Space 9. Doom Machine (PART: 2)

SPACE 9. Doom Machine (PART: 2)

“It’s almost finished.”

The blood stained Valencia looked around. The Gigantic had been destroyed once it stepped on the tank that self-destructed. It was an excellent choice. The Gigantic had already been stripped of its shield. The ordinary metal couldn’t withstand the explosive force of the nuclear fusion engine. In the end, the whole leg had been blown up and the Gigantic collapsed.Then Valencia moved quickly.

“Pedro, charge at the Gigantic!”

Valencia led 10 soldiers and attacked the lower part of the Gigantic. A group of Rama could be seen in the interior. They were a crew on board the Gigantic to block outside jamming. A g*nfight started when Valencia and the armoured warriors burst in but they were engineers. Their opponents were elite warriors of the federation.

“Rush in and knock out the power reactor of the Gigantic!”

The armoured warriors took out the engineers and rushed towards the power reactor. If they took out the power reactor then the Gigantic would be destroyed.

-The Gigantic has been destroyed and 3,000 victory points acquired!

The message appeared in front of Valencia and his 10 subordinates. Valencia’s morale soared and he left the Gigantic while taking care of the remnants of the Rama. His victory points quickly reached 4,000.

‘If I combine the achievements I received previously and the points I got for reporting the Rama base then that is 8,000 points. If the 4,000 victory points are converted then it is 12,000 achievements!’

12,000 achievements was an overwhelming amount! He would definitely be given a gold medal of valour.

‘But that only applies if I defeat the remaining Gigantic.’

There were 2 Gigantic that emerged from the Rama base. Only one was remaining now. It was running around somewhere on the Rama’s side but there was no guarantee it wouldn’t attack the federation. However, the biggest problem was the remaining power of the federation army.

‘There are only 150 troops remaining. And there are only 50 members of the armoured platoon left.’

The armoured platoon had received the most damage from the Gigantic. Furthermore, 3 Memeods were destroyed by the pincer attack of the Gigantic and Rama so only 2 were remaining.

‘But I have no choice. If I can’t defeat the Gigantic then the war won’t end. No, we will lose. Then there is no meaning in receiving the victory points. I will obtain nothing!’

“Pedro, reform the battle arrangements. Clean up the Rama and advance towards the other Gigantic!”

Valencia led the troops towards the Gigantic. Then he noticed dozens of soldiers moving in the opposite direction.

‘What’s the? Why are those guys…..wait? Perhaps…..?’

Valencia watched them carefully. He remembered those soldiers. They were the mercenary troops that had their truck fall into a pit and were given Ark’s henchmen to help.

‘And just now they emerged from the Rama’s headquarters with Ark. Then…..’

He had some lingering questions through the battle. He had wondered how Ark and his henchmen managed to get behind enemy lines first. He still didn’t understand but one thing was clear. Ark was associated with that mercenary group! They had devised the truck falling into the pit to trick Valencia and join Ark.

‘This was all planned from the beginning? They wanted to join with Ark to stab me in the back and then run away in the confusion? And they are right in front of me!’

Valencia glared at them before speaking to Pedro.

“Pedro, have the armoured platoon……”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A loud roar rocked the battlefield. When he flinched and turned around, the sight of the Gigantic collapsing caught his eye. It was a scene that Valencia never even considered.

“T-that guy is……?”

“Ark! He is Ark!”

The person standing in front of the Gigantic was surprisingly Ark.

‘He hadn’t run away yet?’

All thoughts of the mercenary group disappeared from Valencia’s head.

‘This is an opportunity! I don’t need to worry about some mercenaries. I can dispose of them once the battle ends. I have bigger fish to fry right now. It won’t be a problem if I accidentally kill a soldier during a fight against the Gigantic. If I become the hero who won the Beltana war then I can make it go away, even if I become chaotic. My first priority is making sure he dies to prevent him from reporting about the Carrier MR-II!’

