Volume 4

ACT 5 Red Man


There was a deafening honk.

Following Sarah, we reached the Brown rock area within 30 minutes.

Ark’s party reached the bottom of a waterfall pouring down from distant heights.  It was an area of darkened stone around Giran; with such excessive heights that Ark had never even been there.  They took a break to view the stunning scenery but some of the view was blocked by the ruins.

While Ark was looking around, Sarah pointed to one side.  At the back of the falls was a small space that one person might be able to pass through.

When just looking at it straight on, the mist from the water makes the passage impossible to see.

Sarah thrust a hand in and showed that the space was larger than it seems. Inside the entrance a bunch of moss was attached to it.

[Unidentified thieves hideoutInside the Brown Rocky area are ruins that have been abandoned a long time ago.It looks like one of the places that are often abandoned. However, traces of people can be found at several different locations.This remains clear that a dangerous group are hiding somewhere within the ruins. If you are going to explore the ruins, proceed with extreme caution.]
-You have found an undiscovered dungeon. As a new discover, you can gain an additional 700 experience and 30 Fame if you register in the Hall of Fame.  Would you like to register?

Ark obviously refused registration and entered.

” This place was a hidden dungeon!’

He’s come to the front of the falls before but never found a dungeon.

It was hidden in a place that people wouldn’t have imagined.

Of course, this was not the only dungeon.  So far, Ark has been in numerous areas with hidden dungeons.

‘When I first started the game, I would have missed them …….. ‘

When Ark first entered New World, he wasn’t interested in everything.

He would overlook a suspicious forest or rock.  Even a waterfall suddenly appeared in a rocky area then he would’ve just ignored it.

It is a long game, if you only relied on information that was already discovered that you would be unable to proceed much further.

This was caused by the excessive need to level up.

”But in New World there is a lot of information that is yet unknown.

And that is what you have to figure out by yourself.  In the future, I should pay more attention to my surroundings.’

Finishing his self-criticism, Ark turned to Sid and said.

“SId please set up camp here and wait patiently with Sarah.”


Sid answered and pulled out firewood to create a campfire.

Then Sarah pulled Sid’s sleeves and asked.

-Sid-oppa is not fighting?

“Eh? I am a merchant…….. ”

-Being hit would hurt more ….

Sarah’s sneaked a glance at Sid and then looked down.

“Eueu……..Should have chosen a warrior. . .”

That struck a blow and Sid once again regretted his career choice.

Leaving the two behind, Ark entered the dungeon.  The roaring of the waterfall shook the dungeon.

The noise of the waterfall was close enough that it created static around the ears.  In addition, every step he took he could feel the tension!

Ark stealthily entered the mouth of the tunnel.

‘That reminds me. ‘

“Dedric, surveillance”.

“Roger, master”

Ark advanced carefully with Dedric ahead of him. However, the dungeon was smaller than he thought. One passage consisted of a circular shape.  Besides, no matter how much he looked for a thief, he didn’t even see a mouse.

‘What the? Sarah saw the thieves drag her father here. What was going on? ‘

If so, only one answer remained, there was a secret passage somewhere.

Therefore Ark used the skill Eyes of the Cat to observe the area around him.  And after a few moments, he found some bloodstains on the ground.

The blood stains were quite new…….

‘This is it! ‘

It was clear that Sarah’s father was dragged by the thieves and shed some blood.

This means that if he followed the blood trail then he will find the secret passage, Ark reasoned.

The blood stains were sparsely scattered at areas with dead ends.

They were kind enough to show where the secret passage was by splattering a few drops of blood on the walls.

”Is this where the switch is? ‘

Ark peered at the walls and the fall but no matter how meticulously he looked, he could not find the switch.  10 tedious minutes had passed when suddenly the familiar sounds of the waterfall changed.

Ark instinctively pressed his ear to the wall.

“It really……..is boring”

“How long ……this ……. wait?”

“Any other way? … … ….It’s an order………..While activities ………stay hidden…….. ”

“Che, …..They’re surprisingly cowardly… … …Why should we listen to them? ”

“He……..what skills do you have  … … ….if you offend him… ….. ”

“And then ……..Here too … … ….Do you know ”

“Aaa………That man ………..we paid compensation … … … that……..words? ”

“Now you can harvest soon ………..If everything goes well … … ….get big profit … … … …. ”

“Huhuhu, indeed…..”

“Although … … …I heard rumours … … …Nowadays, the surrounding robbers ……..there is a hunter? ”

“Aaaa…….Heard … … …No party. .. ….it was said to be alone? ”

“A pretty strong guy … … … …looks like… ….It’s unrelated to us.. … … .. ”

“Damn ……..by such a person ……..and want … … … …I wish …….before I die of boredom ”

Because of the falls the sound was broken but information doesn’t really matter to me.

The important thing is that there are thieves inside the secret passage!

“Okay, Dedric, Skull, lurk back around the corner”

Ark commanded in a small voice and they moved to position.  And attacked the wall with his sword.

A deafening bang, and the walls vibrated. He couldn’t even scratch the walls but that didn’t matter. Because he hadn’t even thought of trying to break the wall.

“Eh? What……..Sound? ”

“I heard outside … something collapsed……..did?”

“Damn …if entrance collapses ……annoying … … ”

“For the time being……I’ll go out”

With a mechanical sound, the wall pushed outwards and rose up.

‘What the? Everything’s fine? ”

“So what was that sound before?”

“Did the stone roll away from the falls or something?”

The 3 thieves appeared and looked around through the secret door.

Ark who had hidden himself using ‘stealth’ was watching from close by.  He came out and quickly approached them, stabbing the thieves with the sword.

-Critical Hit! Backstab effect has increase damage by 200%. The thief will be stunned for 10 seconds.

The vitality of the thieves was reduced by 30% as the quickly hid himself again…

“What, what?”

“The enemy!”

Two thieves panicked and pulled out a sword However, Ark’s actions was several times faster.

“Snake, nerve paralysis poison!”

Snake had eaten a poisonous plant and spouted black venom.

The venom flew across the small space and hit the neck of the thieves.  And the voice of the loudest thief suddenly stopped.

That tactic was one that they had used and successfully mastered on other thieves.

When using paralysis poison, you can attack the throat and paralyze the vocal cords.  When that happens, if the enemy are not organized thieves then their communication will weaken.

“Now, Dedric, Skull! Plan B-1! ‘

Ark who was hidden in the corner called out a command.

While Ark took care of one enemy and drew their attention, the two pets began the operation, which had a 70-30 offense and defense ratio used to stop the enemy and blocking the enemy’s retreat was plan B-1D.

Additionally, the airborne ratio was 50:50 for plan B-2, 20:30 for B-3 and to stop attacking and stop the enemy from retreating was plan B-4. Through countless attacks against thieves, the experienced Dedric and Skull skillfully avoided the thieves’ attack.

Meanwhile, Ark violently attacked a thief who stumbled from the onslaught.  Once the enemy’s organizational skills had been destroyed, they were no match for Ark.

Hunting a user that was a thief was far more difficult that fighting a group of thieves.  Their level was 100!

On the other hand, he was only level 85 but the dungeon allowed limited room for the thieves to move. His 30% dark attribute bonus also guaranteed that his stats added up to around level 110.  At the same time his skill proficiency increased by 30% and was surprisingly effective.

He also used his Eyes of the Cat skill to search for any weaknesses.

A kick quickly took care of the stumbling thief and attacked the throat of the middle bandit who had been hit with the paralysis poison to stop communication, causing him to fall into critical condition. Once he fell, the final thief opened his mouth and ran away.

Are they trying to request help?

‘Don’t miss? ‘

Ark turned and threw something at the legs running away.

Due to the poison the thief’s legs became paralyzed and he fell down.

The chances for a double critical hit activated immediately!

Even if he couldn’t see it the results were clear.

“Well, this was a fairly decent battle.”

When he checked only 30% of his health was shaved off.

But he would have to be careful because he wasn’t sure how many thieves were hiding. ”

Ark used Eyes of the Cat and activated ‘Stealth’ while hiding in the secret passageway.

There were also long tunnels that connected from the passage.

Within a few minutes some roads that lead back to a main square room appeared. The square was lined with balconies, each flanked by two thieves standing guard.

The square.

There was no way to avoid being seen from the balconies on both sides and it was impossible to get away undetected.  However, that didn’t matter to Ark as he has the skill ‘stealth.’

‘The stairs to go up the balcony can’t be seen from here. Then are there more stairs to go up inside the balcony? I better find the stairs to go up where I can remain undetected.  ‘

Ark silently crossed the square.

Although he had ‘Stealth’ activated, he was still quite nervous when he entered the vicinity of the guards.  And just as he was about to cross the square, a situation that had never happened before occurred.

He happened to step on something on the ground.

-A trap has been triggered. Critical Hit! You have received 200 damage.

‘Bleed’ status. 10 hp will be consumed every 5 seconds for one minute.

He never expected traps.

So far he’s never fought against an opponent who used traps, but the problem was not the trap.

The attack had cause him to enter a battle state and the ‘Stealth’ ability was deactivated.  At the moment, the eyes of every thief were concentrated on Ark.


“How did you get here?”

“Whatever it doesn’t matter! Kill him!”

Two people at a time deliberately lifted their bows, for a total of 4 people.

The arrows simultaneously flew from different directions. The situation was one where he couldn’t predict and avoid the arrows.  However, Ark did not panic. He had experienced this with countless other bandit groups.

There was no reason to rush and get upset.

“Dedric, Skull! Plan B-4! ”

“The right wing. Ok!”


Dedric and Skull used all their evasive power to avoid the arrows and destroy two.

Then, Ark grasped his sword tightly and concentrated on the remaining arrows flying towards him. Just as the arrows were four feet away from him, he turned and swung his sword.

He pushed forward while simultaneously hitting the arrow with his sword… At the moment it struck, he managed to counter attack and successfully pulled off Riposte.

He managed to attack a thief faster than the arrows could be shot.

“Gwak, how, the arrow …!”

The thieves burst out a shocked cry.

After being backed into a corner by the Silver Arrow group, he relentlessly polished the activation rate of his Riposte skill. Thanks to this training, there was a 70% chance that Riposte would activate and parry the arrows.

Once the arrow had been deflected, Riposte was useful in dealing the first blow.  If an arrow hits there is a high possibility that an abnormal status will be inflicted.  And it’s the same for thieves too. If two thieves were hit with arrows, they might get paralysis or slow etc.

In other words, the robbers were also in danger of being hit by the arrows. There was also Dedric and Skull to decrease the burden on Ark.

For Ark, the limit of a flying arrow was two feet.

This was a small enough number that he could use Riposte.  When Ark deflected as many as five arrows, the thief’s health was decreased by at least 40%.  However, it was not a 100% chance.

If Riposte failed to activate then the penalty was numbness of the body.

When the arrow hits, his health was slowly decreased until it was almost 50%.

” There are four people left.   In his state, the success rate of riposte was down.  If this goes on for longer than I am at a disadvantage. ‘

Then, while he was flying around and evading arrows, Dedric noticed something and exclaimed.

“The switch is here!”

“Huh? That guy … … …!”

“Hihihi, he discovered the proper design.  What is this? It’s like, what? ”

Clink, Kurururung!

With a smile, Dedric avoided the thieves and the arrows and took out the switch. With a sound, the balcony lowered to the ground like an elevator.  The machine was built to act separately from the stairs.

“Well done Dedric!”

An eerie light shone in Ark’s eyes.

A muffled scream was heard as Ark pulled his dagger from the thief standing in front of him.  And the NPC archers were no match for a dagger wielding Ark.

Ark immediately finished the four archers on the ground.

‘Hyuu…….Nevertheless the party quest was quite difficult.

The thieves were high level and had the geographical advantage.  If it hadn’t been for his experience hunting bandit groups, Ark would have probably been the one lying on the ground.

‘Maybe it was fortunate that I discovered this place late. ‘

Ark used food to restore his health and Mana to 100% before moving to the stairs.

He walked more cautiously than the first time he entered.

” I never thought there would be traps in the cave’

The biggest problem is that it is a trap.

Fortunately the damage done by the trap was minimal. However, he cannot guarantee that the next trap he encounters would be at the same level.  Even just an alarm ringing through the cave could cause serious problems.

However, even if Ark found a trap it would be difficult to deactivate it.

The trap-related skills belong to professions like Archers or Explorers who search through ruins.

In New World, it was impossible to get everything for free.  However, for those who don’t have the required professions the success rate is less than 10%. Therefore the party shape for dungeons requires the right combination of professions.

‘What if? He couldn’t avoid the traps …….. ‘

Ark began to get worried.

It was then that Skull came forward and stumbled on an idea.

Skull had complete loyalty!

But when Snake evolved, Skull was utilized less.  Skull was only used when Ark picked him up to throw or biting ankles.

Although he had a lot of stamina and strength due to food, he had no arms and legs to attack.

Because of that, in recent times Skull had become quite depressed.

Skull could not recognize the expression on his master’s face.

Ark thought that this was really a difficult situation.

“What happened to Skull?”


Skull was bravely prepared and rolled stumbling forward.  He rolled forward a few feet until there was a snapping sound and a rain of arrows shot from the walls.

However, the people who installed the traps never would have thought that a skull would be the one activating it.

Of course the arrows were aimed at a human height and shape.

“Yes! There is that method!!”

Crackle! Crackle!

The skull proudly stumbled forwards.

“Okay, Skull. You will put out the traps. ”

After that, Skull always rolled 10 meters in front of him to check for traps.

Of course, arrows shot out or a sword was swung and there was even items falling from the sky. However, Skull had high stamina and survived all the traps.  In addition, Ark did not have to worry about an alarm when a trap was triggered.

Even if a number of traps were triggered, he did not enter a battle state.

Therefore, he used ‘Stealth’ and just hid from any thieves.  On the other hand, Skull could simply be unsummoned to deceive the thieves.

‘What the? Why did the traps activate? ”

“There’s no one around?”

“Damn, did a rodent touch it or something?”

The thieves floated around the perimeter for several minutes before returning to their positions.  Therefore, Ark found a way to cope with similar dungeons.

The dungeon has a relatively simple structure.

A long passage with open up to a large room with archers.  There were also 3-4 thieves waiting in the room.

The large room had various combinations of thieves, but Ark had already figured out the combinations.  He properly activated the machine then went on and defeated the enemies.

He passed through 10 or more room.

Then unusually the normal long passage ended before two huge doors.

‘This is the boss’s room? ‘

It was different from the traps.  He knew that if he opened the doors then enemies would appear.

Ark checked his equipment and carefully opened the door.

Although the sound of the waterfall echoed loudly in the dungeon, the creaking sound of the unusually large doors opening was clearly audible.

“What the hell!”

A sharp sound was heard from the side where a variety of tools were scattered.

The first thing he saw was the black robe covering the body.  However, it was not a human NPC or a humanoid monster…the face that was revealed between the hood was surprisingly that of a reptile.

At the same time, a warning message flashed before his eyes.

-The Boss monster ‘ Mysterious Conjurer Kirk’ has appeared.

The yellow eyes like a snake rolled around and stared at Ark.

“You are the bounty hunter? No, you shouldn’t have taken the reward…..Well it doesn’t matter. Anyone that comes here won’t be allows to leave alive!

Kirk was also a level 100 thief.  However, a boss monster is never an opponent that can be ignored.

Also a level +E difficulty boss monster could be compared to Adelaine.  However, Ark had already defeated Adelaine a while ago.

Ark snorted and grinned.

“That is not something that you will decide.”

“Impertinent, how dare a human talk like that?”


Kirk chanted a spell and 3-4 light rays emerged.

It was a low-level magic energy bolt that was learned when you changed professions to magician.

While a warrior used a sword, it was the primary magic attack spell for magicians.  However, if it is a couple of shots flying at the same time then he couldn’t ignore it.

Ark rolled to the ground to avoid the damage.  He also used Riposte to deflect the magic.

Putt putt POW!

“Ugh, this, unbelievable!”

Kirk wobbled and retreated.

‘That’s it. Riposte also works on magic! So there was a way for him to win! ”

“Dedric, Skull! Plan A-2! ”

He commanded as Ark, Dedric and Skull spread in three directions.  They maintained a certain distance while Kirk’s gaze moved wildly between them. Naturally the attacks came flying at Ark who used Riposte as much as possible to parry and counter attack.

Kirk began to use more powerful spells. However, the more powerful the spell is the longer it takes for the magic to cast.

The ball shaped fireball magic was easier to successful Riposte than the energy bolts.

Double bang!

When the fireball was repelled back to Kirk, his health decreased by 10%.  Even if he was a boss monster, the trait of a magician was its low defense.

”I was nervous because it was the same level boss as Adelaine but he’s not so hard. No, is it because I’ve become stronger? Anyway this degree of difficulty should be no problem! ‘

With his confidence boosted, Ark’s concentration also increased and he returned even more magic.

However, there was something Ark hadn’t considered.

The boss monster’s racial special skill.  After around 5 minutes, Kirk’s health had been reduced to 50%.

When his attack magic did not hit, Kirk spat out curses with a harsh voice and started to chant a long spell.

“God dammit, human prepare to be immobilized!”

“”Dedric, Skull! Prepare to stop him from finishing the spell.

Ark had felt something sinister and shouted.

However, before Dedric and Skull could interrupt, Kirk’s magic had been completed.


At the moment, Kirk’s appearance changed and he disappeared.

Ark looked carefully at the surroundings.

Suddenly the figure had vanished. Ark could use ‘ stealth ‘ but this appeared to be a different skill. Because ‘stealth’ could not be used in battle. In addition, the Eyes of the Cat were a skill that could see anything that was hidden through level magic, but it could not find any traces of Kirk. Kirk could also use magic even while he was hidden.

“The crystalized rock crystals arise!”

He heard Kirk’s voice from coming from an unexpected place.

Then all of a sudden, the ground rose up and golems the size of humans formed. They were approximately level 50 but there were enough of them to fill the room.

The golems came out and the situation immediately changed.

Kwa Kwa Kwa bang, bang!

The golems surrounded Ark from all directions and attacked.

Since they were only level 50 they didn’t do a lot of damage.  However, that was different for his level 40 summons.  Although they tried to avoid all the attacks, every time they were hit than health was drained. He never expected such magic from Kirk.

‘Damn, what kind of technology is this? ‘

Ark struck a golem which was replaced by another one.

Ark was suffering from a situation where the enemy couldn’t be seen.

The last time was when the squid shot out black ink underwater.  The only way he made a fatal blow was by looking at the flow of the current and following it.  However, he couldn’t use that method with Kirk.

There were more than 20 golems running around the way and there was no way to look for traces of Kirk.


The situation couldn’t continue for much longer as first Skull was stepped on by golems before Dedric who was surrounded by golems disappeared as well.  All the attention turned to Ark who received additional damage and was soon in a critical state.

‘I was wrong, I can’t win like this! ‘

Ark hurriedly turned and tried to exit the room.

“Kukukuk, did you think I would miss that? Go loyal servants!”

The golems obeyed and pursued him out of the room.  Kirk hid between the golems and his voice was heard chanting a spell.

Ark turned and stared.

‘Riposte! ‘

Ark’s goal was to strike all the golems with his counterattack.

The terrain in front of the room was a narrow passage.  In addition, the opponent was a medium sized golem.

The golem who was hit with Riposte flew backwards into the crowded area and collided with the golems behind it.


The entangled golems fell like dominoes.

“Uhh, this bastard …!”

And Kirk who was hiding somewhere between the golems had his magic cancelled.

Meanwhile, arc ran frantically down the passage. After he ran away for 1 minute then the battle state disappeared.

Ark immediately hid himself with ‘stealth.’

“Oh damn …! Where is this guy hiding? Golem, sweep through the surrounding area. He must still be lurking around here somewhere! ”

After a brief period of time, the voice of Kirk was heard among the golems. However, he still did not have a way to attack when Kirk is in a mimic state.

Ark had returned to the secret passage using ‘stealth.’ When he checked the info window, it was not a joke.

The durability of all his armour was at the lowest point due to the durability and strength of the golems.  Even if he used the magic restoration spell to repair the equipment, the maximum durability would still be reduced.

With tears in his eyes, Ark had to use the repair box which he normally avoided using due to low stock and cost.

But the problem isn’t repairing his equipment.

‘What is an alternative method? ‘

Before he had to run away.  However, the situation from before wasn’t good.  He was already using mimicry and then he summoned golems.  On the other hand, Ark had also lost Dedric and Skull. The results meant they had to fight again.

‘Damn it, even if he doesn’t have golems there is still the problem of mimicry …….. ‘

The biggest problem was that Kirk had special racial skill mimicry.

If he keeps fighting in the invisible state than there is no way to attack him.

‘When it was underwater there was still a way of attacking …. ‘

He was thinking about his experience fighting underwater when an idea sprang to his head.

Black ink!

Why had he never thought of that?

That right, if they are invisible then you should make it so that they can be seen! ‘

Ark stood up and went to the entrance of the dungeon. At the entrance, SId was dozing against the wall while Sarah peered with worried eyes at the dungeon.

When you’re dead then you can nap comfortably…..

“Eh? Ark-nim! Have you finished?”

“No, the boss was stronger than I thought.”

Ark spoke bluntly in a curt voice and Sarah gave him a concerned look.

“It’s okay. I’ll do everything I can to save your father. ”

Ark said with a smile while Sid looked worried.

“Sid, I’ll need your help to defeat the boss.”

“Yes? But I’m a …….. ”

“I’m not asking you to fight. That thing? Only that will be given”

Ark said with a smile.

“You fool, you came back to die!”

When Ark entered the secret passage, Kirk’s voice was heard.  And the golems flocked to him.

In a moment, Ark hit a golem with riposte and sent it flying in the direction of the audible voice.

“Kukukuk. No matter how much you rack your brains it’s not use. If you can’t see me then you can’t catch me!”

Kirk had already fled several meters away from where he was laughing. Then a cold smile spread on Ark’s face.

“Then I just have to look”

Ark’s hand moved quickly.

Ark removed a big package from his bag and threw it in the air.  And swinging his sword, he burst the package causing colourful liquids to fly everywhere.

At that time Kirk gave an embarrassed scream.


The item splashing all over the place was very colourful liquid dyes.

Ark had collected the dye using Sid’s sewing skills.  And by blowing it in the air. The dye scattered in many directions.

As a result, the deserted dungeon underwent a home renovation with various colours splattered all over like a rainbow.

“Ugh, this is unbelievable!”

The not so agile Kirk couldn’t avoid all the dye and looked like a rainbow lizard.

Ark lifted his sword and smiled.

“Pretty good? So now … ….let’s fight fair and square? ”

“Golems kill him!”

“Seems the lizard can’t guess the situation”

Ark quickly narrowed the distance using Riposte.

Then the golem was hit and forced back to the wall with Kirk.  Due to that golem, Kirk was a difficult goal for Ark.

This was because it could hide among the golems without being seen. However, when mimicry was broken the situation changed.

“Snake, nerve paralysis poison!”

Ark swung his poison coated sword at Kirk’s neck.  Thanks to the vocal cord paralysis, Kirk couldn’t chant his magic. In addition, he couldn’t give orders to the golems so their actions became unorganized.

Kirk was on the defensive and in a hurry ran away.  However, Ark used Riposte on the golem and aimed it to hit Kirk.

With his vocal cords barely unparalyzed, Kirk angrily shouted.

“Fools! Every golem is stupid! ”

“Oi, oi, your character is the worst. Your summonses are risking their lives to fight for you.  You should value them.

Although Ark did summon his pets to feed them horrible food.

