AM: Chapter 44

Pei Shaoze’s mood at this time was like a parent teaching their child not to fall in love early.

His words were understandable enough. How could a star in the entertainment industry announce a relationship at a young age? In addition, Cheng Xia was only 18 years old. Once he fell in love with someone, it would only have a negative impact on Cheng Xia’s development regardless of whether the end result was them being together and breaking up.

However, Cheng Xia said he would cherish the feeling in his heart. Cherish it in his heart? What was so good about this person to be worth hiding in his heart?

Pei Shaoze frowned as he looked at Shen Kai in the distance. Shen Kai was laughing and talking with his agent when he suddenly met President Pei’s gaze. His back felt cold. He always felt that President Pei was looking at him with a strange sharpness and there was a hint of unhappiness in his eyes. Shen Kai was at a loss and thought to himself, ‘What did I do wrong that made the boss dissatisfied? Didn’t filming go smoothly today?’

He scratched his head and showed a friendly smile as always.

Pei Shaoze looked away with a calm face.

Just then, Director Lin rushed over and rubbed his hands together. “President Pei, I have visited the scene of the filming today and the effect is good. There are still three scenes left for tomorrow and we can finish shooting them without any problems!”

Pei Shaoze nodded and looked at Director Liu. His eyes had returned to their calm state. “After the filming tomorrow, go back and pack your luggage. Bring some more clothes. We will fly back to Ya’an the day after tomorrow. Let everyone know that the plane will be at 12 noon the day after tomorrow. Remember the time and don’t be late.”

Liu Xueyi hurriedly thanked them. “You worked hard, President Pei. I will let them know.”

Director Liu turned and walked away. The staff were busy packing up all sorts of props. Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia were tens of meters away from the set. No one passed by and it seemed like there were only two people breathing around them.

Pei Shaoze was silent for a moment before he sighed lightly. Then he said earnestly. “Cheng Xia, you are a very talented newcomer. This drama is just the beginning for you. I hope you can focus more energy on your own career, okay?”

Cheng Xia was taken aback for a moment. What did these words mean? Focus on his career?

By the way, President Pei was a very career-orientated alpha. He must hope that the omega he liked was a motivated actor rather than having a silly love-sick brain. He couldn’t leave the impression that ‘Cheng Xia has a love-sick brain’ with President Pei. He should work harder to make President Pei feel that Cheng Xia was an actor with ideals, pursuit and ambition.

This way, President Pei wouldn’t feel that he didn’t like the wrong person. Sure enough, an excellent alpha also had high requirements for the omega he liked! Cheng Xia suddenly realized it and nodded seriously. “President Pei, I know what to do. Don’t worry, I won’t let you down!”

Pei Shaoze saw the young man’s firm gaze and thought… ‘he probably understood?’ In any case, he wasn’t actually Cheng Xia’s parent and it wasn’t good to be too straightforward about some things. Pei Shaoze stopped talking and his eyes were much gentler. “The road ahead is still long. If you work hard then you will definitely be rewarded.”

Cheng Xia felt like President Pei’s tone was a bit like that of a high school teaching director but he still liked hearing President Pei tell him this. The gentle advice from the alpha warmed Cheng Xia’s entire heart. The alpha’s love for him was all hidden in these details. Compared with the simple confession of ‘I like you’, this type of concern for his life and career were more addictive.

Cheng Xia blushed and said, “President Pei, thank you for telling me this. I understand what you mean.”

Pei Shaoze confirmed it again. “Do you really understand?”

Cheng Xia nodded like he was smashing garlic. “Yes, I will work hard!”

Pei Shaoze let go of his worries.

Zhou Yan passed by and saw that President Pei had called Cheng Xia to the side to speak in a low voice. The alpha’s face was serious but his eyes were gentle. Cheng Xia was nodding like a student listening to a teacher.

President Pei was nearly a head taller than Cheng Xia. He wore a black coat and was mature and steady. Cheng Xia was in a blue and white school uniform. They were two people who were different in every respect. Yet strangely, they stood together and people who saw it felt like the scene was very harmonious?

Zhou Yan was stunned and then she met President Pei’s eyes. Pei Shaoze nodded politely and turned away. Zhou Yan came back to her senses and quickly walked to Cheng Xia. She asked, “President Pei asked to speak to you alone. What happened?”

Cheng Xia smiled. “It’s nothing. He encouraged me with a few words and told me to act well.” President Pei always showed special care toward himself. Cheng Xia didn’t want to share it with anyone, even his agent.

“Oh, that is the case.” Zhou Yan glanced in a puzzled manner at the back of President Pei not far away. Then she retracted her gaze and spoke to Cheng Xia. “Yes, I just received Director Liu’s notice. After the shooting tomorrow is finished, everyone will withdraw from the 17th High School and fly to Ya’an collectively. I’ll take you back to your artist’s apartment tomorrow night to pack your luggage. The temperature in Ya’an is over 28 degrees Celsius. Remember to bring more summer clothes.”

