AM: Chapter 1

Hello everyone, welcome to the new novel I’m translating! This is a short and fluffy novel by the same author as Card Room! It has aspects of both ABO and entertainment in it so I hope you enjoy. To clarify, it is officially stated as gong perspective but it is actually more a mix of both perspectives as the story progresses. I know some people don’t like gong perspective but I hope you give it a chance!

In addition, there is already fanart for it! Thank you Chuna for the lovely fanart.

Early in the morning, there was the patter of light rain and the tree-lined mountains were covered by fog. It was hazy and like a wonderland.

A black car was driving on a curved mountain road.

The driver in the front was holding the steering wheel cautiously. The man sitting in the back was wearing a gray suit. His clean white shirt was ironed without a trace of wrinkles and his slender fingers were flipping through a document.

The man had handsome features and an indifferent expression. He was just sitting there silently yet he gave off a strange sense of oppression. The space in the car became extremely quiet due to his presence. The driver didn’t even dare to do anything to break the atmosphere and disturb him.

There was a girl around 20 years old sitting next to the man. She had a youthful face and was wearing a pink dress with her hair in a bun. She was holding her phone to seriously read a novel. After reading for a moment, she suddenly glanced at the man next to her and looked him up and down.

The man sensed her gaze and asked lightly, “What is it?”

The girl’s eyes curved and she smiled brightly. “Brother, the main character of this novel has the same name as you. He is also called Pei Shaoze.”

Pei Shaoze wondered casually, “What novel?”

“Accidental Mark. It is an ABO novel.”

“ABO novel?” Pei Shaoze wasn’t interested in online novels. He only read the scripts that the company’s movie and television department submitted to him after screening. He naturally didn’t know what ABO was and thought it was a blood type.

“Cough.” Pei Xueqing was embarrassed to explain to her brother in detail and just spoke briefly, “It is a setting from abroad. In an ABO world, people are divided into three categories: alpha, beta and omega. Among them, alphas and omegas have corresponding pheromones. It can be understood as a type of hormone that controls human instincts. Pei Shaoze who has the same name as you is an alpha and he is also the boss of an entertainment company.”

Pei Shaoze listened and was mystified.

Pei Xueqing paused before whispering, “However, the Pei Shaoze in the book is too much of a scumbag. After the main character Cheng Xia lost control of his pheromones, this scumbag tormented Cheng Xia and almost killed him. This person has the same name as you but his personality is completely different.”

“Well, having the same name isn’t strange. My name isn’t special.” Pei Shaoze wasn’t interested in this topic and continued to look through the documents.

He was usually very busy at work. This time, he came home because today was his 30th birthday and his mother was going to hold a birthday party for him.

The document in his hand was a signing contract for the next movie and television department project. The legal department had repeatedly checked it before submitting it to him for a final review. It was still an hour’s drive from the hotel so he brought this contract to read it in the car.

10 minutes later, Pei Shaoze finished reading the contract and put it in his briefcase.

Pei Xueqing saw that her brother was free and couldn’t help wondering, “Brother, in the entertainment industry, are unspoken rules very common? If one day a particularly beautiful star appears in your bed, will you take advantage of them?”

Pei Shaoze replied blankly, “No.”

“……” Pei Xueqing shrugged helplessly.

Her brother was too upright and serious. He would be indifferent even if someone sent themselves to his door. He couldn’t be the scumbag gong from the Accidental Mark novel. The scumbag gong in the novel, Pei Shaoze took advantage of Cheng Xia the first night he was delivered to the door. This led to a series of follow-up plots filled with extreme dog blood and abuse.

The plot was originally abusive but the scumbag gong had the name of her brother so she couldn’t help being immersed when reading…

This scumbag gong in the novel often had his IQ go offline. He couldn’t compare to her calm and wise brother at all. Her brother Pei Shaoze was extremely devoted to his work.

In Pei Xueqing’s memory, Pei Shaoze had never been in a relationship with anyone. He had a good appearance and his family was wealthy, so countless women wanted to hook up with him. However, he was always indifferent. His private life was terribly self-disciplined. Every day, he got up at a regular time and had meals at fixed points. It seemed that his world was only work and everything else had to stand aside.

Their father died early and their mother was in poor health. Pei Shaoze was only 22 years old when he took over the company and had just graduated from university. At that time, the company owed a lot of loans and was on the verge of bankruptcy. It could be imagined how much pressure Pei Shaoze had been under.

He did everything on his own from investigating the market, screening projects and recruiting artists. One time, he even went to the hospital for emergency treatment after he got gastric bleeding drinking with investors to attract investments. As a result, he suffered from serious stomach problems…

During that time, he barely got 5 hours of sleep a day and was always moving around.

He had experienced a lot and developed his calm and decisive character.

Thanks to his years of hard work, the Pei family conquered half the entertainment industry. The artists he dug up became popular and several movies he invested in became big box office hits. Pei Shaoze became the boss with the best investment vision in the industry.

Those years of experience made Pei Shaoze more mature. He could see through the thoughts of the young girls and small newcomer artists. Therefore, even if he was soon turning 30, he had no intentions of falling in love at all.

Think about it. Why waste time falling in love when they clearly wanted to flatter him and rely on him to climb up?

Today’s Pei Shaoze was famous and the stars in the entertainment industry had to respectfully call out ‘President Pei’ when they saw him. Still, Pei Xueqing always felt that her brother lacked a little human touch. Such a brother was too indifferent, like a walking work machine. She really hoped that someone who loved him wholeheartedly could be by his side.