After a few minutes of fighting, Kirk was in critical condition.

“Rain, come and nourish me! Let’s leave. Humans! Acceleration! ”

Kirk cast a spell of acceleration and headed towards the rear.  Although Ark hurriedly rushed through the golems, the acceleration had doubled Kirk’s speed and he was already around the corner.

There was a waterfall outside the dungeon.

If he washes the dye off at the waterfall then the situation will not change.

“Damn childish lizard who can’t die without causing problems,”

Ark cursed and chased after Kirk.

Meanwhile, Kirk was running towards the entrance of the dungeon.

“Hik, what is that?”

Sid was standing at the entrance with an uneasy look when he shrieked as a rainbow coloured lizard came running out and pushed him out of the way.

“Get out of the way, Hobbit!”

Kirk ran while frantically chanting magic.  And just trying to shoot a huge fireball, he flinched and fell forward.

“What, what?”

Ark followed with an evil smile on his face.

“What a fool! Did he think I wouldn’t have any countermeasures?”

“No, no way … …a trap?”

“I learned from you.”

Although to be exact, it wasn’t a trap.

Due to their profession, Ark and SId couldn’t install traps successfully.

However, a certain freedom of action was possible in New World.  So what they came up with was a needle using Sid’s sewing profession!

Before Ark entered the dungeon, he laid out a series of needles coated with Snake’s venom on the ground at the entrance.

It wasn’t a high level trap but Ark took advantage of the fact that Kirk would have to run through the entrance barefoot.

“Do it, no way! I with a needle…..!”

“It doesn’t look good if you’re too persistent.  Just simply accept your death”

“Don’t make me laugh! I’m the great …. ”

With his two stiff legs, Kirk quickly tried to chant a spell.

However, wielding his sword Ark was several times faster.

“Take this, Dark blade!”

There was an audible sound as the sound penetrated Kirk’s chest.

The mimicry faded away and his original features returned as his body slowly disappeared.

-Your level has risen.

When Kirk disappeared, a welcome message popped up stating that he was level 86.

He could also see the cross shape on Sid’s head, a sign that he had levelled up.

Sid was too far away to receive the party experience from the thieves in the dungeon.  Thanks to that, Ark was able to receive 100% of the additional experience received for killing thieves in a party.

By taking advantage of this fact during his battles against the previous bandit groups, he was able to raise 7 levels in 9 days.  However, Kirk died in front of Sid so the experience would be equally distributed.

‘Well, in this situation you deserve the experience but ….. ‘

“I finally finished. And Sid you performed well by deceiving the fellow.”

Ark said as he crouched beside Sid who was on the ground.  Then Sid stood up and with a face brimming with tears replied.

“It’s really scary!”

“What is, this … ‘

Was the person who reached level 60 as a merchant a game novice? He wondered about the real status of Sid.  But anyway the boss was defeated thanks to Sid’s help. Ark gave Sid a pat and excitedly examined the items dropped from the boss.

Dark robe (Magic)Armour type: RobeDefense power: 20Durability: 4/40Weight: 10User restriction: Level 70 or more

A mysterious magic robe made of silk, magic spirit is imbued in the silk to help calm the mind.  A calm spirit can increase concentration substantially and help the magic unfold smoothly.

{Option: Magic success rate + 20%, Magic casting speed + 20%}

-The thief’s keyThe Winning Necklace: Level 70 Quest starting itemA necklace made of a material that vaguely detects magic.You can check the quest commissioned by the Magic Institute.

The boss monster had dropped one equipment item.

It’s for magic use only but it has good options that should make it sell fairly well.

‘I bet the key is related to Sarah’s quest but this necklace… … ..? ‘

Ark stared at the Winning Necklace.

The necklace material detects magic and the glass heart beads were sealed and protected in the same material.  In addition, it was a quest starting item.

In other words, if someone had defeated this dungeon and found the quest item then they could bring it to the magic society and receive the same quest Ark had.

‘Yes and if he had originally found this dungeon first then he could’ve swept through the dungeon and recieved the quest.  By doing the Event Quest, he earned a high level of friendship with the Magic Institute and therefore did the quest in the wrong order. ‘

In other words, this was the original intention behind the bandit groups.  Ark considered this with a frown.

“But wait, this is a quest starting item? So somewhere in the dungeon is the Heartsoul Bead? Because the boss dropped a quest starting item for the Heartsoul Bead, it means that he is entering the starting phase of the quest…..’

Maybe the Magic Institute’s quest was longer than Ark thought.

Ark summarized the dungeon and returned to the boss’ room with SId and Sarah.

In the room there was a different secret passage attached.

By following the route, it eventually led past a pool to the prison.

More than 10 people were trapped inside the prison.

When Ark used the key to open a door, Sarah ran to a middle aged man who had tears brimming in his eyes when he saw here.

He was Sarah’s father.

“You’re still alive, so everything’s great”

Sid was thrilled by the sight.

“Rain, out of my way!”


Some unexpected developments occurred.

The middle-aged man pushed Sarah to the side and ran towards a bush.  He was not the only one.

The prisoners that were not seen by Ark and his companions seemed crazy as they also rushed to the bush by the pool and ate the grass.  And they seemed lightheaded as they sat down and stared at something spellbound.

The same thing happened to the middle-aged man. Sarah was too embarrassed to show any expression on her face.

“Ah, Ark-nim?”

Sid looked at him puzzled.

Ark looked at them for a while before approaching the bush they were scattered around.

The key for Ark was the bizarre shape of the plants that were growing. Their strange behaviour was probably related to the plants.

He used ingredient identification on some of the plants and opened up the skill’s information window.

Nurunma Leaf (Ingredient)A plant that grows in the special environment of the island.The leaves have an anaesthesia effect and can be refined to tablets to create a superior remedy.  But at the same time it contains strong addictive and hallucinogenic ingredients in large quantities.  The final drug like effect relies on the purification process.When just the leaf is eaten, in the past warriors just it as a stimulant however once it became an addiction then their guard was easy to break. Due to the severe effects, the production and distribution of this stimulant was banned across every continent.

“This is a drug as expected  … ….”

“A drug?”

“Yes, somehow all these people are addicted to drugs.”

Ark nodded and murmured.

Now a picture of the situation was drawn in his head.

The reason why the thieves remained concealed in the ruins and didn’t move for 1 year.

Someone had probably told them that the Nurunma plant grew in these ruins.

The thieves began to grow it in order to start drug production and gain a big profit.

“They probably kidnapped travellers and locked them in the jail to be used as an effective drug trail.  And Sarah’s father too… … .. ”


During the conversation between the two, Sarah’s face turned pale and terrified.

Sarah’s father had been kidnapped at little over two days ago in game time, and two days ago he was fine but now he’s a drug addict.

Sarah cried at the reality that her father was just one middle aged man seeing hallucinations.

Then Sid who could not overlook a crying face asked.

“Ah, Ark-nim?” Isn’t there a way? At this rate… …. ”

“Certainly, if left alone then it could be a big problem.”

Ark replied, scratching his head.

This situation was really difficult.  He had defeated a group of thieves and in the end rescued Sarah’s father.

But the middle aged man who should have given him his reward was instead a saliva dripping man addicted to drugs.  In addition, the quest for the Magic Institute required him in his normal condition.

I don’t know whether this will work but I have no choice but to try it’

“Everybody please be steady.  The pleasure that you’re feeling now is not right.  It is the temptation of the devil that will lead you to eventually ruin your body and your mind.  Please steady your heart and resist the temptation.  You can do it”

Ark used his nursing skill.

However, there was no reaction from the addicts.

They were too immersered in their hallucinations that Ark’s voice was not even audible to them.  And after a while, the effects of the Nurunman leave they ate wore off and moving their bodies like a zombie, they stood up to grab more leaves.

“Stop! Wake up! ”


Sid and Sarah tried to stop them but it was no use.

The addicts were furiously beating each other up to get to the Nurunma leaves. The surprising thing to Ark was that their resilience. Even when they were knocked down, they just got up again like they could feel no pain

Even if they only had 1% health left, they still crawled on the ground in order to put the Nurunman leaf in their mouth.  If he left then the situation would just repeat itself until all the plants in the ruins were gone.

‘Damn, is this why drug addiction is so frightening? However he could not have them killing each other….looking at the situation maybe it is better to put them back in their prison?’

Suddenly a thought flashed in Ark’s head.

‘If so, this might be the best method…..! ‘

Ark immediately took out his pot and cooked a dish.

While the addicts were eating the Nurunman leaves, he was just leisurely cooking and Sid and Sarah shared a puzzled and absurd look.

But they couldn’t ignore the sight and soon 15 portions of food were produced that gave off a strange smell.

“Ok Sid, Sarah, catch the people and feed them this food using force if necessary!”

“Yes? But what…? ”

“I’ll give you an explanation later after you quickly feed them!”

Ark shouted and caught 1 addict, pressing the food to his mouth.  He struck the struggling addict, forcing his mouth open and shoving the food in, with Sid and Sarah immediately following.  The effect was immediate, the addicts who ate the food staggered and vomited out the Nurunma leaves.

“Ugh, ugh, uweeeek!”

An addict who ate another Nurunma leaf vomited again.

‘It is like I thought! ‘

Ark’s eyes twinkled.

Ark had made the ‘Appetite Killing Stew.’

It was a stew that tastes so bad that it is impossible to eat any other food for 2 hours or they would throw up. If you tried to eat food by force then it would be thrown up and it also had the additional bonus of decreasing the effects of the eaten food.

‘The Nurunma leaves also counts as consumed food. Eating it poisons you and causes hallucinations.  In other words, in New World drug addiction can be seen as a food effect  ……. ‘

When the Nurunman leaves have been eaten and thrown up, it is also possible for the Appetite Killing Stew to weaken the drug addiction effect……or so Ark thought.

It was a hit.

After eating and vomiting the Nurunma leaves dozens of times, the pupils of the drug addicts started to clear up.

It was only a slight change but now there was hope.

‘Ok, from now on it is a battle of patience! ‘

The opponents are drug addicts. However, they wouldn’t recover easily even if it was a game.

Ark made food and steadily fed it to them as well as using his Nursing skill on the addicts whenever possible.

It lasted over 6 hours.

By that time, Sarah had failed to sleep properly for more than two days and the NPC slept against the wall along with Sid. Ark too wanted to close his eyes and faint from the exhaustion.

However, Ark clenched his mouth and with red eyes continued making food for 15 people while firing off his nursing skill randomly.

‘The quest is almost complete. What is sleep? ‘

The time limit was almost over and he just wanted to finish the quest as soon as possible!

And his obsession finally evoked a miracle.

“You can overcome the temptation of the devil if you will it. Win for yourselves and for the ones waiting for you. Right now is the time to show your willingness for the ones you love.

How many times? Due to the exhaustion it was hard to even count how many times he had used the Nursing skill.

A blue light emerged from his body.  It hung down from the addict’s face to reveal the shadows that had melted away.

The Miracle Nursing was successfulWithout sparing your body, you devoted yourself to their care and saved many from a fate of despair.A sick person does not only suffer from disease and injury.People addicted to drugs and tempted by the pleasure are not able to escape with their own strength. They are also sick and suffering.  Even so, they do not know that they are sick.Nursing people who don’t know that they are sick is no easy task. No matter what, the only remedy that can save them is tenacity and patience.

Without taking your eyes off the time limit, you poured infinite care and affection on them with amazing patience.  Although penetrating the heart with words is important, truly caring for the sick requires a steady patience.

Now the sick will learn from your patience and win against the temptation of the Nurunma leaves.

* Due to the success of miracle nursing, all stats are increase by 1.

* The Affection stat increased by 10.

* Fame increased by 50.

* Alignment towards Good increased by 50.

The Miracle Nursing was a success and you have acquired the title ‘Committed Caretaker.’Fame as a Caretaker has increased, so you will receive praises from many patients* As a title bonus, all stats increase by 1*Fame increased by 50

‘I, I did it! ‘

With an exhausted face, Ark sat down with a thud.

At that time, Sid and Sarah raised their head to the light.  After waking up from his hallucinations, the middle-aged man gazed at Sarah and stuttered.

“Oh……….Oh, Sarah, Sarah! Thank goodness! ”

Sarah opened her mouth before running to join the middle aged man in a tight hug while crying.

Sid watched the reunion with tears in his eyes.

“Ah, Ark-nim” You really did it! ”

Ark silently nodded his head.

Ark had originally only done it to complete the quest, but looking at Sarah’s face he felt a sense of accomplishment.

The heart with which a parent regards their child or the child their parents is still the same no matter if they are a person or a NPC.  He thought back to when he was treating the addicts with cold eyes until he saw Sarah sleeping with tears streaming down her face.

The Nursing skill didn’t rely on the skill level or the number of uses. For disease stricken NPCs, caring for them sincerely and compassionately is required for Nursing to succeed.  Maybe his change of heart was the reason why Miracle Nursing succeeded.

‘If it wasn’t for Sarah then the miracle nursing probably wouldn’t have succeeded. ‘

That said, however, it did succeed.

Anyway, now he would be able to complete the quest to rescue her father.  He explained the general situation.  Hanson approached Ark.

“You are Ark and Sid? I really thank you. You rescued my daughter and you even saved me. I don’t know how to express my gratitude.”

” Obviously with a reward…. ‘

Ark swallowed the words that came to his mind.

“It was a natural thing.  Anyway I’m just relieved that it turned out to alright”

“Oo! A man like you still exists in this barren world.  But I can’t feel comfortable if I just accept your help.  I want to give you something but I don’t have it at the moment…..”

Hanson had been searching all through his pockets and bag.

‘Please think! There must be something! Please look for it! ‘

Ark’s cheers showed an effect.

After a while Hansen remembered the leather pouch attached to his waist and lifted it.

“I’m sorry I only have something like this.  It is only one as well.  But fortunately for me it is a special talent. It is tips for making a map.  Or if you’re carrying this leather pouch, other people with a knack for it will tell you their tips to making maps.  This would be useful for a foreigner like you. ”

You can select your reward.1. Cartography (Skill Initiation)Map can be made using Cartographer Hansen’s skills.If the user you learnt the skill has a pen and paper, they will automatically draw a place down.  Also, villages, the geography and any major information about a dungeon visited are automatically recorded.When a map showing the terrain and information of each area or dungeon is 100% completed, a paper map can be created.  This map scroll will be able to be sold to other players or NPC general stores.  However, once sold the map information disappears.

2. Hanson’s leather pouch

It can hold 25% of the capacity of a basic bag

‘ Hoo., so I can choose the reward? ‘

Ark confirmed the information with shining eyes.

He had looked at Hansen and didn’t have big expectations.  However, which reward would be more useful? In big cities a magic bad with 1/4 of the capacity of a basic bag was sold for 200 gold! Therefore he could earn 200 gold with that reward.

” People are always going to be lacking bags … … … ‘

Ark swallowed his excess saliva with a gulp.

However, what captured Ark’s attention was the cartography skill.  The basic map given to a user does not register the terrain of a dungeon.  In complicated dungeons, his usual method was to familiarize himself by wandering around.

However, if he had the cartography skill he wouldn’t have to waste time wandering over the same routes.  In addition, when you complete it 100% you can sell the maps. Of course the more complicated and challenging dungeon maps would be sold at a more expensive price.

Bags might be coveted but they are not useful in games and therefore cannot be compared, because the cartography skill could also earn him money.

‘Yes, money can buy items but rare skills.  It cannot be compared’

After Ark made a decision he looked at Sid. As expected Sid was also drooling over the cartography skill.

Indeed, if registered to a map the town’s information would be useful to merchants. It would not be easy to concede it to Ark.

“Sid because you are a merchant you’ll need more bags of course”

“Yes? No, I’m…….. ”

“It’s ok. I’ll just choose the first option. I’ll have what’s left. ”

Ark smiled as he spoke causing Sid to flinch.  He was laughing but Sid noticed an unidentified light in his eyes.

“Don’t be burdened. I didn’t do that much to finish this request, just fought against thieves and almost died! Sid was also sleeping when I was busy treating the addicts’ suffering throughout the night. But don’t be nervous and take what you want.  Hahaha, It’s between me and Sid. Right? So please choose the better option. This is the bag of course”

Whenever Ark spoke, Sid felt small wounds puncturing him. And after staring at Ark for a while, he blew a sigh and gave an awkward smile.

“Oh, that’s right, what, just … ….I need a bag”

“I knew it”

So Ark conceded the bad (?) which Sid received and was very happy (?) and it was done. And Ark learned the cartography skill from Hansen and a message window popped up.

-‘Rescue Sarah’s dad! ‘The quest has been completed.-Your level has risen.

Even though the quest difficulty was +E, completion of the quest caused his level to rise.

Once Ark had completed the quest he asked.

“Have you maybe seen anything special about this place?”

“Something special?”

“Yes, it wouldn’t be anything big. Something between the size of a ball and a fist? Well, that would be the approximate size.  And because it would have protection there might be a sinister aura coming from it. Are you reminded of anything? ”


After thinking for a while, Hansen opened his mouth.

“Oh, that reminds me. When I first came here, I saw something suspicious. Some round objects that were contained in an iron box, wrapped in a black cloth inscribed with funny characters I haven’t seen before. I also felt fear to the degree that my body kept on trembling.  At the time, I thought I was frightened because I had just been caught by the thieves.  But now thinking back, that strange feeling seemed to be coming from that stuff.

“That’s it! Where is it now?”

“The man with red hair took it.”

“The man with red hair?”

“Yes, he also radiated an ominous aura. A red aura covered his body and he also had red hair.  The thieves’ boss also used an honorific word for him. I heard the spirit but not the details. He was also the one to give me to the thieves. Your stupid man got caught infiltrating. Tell them to be more careful … … …”

The situation fit. Hansen’s words caused Ark to remember the thieves’ conversation in the secret passage that Ark eavesdropped on.

In the middle of the thieves’ neutral words they said ‘he.’ Perhaps the person they were referring to was the man with red hair.  And the thief who got caught outside was the one that had infiltrated Giran last time.

“Do you know where he went?”

“Let’s see……..He went north of ……..Brandt mountains …….beyond the Angora Cliffs… … …Ah, yes Cairo. That’s right. If it is near the Angora Cliffs in the Brandt Mountains then the only place it could be was Cairo.  No doubt, he was a cartographer”


Ark looked at Sid with a slightly surprised face.

Prior to meeting Sid, he had never heard of Cairo.

It was a lawless city where chaotic users gathered. However, Ark had been unable to figure out the location of Cairo.

He had heard that chaotic users in Cairo automatically received event quests.  Of course, Ark did not want to become chaotic just to find out the location of Cairo.

“Do you happen to know the location of Cairo?”

“Of course. I couldn’t call myself a cartographer if I didn’t know the location of a city. If you’ll let me display the location on the map”

Hanson nodded and a map window automatically opened.

It was open to Giran’s northern area and a red dot pointed to the middle of the Brandt Mountains.

”Ok, I’ve collected all of the required information now. Now all that’s left is to report back to the Magic Institute.

“Well, let’s get out of here.”

Dungeons frustrated Sid because they were not familiar to him.

But there were still people in the prison and Hanson’s face still signs of hesitation. Ark tilted his head and asked.

“Which reminds me ……..Why are the people still like that? They don’t seem pleased…it’s like they’re not even aware that they have been saved”

“That’s probably … … ….”

Hanson explained with a sigh.

The people in the prison were people who wandered the continent or were kidnapped like Hanson.  Unlike Hansen who had only been addicted for two days, most of these people have been addicted for years and lost most of their memory.

“When you are looking at a few minutes a day without the day … … …Although the symptoms are different for everyone, some are so severe that they can’t even remember their own name.  So they are frightened of where to go after they leave here. If it was just a little bit later, I would have been just like them too. I would have even failed to recognize my daughter…….. ”

Just imagining the fearful thought, Hanson hugged Sarah harder.


Sid clenched his fist in anger.

Well, yes but he still looked cute … … …

However, compared to Sid’s fury, Ark’s eyes glittered.

‘ Ho-Oh! Then these people are little lost sheep? ‘

Ark’s ability to connect his quests and maximize profits was triggered.

Ark’s tongue seemed as smooth as oil.

“That’s a shame. They shouldn’t be abandoned just before they suffered such a horrible thing.  But it is fortunate. There is a place called Lancel Village that knows me.  It is a good place where the courageous people always greet a new neighbour.  Even if you are a person with lost memories, the people of the pioneer village would be delight to welcome you.  So let’s take them there? ”

“Lancel! It is still there?”

Hanson the cartographer stared with surprised eyes.

Ark roughly explained what happened to Lancel and Hanson nodded.

“I see. Nevertheless you are not an average person.  Yes, in this situation I better take them to Lancel Village.  Now you don’t have to worry anymore. I will take responsibility for bringing them to Lancel Village.  Although the body is not in the best condition, as a cartographer I use magic to avoid the monsters just like a normal magician.

“Yes that would be great.  Tell them that I sent you to Lancel Village.

Somebody called Galen will look after them. ”

“I see”

Hanson nodded and a quest updated.

Find New Settlers ‘ quest has been updated.You rescued these poor people who were caught by thieves.  And referred those who lost their memories to Lancel, the pioneer village.  Of course, Lancel requires a lot of manpower and will welcome them as residents wholeheartedly.Like a newborn baby, they cannot remember anything.  However, they will remember that you have found them a new home.  They decided to respect your intention and be reborn as a resident of Lancel.{New settlers found: 25% complete}

Because they lost their memories they were not counted as settlers with special abilities.  However, the achievement still increased by 10%.

He was getting closer to completing the quest.  Ark summed up the situation and left the party leaving the dungeon to SId.

Ark remained in the dungeon because there was still work to be done.

‘These are all the drug ingredients?’

The remaining Ark looked at the Nurunma leaves and laughed.

The thieves had secretly cultivated rare plants!

Ark’s keen senses smelled the scent of money.  Of course, the leaves of the Nurunma plant were now useless.

Even if it is a drug, it would still make an excellent ingredient to make a superior remedy.  He wouldn’t be able to sell it at stores in cities.  Even if the NPC bought it then he would just be dragged to the guards and arrested.

” But what if the laws don’t apply to the city? ‘

He had already heard about Cairo through Hansen.

After meeting the Magic Institute, the quest would probably lead him to the lawless city of Cairo, where prohibited items from the continent would probably be sold.

’Drugs would be a little concerning but … … … … ”

Ark had encountered chaotic players many times.  Chaotic NPCs and users ran wild in Cairo, so he felt no remorse selling Nurunma leaves there.

And wouldn’t it become a treatment pill if refined well?

It they determined that the drug was a remedy, than the NPC shops in Cairo would take the lot.  After that Ark is not responsible for it.

Although this was slightly different, the Korean’s favourite seasoning pepper was first recognized as a poison.

According to the Japanese, when the Japanese invasion was defeated, people tried to destroy the plants.  However, their forefathers were clever and used the peppers to develop a famous food culture worldwide.

After all, that’s not important. What are important are the intentions of the people who utilize it.

‘As long as I write that the seasoning can be poisonous! ‘

Armed with that thought, Ark used his extraction skill and collected the Nurunma leaves.

After he had finished collecting the Nurunma leaves in bundles of 200, he had a total of 1600! Even if one sells for 10 silver then he would still receive 160 gold.

Even if he fell down a well, Ark would never leave empty-handed.

After exiting the dungeon, Sid and Hanson’s companions gathered.

When Sarah approached to give a farewell greeting, she bent and kissed his cheek. And Ark blushed as red as a beetroot.

-Really thank you

It was a sudden surprise but it didn’t feel bad.

