Space 8: Doom Machine (Part: 1)

SPACE 8. Doom Machine (PART: 1)

A huge weapon has appeared in front of you after advancing to the enemy line. Gigantic is a versatile combat weapon present in Galaxian. Gigantic is a large planet destroying weapon made with the purpose of annihilating the enemy as well as adapting the planet’s environment to suit the pioneers. They also have a strong attack and defense. At the end of the first Galaxian war, spaceships that could transport the Gigantic were blocked. The Star Gates at the time also weren’t advanced enough to transmit such a high mass and the Gigantic became a relic of the past. Now a Gigantic has showed up on Beltana’s battlefield. An intimidating Gigantic was sent to the disputed planet.

However, the federation is the one that received the biggest threat from the appearance of the Gigantic. Using an excellent strategy, the federation army was able to destroy the Fairy and Star Gate. But if you can’t stop the Gigantic here and the federation army becomes destroyed then the federation base will be left defenseless. In addition, it was be impossible to re-enter and the rights to Beltana would have to be transferred to the Rama.

* If the Gigantic can’t be stopped then all victory points won in the last decisive battle will be invalidated. On the other hand, defeating the Gigantic will give +500 victory points to all federation members and x10 points given to the group that directly defeats it. And a special compensation will be given to the soldier who plays a decisive role in its death. All victory points will be converted to achievements when the Beltana war is over.


The complexion of the federation army paled. The huge weapon Gigantic with extravagant destructive power made for major planet invasions. Their overwhelming attack meant they were called ‘Devil of the Battlefield’ during the 1st war and were the ultimate strategic weapon. Like the information window stated, the space ships that could transport the large mass of the Gigantic were sealed after the 1st galactic war. In addition, the current technology of the Star Gate meant that transmission of such a large mass was impossible. This was the first time seeing it for even the highest ranking commander Haman. In the past it was the strongest land weapon but the soldiers didn’t know how much attack power it actually had. Despite that, the federation army still fell into a state of shock at the Gigantic’s appearance. It was a massive weapon 50 metres in length! The tremendous size alone was enough to overwhelm the soldiers. But Valencia was focused on something else.

‘Ark! That bastard!’

Valencia grinded his teeth together. The soldiers who ran away from the Rama base were Ark and the Royal Guards. Shortly after they emerged, a message popped up stating that the Rama’s Fairy and Star Gate had been destroyed. It was definitely done by Ark’s group.

‘How on earth? Apart from the missing Ark, how did those prisoners managed to reach the Rama base before the main army? What the hell happened that I don’t know about?’

No, what happened wasn’t important. The important thing was that Ark and the Royal Guards had destroyed the enemy Fairy and Star Gate and received the achievements meant for Valencia. He had fought for many days to reach this place. Valencia had his status stolen by some chickens.

‘But above all……’

The problem was that Ark was alive. Valencia managed to receive 5,000 achievements from the data contained in the Carrier MR-II. However, the original owner of the Carrier MR-II was Ark.

‘If Ark returns alive……’

It would become clear that Valencia had intercepted Ark’s achievements. The 5,000 achievements that he had already collected and his silver medal of valour would fly away. So he had sent it back again. The Carrier MR-II! He also let the Rama know the place that Ark was hiding. However, Ark was still alive. The Rama’s Fairy and Star Gate was also destroyed.

‘Those stupid Rama! They couldn’t eat the dining table that I prepared for them? What is it doing? They couldn’t even control 1 prisoner in that condition!’ He blamed the Rama.

‘Anyway, I can’t let him leave. I have to handle him somehow!’

That was the only thought in Valencia’s head. But those thoughts only lasted for a few moments.

“Leader-nim, it is dangerous!”

Pedro’s voice was heard from behind him. Valencia’s face became stiff.

Kuong-! Kuong-! Kuong-!

The earth shook as the two legs of the 50 metres Gigantic approached! The ostrich like body rotated towards the federation army. Dozens of g*n turrets attached to the body aimed at the federation army.

‘Bah, I don’t know how powerful the Gigantic’s weapons are but……’

“Everybody be steady! It might be a large but it is slow! The Rama have already lost their fighting spirit. If we handle that chunk of iron then this war will end in the federation’s victory! Concentrate all our firepower and attack the Gigantic!”

