AM: Chapter 87

The day when the certificate was received, Pei Shaoze invited their parents of both sides to eat together. This was the first time they were meeting. Since the wedding hadn’t been held yet, Cheng Xia was too embarrassed to change the name directly to ‘Mom and Dad.’ Pei Shaoze also continued calling out ‘Auntie and Uncle’ since it was more natural.

At the dinner, Pei Sheng took the initiative to ask, “When do you plan to hold the wedding?”

Pei Shaoze stared at Cheng Xia with gentle eyes. “It’s according to Cheng Xia’s opinion. I can do it at any time.”

Cheng Xia blushed. “I will listen to Brother Pei.”

Both sets of parents, “……”

So who listened to whom? Did they need to show affection in front of their parents like this?

Pei Sheng coughed softly. “Then prepare well. Your wedding can’t be too hasty.”

Pei Shaoze leaned toward Cheng Xia’s ear and asked in a low voice, “How about in two years? Act well first and we will hold the wedding after we have a firm foothold in the movies and television industry. That way, the official announcement won’t affect your popularity.”

Cheng Xia readily agreed. “No problem!” In any case, the marriage certificate was already obtained. The public wedding was just to satisfy each other’s wishes. The date when it was held didn’t matter.

After the meal, Pei Shaoze took Cheng Xia back to Binjiang Villa. In order to welcome Cheng Xia, Pei Shaoze had rearranged the villa.

Cheng Xia changed into slippers and found that his slippers were a couple model with Pei Shaoze’s ones. He couldn’t help asking, “Brother Pei, you’re quite careful. Did you change all the daily necessities at home?”

“It’s welcoming a new owner so I naturally have to change to new ones.” Pei Shaoze took Cheng Xia’s hand and placed it on the fingerprint pad of the electronic door lock. “Enter your fingerprint. Later, you can return here at any time without bringing a key. Fingerprint unlocking is very convenient.”

In the future, this would be their home.

They still remember that on the first day they met here, Cheng Xia lost control of his pheromones. He was panicked and very embarrassed. Pei Shaoze politely wrapped him in a bath towel and gave him an inhibitor to let him maintain his dignity. It was also here on Pei Shaoze’s birthday that Cheng Xia took the initiative to give himself to Pei Shaoze. The two of them spent a sweet, three-day estrus together and Pei Shaoze gave Cheng Xia a lifetime mark.

This place was full of memories of their relationship.

He watched his fingerprint being entered and a soft electronic voice entered his ears. “Welcome home, Master.”

Cheng Xia’s heart seemed to be filled with warmth. He grabbed Pei Shaoze’s hand and interlocked their fingers together as he exclaimed happily, “I am also the owner of this house. Later when I want to come back here, I can just come without asking you?”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “Of course, this is your home and you’re always welcome.”

Pei Shaoze was moved by Cheng Xia’s bright eyes. He reached out and gently picked Cheng Xia up.

Cheng Xia’s body was carried into the air. He hurriedly hugged the alpha’s shoulder and asked with a red face, “Where are you going to carry me?”

Pei Shaoze softly replied, “I’m taking you to see our new bed in our bedroom.”

An alpha’s physical fitness was high and his breathing and footsteps were very steady as he carried Cheng Xia up to the third floor.

Cheng Xia was carried into the bedroom and looked around. The bedroom had a new, large double bed covered with light orange bedding. The French windows on one wall were covered with gray-orange blackout curtains.

The unused guest room opposite was transformed into a separate dressing room which was empty and obviously reserved for Cheng Xia. There were brand new toiletries in the bathroom of the master bedroom, couple bath towels, couple washbasins, couple toothbrushes…

He didn’t expect a cold person like Pei Shaoze to be so careful. The original cold, gray-black decoration was combined with orange accents and it made the whole house suddenly feel much warmer.

Cheng Xia leaned his head against Pei Shaoze’s chest, his eyes were a bit hot. “You’re so busy yet you took the time to rearrange the house. It’s hard work…”

Pei Shaoze’s voice was gentle. “After all, this is our home. It must feel like one. If you don’t like it then you can change it.”

“I especially like it!”

Pei Shaoze told him, “This is our home in Rong City. Later, we will go to Ya’an and buy another place according to your preferences. The environment there is good and we can make time to go there on holiday every year.”

Cheng Xia was excited. “That’s it! No matter how busy we are, we should take time to go on holiday together every year.”

“Okay.” Pei Shaoze nodded and carried Cheng Xia to the bed. “Today is the day we got the certificate and it’s also your 20th birthday. I was too busy during this time to prepare gifts so…”

Cheng Xia was placed on the brand-new bed and looked at the alpha leaning over him, ears slightly red. “So you want to give yourself to me?”

