AM: Chapter 2

[Welcome player Pei Shaoze to the world of the ‘Accidental Mark’ novel.]

[The goal of the Book Transmigration System: Raise the protagonist of the novel and let the protagonist’s good impression of you reach 100 points.]

[The protagonist Cheng Xia is online. He is in his susceptible period and won’t resist anything you do to him.]

The mechanical notifications appeared in his mind again. This made Pei Shaoze finally remember why the words omega, pheromones and Cheng Xia were familiar.

The world of a novel.

On the way to the hotel today, his sister mentioned that she had read a book called Accidental Mark. A character in the novel was also called Pei Shaoze. He had the same name and was also the owner of an entertainment company.

He wasn’t interested in the book his sister was reading nor did he ask for any details. He only knew that the novel was an ‘ABO’ setting. The protagonist called Pei Shaoze in the book was an alpha while the other protagonist was called Cheng Xia. After a hangover, he took a few sleeping pills and actually penetrated into the world of a novel?

Was the mechanical voice in his mind the NPC that guided players?

Pei Shaoze quickly calmed down and spoke in his mind. “I’m very busy and don’t have time to play this boring game. Choose another player. I want to go back.”

System 1022 froze for a moment before seriously explaining, [I’m sorry, the Book Transmigration system is bound to the player and the selected player doesn’t have the right to cancel the account! You can’t return to your original world unless you complete the mission in this world.]

Pei Shaoze frowned. The attack mission? In other words, make Cheng Xia’s good impression of him reach 100 points? He considered it for a moment before whispering, “Okay, I haven’t read the original novel. Please introduce me to the setting.”

System 1022 immediately responded positively. [No problem! Since the player is currently in the newcomer protection period and hasn’t read the original novel, the system can open the full text of the novel for players to read. Do you want to check it now?]

A transparent floating frame and a ‘book’ button popped up in front of him.

Pei Shaoze opened the book and quickly scanned the plot.

The novel Accidental Mark was an ABO abuse novel. The protagonist Pei Shaoze was a typical rich second generation and the current president of the well-known entertainment company ‘Tianxuan Entertainment.’ He secretly liked an omega who grew up with him, Lin Qianshu. Lin Qianshu was the white moonlight in his heart but was unfortunately engaged to someone and about to study abroad.

Just then, Cheng Xia appeared. Cheng Xia was from an ordinary family and was admitted to the film academy with his own efforts. After being discovered by a scout, he signed to Tianxuan Entertainment. During the company’s annual meeting, he met his boss Pei Shaoze. Due to this outstanding appearance, Pei Shaoze often glanced at Cheng Xia during the annual meeting.

Cheng Xia’s agent who was eager for quick success thought that President Pei was interested in Cheng Xia. In order to make Cheng Xia popular quickly, the agent made his own plan and added a pheromones release agent to Cheng Xia’s drink after the party. Then he sent Cheng Xia to President Pei’s bed.

Under the influence of their pheromones, Pei Shaoze forcibly marked Cheng Xia. Since he didn’t like Cheng Xia, he just regarded Cheng Xia as a plaything delivered to his door. There was no gentleness toward Cheng Xia and the marking process was extremely rough. Cheng Xia’s body was even bleeding from being torn.

The next day, Pei Shaoze showed no concern for the injured Cheng Xia and coldly asked the driver to take him to the hospital.

During the days in the hospital, Pei Shaoze never came to see Cheng Xia.

The agent noticed President Pei’s displeasure and feared his job wouldn’t be guaranteed. Therefore, he pushed all his sins onto Cheng Xia, stating that Cheng Xia took the initiative to take the pheromones release agent to seduce President Pei. He even prepared evidence that Cheng Xia bought the medicine.

Pei Shaoze felt even more contemptuous of Cheng Xia but he didn’t want to let the omega he had touched enter the arms of others. Therefore, Pei Shaoze decided to keep Cheng Xia by his side as a pet.

Cheng Xia’s dream was to one day become an excellent actor but this unexpected mark completely disrupted his plan. After being marked, he developed a physical dependence on Pei Shaoze. Combined with the agent’s deceit and Pei Shaoze’s promise, Cheng Xia who didn’t know much about the world was confused and agreed to President Pei’s request.

Since Cheng Xia was so good-looking and obedient, Pei Shaoze gradually became gentle with Cheng Xia. Cheng Xia fell for this false tenderness and fell in love with Pei Shaoze. He gave up on his dream of being an actor and stayed with President Pei, cooking for him every day and taking care of President Pei’s life.