“Did you hear the command? The target is the Gigantic in front! Concentrate all your firepower!”

The federation army regained their spirit after hearing Pedro’s command. Just like other online games, Galaxian also had skills like ‘Leadership’ that influenced the troops. If a commander had a related skill then soldiers would move in a more orderly fashion. And Valencia was the leader of the 1st armoured platoon so he had that skill! The reaction was immediate.

Pepeng! Syu syu syu syu! Syu syu syu syu! Syu syu syu syu!

The tanks and troopers launched the heavy weapons. Hundreds of shells flew towards the Gigantic.

‘The Gigantic was called the strongest land weapon but that was 100 years ago. Even if it was called the Devil of the Battlefield, it is still just a large lump of iron. In a war, the pre-emptive strike was the best weapon. No matter how strong the firepower, if it is blocked then it would just be a chunk of scrap metal. I’ll prove that the Gigantic is just a relic of the past!’

It was impossible to withstand hundreds of ammunition without any damage. Valencia was sure that this attack would deal some damage. Hundreds of shells flew towards the body of the Gigantic. The moment the shells plunged downwards!

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The g*n turrets on the Gigantic’s body simultaneously fired. At the same time, the shells flying through the hair were hit and disappeared. Valencia became confused as the number of ammunition was decreased.

“Oh my god! T-that is the GEM…..the automatic interception system?”

GEM was a defense system that calculated and countered the orbit of the enemy’s attack through a high precision computer. The GEM is equipped on some tanks but the number of calculations were limited and it could only intercept 2~3 at the most. The GEM attached to the base’s headquarters was able to intercept more than 100 shells. That’s why a long range bombardment on the base was difficult and the federation had to push right up to the enemy’s camp. Yet the Gigantic managed to intercept 100 shells at once!

‘It is equipped with a base class GEM?’

A moveable weapon was equipped with a base class defense system.

‘No, even a base class GEM has a limit! Even if it is a base class GEM, it can’t intercept several hundred ammunition! If dozens of tanks and heavy weapons aim at the GEM then we can inflict some damage!’

Valencia’s judgment was correct.

Pepeng! Pepeng! Kwa kwa kwa kwang! kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Dozens of projectiles broke through the defense system! There was a huge roar and the Gigantic’s body was covered in smoke.

“That’s it! That fellow will receive enormous damage! Those are heavy weapons……”


Then Pedro screamed with surprise. Amazement appeared on Valencia’s face.


Kuong-! Kuong-! Kuong-!

The earth started shaking as the smoke cleared. A huge figure appeared as the dust settled.
Gigantic…..there was not one scratch on the body of the Gigantic. Every time the Gigantic took one step, the clear form of a honey shaped transparent object covered the body like scales.

“S-shield! A shield! A shield is entirely surrounding it!”

“T-this is ridiculous! How did the Gigantic……”

“It was directly hit by dozens of shells but the shield didn’t break!”

“Oh my god! It has a base class GEM and a shield?”

Hundreds of shells didn’t even give one scratch. The federation soldiers stuttered at the shocking sight. Then 100 red lights attached to the Gigantic aimed at the federation army.

“Heok! M-Memeod! Deploy the anti-missile shield!”

A blue light emerged from the Memeod and covered Valencia and the federation army. The Memeod was the core of the federation army’s power. It was used to transport troops but it also had attacking abilities. However, the major feature of the Memeod was its shield! The main duty of the Memeod was to deploy the shield to stop long range attacks. However…..

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Dozens of shells fell like lightning bolts in a 50 metre area. The Memeod’s shield only lasted again the first few dozen. Cracks spread on the shield after that and shells started to fall on the federation camp. Their tympanic membranes broke as flashes occurred.The ensuing scene was devastating!
A huge crater was formed where the Gigantic’s bombardment was concentrated. The bodies of the soldiers in that area couldn’t even be seen. They were torn into so many pieces that not even a trace remained. Their shock changed to fear.

“A monster! That isn’t a machine but a monster!”

“No wonder why the Gigantic is called the Devil of the Battlefield!”