Pei Shaoze leaned toward his lips, asking in a low voice, “Do you want it?”

Cheng Xia hugged him with a red face and whispered, “Of course, I do. You’re the most precious gift God has ever given me.”

Such straightforward words moved Pei Shaoze’s heart. The answer to Cheng Xia was a deep kiss that was passionate enough to melt him.


The blackout curtains made the bedroom dim, making it difficult to distinguish between day and night.

The next day, it was already noon when Cheng Xia woke up and it felt like his body was about to fall apart. He really didn’t want to move a finger. Meanwhile, Pei Shaoze was refreshed and took the initiative to cook porridge and bring it to the bed.

Cheng Xia finished eating porridge and shrunk back into the bed, not wanting to get up. His eyes were red and he looked like he was bullied. Pei Shaoze gently kissed his forehead, held Cheng Xia in his arms, and asked softly, “Is your body better?”

Cheng Xia murmured, “It’s okay. However, I don’t dare to easily accept your gift. My small life will be tossed away by you.”

Pei Shaoze gently rubbed his head. “Sorry, my mood was too good after receiving the certificate and I was really out of control last night. I will pay attention to it later.”

He was usually calm and self-disciplined but his self-control would collapse the moment he met Cheng Xia. He wanted to crush Cheng Xia to pieces and merge Cheng Xia within himself. Pei Shaoze held Cheng Xia’s hand and said, “I asked Zhou Yan to give you a week off. There have been many things lately and you’re tired from shooting commercials continuously. We will have a good rest at home these days. After the wedding, we can go on a honeymoon, okay?”

Cheng Xia nodded. “It’s fine. Tianxuan Movies and Tianxuan Records have just been recently established. You’re busy every day yet you can still find time to rearrange this home. It isn’t easy on you. I don’t mind because the honeymoon doesn’t matter. With you, every day is a honeymoon.”

Pei Shaoze was slightly surprised. He reached out his thumb and touched Cheng Xia’s lips. “Your mouth is so sweet.”

Why was this little guy so cute? Did he grow up eating sugar?

No, Cheng Xia was no longer a teenager. He was 20 years old and had been eaten by Pei Shaoze several times, Physically and psychologically, he was already an adult omega. It was just that due to the big age gap, Pei Shaoze always felt that Cheng Xia was a child. Every time he saw Cheng Xia, he wanted to spoil and protect this person. Even if Cheng Xia was an adult, Pei Shaoze still had an old father’s mentality of ‘I want to protect him.’

Their way of getting along was sometimes like lovers and sometimes like an old father protecting his child…

It was a bit strange. Still, Pei Shaoze liked their relationship now. Cheng Xia’s eyes were full of respect, admiration, and attachment. Every time Cheng Xia’s bright eyes looked at him, he felt softness spread throughout his heart.

Under his protection, Cheng Xia could always maintain this simple, young, and sunny mentality. He would help cover his beloved baby from all the wind and rain.


This time period had really been too busy. The two people rested at home for a week and regained their energy.

Once Cheng Xia came back to work on time, Zhou Yan found that Cheng Xia had a very good complexion. He was youthful, his smile was bright, he was full of vigor and vitality and even his complexion was rosy. Zhou Yan couldn’t help wondering, “Cheng Xia, did you fall in love?”

Cheng Xia whispered, “Yes, Sister Yan. You guessed it correctly.”

Zhou Yan stared. “With whom?”

Cheng Xia smiled and looked at the man behind him.

Pei Shaoze came over and indifferently said, “I have obtained the certificate with Cheng Xia. You’re his agent and you should know about this. In the future, you will have to cooperate with us and help us keep it a secret.”

Zhou Yan, “!!!!”

This news was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day and Zhou Yan’s jaw almost fell off. Then thinking about it carefully, she felt that it was reasonable. She had seen President Pei’s care for Cheng Xia with her own eyes. The last time when Cheng Xia was injured, President Pei actually flew back in the middle of the night to visit him. Later, Cheng Xia was discredited and President Pei came forward to help Cheng Xia…

He protected Cheng Xia so much because he liked Cheng Xia?!

Zhou Yan’s mood was complicated. “You… do you plan to make an official announcement?”

Pei Shaoze answered, “Cheng Xia is still a newcomer. Once there is an official announcement that we are married, the netizens’ attention will go off-track. No matter how good his acting, some people will say he is relying on the boss. My hope is that everyone’s attention will be put on Cheng Xia’s works and acting skills. In two years when Cheng Xia’s career is stable then it won’t be too late to announce it.”

