AM: Chapter 86

On the second day of the new year, Pei Shaoze personally took Cheng Xia home to see his parents.

Cheng Xia didn’t know what gifts to buy so Pei Shaoze simply took him to the mall first. Cheng Xia followed his example and bought jewelry for Pei Shaoze’s mother, red wine for his father, and a stand-alone new game for his brother Pei Shaoyan. They carried a bunch of big and small bags.

On the way home, Cheng Xia was uneasy. Pei Shaoze comforted him. “Don’t be nervous. I’ve already talked to them in advance.”

Cheng Xia was worried. “Are my clothes too casual? Should I change into a suit?”

Pei Shaoze smiled. “This isn’t an interview. What is the point of wearing a suit?”

“…I am more nervous than in an interview!”

Pei Shaoze saw Cheng Xia’s tense look and couldn’t help gently touching Cheng Xia’s head. “My parents don’t eat people. Rest assured, they won’t have a problem with the person I like.”

If it was before and Pei Shaoze took Cheng Xia home then Pei Sheng and Lu Manjing might oppose, thinking he wasn’t doing his job and was just fooling around. However, now Pei Shaoze had proven his ability. The market value of Tianxuan had doubled so Pei Sheng wouldn’t interfere in his son’s private matters.

In the eyes of his parents, Pei Shaoze was now a successful, mature, prudent, insightful, and independent son who made them proud. As long as the person wasn’t too bad, they could accept their son’s omega.

It was exactly lunchtime when they got home. Pei Shaoyan actively welcomed Cheng Xia at the door, calling him ‘Brother Cheng Xia’ affectionately. Cheng Xia gave Pei Shaoyan the gaming gift box. “Xiao Yan, happy new year. This is for you.”

Pei Shaoyan’s eyes shone. “Brother Cheng Xia knows me the best. Hehe, thank you!”

Pei Shaoze glanced at him lightly. “You’re allowed to play games at home during the holidays but after the annual leave, you’ll go back to work with me.”

Pei Shaoyan immediately reassured him. “You know that I can clear it in three days!”

Lu Manjing heard their voices and came over. She saw Cheng Xia and her gentle and loving eyes were the same as her son. “Cheng Xia, you’re here. It seems to be snowing outside. Are you cold?”

Cheng Xia smiled at her. “Auntie, it’s not cold.” He took out a gift box and handed it to the other person. “This is a New Year’s gift for Auntie and Uncle. Happy new year, I hope you have good health and all the best!”

Cheng Xia had a sweet mouth. Lu Manjing happily accepted the gift box. “You’re really sensible. Come in and sit!”

Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia changed into slippers and sat down in the living room. Pei Sheng was watching TV there. Cheng Xia almost blurted out ‘Chairman Pei’ but he quickly swallowed them back and changed his words. “Uncle Pei, happy new year.”

Pei Sheng nodded. “Come and sit down.”

After all, Pei Sheng was the founder of Tianxuan and he gave off a great momentum just sitting there. Cheng Xia was nervous but Pei Shaoze gently held his hand and told Pei Sheng, “Dad, I told Cheng Xia’s parents yesterday about the matter of marriage. Once Cheng Xia passes his 20th birthday, we will get the certificate first.”

Pei Sheng wondered, “Cheng Xia’s parents aren’t opposed?”

Pei Shaoze smiled slightly. “No, Uncle and Auntie are very reasonable.”

Pei Sheng nodded. “That’s good. You’re abducting people the moment Cheng Xia turns 20. I was worried his father would beat you up.”

Cheng Xia blushed and thought, ‘If Dad does that, I will stop him.’ In fact, it wasn’t Pei Shaoze who abducted him. He was the one who took the initiative to give himself to Brother Pei… strictly speaking, it was him who abducted Pei Shaoze.

Pei Sheng glanced at Cheng Xia. “Shaoze told me everything. He said that he liked you first and chased you for a long time?”

