Space 7: Pyramid

SPACE 7. Pyramid


Ark tilted his head to one side. He had fallen several kilometres down a crevasse and was in a huge underground square. Ark had followed the signal from the Nymphe for several hours before finally arriving at the destination. Then information about the ruins of an ancient civilization surfaced on the Nymphe.

“But no matter how I look at it……”

Ark was standing in front of a huge stone building. It was a building dozens of metres high with bricks stacked up. Ark had seen this building before. No, anybody on earth would know that building. An Egyptian pyramid! Ark had found a pyramid in the underground square. One of Earth’s pyramids had been discovered on Beltana that was hundreds of light years away. The question ‘why?’ came to his mind.

‘This is something impossible.’

He was a man so this was a mystery that Ark was crazy about. He had often watched documentaries talking about the mystery tied to the pyramids. The pyramids were built thousands of years ago where the technology made it impossible to build the pyramids. So many people thought the pyramids were a creation of an alien civilization. He had just thought of it as a funny story.

“Galaxian is a game set in the future where aliens exist. If aliens like the Charenjok and the Grey could visit Earth then building a pyramid wouldn’t be a problem.”

Ark organized his thoughts. The game had contingencies set for everything. There was a reason the architecture of the building was in the form of a pyramid.

“The pyramid is the tomb of an Egyptian King. I don’t know why a signal is coming from this place but if it is built for the same purpose as Earth’s pyramids then it should contain a high ranking alien king. And if the alien pyramids have the same customs……”

The customs of the ancient Egyptians! The King’s burial goods was left with him. That was the reason most modern archaeologists wanted to investigate the pyramids. 90% of the academic or history research were excuses. The real purpose was to steal the burial goods left in the pyramids.

‘There might also be burial goods hidden here!’

Ark was sensitive to the presence of gold. This place was still unknown. In other words, no one had robbed this pyramid yet. He could hopefully monopolize the goods!

‘Life is really ironic.’

A thrill of excitement surged inside him. He had fallen into Valencia’s trap and was chased by the Rama before falling into the crevasse. But who would’ve expected to find something like this thousands of metres underground? A huge treasure might be hidden in the pyramid! If Valencia knew this fact then he would probably regret it. Endorphins flowed in Ark as he imagined it.

“Kekeke! I’ll sweep them all!”

Ark started to investigate the pyramid. But despite examining every corner of the pyramid for a few hours, he couldn’t find a way to enter.

“What? Is this just a model that resembles the shape of a pyramid?”

He started to feel uneasy. But Ark soon shook his head.

‘No. This is clearly not just a model. My Nymphe had received a signal from this structure. There is no doubt that something is hidden inside the pyramid. But I can’t find the door…..’

Then an ‘!’ appeared in his head.

“Wait? Why do I need to go through the door?”

Ark was interested in the pyramid because of the signal. In other words, he wanted to rob it. There was no need to politely go through the door! And Ark possessed a way to enter without a door.

“It is this!”

Pa pa pa pa! Pa pa pa pa!

Ark lifted his shovel. It was the shovel that saved Ark from despair on Beltana! Once again, Ark had learnt the Dig skill while trying to rib the museum. He originally used it to earn food but now it was a tremendous skill!

“Okay, shall I get started?”

Ark spat in his hand and grabbed the shovel. He started to show off the intermediate Dig skill.

Pa pa pa pa! Pa pa pa pa! Pa pa pa pa!

Every time the shovel moved, a huge part of the ground was dug up. The -50 frozen solid ground and rocks wasn’t a problem for Ark. No, what problem would stand in the way of Ark’s dream of a jackpot? Ark was determined to enter even if blisters appeared on his hand and didn’t stop shovelling.

Pa pa pa pa! Pa pa pa pa! Pa pa pa pa!

It also wasn’t difficult to determine the direction to dig. He receive the signal from inside the pyramid. This meant there was a signal generator inside. So he could just follow the direction of the signal indicated on the Nymphe! Ironically, the signal had become like a compass to a tomb raider.

Pa pa pa pa! Pa pa pa pa! Pa pa pa pa!

He spent 2 days frantically digging at the ground!