She didn’t know when such a person would appear.


Pei Shaoze’s birthday party was held at a well-known five-star hotel in the area.

The relatives of the Pei family and the company’s artists were present. The wealthy people were all dressed up to make a good impression on Pei Shaoze, the stars in the party venue were shining and the gifts for Pei Shaoze were piled up like a mountain. Seeing Pei Shaoze appear, everyone consciously gave way for him.

Pei Shaoze calmly took his sister to the center of the party hall. He walked to his mother and gave her a gentlemanly hug. Mother Pei gently patted her son on the shoulder and smiled. “Shaoze, happy birthday. For your 30th birthday, I wanted to make it lively so I invited many acquaintances. Do you mind?”

Pei Shaoze gave a rare smile. “Of course not.”

He usually put on a serious expression. It was only in front of his family that he would show such a relaxed smile. Several young ladies in the distance felt their hearts beating faster when they saw this. They couldn’t help whispering together.

“President Pei has a worthy appearance. Can’t he make his debut?”

”He is worth billions. Is it necessary for him to debut?”

“Also… he has been single the entire time. I don’t know what type of woman he likes.”

“In any case, it won’t be your type that likes to gossip!”

The birthday party started at 8 o’clock in the evening. At his mother’s gesture, Pei Shaoze picked up the microphone and spoke a few words. Then he personally cut the birthday cake. There was enthusiastic applause. In the buffet time, people kept coming up to toast him.

“Happy birthday President Shao. Hope everything goes well!”

”Happy birthday President Pei…”

Pei Shaoze drank one glass of red wine after another and gradually felt dizzy. He didn’t like such noisy occasions but he couldn’t refuse his mother. After all, today’s lively celebration was for his birthday.

Once the birthday party was about to end, Pei Shaoze called his assistant and instructed in a deep voice. “Let the driver take my mother and Xiao Qing back later. You take me to the villa in the western suburbs. I will rest there for two days.”

The assistant immediately responded. “Okay, I’ll come straight away.”

Not long after, the assistant arrived at the hotel to pick him up. Pei Shaoze sat in the back and pressed a hand against his temple. His alcohol tolerance wasn’t bad but he really drank too much today. There was a sudden pain from his temples and his head was buzzing like it was going to explode.

The assistant glanced at him in the rearview mirror and found that his face was very ugly. The assistant couldn’t help caring. “President Pei, do you have a headache again? Do you want to take some painkillers?”

Pei Shaoze’s voice was hoarse. “No, you concentrate on driving. I’ll get some sleep first.”

Then he closed the curtains in the back seat area, turned off the lights in the car and leaned against the seat with closed eyes.

The assistant had to drive quietly.

It had been raining all day and the entire city was shrouded in thick fog. After dark, the visibility was less than 30 meters. Therefore, the assistant was very careful when driving and the speed was slowed down as much as possible.

It took two hours for the car to arrive at the villa in the western suburbs. The assistant helped the terrible-looking Pei Shaoze to the bedroom and thoughtfully poured a glass of water for him. Pei Shaoze had a terrible headache so he simply took a few sleeping pills from his bedside table, popped them in his mouth and fell asleep.


Some time later, strange mechanical sounds were heard in Pei Shaoze’s head.

[Welcome to the Book Transmigration System, System 1022 will serve you wholeheartedly.]

[The player’s account has been activated.]

[The latest novel read is… sorry, no novels have been read by this player in the last three months.]

[Memory retrieval…]

[The most recent novel in your memory is Accidental Mark by the author Butterfly Fly Fly.]

[The world of the novel is loading.]

[Associated character ‘Pei Shaoze’ binding completed.]

[Starting the strategy.]

Pei Shaoze sat up in bed.

He just remembered that he drank a lot of wine at his birthday party and had a terrible headache. After returning to the villa, he couldn’t fall asleep because of his headache. He took a few sleeping pills. This was a habit he had developed over the years when he couldn’t sleep.

Now he woke up inexplicably and what was this voice in his head?

Pei Shaoze was feeling puzzled when a warm body suddenly pressed tightly next to him. The other person’s slender hand gently groped and held his waist. The skin of the two people were in close contact and the other person obviously wasn’t wearing clothes… neither was he.


Pei Shaoze immediately turned on the lights and his sharp eyes stared to the side. There was a young man lying on the bed with a quilt covering his body, revealing only his face and a faintly visible collarbone.

The young man’s skin was white, his eyebrows deliberate and the warm light cast on his face made him look like a young student. Even so, his facial features were very handsome. His appearance could be ranked at the top even in the entertainment circle with countless handsome men. It was just that at this time, the young man was red-faced and moving around on the bed restlessly.

Pei Shaoze remembered his sister asking about the unspoken rules in the entertainment industry…

Did someone really climb into his bed, wanting to rely on him for resources?

Pei Shaoze quickly pressed down the young man’s hand that was touching everywhere and asked calmly, “Who sent you here?”

His voice was low and cold. The temperature in the bedroom seemed to drop several degrees due to his voice.

The young man raised his head and once he saw the identity of the other person, he immediately curled up under the covers, his lips trembling slightly and his breathing disturbed. “P-President Pei… I, my name is Cheng Xia. It seems my omega pheromone is out of control…”

Cheng Xia? Omega pheromone? Why did these words sound familiar?

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