Cheng Xia and Pei Shaoze’s legs. They cried and refused to leave. “Dad, I don’t want to go to kindergarten!”

“I want to play at home and hug my fathers!”

Cheng Xia was very helpless. In the end, Pei Shaoze directly picked up the two children and told them solemnly while walking toward the garage, “The kindergarten has delicious and fun things. There are also many children like you.”

The two children wiped away their tears and asked, “Really?”

“Of course, it’s true.”

The two of them personally sent their children to kindergarten. Their children found that there were indeed many children and immediately burst out into laughter.

It was a boarding kindergarten and the children would only be sent home on weekends. Cheng Xia and Pei Shaoze were usually busy with work but on weekends, they made time to go home and be with their children. Cheng Xia was responsible for teaching the children to play while Pei Shaoze would patiently show them some books.

As their children gradually grew older, their son became more and more naughty. He would always mess up his room so it looked like bandits robbing a village. Their daughter was also restless and liked to draw with colorful pens. Once, she even drew over Pei Shaoze’s suit with many colors.

Cheng Xia was worried that Brother Pei would be angry with the child when he came back. Unexpectedly, Pei Shaoze saw his colorful suit and the only reaction he showed was a slight twitching of the mouth. He turned his head and said solemnly, “Pei Niancheng.”

Pei Niancheng immediately hid behind Cheng Xia.

Pei Shaoze picked up the child and seriously told her, “The kindergarten gave you colorful pens to draw, not to scribble over everything and make a mess of your home.” He took the child to the children’s room. “I’ll turn two walls of this room into blackboard walls. You can only draw here in the future and you can draw anything you like. You aren’t allowed to doodle in other places. If I find you have done it again, I will confiscate your colored pens, understood?”

Their daughter hurriedly nodded in a frightened manner. “I hear you! I will only draw here!”

Pei Shaoze put her down and went back to educate their son. “Your own room needs to be cleaned up by yourself. If you knock things over then put them back.”

His son made an aggrieved look and complained to Cheng Xia. “Dad…”

Cheng Xia touched his head. “Be obedient. Go and clean up your room.”

Pei Shaoze might seriously educate his children but he never punished them physically. He was reasonable and let the children understand what they did wrong. Cheng Xia also knew that he only took the children to play. If this continued, the two little ones would become mischievous and naughty. He believed that Pei Shaoze was a good father so every time Pei Shaoze educated their children, he wouldn’t defend them.

He respected Brother Pei and listened to Brother Pei’s words very much. It was useless for the two children to use him as a shield.

The two children seemed to have discovered this as well. Father Cheng had the final say on buying toys and where to play. However, it was Father Pei who was really in charge of the family because Father Cheng listened to him very much!

After discovering that the one with the right to speak was actually Pei Shaoze, the two children didn’t dare to be too unrestrained in front of Pei Shaoze.

Every time Pei Shaoze came home, the two little ones were well-behaved. However, once Pei Shaoze was gone, these two could tear down their rooms.


One day, Pei Shaoze was in his office looking at files when the phone rang. The other party anxiously said, “Hello, are you the parents of Pei Niancheng? Your child had a fight with someone…”

Pei Shaoze’s expression immediately changed and he raced to the kindergarten. This was his first experience being called as a parent and his mood was very complicated.

Cheng Xia also arrived at the kindergarten with a worried expression. The two of them exchanged looks and quickly walked into the teacher’s office. The two children’s faces looked like tabby cats. Their daughter’s braids were scattered everywhere like a little madman while their son had mud and scratches on his face.

Cheng Xia felt distressed and hurriedly touched their children’s heads. “What happened?”

Pei Shaoze asked with a calm face, “What’s going on?”

Their son exclaimed angrily, “They bullied my sister first!”

Pei Niancheng was also unconvinced. “The person sitting behind me pulled at my braids. Once school was over, he called two people over to pull out my braids! They pulled at my hair together so I hit them with my brother.”

Cheng Yize glanced at Cheng Xia. “Dad, you said that if we’re bullied, we can fight back. Can we just sit back and be bullied? You also said that I’m the older brother and should protect my sister.”

