AM: Chapter 35

Cheng Xia came out of the lounge and Sister Rong hurriedly draped a down jacket on him. She saw that Cheng Xia was holding a pair of white hand warmers that obviously hadn’t been prepared by her and couldn’t help wondering, “Cheng Xia, where did your hand warmers come from?”

“……” Cheng Xia was too embarrassed to say that President Pei gave them to him so he casually made up an excuse. “I bought some things online a few days ago and wrote the company as the address. I forgot to take it. President Pei saw it with the doorman today and brought it over for me.”

This could also explain why Pei Shaoze asked him to go in and he was carrying a bag when he went out.

Of course, Cheng Xia felt that this excuse was particularly bad but Sister Rong didn’t think too much of it. She just smiled. “Oh, Director Liu called you. The scenes at the school gates have been finished and it is moving to the next scene.”

Cheng Xia’s expression immediately became serious at the mention of work. “Okay, I’m going over!”

By the time he followed Sister Rong to the playground, the crew had already set up the scene there.

The snow was very heavy today. Since there were no students during the holidays, there wasn’t a single footprint on the playground. The surrounding trees were also covered by thick snow. The entire world was pure white, clean and spotless. Cheng Xia stood to the side of the playground and couldn’t bear to destroy this beautiful scenery.

Director Liu was wrapped in a thick down jacket and watching from the side of the playground. Beside him were Screenwriter Xu and Teacher Lemongrass. As Cheng Xia walked over, he heard Director Liu asked, “Do you think it can be done?”

Xu Moran frowned. “The requirements for the actors in this scene are a bit high. Cheng Xia and Ye Mingqian have just known each other. When shooting together, it is easy to NG if the tacit understanding isn’t enough.”

Liu Xueyi raised his head and stared into the distance. After a while, he sighed. “It is hard to encounter a day with such heavy snow. Today’s snow scenery is really beautiful and the effect must be shocking. Alas, I don’t know if there will be such weather again in the next few days.”

Lemongrass spoke softly, “Director Liu, it is better to ask the actors for their opinions.”

“Yes, I asked people to call them.” Just then, Director Liu turned his head and spotted Cheng Xia. He hurriedly waved to Cheng Xia. “Cheng Xia, come here.”

Cheng Xia trotted over quickly. “Director Liu.”

Liu Xueyi asked, “Can you play a rival scene with Ye Mingqian? There is a scene where Xu Fei confessed to Qin Nian. Today’s weather is too suitable. If we shoot it in this pure snow scenery, it will be true and beautiful.”

Cheng Xia seriously answered, “Director Liu, I can try it.”

Liu Xueyi was happy and he patted Cheng Xia’s shoulder. “Okay, let’s try it! You have read the original novel. You know that Qin Nian only regards Xu Fei as a pretend. He is very protective and caring of Xu Fei. However, Xu Fei likes Qin Nian and confessed to him. Qin Nian has already found out that he has differentiated into an omega.”

Cheng Xia nodded. “Yes, Lu Fengyang always said that Xu Fei in the class next door is the best looking omega in school. Qin Nian likes Lu Fengyang. As a result, the Xu Fei that Lu Fengyang likes confessed to him. His mood is very complicated. I have to show his emotional changes in this scene.”

Qin Nian secretly liked Lu Fengyang, Lu Fengyang liked Xu Fei’s face and Xu Fei confessed to Qin Nian. Sadly, Qin Nian just learned that he had differentiated into an omega. He didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at this dramatic development.

It wasn’t easy to show this type of complex emotional transformation. However, Director Liu had seen the performance during Cheng Xia’s audition and was confident in Cheng Xia. This was why he brought up Cheng Xia and Ye Mingqian’s rival scene, wanting to take advantage of this rare snowy day to finish shooting this key scene.

Lemongrass smiled and encouraged him. “Cheng Xia, jiayou. I believe you can catch Ye Mingqian’s acting.”

In the entire crew, Ye Mingqian was the most popular one with more than 4 million fans. His acting skills were also the best. He participated in a literary movie with a rating of over 9.5 points and his crying scene broke the hearts of countless people.

The pressure on Cheng Xia wouldn’t be light when acting against this great god. Still, the director had asked it of him. He didn’t flinch and agreed on the spot.