“Here! The signal is coming from above here!”

Ark stopped shovelling and looked at his Nymphe.

-The direction of the signal is coming from 2 metres (↑) .

The compass that had been firmly fixed until now was finally pointing upwards.

“It is only 2 metres away! Right above me!”

Ark cheered with delight and dug at the ceiling with his shovel. He didn’t care even if a heap of earth fell on his face. The only thing that revolved in Ark’s head was the treasure sleeping inside the pyramid! What did a little dirt matter as long as he could get the treasure?


Then he heard the sound of a shovel hitting stone. Rocks had interrupted him a few times before.
These were flat rocks!  There was no doubt that they were the paving stones from the floor of the pyramid. Ark immediately dug up the soil around the stone. Once he got rid of the surrounding dirt and pushed at the stone, it immediately went up. He lifted the paving stones and climbed up…….


Ark’s mouth gaped open. Ark had climbed into a room where the walls, floors and ceiling were sparkling with gold. But disappointment appeared on Ark’s face after a moment. It was shining with gold but it was just the room. It was gold paint applied instead of real gold.

“Damn. Making me so excited. Why is gold paint applied to the walls? Huh? This is?”

Ark frowned and turned around. A chair that looked like a throne was placed on the opposite side of the room. It was gold just like the interior of the room and a mummy was sitting on the throne. However Ark wasn’t interested in the dead body. There were two items placed on a table in front of the dead body. One was a type of long sword with complicated patterns carved on it and the other was a small pyramid.

“This is it! It is impossible for there to be nothing!”

Ark’s face brightened. The items were entombed in a pyramid! Perhaps they were items the mummy had used. It was an item that an alien king or aristocrat had probably used. In fact, the sword had a silver blade with a pistol grip stuck in the sword hilt. He didn’t know the purpose of the small pyramid but just the sword was worth it.

“Even if that is a magic item……!”

Ark started salivating and took one step forward. Then he stepped on a pattern on the ground and a humming voice was heard.


“Eh? What, what the?”

-You have disturbed this refuge! You will be cursed by Anubis, the guardian of the dead!

A bright light appeared around the dead body. Ark reflexively closed his eyes.

“Huk! What is this? Where is this? Mummy? Item?”

He had only closed his eyes for 1 second. Yet this place didn’t have the room of gold, the mummy or the items? The room he was in was around 10 metres. Instead of walls of gold, bizarre murals full of people in the afterlife were drawn and 4 statues of Anubis were placed in each corner of the room.

“What is this…..”

Ark was flustered as he looked around. Then the room was dyed in a red colour.

Ujik! Ujik! Ujik! Ujik!

There was also the sound of stone moving. Ark winced and turned his head.

“N-no way…..that stone……”

Powder fell down as the stone statues of Anubis in the corner started moving. The statues moved like they were waking from a sleep and turned towards Ark. And they brandished a long iron bar. He had been teleported into a large room where the stones started moving. He didn’t know what was going on but one thing was obvious.

‘If I continue staring blankly then I will die!’

Ark ducked and rolled his body.


The iron rod caused a pit as it slammed against the wall. Ark rolled across to the wall on the other side and stared at the Anubis.

‘Yes, I roughly know what is happening. The mummy in the room I entered is clearly the owner of the pyramid. And as expected, there are burial goods hidden there. But there was something I hadn’t considered. Traps were installed in the pyramid!’

Earth’s pyramids also had a history of various burial goods being robbed by a number of tomb raiders. And kings had predicted those things for thousands of years. Therefore they created numerous traps when building the pyramid. Wouldn’t that also be the same for a pyramid created by an alien civilization?

‘It would be strange if there were no traps. But were they playing a trick by sending a distress signal in order to lure people into the traps? What is this? No, why is the mummy emitting a distress signal?’

The context didn’t fit! His attempt to stealthily sneak in and steal the burial goods had failed…..

‘Anyway, I’ve confirmed that items are hidden in the pyramid. They appeared to be ownerless so couldn’t I just take them? There is still a chance. I just need to destroy the traps and I’ll be returned to the gold room!’

“Let’s take care of these dogs!”

