AM: Chapter 29

Even if Pei Shaoze was a workaholic, he couldn’t make everyone join the crew on the first day of the new year. In addition, Teacher Xu and Teacher Lemongrass’ script couldn’t be changed so quickly. Everyone else had to spend the new year at home.

Therefore, in the past few days, he had focused his attention on ‘reforming his younger brother.’

Pei Shaoyan was forced to study at home and was about to fall ill. His friends asked him on the phone every day to go out and play but his older brother confiscated his car keys and all his credits cards. He couldn’t go out at all. Secondly, his eldest brother threw him these scripts to read and asked him to write analysis notes.

Analysis his ass! He had no interest in these things!

Pei Shaoyan complained inwardly, ‘My high school class teachers weren’t so strict.’

After being locked up for two days, Pei Shaoyan finally had the chance to go out on February 12th, the second day of the lunar new year. His mother was going back to the Lu house to pay the new year’s greetings. He went with her on the grounds of ‘I miss Grandfather.’

The Lu family was in the real estate business. Lu Manjing was the only omega daughter in this generation of the Lu family. Her older brothers were all alphas and she had been loved by her family since she was a child. She transferred this love to her two sons.

She was like a canary raised in a greenhouse and hadn’t experienced any storms. The reason why Pei Shaoze and Pei Shaoyan in the original book had no knowledge and skills had a lot to do with being spoiled by their mother since childhood.

However, the uncles of the Lu family were better than each other. Lu Xuan was the only child of his third uncle. Today, Pei Shaoze went back to his grandfather’s house and saw his cousin again. Since he made it clear previously, Lu Xuan’s attitude toward him was obviously much better.

Pei Shaoyan had black hair and was like a dog as he followed obediently behind his brother. He wore a neat sweater, jeans and a coat. There were no strange patterns on his clothing and they almost didn’t recognize him. This pair of Pei brothers looked completely reborn.

Their grandfather smiled and called everyone to dinner. At the dinner table, the old man suddenly mentioned Pei Shaoze’s marriage. “Shaoze, your cousin Lu Xuan is already engaged. After this year, you will also be 27 years old. Shouldn’t you think about marriage?”

Pei Shaoze calmly answered, “Grandfather, thank you for your concern. I already have someone I like.”

This excuse was really convenient when needed. He used this sentence previously to make Lin Qianshu give up and today he could use it as a reason to refuse the messy blind dates arranged by his family. However, Old Man Lu was shrewd. He heard this and asked, “You aren’t lying to us, right? What type of omega is it? Bring them back to show us.”

Pei Shaoze lied without changing his expression. “I haven’t been with him for long. I’ve just caught him and he hasn’t even met my parents yet. I will bring him back when our relationship stabilizes.”

The people at the table all looked at each other. In this world, as long as an alpha and omega confessed to each other, marking was almost a routine procedure. After an alpha marked an omega, it was a stamp to acknowledge the other person as their partner. The mark couldn’t be changed casually and as long as they had marked each other, it was difficult for parents to object. What did it mean to just catch a person? Did Pei Shaoze take the initiative to chase this person?

Lu Xuan lowered his voice. “You haven’t marked him yet?”

“Yes, he is very shy and I’m afraid of scaring him.”

Lu Xuan chuckled. “I never knew you were such a gentleman.”

Pei Shaoze was serious. “If I really like someone then I will respect the other person’s thoughts. He is young and I don’t want to scare him away by being too eager. Give us a bit of time.”

The elders of the family heard him say so and naturally wouldn’t urge him any longer.

Pei Shaoyan looked at his older brother suspiciously. ‘A person he likes? Is this true or not?!’

Pei Shaoze successfully passed this point and he visited some relatives and friends with his parents. During the Spring Festival, he couldn’t avoid visiting relatives and friends. Moreover, these relatives and friends were very important in the business world. He could talk about business while hearing some information. It was just that such a life was inevitably boring.

On the third night of the new year, Pei Shaoze received a message from Screenwriter Xu. [President Pei, according to your request, Teacher Lemongrass and I have worked overtime these days. We first changed the script for the winter portions and sent a copy to you and Director Liu.]

Time was tight and it was difficult to complete the script in a short time. It was just that winter was about to pass. Therefore, Pei Shaoze asked Xu Moran to discuss with the author and change the script for winter. The original author knew the plot very well and Screenwriter Xu was experienced. The two of them worked overtime for a few days and really finished the script for the winter parts.

Pei Shaoze talked with Director Liu for a long time and finally set the starting time. It was February 17th, the seventh day of the new year and the day when annual leave ended.