After three years of these ‘warm’ days, Lin Qianshu returned to China. His mood was extremely bad after breaking up with his fiance so he turned to Pei Shaoze, a spare tire. Pei Shaoze’s attitude immediately changed 180 degrees and he started to frantically pursue the white moonlight in his heart.

The intimate photos of Pei Shaoze and Lin Qianshu were soon exposed by the paparazzi under Lin Qianshu’s design. Cheng Xia finally understood that the person Pei Shaoze always liked was Lin Qianshu. Although he was sad, he didn’t want to embarrass himself any longer. Therefore, he packed up and wanted to move away from Pei Shaoze’s villa.

Pei Shaoze refused to let Cheng Xia leave. He was accustomed to staying with Cheng Xia and couldn’t bear to let go of the young man who was infatuated with him. Thus, Pei Shaoze imprisoned Cheng Xia.

During his imprisonment, Cheng Xia suffered mental breakdowns every day and was covered in traces of abuse. Pei Shaoze saw the fading light in the young man’s eyes and his methods became more perverted due to panic…

At the same time, he maintained a seemingly romantic relationship with Lin Qianshu who he thought was his ‘true love.’

Cheng Xia was tortured and seriously injured. Pei Shaoze eventually had to take him to the hospital. During the hospital, he finally found the opportunity to escape Pei Shaoze’s surveillance with the help of a doctor and hid in the countryside.

However, Lin Qianshu didn’t let him go. Lin Qianshu realized that Pei Shaoze was particularly concerned about Cheng Xia so he thought of an idea to completely ruin Cheng Xia. He sent a private video captured by surveillance to the PR team and the PR team would discredit Cheng Xia.

Before long, Cheng Xia’s indecent photos spread all over the Internet. In these photos, Cheng Xia’s face was very clear and he always actively held Pei Shaoze while Pei Shaoze always looked cold and impatient.

Lin Qianshu was an omega with the character setting of ‘learned, talented, gentle and elegant’ on the Internet. He graduated from a prestigious school with a master’s degree and founded his own design brand. He had countless fans and it took him seconds to kill the unknown Cheng Xia. Seeing this, the fans and water army that he bought immediately flooded Cheng Xia’s Weibo account to curse wildly.

“An 18th tier invisible artist dares to seduce the boss!”

“Stinky, shameless third party!”

“Our Qianshu is President Pei’s childhood sweetheart. What type of dog are you?!”

The netizens’ scolding cut at Cheng Xia’s heart like a knife and he simply cancelled his Weibo account. However, the black fans were more radical. They exposed his home address and someone sent the indecent photos and a dead rat to his home in the name of Lin Qianshu.

Cheng Xia’s father was at home. He opened the courier box to see these things and was so angry that he had a heart attack on the spot and needed to be sent to the hospital.

Cheng Xia received the news and ran to the hospital in a panic. At this time, Pei Shaoze called again and spoke coldly, “It was you who seduced me first. I was affected by your pheromone and was unable to control myself. It was just an accident. Cheng Xia, I never liked you. You were just a dog I raised.”

Cheng Xia’s face was pale and it was like he fell into an ice cellar. He was wearing a thin sweater and stood in the corridor late on a winter night, his blood almost frozen. It was his 22nd birthday that day.

In the end, his father couldn’t be saved and died in the operating room. Two days later, his mother died from excessive grief.

Cheng Xia was extremely anguished. He went to the cemetery to worship his parents’ ashes only to see Pei Shaoze and Lin Qianshu holding hands to sweep the grave of Pei Shaoze’s grandfather who had been dead for many years. Then Pei Shaoze gently put a ring on Lin Qianshu’s hand…

At that moment, Cheng Xia finally woke up completely. Pei Shaoze never liked him. During the past three years, all the gentleness was just an illusion. He was a tool for Pei Shaoze to vent his desires, a dog raised by Pei Shaoze! Since falling in love with Pei Shaoze, Cheng Xia gave up his dream and even caused his parents to die one after another! For him, knowing Pei Shaoze was the beginning of all his bad luck.

Cheng Xia swore to the portrait of his parents. One day, he would make Pei Shaoze and Lin Qianshu pay back this blood debt!

After Pen Shaoze and Lin Qianshu announced they were getting married, Cheng Xia went abroad, changed his name and worked hard from scratch.

