AM: Chapter 66

Pei Shaoyan suddenly received a call from his older brother in the middle of the night, requesting him to fly to Ya’an on the next flight in the morning. Pei Shaoyan found it strange and asked softly, “Didn’t you tell me to read the information at home and finish the scenario analysis as soon as possible? Why do I have to go to Ya’an now?”

Pei Shaoze told him, “I have to go back to Rong Cheng for something. You come here to learn from Director Zhu.”

Pei Shaoyan immediately understood and corrected it with a smile. “No, it should be to help you take care of Cheng Xia while learning from Director Zhu as well.”

“……” Pei Shaoze frowned and didn’t bother to argue with his younger brother about the details. He simply said, “Take the flight at 10 o’clock tomorrow. You will arrive in Ya’an at 12:30 a.m. My assistant has already booked the ticket for you. This is your first time on your own so pay attention to safety.”

Pei Shaoyan shrugged. “I’m 18 years old and you don’t have to worry about me!”

Pei Shaoze instructed softly, “After you arrive at the studio, send me your location.”

Pei Shaoyan immediately made a bitter expression. “Brother, are you still afraid that I will sneak out to play? Where is the most basic trust between brothers?”

“You’re my assistant now. After you complete the boss’ work arrangement, it’s your duty to report back in a timely manner.”

Pei Shaoyan, “……”

He had wanted to take this opportunity to slip out to play in the afternoon before going to the crew to report in the evening. It seemed that his brother knew him too well. He couldn’t run away even if he went to Ya’an alone. Pei Shaoyan sighed before saying, “I understand, President Pei.”

Pei Shaoze hung up the phone.

He actually wasn’t at ease letting his brother travel alone so he arranged for someone to covertly protect his brother on the same flight. Still, Pei Shaoyan was 18 years old and should slowly become sensible. Pei Shaoze couldn’t watch him every second. He could only hope that his younger brother could make a bit of progress.


The next day, Pei Shaoze flew back to Rong City early in the morning. After the flight landed, Pei Shaoyan took another flight to Ya’an. At lunchtime, Cheng Xia saw a familiar figure running toward him and stared intently with doubts. Wasn’t it Xiao Yan, President Pei’s assistant? How could he suddenly appear at the studio?

Pei Shaoyan ran over and gasped for breath in front of Cheng Xia. “Brother Cheng Xia, long time no see. Hehe.”

Cheng Xia, “???”

What was with this pleased laugh? Cheng Xia nodded at him and wondered, “Why are you here? Didn’t President Pei return to Rong City today?”

Pei Shaoyan whispered, “It’s because he went back that he sent me over to you to be your bodyguard.”

Cheng Xia didn’t hear it clearly and gazed at the young man in front of him in a puzzled manner.

Pei Shaoyan returned to his senses and replied properly with a smile, “Ah, it’s like this. President Pei is very busy. He’s going back to deal with the review and arrangements of Folding Paper. Isn’t this Disappearing Traces jointly produced by the Tianxuan Group and Linhua Films? Our Tianxuan can’t have no one present so President Pei asked me to come over and be the producer along with Linhua’s people.”

Cheng Xia suddenly realized. “It turned out to be like this. It’s hard work on you.”

Pei Shaoyan hurriedly waved his hand. “It isn’t hard work. I’m nominally the deputy producer. In fact, President Pei just wants me to follow Linhua’s supervisor and Director Zhu around to learn more. Hehe, I’m lacking experience so I’m taking this opportunity to learn.” He took out his phone and turned on the camera. He stood next to Cheng Xia and said, “Brother Cheng Xia, come and take a photo with me. I need to report to President Pei that I am here.”

After hearing that the photo would be sent to President Pei, Cheng Xia immediately smiled brightly at the camera. Pei Shaoyan pressed the capture button and sent the photo to his brother. [Is the person next to me enough to prove I’ve arrived at the crew?]

Pei Shaoze ignored his younger brother in the photo and set his eyes on Cheng Xia. The young man’s condition looked very good and he was full of energy. Pei Shaoze smiled and saved the photo before replying, [You’re obedient. Then go and report to Director Zhu.]

Pei Shaoyan put away his phone and told Cheng Xia, “I will go to report to the director. Brother Cheng Xia, goodbye!”

He hurriedly turned away and ran while carrying the suitcase. Cheng Xia watched him from behind while feeling curious. Compared to the serious and rigorous Assistant Zhang, this little Assistant Yan did things too freely. It was already weird enough that he changed seats to sit with Shen Kai on the plane. Then today, he ran away like he was being chased by a wolf?

Cheng Xia took out his phone to send a WeChat message to Pei Shaoze. [Brother Pei, your assistant Xiao Yan just came to report to the crew.]

Pei Shaoze replied, [I know. If he messes around in the crew then tell me.]

