AM: Chapter 64

Pei Shaoze also felt that he had gone a bit too far just now. He made the young man’s mouth swollen. Perhaps it was because they hadn’t seen each other in a week. These days, he had been dreaming about Cheng Xia and about holding him. The moment Cheng Xia entered his arms, his calmness and integrity disappeared.

This loss of control feeling was a bit strange. Pei Shaoze covered his mouth with his hand, coughed uncomfortably, and changed the topic. “Eat these snacks first. It isn’t good to keep them after opening it.”

Cheng Xia nodded. The two of them sat at the table and ate the snacks that Cheng Xia had brought.

Pei Shaoze played another two episodes of Folding Paper for Cheng Xia and the time quickly reached 6 o’clock. Then their phones rang at the same time. It was a message that popped up in the crew’s group chat. [@All members, everyone go downstairs for dinner tonight. It’s Director Zhu’s treat!]

The two people exchanged looks before Pei Shaoze got up. “I will go out first to see. If there are no problems then you can go back to your room.”

An omega actor being discovered in his boss’ room wasn’t very good. Pei Shaoze went out to investigate first before waving to Cheng Xia in the room. Cheng Xia quickly went out and slipped back to his room. Then he pretended to casually go downstairs to eat.


The next morning, the entire crew came to the Ya’an Movies and Television Studio.

This was Cheng Xia’s first time coming to the movies and television studio. He met several crews on the way, including those who were shooting costume dramas and gunfight movies. As the country’s largest movies and television studio, countless excellent works were born here every year. Cheng Xia was extremely excited and followed Director Zhu to the shooting location.

The boss of Linhua Films and Pei Shaoze took to the stage to speak separately. The promotional posters were also marked with the words ‘co-produced by Tianxuan Entertainment + Linhua Film’. It was only at this time that Cheng Xia learned President Pei later added another 10 million yuan in investment. If Cheng Xia hadn’t been selected for the role of Xu Ziyang then President Pei wouldn’t have invested money in an unfamiliar crew. The additional investment was obviously for him.

Immediately after the opening ceremony, the actors were called for an interview with reporters. The reporters in the audience surged and the microphones almost reached their faces. Cheng Xia was shocked. He hadn’t expected so many reporters to come today. Director Zhu’s name was indeed too famous. This time, the attention received by the crew of Disappearing Traces had far surpassed Folding Paper.

Reporters scrambled to push their microphones forward.

“Cheng Xia, how did you get the role of Xu Ziyang when you don’t have any previous works?”

“Is it due to Tianxuan making an extra investment and forcing you into the crew?”

“Why do you want to play an alpha police officer when you’re an omega. Is it for deliberate hype?”

“Do you have confidence in yourself? Can you play such a complicated role?”

This time, Pei Shaoze didn’t make arrangements with the reporters in advance so the questions were quite sharp.

Cheng Xia was obviously a bit flustered when facing the siege of so many reporters for the first time. Then he soon calmed down, picked up the microphone, and replied earnestly, “Tianxuan did add more investment but it wasn’t to help me grab the role and force me into the crew. Rather, it’s after I got the role through the audition that the company made additional investments to ensure the shooting of the drama can be smoother.”

A reporter immediately mocked his head. “You mean that in a competition against countless alpha actors, you relied on your strength to win the role? These alpha actors aren’t as good as you, an omega playing Xu Ziyang?”

Cheng Xia looked at the male reporter wearing glasses and wondered, “Why can’t I win the role based on strength? This reporter friend, are you so biased against omegas that you think omega actors should give way to alphas?”

The reporters at the scene, “……”

This counter-question hit the nail on the head so that the reporter instantly shut up. Zhou Yan had wanted to go forward to help. However, the usually sunny and lovely Cheng Xia was actually so sharp when facing reporters.

In this distance, Pei Shaoze saw this scene and frowned slightly.

He wanted to keep Cheng Xia behind him so that Cheng Xia wouldn’t suffer. However, if the eagle wanted to fly high in the sky then it needed to learn to face the cold. He couldn’t be by Cheng Xia’s side all his life. Once Cheng Xia became more famous, he would encounter situations like unfriendly reporters, dirty media, black fans, and the water armies. He had to learn to deal with these unfavorable public opinions by himself.

Pei Shaoze was distressed seeing the young man besieged by reporters but he knew he couldn’t raise Cheng Xia to be a sweet and silly child who only relied on him. Instead, he wanted Cheng Xia to become an independent superstar who could win the recognition of the media and fans. Any superstar should learn the skills to face the media alone.

The interview ended with this less than pleasant atmosphere and Director Zhu’s expression was ugly.

