AM: Chapter 7

Lin Qianshu’s scheming was for falling in love and didn’t pose much of a threat to Pei Shaoze. The person who really threatened Pei Shaoze was the one who took advantage of his love obsession to seize the power of Tianxuan in a calm manner.

The author had only touched on this incident lightly but the plot of the book world would automatically run. There must be some problems inside Tianxuan. It wasn’t an overnight thing that this person seized control of Tianxuan. It was a long-planned matter.

The ultimate winner of Tianxuan was Vice President Cui mentioned in the original novel. Cui Jue was the elder who was promoted by his father.

After Cheng Xia returned to China, Pei Shaoze pursued Cheng Xia brazenly and completely ignored the company. His father Pei Sheng was hospitalized due to his deteriorating condition. Vice President Cui took the opportunity to purchase shares and firmly grasped Tianxuan’s power with his own hands.

Later, Father Pei died of illness and the company fell into Cui Jue’s hands. Lin Qianshu was drowned in the car accident and Pei Shaoze was stabbed to death by Cheng Xia. The ending of Pei Shaoze in the original novel was really miserable.

Of course, the tragic ending was self-inflicted and didn’t deserve sympathy.

Now that Pei Shaoze had become the scumbag of the novel, he naturally had to prepare in advance to prevent Tianxuan from falling into the hands of outsiders. It was only in this way that he could protect Cheng Xia in the entertainment circle. At present, his father was still the chairman of Tianxuan Group. He would take advantage of his father’s power to implement some plans.

Pei Shaoze arrived home and found his mother watching TV in the living room. Seeing him push open the door into the hallway, the well-maintained woman immediately greeted him with a smile. “Shaoze, why did you come home today? You should’ve told me. I would’ve prepared you some food.”

The woman’s name was Lu Manjing and she was a rich omega lady who had been raised in a greenhouse all her life. She never suffered much. Once she grew up, she married his father Pei Sheng. His father held her in the palm of his hand and she was very doting of her two sons.

In kindergarten, Pei Shaoze deliberately bullied a beta child and injured the other child’s head. Instead of teaching her son, she used her relationship to kick the child severely injured by Pei Shaoze out of the kindergarten. There were many such things. In any case, in Lu Manjing’s eyes, her son was never wrong. This was her unprincipled spoiling and why the original 26 year old Pei Shaoze was a big baby.

Pei Shaoze had transmigrated and didn’t have any deep feelings for this ‘mother.’ Still, he had taken her son’s identity so he had to maintain the mother-child relationship on the surface. Pei Shaoze heard this and replied, “Mom, I have eaten. Is Father here?”

Lu Manjing spoke softly, “He is in the study upstairs. Are you looking for him?”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “Yes. Mom, you keep watching TV. I need to talk to Father about something.”

He came to the study on the second floor and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Pei Sheng thought it was his wife coming to deliver fruit. He hadn’t expected it to be his oldest son who opened the door. Pei Sheng immediately frowned in an unhappy manner. “What are you doing here?”

His son was cynical and played around with a group of rich second generations every day. There were 365 days in a year and he spent 300 days outside drinking, rarely going home or to the company. Pei Sheng was so disappointed that he would get an angry headache every time he saw his son.

Pei Shaoze went to the sofa and sat down. “I have something to discuss with you.”

Pei Sheng spoke impatiently, “Is it Lin Qianshu again? Are you going to die with this heart? Lin Qianshu and Lu Xuan are already engaged. He isn’t the only omega in this world. I can’t disregard my reputation and beg the Lu family to cancel the engagement for you!”

“……” Pei Shaoze answered softly, “It has nothing to do with Lin Qianshu.”

Pei Sheng stared at him. “What is it? Did something happen with you outside?”

In his eyes, Pei Shaoze was an unfilial son who would never find him for something good. It was no wonder why he was tired of his son.

Pei Shaoze spoke calmly, “I hope that you will convene a shareholders meeting as the chairman.”

“???” Pei Sheng gazed at his son with surprise. “Shareholders meeting? What are you going to do?”

“I have some reform plans that need to be approved at the shareholders meeting.” Pei Shaoze explained calmly. “The current management system of Tianxuan was set over 10 years old and it is very chaotic. The level of artists is uneven and the agent team is a mixture of crooks mixed in with honest people. It will definitely be a problem after some time.”

This was the first time his son was speaking seriously about the company. He couldn’t react for a while.

Pei Shaoze opened the laptop he brought with him. “I have compiled some plans today. You can take a look first. If you think it is feasible then I hope you can support me at the shareholders meeting.”

Today, Pei Shaoze had taken care of Cheng Xia in the bedroom while reading the company’s information and writing up several plans. He had been operating an entertainment company in the real world for eight years and could see with one glance the many problems that currently existed in Tianxuan Entertainment. He could also think of some targeted reform measures. He just had to get the chairman first and the other restless executives could be slowly cleaned up.

Pei Sheng looked suspiciously at the plan on his son’s laptop. Then the more he looked, the more shocked he became. He couldn’t believe that his ignorant and incompetent son could point out so many problems sharply. Pei Sheng frowned and asked, “Where did you get this plan?”

Pei Shaoze was composed. “I know I used to not be competitive and made you disappointed in me. It is understandable that you don’t trust me now. However, don’t you want to give me a chance to try it? Don’t you want me to go down the right track?”

Pei Sheng’s heart jumped. Previously, his son had looked impatient every time he mentioned the company. It was rare for him to be so serious. Perhaps his son had really grown up and become aware? As long as he was willing to focus on his career then Pei Sheng naturally wouldn’t question it.

