VCRMM: Chaper 132 Part 1

Lexi Village was located in the northwest of Roland’s Imperial City. It was away from the inner city and was close to the border area. It was surrounded by mountains and rivers.

This year’s harvest was ordinary. In addition, heavy snow fell earlier than previous years and lasted for several days. This made many people feel worried. The weather was freezing and there wasn’t enough to eat. For most villagers, this would be another difficult winter.

On this day, the old village chief, Hams drove his carriage around the village. There was a loudspeaker tied to it and it played a pre-recorded broadcast.

“Do the body tempering method in the morning and don’t be lazy when winter comes.”

“Do meditation once at night. You have to persist, even if you want to sleep.”

It had been almost two months since Xu Sili had promoted the body tempering and meditation methods throughout the empire and made it ‘compulsory education.’

It was difficult to calculate in the other main cities but the penetration rate in Imperial City was still very high. Even remote villages like Lexi Village hadn’t been spared.

Naturally, according to the income level of the villagers of Lexi Village, the learning of these two basic methods was completely free.

It was just that the cultivation in these basic methods needed years of subtle changes. No significant effect could be seen in a short period of time. So after the initial enthusiasm, most of the villagers gradually started to slack off.

Hams was forced to patrol the village every day and urged the villagers to train well.

Some villagers couldn’t understand and inevitably complained when they saw him going from door to door.

“Hams, is this really useful? I practiced every day for more than a month but I haven’t seen any glowing elements. I just became hungry.”

“Yes, we have no talent. Practicing this is just a waste of time. It is better to save a bit of physical strength.”

Hams’ face was stern. “This is the law personally issued by His Majesty the Emperor. As long as you are a citizen of the empire, you have an obligation to train in the body tempering technique and meditation technique!”

“The nobles in the city have to pay a lot of money to earn it. Meanwhile, His Majesty is considerate of us and gave us such a precious training method for free. He also sent an elementalist to teach us.”

“Even if you don’t have good talent, do you still have the nerve to be lazy?”

Some villagers were red-faced after being lectured. The elementalist who taught them was still living in the village. Due to the snow, he couldn’t leave and could only go hungry with them.

Hams calmed down and said seriously, “Everyone, train well. We will all have food to eat if our village can produce a wood elementalist.”

“Haven’t you heard? In His Majesty’s newly built Mercenary Town and Doha Town, the presence of the wood elementalists means granaries have been built one after another and grain is piled up. They don’t have to worry about food.”

“Even if we are old and it is useless for us to learn, there are still the children. They are young. If you take them to train together, perhaps they will awaken?”

“His Majesty didn’t have his talent detected when he was five years old. He practiced meditation hard and finally shone this year. Now he is one of the most powerful elementalists in the empire!”

“So we can’t give up either! Cheer up!”

Many villagers nodded repeatedly.

The people of the Roland Empire had grown up in adversity and didn’t lack tenacity. It was just that this winter was too difficult…

“Uncle Hams, you said the granaries in Mercenary Town are being built one after another? Can the caravans transport some over? We can scrape together money to buy it or pay on credit first…”

Someone whispered.

After all, they were in the territory of Imperial City. They might be poor but they weren’t that backward. Caravans with floating cars would occasionally pass by them.

However, this year, the heavy snow had fallen too early. The caravans didn’t come and they had no way to buy grain for the winter.

Hams cleared his throat. “Don’t worry. I have already reported it to the chief administrator and he said there will be food and wages soon. Everyone, just hold on for a few more days.”

His words drew cheers from the crowd.

Then Hams continued to drive his broken carriage around the village. However, he inevitably showed some sadness where the villagers couldn’t see.

The heavy snow had closed off the roads and it wasn’t easy for the floating cars to reach here. He was afraid they would have to wait some time before the transport team came.

On the way to the house of the elementalist teacher, he stopped the carriage, took out a basket containing a few sweet potatoes dug before winter and knocked on the door of the house.

The person who came to the door was Aude, a half star elementalist who was sent to Lexi Village to teach them. He was a registered mercenary and took this task after seeing the rich rewards. He just hadn’t expected to be trapped here.

“Lord Aude.” Hams saluted respectfully.

Aude glanced at him and the basket he was carrying before nodding. “Come in.”

Hams seemed a bit cautious but he still carefully entered through the door. The moment he walked in, he felt a completely different warmth from outside.

Aude was a fire elementalist. His strength was less than one star but it was still possible for him to gather the fire elements to warm up the room. This was a compulsory course for a fire elementalist.

