SDC Chapter 8

Mu Huan looked around blankly. There really… wasn’t any.

Fortunately, the beta coach’s mood improved after he lectured his players. He turned his head and said, “I’ll get in touch. Someone will come over in a while. You should go to the place where you will be living first.”

Soon, a middle-aged male omega hurried in and introduced himself as a coach before leading them away.

Outside the ice rink, the temperature was higher than in the capital. The coats on their bodies couldn’t be worn at all and they took it off while walking. Then Mu Huan saw Li Xin walk up to the coach. “Excuse me, is Coach Pu in the team now? I came here mainly to find him and do something.”

Li Xin added, “The coach had me bring a sample over and the time is limited. I have to do the fusion test today.”

The coach was interested when he heard this. He lost the look of displeasure at Mu Huan coming to steal a spot and said enthusiastically, “You’re talking about Yin Ge? No problem., I’ll take you over now. They are in the practice room on the other side this afternoon.”

“Thank you.”

Mu Huan followed silently with some curiosity about it.

The so-called fusion test was the matching of AO pheromones. The outside world liked to regard this test as a ‘degree of fit’ test. They believed that the higher the fit of the A and O, the higher the type index when together.

In fact, this was nothing more than a beta’s conjecture about A and O. Who made it so that betas accounted for 80% of the population in this world? This caused strange rumors to become the truth.

After the type index of an A and O were tested, so what if they were 100%? Would the two people be in bed all day long, doing nothing else? They weren’t matching addicts. In reality, how many people could live on this dependence, being in love regardless of the suitability of their personalities, temperaments and family backgrounds?

In the final test, the fusion test was to test if the pheromones of the A and O would smell good and make people like it when fused together.

If black tea met milk, it became fragrant black tea. If grape met wine, it became slightly alcoholic wine. If a single pheromone met a match, a rich fragrance would appear and it would indeed smell better.

Still, this had nothing to do with the type index. It was just that this data was needed for pairs skating, just like recruiting long-distance runners. Not only was the runner’s own data needed but also the height of his parents and family members must be investigated and understood. It was one of the necessary conditions.

Pairs skating had extremely high requirements for the pheromones fit of both athletes.

The coach of the provincial team took them to the practice room, a spacious dance classroom. It was a place where the athletes did land program training when they weren’t on the ice or doing strength training.

Currently, there were five omegas in the room, three women and two men, as well as Coach Pu. The omegas weren’t old. They are at the age of differentiation and around 10 years old. Their faces looked very young.

The omegas who had been talking and laughing in a lively manner shut their mouths after seeing strangers appear, looking timidly at them. Finally, the omegas’ eyes fell on Mu Huan’s face.

“So handsome!”

“I know him.”

“I know him too. He is Mu Huan.”

“Why did he come here?”

‘Mu Huan’ was famous for his many love affairs and he was regarded as a romantic figure in the Chinese sports circle. In addition, he had good results. It would be strange if any domestic figure skater didn’t recognize him.

Mu Huan stood at the door and didn’t go in. He waited quietly for Li Xin to communicate with Coach Pu until Coach Pu shouted, “Xiao Ge, come here.”

In the crowd, a white and clean-faced male omega with big eyes walked out. This appearance was a rare stand-out. He had a bit of timidity and a hint of excitement as he walked in front of the coach and responded clearly, “Here.”

Mu Huan saw Li Xin take out a black box from his backpack. It was twice as thick as a glasses case. The box was opened and there was another layer inside. Then he took out a sealed glass test tube from the deepest point. This test tube had a unique shape. It was sealed at one end and had a small needle at the other. Li Xin held this needle and told Yin Ge, “Pull the hair away from the back of your neck please.”

The omega lowered his head and exposed the gland behind his neck. Mu Huan’s eyes fell on this small bulge and he suddenly realized that he was a bit out of place here. However, by this time, Li Xin had already pierced the needle into the gland quickly and fiercely.

Yin Ge made a sound, his expression pained.

Mu Huan’s eyes flashed and he raised a hand to touch the gland on the back of his neck. The first day he woke up, he felt a bit of discomfort from his gland. He could feel the pinhole-like blood scab when he touched it with his fingers. Was it pierced like this not long ago?

It was easy to take a sample with a professional tool. There was a single prick and the omega’s pheromone was collected.

Li Xin shook the test tube and poured a drop on the test paper. Suddenly, a bitter green grapefruit smell permeated the room and entered Mu Huan’s nasal cavity.

The scent was bitter at first and then it became exceptionally fragrant. The smell was clean and cold. The more he smelled it, the more refreshing it became. It was very good.

“Not bad.”

“It smells good.”