Valencia felt the same as well. The huge machine relentlessly approached the federation army. In Valencia’s eyes the Gigantic was no longer just a chuck of iron. It was truly a Devil of the Battlefield! It felt like a grim reaper was coming.

‘It is dangerous! This situation is dangerous!’

Valencia flinched and stepped backwards before suddenly stopping. And he clenched his teeth and shook his head forcefully.

‘No, I can’t give up yet!’

This battle was Valencia’s only chance. This was his opportunity to be a hero of the galactic federation! This was the opportunity of a lifetime for a regular user. But that was only when he won the war. Valencia was the main leader so he would be responsible for the loss.

‘This is no time to worry about Ark! Anyway, Ark is also a part of the federation army. I’m a commander of the federation so I have many chances to handle Ark. But it is no good if I die. It is the same if the federation army is wiped out. It is imperative to deal with the Gigantic!’

Valencia raised his head and looked at the Gigantic.

‘It might have the strength of a monster but strictly speaking, the Gigantic is a weapon. There must be a way to defeat it. I just don’t understand why…..’

Two Gigantic had emerged from the base. If both of them attacked at the same time then Valencia would be dead. However, only one Gigantic had attacked the federation army. He didn’t know why but the other one had moved in the direction of the Rama army.

‘……This is our chance!’

Thoughts started turning over in Valencia’s head.

‘The Gigantic clearly had strong defense and attack power but its movement is slow. The GEM and shield is a way to offset those weaknesses. Perhaps that giant body is in order to attach the GEM and shield. But the GEM can’t intercept all shells. In order words, we can deal damage to the Gigantic if the shield isn’t there.’

However, the defense of the shield is tremendous. The dozens of ammunition only carved away 10% of the shield’s durability. That 10% damage also recovered in half a minute. Unlike the soldiers’ or Memeod’s shield, the Gigantic’s shield could regain its own energy. It was impossible to destroy the Gigantic’s shield with just a bombardment!

‘But there is a weakness in the shield!’

The shield had absolute defense against long range attacks like bullets or artillery shells. However, even this shield would become extremely weak against melee attacks.

‘Yes, it’s hard to imagine with that huge body…..the one to destroy the Gigantic is……hand to hand combat!’

Valencia suddenly raised his head and exclaimed.

“Armoured platoons 1, 2 and 3! Use Armoured Armament!”

Capsule like objects emerged from the bags of 100 soldiers. The capsules changed into steel armour and wound around the bodies of the soldiers. The federation’s elite platoons changed into battle suit clad warriors.



100 armoured warriors rushed towards the Gigantic. Armoured warriors flocked from all sides like a bee swarm while Gigantic’s red lights chased them. The red light was lodged into dozens of armoured warriors.

“Rally all out firepower and don’t stop the bombardment!”

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Projectiles flew from the federation army at Valencia’s command. The red light veered away from the armoured warriors and started chasing the shells. The Gigantic’s g*n turrets fired and most of the shells disintegrated in mid-air. A satisfied smile spread on Valencia’s face.

‘As expected. The Gigantic’s system can’t attack and defend at the same time. And the GEM’s main priority is defense. If we bombard it non-stop then the attacks can be sealed. If the other Gigantic wasn’t attacking the Rama and the two joined forces together then…..’

It was already hard enough dealing with 1 Gigantic.

‘I have to finish this before the other one heads here!’


Valencia drove his beam sword into the Gigantic’s leg. The blue honeycomb shaped shield appeared on the Gigantic’s leg.

-The Gigantic’s shield has received a blow!

It was vulnerable to melee attacks but that attack only reduced the energy by 0.1%. However, Valencia wasn’t the only armoured warrior attacking the Gigantic. The federation army had 100 people!

Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap!

100 warriors swung their swords and hammers every chance they got. The bombardment of the shield caused the energy gauge to quickly fall. Nevertheless, the Gigantic wasn’t an easy opponent to handle.

Kuong-! Kuong-! Kuong-!