“Pedro, follow me!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Valencia operated his battle suit and rushed towards Ark. 10 armoured warriors followed him. Valencia ran across the snow towards Ark. At the same time, Ark was rushing towards the collapsed Gigantic. Needless to say, the Gigantic being knocked down was all Ark’s strategy.

‘There is no method to escape the Gigantic. However, it is suicide to fight among the federation soldiers. I should sneak out of the battlefield and wait until the battle ends before joining back up with the federation. I have to seal the Gigantic’s movement in order to do this.’

Ark came to that conclusion. That’s why he used the detachment to devise a way to sneak out from the Gigantic’s view! Ark used himself as bait to gain some time while the detachment buried dozens of C-6 in a specific area. The moment the Gigantic stepped on the X, it was hit by an electromagnetic mine and the foot blown up by C-6! With the foot damaged, the Gigantic would collapse to the ground and it was possible to beat it.

‘But I can’t seal the movements with just that!’

There were 2 legs.  Besides, it was a lump of machine with 386 computers attached! Despite falling down, the Gigantic was called the Devil of the Battlefield for a reason. Not surprisingly, the Gigantic tried to turn its remaining leg 180 degrees and raise the huge body.

‘I have to make it fully collapsed!’

That was the reason why Ark was running towards the Gigantic. The shield around the Gigantic’s leg still wasn’t recovered from the electromagnetic mine. And dozens of C-6 had exploded so the foot and ankle became ragged. Ark ran quickly and wielded his sword.

Kang-! Kang-! Kang-!

Even if it was weakened, the sword wasn’t enough to get through the metal. However, Ark wasn’t thinking about attacking the ankle with the sword. The reason he hit the ankle with his sword was……


Ark’s eyes lit up. The moment the Gigantic was hit with the sword, some blurry colours appeared on the armour It was entirely blue while the part hit directly by the C-6 explosion was red or orange. The colours represented the durability of the armour! The blue parts were the areas that didn’t receive any damage while the red was where the durability was at the lowest point. It wasn’t visible but it meant there was a crack in the armour.

‘I wouldn’t have known this without Metallurgy.’

It was the skill he learnt in order to avoid being scammed by Tori, Metallurgy! Ark was able to grasp the Gigantic’s durability thanks to Metallurgy. One of the applications of Metallurgy was finding the status of the metal with a single tap. Therefore Ark could identify the status of the Gigantic’s armour.

‘This is the weakest place in the Gigantic’s armour!’

Ark took out a C-6 from his bag and attached it to the armour part glowing red. He then threw his body facedown to the ground on the other side!


A hole was blown in the armour of the ankle.

“That’s it!”

Ark cheered as the Gigantic wobbled and collapsed again. The ankle could no longer support the 50 metres body thanks to the hole. This was Ark’s final goal. He had completely sealed the Gigantic’s movements. Now he just had to hide and leave the rest to the federation army. If he joined up after the battle ended then Valencia couldn’t attack Ark anymore.

‘That Valencia bastard, I’m curious about what expression he will have on his face.’

Ark imagined Valencia’s bitter expression with a satisfied smile. All of a sudden Hegel’s voice was screaming through the Nymphe.

Hyung-nim! D-danger!


Ark turned with a bewildered expression.

Syu syu syu syu! Syu syu syu syu! Syu syu syu syu!

10 shells were flying towards him? However, Ark wasn’t looking at the shells. 10 armoured warriors were rushing across the snow. No, it was the person leading the group!


Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

At the same time, the place where Ark was standing exploded. Smoke and flames soared from the spot the 10 shells hit. However, Valencia wasn’t satisfied with just that.

“Shoot! Make sure he doesn’t leave alive!”

“Don’t stop shooting even if you see that bastard’s body!”

“We have to kill him before any other soldiers arrive!”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Valencia and the 10 armoured warriors continued firing. Bullets relentlessly fell and pieces of ice and dirt flew up. Valencia took out his beam sword as he narrowed the distance and shouted.

