Space 7: Welcome to Nephalim (PART: 2)

SPACE 7. Welcome to Nephalim (PART: 2)

“Hoh, Bhurad?”

Ponen looked at him with an interested expression. Ark was in a high rise building that was the galactic federation’s branch in Nephalim. Ark had visited this place to hand in the recommendation letter received from Bhurad, the manager of R-14’s training centre. The branch of the galactic federation wasn’t a place that general users could enter. But Ark received permission after showing the recommendation letter. He went through various processes and was able to meet the NPC Ponen who was in charge of supporting the pioneers.

“Bhurad isn’t easily please so it is rare for a friend like that to write a recommendation letter for a pioneer.  Yes, I think I’ve heard about you. There was a pioneer who passed R-14’s training process with a fairly high score. So the other pioneers also became quite lively.”

Ark was unware of the commotion on R-14. Once he finished the training in R-14, it was impossible to return to the starting area. So Ark hadn’t bothered looking up information about it. Ark just thought that Ponen’s words were just flattery.

“I just tried my best.”

“Your attitude is very good.”

Ponen nodded with a satisfied expression and continued to the main point.

“Like I said, there are a lot of pioneers entering the universe. But I haven’t found many pioneers worth writing about. Most of them seem quite weak. However, you’ve received Bhurad’s recognition so you must be different. You are qualified to receive sponsorship from the galactic federation. Of course, you still need to pass a review process even if you have Bhurad’s recommendation letter.”

An information window appeared from the Nymphe as soon as Ponen finished talking.

-You have completed quest.
-It is possible to be sponsored by the galactic federation’s branch in Nephalim.

You need to go through an examination process to qualify.  If you pass the examination process then it is possible to be sponsored by the galactic federation.

‘It is a sponsor related quest like I expected.’

He had guessed it after receiving the recommendation letter. All users in Galaxian needed a sponsor.
Galaxian was a game where humans couldn’t move around in space, which was the game’s environment. While the centre of Istana had been terraformed (transforming the planet’s environment to be suitable for humans), only 10% of Istana had been completed. The other 90% were environments where humans couldn’t live. In order to explore the other areas and space, the human’s DNA needed to be able to adapt to the most extreme environments through body coating. That’s why there was no system to pick a basic aptitude like warrior when Galaxian was first started. Galaxian was unlike other games and the basic aptitudes could only be chosen once the body coating was received. That was followed by a secondary career choice. So the game couldn’t really start until the body coating was received. It was also difficult to receive quests without the coating. That’s why R-14 only had repeatable quests. So the pioneers’ top priority was to receive the body coating. The conditions to receive the body coating was to be level 30 and to have a sponsor.


Users in Galaxian can ask various organizations to be a sponsor. A user with a sponsor can live a life on the frontiers. A sponsor and user have a mutual collaborative relationship. The user will gather a lot of information and ingredients for the sponsor and the sponsor will give various products that they developed at a discount. It is a system where the user returns the benefits to the sponsor.

Meanwhile, the goal of the sponsor’s organization might change depending on the objectives of the user. Therefore it is important for the contract to benefit both the user and sponsor. Users will have a chance to buy products from the sponsor before it goes on sale and test it out for the sponsor.

A sponsor can be divided into 3 different groups. The first is the galactic federation. The second is the 4 big companies and the last group are the small and medium sized companies. Each place has different desires for the user they want to sponsor so the screening process is different. The game progress depends on the sponsor so please choose carefully so that you will have no regrets.

This was the information that Ark knew about the sponsors.

“You might not know it yet but having the galactic federation as a sponsor is a big deal. The basic policy of the federation is to encourage space pioneering so the support given to pioneers is incomparable to everywhere else.”

Ark also knew this as well. The galactic federation was literally the centre of power. If the federation was his sponsor then it was possible to enjoy special privileges and he could grow quickly. That’s why most users were eager to contract the galactic federation as a sponsor! That was why the area around the federal building was infested with users. But the competitive rate also increased so it was difficult to meet the screening criteria. Even being qualified to receive the formal test for sponsorship wasn’t an easy task. Ponen reiterated that point once again.