President Pei considered all aspects for Cheng Xia’s sake. No wonder why Cheng Xia didn’t hesitate to get a certificate with such a reliable alpha.

By this time, Zhou Yan had long regarded Cheng Xia as her own person.

President Pei Pei looked at Cheng Xia with a particularly gentle gaze while Cheng Xia looked at President Pei with love and adoration. The sweet atmosphere between them made Zhou Yan’s heart rate speed up. This was a perfect match! They looked so nice when standing together.

Zhou Yan was quite relieved that her younger brother had found a good home. She nodded seriously. “Cheng Xia’s career has just started and it really isn’t good to get married too early. Don’t worry, I will help you hide it. If you want to meet in private in the future, I will lead away the paparazzi.”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “Yes.” Then he changed the topic. “Have you chosen Cheng Xia’s next drama?”

Both of Cheng Xia’s dramas last year were very popular and he won the Best Newcomer Award. There were countless requests sent to the agent’s inbox. Many crews actively came to the door and wanted Cheng Xia to be the star.

During the Spring Festival, Zhou Yan had been reading scripts every day. She carefully selected three scripts and had shown them to Cheng Xia. Now she hurriedly gave the scripts to Pei Shaoze. “President Pei, the scripts of these three dramas are left after screening them. The crews are very sincere and want to invite our Cheng Xia to be a lead role. The payment also isn’t bad. Do you want to take a look to see which one is better?”

Pei Shaoze glanced at Cheng Xia and asked gently, “Which one do you like?”

Cheng Xia said, “I want to try the ‘Nine Princes’ costume drama! The protagonist of this drama is a young prince who was ignored. On the surface, he is a simple and harmless little rabbit. He kept being bullied and humiliated. If someone tramples on him then he doesn’t dare resist. Yet in fact, the little prince is very scheming and strategizing, eventually winning the seat of emperor. This role is like having dual personalities and it’s quite challenging.”

Pei Shaoze took the script and read the outline. “The character setting isn’t bad. This type of yin and yang role isn’t easy to grasp and it will be of great help to improving your acting skills. The director is Director Lin?”

Zhou Yan hurriedly answered, “Yes, I have read reviews about him. Director Lin specializes in directing costume dramas. The last few dramas he directed have good reputations.” She knew that President Pei valued the quality of the TV drama the most so she specifically checked the online reviews. Only then did she leave the script as an option.

Pei Shaoze simply decided. “Let’s do it. Cheng Xia hasn’t acted in a costume drama yet and can try a new look. Zhou Yan, contact the crew as soon as possible and say that Cheng Xia is willing to play a role in Nine Princes. Tianxuan will make an additional investment and I will be a producer.”

Zhou Yan, “……”

Once the crew heard the news, they would probably be excited enough to set off firecrackers! Today, the words ‘Producer Pei Shaoze’ had become an assurance of quality. Most netizens only knew actors when watching dramas and didn’t remember the director’s name, but Pei Shaoze was a special case.

This alpha was handsome, young, and promising. Not only did he invest in two dramas and made a lot of money, he personally came forward to do public relations and testified in court to protect the company’s artists, giving them a great sense of security. Combined with how he resolutely and relentlessly sent Cui Jue to prison during the great internal turmoil of Tianxuan and formally took control of Tianxuan’s power…

It was no wonder that such a decisive, handsome and wise boss would attract countless fans. Pei Shaoze even surpassed many alpha stars in the circle and occupied first place in the ‘Alpha You Most Want to Marry’ forum vote.

He now had 10 million followers on Weibo which was higher than many celebrities. He was indeed the most popular president in the circle. Netizens said that if they saw ‘Producer Pei Shaoze’ in the future, they couldn’t go wrong if they bought this drama with their eyes closed!

Zhou Yan started to message the crew.

Cheng Xia looked at Pei Shaoze and asked softly, “Do you want to invest in every drama I act in?”

Pei Shaoze walked up to Cheng Xia and gently hugged him. “Yes, Tianxuan’s additional investment means you won’t be wronged in the crew and no one will dare to despise you. Moreover, I believe in your acting skills. The dramas you perform in will definitely be popular. I will invest in you and make money.”

Cheng Xia corrected it. “It’s the opposite. The dramas you invest in are sure to be popular.”

“Two husbands are working hand-in-hand, isn’t it a win-win situation?”

The two people smiled at each other.

In the future, Pei Shaoze would be the producer and Cheng Xia would play a lead role. The husbands would work together and it was indeed a win-win situation. Cheng Xia could act in more dramas and improve his acting skills and status. Pei Shaoze could also make more money while running the Tianxuan Group.

They were already certified, legal partners. They complemented each other and would work hard together. They would go hand in hand to the top.

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