A while later, Ye Mingqian came to the set and Liu Xueyi whispered to him to explain some precautions. Then he asked Ye Mingqian and Cheng Xia to go to the corner to practice the script. After the start-up, the entire crew conducted a script reading. Both of them were familiar with the script but hadn’t formally acted it out.

Ye Mingqian was relaxed with a smile in his eyes. Cheng Xia was a bit nervous. His voice was dry and he obviously couldn’t let go. Suddenly, Ye Mingqian leaned over and whispered in an ambiguous tone, “Cheng Xia, I like you.”

Cheng Xia’s heart jumped and his face was red. “W-What did you say?”

Ye Mingqian returned to his original position and looked at him. “Don’t be nervous, I’m just joking. I’m an omega and can’t mark you like an alpha. Relax. Don’t you think it is cold today?”

Cheng Xia reflexively answered, “It’s quite cold…”

Ye Mingqian’s peach blossom eyes were full of gentleness. “So let’s try to take as few shots as possible. I don’t want to stand in the snow and confess to you seven or eight times while being frozen into a popsicle.”

Cheng Xia was amused by him. “That’s right. You have a lot of lines in this scene. If there are frequent NGs, you will have to keep repeating ‘I like you’ and it is too embarrassing.”

Ye Mingqian put away the script and spoke seriously. “The lines are almost memorized. Let’s review it again.”

Cheng Xia noticed that Ye Mingqian had written many notes on the script and admired the omega actor in his heart. It made sense that Ye Mingqian became popular so quickly. He was the most popular one in the crew but he was concentrating on the script instead of acting big. Cheng Xia’s liking for him suddenly increased a lot.

Cheng Xia’s script was also marked with notes. The two of them saw each other’s scripts and smiled. They put it down and started to act.

“Qin Nian, wait a minute. I have something to tell you.”

“Xu Fei?”

Both people had good memories and could memorize the script. They smoothly finished reading their lines. After reading, Cheng Xia was suddenly curious. “I remember that on the audition day, you looked taller than me. Why today…”

Ye Mingqian leaned in and answered in a soft voice, “My real height is 177 cm. It is 1 cm shorter than you. On the day of the audition, I wanted to make my aura stronger so I wore a pair of sneakers with internal insoles.”

Cheng Xia’s eyes slightly widened. “internal height insoles?”

Ye Mingqian taught him based on experience. “Yes. If I have to act with some overly tall actors, not only will the director ask me to wear height enhancing shoes, he will also put a brick under my feet. There is no other way. The alphas in this circle are generally over 185 cm tall.”

Cheng Xia nodded in agreement. “There are also those who are over 190 cm tall. They are too tall and we will have to keep looking up.”

Ye Mingqian chuckled lightly. “190 cm. Do you mean that President Pei is like this?”

Cheng Xia looked around and met the gaze of Pei Shaoze who wasn’t far away. His heart humped and he hurriedly replied in a perfunctory manner, “It isn’t only President Pei. There are many alpha actors taller than 190 cm in the circle. I really don’t know what their genes are. They are always taller than the other.”

Ye Mingqian smiled. “Isn’t there a saying that alphas have developed limbs and a simple mind?”

Cheng Xia instinctively shook his head and objected, “I think President Pei is calm, wise and principled. We can’t generalize all alphas.”


Pei Shaoze watched Ye Mingqian and Cheng Xia chatting with each other and was very pleased. He was worried that Cheng Xia would be suppressed by Ye Mingqian. After all, Cheng Xia was far less famous than Ye Mingqian. Unexpectedly, the two omegas got along very well. They got together and whispered. It wasn’t known what they were talking about.

He was so interested in the scene that he went to Director Liu’s side and sat down to see for himself. Soon, the deputy director shouted, “Mingqian, Cheng Xia, ready.”

The two of them walked over from the corner. Director Liu stepped forward and taught them how to move later. Both of them expressed their understanding. The various departments of the crew were in place and filming officially began.

It was snowing early in the morning. Cheng Xia came to school carrying a school bag. Soon after walking through the school gate, a voice was heard behind him. “Qin Nian, wait a minute!”

He turned and found the ‘best-looking student’ Xu Fei standing there, smiling at him. Cheng Xia smiled brightly at the other person. “Xu Fei, you came so early?”

