SBIP: Chapter 16

The leaf-wearing man rushed all the way back to the major general’s home only to realize, “Yan Zhengzheng, what about your son?”

Going out after a long time, Bonsai Gu only had eyes for his Lion Chi and how could he remember his son? Then he heard Chi Jun’s question. As Bonsai Gu walked with Chi Jun into the living room, he remembered that in the restaurant, his wood power didn’t enlarge the gingko seedling since it contained the lion clone’s soul.

He looked all over his body and found that in a leafy corner, the small ginkgo seedling was struggling to wrap around his branches. The small ginkgo seedling was placed in the palm of Chi Jun’s hand, looking like a dehydrated bean sprout. The dry roots moved weakly and he opened his small leaves to his lion father for a hug.

Chi Jun who looked at the expressionless Bonsai Gu, “…”

Wasn’t this his good son? Chi Jun hurried to the dining room’s sink, found a bowl of water and soaked the bean sprout in it. The dried roots of the bean sprout stretched out and soaked in the water. The leaves were lifted and after finding that he was held in the hand of his lion father, he pleasantly wriggled in the water.

The tall gingko stood behind Chi Jun, shaking its leaves. The canopy slightly tilted and a branch headed straight into the bowl. The water in the bowl instantly dried up. The bean sprout was enjoying the swim only to instantly touch the bottom of the bowl. ‘…What happened?’

Chi Jun who was preparing to let Gu Yanzheng display his wood ability, “…”

Bonsai Gu, who robbed his son of the life-saving water, used a branch to transport the wet bean sprouts into the pot that had been transported from under the sofa at an unknown time. He straightened the small leaves and poured half a bowl of water into it.

Chi Jun was lamenting the strictness of a biological father while Bonsai Gu’s wood ability enveloped the flower pot. The wet bean sprout was instantly revived, multiplied and the original size changed. There were even two green fan-shaped leaves emerging from the top.

The bean sprout was bathed in the love of his tree father and happily spun and jumped. Apparently, the lion clone had forgotten he was now a tree seedling and not a little lion. Thus, muddy water instantly splashed out. This naturally wasn’t a threat and Chi Jun and the bonsai moved flexibly sideways to avoid it. Neither of them intended to stop it.

The little gingko moved its roots and jumped in the mud basin. It wasn’t until all the wood power provided by the bonsai was absorbed that the bean sprout stopped jumping. He squatted in the pot with his five leaves, branches clinging to the edge of the flower pot, holding his weight with his branch fingers.

Chi Jun, “…”

Adopted son, what was this posture of doing a pull-up? The main branches of the main seedling started to swell. The upper half of the branches twisted and soon gathered into a small round head with two round ears.

Chi Jun was stunned and reached out to hold the crown of the bonsai. “Yan Zhengzheng, your son wants to transform!”

The bonsai took a step forward, stretched out a branch to hold Chi Jun’s waist and looked at the seedling inside the flower pot together with Chi Jun. The little ginkgo’s round face opened two big green kitten eyes.

Chi Jun laughed. “Green is better than blue. Seeing this, your son is better than you. At least he has a face.”

The faceless bonsai, “…”

Then Chi Jun watched as four small branches of the ginkgo seedling stuck out and formed small claws. At the same time, a branch appeared behind him and curled with a sixth leaf at the top to look like a tail.

Chi Jun was silent. This direction seemed a bit wrong. Finally, inside the flower pot, a bark-coloured lion with a small fan-shaped leaf on his head appeared. He stood up and held out small paws to Chi Jun, mouth opening silently. “Hug.”

Chi Jun and Bonsai Gu, “…” This situation was unexpected.

Old Iron came over to clean up the mud on the ground. He saw this scene and finally went down, his flashing lights going out.

…He must’ve booted up incorrectly. He needed to reboot.

Bonsai Gu stretched out his branches first to wrap around the little wood lion, bringing the lion in front of Chi Jun. The wooden lion crouched with four small paws, shaking the ginkgo leaf at the tip of his tail as he stared at Chi Jun with wide green eyes.

Chi Jun reached out and gently poked the little wood lion’s stomach, making a slightly dull sound. The little wood lion reached out his front paws for Chi Jun’s fingers but the tree father limited his movements. He couldn’t reach and could only raise his hind legs to step on the back of Chi Jun’s hand.

