AM: Chapter 90

Cheng Xia won Best Supporting Actor and became a popular actor in the circle. Countless crews threw an olive branch at Cheng Xia and even offered sky-high prices for Cheng Xia to act as the star. The directors in the circle had a very high evaluation of Cheng Xia’s acting skills and investors found that as long as Cheng Xia acted in a drama, there was a high probability it would explode.

To everyone’s surprise, his agent Zhou Yan turned down all contracts. She didn’t waver even if the crew offered tens of millions in payment. The reason for the rejection was unified. “Thank you for your appreciation of Cheng Xia. Unfortunately, Cheng Xia’s schedule for this year is booked. I hope we have the opportunity to cooperate again in the future.

This wasn’t an excuse made by Zhou Yan but the truth. President Pei had already made arrangements for Cheng Xia’s next work. The preliminary preparations for the establishment of Tianxuan Movies had been completed. The first movie to test the waters was a thrilling suspense movie. It invited countless big names in the circle. The director was Director Zhu and Cheng Xia acted as a reporter in the movie.

This movie was still produced by Pei Shaoze and he brought Pei Shaoyan with him to learn.

Just after the awards ceremony, gossip spread in the circle. “Cheng Xia has taken another suspense role. This time it’s a movie.”

Many people expressed their doubts. “He’s doing well in TV dramas. He won’t go to movies so soon, right?”

“He just won Best Supporting Actor in a TV series. Can he adapt to switching to movies?”

TV dramas and movies were all part of the same field but there was a big difference between them. Many TV stars who were good in dramas were a mess when making movies. Netizens felt that Cheng Xia had such a good development in TV dramas. There was no need to rush to the movie industry.

Then the moment the publicity for the movie ‘The Witness’ was released, all netizens felt hit in the face. Their faces hurt. Cheng Xia never played according to the usual cards.

Pei Shaoze’s suspense movie was his first foray into the movie industry. Since it was created by the original crew of Disappearing Traces, Director Zhu and his screenwriter teamed up again for a more compact and exciting plot than the online drama.

The shooting and production of this movie were very smooth. Pei Shaoze contacted the theaters ahead of it and set it for the Spring Festival released in February.

The Spring Festival was the most competitive time for movies. Family movies, animation, and big IPs were all squeezed together. A suspense movie released in such a festive time wasn’t really appealing. However, the overall performance of the Spring Festival was excellent, driving the box office up. In addition, the score of ‘The Witness’ kept becoming higher. It finally won third place among the Spring Festival releases.

First was a family movie and second was a comedy. The fact that the suspense drama could take third in the Spring Festival period is very impressive, not to mention that it was President Pei’s first foray into the movie industry. The final box office was as high as 1.2 billion.

Netizens were surprised to find that Cheng Xia, who excelled in TV dramas, could even hold the box office when he went to make movies!

The giant screen at the theaters would enlarge the flaws of the actors’ facial features infinitely. Cheng Xia’s features on the giant screen were still exquisite and handsome and his facial expression management and gaze transitions were also outstanding. After the trial movie, it could be said that Cheng Xia’s acting path had completely opened.

At the age of 21, Cheng Xia was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the movie circle.

At the age of 22, Cheng Xia won the Golden Antelope award for Best Supporting Actor in the movie industry.

Cheng Xia would film a TV drama and movie every year. He tried different styles and roles for TV dramas while acting steadily in movies. He started from niche suspense to police procedurals, gradually moving onto the male lead of big productions and IP dramas.

Many people said that Cheng Xia’s star road was different from other young actors. Most young actors took the ‘traffic idol’ route and relied on their faces to attract fans. Meanwhile, Cheng Xia took the ‘strength route’ from the beginning. He might be young but his acting skills were becoming better under constant polishing.

The 24-year-old Cheng Xia shot a thrilling action movie that had a single box office of over 5 billion yuan. His personal cumulative box office exceeded 10 billion and he finally won Best Actor at the drama awards and at the Golden Antelope Awards. He became the youngest ‘double awards’ winner in the circle!

The young and handsome Cheng Xia had become a household name and was one of the brightest rising stars in the entertainment industry! Cheng Xia’s fans were spread all over the country and there were countless fans.

His acting was widely recognized by the mainstream media in the circle. People who worked with him all said that Cheng Xia worked hard, never acted arrogantly, had a sunny personality, and was easy to get along with. He had no black spots and was also very good to fans. If any fans came to the airport to ask him for autographs and group photos then he would seriously meet the requirements of the fans.