The second half of the novel changed styles suddenly and became the cool route of ‘Cheng Xia’s revenge.’ Cheng Xia rose from an unknown star to an international superstar. After returning to China, he schemed to meet Pei Shaoze again. Pei Shaoze was attracted by the dazzling Cheng Xia and only then realized that the person he loved most was Cheng Xia. He was shameless enough that he wanted to get back with Cheng Xia.

Cheng Xia deliberately kept him hanging and maintained a close relationship. It was because Cheng Xia knew Pei Shaoze very well. This alpha didn’t cherish it when others liked him but he couldn’t wait to kneel and lick the ground when others didn’t like him.

Cheng Xia used Pei Shaoze’s infatuation to first collect evidence to expose the plagiarism of Lin Qianshu’s work, causing Lin Qianshu’s character design to collapse. The clothing company he founded completely closed down. Then he sent screenshots of Pei Shaoze’s private confession to Lin Qianshu. Lin Qianshu was so angry that he drove off a bridge and drowned in a lake.

Immediately afterward, Cheng Xia deliberately created an accident. He used an alpha pheromones inducer to get Pei Shaoze out of control. He pretended it was a legitimate defense and stabbed Pei Shaoze to death.

At this time, Cheng Xia’s acting was already top-notch. In the camera surveillance, he was violently panicked due to the strong alpha. During the escape process, he inadvertently picked up a fruit knife in the kitchen and stabbed Pei Shaoze to death. Then he tearfully called 120…

Cheng Xia’s acting skills were extremely good. There was nothing lacking in the surveillance video. Every minute and second showed his helplessness and panic. In addition, Cheng Xia found the best lawyer to defend himself and prepared a lot of evidence to his advantage. Even the judge believed that this omega was legitimately defending himself and Cheng Xia was pronounced innocent.

Pei Shaoze became the alpha who died in the most uncomfortable manner in history.

Cheng Xia wore a pair of sunglasses when walking out of the court. No one knew there was a smile in his eyes under the sunglasses.

The full text ended.

Pei Shaoze who read the whole novel, “……”

This felt like a huge pot of dog blood was poured over his head.

The Pei Shaoze in the novel with the same name had almost no IQ at all and his character was extremely poor.

The first marking of Cheng Xia could be explained as the ‘influence of pheromones’ but since he decided to keep this person around, he should take responsibility. Sleeping with Cheng Xia while thinking about Lin Qianshu in his heart, wasn’t this mental cheating? He only realized he had fallen in love with Cheng Xia after Cheng Xia was tortured physically and mentally, his parents were killed and he finally left for abroad?

Regarding these reactions and IQ, it was no wonder why the company went bankrupt.

Pei Shaoze kept frowning when he read the novel. He didn’t know if the author had written this novel to retaliate against society. Why else were there so many messy and melodramatic plots?

Cheng Xia meeting the two scumbags Pei Shaoze and Lin Qianshu was simply an unlucky disaster. He experienced being played, betrayed, imprisoned and tortured by his beloved. He was misunderstood by the netizens as a third party, attacked by the entire Internet, his naked photographs were circulated everywhere and his parents died of anger…

Did the author have some vendetta against a person called ‘Cheng Xia?’ They let a good sunny young man be tortured to a mental breakdown so that his temperament changed drastically. Finally, he came back for revenge and even killed the scumbag gong.

What type of messy plot was this?

Pei Shaoze had a headache as he turned off the novel interface.

[System 1022: You have finished reading the novel. This is the first day transmigrating into the novel and you are still in the newcomer protection period.]

[Friendly reminder: The next plot task is to mark the protagonist Cheng Xia.]

Cheng Xia’s body was shaking violently. His pheromones were out of control for some reason and he instinctively yearned to be marked by an alpha. The strange feeling of emptiness in his body made him uncomfortable and almost crazy.

The cold smell of the alpha next to him made him addicted. He couldn’t help reaching out to grab the alpha’s sturdy arm, his voice trembling. “I’m so uncomfortable… please, help me…”

Pei Shaoze’s expression changed slightly. He transmigrated to the beginning of the novel and replaced the alpha scumbag Pei Shaoze. The protagonist who hadn’t blackened yet was right in front of him.

To mark or not to mark? This was really a terrible choice.

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2 years ago

Hahaha! It looks like a battle of yes or no. To be or not to be.😁😍😁 Thanks for the chapter

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Akkki 0987
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To be, or not to be? That is the question—Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And, by opposing, end them?

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