Sid waited with an expectant expression.

However, Sarah turned away with a flick of her tongue and left with Hanson.

Sid blankly stared with dumb surprise before raising his voice angrily at Ark.

“Ark, you too!”

ACT 6 The Lawless city Cairo

“Draconian clan?”

Shannon from the Magic Institute asked in surprise after hearing your report.

“Yes, it looked like it was a lizard-like species”

“I never thought the Draconian clan would be involved with the Heartsoul Bead.  However if he used mimicry he might have been able to steal the Heartsoul Bead. ”

“What kind of species is the Draconian anyway?”

“They are … … …No, it’s not. It’s still too early to come to conclusions when you are still unsure.  I’m sorry but for the moment can you keep quiet about the Draconian’ involvement “.

“That’s not a difficult job but ……..”

Actually he had no interest in the lizard.

“The problem is the Heartsoul Bead.”

Shannon began to talk with a serious expression.

“I was never sure what those who stole the Heartsoul Bead knew about it.  But based on your story, they seem to have a purpose for stealing the Heartsoul Bead.  If so, I’m afraid the problem is more serious than I thought”

“There are a lot of ways it can be misused.”

Shannon reached out his sweaty palms and grasped Ark’s hands.

“Please. You’re the only one I can rely on. The Merchant Guild and Warrior Guild have already begun to suspect the situation.  We have no way to chase after the Red Man because if caught the Magic Institute’s position in society will be damaged.  In addition, the protection around the relic has been damaged therefore the situation is unknown. ”

“I see what you’re saying.”

Ark nodded and replied.

“I never thought about abandoning a task once I have started it.  Fortunately, the cartographer gave me a clue to the whereabouts of the Red Man so before it is too late I will find the Heartsoul Bead. ”

The reason for Ark was of course the reward.

From Shannon’s reaction to the quest he could smell the scent of money.

It could be a huge disaster if the situation is prolonged? If you resolve such a problem then it would be extremely profitable.

But was that all? Since the beginning of quest, he received a great deal of experience from being in a party. The Nurunman leaf was only one of his rewards!

Yes, it was a quest that laid golden eggs!

And Shannon did not even realise the reason behind his acceptance.

“After Jackson, how could I not believe in you?”

After Shannon spoke a new message window popped up.

Quest updated.Find the Heartsoul Bead = Find the Heartsoul Bead IIYou found further clues to the Heartsoul Bead in the ruins where unidentified robbers were hiding.  The mysterious Red Man associated with the thieves seems to have taken the Heartsoul Bead towards Cairo.  The key to all the events lies with the Red Man.After collecting more information from him, bring back the Heartsoul Bead.

Difficulty level: C

‘Anyway, that’s the first checkpoint passed.  Is that the end of the boring bounty hunting? ‘

It was actually quite profitable that it was a shame to end it.

However, he had to give it up to gain even more compensation.

Ark left the Magic Institute and put some things in order in Giran. The first place he visited was the garrison.

During the period where he destroyed 18 groups of thieves, he did not have time to drop by Giran to receive the bounty money.

“What brings you here?”

“I came to receive the prize money.”

“Do you have the necessary evidence?”

“Yes, of course.”

Tuk, Tuk, Tuk, Tuk … … …

Ark continued to pull out tokens from his bag and piled them on the desk.

After the 3-4, the NPC officials stared with their mouths open until the 10th token.  After he finally pulled out all 18 tokens they stared with amazement.

“This is, this is all ……..?”

“Yes, it’s all the tokens. Please confirm it.”

Ark laughed and smiled at the NPC officials as they said.

“It’s amazing. It has been less than a month since I put up most of these bounties ……..But all these thieves have been destroyed within a month?”

“Why wouldn’t it?”

“Ah, no. Is there such a thing? ”

After he checked the tokens against a ledger, the NPC handed him a thick money bag.

The bag contained a whopping 254 gold!

He had frantically hunted bandit groups without visiting the village for 9 days.

Of course, he had to practice hunting for five days before the real hunting so the actual investment time was a fortnight.  However, excluding the profit from japtem, a 254 gold bounty was a huge income.

In addition, his hunter rank rose to rank C in record time.

However there is a limit to hunting bounties alone.

Ark could catch a lot of thief companies because other users weren’t interested in them.  Not surprisingly, the phenomenon was limited to some areas.

When a thief company is exterminated and a scheduled time passed then the group would appear again, however the time scheduled for thieves was different from the general monsters.

It was a necessary method to balance the game.

The eighteen cases were only possible for Ark because a large amount of bandit groups settled around a commercial city and the other players generally avoided hunting thief companies. Indeed, when Ark visited the bulletin board there were only three new bounties.  Two of them were ones that Ark had cancelled because he didn’t have the token.

After Ark collected the bounty, he turned into Giran Square.  Sid had also come to the square to organize and sell his japtem.  After calculating it in his head, Ark had reserve budget of 1000 gold.

‘The gold in reserve could be changed into cash in case of an emergency.  Now he didn’t have to worry about money after more! ‘

After he finished counting, he gloatingly asked Sid.

“Now, for the time being I’m stopping bounty hunting. Sid what are you going to do?”

“Arc-nim are you going to Cairo?”


“So I’ll come along”

Sid said with shining eyes.

So even after making him work so much, he still doesn’t know Ark’s true colours?

However, Sid had his own reasons.

“With me? But that is a dangerous place for a merchant”

“I don’t have anything to lose anyway.”

Sid said with a heart-warming smile.

“And I have to go anyway.”

“What is it?”

“Ohuhuhuhu, a windfall. Actually a little while ago I stopped at a store to sell some japtem and I got a quest that was from dedicated professional merchants.  The merchant want to study items that are only sold in Cairo. After delivering each special item to the required merchant for research, I would have 150 gold to write off my remaining debt. It seems to be a quest that is only given to merchants with Cairo’s location marked on their map.”

“But you have to be a chaotic user to buy exclusive items from Cairo ……..?”

To enter may cost more than 150 gold.

Then Sid grinned and lifted a piece of paper.

“It’s a draft issued by the merchant. But it can’t be used outside of a Cairo store”

That is to say Sid’s only intention was to carry stuff.

“Items that are usually sold in Cairo are difficult to find in an ordinary village. This was more than a little gold. Until now, any money I made went to paying off my debt but not this time. But if I buy the right item then I might be able to resell it for a greater price.”

“Well, that’s fine if you’re sure… … …”

“Yes then please bring me there.”

Sid said while hopping and running.

Frankly, Ark also wanted Sid to come along.

Silently marching for 20 hours a day was possible thanks to Sid.  Also, he had a cool character and signed a contract to give Ark his share of the profit from anything he sold.  However, Ark had a crucial reason for liking Sid.

As a hobbit, he had access to 6 bags…with the pouch he received from Hanson that was 7 bags available! Sid was just a bag to Ark after all.

‘Cairo is a lawless city. He should have his poisonous skill equipped ready to use at any time.  If so, having Sid along would also help.  Ayu, my lovely bag. ‘

“Okay.” If it’s Sid then you’re always welcome.

“Then let’s leave immediately!”

Sid swung both of his arms as he walked.

Therefore he continued to travel together with the hobbit merchant with a bad credit rating.

” This was a deposit, … … … ..! ‘

Hyun-woo looked at his bank account with thrilled eyes.

At the end of the Event Quest, he put up the Fire Slayer for auction and the winning bid was just deposited.

In fact, the auction was closed for a while.  However, the person who deposited the money received an unavoidable computer error leaving him anxious until it was confirmed that the money was now properly deposited.

The deposit amount was a whopping 11,160,000 won!

The highest bid was 12,000,000 won with 7% going to the auction commission fee.  This meant that 840,000 won went to the auction fee but the expense was worth it.

1-1 trade with users could be a popular place for a scam. Hyun-woo also fell victim to a fraud a couple of years ago when trying to buy a 100,000 won item.

A 12,000,000 won item was worth so much more that if he fell victim to a fraud he would vomit blood and die.

‘Well, I just have to think of it like a tax and in some cases if you use the auction then you can receive a higher price. I got 11,160,000 won anyway. And the Dark Robe I got yesterday sold for 900,000 won so tomorrow I should receive 870,000 won. ‘

When combined with the money in his account, he would have around 14,000,000 won.

Every day the prices go up even more but it should be enough to pay two or three months’ worth of hospital bills without having to worry about money.

Hyun-woo gave a heart-warming smile at the bank statement.

‘Oh, today I have to go to the hospital with uncle Gwon Hwa-rang? ‘

Hyun-woo remembered the phone call he answered this morning.

“Speaking of Uncle Gwon Hwa-rang, it’s been awhile since I’ve visited his house. Oh that’s right, isn’t today the day he normally visits his probation members? Because today was the first day they would meet directly since the lump sum came in …. ‘

Gwon Hwa-rang had bought a house for the rehabilitation members to live together almost a year ago.

Hyun-woo bought food with a few bills in his pocket while grinding his teeth.  He paid for three whole chickens and after dinner drinks.

The total was 55,000 won.  Paying 2000 won for seaweed rolls three times a day was an extravagant amount for Hyun-woo.

However, he made an exception for Gwon Hwa-rang and the probation members Spending that much … …. But it was a crowd so he should not scrimp.

Gwon Hwa-rang’s place was 30 minutes away by bus.

“Who is it?”

A voice was heard after he pressed the bell.

And the man appeared!

Hyun-Woo used to be a juvenile delinquent and he had a fairly discipline mind and body.  However, he became breathless at the sight of the man that appeared.

A bear-like man with tattoos from his wrist to his neck.  It was like he found himself in front of a boss monster, with a warning message spontaneously appearing in his head.

The guy scanned him up and down and said.

‘What the? You have chicken? ”

“Aaa……..I’m here to see Uncle Gwon Hwa-rang?”

“Nag? You know Gwon? ”

“Yes, I’m Hyun-woo.  We had an appointment today …. ”

“Oh! Oh!”

He scratched his head roughly as his eyes opened in surprise.

“It’s you! You’re Ark! ”

“Yes, that is, yes?”

“Ah! Man why did you hesitate? It’s me, number 1405. Remember? ”

“Number 1405? Then you are that uncle … “.

“Yes, Yes! I received a lot of help that day.  Well, you do look exactly like your game character. I’m sorry, I don’t have very keen eyes.  Come in “.

Number 1405 grabbed his arm and just pulled him into the house.

When he unconsciously entered the house, his company immediately raised his voice.

“Hey, Ark is here!”

Not long after, ………..Hyun-woo felt like he had entered a safari park and had been thrown as a toy.

His first impression of all the guys that rushed out of a room was that they were tougher than rock.  Frankly, Hyun-woo considered the group of thieves cute compared to these guys.  10 similar men gathered and surrounded him! It was such a situation then he sat down with a sweaty back.

‘Uncle Gwon Hwa-rang says kid, kid…..Looking around where is this kid? ‘

“Gwon had to go out a little bit because of urgent business. He wants you to wait a little bit.  It’s like that. And when he goes somewhere he doesn’t bring a cell phone with him……”

The man with a horrifying knife scar on his face said with a smile.  Hyun-woo almost said ‘I’m sorry I’ll buy a cell phone immediately.’

I’m number 1401.  Kang Yoo-jin. But did you buy us food?”

Kang Yoo-jin looked at the chicken set in Hyun-woo’s hands.


After he answered the chicken turned to bone.

It didn’t even take 11 minutes. Scary. Are they going to eat me as well? Did he come for nothing?’

Hyun-woo rolled his eyes nervously.  The last of the chicken wings was eaten by number 1405, called Ma Chorung who suddenly asked.

“By the way, have you gone anywhere with Roco?”

“Yes? We only went to a cafe together?

The group burst into laughter at Hyun-woo’s answer.

“You’re completely a nerd.”

“I’m saying you like her.”

“Ohuhuhu. So of course you would have kissed?”

“Aak, Don’t say that! I’m just a friend that’s a man….uuk!”

“Hey, hey! Don’t you know saying that is a crime?”

The conversation broke down with the guys chattering to each other. Hyun-woo who was listening blankly shook his head.

“Well there’s nothing between me and Hye-sun. She is just a close younger sibling……”


The guys’ voices stopped suddenly. They began sending doubtful looks at each other and whispering.

Beside him Kang Yoo-jin blew out a sigh and shook his head.

“Let’s stop it at that.  I’m embarrassed for everyone.  Anyway….Roco is really serious. It’s like comparing trees and stone…..”

“Yes? Ah, you mean me?”

“No, I have no intention of becoming nosy.  Anyway Hyun-woo, no, it is easier to call you Ark.  Is that ok? If possible please relax and sit down a little bit more comfortably.  This is not a punishment. So why is your form so awkward?”

Hyun-woo then realised that he was sitting on his knees.  Hyun-Woo coughed and sat down cross-legged as Yoo-jin smiled and said.

“Please don’t be so anxious. Our appearance might be like beasts, but we’re not bad guys”

Ma Chorung interrupted with a single word.

“To be frank, we were bad guys.”

“I’m not arguing that.  “Um, that is clear.

“Then. We don’t particularly hate guys like you”

“Yes? Guys like me? ”

“Yes, so you see ……..”

Ma Chorung opened his mouth to talk but was prevented by Kang Yoo-jin who said.

“The intention is just like we said.  Rather, it was better.  In the game, our goals are the same.  The new world was more complicated than I thought so if I meet an expert than I’ll ask them about New World.

“Yes, I’m ok with that.”

It was a topic that he knew so Hyun-woo nodded.

Frankly, Hyun-woo’s reaction to the word ex-convict was different from most peoples who would have blinders on.

If they are ex-convicts then they are criminals.  It was a cruel and cold-hearted way to think but natural for outgoing people.

So because of these special people, Hyun-woo ……..regarded them with a completely different expression.

However, with such a conversation, his original thoughts disappeared.

In particular, when he was first introduced to number 1401. Kang Yoo-jin seemed like a hard person thanks to his scar but he was more thoughtful than an ordinary person.

The framework is something he disagreed with? He could hear the weight of every behaviour through his voice. The other people were the same as well. Though their outer appearance was tough, when talking about the game their eyes lit up like children.

Hyun-woo felt a sense of surprise at the difference between their appearance and behaviour.

Hyun-woo used the moment to talk seriously with ordinary people who enjoyed the game just as much as he did.  After his mind was eased, the conversation became more fun.  The difference between how Hyun-woo played the game and how they just enjoyed it was interesting.

“Autonomy from the government?”

Hyun-woo listened to the news about Jackson.

“”Yes, it was thanks to Gwon.  The condition was he would have to go to the Capital and earn enough points in the arena in front of the nobility.  Well, we like it. Because fighting against monsters has been getting boring. ”

Hyun-Woo also meant to see the arena someday. But he never thought the Gwon Hwa-rang would get there first.

It also seemed that the sentence was passed after Hyun-woo had a word with the young Lord…….The strong point of New World was that the words or conduct of a third party could impact it so much that it affects other users.  Their common interest led to a more lively conversation.

And Hyun-Woo also joked around and engaged in the conversation.

The skills that they learnt were particularly interesting.

All the unique skills in reality- including violence-could be acquired as their profession. Although they promised to follow the rehabilitation program, that program was not enough to seal off their skills.  And New World was a game where they could apply those skills.

“Huhuhu, although the money was initially low in Harun Village, we used our skills to get things cheaper.  Therefore, the ‘intimidation’ skill was acquired.  You can use the ‘intimidation’ skill at any shop to get items for 10% cheaper! However, it does lower the intimacy with the owners.”

It was the skill that the person called 1402 favoured as a former bond collector.

Then number 1406 who was a former pickpocket scoffed.

“Is that something to be proud of? I have the ‘Pickpocket’ skill where I am able to steal one item from a monster in critical condition.  That’s better than blackmailing NPCs.”

“Noisy!” Stop talking about the stingy pickpocket skill! Intimidation can also deal with monsters.  Do you see how sometimes it flinches? That’s because I intimidated it”

“Huhuhu, that’s trivial. Intimidation? Pickpocket? You have to live a new life but in the end nothing has changed in that cycle.  Look at me. The skill ‘Wine Lovers’ gives an extra 20 points to intimacy with female NPCs. Love and Peace? This skill is much better”

“Ha, is the fact that you hit your wife also applied to the game? If you’re like me, the ‘Fraud’ is a much better skill because it allows me to sell items for 15% more even though I’m not a merchant.”

The gentle number 1401, Kang Yoo-jin also spoke up.

‘Ha, New World really has a lot of interesting skills.  Even if you have the same profession, depending on the skills you pick it is possible to raise an entirely different character.

It is embodied in the fact that a technique learned in reality is a skill in the game.  In reality, some techniques shouldn’t transfer over.  Some techniques you should feel ashamed about.  And again, even if you don’t use the technique in the game it is still usable.

We assume the other users’ skills are wonderful as well and envy them.

It was one of the reasons people are attracted to New World.  And it wasn’t possible for Hyun-woo to feel a sense of distance from them anymore.

This is why common interests are so important.

‘Oh, that reminds me……’

Hyun-woo suddenly remembered the new Survival Cooking skill he learnt in Giran.  It was a special advanced technique that could create a medley of food with special effects.

Foods that could increase charm, voice ………when cooking it is impossible to guess what effect the dish would have.

But listening to the ex-convicts talk, he thought that the food might be related to  certain skill.

The dish to increase charm could be used with the ‘wine lovers’ skill and the dish to increase the voice could be used with ‘Intimidation’ to increase the menace in the voice.

Hyun-woo’s idea interested the probationary members.

“Ara? There are also items that could give effects like that?”

“Haven’t you looked at the auction?”

“The food is stuck because of the expiration date.  When it isn’t special and the expiration date is short then it is difficult for an auction to sell it. There isn’t a special food related category in the auction”

“I see”

“There’s a lot of food with unknown effects, it could increase agility or strength but there are also poisonous foods that could give absurd effects.”

“Hey, that’s fascinating?”

“Well it would be a lot of help when you are a spectator.”

“Then I’ll make plenty. Fortunately food created with an advanced skill has a longer use by date. By at the moment I have no time to go to the capital thanks to my quest. Is it possible for you to come to Cairo?”

“Cairo?” That’s where you’re stuck? I’ve never heard of it?”

“It is very difficult to find the information from other places. It is the lawless city of Cairo.

The ex-convicts eyes shined when they heard the lawless city part.

“A lawless city? Then it is like the Harlem district? Hooo, I certainly have to go there? ”

“Ok, before going to the capital we’ll try to drop by Cairo.”

“So let me explain my approximate location.”

“Okay, I understand.”

“Huhuhu, it is easy to understand why you’re a high level user.”

“I give my best regards.  Ark.”

A probationary member said with a smirk.

After that, Hyun-woo would be different and New World would tremble in time with them.

After 1 hour had passed, Gwon Hwa-rang returned.

Hyun-woo stood up to go to the hospital although he felt regret.  A probationary member went with him outside.

“Ark, next time call before you come.  We will prepare chicken.”

Kang Yoo-jin said, patting Hyun-woo’s shoulders.

“And…………If things are difficult then tell us. We might not be the best but we’ll stand with you.

If there’s anything we can do to support each other than we should. ”


Hyun-woo parted from them without any specific ideas.

So he took a car to the hospital where he met with Gwon Hwa-rang.

“How was the meeting? Did they seem like nice guys? ”

“Yes, though I was a little bit scared in the beginning … ……”

“The fact is that I had really wanted you to meet the guys.”

“Yes? Why? Which reminds me, didn’t Ma Chorong also to say that?”

Gwon Hwa-rang gave a bittersweet smile and muttered.

“Some might have a different view no matter their appearances.  Among them he had not wanted to be a criminal. But circumstances were unavoidable and he was forced to live on the streets.  And soon was forced to live without a soul and eventually had a criminal record.  It is not a good conversation to inquire about the details of their pain. ”


“Of course, now I don’t regret it. I think everyone thinks deeply about how their life might have been different.  So you have to think about what you’re proud of.  Your parents ……..Hum-hum, in difficult circumstances you have to use your own strength to make sure you don’t fall on a bad path.”

‘Is that so? I hope that guy Chorong doesn’t hate someone like me in the end. ”

Hyun-woo was ashamed for thinking they were a different race from him, even for a short while.

“If they didn’t have Uncle Gwon Hwa-rang ………..”

“Anyway. So I can’t give up on those guys.  Because it is difficult to know how to get out from the wrong bog using your own strength.  To be honest, that’s why I left today.  Many guys would realise it when they look at you struggling to live rightly in a difficult situation.  I want to teach that to them through you and New World.  Sorry I didn’t tell you in advance.”

Gwon Hwa-rang spoke as cigarette smoke blew from his mouth out the car window.

Hyun-woo looked at the side of Gwon Hwa-rang’s face for a while.

That appearance.

It was the face that Hyun-woo had seen when he first met Gwon Hwa-rang.

The mass media portrayed him as a criminal when he used his g*n to shoot a violent offender, but he was truly sorry and wanted to help somehow…….It was Gwon Hwa-rang’s true power which Hyun-woo respected.

“It’s okay.” I enjoyed it. And I like the older brothers.”

“I’m glad”

“By the way ……Is this an operation to introduce me in advance because I might become an adopted son?”

Unsteadily, the car shook for a while.

But Gwon Hwa-rang pretended ignorance and continued smoking.

A secret smile spread on Hyun-woo’s mouth as he leaned back in his seat.

On that day, Hyun-Woo gained 10 older ex-convict brothers.

‘Does this also increase the level? ‘

“Is that place Cairo?”

Ark looked at the city’s silhouette that was revealed over the ridges.

From the side, Sid muttered about his taste.

“There, so would it be possible to rest soon?”

“Yes, this time I’m going to bath properly.”

Ark unfolded the map and nodded.

“It is good news.”

Sid collapsed with a thud in that position.

They had arrived at Cairo four days after leaving Giran.

Indeed, it was four days of continuous, fierce hardship.

And the suffering began with Ark’s one word.

“In order to save time let’s go straight to Cairo.”

Although Hansen the cartographer clearly indicated Cairo’s location, the map of the surrounding areas was not clear.  Finding the proper way to get there from Giran could be time-consuming.  Therefore, Ark decided that the quickest way to get to Cairo was to go in the direction with the shortest distance.

……….It was a mistake.

The area between Giran and Cairo was a bit unclear.

There was a dense jungle where the exit wasn’t visible.

He didn’t expect the high level hunting ground infested with strange monsters over level 100.

With the darkness bonus applied at night, he could somehow deal with the monsters but during the day this did not apply.  In addition, there were gaping crevasses in places like the valley floor and a swamp that was like a maze, making it easy to get lost. It was a miracle that they had managed to escape the jungle alive.

Sid looked at Ark with sunken eyes.

‘Fortunately, they had found some ruins hidden in the jungle, and raise their intimacy with an NPC from the Migu Migu Clan…..without him, I’d be dead.’

The situation had become more difficult thanks Ark’s character which he stuck fearfully to!

The difficult situation meant that Ark didn’t sleep for more than 2 hours a day.  Thanks to that, even Sid was dragged out. In addition, restless creatures chasing you can also increase tension. Of course the tremendous fatigue and lack of sleep decreased their health until they fell into a critical state.

I’d rather be dead, how many times had he thought that?

The entered the jungle straight away after Giran.  Of course the final resurrection place was Giran….. He could use dying in the jungle as an excuse to rest in Giran but……

He noticed that when Ark fought in battles, he always protected Sid.  Of course, even Sid knew that it wasn’t a statement of the friendship.  It would be difficult to collect a lot of japtem with 6 bags gone.

