AM: Chapter 43

Cheng Xia’s injury this time was indeed not serious. At the critical moment, the knife deviated a few centimeters away. Under Qin Yu’s meticulous care, the wound gradually healed. Three days later, Cheng Xia removed the gauze and was discharged smoothly. Zhou Yan picked him up in the nanny car and directly took him back to the shooting scene at the 17th High School.

The moment Cheng Xia returned to the crew, everyone gathered around him and asked warmly, “Cheng Xia, are you still hurt?”

”Are you okay?”

Director Liu, Lemongrass and Screenwriter Xu were all distressed and took care of Cheng Xia for a long time. Cheng Xia had a relaxed face and smiled brightly. “I’m fine. Don’t worry, I can shoot straight away!”

“Teachers, thank you for your concern. I have healed!”

Throughout the afternoon, there were greetings everywhere. Cheng Xia’s heart was warm. He liked the Folding Paper crew. The previous accident was just an episode and it wouldn’t affect his enthusiasm for work.

Shen Kai walked up to Cheng Xia with an annoyed expression. “Are you okay? I blame myself. I didn’t realize that the knife stab of the extra was wrong. If I helped you block it…”

Cheng Xia waved his hand. “It’s not your fault. There is no need to feel guilty. Besides, I only suffered a small injury and it won’t leave a scar.”

Shen Kai’s expression became more relaxed. “That’s good. You haven’t been here these days and everyone else’s scenes have been filmed. Only our rival scenes are left. We will start work at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

Cheng Xia seriously told him, “For the next scenes, I have to perform like I have a ‘secret crush’ on you. I will look at you with admiring eyes but don’t take it seriously! It is just acting. We will still be friends after it is over.”

Shen Kai smiled heartily. “Don’t worry, I can tell the difference between acting and reality.”

There were many examples of sparks occurring when an alpha and omega played as lovers. Cheng Xia said this to warn Shen Kai in advance. He obviously had no such thoughts about Shen Kai and didn’t want Shen Kai to misunderstand him. It was so they could be more engaged while acting.

The next morning, the props group started work ahead of schedule to lay out the scene. Since Cheng Xia’s accident, the staff of the props team was very serious out of fear that President Pei would kick them out of the crew. Director Liu had been very satisfied with the progress of filming in the past few days.

In order to wait for Cheng Xia to be discharged from the hospital, the next two days were dedicated to the scenes of the two protagonists. Time was very tight. Before filming started, Director Liu specifically called Cheng Xia and Shen Kai over and advised them, “You should be very familiar with the script. Qin Nian already knows that he has differentiated into an omega and that he likes Lu Fengyang… Cheng Xia, your expression and eyes must be in place and have the feeling of falling in love with someone. The key to the scene lies in you. Shen Kai will cooperate with you.”

Cheng Xia nodded. “I understand Director Liu. I will try it.”

The scene started on time at 8 o’clock.

In the first scene, a certain mid-term examination ended and Qin Nian took first in the class while Lu Fengyang was last in the class. The two of them held their report cards and walked in the snow. Lu Fengyang joked with an indifferent face, “At least we are both number one in something. Aren’t we a good match?”

This joke made Qin Nian blush. Lu Fengyang’s focus was on ‘both number one’ while Qin Nian’s focus was on the words ‘good match.’ Along the way, Qin Nian’s heart beat like a drum and he didn’t hear what Lu Fengyang was saying.

It wasn’t until the two of them arrived at the teaching building that Qin Nian regained his mind and looked at Lu Fengyang seriously. “Are you proud of being last in the examination? The university entrance examination is next year. Haven’t you considered studying hard to get into a good university?”

Lu Fengyang smiled and scratched his head. “It’s fine if I fail the exam. My father will just send me abroad.”

Qin Nian was stunned. Lu Fengyang was a rich second generation. If he went abroad to study then the two of them would never see each other again. A trace of disappointment flashed in Qin Nian’s eyes but he quickly adjusted his expression and smiled. “It’s good to have money at home. You have other options even if you don’t get good grades. It’s different for me. If I don’t get into a good school then I don’t know if I can get a job in the future.”

Lu Fengyang looked embarrassed. “I didn’t mean that. You are usually so busy yet your grades are so good. In fact, I admire it. Don’t despise me for being a learning scumbag…”

The bell rang and the two of them walked into the teaching building. The key to this scene was for Qin Nian’s emotional performance to be in place.

Director Liu shouted and filming officially began. The first time, they were halfway to the building when Shen Kai slid in the snow and almost fell. It was an NG. The second time, the two of them forgot their words at the same time—NG. The third time, at the critical moment, Cheng Xia looked at Lu Fengyang like he was looking at air rather than his crush.

Liu Xueyi couldn’t help shouting, “Stop, stop! Cheng Xia, where did your eyes go? Is it over Lu Fengyang’s head toward the distant sky?”