Ye Mingqian stepped forward and stopped half a meter away from Cheng Xia. He suddenly took out a plaid scarf from his bag and told Cheng Xia softly, “Recently, the temperature has cooled down. I bought you a scarf as a Christmas gift to thank you for your help checking my information in the previous composition.”

Cheng Xia hurriedly waved his hand. “There is no need. We are old classmates. Why are you so polite?”

Ye Mingqian’s voice was very gentle. “It is my little heart. Please accept it.” Then he unfolded the scarf and carefully wrapped it around Cheng Xia’s neck. “It looks very good on you.”

Cheng Xia helplessly fiddled with the scarf around his neck and smiled. “Thank you.”

The two of them walked forward while chatting about their recent exams. Both of them were school masters, although one was in liberal arts and the other in science. As they walked near the playground, Ye Mingqian suddenly stopped. He stared at the spectacular snow scenery of the playground and whispered, “It is snowing. The scenery here is really beautiful.”

Two cameras filmed the entire way and Director Liu sitting in front of the monitor clenched his fists excitedly.

So beautiful! The handsome ‘Qin Nian’ and beautiful ‘Xu Fei’ stood together surrounded by heavy snow. The entire world was like ice and jade. The audience might know that they were omegas but when they stood together, the picture was too pleasing to the eye!

The two of them stood side by side for a few seconds before Ye Mingqian suddenly asked softly, “Qin Nian, do you have someone you like?”

Cheng Xia had read the original novel many times and the name Qin Nian had long been deeply rooted in his heart. It seemed that he had also become ‘Qin Nian.’ He knew that he had differentiated into an omega, that he liked his good friend Lu Fengyang and that Ye Mingqian’s words evoked countless memories in him. He was slightly stunned and looked away uncomfortably. He pretended to answer casually, “A person I like? No, I am busy with homework every day. How can I think about it?” His voice gradually weakened due to his guilty conscience.

Ye Mingqian told him, “I like someone. I have liked him for a long time. The first time I met him in middle school, I felt he was as warm as the sun. As long as I am with him, I will be very happy.” Ye Mingqian looked over at Cheng Xia. Cheng Xia caught his acting and asked curiously, “He has good luck to be liked by you for so many years. Who is it?”

Ye Mingqian had an extremely gentle look in his eyes as he stared straight into Cheng Xia’s eyes, declaring seriously, “It is you.”

At first, Cheng Xia thought he heard it wrong. He stared at Ye Mingqian in an incredulous manner. Then meeting this gentle gaze, Cheng Xia’s eyes gradually widened and a blush appeared on his face. “D-Don’t joke around.”

Ye Mingqian stared at him. “It isn’t a joke. I like you. I am serious.”

Cheng Xia was at a loss. An omega suddenly confessed to him and it was the omega who was the dream lover of all alphas in school. He had just differentiated into an omega a few days ago. What was this strange plot? He was stunned for three seconds before answering in a panic, “I don’t know why you started to like me but I… I only think of you as…”

Ye Mingqian’s eyes darkened. “Just as a friend?”

Cheng Xia scratched his head, red-faced as he stammered, “Xu Fei, you are really good. I don’t deserve you… you deserve a better answer. Yes, I’m sorry… I never thought of being with you…”

“Can’t we try it? I really like you.”


Tears gradually filled Ye Mingqian’s eyes.

Cheng Xia gritted his teeth and firmly tightened his fingers by his side. A few moments later, he made up his mind and lowered his head. “Sorry, there will be no results between us. You should stop thinking about it.” Cheng Xia turned around, his expression very complicated as he walked away quickly like he was escaping.

Ye Mingqian stood in the snow, holding back tears as he watched Cheng Xia departing. Cheng Xia walked in a hurry and his figure quickly melted into the snow. The camera gradually zoomed out and only the back of the tearful boy was seen.

It was the end of the scene but Liu Xueyi didn’t call for it to stop. He leaned toward the monitoring screen to carefully watch the playback. It wasn’t strange for Ye Mingqian to enter the scene so quickly and even start crying. After all, Ye Mingqian’s acting skills and crying scenes had been widely acknowledged by directors in the circle. He just didn’t expect… Cheng Xia to actually catch it!

The lines from beginning to end weren’t bad and the emotions and actions were also very good. He interpreted the complex and entangled emotions—shock, doubt, overwhelmed and finally fleeing!

