AM: Chapter 91

Pei Shaoze contacted a wedding company and booked a holiday island in Ya’an.

Xingfu Island wasn’t big and there was only one five-star resort hotel on the island. The reason why Pei Shaoze chose this place was because the name ‘Xingfu (Happiness) Island’ had a good meaning. Secondly, it was a private island. Ordinary tourists couldn’t go there without the permission of the owner. There was high privacy and they wouldn’t be disturbed by paparazzi.

It cost a lot of money to book the entire island but Pei Shaoze didn’t mind. He wanted to give Cheng Xia an unforgettable wedding and it was worth the cost.

After finalizing the wedding plan with the wedding company, the two of them went to order clothing. Cheng Xia always felt flustered regarding wedding matters and didn’t know what to do. Pei Shaoze made a reliable list and schedule and Cheng Xia just had to follow Brother Pei with ease. He followed Pei Shaoze wherever he went like a big follower.

The location of the beautiful photos was also a beautiful seaside location. They took many sweet photos in couple’s clothes. It might be tiring to be asked to take various postures by the photographer but Cheng Xia was very happy when seeing the final film. He would treasure these photos for a lifetime and take them out to look at them when he was free.

In the photo, Pei Shaoze was handsome while Cheng Xia’s smile was bright and dazzling.

Cheng Xia sent a few post-processed photos on Weibo and the fans screamed with excitement. [You two are a perfect match.]

[Cheng Xia is smiling so happily and President Pei’s eyes are so gentle when looking at Xia Xia.]

[A divine couple!]

After seeing Cheng Xia’s Weibo, Pei Shaoze liked the comment that said ‘You two are a perfect match.’

The fans, “……”

The usually serious President Pei would actually look at Cheng Xia’s Weibo and praise their comments?

They didn’t expect President Pei to be like this. He became gentle whenever it came to Cheng Xia. Many omega actors in the circle were jealous of Cheng Xia. Not only did he have excellent acting skills but he also met an alpha like Pei Shaoze who respected, protected, and cherished his omega! Did Cheng Xia save a galaxy in his last life to be so lucky?

The wedding date neared. On March 19th, Cheng Xia ad Pei Shaoze flew to Ya’an ahead of schedule and headed for Xingfu Island by ship.

The island owner received them personally.

This island was a holiday paradise. Since it was a private island not open to the public, the entire island was free of any waste and the visibility of the seawater was the highest among all the sea areas of China. The blue sky, white clouds, soft sand, and clear water made people feel better.

A five-star hotel had been built in the center of the island. In addition, there were many holiday villas built by the seaside. They could walk into the villa via the plank path on the beach and see the endless sea through the French windows on the villa balcony. There was also a swimming pool built in the sea outside the balcony. Swimming in this pool was like being in the sea.

Cheng Xia stood by the beach and held Pei Shaoze’s hand excitedly. “Brother Pei, this wedding island you chose is too beautiful!”

Pei Shaoze smiled and touched Cheng Xia’s head. “Do you like it?”

Cheng Xia was very happy. “I really like it! We will live in a villa with a sea view before the wedding?”

Pei Shaoze answered, “Before the wedding, we will live separately and go through the welcoming ceremony. Then after the wedding, we will stay here for a period of time and have our honeymoon as well. What do you think?”

Cheng Xia’s eyes lit up. “A honeymoon? That’s great!”

They might’ve been married for five years and were already considered ‘old husbands’ but Brother Pei was willing to stay for a while and have their honeymoon on such a beautiful island. Cheng Xia was as excited as when he was first in love.

On March 20th, the guests and their relatives all came to the island.

Pei Shaoze paid a lot of money this time. All guests were arranged to stay in villas and the accommodation fee for one night was calculated as 10,000 yuan. This treatment was too luxurious. There was also a large, red gift box with a card on it that said, ‘Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the wedding of Pei Shaoze & Cheng Xia. I wish you a happy life and all the best.’

The gift box contained chocolates and hand cream endorsed by Cheng Xia, essential oils personally selected by Pei Shaoze, exquisite suit cufflinks from an expensive brand, and a limited edition lipstick set just released this year. The highlight was a cute ball designed by Pei Shaoze himself to look like an ‘orange.’ The ball had the characters ‘Pei Cheng’ written on them. This ball could be hung from a backpack, keychain, or left as a souvenir.

Such attentive gifts showed how much importance Pei Shaoze attached to this wedding. The gifts received by all guests at this wedding were the same and it wasn’t based on popularity. In Pei Shaoze’s view, all those who attended the wedding and blessed them were his distinguished guests. He would give everyone the same respect.