It seemed that Pei Shaoze had said this in order to make his family more accepting. He said that it took a long time to chase Cheng Xia so that his parents wouldn’t think Cheng Xia was deliberately clinging to the Pei family.

Cheng Xia’s heart warmed. “Brother Pei and I like each other and we naturally got together.”

Pei Sheng told him, “Shaoze didn’t act properly in the past few years. You know that the outside world’s evaluation of him wasn’t very good. He only knew how to fool around with his friends every day. Unexpectedly, he met you. Not only did he become sensible but he also focused on his career. The two dramas he invested in made more than 10 times the profit. It’s thanks to you that he turned back to being a prodigal son.”

Cheng Xia, “……”

What did Brother Pei say to his parents?

Pei Sheng added, “Cheng Xia, you can be considered someone who did a lot of merit for our family. In the future, keep an extra eye on Shaoze, okay?”

Cheng Xia looked dazed but he instinctively nodded. “I will.”

This was when he received a message on his phone that was sent by Pei Shaoyan. [My brother talked to our parents the other night. He said he used to be ignorant and wasn’t mature. Since meeting you, he understood what love is. The reason why he became hard-working and motivated in the past year is largely influenced by you. My mother was moved to tears after listening to it and my father said that you must marry into the family as soon as possible.]

Cheng Xia, “……”

Brother Pei really knew how to make things up? How could he become hard-working and motivated due to Cheng Xia? In his opinion, Pei Shaoze was born a strong person. His unique vision and resolute style weren’t something that Cheng Xia could influence.

However, the consequences of Pei Shaoze’s words were that his parents would respect Cheng Xia very much in the future and wouldn’t think Cheng Xia was clinging to a wealthy family.

Pei Shaoze’s actions behind the scenes made Cheng Xia’s heart fill with warmth. He looked over at Pei Shaoze who happened to be watching him. Their eyes met and Pei Shaoze softly held Cheng Xia’s hand while saying softly, “Did you hear my dad’s words. You have to take care of me more.”

Cheng Xia was red-faced. “Yes, Uncle. Rest assured that I will take good care of Brother Pei.”

Pei Sheng was extremely pleased.

Cheng Xia had a lively personality. Both his dramas in the first year of his debut were big hits so he was also smart and talented. Pei Sheng’s son was too cold. It would be nice to have a lovely omega accompany him.

Pei Sheng glanced at Cheng Xia. “Cheng Xia, you don’t need to feel pressured. You can continue to act after getting married. Neither Shaoze’s mother nor I are feudal parents. We won’t interfere with your freedom. Omegas can have their own careers.”

Cheng Xia immediately replied happily, “Thank you, Uncle Pei.” There was an example of an omega being raised in captivity at home after marrying a rich second generation. He had been worried that Chairman Pei wouldn’t let him continue acting. Fortunately, Chairman Pei was so enlightened!

Just then, Lu Manjing called everyone for dinner.

The family came to the dining room and sat down. Lu Manjing smiled and kindly gave Cheng Xia a dish. “You’re less than 20 years old and your body is still growing. You need to eat more meat to supplement your nutrition.” She also took out a red envelope and handed it to Cheng Xia. “By the way Xiao Cheng, this contains a bit of our hearts. Please accept it. Come here when you’re free in the future and I will make you good food.”

Cheng Xia carefully took the red envelope. “Thank you, Auntie.”

After dinner, it was inconvenient for the two of them to stay overnight so Pei Shaoze sent Cheng Xia home. Cheng Xia opened the red envelope in the car and counted it. It was 10,001 yuan. Pei Shaoze explained, “10,001, it means one in ten thousand.”

One in ten thousand? It seemed Brother Pei’s parents were quite satisfied with him.

Cheng Xia happily put the red envelope away. “Did Uncle and Aunt acknowledge me?”

“Of course, they both like you very much.”

Cheng Xia exclaimed emotionally, “Your mother is so young and beautiful. I heard that she is the only omega daughter of the Lu family?”

