AM: Chapter 56

On May 21st, Pei Shaoze returned to the crew. Pei Shaoze saw the familiar figure in the distance. He was just about to walk toward Cheng Xia when Cheng Xia turned around. The young man’s eyes widened before he gave a brilliant smile. This pair of clear and bright eyes cut through the vast sea of people and stared into Pei Shaoze’s heart.

Pei Shaoze’s heart softened and he immediately took a big step toward Cheng Xia.

Cheng Xia took the initiative to speak, “President Pei, you’re back!”

Pei Shaoze’s eyes were gentle. “I heard the crew is going to finish ahead of schedule?”

Cheng Xia nodded. “Yes, the recent filming progress has been relatively smooth. The filming was originally planned to be completed at the end of the month but the task was completed a week ahead of schedule.”

Today they just had to shoot the finale. After the shoot, the finale banquet would be held. This was also why Pei Shaoze rushed back to the crew. The staff at the scene were ready and the deputy director shouted, “Cheng Xia, start!”

Cheng Xia smiled at Pei Shaoze. “Then shall I go to the studio?”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “Yes, go ahead.”

Cheng Xia came to the leafy path and matched the lines with Shen Kai. Then he folded a boat on the spot and tucked it into his pocket as a prop. Director Liu waved at the two of them. “Okay? Get ready to start!”

The camera started working and Cheng Xia and Shen Kai walked side by side under the trees.

The weather today was really good. The sky was clear and the tree canopy above their heads blocked most of the sunlight, leaving only some rays scattered on the two people. The wind blew and light and shadows were mottled. Two high school students in school uniforms walked beside each other. The scene was recorded by the cameras and it was as beautiful as a fresh and natural landscape painting.

Once they reached the middle of the green path, they looked at each other and smiled for a moment. Cheng Xia suddenly took out the folded paper boat from his pocket and handed it to the other. “I have a gift for you. I hope you will have smooth sailing in the future.”

Shen Kai took the paper boat and found there were some words on it. He curiously opened it and saw a neat line of words: I want to go to the same university with Lu Fengyang and be together forever—Qin Nian.

Shen Kai’s hands trembled slightly as he stared at the young man in front of him. This person’s smile was warm and bright while his eyes were full of Shen Kai. Finally, Shen Kai couldn’t help reaching out and embracing Cheng Xia. Cheng Xia also hugged him back.

After a long time, Director Liu shouted, “Cut!”

The finale effect was great. There was just a bit of regret. If it wasn’t for President Pei wanting to keep it clean until the end, there should’ve been a kiss scene here.

Forget the kiss scene. Pei Shaoze just saw Shen Kai look at Cheng Xia with that look in his eyes and them hugging each other and his unhappiness reached the peak. If there really was a kiss scene, he would probably lose his patience and stop the shooting. Fortunately, the two separated after the director called for them to stop.

Pei Shaoze stood up and spoke indifferently, “The two of you worked hard. The final party at night is once again on the third floor of the hotel.”

There was a loud round of applause. “Great!”

”We finally finished. Congratulations!”

From mid-February to mid-May, the drama took nearly three months to complete. There might’ve been an accident where Cheng Xia was stabbed but overall, the progress was fairly smooth.

The atmosphere at the finale banquet that night was very high. Director Liu came to the stage and said a few words excitedly. Then he was toasted by everyone in turn. He became drunk and took Pei Shaoze’s hand, repeatedly declared, “President Pei, you’re the best producer I have ever seen. Hahaha, let’s cooperate again if there is another chance in the future!”

Finally, Screenwriter Xu dragged Director Liu away.

Shen Kai also drank some wine and smiled while pulling Cheng Xia over to speak to him. “Cheng Xia, in my eyes, you will definitely be popular in the future. I have filmed so many online dramas and you’re really the most dedicated omega actor I have ever seen…”

Cheng Xia was embarrassed at the praise and hurriedly told him, “You’re also very good at acting. You have taught me many things. Let’s work together again if there is an opportunity in the future!”

Pei Shaoze didn’t drink today. Now he saw the two people chatting and his eyes became cold. ‘In the future? I won’t let you have a chance to be together again. Cheng Xia, starting from today, forget about Shen Kai. It is enough to have me by your side.’

Pei Shaoze walked over to block Cheng Xia and spoke indifferently, “Shen Kai, your performance in Folding Paper this time is very good. Jiayou.”

Shen Kai was stunned. He didn’t expect President Pei to suddenly come to him. He immediately sobered up 70% and hurriedly straightened. “Thank you for giving me this opportunity, President Pei.”