After that, the two of them who had passed such a hell eventually reached Cairo.

Just looking at the distant Cairo caused tears to rise.

‘You did it, Sid! You did! Great job, Sid! You’re cool, Sid!’

“What happened?”

“Oh, no. Dust just entered my eye…….”

Sid wiped his blurry eyes with his sleeves.

“Now, let’s go. We need to organize our stuff and get some rest.”


At the end of his words, Sid let out a wide grin and nodded.

The two of them soon went up along the ridges.

Cairo was located on top of the ridge, just like the city of Machu Picchu shown in a documentary.  The size of the silhouette shown in the dim moonlight was roughly the size of the Jackson manor.

Growing vine the ground was thick vines that surrounded the city like a wall.

Unless displayed on the map, Cairo was difficult to find due to the thick vines making it seem like a forest.

Cairo’s entrance was guarded by NPCs.

Unlike other cities, these guards were dressed like bandits.

Ark and Sid gazed at the magical sight of the vines surrounding them as they reached the entrance.  The guards frowned darkly and interrupted them.

“Wait! What, you guys?”

“Yes? Did you just enter the city?”

“Bah! Go out! This isn’t a place where every youngster can enter! ”

“What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you hear me say leave?”

“If you make me say it again, I’m going to show you how to walk away with a bitter taste!

The guard NPCs roughly pushed them together.

It was a tense atmosphere.  They couldn’t cause problems with the NPCs as soon as they reached Cairo. Eventually Ark and Sid left with puzzled faces.

“Why are they doing this? The NPC stops users from even entering the town? ”

Of course, sometimes there are guards that press users at general villages.  However, it is applicable only to the chaotic user. As he was thinking, Ark realised that he forgot something.

“Ah, this was a city for chaotic users!”

“Oh, right. I had heard that only chaotic players could enter Cairo”

Sid seemed to have the same thought as he stated in a frustrated voice.

“What do we do? We came so far…….”

“It’s not that way”

A shallow smile spread on Ark’s face.

‘Huhuhu, I had collected something a while ago and forgot about it……I didn’t think it would be used for this.  Of course I made sure to collect it even when its purpose was unclear.  Because you don’t know when or where you’ll need it. ”

“Snake, [Lie] scroll!”

Snake spat out the red scroll.

After Sid checked the scroll his eyes widened and he raised his voice.

“Eh? That, that is! ”

“I had taken away the scroll from Leo previously.”

Ark said with a smile. In fact, it was an item that every time his bags ran out of space he thought about selling.  However, trying to sell the special item he got after all that hard work was uncomfortable ……..what a relief.

“Now, where to use it once?”

Ark used the scroll to edit his character info.

Character Name Ark Race Human
Alignment Good+200
Fame 1635 Level 90
Profession Dark Walker
Title Cat Knight, Caretaker of All, Jackson’s Hero
Health 1745 Mana 1355 (+100)
Spiritual Power 100 Strength 234 (+ 5)
Agility 264 (+ 17) Stamina 334
Wisdom 33 Intelligence 262
Luck 44 Flexibility 26
Art of Communication 23 Affection 55 (+ 10)
Special stat: Knowledge of Ancient Relics 53
Equipment item effects
Black Bear Mouse Leather Armour: Agility + 2, Frost Resistance + 20Cat Paws: Attack Speed +10%, Agility +15, Critical Hit +10%Crystal Golem’s Head: Mana + 100Norad Boots: movement speed + 10%, avoidance rate + 5%Adelaine’s Necklace: Def + 40, Affection + 10Resurrecting Spirit: Strength + 5, Mana Recovery + 5%
* All abilities will increase by 30% in the dark* You have the ability to hide in the darkness (15 minutes duration. Cancelled when you get into combat)* Resistance Fear, Darkness, Blind, and Seduction spells is increased by 50%.* You can bring out the true abilities from all types of tools.
{Lie} scroll, using this scroll, the player’s level and alignment, and one stat can be randomly controlled.  However, the level and state must extend beyond 10 up or down.{Duration: 1 hour}

“Level increase by 10, alignment chaotic.”

Ark’s current level had increased to 90 after 3 days in the forest. The Lie scroll adjusted it upwards to level 100. And he became a chaotic player and his name was turned red.  With other users walking back and forth, it was difficult to raise his level.

It was the reason he deliberately chose night time.

“Now there’s only one of this scroll”

“What about me…………?”

“I’ll enter Cairo and buy lots of scrolls.  I’ll also gather information if I can.  And Sid will lurk where appropriate.  Don’t be recognized as something else by a chaotic user or you’ll be in danger.”

“Then I’ll do that. Please. ”

Reassured, Sid nodded.

Ark gave a faint smile.

“I’ll take out the price of the scroll from the japtem charges.”

After trusting the wrong person, the Sid who went all the way to Cairo to find a way to live should elicit sympathy, but that was non-existent in Ark.  Of course, it was that guy.

Sid pasted a strange smile on his face and nodded.

“Yes, ha ha! Of course.”

“Then, I’m going. Be very good at hiding and take care of yourself. ”

Ark looked at Sid like he was a body with 6 bags again. As expected, after he reached the entrance and his name was shown the attitude of the NPCs changed.

“Ara? You’re the guy from a little while ago? ”

“Well?” Yes……….”

After scanning up and down, the NPC laughed wildly.

“Kukuku, the fragrant smell of blood is emanating from your body.  Meanwhile where is your young friend?”

“Around. That hobbit, was visibly appetizing….But are you done?” Huhuhu, you’re a bad guy who betrayed the guy who accompanied you here.  But I much prefer the hypocrisy over the good guy guise.  And this place is not a paradise for the faithful.  Ok, if you have thrown off the mask of hypocrisy then you are welcome. ”

His intimacy with the guard quickly rose.

Ark wanted to use the chance to gain additional information.

“Perhaps, did a redheaded man come here?”

“A redheaded man? Hmm, let’s see? It is a difficult question to answer. This is a place where hundreds of people come in and out in one day. And most would be wearing a hat.”

“Then has anything strange happened in the last few days……”

“There’s no such thing? Well, the lawless city is always a problem, but there wasn’t anything that was particularly strange.  Although these days the vines that protect the city have withered a little bit, but that’s all.  Did you want to know something like that?”

“Indeed. I understand.”

“Let me know anytime you need help, I’ll give it to you.”

“I’ll only give it to you. A foreigner has to protect his life.”

The NPC guards chuckled and said.

Ark ignored them and entered Cairo.

He couldn’t feel secure in the city.  Cairo was a lawless city. There were guard NPCs, but here if a fight broke out between the users then the NPC would not pay attention.

They maintain minimal security.  The NPC only acts when Cairo is attacked.

It is the ‘crime promotion’ area.

Of course, if they kept fighting then every chaotic user would be mentally and physically tired.  Therefore, to some extent there were tacit rules. But that had nothing to do with the Ark who just stepped into Cairo.

Of course ……..there was flashing here and there as he walked along a wide road.

The chaotic users hiding in the alley here and there used [Insight] to confirm Ark’s level.  In addition, some users also applied for a party.  The purpose of this wasn’t to form a party, but was to determine if Ark could be a colleague.

“Sheesh, it’s a high level.”

“He’s also in a party.  If I touch him, it’d be tiring.”

“A novice should have entered so we could educate them a little bit.”

Now the users who were gawking from a nearby alley stealthily withdrew.

Due to New World’s system, it was less likely for chaotic players to be high level.

It took a colossal amount of time and money to get rid of the chaotic status, and the loss would be too big if they died.

At a low level, gaining a chaotic status to steal had a low risk rate and benefits, but as the level increases that risk would increase exponentially.

Because of that, the users in Cairo were mainly level 30-40. They wouldn’t dare attack Ark who had become level 100 thanks to the [Lie] scroll.

‘The first checkpoint has been passed.’

Ark was finally able to relax and find a shopping centre.

In Cairo it wasn’t only the outer walls, the exteriors of every building was also enveloped in vines.  Thankfully, the buildings were not like other cities and had distorted shapes.  In addition, the city was fairly complex and it as difficult to find his way. How far did he walk? Ark had finally discovered a strange place.

In the central part of the city, there was a wide gaping hole with a diameter of about 10 meters.

Access beware!A long time ago during the warring States period, the monarch who had ruled for 1 year ordered that the hole be built.  At that time, the 1 year ruler swore to fill the hole with the invaders’ bodies.  It was thus named ‘hell.’ But soon afterwards the war ended and the vow was not fulfilled.At the time, there was no documentation about how deep the hole was.  However, the deep fury of the 1 year monarch was estimated to reach several hundred meters.If you fall then there is a 100% chance of death. Only does who want to commit suicide are allowed to dive

It is the corpse disposal arena in the centre of the city  ………..

The history was as bloody as expected, appropriate for a lawless city.

‘Ah, this is not the time.’

Ark who was watching the hole with his mouth open, turned his head away.

If possible, he wanted to explore Cairo some more so now was not the time.  He was also worried about Sid waiting outside and the [Lie] scroll also had a time limit.

His top priority was to quickly locate a shopping centre.

Ark had been running down a back alley to quickly look for a shopping centre. However moments before stepping foot in a mall, he realised that there was something wrong.

‘This, this ………Which reminds me, isn’t it night-time?’

Even the mistake was tight.

Ark had chosen night time to enter Cairo because he received the dark attribute bonus.  But he hadn’t considered the original purpose.  In New World, NPCs also close their shops during the evening to sleep.  And now, of course, all the stores were closed because it was night.

‘Damn! In New World, it was now dawn which arrives at 5am.  The stores open at 8 a.m. so he has to wait 3 more hours?

The duration of his scroll was limited.

Would the duration end before the store’s doors open?

It’s obvious that he would get attacked by NPC guards if they saw him.

But was that all? When a guard NPC shows up, other chaotic users would also enter!  If he uses ‘Stealth’ then it is possible to escape but without the scroll he won’t be able to buy items from the store, and he also wouldn’t be able to collect information about the red man.

‘In the end, I came here only to end up sucking fingers.’

Of course, he could become chaotic but he wanted to avoid that as much as possible.

Once you become chaotic then the alignment and fame is reduced by 30%. But it doesn’t stop there? At level 90, to lose the chaotic status he must surrender to the guards and be locked up in prison for 9 days in real time and a fine of 90 gold.

It was certainly a reckless penalty!

‘No! There must be another way?’

Ark desperately ran around the shopping centres.

That’s when he found his light of salvation in the form of a store.

A dim light shone from a small grocery store nestled in a small alley.  The doors were closed but it was possible that the NPC was still inside?

Tapping at the door, Ark jumped up and shouted.

“Are you here?”

“At this time, what kind of child are you?”

“Oh, I’m fortunate that you’re here. I have to buy some stuff. ”

“We’re closed. Because it’s troublesome, go away! ”

“There is an urgent situation.  Please open the door as a small favour! ”

“I told you I won’t trade!”

However, Ark believed this store was his open option.

He did not stop knocking until the door eventually flew open and a furious man’s face emerged.

“Leave me alone! You don’t have to go crazy just before daylight!”

“I’m really sorry. I told you it was a really urgent matter. Please give me a moment to buy a few things.  It will only take a short time.  Please.”

Ark lowered his head and begged and the man’s face slightly softened.  He scratched his head and blew out a sigh before shaking his head.

“Look I don’t like to say no to someone desperate.  Of course, I would like to engage in the business of a businessman too.  But this matter is also not about you.  I also can’t afford your patronage. Even though I want to I can’t.

“Yes? Can’t afford to patronize? What does that mean? ”

“Come on, get inside the store.  Because of this, do you understand?”

The shop owner indicated with an irritated expression.

The inside of the store was a mess. The shelves and miscellaneous items were smashed and the walls and floors had broken items all over the place.  Just looking at the situation, he could tell that there was a serious problem.

“Can I help with anything?”

“What?” What did you say?”

“I asked if you needed any help”

Ark who was used to being friendly with NPCs automatically answered.

If someone is good, then they may receive thanks.  Because there was never any loss, the system had become ingrained as a habit.

Then the shop owner looked at him with a befuddled look.

“Why would you do that? Was it a mistake…? ”

“Ah, no.

The shop owner was surprised as he shook his head.

“It’s because I haven’t heard those words in so long.  Also you’re a foreigner? The foreigners who often shop here don’t bother with anyone else’s’ problems. Of course, most of the murders are committed by criminals…..”

‘Oh, which reminds me of something in Cairo?’

Chaotic players don’t bother building intimacy with quest NPCs. That was not the main concern of chaotic players.

Their main concern and interest is how many users they can PK and gain items before losing the chaotic status.  Therefore, none of them would have had any interest in the NPC’s circumstances.

Ark immediately grasped the situation and answered.

“It is difficult to tell the difference in this place, but I am not like them.  Also I have never done anything that I was ashamed about.  It was because of circumstances that couldn’t be avoided that a crime was committed.  And after my business here ends then I will surrender and be judged in a legitimate court of law.”

Ark was heartfelt (?) Needless to say, the shop owner nodded.

“No, I understand. There would often be such a friend.”

“Now would it be okay to explain the situation to me? I was thinking that solving other peoples’ difficulties was my fate. I have the body of a criminal now but isn’t it possible to see past that just this once.”

“Whew, but ……”.

The shop owner was worried about something and talked seriously.

“Just by looking you can understand, but a thief entered the store last night.”

“The thief?”

“Yes, in fact, this is not the first time. Surprisingly, just this shop has been visited at least three times in the last fortnight.  Replacing the lock was ineffective.  They don’t steal anything but I would rather they did.  Every time they visit they would destroy the shop. Now I’m tired of it.  Until now, I’ve somehow tried to hold on but ……..Now I’ve already given up. Anyway ……..No, I know how to clean up the store and leave this place. ”

“Aren’t there any guards here? Didn’t you tell them? ”

Ark tilted his head to one side.

Users don’t involve guard NPCs with their problems, but the shop owner was a NPC.  The NPC didn’t try to engage their help? If they have no restraint, then it is possible for chaotic users to do those kinds of things when dealing with the store.

“That, ……….Hung, it was a whole bunch of nonsense.  This is my problem I don’t need other people’s help. All right, now anyway? Because I can’t engage in business, please forget it and leave.”

“Ha, but ………”


The shop owner suddenly changed.  And stepped closer to Ark and looked suspiciously into Ark’s eyes.

“Now, you’re really……?”


“This, unbelievable! The scent of blood has disappeared from your body? Then surely the [Lie] …..! ”

‘ Whoops! ‘

Ark’s heart suddenly fell.

The duration of the scroll had finished because he was delayed running around Cairo. And in front of an NPC.  In Cairo, even the NPC was chaotic.

It was similar to thieves in Giran being tired of the hunt.

If the shop owner let the NPC guard know then he was screwed.

However, you also can’t kill the NPC.  If he became wanted as a NPC killer in Cairo then he would have to give up the quest from the Magic Institute.

“I, I…….”

Ark was embarrassed and tried to diffuse the situation somehow.

Suddenly, the shop owner grabbed Ark’s arm.  He closed the door and observed outside from a small side door.  After confirming that there was no one around, the shop owner blew out a sigh of relief.

“That was close.  I was wondering if someone had noticed … ”

“You’re not accusing me?”

“Accuse? Huhuhu, great.  What is good about deliberately plotting against you? In addition, you must have a reason to use a scroll to come here.”

“Thank you,”

The shop owner looked at Ark as he decided something and opened his mouth.

“It is difficult to say, but perhaps you’ll give me some help?”

“Of course I would like to help. But just before….. ”

“It’s a matter that I didn’t want to ask of a criminal. But if you’re not a criminal then the circumstances are different. And if you managed to visit here through your own power then you must have considerable skills, enough that I might be able to give you a favour.

Ark eyes shone brightly.

A NPC quest! The quest was one that could only be given if a non-chaotic player came to Cairo.  It was a development that couldn’t be imagined.

“As a matter of fact. I know the criminal who entered the store.  If you exit the town and climb the south hill there is an unemployed bum called Lorenzo who lives at the cabin.”

The shop owner said.

‘If you punish him severely and recover the stolen goods, then you’ll be properly compensated.  That’s it for now….but I’ll tell you what? If you recover any items, then I’ll offer a 40% discount on the price.  Anyway, I am going to put everything in order as I leave so I should probably reduce the baggage.  How is it?”


In Ark’s eyes gold powder fell.

He didn’t know how much stuff had been stolen, but since it had been stolen five times then it wouldn’t be a small amount.  Of course if he sold the items he received with a 40% discount at another city then he could get considerable profit.

Sid had also come to Cairo with that purpose.

“Are there any other gangs?”

“No, as far as I know he lives by himself.”

“Good! But before that …You see that I urgently need the [Lie] scroll. Is it possible to save me in regards to that?”

“Don’t worry. I always have a few [Lie] scrolls.

The shop owner pulled out three protruded scrolls.

“Thank you. So I will immediately go and recover your things.”

“Now, wait a minute”

At that time, the shop owner hurriedly grabbed Ark’s hands.

“Don’t misunderstand. I’d love to punish him a little.  But nothing beyond that.”

“Yes? But what…? ”

“No, I mean … … …Anyway the thing is stealing is scandalous but it did not harm me directly.  If he dies due to somebody I sent then how can I calm down? I just want my things returned.  So just keep that in mind.  Under no circumstances should you kill him.  Understood? If you do not keep the promise I won’t forgive you”

“………I understand.”

Although he didn’t understand the shop owner’s attitude, Ark nodded.

As soon as he did, the quest window popped up.

The worries of shop owner WolkosuYou have met the shop owner Wolkosu in Cairo.  He has angrily continued to put up with a thief who ruined his store for a fortnigh.  Unlike the other foreigners in Cairo, he has asked just you to solve this case.  You have to punish the thief and recover the goods.{However, if the rogue is injured with a sword then the quest will automatically fail.  If the quest is not finished by the end of the month, a vindictive Wolkosu will believe you did not keep the promise and file a complaint to the NPC}Difficulty level: E

ACT 7 Dark Brotherhood


20 minutes after he left Cairo and walked up the hill, a cabin appeared.

He used ‘Stealth’ to observe through a window.

As expected, the NPC named Lorenzo was chaotic.  Level 80. Although it was a high level for other people, he couldn’t compare to Ark who was level 90 and receives a bonus attribute in the dark.  Quest difficulty E.

It took 90 levels to perform one difficulty up.

However, it wasn’t a simple quest where he could rush in blindly.

It usually required killing the target to receive a key that would open a warehouse and retrieve the goods.  However, he couldn’t kill Lorenzo and he couldn’t even use a sword.  In other words, he had to find out the whereabouts of the goods first.

‘I had previously encountered thieves in the ruins….. ‘

After surveying the structure of the cabin, Ark said to Sid.

“As expected, there is a back entrance.  If one is backed into a corner they may escape through the back entrance.  Therefore Sid will block the back door.  If blocked by a body on the outside then there is no particular danger.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Sid answered in a tense voice and went back.

‘Now, this fellow recently held poison.’

If you block the escape of a level 80 NPC then they would have nothing to build a strategy.  Intimidating for the time being and if that doesn’t work then a little bit of violence is okay.

Ark immediately kicked the door and entered the cabin.  Lorenzo who was surprised, tried to stand up.

“You, who are you?”

“I will not speak for long. Where are you hiding the stolen goods? ”

“The stolen goods? What are you talking about? ”

“It is useless to feign ignorance. I already know.  Just tell me obediently before you get hurt.”

“What, what?” Thief? Who said such a silly thing?”

“Who is it? -Wolkosu. Wouldn’t you know who Wolkosu is even if I didn’t explain it?

It was at that time. At the mention of Wolkosu, Lorenzo’s forehead violently twitched.  Then his eyes anxiously shook as he sighed.


Lorenzo ground his molars together and growled.

“I don’t know what inspired such nonsense but I didn’t steal anything! Go back! If you don’t return then I’ll beat you to death.

“Oh, a beating to death?

Ark laughed and nodded his head.

“That’s the most welcome sound I ever head. Let’s see if you can give it a try. ”

“This child!”

Lorenzo kicked the chair and rushed at him.

He tried to use the distraction of the chair to attack. It was a familiar method that other thieves used to fight.  However for juvenile delinquents who walked a dark road, it was a method that Ark was tired of.  That much was not enough to give an element of surprise.

Ark caught the chair and kicked sideways. The next moment his fist shot out in rapid succession in a flash.  Ark’s specialty was continuous critical hits!


He delivered blows to the chest, waist and side, after being hit with three critical attacks Lorenzo moaned and withdrew.

Although Ark did not use his sword for attack and defense at the same time he did have his gloves, the Cat Paws.  Due to the growth system of the Cat Paws, his offensive power was currently 9~15 (+8.9)

In some ways, it was better than a sword.  In addition, Ark had also learned Sword-Hand Combat and Hand-to-Hand Combat, so he had no reason to be penalized by the absence of a sword.

Lorenzo’s health was quickly reduced to 30%.

“Ugh, this, unbelievable!”

Lorenzo ground his teeth together and rushed again.

“Ha ha ha, copper!”

But once Dedric and Skull joined the fight, Lorenzo immediately retreated to the corner again.  Ark continuously rained punches and kicks on him!

Lorenzo soon developed bruises all over his body.  And finally he turned and a punch hit his temple, sending him flying through to the other side of the wall.

“Now, little by little did you want to confess?”

“Damn it, no way!”

“I see you want to lose your soul.”

Ark drew back his fist and directed it to Lorenzo’s face, which instantly turned pale.

Lorenzo had already lost 70% of his health. While Ark only lost 10% at most.  In the first place, he was fighting in a game.   Finally, Lorenzo threw a water bottle and turned his body around.

He tried to open the back door but ……..Lorenzo’s face became perplexed.  Sid had already blocked the other side of the door so it was stuck and wouldn’t open.

“What, what the?” What the hell is this? ”

“Hu hu hu, What a fool! Did he think I wouldn’t have any countermeasures?”

“Rain, eat this!

Lorenzo lifted the sword hanging on the wall beside him.  However, Ark moved much faster than him.


Ark kicked Lorenzo’s stomach.

Without any mistakes, he accurately hit a vital spot on the underbelly and gained a critical hit!

Lorenzo was stunned and fell back.

Ark who was waiting for the chance immediately shouted.

“Snake, tie him up!”

Saek saek!

Snake flicked his tongue and firmly tied up both of Lorenzo’s arms.  Thus, the fight with Lorenzo was easily settled with that.

With one step, Ark approached the struggling Lorenzo and asked.

“Okay, now where should your excrement and the popular soybean paste go? Just as it is in your mouth?  Or will you confess? For your information, I wouldn’t mind beating you up some more.”

“Dammit, I told you from the beginning! I did not steal it!”

“Don’t make me laugh. So without any evidence you have been accused as a thief? If you did something suspicious then obviously you would be considered a criminal! ”

“Sheesh, what do you know? That old man didn’t know what he was talking about! ”

“Even if you die, you’re not going to confess?”

“There’s nothing to confess!”

“Not possible”

Ark’s eyes became chilly.

Dedric looked at Lorenzo and clicked his tongue.

“Tsk tsk, poor guy, he just dug his own grave.”

Dedric knew from experience what would happen when Ark looked like that.

As expected…………When Lorenzo’s health recovered a little bit, Ark showed his true colours.  In the past, Dedric was tamed using the same method as he stepped on Lorenzo.

With a stupid face, Lorenzo freaked out about the kicks and let out a cry of distress.

“Keuak! This bastard! What are you doing! ”

However, Ark didn’t even blink.

