Space 2: Galaxian

SPACE 2. Galaxian

Just a short note. I highly doubt that Weed will actually show up in this story since he does belong to a different author and story. The mention of Royal Road was probably just a cheeky reference.



Ark looked around with interested eyes. When he first started at virtual reality game, he had been surprised by the movements of his character. However Ark wasn’t a beginner anymore. Now Ark had spent almost every day in virtual reality. But New World was clearly different from Galaxian. It was the backdrop. Cosy villages, endless grasslands, magnificent forests……this was the landscape of New World. The landscape that now caught Ark’s eyes wasn’t familiar. Everything was metal! The metallic walls were divided vertically and horizontally while the wide windows showed endless stretches of the universe. Just like the name Galaxian, the background of this game was SF.

“I can go into space!”

Space! The ancestors of the past wanted to experience the future so they created machines that could endlessly explore the universe. Galaxian was a game focused on the future. It was entirely different from New World. The sight set his sleeping gamer’s blood boiling. That point was very important. If he wasn’t interested in the game then he would have problems with concentration.

“I’m only level 1 so there is a long way to go before I can explore space……”

The people who passed by seemed like they were in SF and they wore space suits that he had previously seen in SF movies. Ark was also the same. He was carrying a bag. The bag was made with a metal material and there was a device that looked like a smartphone on his wrist. A 3D image appeared from it. It welcomed him to Galaxian. It also gave simple information for new users.

Currently it is the year 2357 and Earth has become barren 200 years ago thanks to environmental pollution. Therefore mankind turned to space to find a new sanctuary.
But the universe wasn’t a hopeful place like humans thought. The universe had infinite resources and infinite dangers. There were numerous unknown monsters and alien species. They weren’t benevolent to humanity.
Humanity suffered many setbacks but didn’t give up until they developed photon technology and technology to coat their body. This opened up a full-fledged space frontier. The pioneering age began as beginner pioneers took advantage to take their first steps into the universe.
You have arrived at the federal R-14 space station orbiting Earth.  This is the starting point of his space pioneering adventure. If you conquer a large number of trials while exploring the universe then you will leave your name behind in human space pioneering history.
All the necessary information you need about Galaxian is attached to the terminal ‘Nymphe’ on your wrist.

Nymphe was the name of the device. Nymphe was the device shaped as a smartphone. A few icons were floating in a liquid crystal like an application button. He clicked on the icon of a person and the image became 3D. It was Ark’s character information window that recorded down his information.

Character information window
Name Ark (R-02788) Level 1
Species Human Occupation Beginner Pioneer
Fame  –
Health  100 Mental Power  100
Strength 15 Agility 15
Stamina 15 Wisdom 15
Intelligence 15 Luck 15

The basics weren’t that different from other games. But Ark felt the difference was enormous. Ark had gained the master code and became a God in New World. Naturally all his stats were the best! This Ark would vomit blood if the Ark from New World even touched him. But all users in Galaxian started like that. The same applied to the AI Lucifer.

“It’s been a while since I’ve felt this feeling.”

Ark smirked and laughed. Lucifer would also be seeing the same information window somewhere else. The thought of Lucifer seeing such a poor information window was rather refreshing for Ark. It also meant he could enjoy his growth from now on.

“Let’s see…..”

Ark erased the 3D image and looked around. The backdrop might be the future but the basic information window wasn’t that basic from a fantasy game. Similar occupations such as warriors, archers and magicians existed in Galaxian. Their names were just slightly different. So they were known as superconducting sword or g*n or psychic powers instead of swords, bows and magic. Of course, it would be different once the details were more known but the game just opened so there was insufficient information. But there was no reason to be concerned as he would gradually learn as time passed.
Level 1, level 1, level 1, all the users around him were level 1.

‘Is it in this area?’

When he looked around, he instantly saw a place where many users were gathered. The man gathered in the centre with a black beard was wearing a blue suit instead of the normal users wearing red. It was obvious what users would think about after just starting a game. When he wandered into that area and spoke to him, the answer was like he expected.

“You seem to be a novice based on the way you’re looking around. Is this your first time here?”