Pei Shaoze glanced back at Cheng Xia and his eyes became gentle. “Come with me.”

Cheng Xia sensibly followed. Most of the staff had been drinking and the venue was a mess. Not many people paid attention to the two of them. Pei Shaoze took Cheng Xia to the stairwell and closed the door smoothly. He faced the young man’s eyes and his gaze gradually softened. “Are you full?”

Cheng Xia smiled in a sunny manner. “You asked me to come over just to ask if I am full?”

Pei Shaoze’s smile curved up gently and he naturally reached out a hand to affectionately touch Cheng Xia’s head. “I naturally have something important to discuss with you. You just finished a drama. Do you feel tired? Do you want to continue shooting the next drama or do you want to rest?”

Cheng Xia hurriedly answered, “It’s fine, I don’t feel tired at all! I like filming and will be bored when I’m idle.”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “Okay. After returning to Rong City, come to my office with Zhou Yan to talk about the future arrangements in detail. As for now…”

Cheng Xia was puzzled. “What now?”

Pei Shaoze looked down at his watch. “Go back and sleep.”

Cheng Xia, “……”

President Pei was really a lot more strict than his father. He even wanted to control Cheng Xia’s rest. Still, it was almost 11 o’clock in the evening. Cheng Xia had to obediently nod. “Then I will go to bed. President Pei, you should also go back early and rest!”

Pei Shaoze looked at the young man’s back and thought, ‘There will be nothing with Shen Kai in the future. The alpha by your side should only be me.’


The next afternoon, the crew returned to Rong City.

Zhang Fan didn’t know about the relationship between the boss and Cheng Xia. He still booked Cheng Xia and Shen Kai’s seats together in first class. This time, Pei Shaoze took the initiative to blink at his younger brother and Pei Shaoyan immediately ran over. “Hey Cheng Xia, can we change seats again? I have something I want to talk to Brother Kai about.”

Cheng Xia helplessly got up. “Okay, you talk slowly with your idol.”

Pei Shaoyan sat next to Shen Kai and let out a series of exaggerated praises again. The two people talked happily and Cheng Xia headed to sit next to President Pei.

Cheng Xia seemed to have developed a habit. Once the plane was in the air, he was so sleepy that his head kept nodding like a chicken pecking at rice. He leaned toward the window and slightly hit the sunshade. Cheng Xia was a bit confused as he opened his eyes and glanced at the sunshade. Then he fell asleep again in a daze.

In order to prevent him from accidentally hitting the sunshade again, Pei Shaoze simply placed Cheng Xia’s head on his shoulder. Cheng Xia found a pillow in his sleep and calmed down. He slept contentedly while holding Pei Shaoze’s arms.

It was wonderful. The Last time they flew together to Ya’an, Pei Shaoze had slightly stiffened when Cheng Xia took the initiative to lean in because he wasn’t used to such intimacy. Yet this time, he took the initiative to pull Cheng Xia into his arms.

Cheng Xia leaned quietly against him and slept holding his arm, making him extremely satisfied. It felt like a kitten who trusted him and depended on him was sleeping obediently in his arms. He reached out and gently touched the kitten’s head, his heart soft and warm. This cute little guy leaned on him in a defenseless manner and Pei Shaoze really wanted time to stay in this moment forever.

Cheng Xia slept all the way in a daze and only woke up when the plane had landed. He found that not only was he leaning against President Pei’s shoulders but he was also hugging President Pei’s arm. This was obviously using President Pei as a human body pillow. Cheng Xia’s ears instantly turned red and he lowered his head in an embarrassed manner. “I’m sorry, President Pei. I… fell asleep again.”

He knew it was ‘again’? However, just get used to it.

Pei Shaoze suppressed his smile and comforted this person softly. “It’s fine.”

‘If you want, I’ll give you a pillow every time you fly.’


The next morning, Cheng Xia came to President Pei’s office with his agent.

Pei Shaoze wore a gray suit and a very formal tie. He looked serious and abstinent. He was handsome from any angle. Cheng Xia’s heart was beating like a drum. He lowered his head from behind his agent and called out softly, “President Pei.”

Pei Shaoze waved. “Come and sit down.”

The two of them sat down on the sofa. Then Assistant Zhang handed two folders to Zhou Yan and Cheng Xia respectively.

Pei Shaoze explained, “Cheng Xia just finished filming a drama and logically, there is no need to rush to film the next one. However, now there is a good opportunity. You know that Shu Yue retired some time ago right? There was a drama looking for Shu Yue to play the male lead and both parties were talking about signing a contract. Then Shu Yue found out he was pregnant and left the circle. The crew has no choice but to find someone else to replace him.”