The Gigantic roared and plunged into the federation’s camp. The huge body was 50 metres. Its weight itself was a strong weapon. The Gigantic stepping indiscriminately on the soldiers started to stop the relentless bombardment. Once the Gigantic strode into the federation’s camp, dozens of slow moving troopers were stepped on. But the Gigantic’s target wasn’t the troopers.The Gigantic’s target was the immobile tanks!

Snap, snap, pepeng!

The shield was no use against the Gigantic’s heavy weight. The tanks were instantly crushed.

“Ugh! Block it! Stop its movement using the shells!”

However, it wasn’t just the Gigantic attacking the federation.

Fools! This place will be your grave.

The Rama started to attack the federation army after the Gigantic’s offense. The fighting became confused once the Rama mixed in with the Gigantic. The Rama were close to defeat after their Fairy and Star Gate were destroyed. The only way for the Rama to win now was to wipe out the federation army and advance to their base. The Gigantic could reverse the situation!

Snap, snap, pepeng!

Thus the federation were cornered by the Gigantic and Rama. In the end, the federation couldn’t protect the heavy tanks and they were crushed by the Gigantic. However, the federation also wasn’t playing around.


The Gigantic’s shield finally sparked and disappeared. Valencia and the armoured warriors he led avoided the other attacks and finally managed to crush the shield. The armoured platoons were the core of the federation’s army and there was no doubt about their competency.

“That’s it! Now switch to the warheads and attack!”

The armoured warriors changed to their g*ns and started firing. However, the Gigantic still had the GEM even if the shield was removed. And a large number of soldiers had been killed by the combined offensive of the Rama and Gigantic. The GEM intercepted the shells so not that many of them hit the body directly.

“Leader-nim, this is our last tank!”

“Dammit! Stop them! We have to stop them! If that tank is destroyed then our firepower will halve. We will still suffer enormous damage even if the Gigantic’s shield is removed!”

“B-but we can’t stop it thanks to the interference from the Rama.

Pedro shouted desperately as he looked at the Gigantic. Finally the Gigantic was able to step on the last tank.

‘Wait? That reminds me, the medium sized tank……’

Then something popped into Valencia’s head. Valencia used his Nymphe to connect to the operator of the remaining tank.
While the melee battle was occurring between the Rama, Gigantic and the federation army.


Ark cursed as he turned his body. A slope was behind him and he rolled down.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Dirt and ice went flying from the place where Ark was previously standing. A wave of dirt was pushed downwards and covered Ark. His skin was torn by stones and ice but he had no time to worry about that.

‘If I stop then I’ll die!’

Ark raised his body and jumped to the other side.


A huge piece of iron then fell towards a pile of dirt. The 10 metre diameter piece of land caved in.

“Pant pant pant, at this rate…….”

Ark breathed harshly as he ran.

Let’s return to when the Rama’s Fairy and Star Gate exploded.

‘It is a success! The Fairy and Star Gate are destroyed!’

While the Rama and federation were fighting each other, Ark had led the Silver Hand and Royal Guards to the empty base to blow up the Fairy and Star Gate. Of course, his strategy was able to succeed because the federation had drawn the Rama army to a place several kilometres away. As a result, Ark managed to blow up the Fairy and Star Gate!

-You have acquired 5,000 victory points!

Ark, the Royal Guards and the Silver Hand. He still received 5,000 victory points despite it being divided among 30 people. If it was changed to achievements then Ark and the Royal Guards will be able to be pardoned! If the federation swept up the remnants of the Rama army then he would be free. He also had the pleasant sensation of beating Valencia!

‘Damn, their timing ruined everything!’

However, three things happened that Ark couldn’t expect. The first thing was that 2 Gigantic were sent through the Rama’s Star Gate. The Gigantic’s combat power was too strong for 30 people to take care of by themselves. Moreover, Ark had encountered the Gigantic when there were 30 minutes left until the C-6 exploded.

“R-run! We’re dead if we are caught!”

Ark’s group ran away from the hangar without looking back. It was fortunate that Ark’s group knew the structure of headquarters thanks to Heksu. The Gigantic couldn’t chase after them in the narrow passages so they managed to escape from headquarters before the explosion. Then Ark’s second unexpected mistake occurred.

‘The federation has already reached here!’