Ark pulled out his Fading Steel and dagger. He avoided the iron bar that continuously hit the ground and pulled the trigger. He neared the Anubis, placed the muzzle on the knee and pulled the trigger.

“Take this! Set Bullets Shooting!”


The Anubis stumbled and kneeled. Ark stepped on the knee, jumped up 5 metres and swung his dagger downwards.

“Sonic Sword!”

The shockwave hit the Anubis’ throat. The Anubis seemed perplexed by Ark’s quick shooting and swung its iron bar recklessly. However, Ark wasn’t blindly attacking. Ark stepped on the Anubis’ shoulder, jumped behind it and shot the back of the head.


150% additional damage will be given!

The Anubis fell down as it was shot in the back of the head.

‘Heh, this is the god of the afterlife? The name is worth nothing.’

Ark stared at Anubis with a confident expression. However, there wasn’t just 1 Anubis. There were 4! It was possible to deal with 1 statue like that but it was more difficult when the 3 other Anubis ran up to him swinging their iron bar. That wasn’t the only difficult part.

‘Damn, is there no place to escape?’

The room he teleported into was only 10 metres large. The 4 huge stone statues swung their iron bars and not even Ark’s body trained by taekwondo allowed him to avoid all the iron bars.


In the end, an iron bar struck his side.

-You have received a blow by a blunt instrument.

One side of his ribs crumbled from the pain and his health was sucked out. But the most troublesome thing was the Push effect. He was hit by a heavy iron bar and flew back 3~4 metres. He was thrown into a corner and 3 iron bars headed towards him. Ark quickly used evasive action but one bar still hit his shoulder. He lost 20% health in an instant. It was 10% every hit. If he was hit 10 times then he would die.

‘Dammit, one Anubis. No, it wouldn’t be difficult if there were two of them…..but it is difficult to avoid 4 iron bars swung at the same time in this space. It can’t be helped. I wanted to save this a little more but I will regret it if I die. I can’t allow my health to be decreased even more. I have to use my maximum firepower to reduce their number!’

Ark contemplated for a moment before raising his head and shouting.

“Armour armament!”

A flash of light appeared from Ark’s body. At the same time, the space distorted and armour like objects appeared. The armour looked like the skin of an insect and moved around Ark’s body like it was alive. The insect like armour changed forms like the Protoss in StarCraft. It was the battle suit that the Rama warrior used!

‘It was worth all that trouble sneaking into the museum!’

Ark’s body became two times larger tanks to the thick armour and helmet. This was the identity of the armour icon next to the Backup-1 and Backup-2 folders on his Nymphe.

-Battle Suit

It isn’t an exaggeration to say there have been countless risks since the universe opened up. As the pioneers explore a large number of planets in the galaxy, there are unforeseen dangers difficult to predict. In order to combat these dangers, some species have developed a body coating to raise the power of their bodies to the limit. Another answer is the developing of the robots that envelop the body like a battle suit. By combining machine and humans, they are able to overcome the limits of both and exercise the best combat skills.

The battle suit of the Rama has evolved differently from those of the Space Alliance (alliance of the galactic federation and 3rd alien union). While the federation’s suit focused on scientific engineering, the Rama focused on biological engineering and developed a battle suit that could transform like the ancient life form called Drone. The Rama’s battle suit is a system which uses the ancient properties of these creatures to summon the battle suit. It is convenient for storage and movement and several special features are also available. However, the mechanical properties are inferior to the battle suits of the Alliance and the transformation also has its disadvantages.

While the Space Alliance and the Rama both activate their battle suits through the Nymphe, the OS of the Nymphes are different so they can’t use their opponents battle suits.

-Hyper Drone Lv1

Item Type: Battle Suit (Rama Type)

The initial version of the Rama’s battle suit that was used by a famous warrior a long time ago. The function is less efficient compared to the latest models of the battle suit. But it was made in the early days so there is a lot of focus on growth.
The Rama’s battle suit runs on an energy called mana so once it is stored in an alternative dimension, it will automatically recover 10% mana every hour. Once stored, the battle suit can’t be summoned again until the mana is 100%.

