AM: Chapter 30

There was the soft prelude and then the melody of Chen Yijun’s new song, Memory Fragments gradually entered his ears.

This song was a campus song and the style was very soft. The prelude used a lot of guitars, harmonica and other elements. The composition was personally done by Chen Yijun and the music was soothing. Along with the rustling of paper, it brought people instantly to that simple and youthful campus time.

In the MV, students in black and white school uniforms stood neatly on the playground. A red banner that said ‘100th Anniversary Celebration’ was hung in front of the school. Chen Yijun wore a neat suit and skirt as she went back to her alma mater to participate in the celebration. Suddenly, there was the sound of leather shoes against the ground behind her. She turned her head back with a smile—

The camera zoomed in and she met a pair of dark, clear eyes.

Cheng Xia remembered that while filming, the makeup artist deliberately made Cheng Xia look mature in order to show the scene of ‘reunion after many years.’ Cheng Xia was placed in a suit, shirt, tie and his hairstyle was also as close as possible to a ‘white-collar worker.’ It had to be said that makeup and styling could really change a person. Cheng Yiming and Jiang Qiong almost didn’t recognize their son.

The adult version of Cheng Xia was too handsome!

The camera directly zoomed in on the face and the magnified face was free of blemishes while the facial features were delicately carved. In the scene, Cheng Xia seemed to recognize Chen Yijun and he smiled gently at her.

“Turn over the dusty memories, meet you again in my dreams…”

Chen Yijun sung the first lyrics in a soft voice. The scene of the MV suddenly changed. In the hazy dream, she seemed to have traveled back to her high school era and she saw the male god she secretly liked.

Cheng Xia in a school uniform was youthful and immature with a bright and sunny smile. He read in the library with a very serious expression. He ran on the basketball court and had a clean shooting posture. He answered questions in the study room, occasionally thinking with the pen against his forehead when he couldn’t do a certain question. He was walking through the campus with his schoolbag, the sunlight shining through the leaves onto his face…

The scenes in the MV changed again and again like messy fragments of memory.

Chen Yijun passed by the corridor and heard the sound of the piano. She stood on tiptoe and looked in. The teenager was sitting in front of the piano and playing the black and white keys earnestly. The camera gradually zoomed in. These white and slender fingers seemed capable of magic as they danced lightly on the keys. The notes flowed slowly into her ears and there was heavy snow outside the window. The entire world seemed quiet and only his piano melody remained.

The cameras interlaced and Cheng Xia’s side profile as he played the piano was as beautiful as a painting under the rendering of the highlights and filters.

“Remember the quietness of the starry night after the evening self-study, remember the youthful you waiting at the school gates, remember that winter, the notes you played floating in the air like snow falling in my heart…”

Chen Yijun’s lyrics perfectly blended with the MV.

During the filming, Cheng Xia didn’t feel anything special. Then after editing, the gentle singing of the goddess matched with the beautiful scenes in the MV. Even Cheng Xia was involuntarily brought into these warm yet bitter memories.

Chen Yijun’s clear singing was very contagious and the MV was beautifully processed. In just a few minutes, it was a complete short story. Cheng Xia seemed to really feel the throbbing first love of youth as well as the helplessness and regret once they met again as adults.

At the end of the MV, Chen Yijun met Cheng Xia again in the auditorium. She tried her best to reach out to touch the teenager she once liked. Cheng Xia in her dream also stretched out his hand. Just as their fingers were about to touch, the surroundings shattered like a mirror. Countless fragments flew and Cheng Xia’s face was printed on each fragment.

The alarm clock suddenly rang. Chen Yijun sat up straight and found that the tears flowing from the corners of her eyes had wet her pillow.

The singing stopped abruptly as she woke up from her dream. Then a line of words slid across the screen: For everyone who has ever secretly loved someone.

The song was finished but the room was quiet. His parents stared at the screen blankly. Cheng Xia didn’t know how to describe his mood. This was the first time he appeared in public and the effect was countless times better than he imagined.

It was divided into different scenes when shooting the MV, Cheng Xia worked with Director Zhang for a few days and only felt tired. He didn’t expect the post-editing, some dream-like special effects and Chen Yijun’s music to combine together to create such a perfect and unexpected effect.

Cheng Xia was shy as he softly asked, “Mom, Dad, what do you think?”