“Check that guy’s corpse! Look for it!”

“I can’t find it!”

“I don’t see it over here either!”

“It can’t be! He couldn’t have survived all of that! No, it doesn’t matter even if he is alive. If he is alive then he is clearly hiding somewhere. Don’t miss him! Look for him everywhere!”

Valencia ordered with a cruel expression. Then Pedro’s voice was heard from behind him.

“Leader-nim, look over here!”

He turned and saw Pedro pointing towards the Gigantic’s ankle.

“There are traces that someone entered here. He went inside through the hole!”

“That rat bastard. He must’ve run away. But……”

Valencia stared at the hole before smiling.

“He dug his own grave by running into an inconspicuous place like this. Pedro, enter the Gigantic and chase after him. Take care of it inside the Gigantic! Do you know what I mean? Wipe out everything that catches your eye. I will take responsibility. If we take care of everybody inside the Gigantic then it will be the federation’s victory. No, it will be your victory!”

“I understand!”

The armoured warriors moved inside the Gigantic. Their target was the engineers and power reaction inside the Gigantic and…..Ark. Now that the armoured platoon had entered the Gigantic, the destruction of the Rama engineers and power reactor was guaranteed. Therefore, the armoured platoon’s top priority was Ark!  Valencia and the armoured warriors entered the Gigantic and followed Ark’s traces.

“Leader-nim, there is an object moving in front of us!”

“That guy!”

Valencia’s eyes flashed and he shouted.

“This is a small passage. There is nowhere for him to run away. Fire!”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

The 10 warriors started firing their Gatling g*ns inside the narrow passage. Hundreds of bullets flew through the passage that was only 3 metres! Valencia and the armoured warriors filled the aisle with bullets. They moved forward 10 metres until they reached the place with the power reactor. The running shadow screamed and collapsed.


A dog had died.

Hegel looked around with a pale face. It had happened in an instant. After the Gigantic stepped on the electromagnetic mine and C-6, Ark had finally managed to destroy its other leg. While the Silver Hand and Royal Guards were burying the electromagnetic mine and C-6, Ark had distracted the Gigantic for 10 minutes. In other words, a single person had knocked down the Devil of the Battlefield. It was unbelievable even when he saw it with his own eyes!

‘That is Hyung-nim! The Hyung-nim I will follow for the rest of my life!’

Ark’s existence was beyond that of a hero to Hegel. Yet Hegel witnessed a shocking sight in the next moment. 10 shells were flying towards Ark! They were sent by Valencia and the 10 armoured platoon. They were also rushing towards Ark’s location while shooting indiscriminately.

‘Fortunately Hyung-nim managed to enter the Gigantic through the hole and protected himself……’

Valencia and the armoured warriors had immediately entered behind him. It was obvious what would happen!

“I can’t just let this happen! I have to stop those bastards!”

Hegel glared and ran over to the hole while pulling out his dagger. And just as he was about to jump in the hole!

“Hey! Stop!”

Someone exclaimed as they grabbed Hegel’s ankle. Hegel turned with amazement as he heard an unexpected voice. A pile of snow behind the Gigantic’s leg started shaking and a head emerged.

“Are you trying to commit suicide? You can’t take care of those bastards.”

“Eh? H-Hyung-nim! Ark hyung-nim!”

“You’re going to burst my eardrums. Did you really think guys like them could kill me?”

“Hyung-nim, how did you survive?”

“Ha, do you think it is that easy to go to hell?”

……But he really was close to hell this time. Ark crawled out of the pile of snow and looked at a flickering gauge on the upper right corner.

-Health: 32/990

He only had 32 health left!

‘If I hadn’t loaded a recovery ampoule in advance……’

Ark eyes an empty glass capsule.