“This opportunity isn’t given to everyone. I can’t even count the amount of pioneers that gather to get the support of the federation. But only some of them get to go through the screening process. They are the top 1% elite. Among those, you are special. You’ve received the privilege of receiving the examination without going through a qualification procedure first.”

Privilege… was a superficial word. The federation certainly wouldn’t sponsor a simple thug like Mald. However, the reason Ark visited the galactic federation wasn’t to form a sponsor contract. The sponsorship program of Galaxian had a great influence on the user’s game progress. Of course he needed to pick the best place but he wouldn’t chose based on the standards of other users. He would meticulously question the sponsors and select the best one for him. Good clothes was no use if they didn’t fit properly. This was the difference between Ark and the other users! Of course he couldn’t say that he would ‘compare the quality and come back again.’

“I’m just a novice who only arrived in Nephalim from R-14 for a few hours. I am thankful for your words and the opportunity but I need some time to think. I’m still not convinced that I am eligible for such preferential treatment. Despite the recommendation from Bhurad-nim, I would like a bit more experience before participating in the examination process.”

“I can understand why Bhurad likes you.”

Ponen smiled and nodded.

“There are a lot of brave pioneers but a careful pioneer is unusual. Yes, you can come back after thinking about it. If it is you then you can walk through the door at any time.”

Ddiring, ddiring!

It was the sound of his favourable impression increasing. His specialty was raising his intimacy with the NPC despite rejecting their offer! If he used his silver tongue then the NPC’s reaction would change. Ark gained confidence and cut to the main subject.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Ask anything you want.”

“Do you know how to release data locked with a security code?”

“How to unlock data…..are you talking about hacking?”

‘Hacking? Ah, I see. Unlocking data would definitely be hacking.

“Yes. That’s right. Can such techniques be learnt?”

This was the reason why Ark came here. He had found the memory chip in the toy but it was locked with a security code. This meant a technology existed to unlock it. But he wouldn’t be able to discover such information just wandering through the city.

‘Asking someone will be the quickest way to find the information.’

The galactic federation situation in the centre of the city would definitely know such information.
Of course, it was impossible to just walk in and ask the NPC. But Ark possessed Bhurad’s recommendation letter. Furthermore, it was possible to raise his public image thanks to his silver tongue. He thought it would be easy to elicit technical information but…..

Ponen’s expression suddenly became chilly.

“Who do you think I am?”

“Huh? Who? That…..”

“I am a government official. Yet you’re asking me about illegal technology?”


“Of course! Hacking is basically looking at someone else’s information without permission. It is a crime. Asking a government official like me about a criminal technique is outrageous. You just arrived at Nephalim so I’ll let it go once. But if you talk about a criminal technique like that again then the recommendation letter won’t matter. This conversation is over.”

Ark felt like he had been struck in the cheek. That feeling continued after he parted from Ponen and left the building. Ponen’s attitude had changed 180 degrees thanks to the mention of the illegal technique ‘hacking.’

‘Well, it is understandable when hearing his words……’

Hacking was an unauthorized intrusion into other people’s computers. ‘Unauthorized’ technology was classified as illegal by default.

‘Based on Ponen’s reaction, it is clear that hacking exists in Galaxian. I wasn’t sure there were such techniques until I saw that reaction. It might be illegal but the technique still exists. However, it is illegal so it will be difficult for to find a NPC to teach it.’

Most users would probably give up by this point. However, Ark wasn’t an ordinary user.

‘This is surprisingly useable information!’

Ark wasn’t the type to comply with rules. No, in a game he would rather do illegal things. The reason why? That was of course……

Money! It was a sad reality but illegal actions gave more money! Of course, illegal actions might be a blow to ethics conscious people but sometimes going against the law had more positive effects for people. Wasn’t it similar to Robin Hood fighting against injustice? Sometimes the hero had to do illegal things…..Ark mentally armed himself with that thought despite the reaction from the NPC.