* Maximum Usage Time: 30 minutes

Ark was confused by the unexpected information window. He was confused about the ‘Rama’s Battle Suit’ part.

‘Then the hexagonal object attacked to the Rama statue…..’

It was the battle suit that the Rama warrior had been wearing when fighting against the federation!
That was why the hexagonal object had disappeared after Ark touched it. The Rama’s battle suit was kept in another dimension and the user had to call for it. Once Ark touched it, the battle suit was registered as his and it moved to the other dimension. However, there was still an unanswered question.

‘What the? Didn’t it say the OS was different so the Rama battle suit can’t be used? Then how did I manage to register the Rama’s battle suit?’

Moreover, his Nymphe had been broken at that time. Yet the battle suit still registered as soon as he touched it. That wasn’t the only strange thing. Ark learned after coming to Beltana that the federation’s OS was completely different from the Rama’s so it didn’t translate the Rama’s language.

“Num! Kara! Marakana! Okara! Akarana!”

……That was what he heard. However, Ark’s Nymphe even translate the language of the Rama.

‘There’s only one way to unravel this phenomenon. Perhaps my Nymphe is operating abnormally after it received the computer virus and was restored.’

However, it was clear that it wasn’t behaving normally. But Ark didn’t protest to the galactic federation. A feature had been added rather than something being taken away. Besides, he received a battle suit for free so there was no reason to question it closely. That was the reason Ark couldn’t use the battle suit on the battlefield. It was a Rama battle suit so he couldn’t use it. Wouldn’t the chances of being hit by friendly fire increase? He was also worried about the battle suit being seized but…..anyway!

“There is nobody here!”

Ark laughed. The Anubis then ran up with their iron bars. Ark lowered his upper body, avoided the attacks and rushed to an Anubis. The battle suit increase his stats by 30%. It was the same for his battle suit. Thick armour hung around his body and Ark passed through the iron bars like they were water. He reached the front Anubis in an instant and kicked out. It was a razor like front kick!


The Anubis wobbled and retreated. Other users wouldn’t understand but this was the most satisfactory part about the battle suit for Ark. Galaxian was a place filled with androids and monsters with superior physical endurance compared to humans. Therefore if he connected with their bodies using martial arts then the effect was 0. It was often the human receiving the damage. However, it changed once the battle suit became like an armour around him. His armour body gave him enormous physical endurance. The Anubis made of stone crumbled with his kick. Rather than increasing his stats, the battle suit gave Ark the ability to fight in close combat! It was an armour that made it possible to show Ark’s combat style. Therefore the battle suit increased his stats by 30% but the actual combat power was a lot more! When the weapons of the future are added……

“I can show who I am!”

Ark approached the off balance Anubis. He avoided the continuously plunging iron bars and shot the Anubis in the knee. Then he jumped up and kicked it in the face before shooting again. Afterwards he jumped off its shoulder and used Sonic Sword! It was the combination of Sword-Hand Combat and Close Marksmanship!

Peng! Peng! Peng! Pepepepeng!

The attacks connected without any opening for the Anubis to counterattack and it collapsed. Ark took care of one stone statue in an instant and turned around with a confident expression.

“Now, who is next?”

The atmosphere was excellent so Ark was smug.

Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku!

Then he heard the sound of rocks moving from behind him. Ark looked back and stiffened.
The Anubis that he had turned into a pile of stone was starting to combine again? The Anubis was reassembled and it once again had 100% health!

“W-what is this?” R-revival? Then it is immortal?”

Even if he killed it then it would revive. Did that mean there was no possibility of winning in the first place? Ark’s motivated cooled in an instant. However, Ark shook his head and rushed to the Anubis.

“No, there is no such thing! A monster that can’t be killed? It is impossible!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

He continued his rapid fire offensive! The combination of bullets, Sonic Sword and kicks made the Anubis collapse again. However, it was soon restored again. That wasn’t all. Ark’s attacks were too excessive and he didn’t avoid all the damage, causing his health to decrease to 50%. But the Anubis revived immediately and didn’t give him any time to recover!

‘There is no way. No monsters are impossible to kill. There is clearly something there.’