Chi Jun picked up the little wooden lion, pinching the small paws trying to hold his fingers in a quite worried manner. He seriously suspected that his transformation into a lion had a negative impact on the small ginkgo seedling. If this tree son grew up then he would grow into a lion wood carving…

Chi Jun scratched the little wooden lion’s hard chin. “You should change into a person. A person, do you understand?”

The little wooden lion rolled in his palm, opening his mouth and yawning. The green eyes blinked twice before closing. Chi Jun didn’t know if the little lion wasn’t going to change or if he didn’t understand.

Bonsai Gu’s branch rolled around the little wooden lion and stuffed him into the flower pot, burying the back paws with mud. This indifferent attitude was very extensive. Bonsai Gu planted his son, cleaned the mud from his branches in the pool and then went to cook.

Chi Jun looked at the busy branches, the little wooden lion sleeping in the flower pot and Old Iron showing signs of rebooting again. Then was he worried about the healthy growth of the child alone?

After three reboots, Old Iron finally recognized the reality. Since the second master arrived, he had corrected a lot of data that had been inherent in himself.

For example, it was possible to change between a lion and human.

A tree could run around and cook.

Now a tree could turn into a lion.

In short, Old Iron believed that between the lion, tree and person, there was a mysterious relationship that hadn’t yet been discovered with modern technology. Old Iron quietly managed all the plants in the house while coming close from time to time to observe.

After dinner, Chi Jun went to Old Iron and seriously asked Old Iron a question. It was about how to turn the stir-fried star squid into fertilizer. Under the guidance of Old Iron, Chi Jun dried the dish and turned it into powder. It turned into a small amount. Then he added water and the bacterial colony that Old Iron provided for rapid fermentation.

Chi Jun sealed up the bucket and the final product appeared under the big ginkgo tree. Far away in another galaxy, the major general who was ready to set off felt refusal in his heart. His companion body might be a tree but it wasn’t a tree in the actual sense. He poked at the soil in the backyard and absorbed the moisture and wood power in the soil. He didn’t rely on organic or inorganic fertilizer.

However, this fertilizer was the hard work of his lion. As a result, Major General Yan had to close off the olfactory senses of his companion and helplessly control the bonsai to accompany Chi Jun, helping him dig the pit and fill it. There was nobody who would pit themselves this way.

Once everything was done, Chi Jun clapped his hands and looked up at the big ginkgo. “If you like it then I will bring back some more tomorrow.”

Major General Yan’s mouth twitched and he couldn’t think about how to refuse. Chi Jun waited for a while and found that the big ginkgo standing next to Bonsai Gu didn’t give a reaction.

Chi Jun was sharp. “Are you afraid that I’m spending money? It’s nothing. I don’t have much money now and can’t buy the major general’s house but it is enough to buy some food. During the apocalypse, it was too difficult and everything was badly polluted by zombies. There wasn’t much to eat…”

Major General Yan boarded the starship and was very emotional after hearing Chi Jun’s words. During the apocalypse, his wood ability promoted the growth of various plants so they weren’t lacking in vegetables and fruit, but meat was very scarce and it was truly hard to find something delicious. Just thinking this, Major General Yan was ready to make more delicious food for Chi Jun.

Then the second part of Chi Jun’s words came out. “Yan Zhengzheng, eat well now. Tomorrow I will bring back 100 other dishes for you to eat enough.”

Major General Yan stepped forward and nearly pulled down the starship’s hatch. Then Chi Jun patted the tree body and returned to the living room.

Chi Jun disappeared and Major General Yan took the opportunity to use numerous branches to break apart the soil, wrap up the soul the fertilizer was buried in and rolled it up, throwing it outside the wall.

The big gingko was worried about the smell spreading so he threw it with a lot of force. The soil filled with fertilizer was shot like a cannonball. It flew in the direction of the imperial palace’s east tower and slammed through the window of the imperial palace.

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1 year ago

BAHAHAHAH UH OH SOMEONE ISNT GONNA BE HAPPY- I lowkey hope it would land on some important jerk cause that would be hella funny

1 year ago

This is how the main villain in the imperial Palace died. 😂