Zhou Yan’s heart trembled. “Do you want Cheng Xia to replace Shu Yue’s role?”

Based on Shu Yue’s popularity before he retired, the crew that looked for him absolutely wouldn’t be bad. Maybe it was even first-tier in the circle! Zhou Yan hurriedly opened the folder and the words ‘Director Zhu Zheng’ caught her eyes. Her eyebrows shot up. “Director Zhu’s team? I remember that Director Zhu’s drama ratings have always been very high but he is very harsh. No matter how famous the celebrity, he will scold them if they do badly. Previously, he made some people cry…”

Pei Shaoze nodded calmly. “Yes.”

Cheng Xia had also heard of this director. He couldn’t help opening the folder curiously to look at the information.

Pei Shaoze glanced at Cheng Xia and asked, “How about it? Are you interested in this project?”

Cheng Xia raised his head. “President Pei, was Shu Yue’s role the forensic doctor who is the male protagonist?”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “Yes, the protagonist of this drama is a professor of forensic medicine. Shu Yue has a gentle temperament and fits the personality so the crew looked for him.”

Zhou Yan frowned. “However, Cheng Xia’s popularity isn’t as good as Shu Yue’s popularity. Will the producer agree to let a newcomer like Cheng Xia play the leading role? Moreover, Cheng Xia’s image doesn’t fit the gentle forensic doctor…”

Pei Shaoze lightly interrupted her. “I didn’t say to let Cheng Xia act as the forensic doctor.”

Cheng Xia’s eyes lit up as he understood the other person’s meaning. “President Pei, do you want me to play the young and passionate police trainee?”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “It was originally decided that the alpha Zhou Sheng, a second-tier actor in the crew was to act with Shu Yue. Then Shu Yue retired and he directly refused the role. Perhaps he thinks that this drama will definitely be bad without Shu Yue.”

Cheng Xia, “……”

Cheng Xia had heard of this Zhou Sheng. He was a popular idol star in the circle in recent years. He was very popular but there was no representative work. He had been trying hard to make a real transformation. Perhaps he signed with the drama at the beginning because he thought he would act against a ‘bigshot’ like Shu Yue. He wanted to grab some of the bigshot’s popularity to increase his own popularity in the circle.

Now Shu Yue was gone and he was too lazy to act with an omega who wasn’t as famous. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to terminate the contract with the crew. This method of handling it might not be good but it was justifiable. Cheng Xia just thought it was a pity since the plot of this drama was really good.

Cheng Xia was a bit worried. “However, the trainee police officer in the drama is an alpha. Will the director be willing if I come to try it?”

Pei Shaoze answered, “After Shu Yue retired, the crew wasted more than a month wrangling with Zhou Sheng. At present, the two original lead actors are gone. The crew has no choice but to hold auditions to re-select the roles. As for whether the director is willing or not, it naturally depends on your performance.”

Pei Shaoze wanted to find a suspense drama for Cheng Xia himself. He didn’t expect that after Shu Yue retired, he would find this treasure script. The temperament of the forensic doctor who was the protagonist was too gentle and cold. Cheng Xia couldn’t control it. However, the young criminal investigations police officer was very suitable for Cheng Xia’s image. Let Cheng Xia act as an alpha to broaden his repertoire and it would also create a hot topic.

Cheng Xia’s appearance was sunny and handsome with the softness of an omega. This sunny and cheerful appearance when wearing a police uniform would definitely be popular among the audience!

If an omega could play the role of an alpha then Cheng Xia would have a bright future. There would be no need to worry about no crews looking for him. The key now was if Cheng Xia could convince the director.

Pei Shaoze spoke calmly, “Cheng Xia, you were able to convince Director Liu and the original author of Folding Paper. I believe you can also make Director Zhu look at you with admiration. How about it? Do you want to try it?”

Cheng Xia clenched his fists hard. Such a good opportunity was here. How could he back down? Director Zhu was indeed a bit scary and often scolded actors to tears, but a strict director would also be a great help to the actor’s acting skills. How many omega actors in the circle could truly play an alpha? If he acted in such a role then it would definitely make him addicted to acting.

Cheng Xia took a deep breath and replied earnestly, “President Pei, I am willing to try it!”

Pei Shaoze looked gently at the young man. ‘Don’t be afraid. Just try it. I will escort you by your side and accompany you to the top.’

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