AM: Chapter 50

Pei Shaoze was awakened by a strange dream.

The scene in the dream was hazy and he seemed to smell a fresh and natural sweet orange scent floating through the air. It was like a glass of orange juice had been placed in front of him in the scorching heat and he drank it without hesitation. The refreshing glass of juice made him feel pleasure and relaxed. His entire body was comfortable.

He woke up and there was a layer of hot sweat on his body. His clothes were sticky and very uncomfortable. Pei Shaoze got up calmly and wanted to go take a shower in the bathroom, only to unexpectedly discover that a person was hugging him.

He turned on the lamp beside the bed and took a closer look. It was Cheng Xia?

The young man’s eyes were closed. The long, thick eyelashes cast a shadow over his eyelashes. His head was resting on Pei Shaoze’s chest and his breathing was even.

Pei Shaoze’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. He involuntarily linked this face with the person in his dream. Then he came back to his senses in a flash and was incredibly surprised by his unbelievable association. Cheng Xia was still so young. How could he associate things ‘unsuitable for children’ with Cheng Xia? This was a type of blasphemy against the young man.

Maybe he was a bit confused due to his cold and fever? Pei Shaoze frowned and got up. Cheng Xia had been sleeping very lightly because he was worried about President Pei. The moment Pei Shaoze got up, Cheng Xia also woke up. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and said, “President Pei, are you uncomfortable?”

Pei Shaoze, “……”

Cheng Xia reached out and touched Pei Shaoze’s forehead to try and see if this person had a fever again. Pei Shaoze stiffened. He quickly turned over and got out of bed, speaking in a low voice, “You continue to sleep. I will take a shower.”

The man’s voice was strangely hoarse. Cheng Xia thought he hadn’t recovered from his cold and looked in a worried manner at his person’s back. Soon, there was the sound of water from the bathroom. Cheng Xia couldn’t go to the bathroom to find President Pei so he could only wait anxiously.

Pei Shaoze took a cold shower in the bathroom, forcibly suppressing the thoughts surging in his body. He exhaled in front of the mirror, wiped off the water, and went out with a calm expression on his face. He saw Cheng Xia sitting on the bed with a worried expression and coughed uneasily. Then he wondered in a low voice, “Sorry, I had a fever yesterday and my mind wasn’t clear. Why did I keep you here?”

Cheng Xia explained, “Something urgent happened in Xiao Yan’s family and he couldn’t come back. I took the initiative to stay. I was worried you would get a fever in the middle of the night and nobody would take care of you.”

Pei Shaoze thought carefully and vaguely remembered some fragments. A fever really lowered people’s IQ. No matter what, he shouldn’t have let Cheng Xia stay in his room. A boss had an entertainer stay in his room! If this was known then it would be a devastating blow to Cheng Xia’s reputation.

Cheng Xia came to take care of him when he was ill last night. Cheng Xia fed him water and gave him the cold compress. For a moment, he felt greedy for the tenderness of being cared for and made an extremely irrational decision.

Now that it already happened, Pei Shaoze needed to find a way to remedy it. “Go back first while it isn’t bright. We can’t let people know about this.” He glanced at the clock on the wall, turned around, and got dressed quickly. Then he walked to Cheng Xia. “I will send you off.”

Cheng Xia was wearing jeans and a black short-sleeved shirt. President Pei asked him to come up to sleep and he naturally didn’t take off his clothes. At this time, Cheng Xia heard President Pei’s words and also realized the seriousness of the problem. He quickly got out of bed and put on his hat and mask.

Pei Shaoze took out a large black coat from his closet, placed it on Cheng Xia’s body, and covered Cheng Xia’s head tightly. “Let’s go. Even if you’re seen, no one will recognize you.”

Cheng Xia, “……”

President Pei seemed very experienced in hiding from the paparazzi.

The man’s voice was calm at this time and he had obviously regained his sanity. Cheng Xia obediently followed him. Since Cheng Xia’s entire head was blocked and he couldn’t see the road clearly, Pei Shaoze gently hugged his shoulder and led him through the corridor toward the elevator.

It was 5:30 in the morning. There was no one in the corridor and the elevator was empty. Pei Shaoze got into the elevator and just wanted to press the button for the 16th floor when someone came in. Cheng Xia was so scared that his heart almost stopped beating. Then he heard a familiar voice in his ear. “President Pei? You got up so early…”

Liu Xueyi saw the person in Pei Shaoze’s arms and immediately stopped asking questions. The other person wore a large black coat, his entire body tightly covered. Pei Shaoze’s arm was around the other person’s shoulder and it seemed like they had a good relationship. It was 5:30 in the morning and President Pei was personally sending this person downstairs. Did Liu Xueyi still need to ask what was going on?

Liu Xueyi gave a dry smile. “Yes, what a coincidence.”