Cheng Xia’s excited eyes lit up. “Sister Yan, I haven’t been to Ya’an yet!”

Zhou Yan told him, “You aren’t going to Ya’an as a tourist. There is no time to go out.” She paused and smiled again. “However, after the shooting is finished, I can apply for a few days of holiday with President Pei to take you around.”

Cheng Xia quickly nodded. “Great!”

The filming at the 17th High School was entering the final stage and the crew and actors were very enthusiastic. The final day of filming went particularly smoothly. All the scenes of Cheng Xia and Shen Kai were filmed. In the evening, the actors left by nanny car and the staff members stayed to clean up the site.

Pei Shaoze went home that night, got out his suitcase and packed a few sets of clothing to change into. Pei Shaoyan looked at his busy figure. He couldn’t help walking to the bedroom door and asked suspiciously, “Brother, do you want to go to Ya’an? Are you going to follow the crew the whole time until the filming is finished?”

Pei Shaoze answered indifferently as he packed his suitcase, “I’m a producer and also one of the directors. Shouldn’t I be with the crew? You will come with me as well.”

Pei Shaoyan’s face immediately became bitter. “Then I have to stay in Ya’an for two months?!”

Pei Shaoze looked up at him. “If you don’t want your salary then you don’t have to go.”

Pei Shaoyan had a pleased smile on his face. “Hehe, my big brother is always right. I naturally have to follow you to learn.”

Pei Shaoze gestured to the door with his chin. “Aren’t you going to pack your things?”

Pei Shaoyan turned to pack his luggage.  Pei Shaoze just finished packing when a message popped up on his phone from Cheng Xia. “President Pei, I have finished packing my luggage. Will you be going this time?”

Pei Shaoze replied, “Yes, I’ll see you at the airport tomorrow.”

Cheng Xia was overjoyed. It was great. President Pei was also coming with him. Then he could see the person he liked every day.


At noon the next day, Cheng Xia followed his agent to the airport.

They passed through the security check, came to the boarding gate and found that there were crew members all around them. Cheng Xia greeted everyone politely. He looked around and searched for President Pei in the crowd. However, he didn’t see that familiar figure.

At around 12 o’clock, everyone lined up to board the plane. Cheng Xia couldn’t help feeling nervous. President Pei hadn’t arrived yet. Could it be that something happened on the road? He stood in line and looked back. After a while, a tall figure appeared around the corner.

The man was wearing a familiar black coat over a light gray sweater. His large sunglasses covered half his face and highlighted his strong jaw. His long legs were calm and steady when walking. He looked handsome from any angle.

Cheng Xia’s eyes lit up as he heard the many people behind him start to greet President Pei. “President Pei.”

Liu Xueyi was sitting next to Cheng Xia and waiting for Pei Shaoze. He saw Pei Shaoze and got up, asking with concern, “President Pei, why are you so late? I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to make it so I wanted to call you.”

Pei Shaoze explained, “School started today. As I was passing through the city, there was a traffic jam at the entrance of a primary school for more than 10 minutes.”

Liu Xueyi suddenly realized. “Yes, it is March 1st today. We were also blocked on the way to the airport for a while. They were all parents seeing off their children…”

Cheng Xia listened to the conversation between the two of them and felt relieved. Fortunately, it was just a traffic jam.

Pei Shaoze raised his gaze to meet Cheng Xia in front. Through his sunglasses, he could see the worried expression on the young man’s face. It seemed Cheng Xia noticed his gaze and smiled at him.

This sunny smile made Pei Shaoze’s face that was annoyed by the traffic jam instantly improve. He took off his sunglasses, nodded toward Cheng Xia and walked quickly to the boarding gate. He moved through the VIP passage with Director Liu and got on the plane. Cheng Xia was right behind him.

Soon, the entire crew got on the plane.

This plane was divided into first class and ordinary class. There were only eight first class seats. Pei Shaoze was the boss and he was undoubtedly in first class. Pei Shaoyan was the assistant in name but he was actually the young master of the Pei family. Zhang Fan had booked his seat together with Pei Shaoze.

He also booked first class tickets for Director Liu, Screenwriter Xu and Teacher Lemongrass. There were three first class seats left. Naturally, Zhang Fan assigned them to the leading actors Cheng Xia, Shen Kai and the most famous Ye Mingqian. In this way, other people wouldn’t have any opinions. After all, the first class cabin only had eight seats. The staff members couldn’t grab a place with President Pei?

However, Cheng Xia and Shen Kai’s seats were arranged together.

In fact, Zhang Fan’s arrangement wasn’t a problem. The director and Screenwriter Xu were good friends. President Pei and his brother sat together for easy communication. Ye Mingqian and the author Lemongrass were both omegas and it was convenient for them to sit next to each other. Cheng Xia and Shen Kai were the two protagonists of the drama and could talk about the script when sitting together. He didn’t think the boss would mind.