From the audition on the 9th to starting on the 17th, it was very rushed but they had no other way. School would start in March. They had to hurry and finish shooting the snow scenes at the school. For the rest of the scenes such as interior scenes and the summer plots, the shooting work could be slowed down a bit and more attention paid to the control of details. The quality of the drama would personally be checked by Pei Shaoze and it definitely wouldn’t be bad.

Liu Xueyi readily agreed and had the staff in charge of lighting, photography, clothing and other areas be ready.

Once the time was set, Pei Shaoze pulled the lead creators of the crew into a WeChat group. Once they found out that it would start on the 17th, they booked air tickets to rush back to Rong City. Cheng Xia’s home was in the area and there was no need to book tickets. He politely greeted President Pei, Director Liu, the author and the screenwriter in the group. Then Lemongrass sent him a friends application. Cheng Xia hurriedly agreed and sent a polite greeting through WeChat.

Just then, he received a message from President Pei. [Chen Yijun’s Memory Fragments MV will be released on MTV TV tonight at 8 o’clock. It will also be on the shelves at the scene time for the Kumi, Lu Yin and Dingdang music platforms. Remember to watch it.]

Cheng Xia was surprised. [It is synchronized on the entire network? I remember that Sister Yijun’s songs used to just be played on Kumi Music.]

Pei Shaoze explained, [Kumi Music wanted to buy the copyright of this song for a very high price but I didn’t agree. The copyright means it will be highly promoted by the platform but having it broadcasted simultaneously on all platforms means the range of the MV will be larger and the audience will increase. The effect of this MV filming is great. Covering a larger audience is also good for your popularity.]

Cheng Xia’s heart warmed. He always felt that President Pei who was so serious about his work inexplicably gave people a very reassuring feeling. President Pei was right in everything. President Pei’s decision must be the best decision.

Synchronization on the entire network was far better than an exclusive-platform purchase. Cheng Xia usually listened to music and knew that the three music platforms of Kumi, Lu Yin and Dingdang almost divided up the entire domestic music listeners.

In other words, at 8 o’clock tonight, people across the country who liked to listen to music could listen to Chen Yijun’s new song on their usual platform, see the MV of this song and get to know the starring actor in the MV: Cheng Xia.

How many people would remember his face in just four minutes?

Today was Valentine’s Day. At 8 p.m., many couples would be eating out and dating. Chen Yijun’s song wasn’t a warm love song but a memory of first love with a touch of sadness. For the new year, would this type of sad song be unpleasant?

Cheng Xia was worried. The next moment, Pei Shaoze told him, [Don’t worry, Chen Yijun brings her own traffic. Her new song will rise to the top three of the major charts. Tonight, pay attention to your Weibo. Cheng Yijun will mention you to attract fans. Write a post properly and thank Sister Yijun for giving you this opportunity.]

Then he added like he wasn’t very assured. [Don’t mention Tianxuan, just Chen Yijun. You will be in a drama that Tianxuan is investing in. Don’t give the impression that Tianxuan is trying to hold you up. It is easy to recruit trouble. Some people will be jealous of you, guessing if you have a background and there are unspoken rules. Keep a low profile. Do you understand what I mean?]

Cheng Xia nodded immediately. [I understand. Thank you, President Pei!]

These details should’ve originally been conveyed by the agent yet Pei Shaoze sent the message personally. Cheng Xia was flattered. After closing the conversation box with Pei Shaoze, his agent Zhou Yan also sent him a lot of messages, asking him to write the Weibo post in advance and show it to her. After the MV was released, it would attract Chen Yijun’s fans over.

Cheng Xia told his parents the good news and Cheng Yiming patted his thighs in excitement. “Really? Son, you will be on TV?!”

Jiang Qiong was also relieved. “Last time, you told me that I would see you soon on TV. I thought you were joking. I didn’t expect you to shoot an MV so soon. Our Xia Xia is really great!”

Both of them were very excited. This was the first time they would be watching their son on TV. They cut a plateful of fruit, arranged melon seeds and sat on the sofa waiting for 8 o’clock to arrive. Cheng Xia pretended to be relaxed on the surface but he was actually very nervous.

The clock reached 8 o’clock. On MTV TV, the host smiled. “Today is Valentine’s Day. A new song will be released on MTV TV. Next, let us enjoy the new song of Goddess Chen Yijun—Memory Fragments!”

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6 months ago

He’s using liking someone as an excuse, but jokes on him cause he’s thinking of Cheng Xia all throughout the lie~~~