The stars of the Tianxuan Group who came to the wedding posted on their Moments. [President Pei and Cheng Xia are really enviable. The custom-made orange balls are so cute!]

[The wedding of President Pei and Cheng Xia is on Xingfu Island. President Pei directly booked the entire island!]

More than half the people in the entertainment industry had come to this island. In these two days, there were more stars on the island than there were at the New Year‘s Eve galas of the major TV stations.

Up to the wedding day of March 21st, no photos of the wedding venue were posted online. Everyone consciously helped keep it a secret for the couple.

In the early morning of March 21st, Pei Shaoze’s wedding car drove to the hotel to pick up his spouse. Cheng Xia stayed in the hotel last night accompanied by his parents. Pei Shaoze held flowers and knelt in front of Cheng Xia on one knee, saying softly, “Cheng Xia, let’s get married.”

The certificate might’ve been obtained but such a formal proposal made Cheng Xia very happy. He smiled, took the flowers, and nodded seriously. “Okay.”

The wedding car circled the island before finally coming to the wedding venue. Both the guests and Cheng Xia were shocked by the scene.

There was a two-meter-wide glass plank road that went from the wide sandy beach to the middle of the sea. On both sides of the plank road were orange roses that Cheng Xia liked. Flowers covered this road of happiness. At the end of the road was an exquisite church for new couples to swear oaths. The beautiful wedding scene that was a combination of the sea and sky was more beautiful than the weddings in Cheng Xia’s dreams.

The warm wedding song played and the emcee announced with a smile, “Please welcome the two newlyweds!”

There was a viewing area beside the walkway and the guests had taken their seats in turn. In the midst of the warm applause, Pei Shaoze gently took Cheng Xia’s hand. The two people interlocked their fingers and walked together along the road of happiness to the glass church located on the sea.

The emcee started to ask, “Mr Pei Shaoze, are you willing to marry Cheng Xia, to cherish him, respect him, love him and stay with him until he is old?”

Pei Shaoze looked gently at Cheng Xia and said slowly, “I do.”

“Mr Cheng Xia, are you willing to marry Pei Shaoze, to cherish him, respect him, love him and stay with him until he is old?”

Cheng Xia nodded vigorously. “I do!”

“Please swear to the sky and the sea that from now on, you will only love each other, be faithful and devoted, to love each other, and never leave each other.”

Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia turned around together. There was the blue sky above their heads and the endless sea in front of them. With the sky and the sea as the witness, they earnestly read their wedding vows. No matter what happened in the future, they would walk together and never leave each other.

Once the oath was completed, Pei Shaoze officially put the wedding ring on Cheng Xia’s hand and Cheng Xia also placed a ring on his alpha.

The guests cheered while Pei Shaoze tenderly kissed Cheng Xia. Cheng Xia’s eyes were hot and he tightly hugged the alpha in front of him. The alpha’s kiss was as soft as the sea breeze blowing over the tip of his heart. After the kiss, Pei Shaoze pressed against Cheng Xia’s lips and whispered at a volume only the two of them could hear. “Cheng Xia, I love you.”

Cheng Xia’s eyes were red as he replied, “I also love you… I love you very much.”

Pei Shaoze smiled and took Cheng Xia into his arms.

Lovers embraced each other against the backdrop of the sea and the sky. This scene was too beautiful and intoxicating.

It wasn’t until evening that Cheng Xia’s official Weibo posted nine photos taken by a photographer.

The netizens were shocked by the photos. They didn’t expect the serious Pei Shaoze to have such a romantic side! The scene of Pei Shaoze kissing Cheng Xia and embracing him on the sea was so sweet that netizens sent their blessings. [Divine CP, you must be happy.]

[Cheng Xia has met such a good alpha. I am really satisfied as a fan.]

[I wish you happiness!]

The overwhelming number of messages made Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia’s wedding rise to number one on the hot search. A large number of celebrities forwarded blessing messages, showing the high popularity of the two people.

After the wedding, the atmosphere of the dinner was lively. The stars let go of themselves to play. Pei Shaoze’s childhood friends like Qin Yu, Qin Rong, Lu Xuan, and others also came to the scene. Lin Qianshu attended the wedding party with Lu Xuan.

Cheng Xia didn’t know this person and Pei Shaoze casually introduced them, “This is my cousin Lu Xuan’s fiance.”

Cheng Xia smiled and greeted them, “Hello cousin, hello Brother Lin.”

Lin Qianshu nodded and raised his glass. “I wish you a happy marriage.”