In the past, the only way to tame someone rude was with a whip!

Additionally, Ark’s character was that once he starts something, he sees it through to the end.

Ark continued stepping on Lorenzo’s face until he was in a critical condition.  Then he waited awhile for health to recover, stepped and wait, how many times did he repeat it……..

“Ark-nim, you done yet………Huk!”

Sid stuck his head through the back door and screamed.

New World was a virtual reality game where a sense of realism overflows.

Not even 10 minutes had passed since Ark refused to let the violently beaten Lorenzo die and it looked like a violent scene from an 18+ rated movie.

“Oh, Ark-nim. Isn’t this too severe?”

“Hell no. I haven’t even started yet.”

Ark answered with a grin and Sid’s face turned white in terror.

However, Lorenzo did not submit.

Rather, the more violent Ark became then the more profanities escaped from his mouth.

“Dwe, eat this! Just kill me already!”

“Hehehe, Master. Then how about an extreme method?”

At that time, the cunning fellow Dedric treacherously smiled and approached.  A cold smile spread at the corners of Ark’s mouth.

“Hmm, well that’s okay? As expected you have a bad side as well.”

“Huhuhu, this is due to master’s virtue.”

Dedric chattered.

……..Was that praise, or an insult?

Anyway, Ark listened to Dedric’s advice and stopped the violence.  Instead, he placed a pot and ingredients on the table and began survival cooking.

After a while, the sweet smell of food filled the room.

“Eek? No, what are you doing? Stop it! ”

Ark held Lorenzo’s jaw wide open and poured food into his mouth. Lorenzo collapsed to the ground screaming and began to spasm.

‘Fragrant Poison Soup ‘ which activated the paralysis effect.

“You……..This, you bastard! Such…..a thing……”

Lorenzo sweated and stuttered with a paralyzed tongue.  It was a soup with a terrible taste and next Ark fed him the horrible salad, waste-flavoured jello etc.  But that was only the beginning.

The true horror was the spicy seafood chowder medley.

Using the medley skill, there was a low probability of terrible food being produced.

And the taste was so ‘shocking’ that neither the taste nor effect could be compared with a general survival cooking dish.  As it did not decrease the health at all, it was possible to annoy all give senses to the limit ………..

It was closer to being a biological weapon than a food.

The medley of chowder was made in such great numbers that just the sight was enough to make him tremble in fear. And the devil-like food entered Lorenzo’s mouth immediately.  Every time he ate it, Lorenzo jumped and spasmed like a fish.

A new concept of using food to torture!

“Ugh, I can’t bear to watch!”

Dedric turned his head away with a horror stricken face.

To Sid who hadn’t experienced the horrors of the food, it seemed like a joke but…….

“Stop! Please help me! I will say, I’ll talk, please I’ll speak! I’ll do anything as long as you stop it with the food!”

After he cooked the fifth food, Lorenzo screamed and surrendered.

It was the inevitable result. Just eating the food caused such a threat to his life that Ark developed the Indomitable Body skill, and to Dedric it was so horrifying that he developed speech in order to stop eating the food.

It reached a level that humans would not be able to eat.

Ark stopped the hand motions for cooking and grinned.

“So, I’m glad that you stopped fighting.”

“Now, cruel bastard……..How could someone in the guise of a human make such horrible food…….!”


“Oh, no! No, no!”

“Well, that’s it. Then let’s get to the main subject. Where’s the stuff?”

“I’ll say it again I didn’t steal anything!”

“Ah, is that so? Are you still hungry?”

Ark picked up the pot of food and Lorenzo immediately cried out in a wronged voice.

“And please wait! Really. I really didn’t. But I can guess the fellows who stole it.  It’s that guy.

“Aren’t you prevaricating?”

“Please believe me. The fact is that I was also a victim.  They robbed the General Store and now they’re trying to frame me for it. ”

“Ah, Ark-nim” Try not to believe his words.”

Sid noticed his face and interrupted.

“But the context fits.  Why would stealing things from the General Store be a problem for you? ”

“That’s actually ……..”

Lorenzo hesitated to answer Ark but eventually desperately replied.

“I’m actually… ….Wolkosu’s adopted son.”

“What?” Adopted son?”

After Lorenzo lost his parents when he was young, he lived with his uncle who managed a store in Selebrid who entrusted him to Wolkosu.

Wolkosu was not friendly in nature.

Lorenzo worked the difficult night to dawn shift and if he made a little mistake then he would be punished.

Lorenzo decided that he would become a runaway.

He began living on the streets for several years and Lorenzo became a full fledge delinquent.

Then one day, Lorenzo was caught in another gang’s dispute and accidently killed a man.  So Lorenzo became chaotic and was pursued by guards before he managed to hide to reach Wolkosu in Selebrid.

He was going to threaten Wolkosu to give him some escape funds.

However, when he was listening at the store, he overheard the cashier say something amazing.

Wolkosu asked about the people trying to extort money from Lorenzo and paid them back one by one in a month. And the fact that Lorenzo wasn’t caught by the guards during that month was also due to Wolkosu.

“I never knew.  My father … … ….He was clumsy at expressing affection. I didn’t understand that I was loved. If I knew earlier I wouldn’t have done such stupid things ……. ”

Lorenzo said with a slightly shaky voice.

Lorenzo shrugged his shoulders and left the store.

With help, he barely managed to avoid the bounty hunters and guards and came to Cairo.  He built a cabin outside Cairo to live in and swore to no longer do any bad things.  And it was long after that he came.

“Although I forgot for a while …….My dad suddenly opened a store in Cairo.  My father had never committed a crime. He obviously used the [Lie] scroll to disguise himself as a criminal and conduct business.

Lorenzo ground his teeth tightly.

Wolkosu had many reasons to set up a shop in Cairo.  Of course ……..the main one was Lorenzo.

Lorenzo wept after he realised Wolkosu’s heart.  However, once the relationship was twisted it did not come loose easily. While thinking about how hard that month must have been on Wolkosu, he didn’t even dare beg forgiveness.

“I stayed here so I wouldn’t both my father. Once when he was free he visited the store and violence occurred. I was told to get lost…….Although I wanted to beg for forgiveness……..I couldn’t bear it. After hurting him for over 10 years, was it even possible to be forgiven? I……..thought it was best for my father to abandon me.  Perhaps that’s why my father thought I stole things.  ”

“Then who stole the stuff?”

“They are subordinates of the older brother I followed in the past.”

“What?” The older brother’s subordinates? ”

“Yes, I left the organization before I realised my mistake and came here.  However, they pursued me to Cairo a while ago.  They wanted me to work for a large robbery group.  Of course I refused. Then the guys said that they wouldn’t leave my father alone if I didn’t listen.

From that, Ark found all the answers to his questions.

The reason the shop owner Wolkosu had a large order of the [Lie] scroll.  It was for his own use.

It was also the reason why Ark received the quest after he became non-chaotic. Because the shop owner did not trust criminals.  It also explained why he did not report to the NPC guard and why he warned him not to harm Lorenzo……it wasn’t necessary to speak.

‘It was really a third-rate drama scenario’

In the end, the main culprit was the boss of the group of thieves. When he thought about it anger surged immediately.

“Hukhukhuk, it was like that.  I understand.  He is like a father, although I can’t really understand.”

Sid had become too immersed and a tear slid down his face as he spoke.

Although not to the same degree, Ark also felt uncomfortable.

After Ark met the ex-convicts, his views had changed.

People in unavoidable circumstances can walk down a path of darkness.  They also have their own drama.  He shouldn’t blindly judge them for their crimes.

Lorenzo also made an effect to put his life of crime behind him and live a new life.

Although he was once a delinquent, if his older brother had listened then shouldn’t he have celebrated his new start? Instead, he decided to threaten Lorenzo’s father?

Even among NPCs, there are dirty and lousy guys.

Although not clearly shown, everything that exists in reality also exists in the game.

“Actually, I heard that after they chased me to Cairo they robbed the general store several times, including last night.  If I don’t answer within a week then I don’t know what they’ll do to my father to threaten me.  If that fellow…… ”

Lorenzo ground his back teeth together.

“So? What should be done? ”

“I can’t stand it anymore.”

“Let’s catch them and beat them up?”

“That’s not the only way.”

At that time, Sid asked in a worried voice.

“But what if they have a lot of guys?”

“Heh, it’ll happen anyway because of me.  I must live in order to negotiate.”

“Okay.” Snake, untie.”

Ark placed Snake back around his waist.

“Come on, if we’re decided then it’s better to finish this quickly.”

“What?” You surely ………? ”

Ark said in a blunt voice.

“It’s not guaranteed that you’re telling the truth.  You might just flee.  So I have to follow and confirm whether you’re telling the truth or not.  And I also promised the shop owner that I could recover his things, so I can’t just leave it in the hands of the criminals.  ”

“Ah, Ark-nim!”

Sid shouted with a thrilled face.  Lorenzo also looked at him with incredulous eyes.

‘Please do not look like that with red cheeks.  Because there was no possibility of him returning with the quest unsolved.’

On the other hand, Dedric muttered with a nasty look at Ark.

“Sheesh, there he goes again. Master’s acting again……….”

Lorenzo looked at Ark for a while before clenching his teeth.

“To say thank you …I don’t want to”

“It isn’t necessary.  I’m not helping for free”

It was at that time. Dududung, the quest information window popped up.

Quest has been updated.Shop owner Wolkosu’s distress= Remove the accusations against LorenzoYou discovered that Lorenzo was the shop owner Wolkosu’s adopted son.The events that occurred in the last fortnight at the General store are the work of his old companions trying to involve him in a bandit group.  Accompany Lorenzo to the hideaway, determine if it is the truth or a lie and recover the stolen goods (Warning, it Lorenzo dies on the way then the quest will fail).

Difficulty level: D

‘I found the correct shape’

Ark grinned and laughed.

Suddenly, there was an unexpected message.

-Andel used a [Feather of whispering] to whisper.

‘What the? Andel? ‘

Ark had a bewildered expression.

Although he had forgotten about him for a while, Ark never thought that Andel would attempt to whisper him. After contemplating for a bit, he shook his head.

If he authorized the whisper, it was easy enough to imagine the contents. In the end, he had a nasty feeling. In addition, he did not want to engage in a fight with Andel at the moment.

“Refuse whisper”

Ark lightly ignored the whisper.

At that time, Ark did not realise one simple thing.

A whisper can only reach people in the same area.

“I’ve found him. Ark! ”

A hazy smile spread at Andel’s mouth.

He had accompanied the assassins dispatched by the Assassin’s guild for the last fortnight.

After Andel joined the assassins in Selebrid, they immediately left for Giran.  Ark received the Event Quest from the Magic Institute, so he reasoned that Ark would have to return to Giran. But by that time Ark had already joined Sid so there was no reason for him to keep returning to Giran.

Thanks to that, Andel and the assassins never discovered Ark’s whereabouts.  After that, the only plan Andel could come up with after wandering around Giran was to use the [Feather of Whispering].

But it was only possible to whisper within a certain range.  In other words, it doesn’t matter if the opponent refuses the whisper, as long as the [Feather of Whispering] worked than if was proof that he wasn’t far from Ark.

And once he entered the vicinity of Cairo, the [Feather of Whispering] immediately worked.

“That guy is somewhere around here.”

At Andel’s words, the three assassins dispatched by the Dark Brother nodded.

“There aren’t a lot of villages in Brandt Mountains.  There are many places he could be.”

“OK, then let’s keep a certain distance and move using [Trace].

The assassins scattered with the scroll.

[Trace] was a scroll that can determine the location of the target if they were within a 1km radius.

Once the vicinity was confirmed, then locating Ark would only be a matter of time using the scroll.

‘Ark, it’s the end for you!’

Flames of vengeance burned in Andel’s eyes.

‘He touched the wrong person?  No matter what, I’ll return the favour.  If I can’t pass the company examination then you won’t be able to either.  I’ll catch you’re ankle and pull you down with me.  No, even if I have to spend millions of won, I’ll connect to New World again! You poor sod!’

“How many people would there be?”

“It would be six or seven people.”

Lorenzo replied in a tense voice.

After leaving Sid at the cabin, Ark and Lorenzo returned to Cairo.

The hideout of the thieves threatening Lorenzo was located deep in the alleys of Cairo  Although Lorenzo believed there were only six or seven people, the building size made it capable of hiding at least 20.

”I feel like the quest is becoming even longer………Well, it’s not that bad.’

The thieves are all inferior to Lorenzo.

Lorenzo was a level 80 rogue, while the others were down around level 60~70.  If you compared them to Ark who was 20 levels higher and had fought thieves in Giran, then it shouldn’t be that difficult.  He thought that the quest would probably be solved in 10 minutes.

‘Once the quest is complete than I can start my get rich quick scheme.’

The General Store had been robbed three times.

If so, there were quite a lot of items stolen.  He could purchase all the items at 40% off the original price.

Ark currently had 1000 gold.  The Nurunma leaves were also expected to add a large amount so he should have around 1,600 gold.  Once the quest was solved, Ark would invest his money in purchasing items.

‘They could fill Sid’s bags with all the items and leave…. ‘

In the case of a general item that isn’t a special commodity, a store would buy it for 50% of its purchase price.

However, he could sell it for 80% of its price to users who need the item. And when it is an item that couldn’t be obtained from a local store, it is possible to add more value and sell it at 120% of its purchase price.

Using simple maths, if he have 1000 gold and I buy items for 60% and sell it at 120% then there would be a profit of 600 gold.

Some conditions to receive quests could be difficult, but if done successfully then you could sell items at other cities and gain a huge benefit.

‘Huhuhu, good thing that Sid came along.’

Of course, Ark had no intention of selling the item directly.

It was a bag full of items worth 1000 gold, and he had no time to do business with other users.

He was prepared to leave the annoying part to Sid.  Even though 10~20% of the profit would be given away, he would still make more than 500 gold without wasting time.

‘Once the quest is completed then it is certain that I will make a profit.’

As soon as he arrived in Cairo, he received this excellent quest!

The only thing on his mind was Lorenzo.

If Lorenzo dies, then he would earn Wolkosu’s wrath which would make it difficult to stay in Cairo. So the point of this quest was to protect Lorenzo rather than kill the thieves.

“Lorenzo, you’re in the back.”

“Ha, but ………”

“You are not allowed to be injured.  If you’re injured here, how sad would your father be? You shouldn’t let the father who came here for you be sad. You know what I mean……even if I don’t say it?”

He was different from the Ark who threatened to kill him with food. However, thinking about profit was enough for Ark’s character to change.  Anyway Lorenzo was just a simple NPC so he blew out a sigh and nodded.

“Thank you so much. I’ll be careful.”

“Well done”

As soon as Ark received the promise, he tried to open the door.

All of a sudden, there was a flashing light and huge damage occurred.

-Using the element of surprise, you received a critical hit from the assassin’s skill.  Damage 200X3

“Huk, what, what the?” Assassination? ‘

In an instant, 600 points of his health disappeared.

Ark was surprised and instantly withdrew.

Blurry forms emerged from the surroundings.

The company had their faces hidden in black hoods like a ninja.  The first thing he thought of when he saw their features were Shambala.

The ‘ Stealth’ and ‘ Assassination ‘ skill was Shambala’s main attacks, but it wasn’t Shambala.

Shortly after, two people dressed the same appeared from both sides of the house.

The red hand stamped on the top of the hood gave off a creepy feeling.


“Mo, I don’t know. I’ve never seen such dangerous guys? ”

Lorenzo also shook his head in bewilderment.

At that time, the masked man muttered in a low voice.

“It would be impossible for that delinquent to know us.”

“What are you guys? What do you want? ”

“We’re the dark brotherhood.”

“The, the Dark Brothers! Surely you guys…..the Assassination Guild…….!”

Blood instantly drained from Lorenzo’s face.

Living in Selebrid, Lorenzo had heard rumours of the Dark Brothers.  However, Ark looked confused and still didn’t understand

“Assassination Guild? Why would the guild try to assassinate me?”

The assassin then made a derisive noise.

“Kukukuk, this fellow is still slow to understand the situation.”

“Eh? Yes, you?”

“I’m happy to see you again.  Yes, it was quite difficult trying to find you. ”


Ark muttered with a surprised voice.

The face of the assassin at the back was none other than Andel.

“Yes……..Have you recovered your senses yet?”

“The one who has to notice is you.  Did you think I would let you take pleasure from messing with me?”

“Let’s do this to the end?”

“That’s the most welcome sound I ever head. Let’s finally finish it.”

“You bastard ……!”

When Ark lifted his sword, the three assassins in front blocked it.

“What the?”

“Didn’t you hear? I hired assassins from the Dark Brother organization. ”

“When I was in Selebrid, I heard a rumour about them. They are a secret organization composed of the most elite assassins. They specialize in the murder of foreigners.  They have such excellent skills that they charge an extravagant commission fee.  What kind of grudge do you have against you……. ”

Lorenzo murmured in a small voice.

NPCs that specialize in hunting users?

What ridiculous thing is he talking about?

This unexpected problem could be quite serious. If they specialize in killing users than their levels should be quite high.  In addition, they must be armed with the professional skills for PVP.

‘Damn you, of all things this place……. ‘

Ark gave a frustrated face and the assassins suddenly attacked.

Chae Chang! Kakakak!

Ark immediately evaded and counter attacked.

If it was an ordinary monster, then considerable damaged would have been dealt.  But the assassin avoided the attack using a strange movement to step back.  And …….That was the opening bell for the fight.

“Kill him!”

The 3 assassins cleverly used a pincer attack to push Ark back.  Ark was pressed by the sword attacks coming from all directions.

“Dedric, Skull! Plan B-1! ‘

Dedric and Skull each rushed to 1 assassin. Their airborne attacks used a 7: 3 ratio of attack and defense. Meanwhile, Ark was fighting the remaining assassin 1 on 1.

They split their attack between the pets and Ark.

‘Oh my god, level 120 ……..! ‘

Ark groaned after he checked their level using Eyes of the Cat.

Ark’s current level was 90 and with the dark attribute bonus he reached level 120.  However, the assassins’ default level was 120. The assassins’ would also receive a dark attribute bonus.  In the end, he concluded that the difference was at least 10 levels.

Indeed, the assassins are the type to show off their skills.

Ark continued evading while countering the ghost sword.

However, who was Ark?

Ark was also armed with the specialized PVP skills of a Dark Walker.

Ark quickly changed his strategy and kicked out in conjunction with Snake’s poisonous attack.  He fought the assassin with an enthusiasm like he would die any minute, and the assassin soon knelt to the ground after a blow.

‘Double critical chance!’

Ark used the opportunity to narrow the distance and swung his sword.  However, a sharp metallic sound rang out and Ark was pushed back.

The other two assassins blocked his blow from either side of Ark.  His summons was unable to impede the enemies like they normally would due to their numbers. Therefore, Ark’s health went down to 50%.

” Sheesh, it’s more difficult than I thought.’

“Snake, recovery potion!”

Ark retreated a few steps and pulled out a potion.

No, as soon as he tried to drink.  The assassin quickly pulled out a scroll.  At the key moment he was about to drink the potion, a sound was heard.

Ark surfaced in front of a red warning message.

{Null recovery} scroll was activated.You can’t use any items while you’re in battle.{Duration: 30 minutes}

‘No recovery?’

The reason that he didn’t lose hope after discovering that the enemies were level 120 was because he had quite a lot of recovery potions saved.

While his opponent couldn’t drink a potion due to being bothered by Snake, Ark safely could.  When dealing with other users, this was the pattern Ark used to win.  Thanks to that, he could engage in battles with higher level users without worrying.

However, now the situation was reversed due to one scroll.

He didn’t have time to be surprised as the assassin shoved their swords at his chest.

“Huhuhu, why do you think I faced you alone? I know all the foreigner’s battle strategy already.

Meanwhile, the assassin retreated and leisurely drank a potion.  The situation continued a couple of times, with the assassins always keeping their health at 80%.  However, without the recovery potion Ark’s health decreased to 40%.

‘Damn, that bastard! ‘

Ark glared at Andel standing a distance away.

Andel did not participate in the battle. If he interrupt the battle than he would become chaotic and he didn’t see a reason for that.

Meanwhile, the assassins began to strengthen their attacks.

“Master, Master! Any more……..!”

Tadak! Tadadak!

To make matters worse, Dedric and Skull were also gasping for help.

The abilities of his summons were mid-level 40 at best.

Until now, there were two reasons that they could deal with high level monsters.

As the battle goes on, most of the monsters focus on Ark rather than his summons.  Therefore, the pets were not subjected to concentrated attacks.  And the second reason was that Ark could direct different plans depending on the circumstances.

However, the assassins were different from normal monsters.

When it was necessary, they would focus their attacks on the summons.  In addition, Ark who was being helplessly pushed back couldn’t even afford to direct his summons.  The pets who didn’t receive any support instantly reached a critical condition.

”I can’t lose the summons here! ‘

“Dedric, Skull! Plan B-4! ”

“I’m sorry. Master! ”

The situation was even worse with the summons disappearing.

The 3 assassins surrounded Ark and attacked with their swords.  Then. Lorenzo who had anxiously watched as Ark went on the defensive yelled out and rushed in.

“Hey, bastards!”

But Lorenzo couldn’t even damage the black robed assassins.  Instead, he received a sound thrashing and was soon in critical condition.

“You should’ve been quiet if you wanted to live a few more minutes.  Foolish fellow! ”

The annoyed assassin casually threw his sword at the nuisance.

‘Oh, no! ‘

The surprised Ark quickly rushed in front of Lorenzo.

Although he wielded a sword, the dirk quickly penetrated his chest.

-Critical Hit 200 Damage!

Ark stumbled as his health fell to a critical condition.

“You ……Why did you go so far………. ”

Lorenzo appeared puzzled.

There was no moral obligation or money at risk for Ark to jump in front of Lorenzo. The reason was that he hadn’t finished his quest and if Lorenzo died it would become difficult.

How could he give up a quest worth 400~600 gold when he could still salvage it?

Even if he died in this place, he would never give up gold.  Even if the situation was enough to make him anxious, Ark didn’t show it.  If he died, then to the NPC he would seem like a messenger of justice.

“I promised Wolkosu.  You can’t be injured, you have to live and somehow reconcile with your father.

“You …….!”

He looked at Ark with an impressed face.

“There’s no time to be chatting.  We have to get out of here. Follow me!”

When an assassin tried to kill Lorenzo, the situation became more serious.  Turning his body, Ark avoided the assassin and gained time for a retreat.

Then, another assassin took out a scroll and shouted.

“Scroll [Magnetic] target Ark!”

At the same time, Ark’s body experienced a huge attraction and was dragged towards the assassin.

“Ah, Ark-nim!”

“Don’t look back, run! I’ll come along soon!”

Ark resisted the pulling force with his full strength and shouted.

Lorenzo glanced at him with unsure eyes before clenching his teeth and turning away.

At that moment, Ark turned his body and rushed at the assassin.  The acceleration caused by Ark’s rush added to the effects of the [Magnetic] scroll caused the assassin and flinch and be hit.

That moment was a chance for Ark.

“The chain skill Riposte!”

Ark shouted and used the Riposte skill to deflect the attacks back at the assassins.  They turned to a solid mass and fell down.

At the same time, the strong suction disappeared.


When Ark and Lorenzo ran away, Andel raised his voice and shouted.

“What are you doing? These guys! ‘

“Ouch, who knew he would use such a technique.”

“Don’t worry though. Once the Dark Brother catches a game, they never miss.”

The assassins took out another scroll and used it.