Ark gave up on attacking and just concentrated on evasion. He was only starting Galaxian but Ark possessed enormous experience from his 4 years of New World. He had seen hundreds of thousands of different types of monsters. There were quite a few enemies that made him think it wasn’t possible to win.

‘Yes, that’s right. Invincible…..a monster like that doesn’t exist in the game. If it feels invincible that means I haven’t found the way to defeat it yet. It is obvious. There must be a way to defeat it. What is it? Something with the ability to resurrect the dead……’

In the fantasy world, there was an undead magician called the Lich with the ability to resurrect things. Unless he destroyed the thing resurrecting the Anubis, it would keep on reviving.

‘But there isn’t anything here…..’

Ark looked around the place.


Once again an iron rod hit his side. Ark screamed from the shock and flew towards the opposite wall.
It was the wall right next to another Anubis!


Ark expected a follow up attack and hurriedly raised his shield. Then something strange happened. No, it was the fact that nothing happened. Despite Ark being thrown next to another Anubis, it didn’t react and just stood there absent-mindedly.

‘What? This bastard, what is he doing? It is like I’m invisible…..wait?’

Then Ark had a brilliant idea.

‘Am I really unseen?’

Ark frowned and looked at the Anubis. It was a monster with the body of a human and the head of a dog. Ark hadn’t considered it but the Anubis was a statue. There was a carved eye but there was no guarantee it was a real eye. But it had seen and attacked Ark properly just then. No, he felt like it had seen him.

‘It was able to detect me. Yet it couldn’t see me once I arrived at this wall. Yes, this means they weren’t watching me through their eyes but something else…..there is only one place in the room that can’t see my position right now!’

It could see the whole room except for the place where Ark currently was. Ark’s wall was in a blind spot. Ark came to that conclusion and began to search the other walls. After a while……

‘Oh my god!’

Ark felt like he had been hit in the back of the head.
It was the mural that covered the room that he was standing next to. The mural had thousands of people lined up in an  ‘┓’ and  ‘┗’ shape with the eyes continuously moving. The mural was moving as well as the eyeballs.  There was no doubt about it. The solution came to him once he discovered the cause!

‘That figure. If that figure is adjusting the Anubis’ position then the answer is easy. They will stop once I smash the mural. But I only have half of my health left. I will be attacked by the Anubis the moment I start hitting the mural. I need to destroy it in a short period of time!’

And a skill naturally appeared in his head. It was the skill with the strongest damage that Ark currently had! That skill was…..

“18 Barrage!”

Ark turned towards the mural on the wall and shouted. Then steam appeared from the shoulders portion of his battle suit and his fists started moving at an incredible pace. It was the 18 Barrage skill attached to his battle suit!

-Hyper Drone Exclusive Skill-

18 Barrage (User, Active): A basic skill of the early stage Rama battle suits. 18 Barrage focuses the mana of the battle suit on the shoulders and arms for a special move. The destructive power is unimaginable but you must be in close range with the enemy and you can’t stop once you start attacking.
In addition, the skill uses all the remaining mana so the battle suit will automatically be turned off.

It was the skill attached to his battle suit Hyper Drone. In fact, Ark had never used the 18 Barrage skill before. It wasn’t possible to use the battle suit and try it out before falling into the crevasse. However, it did have disadvantages. Once the attack started it couldn’t be stopped. Furthermore, he had to give up the 30% stats since the remaining mana was poured into the skill.
Naturally the damage would appear. No, he couldn’t turn back even if the damage didn’t appear.
His battle suit would disappear the moment the attack stopped.

‘If this doesn’t connect then I’ll die!’

He firmed up his determination and used 18 Barrage!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

At the same time, both arms moved like a motor was attached to it. Pits appeared in the mural wall and stone flew with every hit. One hit! Two hits! Three hits! Four…..once he had attacked at least 10 times, the area seemed to be covered in a fog of powdered stone. Finally his fist hit the wall 18 times.

Cheolkong! Syu syu syu syu!

The battle suit disappeared with the last hit to the wall. At the same time, Ark’s body returned to its smaller, original state.


A moan emerged from Ark’s mouth. He had beat the wall so much that it was difficult to check if the eyeball had been crushed. Yet the Anubis were still standing up. It meant that the Anubis wasn’t controlled by the mural. His unbeatable attack had failed! Ark was sentenced to death.