Xu Moran stabbed his friend in the waist and motioned for him to not talk nonsense. Liu Xueyi quickly changed the topic. “Xiao Xu and I want to go see the sunrise. Isn’t there a scene in the drama where we need to shoot the sunrise? We are heading to the back of the mountain.”

No wonder why the two men got up early before dawn.

Cheng Xia was nervous to death. His frozen body was about to become a statue. Pei Shaoze looked calm as he answered indifferently, “This is the person my assistant found for me. Pretend you didn’t see it.”

Liu Xueyi and Xu Moran tacitly made ‘I understand’ expressions. “We understand, we understand.”

The 16th floor was where the actors lived and Pei Shaoze naturally couldn’t take Cheng Xia to the 16th floor. He simply pressed the 10th floor and whispered in Cheng Xia’s ear. “I’ll take you to the sauna on the 10th floor to relax. Let Xiao Yan send you home later, okay?”

Cheng Xia nodded cooperatively.

There was a ding and the elevator stopped on the 10th floor. Pei Shaoze carried Cheng Xia in front of Liu Xueyi and Xu Moran and walked to the sauna on the 10th floor. The elevator door closed and Liu Xueyi and Xu Moran looked at each other. Once the elevator was about to stop on the first floor, the two people recovered. Liu Xueyi whispered, “I didn’t expect it. President Pei is usually cold and indifferent but his private life is pretty… rich?”

Xu Moran said, “He might be a workaholic but he is an adult. He always had physiological needs. It’s understandable.”

The two people didn’t think of Cheng Xia at all. They just thought it was assistant Xiao Yan who brought someone to relieve President Pei’s boredom.

Pei Shaoze held Cheng Xia and walked steadily. The tension in the air made Cheng Xia’s heartbeat like a drum and his face was even redder. He was being hugged by an alpha so effortlessly. Was this the difference in the physical ability between omega and alpha?

Pei Shaoze turned the corner at the entrance of the sauna and walked to the stairwell.

Cheng Xia trembled. “P-Put me down.”

Pei Shaoze put him down and whispered in his ear, “It’s fine. I was just acting. Director Liu must think I am just looking for someone to relieve my boredom. In order to avoid meeting acquaintances again, we’ll take the stairs.”

Cheng Xia nodded and followed President Pei up the stairs. The two people climbed from the 10th floor to the 16th floor. In the stairwell, Cheng Xia took off President Pei’s coat covering him and handed it to Pei Shaoze with a red face. “Thank you for sending me back or else I would’ve bumped into Director Liu and I wouldn’t know how to explain why I went to the 20th floor in the middle of the night…”

The young man’s hair was messy because he was wearing the coat just now. Pei Shaoze gently helped him straighten his hair. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll help you if there are any rumors. You can film at ease. Go back and get some sleep.”

Cheng Xia was worried. “Is your cold completely gone?”

“Yes, it’s just a small cold. I wasn’t sober last night but now I’m fine.” Pei Shaoze paused before gently rubbing the young man’s head. “Thank you for taking care of me last night.”

Cheng Xia blushed. “Don’t always say such words. I’m leaving. Goodbye, President Pei!”

Pei Shaoze, “??”

Why was this little guy blushing again? Did the pheromones masking agent fail? Pei Shaoze lowered his head and smelled his arm. Indeed, the masking agent only lasted 24 hours. He sprayed it yesterday morning and it was almost expired now. He could faintly smell the alpha pheromones.

Pheromones were really troublesome. He decided to go back and spray a bit more. However, before that, he needed to catch Pei Shaoyan. Pei Shaoze’s expression sank as he turned toward the entertainment center on the 8th floor.

There was an Internet cafe on the 8th floor of the hotel where guests could drink coffee and surf the Internet for free 24 hours a day. There was also a billiard room, table tennis room, and other entertainment venues. Pei Shaoze walked into the Internet cafe and saw a familiar person typing excitedly on the keyboard not far away. He went to his younger brother and watched the other person calmly with folded arms.

Pei Shaoyan had just finished playing the boss with his teammates when he noticed that the air pressure around him wasn’t right. He suddenly turned his head and met a pair of cold eyes. The man asked coldly, “Isn’t your older brother in the hospital? Do you still have the leisure to play online games here?”

Pei Shaoyan, “……”

The moment he was picked up by his older brother, Pei Shaoyan wanted to cry. “I was wrong, I was wrong!” He rushed to admit his mistake. Then he thought about it and suddenly reacted. “Wait, I wasn’t wrong? I created an opportunity for you, right?”

Pei Shaoze said indifferently, “I think you created an opportunity for yourself to run away and play games.”

Pei Shaoyan smiled bitterly. “Isn’t it good to kill two birds with one stone?”