Just then, a piece of news burst on the Internet. On Christmas Eve, the night of the awards ceremony, Cheng Xia was picked up by a mysterious black car.

The paparazzi filmed this car parking at a five-star hotel in Ya’an. Then Cheng Xia and a tall man in sunglasses entered the hotel one after another. The next morning, Cheng Xia came out of the hotel with his luggage to head to the airport. The average temperature of Ya’an in winter was above 28 degrees so Cheng Xia wore a white short-sleeved shirt, a cap, and sunglasses. He was fully armed and his face couldn’t be seen clearly.

However, there were very distinctive kiss marks on his collarbone. The unobstructed hickeys showed up on the HD camera. There were ambiguous traces and it was easy to imagine what happened between him and the other person in the hotel last night…

The melon-eating netizens immediately became excited and started to gossip. [Doesn’t this mean Cheng Xia has a secret boyfriend?]

[He was picked up in the middle of the night and went to the hotel. The tall man who followed him in the door must be his boyfriend. Otherwise, who would go to the hotel in the middle of the night to discuss a script?]

[This hickey… so shy. His boyfriend has no restraint.]

There were also fans who were angry. [Which basta*d alpha dared to bite our Cheng Xia? Come out and die!]

[No, Cheng Xia is ours. No alpha is worthy of our Cheng Xia!]

Public opinion gradually fermented and the photo of Cheng Xia with hickeys on his collarbone actually topped the hot search.

Cheng Xia, “……”

Looking at his fully armed self in the photo, Cheng Xia blushed and wanted to burrow into the ground. Last night, he and Brother Pei had a long goodbye. In fact, he initiated it because he was so happy about winning the double awards and was eager to share his joy with his alpha.

Pei Shaoze hadn’t seen Cheng Xia for a month and missed him very much. In addition, Cheng Xia took the initiative. It was naturally hard for him to control himself. He was more intense when they did it and left traces on Cheng Xia.

Cheng Xia had to go to the airport the next day. He covered his face tightly but he was in a hurry and forgot to cover the hickeys on his collarbone. He ended up being photographed by the paparazzi.

Cheng Xia nervously sent a message to Pei Shaoze. [Brother Pei, I wasn’t careful and was photographed by the paparazzi. What should I do?]

Pei Shaoze was very calm. [It’s fine. I’ll handle it.]

Cheng Xia refreshed the page again and found that the hot search was quickly withdrawn.

Netizens, [?? It was withdrawn so fast.]

[What is the situation?]

Pei Shaoze quickly withdrew the hot search because he didn’t want Cheng Xia’s photo to be seen by more people. In particular, how bad would it be if both parents saw it? After the hot search, the netizens who liked gossip started to search for clues of the ‘alpha culprit’ who kissed Cheng Xia and left traces on his body.

Some people even ran to Pei Shaoze’s Weibo to leave messages. [Tianxuan’s artist has been bitten. President Pei, don’t you care?]

[President Pei, quickly come out and directly hold a trial like you did last time. Send a lawyer’s letter and arrest the alpha!]

[President Pei said: Daring to bite my omega is looking for death!]

Pei Shaoze’s eyes swept over the comments area as he talked to himself, ‘I bit him. Do I have to catch myself?’

Soon, there was a ‘famous detective’ netizen who found an important clue with shining eyes. [The car that Cheng Xia took to the hotel is a limited edition sports car from a few years ago, the black model. I enlarged the license plate to see that it’s P1123. 1123 is President Pei’s birthday and P is President Pei’s initial. Do you understand?]

The netizens were shocked. [P1123? Such talent. You can actually see such a blurred license plate.]

[So the car that took Cheng Xia to the hotel belongs to President Pei?]

[The 1123 birthday is used as a license plate, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence!]

Someone zoomed in on the photo of the man walking into the hotel and locked onto the wristwatch. [This is a limited edition Patek Philippe, a watch that is worth millions. You can compare it to President Pei’s wristwatch taken at an event two months ago. It’s the exact same watch.]

Others used a magnifying glass to observe the man’s tie. [This tie looks very familiar. It’s a couple style with the one Cheng Xia wore at the awards ceremony!]

Some people even found photos from an event last year and discovered that Pei Shaoze was wearing a necklace that seemed to be a couple’s style with Cheng Xia’s one not long ago. The more they dug, the more terrible it was. They gradually found that Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia had many couple items that people hadn’t noticed!