‘That guy Mald gave up 10 gold for the memory chip. It is worth doing something illegal in order to get that data.’

He wasn’t distressed about learning hacking. The problem was finding an NPC to teach him the hacking skill. Ponen was sensitive to the illegal actions because he was a government official. General NPCs might have a different reaction. But common sense dictated that he couldn’t ask just anyone about an illegal technique.

‘If it is that location……’

Ark thought for a while before opening his map. He entered some instructions and a red dot was displayed on a corner of Nephalim. He navigated towards the area indicated on the map and the atmosphere instantly changed. The place where he emerged from the Nymphe was a plaza surrounded by tall buildings and the atmosphere felt like it was the centre of Seoul. Meanwhile, the area where the Nymphe directed him was the factory area.  It was filled with small and large factories blowing smoke. Except for the large 4 companies and the galactic federation, this was the placed with will small companies. The major sponsors might have large buildings in the centre of the city but the small and medium sized companies couldn’t be ignored. The small companies didn’t give a stable economic base like the major sponsors. However, the small businesses often had entirely different and unique technology. Depending on the propensity of the user, the small companies could sometimes be more favourable than the large sponsors. They all had their own pros and cons. Although there were only approximately 100 small sponsors in the area, the overall atmosphere was bustling. If the major sponsors was a department store then this was like a traditional market?

-A new product has bene released!

-This gives special effects to various equipment.  Take a look.

Inviting pioneers. I’m registered to support pioneers and am looking to recruit new pioneers.

Various monitors displayed different advertisements.

“Have you seen those items?”

“It was so frightening it made me laugh. Glasses that make your eyes pop out!”

“This increases attack power. It will be a jackpot if used when hunting in a party.”

“Are there any stores that sell cheap armour?”

“Damn, the federation and the 4 big businesses refused me so I have to look for a sponsor here?”

The users were looking at products or checking sponsor information. It also wasn’t strange to see androids and aliens walking around town. It was hard to see everything. Ark wanted to snoop everywhere but he had to postpone that pleasure for the moment. He had come to the business district for a reason.

‘Well, there is plenty of time to visit.’

Ark made his way through the thick crowds. He rounded several corners and the streets became quieter.

“The map says it should be somewhere around here……”

Ark checked the map and looked around until he saw the sign he desired.

Tori’s Ironworks.From ships to small screws! All orders custom made!

“Here! This is the company that Cheksun introduced me to!”

This was why Ark had visited the commercial district. Ark hadn’t just received a recommendation letter from Bhurad. He had completed the pipe cleaning quest 300 times. That was 60 kilometres so he received a recommendation letter from Cheksun.

‘This letter of recommendation will also be related to a sponsor like the one received from Bhurad.’

It was the reason he didn’t have to go through the qualification process with the galactic federation.
Aside from the federation and 4 big companies, there were countless numbers of small and medium sized businesses. Of course, it was impossible to examine all the companies. But shouldn’t he find out about a place that he received a recommendation for?

“This is the ironworks company called Gear?”

Ark’s face distorted strangely as he read the sign. Ark only knew that Cheksun’s friend Tori owned an ironworks company called ‘Gear’ when he came here.  Apart from the friend’s name, the company was called Gear! Furthermore, he had entered the federal building based on Bhurad’s recommendation so he had expected something from Cheksun’s recommendation. However, a simple ironworks building was in front of Ark. It was a small, shabby factory far away from the main commercial district. Well, Bhurad was the manager of the training district while Cheksun was in charge of cleaning the pipes. It was why Ark had visited the federal branch first but…..

“Even so, this is too terrible.”

The shocking visuals of Gear made him extremely disappointed.

‘That Cheksun bastard, he seemed to have misunderstood.’

Most users couldn’t even last 1~2 hours cleaning the pipes while he lasted a week. Of course, Ark had his own circumstances. However, Cheksun didn’t understand his inner circumstances and seemed to have misunderstood Ark. He thought it was Ark’s calling instead of a chore. Therefore he had introduced Ark to an ironworks company.