“Is it going to end here……?”

Ark sat back with a blank expression.

Jajang! Jajang! Jajang! Jajang!

All of a sudden cracks started to appear on the bodies of the Anubis. The cracks spread and the Anubis turned into sand.

-Your level has risen!

The message window flashed in front of Ark.

“I-I did it! The Anubis died!”

Ark exclaimed with a thrilled look. He had risked his life and earned experience!

Dudududu! Dudududu!

Once the Anubis turned into stone, exits were created on all 4 walls. Ark realized he had passed the final stage as he saw the exit. Furthermore, he had gained 1 level. He had remained for a long time on level 31 and he had finally reached level 32. That wasn’t the only thing. An ore had appeared in the pile of sand.

-You have discovered information about the ore through Metallurgy.

Zaliman Ore

A very rare ore that contains mana. The Zaliman ore is found on a very special planet where mana is found in the environment. The Rama processes the ore and created products using mana.

* Able to be sold in stores or processed with artisans.

“Zaliman ore!”

Ark had seen the Zaliman ore displayed in stores in Nephalim. Just a fist sized amount of ore would go for 2~3 gold! Yet he was able to find two pieces of Zaliman ore in the pile of sand.

“This isn’t a trap but a jackpot hunting ground.”

Ark’s mouth gaped open like a frog. He raised his level and gained 2 expensive ore. It was the first time since he started Galaxian that he had gained so much in a short period of time.

“The gold room will always be here so I can take my time and explore. There is no reason to rush. No, I don’t need to hurry. If I find a room with more Anubis then I can gain experience and rewards. Anyway, I already know the way to defeat the Anubis so I can search every corner of the pyramid!”

Ark’s purpose changed at that moment. He could sweep up all the traps containing the Anubis before returning to the gold room. He couldn’t leave a good hunting ground containing experience and loot like this!

“Point me to more dog heads!”

Ark jumped into the passage with eyes shining with gold. Ark had forgotten everything except for experience and loot.



A snow storm raged on Beltana for several days. Although snow was considered a romantic atmosphere in most people’s eyes but Beltana was different. The freezing cold turn the rain and snow into ice. Therefore it was like small kernels of ice formed around their eyes. The ice grains and storm cause a sharp pain. However the galactic federation camp was thankful for it. The storm on Beltana meant none of the communication equipment could work. Therefore neither the federation or the Rama could move their troops. There was a tentative cease fire due to the weather. The federation were on a losing streak so they were thankful for the reprieve. The federation troops could relax for a bit.

“He didn’t come today as well?”

An old man sighed and shook his head. The other prisoners gathered around sighed with a melancholy look. The old man was Mellin and the other prisoners were the members of the Royal Guards. They had been left before because of Valencia and gathered around the Fairy after dying and resurrecting. They were waiting for the captain Ark to join them. However, Ark didn’t revive. The next day and the next day……

“10 days have passed.”

Mellin murmured with a stiff expression. Galaxian had planets where daytime could last for several months. Therefore the concept of time was unified and 24 hours in reality was the same as 24 hours for the NPCs. Ark had actually not resurrected for 10 days.

“People often revive late but 10 days is strange. Berad, did Ark really die in battle?”

“Yes, it is certain.”

Berad who was with Ark until the end nodded.

“There was a persistent Rama warrior chasing us and he fell into the crevasse along with it. It was in order to save me. But I soon died because of the Carack…..”

Berad looked troubled and bit his lip. It was all Berad’s misunderstanding. Berad thought Ark chose to commit suicide with the Rama warrior in order to save Berad’s life. It was the distortion of history by the witness and now the prisoners believed it as well.

“Ugh! Hyung-nim!”

“Hyung-nim sacrificed his body for us…..”

“There is no one else like Hyung-nim in the whole universe.”

The loyalty of the Royal Guards increased even more. Mellin who was in charge at the moment soothed the other members.

“Calm down. Now isn’t the time to be mired in your feelings. If Berad’s testimony is true then there is no doubt that Ark was killed. Yet Ark didn’t revive for 10 days so there might be a problem with that we don’t know about. We need to figure out what is going on. This time we must help Ark instead.”


