WMTM: Chapter 1

Rainbow Turtle: This is a sweet and short novel that I was intended to pick up, before I no longer felt like it. First chapter has been released as a teaser and anyone is free to pick it up. If no one has picked it up by the time I finish my side projects (not for a long time), I might pick it up again.

Lin City, which hadn’t rained for most of the month, was hot and stuffy even at night.

A party was quietly taking place on the top floor of the Vale Building in the city center.

The huge open-air roof was occupied by a swimming pool and there were several entertainment facilities with playful young men and women. The lights flickered slightly and the stereos hidden everywhere played soft music.

Perhaps they were tortured crazy by the weather. As the night became deeper, more people gathered around the people.

On the rooftop, the lights were bright, wine glasses mixed together and the air was filled with a faint fragrance. Successful people were chatting with each other. Some people were dancing, some were drinking tea and others were gossiping with each other.

The corridor leading away from here was much quieter. Perhaps it was because the party began not long ago or perhaps there was nothing fun here. It was obviously a great place to see the beautiful scenery of Lin City but few people stayed here.

Only one person had been sitting on a chair in the corridor from the beginning of the party until now.

His hands rested on the table and propped up his chin, his lips were slightly pursed as he looked down at the night view of Lin City outside the French windows. His long eyelashes were illuminated by the overhead lights, reflecting the colored lights and casting a fuzzy shadow over his lower eye.

Every blink of his eyes caused the imperceptible colored light on his eyelashes shake up and down.

“Xu Yu, are you listening?”

A voice came from his Bluetooth headphones. Xu Yu casually leaned against the index finger resting against his cheek and unknowingly moved.

“I’m listening,” Xu Yu replied in a low voice.

In a short time, the drone he had been staring at flew from the left to right and then the right to left many times. The red light on the opposite building flashed no less than 100 times and the traffic jam on the ring road hadn’t eased. The moon wasn’t round and the stars weren’t bright.

Nothing was interesting.

“Yes,” the woman on the other side of the phone spoke. “I seem to have found it.”

“Say it.”

“Wait a minute, just wait.”

She said she had found it but there was nothing else. There was only the sound of the keyboard and mouse.

Xu Yu sighed softly.

The one on the phone with him was his assistant Zhao Xiaoyun and they were discussing the termination of his contract with the company.

Xu Yu was 21 years old. In a few days, it would be his birthday and he would be 22 years old.

The 19 year old Xu Yu was still in university when by chance, he participated in a talent show called ‘Hello Singing and Dancing’. He ended up signing a 10 year contract with an entertainment company.

It wasn’t all a deception but it wasn’t much better. Xu Yu could only blame himself for thinking too little at the time, trusting others too easily and his bad luck.

It wasn’t just his bad luck. All his friends who were in the show at the time with him had bad luck.

At first, everything went well. Not long after the talent show started airing, the response was very good and it attracted many viewers and fans.

At that time, his company took advantage of this opportunity to find several of the boys in the top 30. They persuaded them and wooed them one by one, giving a bright vision of the future. Finally, they signed 10 people.

Xu Yu was one of those 10. It was pretty good at the beginning. Due to the company’s packaging and the show’s editing, the popularity of those who were signed soared.

Then just before the fifth episode was aired, insider black material about the show was exposed.

A boy who had always been firmly in the top 5 had his bed photo with a producer exposed. There was also an unequal deal between the two, including shady operations regarding the voting of the show.

The fans’ true feelings toward their idols collapsed overnight and they started to swear at the show’s crew on Weibo.

The ratings of the show fell to the bottom in an instant. All the top-ranked players were blamed by the netizens. Many evidences that weren’t true were found and the top ranked players were rejected aggressively.

Once the fifth episode aired, all the support on the barrage turned into verbal abuse. The popularity of the show had plummeted but a lot of money had been invested and many things had been recorded in advance. They could only bite the bullet.

They released the episodes and were scolded to the end.

Roughly speaking, it had been three years since this incident. Many details had been forgotten and weren’t available to think about again. Still, every time Xu Yu thought about it, he couldn’t help sighing and regretted signing that contract.

He was fascinated by the promises given by the other party. He naively thought the company would really introduce him to many musicians he liked and would lead him to make music well.

It was bad luck but Xu Yu happened to be the luckiest one. Perhaps because his performance was too indisputable and he spoke very little on the show but Xu Yu was the one who was attacked the least and he recovered the fastest after the show.

If what he wanted wasn’t written in the contract, the company had an excuse for not fulfilling it.

The boys who were signed at the beginning were left in a corner by the company. They were taken out when needed and were ignored whe not needed.

