AM: Chapter 53

Pei Shaoze was very conflicted after realizing that he had developed a possessive desire for Cheng Xia.

On the one hand, he thought he shouldn’t interfere in Cheng Xia’s private affair. After all, he was an ‘outsider.’ Since Cheng Xia wasn’t marked at the beginning and chose the career route, he shouldn’t have too much emotional involvement with Cheng Xia. On the other hand, he found it difficult to control this type of exclusive psychology. Today, when Cheng Xia went to kiss Shen Kai, he instinctively called out to stop it. It was because he couldn’t bear Cheng Xia being too close to another alpha.

Pei Shaoze’s meal was dull and tasteless. Once he returned to his hotel room, he poured a glass of cold water and thought about countermeasures. He calmed down completely and sent a message to his assistant Zhang Fan. [Help me check the alpha Shen Kai, including his family background and relationship history. The more detailed, the better.]

Zhang Fan soon sent the information to Pei Shaoze’s inbox.

Shen Kai was 22. His alpha father was a bank executive and this omega father was an art teacher. He was the child of two men. Pei Shaoze was now barely able to accept the setting of ‘men giving birth.’ His mouse just paused for a moment before continuing to turn back.

Due to his poor grades in high school, Shen Kai eventually went to the Academy of Fine Arts. The school cooperated with a variety show to organize a painting exhibition. He showed his face on the show and was discovered by a scout to have a good appearance. He signed to the agent’s studio and made his official debut. As Director Liu said, he was a very ‘Buddhist’ actor. He wasn’t very ambitious and was obsessed with painting. He had two public romances before his debut. Both ended in a breakup and he was currently single.

Pei Shaoze turned off the information and went to the window to think about it.

He wouldn’t allow Cheng Xia and Shen Kai to be together even if Cheng Xia blamed him for interfering with his love and was considered a ‘villain.’ Cheng Xia was only 18 years old and he was naive. If they broke up then Cheng Xia would definitely be hurt. Pei Shaoze couldn’t tolerate anyone hurting Cheng Xia.

No matter how he looked at it, Shen Kai wasn’t a good match. Pei Shaoze decided to nip this in the bud.

That night, Shu Yue issued a statement on Weibo. It was eloquent and clearly wrote about the hardships that he and his boyfriend had gone through from dating to today. Finally, he said, [I have decided to leave the entertainment industry and live a peaceful life with my lover. Thank you for your support over the years.] After reading his statement, most of his fans expressed their understanding. There was a small number of people who came out to scold him, saying he was out of his mind. They even physically attacked his boyfriend.

The news of She Yue’s retirement quickly went on the hot search.

In the past few days, Cheng Xia had listened to his agent’s orders and sent some landscape photos or set footage on Weibo. The moment he finished posting on Weibo, he saw Shu Yue’s retirement statement on the homepage that was forwarded by President Pei. President Pei also left a comment. [Tianxuan respects your personal choice. Good wishes.]

Cheng Xia was taken aback before liking President Pei’s comment. The moment Pei Shaoze finished commenting, he saw that a follower had added a like… It was Cheng Xia. He immediately caught the little guy and sent Cheng Xia a WeChat message. [Are you looking at Weibo?]

Cheng Xia replied in seconds, [Sister Yan told me to send some photos when I am free. I just happened to see your forward and liked it, hehe.]

Pei Shaoze asked, [What do you think of Shu Yue’s retirement?]

Cheng Xia thought about it carefully. He considered his wording before seriously replying, [Although I think it’s a pity, I can understand that everyone’s ideas are different. Some people like the feeling of being held up high as a star while others just want to live a peaceful and quiet life with their family. Shu Yue should love his alpha so much that he wants to be with his family. It’s his personal choice and others can’t comment on it.]

[What about you?] Pei Shaoze suddenly asked.

[Huh? Me?] Cheng Xia didn’t understand the meaning for a while.

Pei Shaoze’s question was straightforward. [You’re also an omega. If one day you become pregnant like Shu Yue, will you leave the circle?]

“……” Cheng Xia turned red. They hadn’t even held hands yet. How could this person ask about pregnancy? Could it be that President Pei was very fond of children? However, Cheng Xia was currently only 18 years old. Wasn’t it too early for him to have a child?

Then Cheng Xia’s heart softened at the thought of having a child following behind him and calling President Pei by ‘Dad.’

A baby who looked like President Pei should be super cute, right? What would President Pei look like then? Would he gently hold the child to coax them or educate the child with a serious expression? In any case, Pei Shaoze must be a good father.

As Cheng Xia started to brainstorm what to name their child, Pei Shaoze realized that his question was too abrupt. He hurriedly withdrew the sentence and sent an embarrassed one. [Forget it, pretend I didn’t ask. Don’t think too much.]