“Yes, she is the only omega daughter in her family and she has been favored since she was a child. She had a business marriage with my father. Grandfather is just 70 years old this year. I’ll take you home to meet my relatives.” Pei Shaoze paused and added, “I don’t have much contact with them at ordinary times so I just go around during the Spring Festival. If you don’t want to talk to them, you don’t have to go.”

Cheng Xia smiled. “I should go to your grandfather’s birthday party. After all, I am your…”

Pei Shaoze heard him get stuck halfway through and couldn’t help asking, “My what?”

Cheng Xia whispered, “Now it’s fiance, right?”

Pei Shaoze smiled and pinched his red face. “Yes, soon we will be married.”

Cheng Xia, “……”

He would get married at only 20 years old. It felt strange! Still, he didn’t mind getting married earlier if the person was Brother Pei.


After the new year, Pei Shaoze was busy establishing Tianxuan Movies and Tianxuan Records. Cheng Xia also resumed work. Zhou Yan’s inbox was crowded since he won the Best Newcomer Award last year and the two dramas he starred in exploded. All types of crews threw olive branches to Cheng Xia and the conditions were also very good.

Zhou Yan knew she wasn’t a particularly capable agent so she would discuss and decide everything with Cheng Xia. Once Cheng Xia resumed work, she first received a few advertisements for Cheng Xia. There was a famous domestic milk brand as well as a chocolate and snack food brand. They chose Cheng Xia to shoot commercials for them. The other was a first-tier skin care product line which Zhou Yan won a one-year endorsement contract.

Cheng Xia seriously cooperated when shooting the commercials and the brands working with him liked Cheng Xia’s character. His Weibo was full of advertisements, endorsements, and cooperation activities with the brand. Cheng Xia’s fans gradually started to panic. They couldn’t help leaving messages urging him. [When will Xia Xia’s new drama be filmed?]

[Why hasn’t there been any news?]

Cheng Xia wasn’t in a hurry. The script must be carefully selected. He couldn’t just shoot bad dramas and ruin his reputation due to good conditions. During this period of time, he had been slowly choosing a script with his agent and planned to pick up a new drama at the beginning of spring.

March soon arrived and Pei Shaoze’s Tianxuan Movies and Tianxuan Records officially opened.

Chen Yijun was transferred to the record company. In order to reward her, Pei Shaoze gave her some shares of the company. Chen Yijun started to look after newcomers and Tianxuan Records also cooperated with CNTV to hold a talent show to find new singers who could sing well.

As for the movie industry, Pei Shaoze picked a script and planned to cast for this movie in the second half of the year in time to be released during next year’s Spring Festival. On March 20th, Zhou Yan received a call from Pei Shaoze. “Give Cheng Xia a week off and push back his schedule.”

Zhou Yan didn’t know the reason but she still followed President Pei’s instructions and arranged it. At midnight on March 21st, Cheng Xia posted on Weibo. [I am 20 years old today and I have become an adult omega. Thank you for your company!]

There were immediately many blessings on Weibo. Fans filled the screen with comments wishing him a happy birthday. There were many fans who supported him by making posters, chibi version avatars, video clips, and so on.

Cheng Xia might’ve had no works in the past few months but the fans attracted by his two dramas were extremely loyal. The topic #Cheng Xia’s birthday# was sent onto the hot search.

Below his Weibo messages, one of the comments was from someone with an ID of ‘Younger Brother wants to Raise his Salary’. It said, [Xia Xia is 20 years old. You’re finally at the legal age of marriage!]

Many fans liked this comment and joked, [Xia Xia, marry me!]

[Xia Xia is married to me.]

[Let’s get the certificate!]

[Cheng Xia is mine. Don’t grab him…]

As a result, this comment became the number one hot comment.