Pei Sheng thought up to here and spoke simply, “Okay, I will give you this opportunity. I will notify all shareholders of a meeting tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock. It is up to you to persuade them.”

Pei Shaoze nodded and stood up. “Father, rest early. I will go back to the company first. There is some information I haven’t read.”

Pei Sheng’s eyes widened. His son was so serious he was actually returning to the company to work overtime? Was the sun rising in the west? Did his son really start to understand things properly?!


Pei Shaoze drove back to the company and took the exclusive elevator to the president’s office on the top floor.

The office on the top floor of Tianxuan was very spacious. It had an area of nearly 100 square meters. In addition to the desk, bookcase and comfortable sofa, there was a small suite next to it with a bedroom and bathroom. This allowed people to sleep directly at the company after working overtime late into the night.

He sat at his desk and asked in his mind, “System, are you there?”

Two consecutive tasks had been rejected and the system had already given up on Pei Shaoze. It was dozing off and woke up after hearing the call. [Yes, what is it?]

Pei Shaoze asked, “I came to the book world. What happened to me in my original world?”

System 1022 replied, [You are naturally still asleep in your original world. You can understand it as a parallel space where what happens here won’t affect the other world.]

Pei Shaoze was thoughtful. “In other words, no matter how long I stay here, the time of the original world will be stuck on the night when I was drunk? As long as I complete the task and go back, I can wake up in the original world?”

[Yes, but you can’t stay here forever. The timeline of the novel Accidental Mark is five years. Therefore, that is the longest period of time for you to win over Cheng Xia. If all your player points are deducted or the time is up and the task isn’t completed, your consciousness will be obliterated and Pei Shaoze in the original world will be unable to wake up.]

Pei Shaoze nodded. “I see. Then you rest.”

Five years and 100 points of good impression or he would die completely in both worlds.

Pei Shaoze gently pinched his eyebrow. If he hadn’t personally experienced this bizarre thing, he wouldn’t be able to believe it could happen to him.

That night, he checked the information until very late and simply slept at the company.

The next morning, Pei Shaoze got up on time at 7 o’clock. After washing, he changed into the suit hung in the closet, tied his tie in the mirror and went downstairs for breakfast. By the time he came to the company after breakfast, the employees were coming to work one after another.

A sharp-eyed person recognized Pei Shaoze. He stared wide-eyed at the person quickly walking toward the elevator. The news immediately spread in the company’s internal gossip group. “President Pei seems to have come to the company!”

“F*k, so early? It is only 7:30 a.m.”

“Are you sure you saw it correctly?”

Someone sent a photo of Pei Shaoze. “No mistake, it is President Pei!”

The man in the photo was tall and wearing a dark grey suit with no expression on his handsome face.

The company’s gossip group boiled over. “Why did he suddenly come to the company?”

“His expression doesn’t look good. Did something happen?”

“President Pei rarely comes to the company and today he is wearing a suit. It isn’t quite right…”

Zhao Wenxiu held his phone and saw a lot of messages popping up in the gossip group. A chill went down his back.

President Pei called to see him. Was he perhaps angry about what happened last night? Seeing that the agreed upon time was approaching, Zhao Wenxiu had no choice but to walk into the company.

Assistant Zhang Fan was also frightened early in the morning. He came to the company at 7:30 a.m. in order to make some preparations in advance. Yet when he walked into the office, he met a pair of deep eyes. Zhang Fan’s fingers shook and he almost threw his coffee. He couldn’t believe it and murmured, “P-President Pei? You are here so early…”

Pei Shaoze hummed casually.

Zhang Fan’s heart was full of ups and downs. He looked at the man sitting at the desk and always felt that Pei Shaoze’s aura today was very different from before. Perhaps it was due to the suit but the alpha in front of him looked a bit majestic, making people afraid to look directly into his eyes. He was completely different from the usual silly Pei Shaoze.

Zhang Fan asked anxiously, “Have you eaten breakfast? Should I go downstairs to buy some food?”

Pei Shaoze answered, “I have eaten. Go to the surveillance center and get a copy of the surveillance video from the night before last.”

Zhang Fan was taken aback before immediately following instructions. Some time later, he handed a laptop and a copy of the surveillance video to Pei Shaoze. Pei Shaoze opened the video, fast forwarded it and scanned the video.

It was exactly 8 o’clock when Pei Shaoze ordered without raising his head, “Have Zhao Wenxiu come in.”

Zhang Fan went outside. Zhao Wenxiu was waiting nervously in the corridor of the top floor. After seeing Zhang Fan, he approached and asked, “Why is President Pei looking for me? Assistant Zhang, please tell me about it.”

Zhang Fan smiled bitterly and shook his head. “I don’t know. President Pei isn’t quite right today so you go see for yourself.”

Zhao Wenxiu felt horrified. He took a deep breath, clenched his fists, adjusted his expression and walked into the president’s office.

Pei Shaoze’s eyes were originally focused on the laptop screen. After Zhao Wenxiu entered the room, he raised his head and glanced at the other person. Then he asked in a cold tone, “You are Zhao Wenxiu?”

The man’s eyes were deep and very calm.

Zhao Wenxiu’s heart beat like a drum and he reluctantly squeezed out a smile. “Yes, President Pei. Why are you looking for me?”

Pei Shaoze turned his laptop around and showed the surveillance video where Zhao Wenxiu secretly added medicine to the juice and handed it to Cheng Xia. “After the annual meeting the night before yesterday, an omega of the company suddenly appeared in my bedroom with his pheromones out of control. You did it, right?”

Zhao Wenxiu, “……”

F*k!! He prepared a whole set of lines. He didn’t even have time to say a word when…

Pei Shaoze directly threw the surveillance video into his face?

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