Recovery Ampoules (Medium)

Item Type: Health Recovery Drug

A special nutrients supplement refined at a high concentration using biotechnology.
In Galaxian, there are typically two types of recovery systems. One way is to load it on the Nymphe beforehand or to drink it directly. The recommended method is to load it on the Nymphe to use it. The absorption rate is slower than drinking it directly and the health recovered is lower. However, if it is loaded on the Nymphe then the supplement can be directly injected into the DNA and can raise the recovery rate of the body for a short period of time.  Only one ampoule can be loaded on the Nymphe at a time.

* If the ampoule is drunk: 300~400 health will be recovered in 3 minutes.

* If loaded on the Nymphe and injected: 500 health can be recovered immediately.

It was the recovery ampoule he picked up when escaping from the Rama’s bunker. It was loaded on the Nymphe beforehand and could be used like a bullet. In fact, at first he thought a method like that was too complicated. But there were some convenient parts when used directly. Unlike the other games that required swallowing a potion, if the ampoule is loaded on the Nymphe then it could be injected with a simple command. Of course, only one recovery ampoule could be used with that method in a battle. Mounting another ampoule on the Nymphe would take more time than drinking. However, this meant it could be used in battle while swinging his sword. Ark was able to survive thanks to that. He had come under fire from Valencia’s group. Ark’s health fell in an instant.
If he had to take out a potion and drink it then he would’ve died long beforehand. But the loaded ampoule on the Nymphe meant he didn’t have to go through such processes!


His health that had gone down to 10 points recovered by 500. Ark conquered the crisis and immediately hid behind the Gigantic’s leg to prevent further damage. And he used the shovel to conceal his body.

‘But even so……’

He felt furious just remembering it. If he was discovered by Valencia during battle then he would be killed secretly. He was expecting that. However, actually experiencing it was different from his expectations.

‘He really tried to kill me?’

Ark couldn’t stand it. He had no intention of letting them get away with it. Then Hegel tilted his head to one side and asked.

“How did they find traces of Hyung-nim inside the Gigantic?”

“Ah, that? That is……”


Just as Ark laughed and was about to reply. A bike navigated between the federal army and approached the Gigantic. It was the rest of the detachment that had been spotted by Valencia. They found bikes abandoned on the battlefield and returned to Ark’s location. Clem jumped down from the bike and said.

“What is going on? I saw Valencia and his thugs rushing here.”

“He tried to kill Hyung-nim! I saw it!”

Hegel quickly answered. Anger spread over the faces of the Silver Hand and Royal Guards.

“I heard your words but…..I really can’t forgive a commander who tries to kill his own allies on the battlefield. They can’t get away with this!”

“I have no intention of letting them get away with it.”

Ark shook his head and his eyes looked away from Clem. Ark’s gaze was fixed on a circular object tied to the back of Clem’s bike. Ark looked at the metal sphere and laughed.

“I’ll have to teach them a lesson.”


“If that guy wants it so much then I’ll have to see it through.”
Ark grabbed the handle of the bike that the metal sphere was attached to. He got on the bike before explaining to Clem and the other members. The bike roared like a beast and entered the hole opened in the Gigantic.


The engine sound echoed through the narrow passage. It moved down the passage before some corpses caught his eye. The corpses of the Rama……

It was clear that Valencia and the armoured platoon had moved down this passage. Valencia had thought they were chasing after Ark but he was actually hiding in a pile of snow. If they searched the area then they would’ve noticed the pile of snow. Then Rune Carving surfaced in his head! So he used it on the body of a dead Rama warrior and summoned the hell hound. And it left trails as it went inside the Gigantic! Valencia never thought about searching the area and chased after a dog. And Valencia realized he made a mistake after the dog died……

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Ark passed the corpse of the hell hound and heard shots. He had only travelled 50 metres from the ankle of the Gigantic. The Rama engineers wouldn’t just watch as the armoured federation warriors entered the Gigantic. The shots heard were due to a shoot-out between Valencia’s group and the Rama clan. However, it was engineers fighting against elite troops.