The truth gradually surfaced. The eyes of the netizens were bright. No matter how tightly Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia hid it, they couldn’t hide from so many netizens looking for clues. In addition, the two of them had been affectionate since their marriage. They never wore couple necklaces and watches on the same occasion to avoid suspicion but it was inevitable that they would sometimes accidentally take out the necklace, cufflinks, and other accessories given by the other person…

The messages under Pei Shaoze’s Weibo became more intense. [President Pei, aren’t you explaining it?]

[Didn’t you say that you didn’t mark Cheng Xia? Was everything fake and for show?]

[President Pei and Cheng Xia aren’t explaining. Is it true?]

Public opinion on the Internet was growing.

Cheng Xia’s heart was torn. He knew that this matter was his own fault. Brother Pei didn’t say when they would announce it and it was his fault that he was accidentally photographed by paparazzi. He felt very guilty and personally drove home to apologize to Pei Shaoze. “I’m sorry. I was too happy after getting the prize that day and was photographed carelessly. I didn’t pay attention to my collarbone…”

Pei Shaoze’s voice was gentle. “Why are you apologizing? We’ve been together for so long. As a star, you should be psychologically prepared to be photographed by the paparazzi. Sooner or later, people will know about this.”

Cheng Xia was uneasy. “You aren’t angry?”

Pei Shaoze smiled and rubbed Cheng Xia’s head. “I’m not angry. Now that it has been exposed, there is no need to keep hiding it. Let’s make it public.”

Cheng Xia looked up at him. “You really want to make it public?”

“Yes, it’s time to tell everyone—you’re mine.”


The gossip about Cheng Xia and his mystery man continued for a day. That night, Pei Shaoze sent a message on Weibo and @Cheng Xia.

[@Cheng Xia is the person I love most in my life. We have already registered our marriage. I’m sorry I kept it from you for so long. We will make up the wedding at a later date.] A photo was attached to the post with the names ‘Cheng Xia’ and ‘Pei Shaoze’ clearly written.

The netizens, “……”

Those eating melons had their jaws drop to the ground!

President Pei was too efficient. Cheng Xia just had a scandal. In normal circumstances, the object of the scandal would at most declare ‘we are indeed a couple.’ As a result, President Pei directly skipped a step and showed the marriage certificate.

The netizen who left the previous message saying ‘Tianxuan’s artist has been bitten. President Pei, don’t you care?’ slapped himself. [You’re actually the one who bit him!]

The fans who left the message saying ‘no alpha is worthy of Xia Xia’ immediately changed their attitude. [If it’s President Pei then we can accept it.]

[It’s great that Xia Xia can get the love of President Pei. President Pei is quite reliable.]

[You got the certificate. Congratulations.]

Cheng Xia reposted Pei Shaoze’s Weibo post and replied, [I love you too.]

The netizens, “……”

Was this the beginning of a public show of love?

The paparazzi who previously broke the news and the netizens who gossiped about it felt embarrassed and deleted their posts. It was normal for a couple to make out after getting married. It was really bad for them to take photos of other people’s private matters.

People in the circle were shocked. In the past few years, Cheng Xia’s career had gone smoothly. The Tianxuan Group that Pei Shaoze ran was also flourishing. Due to Cheng Xia acting in every drama that Pei Shaoze produced, everyone guessed that the relationship between the two people wasn’t simple.

They didn’t expect the two people to actually receive the certificate!

Some people couldn’t help feeling sour. ‘Cheng Xia hugged a golden thigh which is why his career is so smooth.’ However, looking at the entire circle, how many stars were there hugging a golden thigh? Could Cheng Xia’s progress in acting be achieved? From the Best Newcomer award to Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor, and then a cumulative box office of 10 billion. The audience wasn’t blind. Cheng Xia couldn’t make such fast progress unless he had some skills.

Now Cheng Xia had conquered a large amount of the audience with his acting skills while his name was a box office and ratings guarantee. After the announcement of his relationship, there were few messages scolding him. There were a lot of envious and blessing messages. It was an immortal entertainment CP. One was a producer and the other was a leading actor. Each work was a guarantee of quality.

President Pei doted on Cheng Xia. He publicly said that Cheng Xia was the person he loved most in this life. It was really enviable.

A week later, many stars, directors, and screenwriters in the entertainment industry who had a good relationship with Cheng Xia received an invitation from Pei Shaoze. The wedding of Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia would be held on Xingfu Island in Ya’an on March 21st, Cheng Xia’s birthday.

For career reasons, Pei Shaoze owed Cheng Xia a wedding and honeymoon. He will definitely compensate his lover properly this time.

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