Cheng Xia just had to look at the big dog head to know it was Pei Shaoyan’s side account. The ID of ‘Younger Brother wants to Raise his Salary’ was filled with an eager desire to survive. He didn’t know if the serious Brother Pei would increase his brother’s salary after seeing this?

A WeChat message suddenly popped up on his phone. [Happy birthday, baby.]

Cheng Xia looked at the word ‘baby’ and his cheeks flushed. [Thank you, Brother Pei.]

Pei Shaoze, [You’re at your parent’s house, right? I’ll pick you up at 8:30 in the morning.]

Cheng Xia was startled. [So early?]

Pei Shaoze, [Remember to wear a suit and bring your household book.]

Thus, the next morning, Cheng Xia got up and quickly washed his face and brushed his teeth. He put on a neat suit and a light blue tie. Jiang Qiong saw that her son was dressed up and suppressed her smile. “Are you going with Brother Pei to get the certificate?”

Cheng Xia blushed. “He said he would pick me up at 8:30.”

Cheng Yiming looked at his little cabbage and was very sad. “You’re getting a certificate the moment you reach the legal age. Are you so impatient?”

Cheng Xia told him, “Dad, getting the certificate is just to determine the marriage relationship. In fact, we have long identified each other in our hearts.”

Cheng Yiming waved his hands. “Go, go ahead. The legs have grown on you anyway. We can’t stop you.”

He said this but he carefully put the household registration book in the documents bag and handed it to Cheng Xia. He also gave a large bag of candy. “After receiving the certificate, remember to give the staff wedding candy.”

Cheng Xia went downstairs happily. Pei Shaoze was waiting for him in the garage. Once he saw Cheng Xia wearing a suit, he couldn’t help smiling happily.

The two people looked at each other. They were dressed up today because they had to take a photo for their marriage certificate. They wore couple ties and couple cufflinks tacitly. Even the shirts they wore inside were the same.

Pei Shaoze took Cheng Xia to the Civil Affairs Bureau. He had made an appointment in advance. After arriving at the Civil Affairs Bureau, he went straight to the office to fill out the information and have the photo taken on the spot.

When taking the photo, Cheng Xia was nervous. Pei Shaoze reached out and gently pulled Cheng Xia into his arms, telling this young man softly, “We will be legitimate husbands from now on. Don’t be nervous and be happy.”

‘Yes, from now on, Brother Pei would belong to him legally!’

Cheng Xia immediately had a smile on his face.

The photographer captured this scene and the photo looked really good. Both of them were wearing suits. Pei Shaoze had gentle eyes and Cheng Xia a bright smile. The shirt, tie, and suit were of the same style and they matched.

The marriage certificate was soon issued. The date was March 21st, 20XX, the day that Cheng Xia turned 20 years old.

The two staff members of the Civil Affairs Bureau in charge of this matter couldn’t help feeling emotional. “They came here to get the certificate as soon as the legal age was reached. President Pei really loves him.”

“The scandal of Cheng Xia climbing into Pei Shaoze’s bed and relying on Pei Shaoze to get roles is fake but they’re really together!”

”Oh, it’s too painful to keep this a secret. They’re a really good match…”

After stepping out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Cheng Xia squeezed the red book in his hand tightly, his eyes hot. “Are we really married?”

Pei Shaoze gently held his hand. “Yes. You’re only 20 years old and you’re set for a lifetime. Do you regret it?”

“How can I regret it? It’s great to be bound to you for a lifetime!” Cheng Xia hugged Pei Shaoze’s waist hard, looked up at him, and whispered possessively, “From today on, you are mine. It’s legally recognized.”

Pei Shaoze’s eyes became very gentle when he saw Cheng Xia’s ‘declaring sovereignty’ expression. He rubbed Cheng Xia’s head and seriously said, “Yes, I’m yours from body to soul. I only belong to you.”

Cheng Xia’s ears turned red as he stood on tiptoe to kiss the alpha’s cheek. “Me too. My body and mind belong to you only.”

‘In this life, I will only love you.’

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