‘Well, this is a recommendation I received from cleaning.’

He almost didn’t want to hand over the letter of recommendation after seeing the ironworks. However, Ark’s purpose in coming to the commercial district wasn’t just Cheksun’s recommendation letter. It was in order to learn information about the hacking skill. If he considered that hacking was illegal then it would be difficult to find information from the city centre where the big businesses were. It was impossible to find an illegal Samsung dealer in a department store. But the commercial district contained small businesses.

‘Nephalim’s commercial district is like an online shopping mall……’

The answer would appear! Ark believed that he could somehow learn the hacking technique. They wouldn’t outright advertise an illegal technique but Ark would somehow be able to find it. And he was more likely to find illegal things in gloomier places.

‘I might be able to find it surprisingly quickly.’

Ark thought as he entered the ironworks. He had just about to enter when he bumped into someone at the entrance

“Hihihihi! Welcome!”

‘Eh? What, what the? This?’

Ark reflexively looked around. A voice came out so he naturally though it was a person. However, it was an animal around 1 metre in size. It was a beast covered in black fur. At first Ark thought it was a guard dog protecting the store. The beast moved its hand and clamoured away.

“What are you looking for Customer-nim? Just say the word. As stated on the sign, our ironworks company does anything from ships to screws. Customer-nim can order whatever you like. Ah, of course Customer-nim will have to pay for it. Hihihihi!”

‘Hamster? It is a hamster?’

The beast sporting a beard laughed and rocked back and forth. At first it looked like a dog but now he could see it was actually a hamster. A talking hamster was a little shocking but Ark had done business with octopuses. Furthermore, he had seen aliens as he was crossing the commercial district so there was no reason for surprise.

‘This alien…..’

“Are you Tori?”

“Yes, I am Tori the owner of Gear.”

The hamster stuck out his belly with a proud look. No way……hamster Tori…..the ironworks company….it really was him? Ark looked at Tori with a dumbfounded expression. Tori then proudly pointed towards the front of the building where they were several machinery were busily working.

“Now, now, please go around and look. You can see everything. There are a lot of goods you might need so just say the word.”

“I didn’t come here to buy something.”

“Eh? You didn’t come to buy something?”

Tori pulled his beard and clamoured.

“What? You’re just a spectator? Dammit, why are you peeking into someone’s factory if you don’t want to buy anything? Do you think this is a zoo? Don’t just assume that I’m a hamster! If you want to peek without buying anything then just go away. How annoying.”

“No, that’s not…..”

“What? I said that you’re annoying. Buy something or go away.”

The hamster’s attitude completely changed after discovering that Ark wasn’t a customer. Anyway, he had no intention of giving the recommendation letter to the hamster. However, he might be able to learn to hack from this guy. Ark moved closer and spoke in a low voice.

“I came here to obtain something.”

“Obtain something? Is that a joke? Didn’t you just say that you didn’t want to buy anything?”

“No, not an item but a technology.”

“Eh? Technology?”

“Yes, hacking techniques. Do you know someone who can teach a skill like that?”

“What, what the? Hacking?”

Tori looked at Ark with surprised eyes. His eyes became the size of baseballs before he suddenly grabbed Ark’s collar.

“How dare you ask me something like that? Don’t you know it is an illegal technology? Huh? What are you trying to do? Do you intend to close other people’s businesses? No, maybe that is your purpose? Where? What bastard sent you? No, it doesn’t matter if someone sent you. You stay here. I’m going to arrest you for interfering with my business!”

Tori started frantically manipulating his Nymphe. Ark was at a total loss as he starting calling the guards. He had been blinded by the fact that Tori was a hamster and never imagined he would cause an uproar like this.

‘Is hacking more of a crime then I thought?’

The situation was really difficult.

“P-please wait a minute!”

“Why should I wait? You’re screwed now!”

“No, that… you know someone called Cheksun?”


Tori flinched and turned his head.