{Trace} scroll, track the target.The location of the target can be determined if they are within a 1 km distance.{Duration: 30 minutes}
{Battle off disabled} scroll was activated.Even if the opponent is far away, the battle state isn’t released.{Duration: 30 minutes}

‘Oh my God! ‘

Ark’s face was haggard.

The talk of a professional assassin always seemed to be excessive advertisement.

Ark thought the battle state could be released which was why he ran more than 200 meters away.  So the [Null Recovery] effect could be cancelled.   Also, if he hid his body using ‘Stealth’ he would have an opportunity to sneak back and attack Andel.

However, just before he turned the corner two more scrolls were activated.

The assassin used [Trace] and [Battle off disabled]. Whether Andel knew Ark’s plan or not, the use of those two scrolls ruined it.

It means that all of Ark’s weak points were identified.

”It was a special scroll prepared in Cairo, just for him……… ‘

Sid had mentioned the effects of the special scrolls the other day. But he did not realise that it would have such an enormous effect.

It did no direct damage but if utilized well according to the situation, then it could mean the difference between winning and losing.

If there was time, he would study the effects of the scrolls more seriously but at the moment he did not want to back down.

‘When pursued by a group, it is time for some countermeasures.’

“We can’t stop it.  Let’s split up.”

“Yes?”Ha, but ………”

“Think about it, you won’t be any help to me.  And the target of their [Trace] is me.  When we scatter, they won’t chase after you.”

“But until I pay back life debt, I can’t just run away like this.”

“It’s not for you.”


“Sid remained in your cabin.  If you were to be damaged by the assassins’ attacks, there would be no one left to protect Sid as a foreigner in Cairo.  It is a request.  The only one I can trust is you.  Please protect Sid.”

“Khuk…….I understand.”

While he was conflicted, Lorenzo eventually nodded.

The fact that he wouldn’t be any help against those guys and Ark knew it too.

“As soon as possible. Go before they detect us.”

“Come back alive”

“Don’t worry.”

Ark briefly replied before running through the dark backstreets.

He was separated from Lorenzo.  If the quest fails then the worst situation was avoidable.

‘It is important to last 30 minutes’

Ark ran in an alley, thinking hard.

There was nothing Ark could do about the scroll combo he was under.  No, honestly even without the scroll, he couldn’t guarantee the odds against three assassins.

So far, the NPC thieves he had faced were classified as general monsters.  Their intelligence was quite high which made the battle more difficult, but it was nothing compared to a user.

However, if the same monster had a combat attribute than that would be a different situation.

The Sylphid Knights of Jackson was a good example of this.  Their combat method and skills was used faster than a user.  And the same goes for assassins.

In the first place, the NPC that specializes in hunting users would have superior fighting skills than the Sylphid Knights.

It was the 3 worse NPCs to fight.  In addition, there was also Andel.  He stayed back because he didn’t want to become chaotic, but if the assassins started losing than he would probably interfere.

‘No matter how much he thought about it, there was no way to win.’

However, it was also impossible to get away.

[Null recovery], [Trace], [Battle off disabled].

The scroll combo he was under meant that any method of escape was blocked.

The situation had become gloomier.

‘Damn it, that bastard Andel! If such a method wasn’t used.’

It would be easy.  If he used the same method than he had confidence that he would win.  He wouldn’t have ignored it if he was Andel. However, Ark had never even considered it.

Andel had a lot more knowledge about New World than Arc! He was also friends with Alan who had enormous funds and resources available.

If he was only dealing with one person, but Andel took advantage of the assassin game system and scrolls. So Ark was confused about how to come up with a counter attack.

‘This is why I was reluctant to associate with players………

He didn’t want to make enemies or even associate with friends.

But from the start, it went wrong and he eventually ended up in this situation.

“Over here!”

Suddenly, a black shape fell from the roof and blocked him.

The Dark Brother assassin!

Ark turned around and flinched as the other assassins fell behind and beside him.

With the [Trace] scroll tracking his movements, it was like Ark was dancing in the palms of Buddha, and the complicated maze of alleys made it easy to surround him.

‘In the end am I prepared to die? ‘

When you die, your stats drop by 6 points.  Your experience also drops 30%.  At level 90, 30% wasn’t a small amount.

He would have to hunt for 12 hours around the clock to gain back the experience.

But he was even angrier at the thought of Andel being the one to cause his death.

Of course, Andel came rushing forward to see Ark’s end.

“Kukukuk, look at this spectacle.  Even though you made an excellent gesture at the end.”

“Bah, this is your best? After this encounter I will not forgive you. Understand?  I’ll attack again and this time I’ll really strip you naked. I promise.  I’ll chase you all across the continent until you’re naked!”

“You’re a really stupid fellow.  Do you still not grasp the situation? ”


“You will be the one stripped naked, not me.  Stupid! Hey, begin.”

At Andel’s command, the 3 assassins all took out scrolls at the same time and activated it.

“[Seize] scroll. Target Ark!”

Ark looked at the scrolls on the hands of the black assassins.  A red warning message then flashed.

[{Seize} scroll activated.

When the designated target dies, there is a 50% chance that an equipped item will drop.

{Duration: 30 minutes}]

“What, what?”

Ark’s face turned white and terrified.

50% chance to drop equipped items? There was also such a scroll?

Furthermore, the same scroll was used three times.

While the scroll had a cool down, the assassins could use it repeatedly.  And there were 3 assassins.

If 3 people use it at the same time, then the effect will stack up three times.  In the end the odds of dropping equipment was 150%. While the probability never existed to this degree, it he was unlucky then he would drop 3 items at once.

Currently if he lost any of his items, it would be difficult to get them again.  In the worst case scenario, Lancel’s Sword would drop which would cost him $30

‘What’s more ………On the subject why are these NPCs recklessly using scrolls! ‘

Ark glared at them with absurd eyes but there was something Ark didn’t know.

The more powerful scrolls in battle had a value of more than 30 gold for one.  In other words, the assassins used 210 gold just on scrolls.

300 gold was used to hire the assassins and 210 gold to buy the scrolls.

All the scrolls were privately financed by Alan and Andel and then given to the assassins.

Let’s go capitalism!

Just like in reality, money was also important to the game.

“You are unlucky. You don’t know what might have happened if it was another place, but this was the lawless city of Cairo. There are no active restrictions on assassins. In addition, would you make a resurrection place before Cairo?”

“Let’s see?”

Ark coolly shot back, but inside his heart fell.

Andel seemed to guess his predicament as he smirked.

“Heh, just like a masterpiece …….! After all, there isn’t a village near Cairo.  It is impossible for you to have made anywhere else a resurrection point.  And this is a place where the guards don’t move if users are attacked.  No, here they are more hostile to normal players than chaotic players.  If you are resurrected in a non-chaotic state then you would also have to flee the town.  Well, even if you escape the town the result would still be the same.  Kik kik, are you finally seeing sense? Who will be the one stripped naked?”

Every word impaled him.

If he was in an ordinary village, there was no risk of a non-chaotic player being killed repeatedly.  However, this was the chaotic city of Cairo, where they were adverse to non-chaotic users.  That’s why they had to be careful that the resurrection place was updated.

However, Ark hid his unease and replied sarcastically.

“Do you think I’m a fool? Do you think I would renew the resurrection point at a crazy place like this? ”

“Bah, it doesn’t matter, just kill him!”

The assassins rushed at Andel’s command.

The first scroll was triggered and 15 minutes had finally passed.

The remaining time was 15 minutes, but he was still in a battle state and the assassins would not stop pursuing him.

While he was running away, it was fortunate that his health recovered to 30%.

The assassins quickly attacked Ark from three directions.

If he focused on just one of them it would be detrimental. After 1 minute he quickly fell to a critical condition.

‘I made a mistake; there is no way to beat these guys! ‘

Ark glared at Andel with cold eyes.

‘He’s convinced that I updated the resurrection place here.  When I die the most logical thing to do is stay dead.  I’m not bound for death! If just one NPC died then they wouldn’t recover quickly enough. Then I’ll hide using ‘stealth’ and run away in the meantime.’

That was the best plan at the moment.  In addition, if the fired assassin made a mistake then even Andel won’t be able to sleep easily.

‘An adventure! ‘

“Blessing of the Sea Spirit!”

When the special effects of Adelaine’s Necklace were activated, blue waves appeared and surrounded him.  At the same time, defense increased by 40% and 500 mana was restored.

At the same time, Ark opened a bag and pulled out a stack of old swords.  Andel pushed one of the assassins and rushed forward.

Take this, Blade Storm!

When he activated the skill, cracks like spider webs spread on the swords.  With an intense glare, he swung the sword at Andel.

Blessing of the Sea Spirit was followed by Blade Storm In his critical condition, Adrenaline was activated.  This is was Ark’s powerful deadly combo.

When the assassins belatedly noticed Ark’s intent, they threw a dagger.  But the 40% increase in defense meant that Ark’s health didn’t really decline.  With any luck, he would still be able to take down the level 60 Andel.

Looking at the swirling sword debris, Ark was convinced.

However, at the moment Andel lightly laughed.

He pulled out one more scroll, activated it and disappeared only to appear a few meters away.

‘What, [Warp]……….!’

The swirling blade storm disappeared into the air.  Ark’s eyes narrowed in despair.

His deadly combo which used all his energy failed because of a scroll.  For a while he was discouraged until he felt the pain.  The assassins had thrown two daggers which plunged into his back.

Ark stumbled and leaned on a railing.

He looked down and saw the mouth of the hole spread out infinitely.

It was the hell that you wouldn’t be able to survive once you fell in. Andel had chased him across Cairo right to the edge of hell.

When Andel used [warp], he rushed right to the edge of a place Ark guaranteed was hell.  If Blade Storm was used just one step closer, he would’ve stepped off the edge into hell.

No, Ark’s fate had already been decided.

“So you’re also here!”

The assassins had been throwing the dagger again.

Ark swung his sword at the daggers but one still became stuck in his shoulder.

Ark flinched and retreated while a number of thoughts crossed his mind.

”There is no way for me to survive in this state anyway! ‘

And if he died and dropped an item then it would end up in Andel’s hands.  Even if he didn’t want to die it couldn’t be helped.

‘I’d rather have the items lost forever than end up with Andel! ‘

Ark ground his teeth together and asked.

Even if he withstood it, there is a 100% chance he’ll die.  However, what if he fell into hell? It’s clear that he was going to die. But at least it wouldn’t be because of Andel. The items dropped also wouldn’t end up with Andel And maybe even ………

There may be a possibility of 0.01%.

There was no choice.

Ark immediately turned and jumped on the railing.

Daggers just barely missed his neck as he fell and also flew overhead.  And at his feet spread an endless abyss…….!

ACT 8 At the End of Hell

‘……..What now? ‘

He fell at an enormous speed through a dark space.

It felt like he was being drawn somewhere.  He couldn’t even fathom how long he had been falling or how much further there was to fall. However, one thing is certain. The longer it took to reach the bottom, the more the damage would exponentially increase.  If the flow did not appear within a few minutes………

‘My remaining health was 150, even if I use the Racial Special Skill of the Cat Knight, I would still die. ‘But after that was the problem.

The hell was in the Cairo region, but he didn’t know if the depths exceeded 1 kilometre or it the effects of the scrolls had disappeared.

However, the [Seize] scroll used just before falling didn’t designate an area or distance limitation.

If he died, then he must be prepared to lose 1~2 of his equipped items.

It would be a fatal blow.  But that wasn’t really the issue he was worried about.


He had not considered his spirit.

Andel hired assassin with a few hundred gold.  He also came forward and chased after Ark directly.

He gave up on questing and levelling up.

His intention to become the best in New World had changed to getting revenge on Ark.

‘As long as he is convinced that my resurrection place is Cairo then he would guard it even for the few days until I revive. ‘

Andel was such a person.  He wouldn’t be able to sleep and guard the resurrection point 24 hours a day. But when the assassins also guarded in shifts then there would be no gaps for Ark to revive.

Eventually Ark would have to log in or lose access to his items and there was a high probability that he would be PKed.

The NPCs in the lawless city of Cairo won’t lift a finger to help users.

In this situation, rules don’t exist.

‘Am I really going to end up like this?’

When he thought about it, his chest fluttered uneasily.

It is nonsense. How far have I raised Ark?

Am I really not going to be able to play the game anymore because of Andel?

New World might just be a game, but to Ark it was his reality and life.  Ark was able to eat rice every day and pay for his mother’s medical bills thanks to New World.

‘I just found it.  I desperately found it.  A way that I could live.  And a place I want to live.  I can’t give up. I would never give it up just because of Andel’

He made up his mind about what he wanted to do.

He had to show his guts.

Because that was the only thing Ark had.

‘I have to live! To protect yourself from Andel, you have no choice but to live, think Ark! Think of ways to survive! It’s not real.  Nothing is impossible in New World.  If you don’t give up then there must be a way to survive! ‘

Ark desperately rolled his head.

Meanwhile, Ark had been falling and could finally see the ground.

He was approaching pillars that rose from the ground. At the bottom of the hell, there appeared to be some monster fangs.

A spark suddenly occurred in Ark’s mind.

‘Hell’s fangs! Ok, maybe …….! ‘

Ark struggled to maintain his posture in thin air.

And he clenched his sword and concentrated with both eyes.

‘The chances are only fleeting! If I’m 0.1 seconds too late or early then I’m screwed! ‘

The sight of the ground where he could hit his head felt even more terrifying.  His body would break like a tomato unless he had the right timing.  However, Ark clenched his teeth together and opened his eyes wider.  And just as the bottom approached!


Ka ka ka kak! Jja Jjang!

With his full power, Ark swung his sword.

He pushed at the stone pillar with his sword.

At the moment, all his power was concentrated on Ark’s arm and shoulders.  Checking the distance of the stone pillar approaching at high speed wasn’t much different from an offensive from an enemy.  When he struck with Riposte, he gambled that a counterattack would occur.

The special effect of Riposte was to push the opponent back 10 meters, but if opponent was too strong than the shock would be returned to Ark.  Using Einstein’s principle of relativity the results were easily predicted.


Ark’s body stopped in the air, as the brakes were jammed.

At the same time, the damage caused by the fall was annulled for the moment.

Ark didn’t miss the opportunity and kicked the stone pillar with his foot.  And using the elasticity of his body, he avoided the stone pillar and broke his fall.

A violent impact shook his shoulders and back.

-Cat Knight’s ability to alleviate the damage of falling by as much as 50%.Using your flexibility, the damage of the fall was reduced by 30%.

‘It’s a success! ‘

Ark teared up at the sight of the message.

It was worth every moment he spent fighting thieves and levelling up Riposte until he formed blisters on his hand.  It was a desperate moment where he only had 0.1 second to use Riposte before being smashed into a stone pillar.  Using the special ability of the Cat Knight, he only received 50 damage.

It was worth it to dig up this heroic achievement!

However, before he could celebrate a red light appeared in succession.

-You were attacked by Blood Sucking Leeches 5 damage!

“What, what the?”

Ark said in surprise.

In the area surrounding Ark were red fist-sized leeches. Some of them were already attached to his body and sucking blood.

Using his sword, Ark was able to kill three or four of them but more took their place.

In an instant, his health was sucked out until he only had 30 left.

“Damn it! Did I survive all that just to be killed by leeches? Spirit of the Cat!


Ark’s pupils’ glowed gold as the form of a large black cat appeared.

He revealed sharp fangs and he stared at them and the leeches instantly stiffened.  All the gnawing leeches sucking his blood also stiffened and fell off.

The floor was covered with leeches.

The Spirit of the Cat caused paralysis which lasts for 1 minute!

‘1 minute to kill all the leeches.  And his skills used mana. I only have 30 health left which means I’m screwed once the paralysis wears off.  I have to get out of here for the time being’

Ark used Eyes of the Cat to search for a way out.

Then Ark saw a dark hole which could barely fit one person on the side of the room.  There was no line.  Ark stepped on leeches as he headed towards the hole.  Fortunately, the leeches didn’t chase after him.

Ark entered the whole and looked for a little more space.  The hole was longer than he thought.

He crawled along the whole for a couple of minutes before his arms slipped.  Like a slide at a swimming pool, the floor suddenly sloped and dropped somewhere.

Suddenly a message window appeared in front of Ark.

“Ah, huh?”

Hell’s Underground LabyrinthYou’ve discovered the underground labyrinth that emits a terrible odour in the depths of Cairo.Perhaps this labyrinth has existed even before Cairo was built.It is unclear what the purpose for building it was.  But as it was underneath Cairo, all the filth and corpses naturally entered the labyrinthDue to all the filth dumped from Cairo, the labyrinth changed to a stench filled one capable of covering a further deformity
-You have found an undiscovered dungeon. When you register with the Hall of Fame, you can gain 1000 experience and 70 Fame. Would you like to register?

“The [Trace] scroll has stopped reacting.”


“That guy was stronger than I thought.”

The assassins flocked to the edge of the abyss.

It was hard to even fathom the depth to the bottom of the hell.  Once you fall there was a 100% chance of dying. No, even if he survived there was no way of getting back up.  He would have no choice but to die and resurrect…….

“He fell into the hell so that it wouldn’t be possible to pick up his equipment.”

“I don’t care about that. It is trivial because he was dressed shabbily and his items wasn’t worth spending all that gold on scrolls.  I just wanted to make that guy a beggar. ”

“Well, then I don’t care ……For the time being, is it done?”

“Not yet”

Andel said with a cool smile.

“This is just the beginning. When I think of that fellow, it isn’t possible to just leave it like this.  That fellow has to pay me back for everything.  Even when he is stripped naked and all his stats reduced to zero! I’ll kill him a hundred times more.

Andel said forcefully as he turned around.

“It is certain that he will return to Cairo.  Because I expect you to guard the resurrection point, you won’t be able to return immediately.  But he is a candidate so he might not connect for a while.  From now on, be patient. That noob also did it to me for several days….Even if it takes several months, we have to kill and kill again until he finally loses access.

Andel led the assassins towards the quartermaster.

A person’s grudge was a scary thing.

“Refuse registration.”

Ark naturally rose to his feet.

Andel would be looking for him for payback.

There was no reason to do foolish things for information.

‘The bottom of the hell was connected to a dungeon……… ‘

Ark removed the filth from his body and looked around.  The complex pathway was made of dark brown bricks intricately linked together.  Hell’s underground labyrinth was its original name but it was now the sewage system for Cairo.  Rotten water reached the ankle and a bad stench wafted from the mountains of filth scattered all over.  It was a situation that was horrible for the eyes and the nose.

The realistic scenario meant he actually had to think about it.

‘Okay, what now … … .. ‘

Of course, the most urgent problem was to recover his health from its current state of 30 points.  Ark made food and thought for a while as it recovered his health.

For the time being, he had survived.  The worst situation where he wouldn’t be able to connect to the game anymore was avoided.  However, it was too early to rejoice due to the ambiguous situation.

The first time he came to Cairo and saw the information about the hell, it said that there was no record of anyone escaping the hell after they fell in.

However, Ark thought positively.

‘To be more precise, the place I am now is not the hell.

It is a hidden Dungeon. There wouldn’t be a dungeon with no exit.  Yes, for the time being I’ll secure an exit.’

He’ll look for a way out to get revenge on Andel and then explore the dungeon …….either way his first priority was to secure his own safety.

Now, ‘not dying’ is the most important thing.

‘The fact that it is a labyrinth dungeon means that it would definitely contain monsters.’

“Summon Demon, Dedric!”

As soon as his spiritual power was restored, he summoned Dedric.

A dim light shone and Dedric appeared with his nose crinkled and frowned.

“Phew, master. You’re alive. Ugh, this place is……..? ”

“The situation is like this.  Anyway, it is urgent to find the exit from here.  Please navigate around and search for it. Also notify me immediately if monsters appear.”

“Kuu……..Seems to be going by the nose.  I got it.”

Dedric chose a path and flew along it.

But Dedric returned 2 minutes later and shook his head.

“There is no visible exit around here.  And the terrain is too complex for me to find my way back. ”

“Any monsters?”

“Not that I sae”

“Really? Strange. There should be some……..”


Ark had taken one step forward down a passage.  When suddenly something popped out of the ground under him and grabbed his ankles.

“What, what the?”

Ark flinched and looked down at the water where rotten hands were holding his ankle.  Ark swung his sword and hastily stepped back.

It was then that an audible noise was heard.

It was a sleeping monster made of bones that gradually raised its’ body.  The rotting flesh was attached to the bones of the monster………where there was nothing there before, there was now 6 monsters surrounding Ark.

‘Polluted skeleton?’

It was level 110!

Dalgurak, ttadadak, dalgeurak!

The heads of the six skeletons turned around and focused on Ark.  After a moment, flame spewed from their eyes as a defense mechanism as they rushed at him with a rusted long sword.

“Oh damn! Snake, nerve paralysis poison! ”

Ssak ssak ssak!

Ark wielded his sword and twisted it.

Five skeletons instantly met a critical hit and were pushed back.  However, the skeletons weren’t paralyzed.

Their flesh was rotting off the bone.  Of course there wouldn’t be nerves to paralyze.  Furthermore, the Polluted Skeletons were skeletons who had been transformed by pollutants.

The beginner’s deadly poison that Snake produces is just like water to them.

Rather, the poisonous effect restored health.

‘Poison absorption characteristic? Why do I meet monsters immune to poison at this time? ‘

However, that was not the end of the problem.

-You received a blow from the Polluted Skeleton.  130 damage!

‘Tetanus’ Reaction is slowed and you will receive 10 damage every 5 seconds for 1 minute.

All of the skeletons wielded their weapons.

He was unlucky.  There were all kinds of germs in their dirty swords, which meant there was a high probability of getting tetanus.

Tetanus stunned the body and made it heavier.  This made it difficult to evade the attacks of the skeleton however that wasn’t the only thing.

‘……..So far, I have only been relying on poison? ‘

After he received the serpent poison skill, it certainly made battles easier.

He could use the poison in combination with kicks since most opponents were stunned.

In particular, Ark frequently used the poison nerve paralysis. It was a poison which paralyses the arm and legs and made it easier to disable an opponent quickly.  Therefore, Ark had unknowingly relied on it during battle to slow the monsters.

That was one of the reasons he wasn’t able to respond to the movements of the assassins.  Professional assassins would have immunity to most of the racial special skills held by users.

He used the combo skill of Sword-Hand combat with Riposte.  The success rate of the same poison was also quite low.

‘Yes, I’ve been far too complacent.  I’ve relied too much on those skills.  It made the battle easier but lowered his actual battle skills.  Skills such as Eyes of the Cat and poison are important, but honing the basic skills is also important in fighting enemies.  I’ll focus on my Sword-Hand combat skill! ‘

Yes, that is the basis of the game.

Warriors Sword Mastery, Magicians magic and Archer’s archery……..The most important thing to fully hone your skills is to properly utilize the jobs primary weapon! In Ark’s case, that consisted of Sword-Hand combat.

‘Wake up Ark! Now is not the time to let your attention wander!’

His aim was to take revenge with the enemies blade appears. It was something he knew as a novice.  You don’t know when something basic could be useful.

‘I’m not playing around!’

Ark bit his lips so tightly that it started bleeding.

The brain moves the body.

It is natural for the movement to change when the mind changes!

If you don’t have a resolute mind then your reactions are slower, but when your mind is resolute then change quickly occurs.  It was disrespectful to say that a battle doesn’t rely on your mind.

‘If the opponent is open then you have to figure out the flow of the battlefield!’

Ark quickly widened his view of the battlefield.

Now he had to tackle the skeleton wielding a sword and looked at the movements of the skeletons with skin.