The two people moved quietly and this scene in the snow completely exceeded Director Liu’s expectations! After watching the replay three times in a row, Liu Xueyi whispered, “President Pei, how do you feel?”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “It is good. However, they can improve and also add some details.”

Liu Xueyi thought so too. He stood up and walked over to the two actors. He whispered a few words to them before asking them to perform it again. Cheng Xia and Ye Mingqian exchanged looks and started from the beginning.

This time, Cheng Xia’s degree of completion was better than before. In several actions, Cheng Xia’s details were more accurate. The scene where Ye Mingqian shed tears was also more distressing. On the third time, Liu Xueyi couldn’t help hitting his thigh. “Great. This scene is finished!”

The staff members were a bit surprised. A confession scene was the most difficult to shoot. If a person stared at you and said ‘I like you’, it was easy to laugh. It wasn’t strange to NG seven or eight times in a confession scene.

However, today Cheng Xia and Ye Mingqian had exceptionally smooth acting. They passed in three shots! In particular, the newcomer Cheng Xia could keep up with Ye Mingqian’s rhythm and act back and forth with Ye Mingqian. The director, screenwriter and author didn’t expect it at all.

Lemongrass glanced in Cheng Xia’s direction, her expression moved. She murmured softly, “During the script reading, I saw that Cheng Xia’s script was covered with notes. He is particularly serious and studies Qin Nian’s role every day. He memorized the lines very well. As long as someone acts with  him, he will enter the act quickly. He has already regarded himself as Qin Nian.”

Screenwriter Xu also expressed his appreciation. “This kid is talented in acting. If he is willing to work hard then he will definitely become popular in the future!”

Director Liu glanced at Pei Shaoze. “What do you think, President Pei?”

However, Pei Shaoze’s eyes were on Cheng Xia not far away.

He thought he would be stuck on this scene for a long time. Cheng Xia was happy to pass it in three tries and was standing there chatting with Ye Mingqian. He held the hand warmers given by Pei Shaoze and wore a white down jacket. His cheeks were a bit red from the cold but his eyes were full of joy.

Pei Shaoze was very happy that the seedling he raised was praised by so many people. This type of mentality was probably the same as when parents held their neighbors boasting about their child?

Pei Shaoze hummed in agreement and put on a business-like attitude. “Cheng Xia is really good for a newcomer. Let’s take advantage of this rare snowy day to take more shots of him with Ye Mingqian.”

Liu Xueyi agreed and immediately had the deputy director prepare it.

Pei Shaoze stayed in the studio all day.

On this day, the crew progressed rapidly. Once Cheng Xia and Ye Mingqian formed a tacit understanding, the scenes later became more and more smooth. They thought they would shoot late into the night but it ended after 5 p.m. Cheng Xia and Ye Mingqian had an amazing degree of completion in their scenes and the entire crew was delighted.

Pei Shaoze also left with his brother in advance. On the way back, Pei Shaoyan was looking at his phone. Pei Shaoze thought he was bored and reading the news. Then the moment they entered through the door, Pei Shaoyan came over and spoke mysteriously, “Brother, if you encounter an actor’s birthday during filming, will the crew help the actor celebrate?”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “Of course. In the case where the actor can’t ask for leave, their birthday will be celebrated with the crew.”

Pei Shaoyan thoughtfully said, “I checked the birthday of all the main characters and important supporting roles in the crew today. I found that Cheng Xia’s birthday is March 21st. He is an enthusiastic and energetic Aries! It is already late February and his birthday isn’t far away.”

Pei Shaoze, “……?”

Pei Shaoyan met his brother’s puzzled expression and laughed. “You are the producer and Cheng Xia performed so well today. He had no fear against someone with great acting skills like Ye Mingqian! The director, screenwriter and author all praised him. Shouldn’t you reward him as the producer? Take advantage of his birthday to give him gifts or something!”

Pei Shaoze was silent for a moment before nodding. “Yes… for his birthday, I should prepare well.”

In the original novel, the scumbag Pei never celebrated Cheng Xia’s birthday. It seemed that every year on Cheng Xia’s birthday, the scumbag who never put Cheng Xia in his heart would miss it for various reasons.

‘Not this time,’ Pei Shaoze thought. Cheng Xia was in the crew on his 19th birthday and Pei Shaoze would spend it with Cheng Xia in person. He would give Cheng Xia a warm memory.

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