There was a burst of laughter at the scene. Cheng Xia said awkwardly, “I’m sorry Director Liu. I’ll look for the feelings again.”

The fourth time, Cheng Xia couldn’t help laughing when he looked at Shen Kai. Shen Kai joked, “Do I look funny?”

Cheng Xia hurriedly apologized. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t enter the state for a while.”

He really didn’t like Shen Kai. It was okay to act as a friend but he couldn’t enter the scene at all when it came to a secret love. Seeing Shen Kai’s face, it was already hard not to laugh, let alone feel like he liked someone.

President Pei said to try and associate the opponent with the person he liked. Cheng Xia had tried to associate Shen Kai with President Pei while shooting but the moment he saw Shen Kai’s face and heard Shen Kai’s voice, he instantly came out of it.

The alpha in front of him wasn’t President Pei at all. It was too different.

Cheng Xia’s mind was messed up. After all, he was just a newcomer and his empathy ability wasn’t as strong as a movie emperor or movie queen. He saw Shen Kai’s face and found it really hard to act an emotional drama.

Lemongrass saw Cheng Xia’s frequent NGs and walked over. “Cheng Xia, your previous solo scenes were performed very well. You look just like Qin Nian who came out of the book. However, your emotional drama is wrong… I know. After all, you aren’t Qin Nian and there is no way for you to fall in love with Lu Fengyang suddenly. If you can’t enter the play, make adjustments first and try to involve yourself in the plot.”

Liu Xueyi also walked over. “Cheng Xia, you have been away from the crew for several days and just came back. You might not be able to adapt for a while. Let’s take a 10 minute rest. Cheng Xia, go to the side alone to find your feelings.”

Actors also needed to look after their state. Cheng Xia had left for several days and it was normal not to find the feeling for a while. No one blamed him and just gave him time to make adjustments.

Just then, someone arrived on the other side of the set. The handsome alpha in a black coat walked over. The eyes of the two people met and Cheng Xia’s heart jumped. The feeling he couldn’t find before now came to mind!

If you liked a person, you couldn’t help wanting to get close when you saw them. However, you were also worried the other person would be bored so you could only try to restrain yourself. Your heart was thumping but your face was pretending to be calm. You obviously liked this person terribly but you don’t dare show it…

It was just like Qin Nian secretly liking Lu Fengyang in the novel. The feeling of secret love was found all at once. Cheng Xia hurriedly shifted his gaze.

Everyone around him greeted him respectfully. “President Pei.”

”You came!”

Pei Shaoze hummed and walked over to Cheng Xia, asking, “Is your body recovered?”

Cheng Xia nodded. “Yes, the doctor checked and the wound has healed.”

Pei Shaoze glanced at Director Liu. “How is it? Cheng Xia just came back. Is the shooting going well?”

Liu Xueyi scratched his head with a bitter face. “It isn’t going smoothly. The rest are all emotional scenes. Shen Kai’s side isn’t a big problem but Cheng Xia isn’t able to feel it. Perhaps it is because he hasn’t been filming for several days so he hasn’t adjusted his state.”

Pei Shaoze looked back at Cheng Xia. “You can’t find the feeling?”

Cheng Xia smiled with embarrassment. He suppressed the fast heartbeat and replied seriously, “I didn’t find it before. Now… I think I’ve caught a bit of it. Why don’t I try it again?”

Liu Xueyi said in a hurry, “Okay, I’ll give you a few minutes to adjust. Come back soon!”

Cheng Xia took five minutes to quickly organize his thoughts.

Pei Shaoze was watching him and the man’s gentle gaze made Cheng Xia’s heart beat wildly. He thought of the scene where President Pei gently stroked his head while visiting late at night and couldn’t help feeling hot.

5 minutes later, the lightning and photography were in place and filming started again.

Shen Kai entered the play very quickly. After all, Lu Fengyang didn’t like Qin Nian at the time. He only regarded Qin Nian as a good buddy. He waved the report card in his hand and looked at Cheng Xia. “Good or bad, we are both number one. Aren’t we a good match?”

Cheng Xia walked beside Shen Kai. He remembered President Pei’s expression when he said, ‘I’m worried about you’. Cheng Xia’s heart trembled slightly and his ears uncontrollably turned red.

He lowered his head, his mind a mess. It wasn’t known what he was thinking but he was obviously distracted. This distracted mood fit perfectly with Qin Nian.

Shen Kai nagged from beside him for a long time. Cheng Xia finally came back to his senses. His mind floated over the script that he had been reading for the past few days. His face was still red but he pretended to be serious. “Are you proud of being last in the examination? The university entrance examination is next year. Haven’t you considered studying hard to get into a good university?”