Disappearing Traces wasn’t very smooth at the beginning. In the beginning, in order to increase the investment, they went to more than a dozen companies, large and small. They finally got the money and selected good actors. As a result, the two main actors canceled their contracts successively. Now, Cheng Xia, an omega was chosen to perform a reverse role. Cheng Xia wasn’t well known so it was natural to be questioned by the media.

Zhu Zheng’s face was calm. “They won’t believe it no matter the explanation we give now. It’s only when the drama comes out that they will know how wise I was to select Cheng Xia! Once they see Cheng Xia’s crying scene, all of them will be apologizing for today’s doubts and prejudice!”

Pei Shaoze suddenly asked, “Director Zhu, do you believe in your own vision?”

Zhu Zheng nodded. “Of course.”

Pei Shaoze calmly told him, “I also believe that our Cheng Xia won’t let you down.”

Zhu Zheng, “……”

Looking back, he found that President Pei always looked calm but his eyes were focused on Cheng Xia doing the interview in the distance.

Zhu Zheng couldn’t help smiling. “This little guy looks quite obedient but he turned out to be a tiger pretending to be a kitten! His claws are sharp. Fortunately, his heart isn’t fragile and he hasn’t started crying after being scolded by the reporters. Cheng Xia’s combat effectiveness is very strong and he shouldn’t be affected by a few questioning voices.”

Pei Shaoze thought to himself, ‘How can my Cheng Xia not be strong? In the original novel, he stabbed the scumbag to death while keeping himself clean.’

He really behaved like a kitten at ordinary times but when he needed to fight, he would immediately stretch out the sharp claws of a tiger.

This was what Pei Shaoze liked the most. If Cheng Xia encountered something then he wouldn’t be afraid or flinch back. He would find a way to solve it. Cheng Xia’s mentality had always been very good. Otherwise, if it was an ordinary person who received the abuse in the original novel, they would’ve had a mental breakdown.

Director Zhu saw Cheng Xia coming over here and took the initiative to comfort him. “Those entertainment reporters are afraid when the world isn’t chaotic. They think you’re easy to bully because you’re a newcomer so they asked tricky questions. You don’t have to take it to heart.”

Cheng Xia smiled brightly. “It’s fine, Director Zhu. I will use facts to prove that their doubts are unreasonable. You chose me because I am suitable!”

Zhu Zheng’s heart softened and he patted Cheng Xia on the shoulder. “Very good. Go do the styling to take the makeup photos.”

Cheng Xia was taken by his agent to get his makeup done. This time, Cheng Xia’s makeup artist was a very gentle omega sister. Since Cheng Xia was only 19 years old, his temperament was a bit young to be playing the 22-year-old Xu Ziyang. She had to make Cheng Xia a bit more mature.

The stylist brought the clothes over and Cheng Xia wore it. Cheng Xia put on the blue police uniform and the hat before adding a prop gun to his waist. He stood in front of the mirror and almost seemed reborn. He didn’t recognize himself.

Pei Shaoze opened the door and saw this picture—Cheng Xia was in uniform and standing in front of the mirror, arranging the brim of his hat. Uniforms are indeed easy to enhance the appearance of people. After putting on the uniform, Cheng Xia’s immaturity from his school days instantly faded away. There was a handsomeness that was between a teenager and an adult and he even showed a bit of the shrewdness and bravery of a criminal investigations police officer! In particular, people couldn’t move their eyes away when he made a big smile.

Cheng Xia saw Pei Shaoze in the mirror and immediately turned around to give him a salute. This was taught by Instructor Lin when Pei Shaoze took him to the police academy. Cheng Xia was very capable of learning and his salute posture was quite standard.

Pei Shaoze’s heart was moved. Cheng Xia was really handsome in such an outfit. It couldn’t be seen that he was an omega and there was no sense of disobedience in his image. The young man in front of him was like a trainee criminal police officer who just walked out of the police academy and was full of enthusiasm and hope for life!

The tall, capable, vigorous, and heroic police officer was a completely different person from the usually youthful and lovely sunny young man.

Cheng Xia’s plasticity was really too high. He looked like who he was acting.

Zhou Yan had come in with President Pei. She saw Cheng Xia’s new look and immediately took out her phone to snap several photos of Cheng Xia from the front and the side.

Cheng Xia was a bit embarrassed seeing Brother Pei staring at him so deeply. He put his hands down and asked seriously, “President Pei, Sister Yan, do you think I look like Xu Ziyang?”