Ark’s plan had been to blow up headquarters before the federation arrived at the base. Yet it was already surrounded by both the Rama and federation. Of course, if Ark was an ordinary federation soldier then he would’ve welcomed it with open arms. However, Ark wasn’t a conventional federation soldier. He was part of the prisoner unit bullied by Valencia. Valencia had also intercepted the Carrier MR-II that Ark sent and received the achievements. He had to hide this fact before Ark registered on the Fairy. It was clear what would happen to Ark if he encountered Valencia. It was highly likely that he would pursue and fire at Ark. His expectations were met.

“Kill! Those bastards! Kill those bastards!”

He heard the command clearly even while lying face down in the dirt. Valencia sounded like a little child running amok. It was the reason he wanted to blow up the headquarters and leave before the federation army showed up. However, the federation army had advanced faster than expected and now Valencia was aiming at him.

‘Those damn spiritless Rama! Valencia already broke them and pushed all the way to here?’

He blamed the Rama. Just as Ark was about to be attacked by the Rama……

Syu syu syu syu! Syu syu syu syu! Syu syu syu syu! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Dozens of missiles flew from the headquarters and detonated. The federation was upset by the bombing but Ark knew the identity behind the missiles. They belonged to the two Gigantic that followed Ark’s group!

‘This might work out!’

An ‘!’ popped into Ark’s head. The federation army had reached the Rama’s base. In the Rama’s view, it was imperative to block the federation army. Therefore the Gigantic’s first priority would be to attack the federation army. The army would be forced to counterattack. Valencia was a commander in the army so even he couldn’t pursue Ark in such a situation.

‘Yes, I can aim the Gigantic at the federation army and run away!’

That was Ark’s plan. And he sneaked away from his location while the Rama and federation were confused by the explosions. This was Ark’s third mistake.

Kuong-! Kuong-! Kuong-!

One Gigantic was heading towards Ark! Two of them had been transferred through the Star Gate.
As Ark expected, one of them started to attack the federation army. Yet the remaining Gigantic ignored them and headed straight towards Ark.

“How come? Why? What have I done?”

Ark questioned it but there was a reason for it. In fact, the two Gigantic had already suffered damage before the federation army attacked. The damage came from when the C-6 blew up headquarters. Ark’s group had installed C-6 throughout the headquarters and in the hangar. And the current leader of the group was registered to Ark. In other words, it was like the Gigantic’s aggro had been transferred to Ark. In online games, monsters would become more aggressive as they receive damage. The monster preferred to attack users with a high aggro value.
One Gigantic had been attacked by the frightened federation and the aggro had changed from Ark to the army. However, the federation didn’t attack the other Gigantic so it was still concerned with Ark.
Valencia was playing in the wrong place.

“Dammit! Is it a monster not a weapon? How can this be called a strategic weapon? What is the point of mounting 386 computers in the 24th century? Isn’t it obviously important just by looking at it? I might have high aggro but it is natural to attack the federation army first!”

But there was no use complaining. Anyway, the federation army didn’t have to deal with two Gigantic because they were already being crushed by one. Ark had unintentionally helped the federation……

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

“Hik! Hik! Hik!”

It felt like he was going to die. At one point, dozens of shells had appeared above him when his movements were stopped. His shield and defense was no match for that. On the other hand, Ark’s attacks……

“Sonic sword! Set Bullets Shooting! Impact Shot!”

Ting-! Ting-! Ting-!

He only did 0.1% damage to the shield. And that 0.1% damage would recover after some time. Ark was fighting by himself. So Ark gave up on attacking quite early. This was one reason why he managed to survive so far.

‘The Gigantic’s firepower reaches the mid-sized tanks. I’ll be hit within a few seconds if I try to run away. But there is a place where the Gigantic’s dozens of g*n turrets will find difficult to reach! That blind spot is……’


Ark slid across the snow and went through the Gigantic’s legs. It was impossible for the Gigantic’s bombardment to reach between its legs. The Gigantic was run by 386 computers so it wasn’t stupid enough to attack itself between the legs. Of course, being between the legs wasn’t a completely safe place.

Kuong-! Kuong-! Kuong-!