“Thank you.”

The two people who were deadly enemies in the original novel met now but just exchanged simple sentences of ‘happy marriage’ and ‘thank you.’ This was the butterfly effect caused by the modification of the plot. Pei Shaoze clearly remembered that in the original novel, Lin Qianshu returned to China and tried every means to target Cheng Xia when Cheng Xia was 22 years old. Later, Cheng Xia blackened and caused Lin Qianshu to drown in a car accident. This was when Cheng Xia was 25 years old and he came back for revenge after becoming an international star.

Now Cheng Xia was 25 years old and that dog blood plot hadn’t happened. Pei Shaoze drew a line with Lin Qianshu early and publicly stated that he would never like Lin Qianshu. After Lin Qianshu and Lu Xuan went abroad, they slowly got together and he heard they were preparing to get married.

Pei Shaoze didn’t care about the outcome of others as long as they didn’t come to hinder him and Cheng Xia. In this life, he only loved Cheng Xia.


On the night of the wedding, the stars left the island. Only the hotel staff and the new couple were left on the island.

The two of them moved into the sea villa with the best view. The first floor had a spacious living room, a kitchen, a sea balcony, and a swimming pool. The entire second floor was the master bedroom. A heart shape was formed out of petals on the bed and warm candles lit the room.

Pei Shaoze went to the shower to wash up. Cheng Xia watched the bed while his heartbeat like a drum. This room was decorated too romantically. Pei Shaoze soon came back. He saw Cheng Xia standing there in a daze and reached out to rub Cheng Xia’s head, telling him softly, “Go and take a shower.”

Cheng Xia went to the bathroom for a shower and opened the box that Qin Yu gave him. He remembered that when Brother Pei took him to greet a few childhood friends, Dr. Qin mysteriously slipped him this box and said with a smile, “It’s a release agent. I thought you guys would need it. There is no need for thanks.”

Cheng Xia stared at the box and blushed.

Since he stayed in the bathroom for so long without coming out, Pei Shaoze knocked on the door doubtfully. “Cheng Xia, what’s wrong?”

Cheng Xia stood under the shower water and his body was beautiful without any traces of imperfections. Even after being together for five years, Pei Shaoze’s heartbeat still sped up every time he saw Cheng Xia. He took a breath and walked over slowly. “You’re taking too long to wash up. Are you too embarrassed to come out?”

Cheng Xia was red-faced. “No. Dr. Qin gave me a release agent. Should I take it? After taking it, my estrus will come. I don’t know how many days it will last. I…”

Pei Shaoze stopped in front of him with gentle eyes. “It doesn’t matter. I will take good care of you no matter how many days it lasts.”

Did this mean to let him take the release agent? In that case, the honeymoon would indeed be much sweeter. Cheng Xia’s eyelashes trembled slightly as he lowered his head and said softly, “However, I didn’t bring contraceptives this time. If you hold me during my estrus then I might get pregnant…”

Pei Shaoze understood. It turned out Cheng Xia was worried about this. He turned off the shower, took a bath towel, and wrapped it around Cheng Xia. He gently hugged Cheng Xia back to the bedroom and asked softly, “Do you want a baby?”

Cheng Xia’s ears were completely red. “Yes, a little bit.”

He was 25 years old and it wasn’t too early to have a baby at this age. Moreover, he really wanted a baby who looked like Brother Pei. It would be super cute if there was a small version of Pei Shaoze behind him calling him ‘Dad.’

Pei Shaoze saw the red cheeks of the person in his arms and his heart moved slightly. He leaned toward Cheng Xia’s ear and whispered, “Then let’s do it. This time we won’t use contraceptives. I will learn how to be a good father.”

Cheng Xia, “……”

Cheng Xia was silent for a moment before speaking in a trembling voice, “T-Then I will take it.”

Pei Shaoze’s eyes were gentle. “Okay.”

The latest developed release agent allowed omegas to control their estrus time. Not long after Cheng Xia took it, the sweet and fragrant orange pheromones filled the room. This scent was really appealing to the extreme.

Pei Shaoze gently kissed his omega. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.”

Cheng Xia nodded with a red face and closed his eyes.

The two of them had been close since they got married but this time felt different. The wedding was publicly held, the pheromones release agent was taken and they negotiated to stop discussing contraceptives. If Brother Pei wanted him then there was a high probability he would become pregnant, right?

Cheng Xia was shy and nervous. He trembled as he hugged the alpha in front of him and completely gave himself to the other person.

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Aeanbelle Frost
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