“Yes, I arrived a short time ago.”

“Then I’ll give you an introduction. I am Bhurad. I am in charge of R-14’s new pioneers training centre.  Is there anything you didn’t understand?”

The NPC with a black beard said. Just yesterday he had been playing New World so it was the first time he had met an NPC who wasn’t respectful to Ark in a long time. His prickly attitude felt refreshing. It was like a noble experiencing the lives of an ordinary person…..heh, what was that? Anyway, he was always friendly to NPCs. That was Ark’s default character.

“Ah, Centre Manager-nim. I am Ark.”

“Ark? Yes, Ark.”

Bhurad laughed after hearing the name.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s not a big deal. I’m too busy to give such a simple explanation. Recently beginner pioneers have started to gather at this space station like cockroaches. The R-14 has some facilities but it is too hard to accommodate everyone. But if I leave them alone then they’ll just become vagrants.  That’s what I thought. These young people just came into the universe and don’t know anything about how it works. How is it? Is it a great idea?”

Bhurad laughed and rattled on.
……He was an overly outspoken NPC.

“That is catching the space bugs.”

“Space bugs? There are bugs at this space station?”

“Before R-14 became frontier station like now, it was a space farm. We can obtain leather and meat from the space bugs so most of the space bugs have been genetically modified to propagate faster. But recently there have been a lot of youngsters so they are dying too soon. The chief of the space bug processing centre is also worried. However, it will be difficult to send the youngsters out into space without any preparation or gear.” Therefore please take care of it.”

……Even foreign workers were handled.

Despite the grief of having too many users, there was no choice.

“I’ll work hard.”

“I thought you would. Anyway, this is a federal training centre so the federal government will pay for beginner pioneers to hunt 20 space bugs. If you bring a suitable amount of leather and meat then further fees will be calculated.”

The R-14 space station is a gateway to the universe and the crew member Bhurad has given you a job for a vagrant. This work if to catch the space bugs in sectors 1~5. Not a lot of compensation can be given to beginner pioneers but it will help them quickly adapt to life in the universe. If you gather a certain amount of leather and meat then it is possible to receive bonus compensation.

* Target: Hunt 20 space bugs or gather 30 leather or meat from the space bugs.

Difficulty:  G

The quest was registered on the Nymphe.

“If you’ve decided then it is better to hurry. A lot of people have arrived so you’ll have many competitors. I don’t think there are a lot of people in district 2 so it is better to start there. However, keep this in mind. You can abandon the job but you won’t receive the compensation. If you die then you also won’t be given the rewards.”

Bhurad said and waved his hand. It was his first time but it wasn’t difficult to find the 2nd district. There were many monitors on the walls and ceilings that indicated a new area or had various advertisements. Ark followed the monitors towards the 2nd district while looking at his belongings through the Nymphe. His belongings appeared as icons on the screen.

-, ,

It was just like the character information window. He clicked on the dagger icon and a rough iron dagger soared from his backpack. If he hovered the item over the icon then it would be automatically stored. He finally arrived at the big gate that was the entrance to the 2nd district. Ark took out his dagger and entered.

“Now, shall I begin?’

And…..his mouth gaped opened. He saw an astounding scene after entering the 2nd district. It was a huge forest! He never imagined seeing such a landscape on a space station. But Ark wasn’t startled because of the forest. In a SF movie, he sometimes saw large space crafts flying towards botanical gardens to gather ingredients. When he thought about it, the space bugs were just like cattle. It was natural to make an environment to raise the cattle. The problem was the crowd in the forest.

Bhurad said this was a place that raised space bugs. Looking at the scene now, it was like the users were being raised instead of the bugs. Users holding daggers swarmed over the forest like ants. The original space bugs couldn’t be seen. No, they were seen. Sometimes big insects that looked like slugs crawled out from the ground. But Ark could barely seem them before they were swarmed by players.

“A space bug!”

Seogeok! Seogeok! Seogeok! Seogeok!

The daggers continued to fall! The space bug quickly melted! It was like a group of piranhas gathering around 1 small fish.

“Damn! That’s right, Galaxian is a game that opened today…..”