‘The result of the battle is obvious.’

Not surprisingly, the shots stopped at almost the same time. The Rama engineers had probably been killed by Valencia. And they were in the midst of trying to seize the nuclear power reactor.


Ark continued until the narrow passage ended and a wide space unfolded. There was a complex instrument panel with a large black sphere rotating in the middle. It was the power source inside the Gigantic! Several Rama engineers were collapsed around the power source. Valencia and his henchmen were surrounding the power source.


“Huk, how did this guy?”

Confusion spread over Valencia’s face as he saw Ark. However, he smiled and lifted his Gatling g*n after a few moments.

“You came here just to die!”

“Shut up and eat this!”

Ark jumped off the bike and shouted. But the accelerating bike didn’t stop. And……


The bike crashed into Valencia. Normally Valencia would be crushed by the bike…..but he only flew back a few metres thanks to the battle suit. Valencia glared as he got a nosebleed from the bike and growled.

“Kuak! This bastard!”

“Leader-nim! The b-bike……”

A stuttered scream emerged from Pedro’s mouth. Valencia who was about to run after Ark frowned and turned.

“Now’s not the time to worry about the bike!”

“T-that’s not it! The bike… has a nuclear fusion engine! And the self-defence mechanism……”


Valencia’s face darkened as he paid attention to Pedro’s words. There was a metal sphere attached to the bike! Like Pedro said, the bike had a nuclear fusion engine attached to it. This was the reason Ark waited for the detachment before entering after Valencia. Ark might’ve created the electromagnetic mine and C-6 to trap and seal the Gigantic’s movements but there was no guarantee that it would work.

‘If only there was some way to give more damage……’

Then Valencia used the self-destructing nuclear fusion engine to defeat the Gigantic. Therefore Ark discovered that the nuclear fusion engine could be used like bomb! He ordered the detachment to obtain a nuclear fusion engine and bring it back to him. That was only possible thanks to the Scavenger Heksu. Heksu’s profession meant he was well versed in mechanical engineering! Therefore a Scavenger was able to take out the nuclear engine without it exploding. However, unlike Ark’s concerns he didn’t have any difficulties sealing off the Gigantic’s movements. Therefore the nuclear fusion engine had become pointless. So……

“I’ll give it to you guys.”

Ark muttered and laughed.

-The self-destruct mechanism of the nuclear fusion engine has been started.

“Ah, no!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

There was a red flash and the body of the Gigantic exploded.

A smile flashed on the face of a blond youth. The reason he played Galaxian was to meet Ark.
He had chased after Ark and arrived at Nephalim only to discover that Ark was arrested and sent away to the disputed planet Beltana. So he waited on Nephalim but lost his patience after a fortnight passed. He made a resolution. He killed some guards. Thus he became the protagonist of another incident in Nephalim. Therefore he was locked in chains.

‘I read in the news that the federation is lacking troops so they’ve been forcibly conscripting any pioneers who become criminals. And in the last few months, most of the prisoners have been sent to Beltana! Ark was sent to that place!’

Naturally he would be sent to Beltana as well. That was what he thought. His head was only full with meeting Ark. And now I knew that they would meet soon. Yet…..yet…..

“Yes, you really did an absurd thing.”

A federal investigator questioned him after he was arrested.

“This is the first time an incident like this has occurred in Nephalim. Ha, don’t make me laugh. You destroyed 3 androids and even injured a guard soldier? I investigated and discovered that you received the title of R-14’s mission related master. Why would a guy like that just snap and commit a crime? That’s funny. Do you think I would believe something like that? Do you think that all investigators belonging to the galactic federation are stupid?”

He never thought they were stupid. He told the investigator that.

“That isn’t true…… There is no denying that I committed a crime…… Just give me a punishment.”

“Don’t worry. The penalty will be beyond what you imagined. But now right now.”