The line was right and Shen Kai immediately followed suit. The two people chatted as they walked. Cheng Xia pretended to be calm on the surface but his lovey-dovey eyes couldn’t deceive people.

Shen Kai unknowingly walked in front of him. Cheng Xia looked at the alpha’s tall back, thought of President Pei who he secretly liked in his heart and his eyes became extraordinarily soft. It was a type of pure liking for a person. It really made people’s hearts beat faster, especially the original author Lemongrass who wanted to go up and rub this lovely Qin Nian in her arms.

All of Cheng Xia’s micro-expressions were completely recorded by the camera.

Liu Xueyi excitedly patted his thighs. “Great, this is the feeling!”

Cheng Xia was like a god. Just now, he had been NG all this time and hadn’t been able to enter the scene. His empty eyes looked everywhere and he couldn’t help laughing when he saw Shen Kai. Now it was like he suddenly changed into a new person. He entered the right state in an instant. Maybe this was talent?

Director Liu admired it in his heart, completely unaware that Cheng Xia’s mind was full of President Pei.

The director, screenwriter and original author were all very satisfied with this scene. Director Liu excitedly called out, “Cheng Xia, it’s good! Let’s do it again. Your emotional transformation needs more details!”

Cheng Xia looked at Director Liu and inadvertently met Pei Shaoze’s gaze, who nodded encouragingly at him. Cheng Xia started filming again and became even better. Blushing, shyness and an embarrassing secret love—he interpreted them all!

This time, it was finally over.

The filming of the following scenes was also very smooth. Cheng Xia seemed to be completely into the act. Shen Kai’s heartbeat accelerated due to the admiring eyes and he couldn’t help whispering, “Fortunately, you warned me in advance that it is just acting or I would’ve misunderstood.”

Not far away, Pei Shaoze frowned slightly as he watched Cheng Xia blushing while talking to Shen Kai. There was a bit of displeasure in his heart. He knew it was only filming but he saw Cheng Xia look at Shen Kai with admiring eyes and slightly red cheeks, eyes clear and soft as if his heart was only full of Shen Kai at this moment. It was too good and it was easy to confuse the fake with the real.

Pei Shaoze was silent for a moment. He remembered that when he asked Cheng Xia about liking someone, Cheng Xia had blushed and replied, “Yes.”

Was it Shen Kai? Did the two of them cultivate feelings during the process of filming?

There was no such person as Shen Kai in the original novel. However, he changed the plot and brought Cheng Xia into the entertainment circle and the plot had undergone earth-shaking changes. Cheng Xia had a simple mind and was too devoted to the role of Qin Nian. What if he really fell in love with Shen Kai? You know, there were countless cases where actors were tempted by the characters!

Pei Shaoze narrowed his eyes at Shen Kai. The more he looked, the more unpleasant it felt. How could Shen Kai be worthy of Cheng Xia? No, Cheng Xia was still young. If he wanted to be famous in the entertainment industry, it was absolutely irrational to fall in love too early. He couldn’t let Cheng Xia become lost and ruin his good future.

Pei Shaoze thought up to here and stepped forward, telling Cheng Xia in a soft voice, “Come find me after filming. I have something to say to you.”

It was the tone of a boss talking to an employee. Cheng Xia paused before immediately nodding. “Yes, President Pei.”

The day’s scenes finished smoothly and Cheng Xia found time to talk to Pei Shaoze. “President Pei, what did you want to say to me?”

He shouldn’t be confessing so soon. After all, President Pei was a serious person. Even if he really wanted to confess, he wouldn’t choose a crowded place like the set. Him looking for Cheng Xia was probably something to do with work.

Cheng Xia’s heart was pounding wildly and he was too embarrassed to look in the other person’s eyes.

Pei Shaoze took him aside and spoke in the gentle voice of an elder. “Cheng Xia, you are still young and it’s a good time to work hard for your career. With your talent and hard work, you can become a first-tier star within a few years. So don’t worry about falling in love. Emotional scandals will only have a negative impact on you, do you understand what I mean?”

Cheng Xia’s face was slightly red. “I-I understand.”

President Pei was really considerate. He was afraid that the reporters would write nonsense once their love was exposed and it would have an impact on his career. This was the most sensible consideration. His career had just started. If it was discovered that he and his boss were in a romantic relationship, it would indeed affect his reputation and make people feel like he was relying on a wealthy backer to get to the top.

This was why President Pei restrained himself and wasn’t ready to confess for the time being, right?

Cheng Xia was silent for a second. Then he looked at Pei Shaoze with soft and clear eyes and told him earnestly, “President Pei, rest assured that I will cherish my feelings in my heart.”

Pei Shaoze, “……???”

‘Wait, I talked to you for a long time. Why didn’t you listen to me?’

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The two people are chatting across servers and aren’t on the same channel at all, hahaha~~

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