“Cheksun? Cheksun who works at R-14?”

“Yes, I came with an introduction from Cheksun-nim.”

“Really? You’re not lying? I’m not a naive hamster.”

Ah, he said he was a hamster with his own mouth. Didn’t he say not to assume that just now? No, now wasn’t the time to think about something like that. Ark took out Cheksun’s recommendation letter and handed it to the suspicious Tori. Tori blinked while reading the recommendation letter and hit Ark’s chest.

“Hey, young friend. If you had this then you should’ve shown it. I wouldn’t have doubted you.”


“I mean….just come in for the time being.”

Tori looked around and entered the ironworks. The interior was even more hopeless than the outside. Trash and old tools were scattered around and it honestly looked more like a junkyard than an ironworks.

‘Anyway, that has nothing to do with me. I have no intention of getting a job in a place like this.’

Tori sat down on a dusty chair and began to talk.

“I thought you belonged to the government.”

“Huh? Belong to the government?”

“Hihihihi, it makes sense. I make illegal equipment that the government forbids from being sold so sometimes they try to entrap me. White rice might be delicious but I don’t want to be locked behind bars for the rest of my life. I became upset because I thought your question about hacking was an entrapment.

“No, I……”

“That’s okay. I can trust you if Cheksun sent you.”

Tori stroked his beard and muttered.

“Hihihihi, it’s been a while since I heard the name Cheksun. I’ve been living buried in oil and iron but Cheksun won’t sent just anyone to me.”

Tori suddenly became lost in his memories.  Tori then smiled and looked at Ark.

“Yes, did you ask Cheksun?”

“Huh? What did you say?”

“What? Aren’t you looking for a hacking technician?”

“Yes, that’s right…..”

“What? Then you didn’t ask Cheksun about hacking?”

“No, I only found hacking necessary after I entered Nephalim and I had Cheksun’s recommendation so I decided to ask Tori-nim about it. But how is hacking related to Cheksun? Is Cheksun a hacking technician?”

“Cheksun? No. Me!”

Tori hit his chest and laughed.

“Hihihihi, I’m now the owner of the ironworks but I was once an excellent hacker.”

It was like an elite sounding voice.  But that wasn’t important to Ark. The important thing was that the hamster was a hacker! Ark looked at him with an expectant look and asked.

“Can you teach me?”

“Of course.”

Tori nodded.  He thought for a moment and made a big decision.

“Since you came with Cheksun’s recommendation, it will be 200 gold! Give me 200 gold! And I will thoroughly teach you the basics.”

“Huh? 200 gold?”

Of course Ark knew that he couldn’t learn the hacking technique for free. It was common sense that NPCs would require money to teach skills. Hacking was illegal so it was natural for it to be more expensive. However, he never imagined that it would need 200 gold. Of course, he knew that learning the skill would add tremendous value later on. A technique that cost 200 gold might give him 1,000 gold later on. But the problem was Ark’s wallet. He had 80 gold from selling the weapons from R-14. Mald stopped him from selling the remaining items but it would only add up to 100 gold. He was lacking 100 gold.

‘Damn, does that mean I can’t confirm the data on the memory chip until I collect another 100 gold?’

The thought of not being able to check the data made him more anxious. Now he didn’t even have the money to learn the hacking technique? Ark sighed at the thought.

“Hihihi, you seem panicked. You panicked. I guess so. Yes, didn’t you come from R-14? It is impossible for you to have 200 gold.”

‘What? That bastard, he said this knowing that I have no money?’

Ark angrily stared at Tori. But Tori just said with a smile.

“That was a joke just now. Normally it would be 200 gold but I can’t do that to someone who came with Cheksun’s recommendation letter. I’ll teach you the hacking technique for the moment.”


“Of course it’s not for free.”

“Huh? But I don’t have 200 gold.”

“I know. So I’ll make you an offer.”

“An offer?”