[President Pei, do you like children very much?] Cheng Xia suddenly asked this question.

[…It’s okay.] Pei Shaoze noticed that this seemed to be moving in a strange direction and he quickly hit on the brakes. [I mean, you’re only 18 now and your career is just getting started. It’s too early to think about this. Omegas aren’t fertility tools. They should have their own dreams and pursuits. Don’t waste your talent. Do you know what I mean?]

[I understand.] A smile appeared on Cheng Xia’s face and he sent a smiley face in the conversation box. [I’m really happy that you respect my thoughts!]

Pei Shaoze found Cheng Xia’s reply a bit strange. Of course, he himself was also strange. Which boss would limit when employees fell in love and got married? Pei Shaoze thought of this and couldn’t help asking, [Do you think I am interfering too much with you?]

Cheng Xia thought, ‘If you control me like this then it means you care! When other omega stars retire, you can say ‘good wishes’ in a light manner. Meanwhile, with me, you always care about my dreams and career. Isn’t it because I am special in your heart?’

Cheng Xia replied, [No, I like to listen to President Pei. ^_^]

So good? Pei Shaoze saw the last smiling symbol and finally let go of his worry. As expected, Cheng Xia was an independent person and was willing to listen to his words. Cheng Xia shouldn’t be led astray by Shen Kai.

Pei Shaoze confirmed, [Are you really willing to listen to my arrangements?]

Cheng Xia replied back in seconds, [Yes, I believe President Pei is always doing it for my own good!]

Pei Shaoze’s heart warmed. The feeling of being trusted by that little guy wasn’t bad. His lips curved in a smile and he typed quickly, [Now Shu Yue has retired from the circle and the position of Tianxuan’s omega older brother is empty. This is the best chance for you. You and Shen Kai just met when shooting. After shooting this movie, you will go your own way. There is no need for you to contact each other too much in the future. Focus on your own future. Do you understand what I mean?]

He was worried that other people would feel jealous if he favored Cheng Xia too much. The opportunity created by Shu Yue’s withdrawal from the circle gave him a fair chance. The older brother omega in Group C had left. Wasn’t it natural for the boss to favor another talented omega newcomer?

Cheng Xia’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly sent a nodding emoji. [I understand, President Pei! After Shu Yue leaves, many of his resources will be left unused. I will strive for it!]

Pei Shaoze, [Yes, you’re just a newcomer now. If you want to gain a firm foothold in the circle then it will take time and works to prove it. Jiayou.]

Cheng Xia hurriedly sent a row of ‘I want to work hard to make progress’ emojis. His emojis were all of small animals that looked weird and cute. Pei Shaoze ended the conversation and his mood improved a lot.

This was the correct way of thinking. Let Cheng Xia listen to him and work hard to make progress, putting aside all other things. As for Shen Kai, Pei Shaoze believed that as long as the drama was finished, they would no longer meet each other and Cheng Xia would naturally let go slowly.


Since the screenwriter deleted all the kissing scenes, the plot became quite clear and the subsequent shooting went much smoother than expected. The crew completed the task day by day according to the schedule and it soon reached mid-March.

On March 14th, Pei Shaoyan actively reminded him. “Brother, Cheng Xia’s birthday is next Saturday on March 21st. Don’t forget!”

Of course, Pei Shaoze remembered Cheng Xia’s birthday.

On March 15, Pei Shaoyan gave another reminder. “Brother, Cheng Xia’s birthday is…”

Pei Shaoze raised his eyebrow. “Are you a smart alarm clock? Do you have to remind me every day?”

Pei Shaoyan scratched his head and smiled. “I’m afraid you’re so busy that you will forget! What are you planning for Cheng Xia’s birthday?”

Cheng Xia was about to celebrate his 19th birthday. Pei Shaoze wanted to make it a bit grander. After all, it was this little guy’s first birthday since officially entering the entertainment industry. He was away from home without the company of his parents and friends. As a newcomer, he also wouldn’t receive gifts from fans…

If it was too shabby then he would wrong Cheng Xia. It didn’t matter. There was him and he would make sure that Cheng Xia happily entered his 19th year.

Pei Shaoze contacted the hotel a week in advance. He found a company that specialized in weddings and various parties to arrange the venue, finalizing the plan for the birthday party. Cheng Xia liked orange so he wanted to spell out ‘Happy 19th birthday’ with orange balloons.

The venue was handed over to professional designers while Pei Shaoze started to prepare the birthday gifts.