Galaxian was a game that users had been interested in for several years. It was to the extent that hundreds of thousands of units were sold throughout the world before the game opened. In other words, hundreds of thousands of users were flocking to the starting area at the same time. Of course, R-14 wasn’t the only beginner area. There were dozens of terrestrial orbiting space stations that were the starting points for users. When combined with other races, hundreds of starting spots existed. At the same time, there were still thousands of people logging in and heading towards the hunting grounds so it wasn’t a pleasant environment to hunt in.

“I have to catch 20 space bugs in a space like this?”

At this rate, he didn’t even know if he could see 20.

“Yet I have no choice.”

Ark sighed and entered the farm with a dagger. There were no space bugs left when he looked around restlessly.

“What are you doing?”

“Huh? Me?”

When he turned around, 5 people were approaching him.

“Are you just trying to catch the space bugs like that?”

“What are you doing? Don’t you see that we’ve occupied this spot?”


“Ah, really… this your first time in an online game?”

First time? Was this a joke? Wasn’t he New World’s Ark? Ark, don’t they know? The words bubbled up in his throat but he pushed it down. Ark might’ve been a legendary gamer but right now he was level 1. If he showed off for no reason then he would just incur their ill feelings.

“This isn’t my first time.”

“Yet you don’t know that this place is occupied? There are a lot of people gathered in this hunting ground so the person who occupies the spot first gets the right to it. If other people strike the monster first even though the spot is occupied then we won’t hesitate to PK. Does that make sense now?”

…….Ark was stunned senseless. So far Ark had never played a game that just opened. He always started a few months later. Therefore he never experienced fighting over a hunting ground. It had also been 4 years since he started New World so he was generally hunting in remote places alone. Ark had often heard of occupying a spot on online gaming sites but he had never experienced it.

“However, I can’t see any empty spots?”

“Do you see the people unable to hunt?”

“They’re all people waiting for a spot to open.”

“What if there is an empty spot?”

The group pointed towards the users gathered restlessly at the entrance. Then all of a sudden, the ground shook and a giant slug climbed through the ground. The group pushed Ark away and rushed to the slug.

“Get out of the way!”

Ark had no choice but to look around as they hit the bug. He felt a sinking feeling. However, he couldn’t question it. Ark didn’t understand it but he thought it was wrong. He really wanted to hunt the bugs but he would end up being PKed.

“Hunting in a party isn’t my style……”

Once again, Ark wasn’t a user that liked parties. He didn’t want to worry about maintaining the relationship as well as dividing the items. A deep rooted distrust of users had been lodged in his head from his early days in New World. He was a user who didn’t really know how to hunt in parties! That had been Ark’s cardinal rule during the past few years he was playing virtual reality games.

“Will the circumstances be easier elsewhere?”

He got fed up and headed towards the other farms but it was all the same. No, the 2nd district had the least users just like Bhurad said. Yet there were still 100 people looking for parties and a spot! The novice users couldn’t go anywhere else other than these beginner areas. In the end, Ark was forced to give up and join the job hunting ranks. When he got closer, a message rose from the Nymphe’s of the job hunters.

-Looking for a party spot. Level 1

-Unemployed person looking for a place. Level 2

-Save me. My wife and children are starving. Level 1

……They were ads seeking employment.

‘Nymphes can also be used as a message tool.’

Ark found a space between the job seekers and also placed an ad. Soon a hunting person looking for 1 person approached.

‘Ah! An opportunity!’

Ark quickly raised his head. He reached out a hand and tried to approach him!

“Our party has one vacancy…..”

“Me! Me! Me!”

The market of human resources fluctuated at the appearance of an employer. The users flocked around him like vultures. Some users even fell down and were stepped on. However, the other users didn’t care. They were only committed to getting a job no matter what. It was a lack of jobs due to a population increase!

“Well, over there. You can apply to the party.”

“Yikes! Oh, thank you!”

‘……What the, what’s this?’