Cheng Xia was puzzled. [Messes around?]

Pei Shaoze didn’t want to hide this from Cheng Xia and simply explained, [To tell you the truth, he is my younger brother called Pei Shaoyan. He messed around too much in school so I gave him the name Yan Mo and took him to the company to look after him personally.]

Cheng Xia, “……”

They were actually brothers? No wonder why Brother Pei took Xiao Yan around with him wherever he went.

After knowing Xiao Yan’s true identity, Cheng Xia finally figured out the reason for this person’s strange behavior such as changing seats to sit with Shen Kai on the plane and pretending to leave when President Pei was sick so the two of them had the night to get along. It turned out that everything the younger brother did was for Cheng Xia to be alone with Pei Shaoze? It was really a younger brother with good intentions.

Cheng Xia couldn’t help exclaiming, [Your brother is so sensible?]

Pei Shaoze, [Sensible?]

How was he sensible?

Cheng Xia sent over a smiley emoji. [Don’t worry. I will help you look after your younger brother.]

Pei Shaoze, [Yes. Director Zhu is a well-known suspense drama director in the industry and the producer sent by Linhua Films is an experienced producer. I hope my younger brother can learn more from them and that he won’t make trouble.]

Cheng Xia, [There are so many people in the crew and I don’t think Xiao Yan will act indiscriminately. If anything happens then I’ll tell you in time.]

Pei Shaoze was relieved.


Pei Shaoyan reported to Director Zhu and said he was sent by President Pei to study. It was a person sent by Tianxuan and the crew naturally couldn’t neglect him. Director Zhu patiently arranged work for him and asked him to help Producer Xu from Linhua Films.

Linhua’s Producer Xu was a beta woman who was around 35 years old and was quick to do things. Pei Shaoyan sweetly called her ‘Sister Xu’ and they soon became familiar with each other. He was very diligent when serving tea and pouring water. Sister Xu liked this little guy very much and taught him a lot about being a producer.

Of course, every time Cheng Xia was filming, Pei Shaoyan would sit next to the director as a producer. Yet in fact, he was taking out his phone to earnestly help shoot videos of Cheng Xia acting. Once he returned to the hotel at night, the videos he took during the day would be refined and processed into a small video with music to be sent to his brother.

Pei Shaoze wondered, […Did I ask you to be a paparazzi?]

Pei Shaoyan was confident. [I’m learning shooting skills. This is the lens processing method I learned from Director Zhu today? Doesn’t it look good?]

Pei Shaoze didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Perhaps it really was because of Director Zhu but his younger brother’s shooting skills made a qualitative leap.

Pei Shaoze might be in Rong City but he could see Cheng Xia’s shooting progress every day, including what style Cheng Xia changed into and what outfits he wore that day. There was also the ‘front-tier paparazzi’ Pei Shaoyan reporting to him in real-time…

Pei Shaoze rubbed his temples and thought to himself, ‘If my younger brother is willing to use this cleverness on studying scripts then he will definitely make a lot of money in the future.’


Over the next few days, the relationship between Cheng Xia and Pei Shaoyan became more harmonious.

Now that he knew Pei Shaoyan was Pei Shaoze’s younger brother, he could see the similarities with the eyebrows and eyes. The more Cheng Xia looked, the more he felt this younger brother was very handsome and cute. Cheng Xia was an only child and he always wanted a younger sibling. Therefore, he simply took Pei Shaoyan as his younger brother and took care of Pei Shaoyan. He would take the initiative to give Pei Shaoyan any snacks and delicious foods that his assistant brought.

Cheng Xia was 19 years old and Pei Shaoyan was 18 years old. The two of them were around the same age and had no generation gap. They communicated on the same channel. Cheng Xia knew Pei Shaoyan’s favorite singer and he had even played Pei Shaoyan’s favorite online game. There were many common topics.

Within a few days, Pei Shaoyan became clear about Cheng Xia’s hobbies. When he was free, he would run to the nearby supermarket to buy a lot of Cheng Xia’s favorite snacks. In order to increase the crew’s good impression of  Cheng Xia, he would buy more snacks and distribute them to the crew.

The staff members especially liked this handsome ‘Yan Mo.’ There was something delicious to eat every time they saw him. Who wouldn’t like him? The food of the crew had been upgraded to a higher level due to Pei Shaoyan’s existence. Even the director would eat peanut seeds when filming.

Cheng Xia saw him buy so many things and couldn’t help feeling distressed for this person’s wallet. He asked privately, “Xiao Yan, is your pocket money enough? The snacks aren’t expensive but you buy so many every day. Isn’t it a lot of money?”