Pei Niancheng added, “Yes, so I called him over and the two of us hit three people. They couldn’t fight us and complained to the teacher!”

Cheng Xia touched his nose with a guilty conscience.

Pei Shaoze, “……”

The world of children was a real headache. In addition, the two children fought so fiercely because they were taught by the big child at home.

Pei Shaoze couldn’t help feeling distressed at the scratches on his son’s face and his daughter’s messy hair. He turned to look at the teacher. “Since it’s the other child who acted first, there should be nothing wrong with my children fighting back, right?”

The teacher was embarrassed. “It’s just that they fought back too hard…”

This was when several other parents took their children into the office.

Pei Shaoze took a look. The three children’s eyes were swollen, one of them had lost a tooth and the other two had bright red blood at the corners of their mouths, a bruised nose, and a swollen face. The injuries on his son’s face were nothing compared to them. It could be seen that in the melee just now, his children didn’t suffer too much while the ones who bullied Pei Niancheng were beaten up miserably.

One parent cried out angrily, “Your son hurt my baby. Shouldn’t you pay for the medical expenses and apologize?”

”How did you educate your children? They actually fought in kindergarten!”

Pei Shaoze’s eyes were cold. “Didn’t your children start it first?”

Perhaps the momentum of the alpha in front of them was too strong. One of the parents stiffened and looked down at his son. “Did you start it first?”

The child saw Pei Niancheng and Cheng Yize and actually cried out of fear.

Pei Niancheng pointed to the other person and complained. “It’s him. He pulled out a dozen of my hairs and it hurts!”

The teacher gave a light cough and came out to explain. “We adjusted the surveillance and it’s indeed your child who bullied Pei Niancheng first. He called two friends to come and pull at Pei Niancheng’s braids. Then Pei Niancheng called for her brother to help. Cough, they might’ve been wrong when they fought back and caused your son to lose a tooth but the cause was indeed your son. I think it’s better for the parents to reconcile.”

The other parents felt guilty.

Pei Shaoze told them indifferently, “I will compensate you for the medical expenses but please teach your children not to bully Niancheng in the future.”

Pei Niancheng was too beautiful. Her hair was black and long but at this time, it was a mess. Pei Shaoze beckoned for Pei Niancheng to come over and gently tidied up his daughter’s messy hair. Then he took out a tissue and helped wipe the blood from his son’s face.

The surveillance video was in front of them and the other parents were too embarrassed to play tricks. They led their children away.

The situation was dealt with and Pei Shaoze took the two children home. On the way back, Cheng Xia felt a bit guilty while the two children were happy. “Dad was so handsome!”

“I knew that Dad would help us out!”

Pei Shaoze glanced at Cheng Xia and Cheng Xia avoided his gaze. Pei Shaoze couldn’t help chuckling, “Did you teach them to fight back when bullied?”

Cheng Xia explained with a red face, “I was like this as a child. I was short and always bullied. Then after hitting them, they became obedient…”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “Yes, it makes sense. The weaker a person, the more likely they are to be bullied.”

Pei Shaoze glanced at the excited appearance of the two children in the rearview mirror and told them, “Your father is right. You should fight back when bullied but you were too aggressive this time. There is no need to beat them until their faces are swollen and they lose a tooth.”

The two children lowered their heads guiltily.

Pei Shaoze added, “Since you like fighting so much, I’ll have you report to a class to learn fighting skills. However, you aren’t learning this to bully your classmates. It’s to protect yourself. Don’t take the initiative to beat up people, do you understand?”

The two of them exclaimed excitedly, “I hear you!”

“Thank you, Dad!”

Unexpectedly, the two children became famous in their kindergarten for their strong fighting ability.

Since then, the kindergarten students were afraid to bully them.

In the hearts of the young Cheng Yize and Pei Niancheng, Pei Shaoze might usually be strict but he was super handsome when he stood up to defend them! The other parents didn’t dare refute anything and were all honest when stared at coldly by Pei Shaoze.

A principled father like Pei Shaoze was their greatest support.

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