Ark had suddenly been pushed to a corner. When he received the quest from Bhurad, it felt like a foreign worker was receiving help. It wasn’t pleasant but it couldn’t be helped. Now it wasn’t like a foreign worker receiving help but being sent down to a bustling job market. Yesterday Ark was a God in New World and now he had the status of a foreign worker.
It felt like he would just be sitting on the road overnight. And the number of unemployed people was always increasing so it was frustrating. There were approximately 100 people. In order words, it was an employment competition of 1 versus 100.
Moreover, that number increased over time instead of decreasing.

‘Should I come back in several days when it becomes free?’

But the game just opened so it would be like this for several months. This was an online game. If other people died then they would still be raising their levels for a while. So he would have to stay there. Needless to say, Ark wasn’t playing the game for the same reason as others. This was the beginning of a competition with Lucifer. He couldn’t stay idle for several months.

‘Yes, I have no choice but to obtain a party somehow!’

Ark braced himself and searched desperately for a job. However, it wasn’t that easy to find a job for an unemployed person. Moreover, the unemployed also had their own rules. Even maggots were divided into ranks. The senior unemployed occupied the front spots so they would catch the eyes of any employers first. Ark arrived late so he was placed in a corner where he couldn’t really be seen. So he just sat there for 30 minutes.

‘Dammit, the party occupying a spot is so irritating. At this rate, I might not be able to swing my dagger for a few days. However, if I just steal a spot then I’ll be considered a freeloader and killed. What should I do? Is there some way to catch their eyes?’

Then something popped into Ark’s head.

‘If I’m trying to find a job then I can’t just sit here doing nothing. Yes, I need something to catch their eyes!’

Ark quickly modified the contents of his job search ad.

-Looking for a position. Level 1, my name is Ark.

He added his name to the advertisement. Ark had no doubt that this would change the situation. It sounded like condescending words. No, this might be a little smug but there was nobody in virtual reality games who didn’t know Ark’s name.

‘I was worried that someone else would take the name Ark……’

Ark had typed in ‘Ark’ as his name as soon as he entered the game. Ark had connected 2 hours later than other users so he was worried that the name would be taken. Fortunately, no other user had taken the name Ark. It was lucky. The thought of losing his own name made him bitter. Anyway, the name Ark was now a famous brand in virtual reality games! Then he should take advantage of such a famous brand. Sure enough!

“Eh? Ark?”

An employer visiting the job market showed an interest. They swept past the swarming unemployed and sent a party invite to Ark.

“Hohoho, over there is Ark-nim so you can join the party.”

‘Huhuhu! Indeed! My name is not dead!’

He confirmed the effectiveness of his name. Ark had hives at the thought of joining a party but he had no choice! Anyway, it was better than the 100 users who couldn’t find a job. Now he could swing his weapon. Ark received the jealousy of everyone around her and ran up to the short haired user.

“Thank you. I’ll work hard.”

“I have seen the virtues of your name, Ark-nim.”

“Huhuhu. Yes, that is my name.’

“I also hunted together with another Ark a moment ago. So the name is appealing.”

Ark was bewildered by those words.

“Huh? Ark? Isn’t that my name?”

“Oh, you don’t know. Players can use the same name in Galaxian. It is restricted to 100 people with the same name because anything else would be too confusing. I’ve already seen 3 people with that name today.”

“Eh? What…..then how do we send mail or whispers?”

“There is a recognition number attached. Do you see the number next to your name in the information window? That is your recognition number. I also just started so I don’t know that well but the mail and whisper system seems to be through the recognition number instead of name.”

He felt like he had been hit. Ark was a unique person in New World. Yet 100 users in Galaxian could have the same name.

‘Is that why Bhurad reacted to my name?’

3 people with the name Ark had already been seen. If this continued then the name would be completely taken after one day. Of course, that was the price of Ark’s fame but the thought of 100 more users with the same name didn’t sit well with him.

“Oh, you picked someone with the same name.”

“Kikikiki. His appearance is also similar. A human clone, he is a human clone.”

“He looks better than the other Ark.”

“Jackpot! Jamie-nim, your sense in picking party members is no joke!”

When he joined the group, the other party members immediately clamoured. The reason wasn’t what Ark had expected. He had believed it was a rare name so the reactions would be something like ‘Wow.’ But now he was like mass produced goods!