Cheng Yiming’s mind returned and he patted his thigh. “Good, good. Great. This is the best looking MV I have ever seen!”

Cheng Xia thought, ‘You don’t usually watch MVs. This is the only MV you have seen.’

Jiang Qiong had wet eyes as she choked up. “Xia Xia, you are really handsome in front of the camera. I’m proud of you.”

All parents had a filter regarding their children but Cheng Xia was very happy about being praised. The excitement of his parents also infected him. He quickly unlocked his mobile phone and searched for comments on the Internet.

Three other music platforms also released the new song simultaneously. There weren’t many singers who released new songs on Valentine’s Day. Once Chen Yijun’s song was released, it directly rose to the single day search chart and ranked first in the sales chart. The sales on Kumi Music alone surpassed six digits in just four minutes. The MV views were also growing rapidly.

Cheng Xia clicked into the MV to take a look. Countless barrages slid across the screen.

“This little brother is so handsome. The best student in school!”

”What school is this? It looks so beautiful.”

“Sister Jun has a good eye. The protagonist of this MV has a special temperament and his smile makes me want to melt!”

During the part where he played the piano, the entire phone screen was almost obscured by the barrage of the fans. Cheng Xia slowed it down and adjusted the display rate to 50% so he could see clearly.

“Ahhh, this hand control is satisfying!”

“These hands are so beautiful. I really want to know what it feels like to hold hands with him~”

“Brother, can I touch your hands?”

“These hands are born to play the piano. Was he found from the music conservatory?”

“I want to enter the screen and lick his hands. I know, I am a bit perverted!”

Cheng Xia, “……”

Cheng Xia rubbed his fingers together lightly and his cheeks became a bit hot when he saw the fans’ enthusiastic messages. What were these words? Someone wanted to enter the screen and lick his hands? Don’t joke around!

Just then, a message from his agent popped up in WeChat. [Cheng Xia, look at Weibo. Chen Yijun’s new song is on the hot search! She also mentioned you and your Weibo has exploded!]

Cheng Xia hurriedly opened Weibo. The seventh hot search was #Chen Yijun’s new song# and the 15th one was #Memory Fragments premiere#

He clicked in and saw news of Chen Yijun’s new song. The most popular post came from Chen Yijun’s own Weibo. She wrote a lot of thanks and finally mentioned Cheng Xia. [Here, I would like to introduce the starring actor of the new song MV @Cheng Xia. Don’t I have a good vision? Cheng Xia is so handsome and serious. He personally played the piano in that part. Cheng Xia has a professional level 10 certificate in piano! [Awesome]]

Chen Yijun’s fans screamed wildly and flocked to Cheng Xia’s Weibo.

His Weibo originally had less than 200 followers. Then after Chen Yijun’s promotion, it instantly rose to 100,000 followers! 100,000—he had never seen so many fans! It was only a four minute MV. After Chen Yijun @ him once, there were more than 100,000 followers? It was terrible. The number of private messages was 1350+ and he simply couldn’t read them all.

Cheng Xia was flattered and hurriedly posted on Weibo according to the agent’s instructions. [Thank you for your attention, thank you @Chen Yijun for giving me this opportunity. I really like Sister Yijun’s song and I am honored to be able to participate in the recording of this MV. I hope everyone can support Sister Jun’s new song. [Flowers][Flowers]]

Chen Yijun’s fans immediately left excited messages.

Cheng Xia stood from the perspective of a fan to thank Chen Yijun and helped Chen Yijun with publicity. After all, the MV was just an accessory for a song. Chen Yijun was the protagonist. As the actor in the MV, he would be overpowering her if he emphasized himself too much.

Chen Yijun’s fans felt that the little brother who helped their goddess was very cute and screamed under his Weibo. A large number of fans said they wanted to see him play the piano.

Director Zhang had long guessed this would happen after the MV was released. Therefore, he recorded the scene of Cheng Xia playing the piano completely. He took advantage of the fans’ hunger and thirst and simply posted the full version of Cheng Xia playing Snow Fantasy on his Weibo. Chen Yijun forwarded it smoothly.

The moment this tidbit was released, the forwarding volume immediately broke through six figures!