Cheng Xia might be an omega but he was still a boy in essence. He naturally couldn’t receive things that were too feminine such as jewelry or bags. In reality, Pei Shaoze had bought a sports car for his younger sister’s birthday. A car was a gift that could be given to both men and women, old and young. Yet at present, based on his relationship with Cheng Xia, it was directly telling the world ‘I want to support him’ if a boss gave a celebrity a sports car.’

Clothes and shoes were too private. It felt like they should only be given by lovers…

Then what should he give? Things that were too expensive could make people doubt the boss’ motives while things that were too cheap were useless.

Pei Shaoze decided to ask his younger brother. After all, his younger brother was the same age as Cheng Xia. He should know more about what boys this age liked. Pei Shaoze pretended to be calm as he inquired, “Pei Shaoyan, what gift do you think I should give Cheng Xia?”

Pei Shaoyan chuckled. “You’re asking the right person! I have a rich second-generation friend who chased an omega. He first gave a luxury car and then a house. After that, he took the omega to the house to mark him…”

Pei Shaoze frowned. “Stop. If I give these things then other people would definitely misunderstand that I want to support Cheng Xia.”

Pei Shaoyan scratched his head bitterly. “Then what should you do? You have to keep a low profile to prevent others from knowing you’re in love with Cheng Xia. However, you also need to give something that Cheng Xia likes. It’s too difficult! How about making something?”

This sentence was originally a joke but Pei Shaoze really thought of something.

His economic strength meant he could buy expensive gifts worth millions casually. However, if he threw money at Cheng Xia then it was easy for people to misunderstand and think he had bad intentions toward Cheng Xia. In addition, he might seem insincere.

Pei Shaoze suddenly remembered that there was a plot in the original novel. Cheng Xia liked all types of car models. When he moved into the villa in the suburbs, he also brought the models he had collected since childhood…

Now the plot had changed. Cheng Xia didn’t go to live with Pei Shaoze in the villa but moved to Tianxuan’s artist apartment. The thing that remained unchanged was that Cheng Xia brought a lot of car models with him when he moved. This was mentioned by his agent Zhou Yan. After Cheng Xia moved homes, Pei Shaoze pretended to care about the artists and asked Zhou Yan to report on the move. Zhou Yan had said in passing, “Cheng Xia brought a lot of car models with him and filled a bookshelf full of them.”

It seemed that Cheng Xia especially liked cars made of building blocks.

Pei Shaoze searched the Internet and found that there was a company in this world that specialized in building blocks, similar to Lego in reality. They could make different sports cars with various precise parts. Some advanced sports cars were difficult to put together but they could really be driven after being put together. For example, the engine, tachometer, steering wheel… these delicate little parts were just like real parts that were scaled down.

It seemed to be in the nature of males to like mechanical toys. Pei Shaoze also played with building blocks as a child. It would be very fulfilling to personally build a car himself. Cheng Xia would definitely like this type of gift.

Pei Shaoze thought up to here and ordered the latest limited-edition sports car model on the Internet. The color was orange and the price was 20,000 yuan. This price wasn’t particularly expensive for a birthday gift. The limited-edition model was also commemorative.

Moreover, the car model was given to Cheng Xia on his birthday. At the end of the year, if Cheng Xia’s works were outstanding then he could give Cheng Xia a real car of the same model in the name of a ‘year-end bonus.’ The price of this sports car was around 5 million yuan. At that time, Cheng Xia could put the car model on the shelf for collection while driving the real car. Wasn’t it the best of both worlds?


In the next few days, President Pei rarely came to the set. Cheng Xia asked Xiao Yan doubtfully, “Why hasn’t President Pei been coming these days?”

Pei Shaoyan spoke mysteriously, “He is busy.”

Cheng Xia thought President Pei was just busy with the company’s business. Unexpectedly, the usually serious and indifferent alpha was putting together model parts piece by piece in the hotel room, carefully preparing for Cheng Xia the first birthday present since they met.

The author has something to say:

President Pei is subconsciously favoring Cheng Xia while Cheng Xia has already started thinking about what to name the baby 🙂

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Er La Inertia
Er La Inertia
1 year ago

My world views crumble.
Buying anyone a sports car, or a car, as a gift….like real casual like. Does this happen?

4 months ago
Reply to  Er La Inertia

I mean, don’t parents in USA give cars to their kids when they are permitted to drive? Apart from parents gifting, that is kind of weird tho…

1 year ago

50,000 yuanes no es tan caro” son 52,000MXN 💀 NO ENTENDERÉ EL MUNDO DE LOS RICOS.

Por otro lado, muy tierno que el presidente esté armando el auto 🥰

10 months ago

В рублях это около 200 000… Пиздец, и это ещё недорого, ладно, у богатых свои приколы.

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4,000 aud on a car model isnt expensive??? i need a drink

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maybe the baby’s name will have irange character 😂🍊

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i mean orange