‘Dammit, if I knew then I would’ve chosen another name……’

He registered the name Ark but now he felt like a comedian.

‘No, maybe it’s not a bad thing. I’m attached to this name but if I was the only user then the attention of other players would be focused on me. It won’t be like that if others have the same name. Yes, this name helped me get a job and it also won’t attract the attention of other users.’

If he attracted attention then there would inevitably be difficulties. It could be a help rather than a hindrance.

‘Even if there are others with the same name, in the end only one of them is real.  He would prove his skills! He would show that he was different from the other clones! No, he would show it immediately.

‘Huhuhu, I’ll show them.’

Ark grinned as he looked at the laughing party members. The space bug crawled out in the area where Ark’s party occupied.

‘……This is a chance!’

He would demonstrate his skills! Ark shot towards the space bug like lightning. Then the short haired user Jamie who invited Ark shouted.

“Ark-nim, it is risky to go alone!”

‘I’m not a beginner like you.’

Jamie might think Ark was a copy but he was the real thing! He was the legendary gamer that ruled New World. He was already different from other level 1 users. He was acting like a high school student showing off but he wanted to show the NPCs and users.

‘I’ll show them the skills of the original Ark!’

Ark flew towards the space bug with his dagger. A critical hit and the space bug stumbled!…..That was what Ark expected. However……

-Your attack has failed!

He hadn’t seen that message at all during the past year. At the same time, the space bug attacked and he lost 20% health.

“T-this is impossible…..”

“Ah, really! What are you doing?”

“The space bugs are level 4~7 monsters!”

“Why else do you think we’re hunting in groups of 5 despite it being so tedious? 5 people are the minimum amount needed to hunt with the appropriate speed!”

“If we can hunt alone then we wouldn’t even bother with a party!”

……Ark was also aware of this. However, Ark was someone who could fight a group of monsters 20 levels higher than him alone. That was because a virtual reality game optimized Ark’s physical capabilities. Galaxian was also a virtual reality game so he thought it would be the same. Even if his character changed, he was still the legendary gamer Ark. However, Ark finally realized an important fact. The abilities of Ark’s body were definitely ahead of other users. If Ark’s character was 100%, his physical ability would increase it to 200%. But that made it possible for Ark to bring up the strongest character. In other words, his physical abilities combined with the stats strength, stamina, agility etc. would improve his character! On the other hand, Ark was now level 1. It was a body that any warrior would feel ashamed of. It was like a legendary martial artist would be reincarnated as a newborn baby. His body was that of a newborn baby but his mind was that of a martial artist. So his outstretched hand with the dagger…..ended up missing.

‘Yes, it was like that. I never even considered it. Even if the same system is applied, this is an entirely different game. I’m level 1. There are no stats to support my physical ability. Conversely, there is actually a penalty applied to my physical abilities. Even if a weightlifter came, he wouldn’t be able to life a space bug at level 1.’

Ark realized this fact.

‘Although my physical ability won’t help, my battle experience is different. I have 4 years experience of fighting in a virtual reality game. If I readjust my senses to my character’s ability then even a level 1 player can fight against the monster!’

Practice! Practice was the only way to regain that feeling!…..He never thought those words would emerge from his mouth again. The party took care of the space bug and scowled at Ark.

“Is this your first time hunting in a party?”

“If you try to force it then it will be difficult for other people.”

“This is your first time so we won’t blame you but don’t do it again.”

“I picked you because you had the same name…..”

Even Jamie was giving him uncomfortable looks. A sigh naturally flowed out after receiving such evaluations.

‘Sheesh, hunting in a party really isn’t my thing.’

But he couldn’t say anything or else he would lose his position.

‘It can’t be helped. I’ll stop rushing. I can adjust my senses once I start hunting alone. It is important to raise my level and leave the beginner area. First I should handle the angry mood of the party.’

He was only level 1. But the unemployed people were still sending him enviable glances.

“I’m sorry. This is my first time. I’ll do it properly from now on.”