“Right now……what do you mean?”

“Tell me the mastermind.”

“Mastermind……what mastermind?”

“Didn’t I tell you? A federal investigator isn’t stupid. I’m not naive enough to believe a R-14 master suddenly went crazy and committed a crime. You clearly have some other purpose. Who is it? Who gave you instructions to do something like this? Is it the Tree of Life, the organization that opposes mechanical life forms and androids?”

“The Tree of Light……I don’t know anything about that.”

“Heh, you’re still not going to tell me? Think about it. The Tree of Life is just like a cult. Yes, I don’t know how you ended up with them but if you tell me then you won’t be conscripted into the military.”

“That…..would be a problem…..being forcibly conscripted…..I did it in order to receive that……”

“What? You want to be forcibly conscripted? Ha, you really are playing around. You committed a crime so that you would be drafted into the military? That is impossible. Do you know that the galactic federation has a special anti-terrorism act?”

“Anti-terrorism…..special act?”

“Suspected terrorist lose all human rights.”

Since then, the blond youth’s human rights were ignored. He spent days being injected with the SMT-518 that caused itching. The torture had beg*n. Normal users would only be able to resist for a while.However, he was a user who had lived 1 year as a vegetable. This was nothing compared to the frustration he felt then. And no matter the torture, this was still a game. If he left the unit then it wouldn’t affect him. But he didn’t run away.

“I…..I really…..don’t have any other plan……I just want to be conscripted……”

He kept on claiming his innocence. He put up with the torture and claimed innocence for a fortnight. His patience made even the investigator sick of it.

“This damn guy. Okay. If you really want to be conscripted. Bah, this stupid child. If you want to then go on the battlefield and see what it means to be prisoner!”

‘I-I did it! Finally! I finally get to meet Ark!’

The blond youth had endured a fortnight’s torture in order to meet Ark! His face glowed with his accomplishment.

“You will face hell on the disputed planet Hanan!”

“H-Hanan? W-what about Beltana?”

“Beltana? That has ended already.”

“I-it has ended……w-what do you mean?”

“I have to explain something like that to you? Shut up and walk!”

“W-wait a minute……I……”

He was dragged out of the prison by the investigator. A video started displaying some urgent news as he entered a hallway.

-The galactic federation has defeated the Rama on the disputed planet Beltana!

-The war for Beltana in the Bellin constellation has been ongoing for 1 year and finally the Rama has been defeated.

According to the military announcement, the Rama central base was discovered and reinforcements dispatched to Beltana. The army then stormed the Rama’s central base in a surprise attack. A bold hero blew up the Fairy and Star Gate and the federal army valiantly fought to defeat the Gigantic that had appeared. As soon as the federal forces return to Istana, an award ceremony will be held to hand out the awards for their achievements.

The amazing hero representing the Beltana garrison……

‘This is ridiculous!’

The blond youth’s face darkened.
“This is ridiculous!”

Valencia slammed his fist down on the table and shouted.

“I was the commander in this battle! I also destroyed a Gigantic! The 1st armoured platoon and I should receive the most achievements in this war! So why is the guy representing the Beltana garrison……”

“Now isn’t the time to be saying things like that.”

Haman sighed and shook his head. Valencia frowned at his words.

“What does that mean?”

“I received information from the prisoner unit commander Peratul after the battle ended and he returned to the base. The information about the central base that you brought. It seems another soldier sent the Carrier MR-II from a hostile area. The soldier’s Nymphe was checked and it was discovered to be true.”


“That’s not all. I also received some testimonies that you deliberately attacked some allies on the battlefield.”

“I was framed!”

Valencia exclaimed anxiously as his eyes wildly rolled around the room.

“Isn’t it common to injure teammates with splash damage from a bomb during a battle? And I wasn’t the one that deliberately attacked an ally! That guy deliberately blew up the nuclear fusion engine and killed me as well as the 10 people in my group!”