This video had no filters or post-production special effects. It was just a simple video. Cheng Xia sat in front of the piano and played the entire song seriously. The young man either closed his eyes and reveled in the music or watched the black and white keys in front of him with a smile. His flexible hands danced quickly on the keys and the melodious piano notes filled the enclosed music room. This piano was played too professionally.

Fans played it repeatedly and left comments. As a result, #Cheng Xia playing piano tidbit# became another hot search!

On the night of Valentine’s Day, Chen Yijun’s single went viral on the Internet and the song was discussed everywhere. Major music platforms showed professional comments from many music critics and the feelings of the fans after listening to the song.

“I can’t help thinking of the beta senior I had a crush on in high school. Cheng Xia’s image is close to that of the campus male god. It is really a fresh, natural and handsome face.”

“Chen Yijun’s song is well written and the MV is also very good. The protagonist of the MV’s image, temperament and acting skills are all online. I heard he is a newcomer. I am optimistic about his development.”

“I am a female beta and Sister Jun’s song has been engraved in my heart! I also want to be Cheng Xia’s fan. He plays the piano very well!”


There was one comment after another, making Cheng Xia’s eyes become hot. He hadn’t expected so many people to remember him just based on a four minute MV.

For the first time, he felt that he was loved and followed by so many people. It was the first time he experienced the panic at being flooded with messages on Weibo and the first time he found himself on TV. The feeling was more than imagined. It was countless times better. Being an actor was his childhood dream and now his dream had come true. He just had to keep working hard.

As Cheng Xia was excitedly reading the comments, Pei Shaoze sent another message. [Cheng Xia, your ability to attract fans has exceeded my expectations. The Weibo fans has exceeded 300,000.]

Cheng Xia hurriedly replied, [Thank you President Pei for giving me this opportunity as well as Sister Jun and Director Zhang for helping promote me!]

Pei Shaoze told him calmly, [This is just the beginning. Your road is still long. This is just a small fire in the music circle. It is too far away from being famous in the movie and television industry. Keep calm and prepare to join the crew to shoot the new drama.]

Cheng Xia sent a smiley face emoji. [Yes, President Pei!]

He always felt that President Pei was a bit like his high school head teacher. President Pei might be a bit more serious but his words were reasonable.

At this time, Pei Shaoze was on the computer. The screen of the computer was frozen on the scene of Cheng Xia playing the piano in the MV.

Pei Shaoyan brought coffee to his brother as an excuse. He wanted to be shameless and ask for pocket money. As a result, he pushed open the door and saw his brother staring at the computer screen, his eyes… strangely gentle? He leaned his head and instantly saw Cheng Xia. Pei Shaoyan couldn’t help wondering, “Who is this?”

Pei Shaoze retracted his gaze, his voice flat, “The new MC of Tianxuan’s singer, Chen Yijun.”

Pei Shaoyan pointed to the person on the computer. “I mean him. He is pretty good-looking. Brother, were you looking at him just now?”

Pei Shaoze frowned unhappily. “Have you completed the task assigned to you?”

Pei Shaoyan immediately put on a bitter face. “Why are you like my high school teacher, always giving me homework? How old am I? Do I still have to go home…”

Pei Shaoze told him, “Do it in a week or your salary for next month will be cut in half.”

Pei Shaoyan wondered, “How much are you paying me?”

Pei Shaoze thought for a moment. “Based on the pay of the company’s interns, if you do well then it is 3,500 yuan a month.”

Pei Shaoyan almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He used to spend 35,000 yuan in a month!

Then Pei Shaoze added, “If your performance is poor then I will give you 500.”

Pei Shaoyan, “………”

Pei Shaoze felt happy seeing his brother’s angry and indignant face. “Aren’t you going to do your homework?”

Pei Shaoyan turned around and left.

Pei Shaoze turned back to the computer screen. On the day the MV was filmed, he passed by the piano room and saw the scene of Cheng Xia playing the piano. He had a deep impression of it. Now that he watched the post-processed MV where the hazy dream effect was added, the teenager sitting quietly in front of the piano seemed to have a faint halo around his body that made people unable to look away.

He could understand why Cheng Xia’s Weibo had 300,000 fans after they saw Cheng Xia playing the piano. A serious and good-looking young man was really popular. Pei Shaoze felt relief like ‘The small seedling I planted was being recognized.’

‘Don’t worry, Cheng Xia. What is 300,000 fans? This is just the beginning.’

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