Ark humbly said and obeyed the party. The hunting law of a party was simple. If a space bug appeared then stamped towards it. The space bug’s attacks were so strong that it took 20% health with one blow but 5 people were less likely to fall into a critical condition. This was why all the parties in the 2nd district consisted of 5 people. 5 people was a good number to catch the space bug. It was a boring hunting method with no display of skills or tactics. He had no choice but to repeat the simple tasks.

-Your level has risen.

His level rose when that type of hunting continued. He hunted a few more and the quest was complete.

“The….the quest has been completed?”

“Then please report to Bhurad and receive it again. I’ll leave a spot for you.”

“Huh? Is this a repeatable quest?”

“Didn’t you know? All the quests at the starting point are repeatable. This quest has the best experience and compensation. It is hard to occupy a spot in the starter areas so it we repeat this quest then we can quickly reach level 10.”

Ark didn’t know that. The unit only had basic documentation about how to use it so there was no information on the quests.
Of course, the party also had no prior knowledge. But they arrived 2 hours before Ark.  There were quite a few differences between their experiences after 2 hours. Still, it was lucky that he joined the party of someone who snatched a spot early.

“Yes, then I’ll be going now.”

Ark rushed to the central square where Bhurad smiled with satisfaction and said.

“Hmm, there are a lot of novices gathered these days so you completed it faster than I thought. Anyway, thanks for your trouble. What do you want to do? Do you want to receive the compensation right now? Or do you want to reserve it as mileage points?”


Then an information window appeared from the Nymphe.

-You have completed your first quest.

There are two ways to receive compensation regarding a repeatable quest in Galaxian. It is to receive the reward right away or to reserve it as mileage. If you get then you will be immediately given the reward.
However, if you reserve mileage a few times then you will earn bonus experience and compensation. In addition, there is no need to report to the NPC as the quest will be automatically renewed and you can focus on hunting. If you are doing repeatable quests then I recommend the mileage method.

‘Hoh, there’s also something like this!’

It was possible to receive more compensation with the same quest. He also didn’t need to go back and forth between the hunting grounds and Bhurad as the quest would automatically be updated. He could level up quickly and leave the beginner area.

‘I’ll do this until I reach level 10!’

“I will earn mileage.”

“Understood. It will be recorded.”

Bhurad nodded and registered the quest. Thus Ark stayed in the 2nd area and dedicated himself to hunting so that he could escape from the beginner area. After the 5th mileage was registered, he gained 1 level to reach level 3. Although the hunting was repetitive, it was fun seeing his level rise so quickly. Once all his stats reached 20, he placed the bonus ones into agility. The only stats useful in the beginning when using a dagger were strength, agility and stamina. However, he was hunting in a party until level 10 so there was no reason to add to strength and stamina. Agility was more useful. His intention was to acquire the fighting style he had in New World. Meanwhile, two people left the party and another two joined. After 5 hours and reaching level 4, Ark was the only person left from the original party. And greed raised its head.

‘Level 4! Now my level isn’t that different from that of the space bugs. I might be able to catch them by myself. Why do I need 5 people to make a party?’

If the party members decreased then the amount of experience would increase. And the quest didn’t have a required number of people to take care of it. One by one, the party members left and the numbers decreased. The personnel decreased much faster when mileage was reserved. Plus……

‘I need to adjust my fighting sense to a new character quickly!’

Ark wasn’t impressed by just swinging a dagger when fighting. It was inevitable that he would start feeling impatience once he reached level 4. His desire to learn fighting in Galaxian made him greedy.

‘Even the risk of hunting alone would be enough……’

The fighting over the hunting ground was fierce! The 2nd district users wouldn’t allow someone to hunt by themselves.
If he hunted alone then he would be targeted by other users for his spot. He had often seen people other parties have their spot taken away once the number decreased too much. He needed a minimum of 3 people! That was the minimum required to keep his spot.

‘I’ve found the three people for my party!’

Ark didn’t receive any more additional people from the meeting place.

“Is it really okay?”

“You don’t have to worry. Please believe in me.”

If he switched to a three person party then the experience and mileage rate would increase quickly.

-You have acquired the ‘Space Bug Leather.’