Ralph sighed and opened his mouth.

“You’re still here?”

He heard someone’s voice from behind him. The Royal Guards turned around and saw the 1st armoured platoon approaching.

“Those guys again!”

Ralph hissed and took a step forward. Then Mellin blocked him and shook his head.
Ark and the Royal Guards had been left behind due to the interference of Valencia and the 1st armoured platoon. Of course, the Royal Guards were prisoners while the 1st armoured platoon were elite guards. It was regretful but they had to endure it.

“Do you want me to tell you why Ark hasn’t resurrected?”

Valencia laughed and said.

“It is because of me.”


“He had realized it. What it means to defy me on Beltana. Do you understand? Ark won’t revive. It’s not possible. He realized it will take a few years to escape from here. So now you guys can stop dreaming. Ark isn’t coming back. You were deserted.”

“Shut up!”

Hegel shouted angrily. Hegel had tears in his big black eyes as he continued.

“Hyung-nim isn’t afraid of you! Hyung-nim is more wonderful than you! Hyung-nim won’t abandon us no matter what situation it is! There is no way! Hyung-nim won’t leave us alone! It’s not possible!”

“It’s not possible?”

Valencia raised his eyebrow and took one step closer.

“How dare someone from the Grey species talk to me like that?”


Hegel immediately moved backwards with fear as Valencia got closer. Mellin and the other Royal Guards lined up behind Hegel and glared at Valencia.

“We also have the same idea. Hyung-nim isn’t the type to be scared of you. We won’t tolerate any bad words about him!”

“You won’t tolerate it? Hoh, how frightening. Do you want to try it?”

Valencia narrowed his eyes at the Royal Guards. He lifted his hand and the 1st armoured platoon approached. There were 10 Royal Guards. Meanwhile the 1st armoured platoon had 30 people.
The numbers were against them. When considering the level and equipment, it was like a fight between a dog and a tiger. However, the Royal Guards didn’t back down from the pressure of the 1st armoured platoon. Just as the atmosphere between the two groups was reaching its peak.

“It is against the rules for allies to fight against each other.”

A voice was heard from a distance. The voice came from Irina who was watching from the supplies tent. Valencia looked at Irina before shrugging.

“I guess it ends here today.”

Valencia stared at Mellin and laughed.

“You guys are prisoners……yes, I think it will be fun to annoy people like you. The snow storm is clearing. Ark isn’t returning. Things will become much more difficult for you. Now, let’s go.”


The Royal Guards glared at Valencia’s back. However, Valencia’s words were true. Valencia and the 1st armoured platoon are the federation’s elite troops. If they made up their mind to disturb the Royal Guards then they would have no future. They had hope after they met Ark but if he didn’t return then they would return to their dismal situation from before.  But there was a problem more urgent then that at the moment.


The stomachs of the Royal Guards growled. Ark hadn’t returned for 10 days so they were starving again.

“Hyung-nim, please come back soon!”

“Come back home!”

The Royal Guards stared at the Fairy with desperation.

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why Ark always fall and stumble upon hidden things? it’s like everything is replaying again except much more faster? HAHAHA anyways thank you!


As someone else said in the previous chapter, it seems the author is playing faster and looser with this story. I agree with that. The author is also using some of the same old “similie” tricks to justify events for Ark. For example, in this chapter:

“The pyramids were built thousands of years ago where the technology made it impossible to build the pyramids. So many people thought the pyramids were a creation of an alien civilization.”

That is clearly is lie, but was stated by the author in order to build up a reason why the current pyramid exists to give Ark yet more gears or powerup skills. Usually the author is better at making falsehoods seem true, but the pyramid example was him stretching the truth too much. Since there is a sci-fi (not science fiction) aspect to the author’s writing this time around, I am also wondering if the author is going to avoid giving Ark powerful items and convert them into skills instead. That way, no one can steal the item from Ark. For example, instead of Ark using a sonic projector device, he will use a non-magic or magic AoE skill. It would be non-magic if the author doesn’t want Ark to use up mana as well as give Ark another simultaneous usage skill (overpowered) like he did in the previous story. An opponent like Ark would be pretty tough when he gets three attacks to one. So far, Ark has used magic in an early chapter. But it seems other people don’t have magic. So far, instead of everyone else having magic, Ark is apparently one of the few players in the galaxy able to wield magic. That would be pretty OP right there as well as special snowflake. The story seems to be heading down this path and I haven’t seen anything different yet.