“Dedric, the rear! Plan D-2! ”

Dedric flew to the rear of the skeletons while Ark quickly attacked.

Ark went forward without looking back and forth.

The skeleton wielded his sword.  Ark instantly twisted and shoved his sword in the lower back.

Counter attack!

The skeleton stepped back shocked.

Then two skeletons wielding swords attacked from both sides.

Ark had already identified their movements and expected the attack.  Ark lowered his body to the ground and did a sweeping low kick.

The low kick was not a technique seen in normal taekwondo moves.

Ark saw the move in a Martial Arts film and integrated it into his kicks.

The skeletons were hit by the kick and fell down.

They were light because they were only bones and collapsed easily. He then kicked the skeletons until they were disassembled piece by piece.

‘That’s three of them killed! ‘

Ark turned to find his next opponent.

Ttadak, ttadadadak, tadadak!

“What, what the?”

The many bones began to get stuck together like a magnet.  Minus the broken and cracked bones, the others joined together until they formed perfect skeletons.

Their vitality was also 100%. It was an unexpected situation.

‘Sheesh, it’s not enough to knock them apart, I have to destroy all their bones?’

Ark swung his sword again.

However, unlike before it was meaningless to attack the gaps in the bones. He focused each blow on a single region in order to destroy it.  So he could avoid having the skeleton’s body reassembled again.

Thanks to that, the battle lengthened considerably.  But after he used his Spiritual Power to summon skull and distribute the attacks, it took around 15 minutes to destroy all the skeletons.

After they finally finished off the skeletons with the help of Skull, Dedric shook his head.

“It’s tragic……a quarrel within the same family.”

Ttak ttak ttak!

Skull chewed on a shattered bone.

Although the battle ended safely, Ark couldn’t feel relieved.

‘This dungeon …The degree of difficulty is higher than I thought’

The level of the skeletons was 110, but Ark was around 120 thanks to the dark attribute bonus.

If he was just dealing with six skeletons then there were no significant problems.  However, no matter how insignificant the opponent there was still a possibility of death.  Additionally, if he was hit once then he would also receive tetanus.  But was that all? If he got distracted even for a short time, then the skeletons would reassemble and his health would fall until he was in a critical condition.

‘Although he won against six skeletons, against eight he couldn’t be sure of his chances.’

That was the problem.

In the other dungeons, he could use Dedric to scout the place first and if it was too dangerous then he could avoid it.  However, these guys suddenly appeared from the ground to grab his ankles. That means he wouldn’t know their number until they appear.

‘I don’t know when I would be attacked by surprise so managing my health is the most critical thing.  And I have to move as carefully as possible so that the skeletons don’t react.  If a skeleton appears to fight, I’ll just retreat.’

Ark grabbed the items from the skeletons and carefully walked forward step by step.  How far did he walk? Just as he turned the corner, his foot sank and he fell into the water.  He was sucked in by this huge force and dragged somewhere else.

‘This is, what is this? ‘

A message floated in front of the confused Ark.

You fell into the wormhole.Hell’s underground labyrinth is complicated like a spider web with wormholes everywhere.  If you fall into one you will be taken by force to another location


A sound was made as Ark forcefully stopped next to a drain.

He raised his body and looked around.  However, the place was completely different from the area he was in before. Suddenly he heard Dedric’s voice in his ear.

“Ma……..Master? How ……..? Where …..? ”

“Dedric! Are you alright?”

“Master…….you’re alive! All of a sudden ….surprisingly disappeared.”

Ark was spiritually connected to Dedric so they could communicate within a fixed distance. However the distance must be quite fair, since the reception was falling.

“You don’t know where I am?”

“……..I don’t know, I guess….No”

I understand.”

Ark sighed and cancelled Dedric and Skull’s summoning.  However, his spiritual power hadn’t recovered enough to summon them again.  So he was there without any summons and he had to wait until his spiritual power recovered.

“Damn, who knew this dungeon had such dangerous and complex wormholes? This damn dungeon……. ”

Ark started grumbling.

Suddenly something fell with a patter over his shoulder.

Ark moved his hand where sticky mucus was stuck.

“What is this? Ugh! Is it filth? In some ways, I feel really bad……..Huk! ”

Ark raised his eyes and let out a muffled scream without thinking.

On the ceiling was a giant gelatinous mass of objects.  Viscous slime fell and the translucent monster moved its body! Ark had no time to move as the gaze of the monster turned to him and a red light flashed.

-You have suffered damage from the acidic digestive juices of the Polluted Poison Slime.  50 damage!

“S, slime?”

The scream did not come from his mouth.

The slime completely surrounded Ark and covered his nose and mouth.  Every time, it did crazy damage and his health rapidly decreased.

Ark frantically struggled and pushed at the slime until he managed to escape.  He turned and saw the passageway blocked by the giant wriggling slime body.

The Polluted Slime was level 130.

“Slime?” That’s a slime? ‘

Ark of course knew about slimes.

It was a monster that was often seen in the early stages of most online games. But the slimes that Ark knew weren’t this ugly.  They were plump and fluffy……. you know?

It was more like a mascot that receives the users’ love than a mascot.  However, the slime in front of him was something that no user would be interested in.  It wasn’t cute and the stench was enough to make him feel sick.

Meanwhile, it extended its body and wrapped one piece around Ark’s arm. Red light flashed and acid damage occurred.

The blow only did 50 damage, but his health was being steadily drained.  The acid properties also damaged the durability of his equipment as well as his health. Ark caught and removed the slime form his arm.

‘The whole body is the digestive system? Then quickly!’

Ark swung his sword like lightning.

And then………….. Slippery!

-Your attack missed!

The sword was impractical to attack the slime and it just slipped off its body.

Confused, Ark stepped backwards and used Eyes of the Cat.  Then a red point pointed to the centre of the slime’s body.  If he had not seen it, he wouldn’t have known there was a shape like an eyeball there.

‘That is probably the nucleus of the slime.’

Physical attacks would do nothing unless he hit the nucleus. Ark had hunted monsters with the same characteristics on the seabed underwater.  It was the jelly fish that wielded a large number of tentacles!

Like the slime, it also received little damage until he attacked the mouth of the jellyfish, and then large damage occurred.

‘But the slime was huge enough to fill the drain pipe.  How would my sword even reach the nucleus in the centre? ‘

It sprayed mucus at him and Ark avoiding it while swearing.

Physical damage doesn’t work because it was immune to normal attacks. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a difficult opponent if he was a magician.

‘Is there a way to get rid of that mucous? ‘

That is the key!

A certain skill flashed through Ark’s head.

‘Yes, that’s the technique ……..! ‘

“Snake, the most useless sword!”

Snake spat out the sword of Schnauzer and Ark grabbed it.

“Blade Storm!”

Arc used blade storm to destroy the sword and a devastating storm developed from its debris.

As expected, all the fragments bounced off the slime.

But Ark’s target wasn’t the damage from the debris.  The fragments created a powerful vortex!

When the tremendous pressure exerted itself on the mucous, the slime became smaller and thinner because of the pressure.

The distance remaining between the nucleus was just 30cm!

It was enough for him to drive his sword through!

“Take this, Dark blade!”

Ark shot forward like an arrow and used Dark Blade.

The sword penetrated the nucleus of the slime.  In an instant, 60% of its health was gone.  And the slime trembled and the mucous thickened again.  However, Ark could gather more mana by turning off anything he didn’t need.  Once again, he used the Blade Storm and Dark Blade combo to shave off the remaining health of the slime.

Kkuooooo! Peppeng!

A huge amount of slime exploded all over the place.

Thanks to that his body was covered in slime, but it did no further damage to him.

-Your level has risen.

“I did it!”

Ark blew out a sigh and sat with a flop.

The slime that was occupying the passage disappeared and Ark was finally able to look around properly.

The wormhole led him to a completely different place. Before the wormhole, the passage was made of broken bricks but this place was full of tree roots.

Ark recovered his stamina and moved along the path.

After walking a few minutes, he came across a rusty iron door.

‘Is it the exit? ‘

Ark ran to the iron doors.

But no matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t see a keyhole or door handle.

‘Is it a dead end?’

Ark turned with a disappointed face.

But his fingers touched a rusted part which got stuck and once he pulled it away, a section of unevenness crumbled.  When he turned back again, it seemed like some designs were carved underneath the rust.

Just in case, he shook off the rest of the rust.

Ark narrowed his eyes at the pattern that was being gradually revealed.

‘ Ara? This pattern is from the other day …….Oh, that’s right! ‘

The design in which 3 triangles are overlapped!

Ark had seen the same design last time. It was the pattern that the Elder Meow Hassan showed him.  It was the time when the Meow still traded. They were the residents who lived in the Underground World. He had forgotten about it because couldn’t believe the symbol was here of all places!

Ark busily moved his hand until all the rust was gone.

There were small letters carved to reveal a sentence.

It was carved in unintelligible characters.  However, Ark knew how to decipher such characters.

When he touched the characters, a pale light was emitted from his hand and the contents were deciphered right in front of him.

This place was sealed in accordance with the ancient vow.

Those who don’t know this place can’t enter.

A person with purpose could wake me up.

A person who makes the pilgrimage here with pride and speaks my name with respect will be able to cross……….

‘Entrance to the Underground World’ was discoveredYou have discovered information hidden in an Ancient Relic. You’ve found the entrance to the Underground World hidden in the dark and gloomy labyrinth of the underground hell. However, the entrance is firmly locked by an ancient vow.The terms of the Covenant states that to pass you need wisdom and humble pride. You need to find a way through the doors using clues hidden in the underground labyrinth.Information on the ancient relic ‘Entrance to the Underground World’ is acquired.

{Knowledge of Ancient Relics +15, Intelligence +5 and Fame increases by 30}

‘The Entrance to the Underground World………..!’

He felt like he had been hit in the back of the head.

In fact, Ark hadn’t guessed that the Underground World wouldn’t be that far from Giran.  According to Hassan, the agent representing the residents of the underground world came from the north-west.

The Meow’s temple and shrine was also in the north-west.

Furthermore, the residents of the underground world had traded with numerous commercial cities, that there would surely be problems living near a large commercial city like Giran. However, the entrance exists in the Brandt Mountains underneath Cairo.

‘Come to think of it……’

Suddenly he remembered the name of the place where he fell.

Hell’s underground labyrinth. Hell is the word for abyss in Buddhist terminology. In general, however it could also mean a subterranean world.

Apparently, the word hell itself was a clue for the underground world. It was a pretty ridiculous hint.

‘I found the entrance while under the condition of not being able to die.’

Thus Ark’s purpose became clear.

If a person fell into the hell and died then they would just revive. However, Ark was worried that there wouldn’t be an exit. However, if the entrance leads to another world then even a child couldn’t mistake it.

The inhabitants of the underground world used to participate in trade.

In other words, there was a way for them to go outside. It is unknown if there is an exit in the underground labyrinth, but it is pretty clear that an exit exists somewhere in the other world. If he entered the underground world then all his problems would be solved for the time being!

‘And besides, there might be the second piece of the Three Marvels in the underground world! ‘

Ark’s eyes lit up.

Finding the Three Marvels was important to Ark.

The Three Marvels was the source of a Dark Walker’s power. He would get another skill and ability just like when he previously found the sculpture.

If that happened, his abilities would increase by leaps and bounds.

It now became even more urgent for Ark.

Andel was still waiting for him at the resurrection point in Cairo.  At the moment, the circumstances meant that he had to hide but if he found the piece of the Three Marvels then that situation would change.  In some cases, it may be possible for him to not only escape the crisis but also gain revenge.

‘No, I will certainly get revenge.  This is the place where I chose to live. I’m not playing the game for fun unlike you. I’ll make him think twice about touching me!’

That argument motivated him to survive even more.

Ark earnestly began exploring the dungeon.

However, Hell’s underground labyrinth was truly complicated and deserved the name labyrinth. Not only did it have complicated stairs leading to the 2nd floor, but the 3rd floor seemed like it was stuck in a three dimensional puzzle. It was not easy to remember the path after he passed it once.

Then Ark remembered a forgotten skill.

‘I didn’t realise that it would be this useful.’

Ark had learnt new cartography skills.

Using the cartography skills he learnt in the past from Hanson, the dungeon was automatically recorded. Thanks to checking the map, Ark slowly explored the geography of the dungeon. Of course, exploring a dungeon was not a relaxing situation.

Ttadak, ttadadak!

If he was even a little bit careless then skeletons would attack. They could be as little as four or as many as ten!

Thanks to that, every time Ark finished a battle he had to cook some dishes and eat.

It was fortunate that he was able to avoid the big slime through reconnaissance.

The slime gave a large amount of experience, but if he did not use blade storm than there was no way for him to win. This meant that every time he fought he consumed two swords. However, there was no reason to fight and waste his two bags of japtem. There were tricks that he used to make hunting a full day in the labyrinth easier. If he met a slime or was surrounded by more the seven skeletons, Ark would quickly escape through a nearby wormhole.

The labyrinth had invisible wormholes laid all over the place.

Once he used a wormhole, the position would automatically be updated on the map and he could take advantage of it to use [Warp], just like a scroll.

It was the way that he wanted to live, so the maze was a quite useful hunting ground. The skeletons gave large experience and the item drop rate was also high.

In addition, the labyrinth was the waste disposal site for Cairo. So the labyrinth had piles of junk scattered all over the place, just like Gallic’s stomach.

Sometimes a useable item would appear.

Although in quite a few cases, if it went ‘boom’ then poison gas would spread but ……..

‘Aside from the stench, this wouldn’t be a bad place to live.’

No, it wasn’t bad. It was actually rather good

However, Ark’s purpose was not to level up or gain items.  It was to find out how to enter the underground world.

However, he had explored 70% of the dungeon and he still had no clue on how to enter the underground world.

It was recorded that the clue to solve the riddle was hidden in the dungeon, but he had looked around and the clue wasn’t visible.

‘It is a big deal.  I’m beginning to feel the limits…… ‘

Ark looked at his bag with a worried expression.

After fighting with the skeletons, he always ends up with low health. Of course every time he finished he ate food but the ingredients were starting to run out.

In the first place he used many of the ingredients to make too much food for the ex-convicts, so he didn’t have that much remaining.

Of course, even the labyrinth contained ingredients. However, the only things available in the filth infested labyrinth were the skeleton bones and random slime. He had tested it and none of the food Ark made could be eaten.

That wasn’t the only problem.

The item drop rate was high, which meant that it used up a lot of bag space. He had only spent 24 hours in the maze.

Ark’s bag was full and although he equipped Snake’s Item storage skill, 90% of that inventory was filled with items from other regions.

‘Setting aside items, food was one of the highest priorities.  If I run out of food then there is a high possibility that I will die’

Ark sighed in frustration and looked at a small hole in the ground.

It was a drain found in the middle of the maze.

The fact that water did not fill up the maze was due to these multiple drains. If so, perhaps it was linked to the outside. However, their diameter was 10cm at the most so he couldn’t even get his head through.

‘It is even impossible for a Hobbit to exit using this.’

Ark was getting up when he froze.

Suddenly a brilliant idea popped into his head.

‘Oh, yes! That way …….It might be possible! ‘

ACT 9 Mystery of the Labyrinth

After Ark fell into the hell, the night and day had changed four times.  In reality, that would be over 32 hours.

In the meantime, Andel and the assassins did not leave the resurrection place.

In some cases chaotic players who revived there sent them strange looks, but Andel did not pay them any attention.

Nevertheless, Andel quite enjoyed those times.

“That bastard Ark finally revealed that he is just a coward. He should be quite irritated by now? If a candidate was unable to connect for more than a day…….they would connect and check out the situation. But it is impossible.  Once you caught my eye, you’re dead.”

However, Andel was only human and he wouldn’t risk his life for revenge.  When it was time to eat a meal he ate and slept.

After a satisfying 40 hours, Andel eventually logged out of his unit and stretched while yawning.

“I’m not going to be here for a day. Okay?”

“Of course.”

Next to him the assassin nodded.

The assassins were camped in front of the quartermaster and were alternating between sleeping and guarding.  At one time there were always two people awake, so it would be no problem if Ark suddenly revived.

“Usually the request is only for a month, but if you request it then we will guard this place for a year until it is complete.”

“Okay, I’ll believe you.”

Andel gave a satisfied look and cut the connection.

“When I see the technology of the foreigners, it sure is weird.”

An assassin muttered as Andel disappeared from sight.

However, NPCs can’t really worry. The system does not allow for curiosity in the NPC.

After Andel disappeared, the assassins went back to staring at the resurrection point.

Gawking gawking

At that time, there were people staring from the woods.

He carefully looked at the assassins before running through the forest.

The small feet squeezed his body between tall trees as he looked back. He looked around restlessly and repeated the pattern.

It was like a breathtaking (?) scene from a spy movie as he arrived at the cabin on the hill.

“Whoa, a broke into a sweat at what I found.”

After he entered the cabin, the small figure took off his hood.

The visage of the small figure was that of the hobbit, Sid.

During the time that Ark was falling into the hell, Lorenzo fled to the cabin unharmed.

After explaining the situation to Sid, they were waiting for Ark to contact them at the cabin.

The anxious Lorenzo quickly approached.

“So? Do you have any news about older brother?”

Ark had gone with Lorenzo to kill the thieves and had protected him when the assassin threw a dagger at Lorenzo.  Of course, it was because of the quest.

However, as a NPC Lorenzo was naive and felt that he owed a considerable debt to Ark.

Since that day, Lorenzo had referred to Ark as his older brother.

Sid shook his head with a dark countenance.

“Not yet. No one has seen Ark in Cairo.”

“After retreating, did he get defeated by those guys?”

“Well I think so.”

“Damn! Because of me…….!”

Lorenzo exploded with rage as he hit the desk.  He suddenly asked.

“But they’re using a strange technique.  After a serious injury they could teleport to the Quartermaster. As older brother is a foreigner would he also be able to do that?”

“That’s the problem…….”

Sid replied ambiguously with a pained face.

Andel and the assassins were waiting for Ark at the resurrection place.

That meant that Ark was certainly dead.

It was impossible to wait at the Quartermaster for a person who wasn’t dead.  Perhaps Ark did not revive because he guessed such a situation.

‘He was called Andel? I don’t know what the relationship is between him and Ark-nim but it must be bad. It was such that he even waited at the resurrection point. Does that mean he will quit the game?’

Sid couldn’t tell if Ark had done the same thing to Andel.

In any case, their interaction wasn’t very good.

With Andel and the assassins guarding the quartermaster, Ark couldn’t even connect to the game.  And Sid had no way of knowing how long it would last.

‘I wish I had Ark’s phone number so it would be a little better…….’

Sid sighed in frustration.

Thump, thump, thump!

Suddenly sounds were heard from the door, banging into something.

The surprised Sid and Lorenzo exchanged nervous glances.

‘Is it them? Did those guys follow us back here?’

Lorenzo who imagined the worst approached the door and lifted his sword.

“I can’t do it.  Sid please escape to the back door while I try to block them.

“Ha, but ………”

“There’s no time to argue. Listen to what I have to say? I owe my life to big brother. He asked me for a favour and I don’t want to break it. Because I care about the fellow, please hurry while I buy time.”

Lorenzo spoke in a low voice during the touching scene.

All of a sudden, an object entered through the bottom of the door. It was a shadow that was creeping forward. Lorenzo quickly raised his sword while Sid raised his hands and shouted.

“Wait! It……..! ”

Saek saek saek!

At the sight of the object, Sid lifted his voice in welcome.  It was the surprisingly long tongue of Ark’s belt…….No, it was a snake.

Lorenzo looked at Sid, embarrassed.

“What, what! This snake is?”

“It’s not just a snake. This snake is Ark’s pet.”

“What?” Older brother’s? In addition to the bat and skull?”

“Yes! And if this snake is back…..that mean Ark-nim is out there!”

Sid hugged the snake.

Snake expressed his happiness by twining around Sid’s body- but the hobbit was too short- and climbed on top of the table. And he started vomiting out items from his mouth.

After a long time.  Items were stacked on top of the table.

Snake began squirming his body and making a weird shape.

What is it doing? Sid stared blankly before he realised.

“It’s a letter! It must be a message from Ark-nim!”

Sid took out a piece of paper and pen and wrote down what the snake produced.

For Sid.

Sid. I am alive for the time being.

Due to the circumstance, for the time being I won’t be able to go there. So I will send Snake on my behalf in the future.

Snake will give you items to organize and please send any required items to me through Snake.

I need food and potions from the store and well as repair boxes.

Also please send paper and a pen.

“……So I have to organize the items and sell the japtem …….As expected from Ark-nim……!”

Sid muttered with a tired expression.

Then. That was the solution that Ark came up with for his worries about japtem.

Ark finally found an exit through a small drain that led to the outside.

It was 10cm in diameter, and although many snakes wouldn’t be able to pass through Ark had an insane idea.  Therefore he placed all the items he needed to sell in Snake and sent it to the cabin where Sid was hiding with Lorenzo.

“Anyway that’s it.  It’s all done.  If Ark-nim is alive then you don’t have to worry about assassins for the time being.  Bah, morons. So even if it takes a while wait for me there……. ”

Sid collected the items from Snake while he was moved to tears and had to wipe his runny nose.

Then he put the hood back on and sneaked into Cairo using the [Lie] scroll.  He organized the japtem and came back with Ark’s required items which Snake swallowed.

“Snake, be careful!”

Ssak ssak ssak!

Snake nodded and with eyes filled with duty, crawled to the ground.

“Park So-mi ssi”


Hyun-woo requested after being asked by the reception.  He was approached by the staff who extended a statement

“This is the full 5,210,000 won. Would you like to pay it with a card? ”

“Eh, 5,210,000 won?”

Ark asked again with a surprised expression.

“Up until last month, it was just over 4,500,000 won?”

“The expenses went up a little this month. Didn’t you see the letter of information?”

The staff held out the letter of information.

He read the list that the hospital typed that showed the treatment for each patient.

But the bottom line was that the hospital bills were raised due to inflation.  Finally, the hospital was also succumbing to the inflation surge.

In fact, the talk about raising hospital bills occurred a few months ago.

However, public opinion had been blocking it.

‘The dangers of health care privatization are revealed.’

”Is the patient sealed to a chair? ‘

A current events program was broadcasted every day, and the parent organizations for the opposition against hospital privatization was shown as well.

But in the end it was decided to raise the hospital bills.

Although, frankly Hyun-woo did not expect the hospital costs to stay the same.  Whether it is a game or reality, everything relies on power.

The hospital had a vested interest while the people who opposed raising hospital bills were mostly poor.

Isn’t it clear which group would win when the two of them clashed? The government which was supposed to stand with the people decided in the end to privatize health care and turn a blind eye to the common people.

………..When was it?

It was the same story when the government first talked about privatizing public enterprises.

The people of the Republic of Korea aren’t stupid.

Of course, there was many invested in opposing the privatization and more than 100,000 participated in protests by lighting a candle.

Although he didn’t participate in the protests, the majority of ordinary people supported them. It was clearly a public sentiment. But the government was unshaken and did not side with public sentiment.

Rather, they presented the candlelight protests as violent demonstrations and used it to push privatization.

Of course, the Government pushed it but the problem was also caused by people who didn’t care …….was?

It is quite common for the public sentiment to change quickly.

It was a suitable word.  But they public sentiment doesn’t mean much to people with money and power.  It did not mean the poor.  It was a sad world for people who aren’t favoured.

For people like Hyun-woo, they have no power and no choice but to live with the climbing costs.

“How much?”

Hyun-Woo sighed as the staff replied with an irate expression.