Pei Shaoze took him back to his room. Seeing his younger brother’s obvious dark circles, Pei Shaoze finally couldn’t bear to criticize him to the end. After all, from Pei Shaoyan’s point of view, it was indeed kind to call his older brother’s lover to take care of his older brother. The misunderstanding was getting deeper and it seemed that some explanations were unclear. Pei Shaoze sighed lightly. “You’re like this after playing games all night. Go take a shower and sleep.”

Pei Shaoyan wondered tentatively, “Brother, is your cold better?”

Pei Shaoze hummed positively. “It wasn’t a serious illness. I had a fever last night but now I’m fine.” It might not be a serious illness but he couldn’t help feeling soft in his heart when he thought of Cheng Xia’s considerate care last night.

Pei Shaoyan turned to make up for his sleep. Pei Shaoze actually didn’t sleep well last night. His vague dream had made him feel like he was in a sea of fire. His body was very hot and he planned to make up for it. He sent a message to Cheng Xia. [If I remember correctly the filming won’t start until 10 o’clock. You can sleep a bit more.]

Cheng Xia immediately replied, [Yes, I’m about to go to sleep. You should have a good rest.] A smiley emoji was added at the end.

Pei Shaoze’s lips lightly raised a smile. He sent a ‘good dream’ emoji and lay down on the bed. It might be due to a lack of sleep but he slept fairly well this time.

Pei Shaoze was awakened by his phone ringing. It was already 11:30 a.m. when he got up and the name on the caller ID was ‘Xu Sitong.’ He quickly remembered that Xu Sitong was also an agent of Tianxuan. She was assigned to Group C with Zhou Yan and was one of Tianxuan’s most powerful agents. She should be the one with the strongest business ability in Group C.

At the time of the grouping, Vice President Cui and Vice President Yang left two first-tier stars for Pei Shaoze. One of them was the singer Chen Yijun and the other was Xu Sitong’s male omega actor called Shu Yue.

Pei Shaoze and Xu Sitong had only met once. It was because Shu Yue was filming during the time of the contract. Under Pei Shaoze’s compulsory request, Shu Yue requested a day off to fly back to Rong City. He signed the contract in the morning and then flew back to the crew in the afternoon.

This Shu Yue didn’t jump forward like Chen Yijun to ask about contract termination. Therefore, Pei Shaoze didn’t pay much attention to him. After all, Shu Yue was shooting a large-scale movie. Pei Shaoze could talk about his next plan with the agent after the shooting.

A sudden call from the agent definitely wasn’t a simple matter.

Pei Shaoze answered the phone. “What’s wrong?”

Xu Sitong’s voice was anxious. “President Pei, can you help me persuade Shu Yue? He wants to leave the circle and won’t listen to me!”

Leave the circle? Pei Shaoze frowned. “Isn’t he shooting a sci-fi movie? Why is he leaving the circle?”

Xu Sitong was worried for a moment before speaking softly, “He is in a secret relationship with someone. He hid it too deeply and I didn’t even know he had a secret alpha boyfriend! A few days ago, he told me that he did it with his boyfriend. His boyfriend couldn’t control it and marked him.”

Marked? In other words, he and his boyfriend made it to the last step. However, both of them were adults. What was the big deal? It wasn’t a matter of stepping on many boats. Even if it was a hidden love affair, it wasn’t to the extent of withdrawing from the circle, right?

Pei Shaoze’s face was sullen. “Is his boyfriend using something to threaten him?”

Xu Sitong answered, “No, they grew up together. His boyfriend is a surgeon and loves him very much. There is only one reason why he wants to leave the circle. After being marked by his boyfriend, he forgot to take contraceptives and got pregnant by accident.”

Pei Shaoze, “……???”

Preg… nancy?!

Pei Shaoze thought he was hallucinating. He was silent for a few seconds before asking, “Isn’t Shu Yue a man?”

Xu Sitong was stunned by the question. There was silence on the phone before she wondered, “But Shu Yue is an omega?”

Pei Shaoze, “???”

Xu Sitong, “???”

The suffocating silence lasted a long time.

Xu Sitong came back to her senses. “President Pei, how do we deal with this matter? Shu Yue is determined to retreat into the shadows. Should we let him go directly or keep it a secret for the time being and let him come back after he gives birth to the baby and rest for half a year?”

Pei Shaoze’s pupils shrank slightly. “…The baby?”

Xu Sitong was helpless. “He said that this child is the crystallization of him and his lover. He must keep the child.”

Pei Shaoze pressed a hand against his pained head. “Let me think.”

He hung up the phone and went to the study. He opened his laptop and quickly typed in the search term ‘omega, pregnant.’ He looked at the tens of millions of results that popped up on the web page and Pei Shaoze… fell into deep thought.

The author has something to say:

Pei Shaoze: Is the world of ABO so terrible?

His worldview is finally about to refresh  🙂

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Proofreader: Cat

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