If the people were reduced then he could also collect more japtem. It was also possible to receive the quest by gathering leather and meat. The drop rate was low so despite the quest renewing 5 times, he had only received 20 leather and meat However, there was no reason to be impatient. All users were in the same circumstances and levelling up was more important than compensation right now. After he kept on hunting, a basic skill was generated.

-A new skill (Common Occupation ☆) has been learnt.

Space Combat (User, Passive): Before you entered the universe, you received basic combat training on earth.

However, the environment of earth and space is different. Actual fighting experience in space is required to utilize this battle technique. Now that you’ve adapted to space, your movements will become a little freer. This adaptation will allow your combat to become more successful.

* A battle skill of the novice pioneer that was locked has now been learnt.

This is a skill that anyone can learn. After fighting in a group, he learnt that some people were lacking combat ability. The space bug was a bug like monster in the beginner area. Their only attacks were biting and head-butting. However, Ark was also the same. Their movements when using the dagger were a little slack. Therefore he tried several strategic movements many times but he couldn’t pull it off because of a lack of stats. However, that changed once is stats increased. His movements also improved after agility increased. His level increased to 5! This time he invested in stamina to reduce the risk.

‘That’s it! I’ve got the feeling! I can get to level 10 by the end of the day with this momentum!’

Ark was fully immersed in the combat.

……That was a mistake.

He was so immersed in battle that he forgot an important fact. Ark realized it after defeating a space bug.

Kikikiki! Kikikiki!

He had been killing the space bugs in a party of 3 without any breaks. Thus Ark had a confident smile on his face while fighting.

“Take this! I will slice….eh?”

Ark flinched and stopped swinging his dagger. His dagger was blinking red.

-Alloy dagger: Durability 1/20

There was only 1 durability left on the dagger! Ark’s face was filled with confusion after checking the status in the Nymphe.

‘Huck! That’s right, didn’t equipment have durability?’

Ark’s equipment in New World had infinite durability. He had made it like that with the master code because he felt annoyed with the constant repairing. Thus Ark hadn’t needed to repair any items during the past year. So he had even forgotten the common sense stuff like repairing equipment after entering Galaxian! Thus Ark made a huge mistake because of his previous character.

‘How stupid…..!’

He only had one dagger in his bag. If it broke then he would become unemployed.

‘No! I can’t lose the dagger!’

Ark hurriedly stopped the attack and withdrew. As soon as Ark stepped back, the space bug rushed towards the party member with the lowest health. The bug attacked and the member fell into a critical condition. The space bug devoured the party member and they died. The 3 people party was reduced to 2. In addition, Ark couldn’t attack anymore! The remaining member was also level 2.

‘Do we have to run away?’

There were many users in the vicinity. If Ark ran away then he would be giving up the hunting spot. Once he left the spot he would once again by unemployed. Ark looked at the jobless in the corner who were staring with shining eyes.

‘No! If I leave here then I don’t know if I can get a job again!’

“Damn! Aslan-nim, try attacking from behind!”

“Huh? “U-understood!”

Aslan hesitated before attacking the space bug. However, he wasn’t a match for the space bug. It was okay with 3 or 5 people but a level 2 user stabbing didn’t do any damage. Now this was a 3 people party and one person was dead. The result of this battle was obvious! Ark’s health quickly reduced to 10%. He couldn’t run away any longer.


In the end, he was forced to wield his shield. One, two, three…..and it broke on the fourth blow.


The sharp steel blade turned into sand. He stared with desperate eyes as he felt a pain in his chest. His body drained of its strength. Death! The legendary gamer became the prey of the space bug after playing the game for 5 hours.

‘Damn, now I’m really embarrassed.’

At this point, Ark was still unaware. It wasn’t simply embarrassing. Ark only realized after he was revived with Galaxian’s system.

-Your body has been restored through the revival system ‘Fairy.’
Character information window
Name Ark (R-02788) Level 1
Species Human Occupation Beginner Pioneer
Fame  –
Health  100 Mental Power  100
Strength 15 Agility 15
Stamina 15 Wisdom 15
Intelligence 15 Luck 15

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