“5,210,000 won?”

‘Damn it, selling the Fire Slayer would barely cover this month’s bills.’

When he first checked his account it felt like he was walking on clouds.

However, after paying for a variety of utilities as well as rent, food and medical bills his original balance of 14,000,000 won went down to 5,000,000 won.  Well, he did have a surplus of ten million won.

‘Ok, this month is black’

Hyun-woo tried to soothe himself as he headed to the 2nd floor.

When he arrived at the 2nd floor rehabilitation centre, he immediately saw his mother through the glass windows.  When he saw her with the professional therapists taking one step forward, his depressed mood became much better.

‘She’s already doing walking practice! ‘

On the other hand, it increased his motivation to work harder to make money.

“That…….that’s right.  Money is important.

The good reason for the Government privatizing health care was to improve the quality of the medical services.

Fortunately, that promise was kept.

Under private management, the healthcare service definitely improved.  At the state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre, his mother received one on one treatment with a profession therapist in accordance with management.  From exercise to eating.

Thanks to that, his mother’s illness was rapidly taking a turn for the better.

And unless Hyun-woo fell behind in the hospital bills, then such care would continue.

Hyun-woo still remembered the hospital scene from a while ago.

Because the hospital bill wasn’t paid in advance, an old man was kicked out from the hospital……..

‘Something like that can’t happen to my mother.’

Hyun-woo thought with clench teeth.

He wanted his mother to have confidence to live a whole life. But he had to shoulder his mum’s responsibility.

That thought was stronger than anything else in his head.  He wanted her to devote herself to the treatment without worrying. It was Hyun-woo’s only wish.

His mother laughed as she saw Hyun-woo from inside the glass window. Hyun-woo waved his hand as he lost his stiff expression.

Rehabilitation was so difficult that a healthy person wouldn’t be able to imagine.

Yet his mother never once said it was difficult.

Hyun-Woo was actually the one that suffered most at the thought.

‘No, I don’t have it that hard.’

Hyun-woo wasn’t suffering at all compared to his mother.

‘Yes, now I can laugh in front of my mother because of New World. New World is the last remaining hope for me. New World is something I can never give up on. Not even what Andel or Alan think……..even if I have to crawl from the bottom up because of them, it isn’t possible for me to give up! If you disturb me then I’ll crawl up and step on you! I’ll show you the spirit of a poor person.’

Hyun-woo sat on a couch in the clinic and came up with an idea.

‘To do this, I need to quickly find a way through the entrance of the underground world…….. ‘

Three days had passed since Hyun-woo entered the underground labyrinth.  There was some trouble at first but now he has adapted and his level rose to 93.  If it wasn’t for the stench then it would be a pretty decent hunting ground.

‘But, it isn’t money.’

That’s a problem.

So far, Hyun-woo had gained an average of 20~30 gold per day.

But he needed to earn a lot more if Hyun-woo wanted to earn the minimum necessary to maintain his life.

However, the items from the underground labyrinth could contribute to that.

The item drop rate is high even for a skeleton that doesn’t appear frequently and takes a while to hunt.  In addition, he couldn’t ignore the outgoing money he spends on food and repair boxes.

‘Although I have a surplus in my bank account right now, it will become more difficult in the future.  I also have to search the underground world for the fragment of the Three Marvels…..’

However, he still hadn’t found the clues to enter that world.

He had already explored the 1, 2, and 3rd floors of the labyrinth. However, the completion rate of the map using the cartography skill was 99.9%. He couldn’t enter that space because the iron doors are blocking it.

‘What is the alternative? As for the riddle? ‘

Ark sighed and took out a memo pad from his pocket. On the notes were maps drawn of the underground hell.

It was a maze of intertwined pathways. He had found dozens of hidden wormholes during the investigation but he still hadn’t even guessed the answer to the riddle.  In addition, there was no possibility of a hidden passageway because the map’s completion rate was 99.9%.

“Did you wait long?’

“Oh, mother!”

At that time, the door to the therapy room opened and his mother came out with the nurse.

Hyun-woo stood up and sat his mother on the couch.

His mother wiped off the sweat as she laughed.

“But what were you thinking so hard about? Are you studying something these days?”

“Oh, no. Just……..”

“What is it? Let’s see.”

His mother nodded as she browsed through the notes.

“Ah, the dot-line puzzles you do when you’re bored.”

“Yes? Dot-line puzzle? ”

“Yes, if you draw a line between the two points then the puzzle will be complete. Isn’t that it? I did them quite often in the past……ho ho ho, when we were dating your father sometimes made me those puzzles. He did the thing by hiding a heart pattern. Looks like its hand-drawn? Still, the person giving such puzzles must be spoiling you. Somehow, it is good to see.”

Hyun-woo looked at the map with puzzled eyes.

Dot-line puzzle? “Was that visible?’

He tried to visualize it as he listened to his mother’s speech.

Hyun-woo drew almost the entire map of the underground labyrinth and he had also marked the location of the wormholes with a dot.  It would form a picture.

“Ara? Just as it is?’

Without thinking, Ark tilted his head as he connected a point with another point. Ark felt something strange so he laid the maps of the 1st to 3rd floor over each other and poked through the wormhole with a felt pen.

So, if you drill holes through all the wormholes on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors then a figure will be made?

It is none other than …….the three triangles overlapping shown on the iron doors!

At the moment, a single thought flashed through Hyun-woo’s head.

-This place was sealed in accordance with the ancient vow.

If you can’t understand these words, there is no possibility of passing through to where I sleep.

A person with purpose could wake me up.

A person who makes the pilgrimage here with pride and speaks my name with respect will be able to cross………..

Those words were written on the iron doors.

Those who don’t know this place can’t enter.

‘The first hint means that I must learn the terrain of the labyrinth completely.’

Hyun-Woo had thought of this so he drew a map and carried it around as he studied it. However, the second and third questions on the riddle were still unanswered.  But unexpected his mother had unravelled that.

‘A person with a purpose. That means if I want to enter the underground world, Ark has to say this! If I intentionally say this as I walk the labyrinth, a route might be discovered.  And I have to speak as I pilgrimage along the markings! ‘

The markings were the wormholes that littered the underground labyrinth.

‘ Pil, if I intentionally make the pilgrimage and express at the end of the wormhole then it might become clear! No, I can’t think beyond that. Oh god, it was so simple yet I was unaware for three days.

Now Hyun-woo could confidently entered New World. Nevertheless, he had lost three days contemplating the mystery and he also wasted time playing Tetris and Go stop with his mother.

Once you become familiar with the game, it was a trap.

After being too used to the game, he made every problem associated with the game and made it more difficult than it was.  However, his mother doesn’t know about New World.  Just as she said, it’s just what it looks like.

The original puzzle for those searching for an answer was not visible to the corporation.

Hyun-woo grasped his mother’s hands and shouted.

“Mother! Mother has saved Ark!”

“What?” What do you mean, all of a sudden? Who is Ark?  One of you foreign looking friends?”

“There is such a person.  It is my alter ego.  ”

Alter ego? You, no way …….did you get a girlfriend or something?”

“No, it’s more precious than a girlfriend. Ark.”

Hyun-woo answered with a laugh.

“Now, let’s get started?”

After coming back from the hospital, Ark immediately connected with the game.

A dim light spread as the familiar dirty landscape of the labyrinth appeared.

“Are you feeling fine, master?”

Dedric asked with a dubious expression once he was summoned.

Dedric, do you want to get out of here soon?”

“What?” If we can leave, but …. ”

“Huhuhu, do not worry. We’ll leave soon.”

Ark said confidently and opened his map window.

Before connecting, he had already thought about where to start from.

‘It is clockwise from the far right end. I was told to express respect and make a pilgrimage so I have to move in the right direction.  If that doesn’t work then try again from the opposite direction.’

Ark immediately smashed the skull of a skeleton and ran across the underground labyrinth.  He was already tired of fighting skeletons.  But he also didn’t want anything new.

When a wormhole appeared while Ark was battling, he used Riposte and jumped down the hole. No matter how many skeletons appeared, if you jump down the wormhole then the chase was removed and battle ended.

‘Now it is imperative to confirm the answer to the riddle! ‘

When he jumped down the wormhole, he immediately moved to a new area.

He unfolded his map and using his cartography skills confirmed that if you connect a wormhole to another one with a straight line then the location corresponded to the middle part.  The probability that it was the correct answer increased.

‘The next wormhole is about 20 meters from here.’

Ark immediately moved to the next wormhole and plunged.  He did this about 20 times, before Ark finally returned to the original wormhole he plunged through. Unfortunately, all the filth had accumulated on Ark’s body that he arrived with a bad stench.  His summons was the same.

In trying not to repeat the same mistakes, he grabbed Dedric and Skull when he entered the wormhole so they were also filthy.

“What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy? Why do you keep on plunging into dirty water?”

“You’re noisy, without fail this will surely be the last time!”

Before Dedric could speak, Ark plunged into the first wormhole again.

It was at that time. When he jumped into the wormhole he heard a whirring sound and something felt different from the previous times.

Until now, the time it takes to go through the wormhole is a maximum of 10 seconds but this time felt longer.  Up, down, sideways … ….he was sucked in until it suddenly dropped him somewhere.

Kwajik, warururu!

Ark cried out as he fell to the bottom but quickly sat up and checked his surroundings.

‘As expected, this is the first time I’ve seen this!’

At that time, a bright sound rang out and a message window popped up.

-You have completed ‘Hell’s underground labyrinth.’

{Knowledge of Ancient Relics +15, Intelligence +10 and Fame increased by 30}

-You have completed the map of ‘Hell’s underground Labyrinth ‘ with a perfect 100% completion rate.

Painting a map of the underground labyrinth is now possible.

{Experience + 1000}

Ark was now sure that he had found the correct answer.

The place where Ark fell was a huge cavern.

It was a hidden room in the underground labyrinth with a huge amount of bones and skeletons piled up.  It was an impossible place to find even when he was exploring every corner of the sewers! When he looked to the back, he saw that he was on the other side of the iron doors.

He had finally passed through those doors.

‘Somewhere here will be the entrance to the underground world! ‘

Ark stood up and scanned around.  The cave mouth was wide open on the right side.

‘I wonder what kind of species lives in such a horrible place? Ara? But what is this?’

Ark’s excitement subsided as he explored the cave. There was still one unexpected hurdle remaining.

The cave entrance was blocked by a thick steel door.  Fortunately, next to the iron door was a lever like stick that could open the door depending on its use, but the tip of the lever was broken.

”I can’t pull this lever. So what is the alternative way? ‘

Ark made a frustrated face.

Dudududu, ttadak, ttadadak!

Suddenly, the floor started to shake like there was an earthquake.

At the same time, a black object rose from the ground and started attracting the bones together until an object was formed.  And in the blink of an eye it snowballed to a huge size.

There was a huge chunk of skulls and bones moving through the air.

“Ugh, more bones?”

Dedric gave a cry of distress as a warning message appeared.

-The boss monster ‘Kraken’ has appeared!

‘Boss monster! ‘

He reflexively used Eyes of the Cat to display its information.

It was a level 150 boss monster!

While Ark was so puzzled at the situation that he couldn’t think, something elongated sprung from the Kraken’s body.

Hundreds of bones were attached to form a giant scythe! Ark felt an eerie aura as he rolled across the floor to the pile of bones.

It was formed from bone fragments all over the place.

‘Damn, I never thought there would be a boss monster here when I finally solved the riddle. But I didn’t come here to die. Anyway, this plan of desperation means I either strike first or die.

Ark drew his sword and rushed to the kraken.

“Dark blade!”

Double bang!

The violent roar of smashed bones was heard everywhere.  The kraken was pushed and stumbled backwards. The shape reflected the Kraken’s nature.

Kuo oooo!

The kraken trembled and lifted all the bones connected to his arm up.

Scythe, spear, sword ………it assembled weapons of all shapes made out of bone and shot them towards Ark.  The attack approached at the same time from four or five different directions! But Ark had experienced that attack countless times when fighting against the skeletons.

Once again there was no reason to panic.

‘It has returned!’

Ark rotated his body with his right foot and stabbed with his sword.

Putt putt POW!

The counter hit the spot where the kraken’s arms were still growing.

Because it was made of bone, when hit with the counter it shattered and fell to the ground without force.  Of course, Ark was hit three or four times but he only lost 150 health.

‘Okay, this guy. The damage of the boss wasn’t that strong.

By the way, the speed was surprisingly slow and easily crushed. Although the level was high, the difficulty was on the low side.  I could easily win! ‘

“Dedric, Skull! Plan B! ”

The opponent was a boss monster.

You don’t need to use a complex operation.

The two summons moved to the different sides to keep the kraken’s attention on them while Ark launched a counterattack.

He struck a flying arm, destroyed it and counter attacked many times.  It didn’t take long for Ark to realise that there was something strange about the assault.

‘What, this guy? ‘

Although he hit it a number of times, the kraken did not lose any vitality.

Not only that. Because the fight wasn’t that difficult he forgot for a while and after using Eyes of the Cat, he realised that no weakness was indicated.

‘What happened? Why is there no damage?’

There was something strange. However, Ark avoided the Kraken’s offensive and just continued attacking for the time being.

In fact, there was no other way.  So after a few minutes of violent attacks, there was a gap in the bones which showed a black shape.

A red dot on the black shape indicated the place to bombard with attacks.

Now Ark was able to understand the situation.

‘I see. This guy is like the jellyfish and the slime.  The bones were a suit of armour and if I remove all the bones at the gap then I can attack! This won’t be so difficult!’

Ark narrowed the distance and used Dark Blade on the black stone.

No, as soon as he tried the Kraken turned its body around.  At the same time, it released an intense gust of air and Ark was pushed back several meters.  Thanks to that, the Dark Blade missed.

However, to Ark it was ludicrous as he snorted.

“The bones that grow move pretty slowly but when its weakness is exposed then it moves pretty fast.  But to no avail. Because I’ll continue to attack until every bone disappears!”

However, that was Ark’s mistake.

Just as Ark was swinging his sword, the floor vibrated and the bones floated in the air.  And like the first time, it was attracted like a magnet to the kraken.

Because it grew some bones, the bone armour was even thicker than before.  In addition, the attacking bones were many times thicker and its speed had also increased.

Soeeeeee! Double bang!

“What, what’s this …!”

Ark avoided the attack by rolling on the ground while looking confused.

He had struggled for 10 minutes only for the situation to repeat itself.  He destroyed the bone armour with his sword and then the kraken would quickly reform it.  And the number of repeats also made the kraken bigger and stronger.

“This is ridiculous! How are you supposed to win against this guy?”

Profanities burst from Ark’s mouth.

Indeed, the bones were joined together.  If the kraken was able to keep on infinitely grow the bones, did he have to fight and turn all those bones to powder? Even if Ark disagreed with the fight, in these conditions it would take 3 nights, ten four days than 5 nights and 6 days to fight for an unknown outcome.

‘There is a limit to avoidance. When the nucleus is shown, a storm is summoned and pushes you back so there is no way to approach.  When it is such a shape then even Blade Storm wouldn’t be useful.  But there might be a strategy.  Is there a way to get to the nucleus without activating the storm?’

Ark who was desperately thinking suddenly thought of Skull.

‘Come to think of it……’

In fact, Ark couldn’t grasp where Skull was.

Because there were bones rolling around, it was hard to distinguish between the bones and skulls.

Unlike Dedric whose attacks were unsuccessful, Skull’s attacks had hit several times.  In other words, even the kraken couldn’t distinguish between the bones and skeletons.

Then an idea came to Ark’s head.

‘Bone? Skull? Oh I see, I see. There is a reason for me to approach! ‘

At that thought, Ark stepped forward and swung his sword before withdrawing.

He confirmed that his remaining mana was only 300. A dangerous number.

“Blessing of the Sea Spirit!”

Ark activated Adelaine’s Necklace which increased defense by 40% and restored 500 mana.

Now his remaining mana was 800! It was enough to take the risk.

‘When using Blade Storm, it is fast but I don’t know how long it may take from now on.’ So now is the time to conserve mana! ‘

“Dedric, you too! Cancel summon!”

“What? Why?”

Dedric sent him a bewildered look.

Ark who had reduced mana consumption to a minimum went back to attacking.

He shattered the bones with his sword and the scattered all over the place.

“Dark blade!”

Ark narrowed the distance without delay and shot off a Dark Blade at the body of the kraken.

A violent roar burst out of the bone armour as it split in half. Eventually, the appearance of the kraken was shown between the split bones.  He figured that rotating the kraken’s body was a normal process to produce a storm.

That moment was a chance for Ark which he aimed at straight away!

“It is now! Skull, cancel summon and resummon!”

While Ark was caught in the storm, Skull was summoned to his hand.

Ark held his posture by concentrating power in his left foot before throwing Skull with all his strength. And shortly after the storm the kraken repaired his bone armour again and Ark approached.

As the kraken started forming a sword, it flinched.

At the same time, the 100% vitality of the kraken was finally reduced by 1%.

‘It’s a success! ‘

Ark clenched his fist and cried out.

This was the strategy that Ark was aiming for.

The kraken will continue to repair the bone armour.

The ingredients were the pile of stacked bones and skulls.  If so, wasn’t Ark’s summon made of the same material?

Therefore, Ark delivered a big blow and the moment the kraken tried to repair his bone armour, Skull was thrown at the nucleus of the kraken.  And the stupid kraken couldn’t discern between skulls and used it to make the armour.

Skull was attached right next to the nucleus!

Therefore, the kraken was being attacked from inside his bone armour.  Skull’s damage wasn’t very high but if it bit from the inside then it still dealt damage. Plus the kraken had similar characteristics to the Jellyfish and slime as the nucleus has low defense.

After Skull bit the nucleus, the kraken’s health was visibly reduced. There was no way to stop Skull’s attack inside the kraken.

The armour used to protect itself is now biting and tearing.

‘Now my remaining mana is 600.  The only Skull consumes mana then it should last for 10 minutes.  I have no choice but to wish that Skull kills the kraken during that time!’

Kuo oooo!

The kraken roared from the painful attacks all over the place.

However, Ark had to abandon his attacks and just concentrate on avoidance.  In addition, the kraken glimpsed the incoming damage and just attacked harder.

The kraken was revealing a much faster time than expected.

In just 5 minutes.

From Skull’s onslaught, the kraken was already in a critical condition.

The kraken couldn’t maintain the bony armour covering his body, and it fell to the floor as he began to lose power.  And the view showed the sight of Skull crazily biting the black nucleus.

“Got it, thank you. Skull, now back off”

Ttadak! Ttak ttak ttak!

Skull, whose mouth was full biting the flesh of the kraken, got off and spat it out.

At the same time, Ark poured the rest of his mana into his sword for his last attack.

“Dark blade!”

The sword disappeared into darkness and suddenly appeared in front of the kraken.

Intense sound effects showed there was a critical hit.

Kuo oooo!

The health finally reached zero and the kraken started convulsing before exploding in a storm of light. The storm scattered the bones in every direction.

-Your level has risen.

“Skull! Yes we won thanks to you!”

Ttak ttak ttak! Ttak, ttak ttak ttak!

Skull looked towards the sky.

……….It was laughing.

Ark turned his head and stroked the skull.  It was a weird fellow, but still a boss monster.

It dropped a lot of booty.  As expected, where the kraken had disappeared was a black sword plunged into the ground.

“Eh? This, this is ……! ”

Ark’s mouth opened as he confirmed the information.

Saw blade (Cursed)A long time ago, the spines of the bodies dumped in hell was used to make this sword.  The kraken which rules the underground labyrinth absorbed it into its body where a strong curse was applied.{The stats cannot be determined until the curse is released}

It wasn’t an ordinary weapon.

It was made out of a person’s sharpened spinal bones.  But somehow it was a good shape.

The reason for Ark’s surprise was the curse on the item.  Curse weapons, Lancel’s sword which made Dedric evolve was also a cursed weapon.

“Purification Restoration!”

Ark immediately used the skill and watched in anticipation.

[Saw blade (Magic Sword)Weapon type: One-handed swordDurability: 70Attack: 23~25Weight: 25User restriction: Dark Attribute

Level: 80

In the past, the one year old Monarch who built Cairo used the spinal bones of those who opposed him to make this sword. At the time, it was ambushed by a group of barbarians and abandoned at the bottom of the hell in Cairo, where it was imbued by an immortal spirit with a mysterious power.  Unfortunately, it was absorbed by the kraken where a grudge was formed and it suffered for a long time.

If someone killed the kraken and liberated the soul of the sword than he would be thankful to you.]

-The special effect of this magic sword once a day:  The master of the Magic Sword can summon ‘Warwick’ once a day.

“As expected, it is a magic sword!”

He naturally cheered.

Ever since Dedric evolved underwater using Lancel’s Sword, Ark had frantically been searching for information on the magic sword.

Because the bat evolved, he was able to experience how much Dedric changed.  However, he still couldn’t find information on magic swords.

And he did not have any expectations to find a magic sword in this place…….!

Saw blade, it was a cool name.

‘Could the Saw Blade evolve Skull instead of Dedric?’

If possible, he hoped so.

Dedric who was already evolved now had a high utilization rate.

On the other hand, thanks to the stats, skills and ability to walk of Skull, its utilization was gradually disappearing.  In the old days you could use it as a shield, now the monsters were higher level that Skull couldn’t really last against them.

‘I’ll experiment immediately. What kind of guy will appear?’


A muffled sound was suddenly heard from his waist.

While Ark had been investigating the sword, Snake had automatically started peering at other items and seemed to have found something.

Something seemed to be shining from the Kraken’s bone gap.  Snake extended its tongue to receive praise from Ark.  At that moment Snake’s tongue got stuck.

“Kkaek, kkaek kkaek kkaek!

“Ara? Snake! Are you ok?”

Ark started tugging at Snake’s tongue.

Then the bones scattered and something was pulled out.

It is………..

“What, what the?” This is?”

Ark muttered with a foolish expression.


Volume 5

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Joseph Mcknight

the critical hit is ridiculous, the naration is rather sounds silly, and Ark is really getting arrogant.

well, moving on to vol5


This author’s math skills really annoys me… nearly 3 out of every 4 times he calculates something it is wrong.

“Using simple maths, if he have 1000 gold and I buy items for 60% and sell it at 120% then there would be a profit of 600 gold.”

he is selling the items for double the purchase price… his ‘simple maths’ seems to be too difficult for him. Since he is only comparing the purchase price and sale price to the market value of the goods, what he did to calculate the profits was take the 60% difference in sale and purchase price when compared to market value and used that as his base to determine the profits overall… he made it more complicated than necessary and totally screwed up, once again. Should be a net profit of 1000, total sale price of 2000.


But its not the author doing the math.. It’s Ark doing the math. Ark prob just doing the math wrong duh.


60% of 1000 = 600.
120% of 1000 = 1200.
1200 – 600 = 600.

Oh, would you look at that, correct math.


And yes, I’m aware that your math is also correct. Although I might not have conveyed it correctly, what I meant to say was that the translation could just be wrong.



1000 * 100/60 = 1,666.66667
1,666.66667 * 120/100 = 2000

Thats make 1000 profit ..
or simple 60 : 120 = 1 : 2
So the total sale price will be twice the buy price lol…



1000 * 100/60 = 1,666.66667
1,666.66667 * 120/100 = 2000

Thats make 1000 profit ..
or simple 60 : 120 = 1 : 2
So the total sale price will be twice the buy price lol…

Janardan Nathan

Dear translator, thank you so much for translating! You have my everlasting gratitude!
Many thanks towards the Author too! 🙂