Hams sighed with slight relief. He put the basket on the table and said with a smile, “Lord Aude, these sweet potatoes have been cleaned. They just need to be baked in a fire and they can be eaten.”

Aude nodded, his attitude a bit cold.

He was an elementalist with a traditional background and he maintained his arrogance as a superior. He considered himself nobler than these villagers, even though he was no longer serving in the local army.

He originally wouldn’t even look at these sweet potatoes.

However, he was a fire elementalist and only a wood elementalist could grow plants. In such a winter, he could only accept this unless he wanted to starve to death.

“Lord Aude, is there any news from the inner city? When will the convoy arrive?” Hams rubbed his hands and asked cautiously.

Aude glanced at him and the old village chief froze. The smile on his face became even harder to maintain.

“The lords are very busy.”

Aude said, “Lexi Village is a small place and the population only adds up to over 500 people. The road is long and difficult to travel. Do you think the administrators will place Lexi Village first? It would be good if it arrives in two months.”

Hams nodded repeatedly but his heart was bitter.

According to the villagers’ food reserves, they could only last a month at most. Thus, they had to save food and money.

Now many animals were hibernating and it was difficult to hunt. How could they hold on for the next month?

“Village Chief! Hams!”

At this time, someone outside suddenly shouted for him.

Hams quickly apologized to Aude before opening the door and shouting at the running person, “I’m here. What’s the matter?”

The man hurried over while gasping. “Hams, hurry! Hurry and go to the entrance of the village!”

“What happened?” Hams looked puzzled.

“The transport team sent from the inner city is coming!”

Hams was stunned. “What did you say? Say it again?”

“I said that the transport team sent from the inner city is coming!”

“How is this possible?”

Hams and Aude, who came out after him, exclaimed in unison.

Aude looked at the villager with a gloomy expression. “The village chief only reported the situation a few days ago. How can it be delivered now? You didn’t meet a scammer, did you?”

The villager was obviously a bit afraid of Aude and he couldn’t help stuttering. “Scam… scammer?”

Hams asked, “How many cars came?”

The villager paused before shaking his head. “No… I didn’t see a car.”

Hams frowned. “Then why did you mention a transport team? How many people came?”

The villager raised a finger.

Hams was pleasantly surprised. “One hundred people?”

The villager quickly waved his hand. “No no, just… just one.”

Now even Hams hesitated. He thought about it for a while before asking, “A one-man transport team without a car? Could it be that the transporter had a problem halfway and someone was sent to ask for help?”

“I don’t know. He said he wanted to see you.” The villager’s voice was soft. “I saw him flying down from the sky.”

“An elementalist?” Hams’ eyes lit up. “Where is he? Take me there!”

Behind them, Aude showed doubts.

If this person really flew down from the sky, he was a wind elementalist. Only an elementalist with at least one star in strength could master the flying technique!

He simply closed the door and followed Hams to the entrance of the village.

Once he arrived at the entrance of the village, he saw an unfamiliar figure standing there. Several villagers stood not far away and were watching him.

The young man was in his early 20s, with golden hair and pupils. He was handsome and tall. He grinned and showed a particularly bright smile when he saw them.

From a distance, Aude could see the elemental aura around his body, but strangely, the feeling it gave Aude was very weak.

“You are Hams, the village chief of Lexi Village, right?”

The moment Hams ran to the entrance of the village, the young man took his hand and spoke with great enthusiasm.

“Yes… It’s me.” Hams could only nod in a stunned manner. “You are…”

“Oh, I am Changan Yiyue and my friends call me Changan! I was sent by His Majesty to bring you food. There is a lot of it. Where do you want me to put it?”

As Deng Jianan was speaking, the barrage in his live broadcast room was already filling the screen.

[Ding~ Your delivery has arrived. Please pay attention and check it!]

[Hahaha, Brother looks so professional. After running for three days, he finally reached the destination. It isn’t easy.]

[Am I the only one who finds that the expressions of these NPCs are so smart and vivid? For just this small map, Starry Sky Age made it so detailed?]

[Every frame is full of details!]

Hams and several villagers were stunned. Hams looked at the mountain road behind the young man and asked, “Is the transport vehicle still behind?”


Deng Jianan scratched his head. He thought that the intelligence of this NPC was too high. Why was it like this for an ordinary village chief?

“The food is all on me. I am an elementalist and can do space magic!”


Aude couldn’t help interjecting. “There are only ten elements and they are metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, light, dark and sound. I have never heard of the space department.”

“Lexi Village is so poor and remote and the villagers have a hard life. If you want to deceive others, don’t run to this type of place!”

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