“Is there any way to prove that?”

Valencia closed his mouth at Haman’s question. In Galaxian, a person who committed PK would automatically become chaotic even if there were no witnesses. But there were exceptions.  If the person killed first attacked the person then it would be justified as self-defence and they would receive immunity to the chaotic status. That applied to Valencia. Valencia and the 10 armoured warriors had been deliberately blown up by the nuclear fusion reaction inside the Gigantic.
But Valencia had damaged that person first so it wasn’t recognized as PK. Valencia and his group had died in the explosion. All the experience flew away and no evidence remained on the Nymphe. He could submit his Nymphe as evidence but there would be no data on it.

“But there is a bigger problem.”

Haman sent Valencia an uncomfortable expression and said.

“You’ve been accused of using your position as the leader of the 1st armoured platoon to take bribes from the prisoners to protect them. Do you know what a serious problem that is? If the investigation results reveal that it is true then it will deprive you of your status.”

“W-what! Who dared say such slander?  That guy! Is it that guy?”

Valencia shouted angrily.

“It’s me.”

He heard an answer from behind him. Confusion spread on Valencia’s face as he turned around.

“You….why are you…..?”

“She is the inspector dispatched by the galactic federation to grasp the situation in Beltana. She worked at the supplies tent for the prisoners and collected the relevant information.”

“That’s what this is.”

A woman wearing a uniform lifted a thick stack of papers.

“It was easy for me to gather more data thanks to ‘that’ user.”

The woman speaking in an emotionless face was Irina.
On Hanan, a planet in the Bellin constellation.

In contrast to Beltana, a large number of corpses on the battlefield belonged to the federation. A Rama warrior who was silently watching the battlefield asked.

“The front line on Beltana collapsed?”

“Yes, I heard they were attacked by the federation and were destroyed.”

“Weren’t two experimental Gigantic transmitted to Beltana? Was the Star Gate destroyed before the Gigantic was sent through?”

“The BK-III and BK-IV were sent through as scheduled.”

“Yet they were still destroyed?”

The Rama warrior turned around. However, his red eyes were curious rather than angry.

“Who? Who commanded the Beltana army?”

“His name is Valencia.”

“Valencia? I never heard of that name.”

“According to the information from our home planet, he is the leader of the 1st armoured platoon on Beltana. But the soldier announced as having the highest achievements is someone else.”

“The commander wasn’t the person who gained the most achievements?”

“Yes, the person’s name is Ark.”


The Rama warrior twitched. Then a meaningful smile appeared on his face after thinking for a while.

“Ark……it isn’t impossible if it is that guy.”

“You know that name?”

“Of course. I know it. No, I can’t forget it.”

“But aren’t there many people with the same name?”

“Yes, there are many people with the same name. If you just mentioned the name Ark then I wouldn’t care. Because I’ve seen the name Ark many times when fighting against the federation. But if it is someone who gained the most achievements on the battlefield and defeated a Gigantic then it must be him. He has to be the real one.”

“Real? There are real and fake?”

“Let’s see?”

The Rama warrior murmured before turning around.

“Anyway, I don’t have time to worry about his movements.”

The Red Slaughter. It was the name he was called on Hanan.
At the same time, in an underground plaza of the galactic federation building in Nephalim. There was a blue light as a user was transmitted through the Star Gate. The light disappeared and people flocked like vultures around the user.

“Please give us a short interview!”

“How does it feel becoming a person with the highest merit after being a prisoner? Can you fully explain the situation on the battlefield?”

“Did the Gigantic really appear on Beltana?”

“You defeated a Gigantic directly?”

“I heard you don’t have a sponsor yet. Scouting offers should be sent by the galactic federation and the 4 big businesses. Have you decided on one?”

The people swarming around the Star Gate were reporters. And the name of the returned soldier……

“Ark-nim, please tell me how you feel leaving as a prisoner and returning a hero!”