The Gigantic immediately raised its legs when Ark hid there and tried to step on him. If it hit then Ark would be crushed by hundreds of tons of rock. If the Gigantic stepped on him then it would be instant death!

“Snow Walking!”

Sasasasa! Sasasasa!

It was the walking method he acquired after wandering across snow for so many days. Ark used his cockroach like tenacity to avoid being damaged by the feet. He was cut by the flying stones and ice every time the foot fell but that was trivial damage……

Bbok! Bbok! Bbok! Bbok!

-You have recovered 1 health.

-You have recovered 1 health……

The Charenjok’s token was placed on his head to heal him. Therefore Ark managed to last 10 minutes against the Gigantic.

‘But now that has reached a limit!’

He had been rolling underneath the Gigantic’s feet for 10 minutes. He was at his physical and mental limit. Furthermore, the damage was piling up and he couldn’t ignore the debris anymore. His health was recovered to some degree by the octopus but it only lasted for 10 minutes. Once the token stopped working then his health started to earnestly decrease.

‘I found some recovery ampoules at the bunker the other day but it is no use extending my life for a few minutes if I can’t defeat the Gigantic. I’m also being attacked by shells and stamping. Either of these attacks would mean instant death. However, it isn’t possible to run away. If I sneak away from the Gigantic’s legs then I’ll be turned into ashes before I even get 100 metres.’

This wasn’t a situation where he could gamble. But Ark didn’t have any countermeasures and time was running out.

‘Is it still not ready yet?’

Ark rolled around the ground without any spirit.

Ark! It’s here! The preparations are finished!

Clem’s voice was suddenly heard through the Nymphe. Ark who was sliding around on the snow suddenly turned around. While Ark, the Rama, Gigantic and the federation army were engaged in a fierce battle, the other detachment members had hid in the wreckage of the Rama headquarters. A small light of hope appeared on Ark’s face.

“That’s it! Hopefully now……”

While the Gigantic was catching up with him, Ark had planned different ways to escape with the detachment. The Gigantic was only following one person around. It had selected Ark who was the leader of the detachment.

‘Well, I did install some C-6 inside headquarters……’

Ark regretted it but it was the way things turned out. Ark was able to plan out some strategies with the detachment while running around. Clem had contacted Ark to report that the preparations for his plan were finished.

‘This is the best I can do. If it doesn’t work then I’ll die!’

“Everybody get ready! There is only one chance for this!”

We know.

Clem answered as Ark grabbed his sword.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

There was a red flash and the Rama base started shaking. When he flinched and turned around, Ark saw that the Gigantic fighting against the federation had collapsed with the lower part completely destroyed. The tank shattered underneath it was spouting a black smoke. It was the federation’s final tank that the Gigantic was about to crush.

‘What’s that? Why did that happen when the Gigantic stepped on the tank……?’

Ark made a puzzled expression. Then Clem’s voice was audible from the Nymphe.

It self-destructed.


Yes, that red flash if the nuclear fusion engine of the tank exploding. But the nuclear fusion engine is designed to prevent any attack from an outside attack. That means the nuclear engine was purposely exploded. They exploded the engine as soon as it was stepped on. The shield was already stripped so the Gigantic couldn’t withstand the damage. The commander carrying out such a bold strategy……

Clem murmured with surprise. It definitely wasn’t a tactic that Ark would’ve thought of. That’s because Ark didn’t know about nuclear fusion engines until now.

‘The tanks contain nuclear fusion engines? Wait? Then perhaps……’

Ark thought for a moment before asking Clem. It was a technical question so Heksu replied.

-It is possible.

“Then can you take care of it right away? It won’t be possible with the Royal Guards but the federation army won’t be watching the Silver Hand. Hegel should stay there as only the Silver Hand members should enter the federation camp.”

What are you going to do?

“I’m going to prepare the situation.”

Understood. We’ll believe in you and obey your command.

The group that was hiding in the wreckage of headquarters moved onto the battlefield.

‘I said that but……

Ark threw his body again to avoid the falling foot and looked up at the Gigantic. It would be meaningless if he couldn’t take care of the Gigantic. He moved it near the headquarters where the detachment had prepared his plan.