I don’t get this comment. People have used pyramids as belonging to aliens before, such as in the TV show Star gate. And when did Ark use magic in an earlier chapter? And Ark mentioned in one of the early chapters that people can use magic but they call it psychic powers instead.


I think i’m going to have to agree with Naeko in that this chapter challenged my willing suspension of disbelief perhaps a bit too much.

I’m fine with ark using some mana suit(cough….purital clad armour rippoff… cough) but I still don’t get about this is why Ark didn’t just go through the door. At first i thought it was because he didn’t want to run into any traps but then just as I was thinking that he falls straight into one. And also, how is it logical that prior knowledge from New World would apply to this Galaxia, first of all, they’re not even the same genre and secondly, they were made by different companies. Its like saying I should try punching trees in pokemon because I can collect wood that way in minecraft.

Other minor questions I have been wondering about:
– does ark have an unlimited number of bullets or something? Plus he never seems to need to reload ammo either.
– and is ark’s shovel indestructible or something after all he’s been putting it through lol?

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It specifically states that he searched every corner of the pyramid but couldn’t find the door to enter. That’s why he had to dig. And all those things about previous knowledge is common sense things that apply to all games. Like no game company would create a monster that couldn’t be killed. Also, it states in the last chapter when Ark was sliding down that he reloaded his gun 13 times. The author just doesn’t feel the need to always state it.


Wizard in space, I support this! 😉


What? Pyramids have always been speculated to be alien formed or assisted. The ziggurat which is related to the pyramid has also been speculated as an alien landing site due to its flat edge. And according to the story, the pyramid had no door so he dug. And no, Ark is not able to use magic. All he does have at the moment are combat and labor related skills. And for your third question, in reality games operate with the same principles as long as they are the same kind. For example Pokémon and StarCraft are different. But I can play StarCraft, Battle Realms and Frozen Throne relatively easily because they are somewhat the same even if they have different designers. Same with Ark, both are virtual games only with different genres. Note Battle realms and StarCraft differ in genre as well.


Hehe, first to like! Ooh, a jackpot area, eh? Nice!


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Finnaly he found the gun blade, just like final fantasyfantasy.


the Royal Guards?
it is more like Hen and chicks.

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its dimensional power , the rama obviously invaded from another dimension so obviously somethings would be different , it really isnt that much different from using the “fairy” system and teleporting , just think of it as sp or something because all your b*itching is really pointless


+ its a game oc there would be mana

sliding touch

i play scarlet blade there magic items inside, also you should start considering magic as form of science.


Magic is not the same as science when Ark is basically one of the few in the galaxy to use magic.


i cant wait for the next update .. ahaha do you think it is good to have a holiday bonus … releasing 2 chapters . yeah yeah … thank you again turtle


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Haha, the shovel the OP tool! 😛

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Another bonus stat 30%, less 20%than previously game. But good starters for Ark which going more powerful in late game.


I pity the turtle. He has to translate AND explain the story? My reading experience is also influenced by the previous novel and I keep thinking of things that are similar and things that are not. So far it seems like the author is trying to make it real hard for Ark to succeed, placing many obstacles in his path and causing continuous setbacks with minor yet notable gains along the way. The only problem I have is that while Ark shows his cunning sometimes, he also sometimes displays a lack of wits. For example, back there in the pyramid. It would be common sense to assume a treasure room, within a pyramid no less, would have traps. If it were me I’d be looking around expecting ancient Egyptian ghosts to pop up. It’s a tomb, after all.


Thank you. And I have 0 hate tovars using magic in space. Magic is one kind of energy transformasion. Scientists are investigating, psychic, mind readers, magnetic currents creaters, …I hope they can solve mystery, even ı can use magic in the future.

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