“Clean-up. You need the hacking technology and I need resources to operate the ironworks. So I’ll teach you hacking if you gather resources for me. It was take around 20 attempts to successfully learn hacking so I’ll teach you every time you gather resources worth 10 gold. I don’t make this offer very often. I’m only offering you this support because you came with Cheksun’s recommendation letter. You can learn hacking and I can gather resources so isn’t it a good thing?”


Ark understood after hearing Tori’s explanation that hacking wasn’t an easy skill to successfully learn. It took a couple of attempts to master. Even if 200 gold was collected later, he needed to invest time in learning the skill. However, Tori’s system meant it was possible to save time. It also didn’t require money to leave his pocket. The proposition wasn’t bad from Ark’s viewpoint. No, it was a very good suggestion.

‘When thinking about it, I was able to get a lot of money from the paid hunting ground and the compensation for the repeatable quest led to Tori. So doesn’t the early mistake of breaking the dagger seem like a good thing now?’

The encounter with Mald had already been completely deleted from Ark’s head. Ark quickly nodded.

“Yes, I will accept.”

“I’ve been feeling lonely so having a pupil doesn’t feel bad. But learning hacking isn’t easy. I’ll give you the basic hacking tools now but not everyone can become a hacker. The hacking tools is just a tool. There will be no effect if the person doesn’t know how to use it properly. So you will need to write your own hacking tools directly. Doing this is hard work and will require a lot of time so are you prepared for it?”


“Okay.  Then let’s begin.”

Tori stood up and lifted his Nymphe.

“Bring me your Nymphe. I will immediately transfer you the hacking tools.”

Tori touched his Nymphe to Ark’s and manipulated something.

-Tori has wirelessly connected to your Nymphe.

Are you sure you want to allow the wireless connection? Y/N

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The data was uploaded onto his Nymphe and the information window appeared.

-The hacking tools have been downloaded onto your Nymphe.

-All data has been initialized by the hacking tools. If order to properly use the tools, you need to manually upgrade the user settings.

‘That’s it! I got the hacking tools!’

Hacking was a technique that was even hard to find information on. The hacking tool was the foundation of the techniques. It really was a scary feeling seeing everything work out. That was the problem.  Things had worked out so well it was almost scary…..

Because Ark had forgotten an important fact. Ark realized it when he examined the information window that next appeared.

-You have completed the quest.

Cheksun who is the manager of R-14’s facilities has sent a recommendation letter to Tori in Nephalim for a sponsorship offer. You have accepted Tori as a sponsor and entered into a contract with a small company.

This contract is a binding…..

Ark had received the quest. And the recommendation quest was associated with a sponsor quest. After receiving Cheksun’s recommendation, Tori suddenly became friendly and offered to teach him hacking techniques.
Ark was so caught up in learning the hacking skill that he forgot it was a quest. Tori talked about ‘support’ when making the proposition to Ark. This meant he had accepted a sponsor contract! The contract was concluded when the hacking tools were downloaded.

‘Oh my god! This is……’

Ark was discouraged by the shocking development.

“Then let’s start work.”

Tori laughed and continued.

“Ah, what good timing. In fact, I had needed someone to collect the metal parts. These days there are many pioneers but not a lot of them would want to make a contract like this. I’ve been worrying about the penalty if I don’t meet the due date but fortunately you’ve arrived. Thank you, thank you. Hihihihi!”

“Huh? Contract? Penalty? What……”

“Hey! Tori!”

Then he heard a voice from behind him. Ark felt breathless as his jaw dropped.  A group of 10 people wearing primitive armour and holding strange looking rifles were heading towards them. The person who attracted Ark’s attention was the huge figure at the front of the group. His whole face was covered in hair so only the eyes and mouth was visible but he had a huge figure filled with muscles.
The human-alien woolly person approached Tori with great joy.

“Oh! Clem, you came!”

“Hah, I don’t enjoy seeing a hamster greet me.”

“Hey, hey, don’t be like that. We’re in the same line of business after all.”

“A business partner…..but why did you call?”

“I told you the other day that I wanted to find a worker to help me. I’ve found him. Here!”