Pei Shaoyan wanted to shed tears on the spot and he sighed with a bitter face. “Alas, it’s too hard on me! My salary of 5,000 yuan a month is barely enough. However, President Pei isn’t here. If I don’t do anything then won’t a newcomer like you be bullied?” He leaned mysteriously toward Cheng Xia’s ear and said, “I checked the movie and television forums. Many people say that filming will be smoother if you develop a good relationship with the crew. The easiest way is to buy snacks and fruit. They won’t embarrass you if they eat the snacks you buy every day.”

Snacks such as biscuits and melon seeds cost around 100 yuan a day and it didn’t add up to 5,000 yuan a month. This was nothing to celebrities and wasn’t worth mentioning in President Pei’s eyes. However, Pei Shaoyan was very pitiful right now because his family had cut off his source of income. His older brother, President Pei was very strict. If Pei Shaoyan spent most of his money to buy snacks then wouldn’t he have no money to spend on himself? This type of thing should be done by the agent or assistant. It was unexpected that Pei Shaoyan would think so carefully.

Cheng Xia thought about it and suggested, “Then you buy the snacks for me and I will reimburse you for all the money you spend in the future.”

Pei Shaoyan’s eyes lit up but his mouth said, “Is this okay?”

Cheng Xia laughed. “Don’t be polite. I should do this. I have money myself. How can I let my younger brother spend money?”

Pei Shaoyan was taken aback. “Younger brother?”

Cheng Xia leaned over and whispered, “Your brother told me. You’re Pei Shaoyan, his younger brother.”

Pei Shaoyan smiled and scratched his cheeks. “This is fine. Haha, then we don’t have to act toward each other. Should I call you Sister-in-law privately? You’re a boy. Isn’t it a bit strange to be called Sister-in-law?”

Cheng Xia blushed. “Just call me Brother.”

Pei Shaoyan wondered, “When will he take you home to see our parents? My mother asks me every day about who my brother likes and what they look like. I almost became annoyed to death! My brother told me to keep it a secret and I don’t even dare to talk about the two of you.”

“There is no hurry. He is doing this for me. I’ll visit Uncle and Auntie when the time is right.”

Pei Shaoyan smiled and nodded. “My brother used to be very lacking and often went outside to play at night. After meeting you, his temperament changed drastically. Apart from working all day, his mind is only on you. I can see that he really loves you. The last time when you were injured, he went crazy and drove to the airport in the middle of the night. His expression was as dark as the bottom of a pot. I have never seen him care so much for a person.”

Cheng Xia nodded earnestly. “I know.”

Pei Shaoyan followed up by saying, “If you have anything you want to know then you can ask me!”

Cheng Xia asked curiously, “Has he ever been in love before?”

Pei Shaoyan shook his head. “No, I can guarantee this. He might like to go out with that group of friends but most of the time, it’s going to private restaurants to drink. My brother is actually quite principled about his private life. He thinks that the clubs aren’t very clean so he never messed around outside. You should be his first, hehehe.”

Cheng Xia thought with a red face, ‘Your brother is indeed very principled. Until now, he hasn’t marked me, even temporarily.’

Most alphas and omegas couldn’t help going to the last step and marking each other once their relationship was confirmed. It turned out that Brother Pei was just inexperienced and embarrassed?

The alpha genes contained a desire to conquer and their physiological needs were stronger than betas and omegas. Many alpha adults would find a friend to solve their physiological problems. Before meeting a lover with who they wanted to stay together for a lifetime, it was common for alphas to find temporary partners online.

Today’s era was very open. There was no need to guard oneself before marriage and many people remarried after getting a divorce. In fact, Cheng Xia didn’t mind Pei Shaoze’s past at all. He just didn’t expect that Pei Shaoyan actually said that Pei Shaoze never even had a temporary partner?

Therefore, Brother Pei was inexperienced and worried about hurting him when marking him. This was why he wasn’t in a hurry to occupy Cheng Xia? Brother Pei was really too gentle.

Cheng Xia thought that once the time was right in the future, he should be the one to take the initiative. If Pei Shaoze couldn’t do it then Cheng Xia would do it. After all, there was the high school omega’s physiology class and the teacher had explained it in great detail. Cheng Xia’s theoretical knowledge was high and he took 100 points on the test…

He might have no actual experience but an omega definitely understood his own body much better than an alpha. Cheng Xia felt that if he taught Brother Pei, the marking process should be much smoother?

Cheng Xia blushed and thought about it. He secretly made up his mind. It was June and Brother Pei’s birthday was in November. If Brother Pei was really embarrassed and respected him so much that he didn’t mark Cheng Xia in half a year, once the time came, Cheng Xia would deliver himself to the door and teach Pei Shaoze how to mark an omega.

Thus, it was happily decided.

The author has something to say:

Cheng Xia: Brother Pei has no experience so he is too embarrassed to mark me. He didn’t learn properly in physiology class. I can only teach him.

Pei Shaoze, “……?”

Proofreader: Cat

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Er La Inertia
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