‘The preparations have ended! Now it’s time for a counterattack!’

Ark’s eyes flashed. And……

“Snow Walking!”

Sasasasak! Sasasasak!

He slid like a cockroach between the Gigantic’s legs. Well, it wasn’t that different from his previous actions…..but there was one thing different. Until now, the hill near the Rama base had interfered with the Gigantic’s movements. But after communicating with Clem, he gradually sneaked out of the hill and moved towards headquarters.

Kuong-! Kuong-! Kuong-!

The Gigantic definitely became faster when they moved away from the hill. Besides, it was easy to read the movements and avoid it since they were moving in one direction. Fortunately he had become used to the movements in the last 10 minutes.

‘Pay attention! Pay attention! Pay attention! Pay attention!’

Ark concentrated and moved desperately. Just when he had moved 200 metres……

Kuak! These damn federation soldiers!

Two Rama warriors rushed towards Ark. They were Rama warriors who ran back after killing the federation soldiers near the front. They saw Ark as insignificant prey. They wanted to try and obtain a bit more achievements before dying. But their timing was bad.

Hyung-nim, there! Where the X is marked on the ground!

He then heard Hegel’s voice from his Nymphe. An X drawn on the snow caught his eye. Ark used Snow Walking to run towards where the X was marked before turning with a pleasant smile.

“Now! You stupid chunk of iron! Step on me!”

He shouted with a loud voice.


A huge foot started to fall from 10 metres above. Ark threw his body back and shouted.

“Hegel, now!”

-Yes, Hyung-nim!

And the moment the foot stepped on the X marked spot!

Tung! Tung! Tung! Pajijiji!

A sphere buried in the ground started to emit intense electromagnetic waves.

-The electromagnetic mine has been triggered!

It was the electromagnetic mine used when the Silver Hand was fighting the Nakuma. Of course, it was a small mine so it couldn’t completely neutralize the Gigantic’s huge shield. The shield was peeled off the foot that stepped on the X spot.

“But that is good enough! Hegel!”

Ark yelled again!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The area marked with an X exploded. The Rama near the area became bloody rice cakes and flew away. The Gigantic that was aiming its g*n turrets at Ark also wobbled. The Gigantic tried to move its foot to regain its posture but the leg was shocked by the explosion. The Gigantic lost its centre of balance and fell down.

Ku ku ku ku, ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

There was a deafening roar as the 50 metres Gigantic fell onto the battlefield. A smile of satisfaction spread on Ark’s face.

“It’s a success!”

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We know little of these devices. For all we know they came through the gate deactivated and was badly damaged by the explosion which activated them and during activation systems slowly come online. It may be a c++ ranked quest due to them starting the fight with 10% life and 5% of their normal power. Or they’re a newer model that’s weaker so they can get ported. Or they’re the cannon fodder version and they didn’t send the big daddies.


Well it was given to every federation member, not just Ark which is probably why the difficulty became lower as there are many soldiers to fight against it.


even if you say that, Valderas was a C++ ranked event boss in the previous series but even then ark managed to solo his equivalent later on in the series. (Coincidentally, he also appeared in vol 3)


That example only supports my point. Valderas was a C++ quest because many people were participating in the event, even if Ark was the only one to defeat it. The quest was spread among the federation army which is why the difficulty decreased.




The “386 computers” mounted on the Gigantic sounds like a reference to the Intel 80386, the CPU used in computers in the late 1980’s. It was powerful back then but is obviously obsolete now.

So the dumb AI / messed up aggro of the Gigantic makes sense a lot of sense. The Gigantic was a legendary weapon that hasn’t been seen in a long time, but it obviously still runs on legacy hardware. LOL).


So, there’s two options now that it’s on the ground that I can think of. Everyone target the foot that has no shield and hope for the best in five minutes, or…hack it?


lol HACK IT! XD Overachivement XD but for whati see , the big robot just become a turtle on is back…^^ So thanks turtle!


I like that people are still trying to correct the grammar. What part of machine translation are they now getting. It’s not going to be perfect, just good enough. Sit back and enjoy it.

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Thanks for the chapter!

I hope that they mined the shit out of the place the giant-robot fell.