Pei Shaoze frowned unpleasantly when he saw this seating arrangement. Now he wasn’t happy whenever he saw Cheng Xia and Shen Kai together. He always felt that Shen Kai wasn’t worthy of Cheng Xia.

Shen Kai was tall and took the initiative to help pick up Cheng Xia’s suitcase. He said with a smile, “I’ll help lift it up for you.”

Cheng Xia naturally handed his suitcase over. “Thank you.”

Shen Kai looked at the ticket. “My seat is by the window and you are by the aisle. Do you need to change it?”

Cheng Xia shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. It is the same no matter where I sit.”

The two people smiled at each other and sat down in turn. Shen Kai helped Cheng Xia find the other end of the seatbelt. This harmonious picture of mutual help was very eye-catching and Pei Shaoze’s unhappiness was more obvious. Pei Shaoyan glanced at his brother, smiled and turned around to walk over.

Cheng Xia had sat down and was about to fasten his seatbelt. Suddenly, a smiling young man stood in front of him and said, “Brother Cheng, can we discuss something? Let’s change seats.”

Cheng Xia was taken aback. “Change seats?”

He remembered this man was Xiao Yan, President Pei’s personal assistant.

Xiao Yan excitedly extended his hand to Shen Kai. “Brother Kai, it is an honor to meet you. I am your fan and you are even more handsome than you are on TV! I have watched many of the web dramas you acted in. The part where you rode a motorcycle is really cool. Can you give me a signature?”

Shen Kai, “……?”

Shen Kai had always been small and invisible so he was flattered at suddenly meeting a fan. Pei Shaoyan smiled brightly and sincerely. He didn’t look like he was lying at all.

Shen Kai was stunned by this series of praise and he laughed. “You’ve actually seen my motorcycle scene?!”

“It is very popular among my classmates.”

Cheng Xia stared at Xiao Yan in a daze, thinking, ‘Is President Pei’s assistant so bold? He directly recognizes his idol on the plane?’ He saw that Pei Shaoyan was chatting enthusiastically with Shen Kai and had to stand up. “Okay, sit here and talk to your idol.”

Pei Shaoyan clasped his fists together. “Thank you Cheng Xia. Brother Kai, let’s add WeChat first.”

Shen Kai was busy taking out his phone and scanning QR codes with Pei Shaoyan to add friends.

Pei Shaoze, “……”

This acting was really real. Pei Shaoze thought, ‘If my younger brother doesn’t know how to invest in dramas and movies in the future, perhaps it is a good choice to let him consider making his debut in acting?’

A moment later, Cheng Xia came over and looked at him. Cheng Xia smiled slightly and lowered his eyes with red ears. “P-President Pei, Xiao Yan said he wants to change seats with me. Then I… will sit next to you?”

Pei Shaoze’s mood became inexplicably happy. “Okay, you can sit on the inside.”

Cheng Xia sat down on the inside and carefully fastened his seatbelt. The plane started showing the safety protocols and then taxied off the runway. Once the flight was stable, the flight attendants brought everyone lunch. Cheng Xia wanted to reach out to get it but Pei Shaoze took the initiative to help him. He thoughtfully placed it on the seat table and helped Cheng Xia get a drink.

Cheng Xia smiled and whispered, “Thank you, President Pei.”

He felt his heart warm up every time he received food and drinks from the alpha. President Pei was very good at taking care of others and it felt good to be taken care of by President Pei.

The plane meal naturally wasn’t too rich but it made them full. Once everyone had eaten, it was time for the break. The cabin became extremely quiet, the overhead lights were turned off and the people sitting by the window put down the sunshades.

The dimly lit cabin could easily make people drowsy. Next to them, Director Liu and the others were asleep. It wasn’t long before Cheng Xia became sleepy. His head unknowingly went looking for a pillow.

Pei Shaoze, “……”

The moment the young man leaned his head over, Pei Shaoze’s body slightly stiffened.

In the past, there were many people who wanted to use him but he hated the stars who wanted to cling to him and rely on him for resources. Thus, Pei Shaoze would keep a distance from others no matter the occasion.

His sense of reason was telling him that he should push away Cheng Xia at this time. Then he turned his head to see Cheng Xia sleeping soundly. His pushing posture turned into gently holding Cheng Xia’s head and adjusting Cheng Xia so that this person was more comfortable.

The young man’s soft hair glided over Pei Shaoze’s neck and Pei Shaoze’s heart felt like it was scratched by a cat’s claws.

The sleeping Cheng Xia was confused. He noticed that his pillow was very comfortable and the corners of his lips couldn’t help curving slightly in a smile. He smiled sweetly like he had a beautiful dream.

Pei Shaoze inexplicably felt soft when he saw the young man obediently sleeping against him. Curiously, he didn’t seem disgusted by such intimate contact?

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