Tori laughed as he indicated towards Ark. The alien called Clem looked at Ark and said.

“Sheesh, what the? You want us to bring along a human who can’t even properly carry baggage?”

“You were the one who said humans weren’t that bad.”

“Well, I guess so. But did you make the contract properly? It would be troublesome if issues occur later.”

“Of course. He agreed to work hard until he collects metal parts worth 200 gold.”

“200 gold…..that condition will take quite a while so it is fine.”

Clem nodded and said towards one of his men.

“Hey, take this guy.”

And heavily armed warriors grabbed Ark’s left and right arms. Ark stared at Tori and Clem with a stunned expression and stuttered.

“Eh? Eh? W-wait a minute! What on earth is this? Where are you taking me?”

“Hey, Tori?”

When Clem frowned, Tori quickly approached Ark and said.

“What? What nonsense are you saying? Didn’t you make a contract to gather metal worth 200 gold in exchange for learning the skill? Why are you acting like this now?”

“No, I understand but these people……”

Ark stuttered with confusion before closing his mouth. An information window had floated from Tori’s Nymphe.

-Sponsor’s Technology Transfer Contract (Tori-Ark)

The sponsor Tori will teach Ark a technique if he gathers metal parts worth 200 gold. Tori will only pay for the metal parts and Ark will work with a contractor to gather the parts. If the contract is violated then the sponsorship between Ark and Tori will be destroyed and Ark will pay a penalty.

“This is the agreement.”

Tori said with a smile.

“Eh? But I’m gathering metal parts……”

“It is difficult for one person to gather metal parts. I even gave you a job with the suppliers who collect metal parts so why are you complaining?”

“Eh? Eh? Eh? W-wait a minute! Wait a minute!”

Ark screamed but the heavily armed warriors just dragged Ark away. Then Ark saw a shocking scene.

“Now I’ve given you a cheap worker like promised……”

“Okay.  We will buy all the necessary supplies here while we’re in Nephalim. This time it should take 3 days so give me 10 repair tools and ammo.”

“Hihihihi, thank you! Thank you! I’ll load it up!”

Tori happily twisted his hands and jumped around. Ark realized it at that moment. There was a contract between Tori and Clem. Tori would introduce Clem to a worker in order to gain an exclusive supplies contract. That was why Tori accepted metal parts in exchange for the hacking skill! Now Ark…..

‘I……was sold?’

Nephalim was a minor city on Istana! There were thugs who monopolized trading spots and a hamster who scammed him.

“T-this is a scam! This contract is invalid!”

Ark cried out futilely.

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I didnt read new ark seri. I just want to know, ark choose lariette or roco?


The conclusion to that is still open. 😀


Thanks again for this nice chapter~.


All of his troubles will be worth it when he finally gets to hack into the security chip.


Well I think the data chip is actually just a greeting to tori from the octopus. This was just his opener to being his op self. Ark is cunning and creative. He’s also a loner. This jobb profession as a super hacker fits him perfectly.


I finally figured out why I like Ark our character characters match, though ark to much of an extrovert compare to fictional people like “weed”.

Capture God

I have a vision that ark gets so good at hacking that he can eventually hit the del key on lucifer.


scaming the scam artist lol ark has a looong way to go….


Thank for the chapter.


i knew it… being in government not suited for ark. XD

also… nurse -> plumber (mario) -> hacker (Kaito/Kite from .hack)

also i hope wormer also join the game… since he built Taekwon V in new world… maybe in this game he might create lots of robot :D. since it’s space mmo… maybe there will be a Gundam fight on space later.


I wouldn’t be surprise after the direct references to wow and aion, and the indirect references to legendary moonlight sculptor and Sword Art Online. Actually, dear author make it happen! Arrk needs an gundam.


wow… thank you so much….


thank you awesome Turtle…

Thanks for translating


been a while since i left a comment , thanks for your translation ; france is reading !


😂omg I am so happy that ark is getting scammed for once! Thanks turtle this just made my day!!