Xu Yu was the one who was brought out the most.

In the past three years, Xu Yu participated in many variety shows that weren’t famous because of the contracted. He also forced to hype up CPs even though he didn’t want to. He didn’t take the initiative to cooperate or manage himself so the company was now gradually giving up on him.

The last time they contacted him was last week. The company had someone post that he was staying out all night at Zhou Jie’s house. Then Zhou Jie called him and started to say ambiguous words.

Xu Yu finally couldn’t stand it. He thought about it a long time in bed before calling Sister Yun and saying he would terminate the contract with the company.

Zhou Jie was the CP his company arranged for him and the company just signed him last year. They presumably wanted to help Zhou Jie and assigned Xu Yu to him.

Xu Yu felt he had already muddled through enough. He didn’t expect Zhou Jie to be even unable to help it. He hadn’t gone to Zhou Jie’s house that day. It was a photo from last year and Xu Yu wasn’t the only person who had gone to Zhou Jie’s house.

He signed with the company at 19 years old and it could be said he accomplished nothing. He failed to get what he wanted and got a pile of things he didn’t want.

“You haven’t found it yet,” Xu Yu asked Sister Yun.

“I found it,” Sister Yun responded. “I just have to call Miaomiao to confirm it first. Wait a few minute for me. I’ll call you later.”

Xu Yu hummed in agreement. There was a beep from his headphones and then no sound for a few seconds.

Xu Yu picked up the cup of fruit wine and took a sip.

The moment he raised his head, he saw a strange scene in his surroundings. He turned and looked at the end of the corridor not far away. Three girls were gathered together and screaming strangely. One of the girls was taking photos of him with her phone.

After being discovered, the girl taking the photo immediately put away her phone. The three of them huddled together and pretended to look elsewhere.

Xu Yu retracted his gaze and took another sip of wine.

Sister Yun didn’t make him wait for long. Two minutes later, a call came again. Xu Yu picked it up.

“I probably understand,” Sister Yun said. “There is a lot of content. I’ve sorted it out but there is a problem.” Sister Yun stopped abruptly.

“What is it? Tell me.”

“Do you really want to terminate the contract? Even if there is a problem with the contract, you still have to pay a lot of money.”

Xu Yu’s voice was firm. “I will terminate the contract.”


Xu Yu had Sister Yun check many things. At this key time, Sister Yun slowed down and she explained to Xu Yu little by little.

Xu Yu held the cup and listened to every sentence, making sounds when he needed to respond. The more he listened, the worse his mood became.

Xu Yu instinctively picked up the cup only to find that he had drunk all the fruit wine. Between going for another glass of wine or leaving this place, he chose the latter.

Xu Yu pressed a hand against the table and stood up. Just then, he found a different scene in his peripheral vision. It was the place where the three girls had been but it wasn’t them.

On the other end of the corridor, a few men were walking. The one in the lead wore a thin black jacket with his hands in his pocket. His head was slightly lowered as he listened to the people in suits around him.

With just one glance, it was obvious the difference in the identities of these people.

Everyone respected the man in the front.

In the few seconds when he listened to Sister Yun’s analysis, these men had come to his side. If Xu Yu took a step forward then he would leave side by side with them. Thus, he took a slight half step back and sat down on his chair again to make way for the visitors.

“President Su, I’ve already sent it to you. You can check it when you have time.”

The man in the suit finally finished speaking and the man walking in front also raised his head. At this time, the man’s eyes inadvertently fell on Xu Yu.

Their eyes suddenly met. Xu Yu blinked unnaturally and soon turned his head away. Xu Yu thought these people would leave soon so he could also leave. He didn’t expect the man to stop in front of him. Since Xu Yu had also stopped, the two of them were face to face and they were no more than two meters apart.

Xu Yu lowered his head and spoke softly, “Sister Yun, wait a minute.”

“Sir,” the man took another step toward Xu Yu. “Hello.”


The man in front of him suddenly crouched down and picked something up on his blind spot that was blocked by his coat.

“Is this yours?” The man stood up and asked Xu Yu.

Xu Yu looked down at the man’s hand. There was something on it. It was very strange. Xu Yu guessed it was a cufflink. He shook his head. “It isn’t mine.”

The man in front of him nodded and put his hand away without continuing to follow up on the matter of the cufflink. He didn’t show any signs of leaving. He looked at Xu Yu and spoke politely. “Excuse me, can I take the liberty of asking for your name?”

Xu Yu placed his elbow against the table and smiled politely at the gentleman in front of him. “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you.”

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This novel seems very interesting. I wanna read. QQ. However there is only this chapter, and trying to search for it ends with results for a different novel.