Ark, it was the name of the new hero.


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thank you.. apparently this time ARK uses his name to be hero in contrast to previously he hide his name… hahaha.. Again THANK YOU TURTLE for the translation <3 <3


well, unlike new world, galaxian is game where solo is discouraged…with scale of war and tech arsenal, one person contribution hardly matter. ARK nust happen to stumble upon various chain of coincidences which gave him chance for one big comeback

Etiquétame tú, que yo no puedo

It is now confirmed the Rama warrior, the Red Slaughter is Lucifer?


Red Slaughter… please dont tell me that his Armor Armamanet moves 3 times faster than normal armor


so alan become sf in federation well good for you


correction either become sf or suicide squad


Tnx turtle!


Thx turtle


Would be funny if Valencia goes as a prisoner to Halan.


But it wouldn’t be funny if he teams up with the Red Slaughterer/Lucifer…and have the Project: Lucifier happen again in Galaxian ;-;
BUT if Ark kicks their asses again it’d turn the tide~


i still can’t believe his romance life is so shitty…


Finally! The arc is over! All in all, it was enjoyable, but damn, did it drag on a bit.

Irina is an investigator… How in the world did she get that position so fast…? And lol imagine if Alan turns the tide on Hanan. And he’d probably go mental if he realizes Lucifer is in the game.

As always, thank you for the translation, Turtle. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t know Ark’s story.


>Irina is an investigator… How in the world did she get that position so fast…?
Irina was already an investigator a substantial amount of time before Ark even arrived on Beltana. That’s because she was already stationed there and had interactions with the other prisoners before Ark showed up. Since she doesn’t fight to level up, she must have done a lot of alternate methods of leveling such as achievement points. Since Ark obviously had fast leveling as we’ve seen with all the past chapters of gloating about how good the exp gain rate was, Irina’s level should be quite lower than Ark’s. But now that she has done her investigation mission, she obtained some achievement points for finishing as well as bonus points for uncovering the ringleader (Valencia) plus bonus points for each person arrested as an accessory to the crime. She also gets the Beltana victory points that all active contributors to the victory got per the announcement that the Federation won.

I look forward to the next party that she meets Ark/Hyung in person. Maybe she will smile the next time.


Yayyy, payback is the best!

Thanks again for the translations!


Revenge is best served hot in a fiery boom!

~Thanks turtle!


How is it possible for ark to raise a hellhound when his battle suit was already drained just before..? Where did he get the mana from? Surely its not possible for the battle suit to have recovered its mana in a span of around 1 hr..


Well he does have those mana batteries that he recovered from the Rama bunker.

the writer is so good at giving a sense of reward to users. Ark goes through so much pain and suffering it’s fun reading ark getting rewarded XD


What??? The blond youth is Alan? I dnt think so I thnk he’s just a secret admirer of Ark! It sure is creepy though for him to be conscripted for the sake of meeting ark!


Nyong, read carefully. It is clearly said that the Alan is the blond guy.
There was only one blond guy throughout the whole Ark&Ark legend story and that was always Alan, plus he is the only one who got braindead (vegetable) but then in ark legend got some explanation with his father giving all to heal him by the best doctors blablabla.. well I shouldn’t have to say it.. it’s clearly said that he is Alan many times when first introducing him in Ark The Legend.


iI feel so bad for Alan, seriously. he went through so much and still did not meet until the end. I wonder why he wants to speak with him so much.


“Hey Ark.. It’s me.. Alan.. I’m sorry about what I did before you know.. I was just carried away.. do you resent me ?”

“Huh, Alan ? hmm I don’t mind but now sign this contract that says you’ll be my crewmember(summon) from now on until you die !”

“Huh ?.. Okay sure why not..”

‘Niiiiice ! that idiot ! You’re mine now Mouhahahaha’

“Pet Summon, Alan douchebag answer my calling !”

“Here I am master !”


And let them forget Ark robbed there archives xD