His body was slender and well-proportioned with no hint of fat. His straight legs were tightly wrapped by the tailored uniform pants and the black belt tied around his waist made his waist look extraordinarily thin. His feet were in clean leather shoes and his entire outfit was neatly ironed. The image of a young and handsome criminal investigations police officer was really amazing.

There were many people around and it wasn’t convenient for Pei Shaoze to make any intimate actions. He walked up to Cheng Xia and stared at this young man with gentle eyes. Only then did he nod appreciatively and say in a low voice, “You’re very handsome and you suit Xu Ziyang’s character design.”

Zhou Yan also praised him. “Cheng Xia, you’re really good-looking in uniform! The makeup photos this time will definitely absorb another wave of face fans!”

Cheng Xia was embarrassed by the praise but the praise of the two people made him a bit more confident.

After a while, the deputy director asked him to go to the studio to take the makeup photos.

Cheng Xia was playing a police officer and his actions shouldn’t be too strange. He took a few photos with serious expressions according to the instructions of the photographer. He also took out the fake gun from his waist and made several shooting actions while smiling at the camera as required…

30 minutes later, the photographer was satisfied and handed it over for post-editing.

The woman who was in charge of photoshopping the photos later was very picky as she thought about which one looked good. Pei Shaoze walked over, looked at the photos on the computer, and said lightly, “Use this one, the frontal photo with the smile…also, send me all the photos of Cheng Xia for the company’s publicity.”

The woman had no doubts and sent the photos to Pei Shaoze’s inbox.

For publicity? There was naturally no need for so many photos. Pei Shaoze just wanted to collect the photos of Cheng Xia wearing the police uniform as a souvenir.


That evening, publicity for the start-up ceremony of Disappearing Traces spread across the major websites.

The previous suspense dramas filmed by Director Zhu had a very good reputation and the ‘Investigation Notes’ series ranked among the top three in the must-see list for suspense enthusiasts. When this drama was announced, it already attracted a lot of attention from netizens and the media.

Later, Shu Yue retired and couldn’t act in it any longer. The crew was forced to open auditions and this set off a small wave. Netizens were very much looking forward to who would play the final role. The moment the posters came out, the online comments were immediately divided into two types.

Professor Lin’s actor was a 30-year-old actor and his image and temperament were consistent. In addition, his qualifications were there, and not too many people questioned it. However, Xu Ziyang’s actor was actually an unknown newcomer?

Many face fans said, “This newcomer is very handsome!”

“His looks are quite consistent!”

It was just that most of the fans questioned it. “Does Director Zhu also bow his head to money? This is obviously Tianxuan using money to force him into the crew!”

“I heard he has only acted in a school drama. He dares to play Xu Ziyang at this level? Doesn’t he have any ideas in his heart?”

“He will definitely ruin this drama. If he plays Xu Ziyang well then I will live broadcast myself eating a keyboard upside down!”

“He is just a vase. Aren’t there a few beautiful newcomers in the entertainment industry? I really don’t know why Director Zhu chose him. Is this the pressure of capital?”

“So disappointed!”

Due to a large number of doubts, the topic #Cheng Xia playing Xu Ziyang# actually ranked in the top 10 of the hot search.

Cheng Xia’s Weibo once again received a lot of follows and the number of fans exceeded one million, but most of them were questioning him. Only a small number of passersby fans who watched Cheng Xia’s performance in the MV at the beginning said they were looking forward to it and would wait until the drama was aired.

Cheng Xia was scolded by the netizens and went on the hot search.

He sat on the bed and looked at the large number of negative comments on his phone with slight confusion. He knew that explaining now was useless. Netizens wouldn’t believe him, especially those angry keyboard guys who were full of malice toward him like he had dug up their ancestral grave. He would have to kill himself in order to appease their anger.

It was simply inexplicable. Director Zhu naturally chose him because he did well! They didn’t even wait for the drama to start airing before scolding him.

Cheng Xia ignored the messy speculation and doubts. He just forwarded the crew’s post with an additional message. [Congratulations to the Disappearing Traces crew. June 6th is an auspicious day and I hope the next filming will be smooth. I will try my best to play Xu Ziyang! [Jiayou][Jiayou]]

The netizens who came to scold him, “???”

They scolded him onto the hot search yet he didn’t even give them a look. He was still here saying ‘Jiayou, jiayou?’

Cheng Xia smiled and thought, ‘I won’t drop the ball even if you scold me.’

‘Wait for my drama to come out and I welcome the black fans turning into fans, thank you!’

The author has something to say:

It isn’t just surface sunshine. Cheng Xia’s mentality has always been very good.

He took the initiative to imagine marriage and children. His steps are much faster than President Pei so how can he be knocked down by black fans? 🙂

Proofreader: Cat

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