“Is it really closed? I envy you.”

“Yin Ge, are you going to the national team?”

Coach Pu was happy. “Yes, it is good, especially good. Your Coach Yu should be happy.”

He paused before asking Mu Huan, “What do you think?”

Yin Ge took a peek at Mu Huan and hurriedly tilted his head to the side. Mu Huan noticed this person’s actions but didn’t take it to heart. He found it strange that he was asked but he could only nod politely, “Yes, it smells good.”

Coach Pu laughed. “Xiao Ge, you have to work hard. The right pheromones alone won’t work. If you don’t have strength then the national team won’t be able to keep you.”

“Yes.” Yin Ge nodded eagerly.

Li Xin put away the equipment and placed the backpack on his back. “I am eager to go back and do the pheromone comparison. Coach Yu is still waiting for my news. I will go first.”

Coach Pu warmly said goodbye. “Let’s eat together in the evening.”

Li Xin hesitated and glanced at Mu Huan.

Mu Huan said, “I will take the evaluation tomorrow. I’m going to find a place to train at night.”

Coach Pu smiled at Mu Huan. “I’ll help arrange a place for you and then call you.” His attitude was quite different from the other coaches.

They left the practice room. The coach who was guiding them walked alone in front. Mu Huan came to Li Xin’s side and asked, “Who does the other pheromone belong to?”

Li Xin shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“What is it?”

Li Xin continued to shake his head but he answered, “It is a bitter pheromone. It is a slightly fishy smell and isn’t very good. However, the omega’s grapefruit smell just covers the fishy smell and it melts with the bitterness into a bitter grapefruit smell. This has a refreshing effect and can barely be considered a top-grade fragrance.”

Mu Huan nodded thoughtfully. He raised his hand and touched the back of his neck. He thought about something before smiling. Let’s not mention Yu Yiman’s disgusted attitude toward Mu Huan. How could she be searching for a partner for him? It was said that Mu Huan’s pheromones smelled very good. Many people had proved it. The matter this time presumably had nothing to do with him.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t smell his own pheromones. As for letting Li Xin help him smell it… well, forget it. Looking at his own face as he secreted pheromones was too narcissistic.

The two of them returned to the hotel. Li Xin entered his room and never came out. Mu Huan received a message from Coach Pu at 5 p.m. He was about to go out with his skates when he remembered something and knocked on the room next door.

The door was quickly opened and Li Xin appeared neatly dressed in front of him. “I was just looking for you for something.”

Mu Huan told him, “I have to go train. I’m sorry I can’t invite you to dinner.”

Li Xin smiled. “I already knew I wouldn’t be able to eat this meal. You are busy so go.”


“Wait.” Li Xin spoke again. “Just now, Coach Yu contacted me and had me tell you that the content of tomorrow’s assessment in Y Province has been changed. It needs a free skate.”

“Oh,” Mu Huan replied calmly.

“You don’t sound surprised? The provincial team’s internal team assessments over the years have generally been short programs. Did you prepare a free program as well?”


Li Xin nodded. “Jiayou.”



“What’s going on? Weren’t the previous assessments all short programs?”

“That’s right. Say it if they are going to change it. I’m not prepared.”

“What else is going to be tested today? It is better to abstain from all of them.”

A group of people complained as they walked slowly toward the provincial ice rink. They gathered together and chatted about the newly announced assessment content. Every word was full of anxiety.

No one noticed that two men were following behind them. There was a male omega wearing a fisherman’s hat with a large brim that covered his eyes. Only his delicate nose and lips were exposed. His skin was extremely white and he had a hint of coldness when he wasn’t smiling or talking.

The other male was an alpha and he wore a black cloth mask on his face. The thin cloth clung to his face, outlining his jaw and especially highlighting his narrow and bright eyes. His eyes were cold like an assassin from ancient times.

The two people followed not far behind and didn’t seem to hear the complaints in front of them. They walked indifferently and the distance with this group was also quite far.

The older alpha in front probably had high prestige in this group. He said, “Don’t make trouble. The coach arranged this for a reason.”

The moment he opened his mouth, the group who had just been talking fell quiet. Then they heard him ask, “You all know about Mu Huan coming here, right?”

“I know.”

“I know. He somehow ran over to grab a spot. I don’t know why the team agreed.”

“Yes, even if we can’t go to the training time, you and Zimeng are already decided. How can he rob it?”

Mu Huan raised an eyebrow. It turned out that this alpha was Wang Qinghua. No wonder he looked a bit familiar.

Wang Qinghua told them, “Putting that matter aside first, I know something you don’t know?”


“Quickly say it. Don’t keep us in suspense.”

Wang Qinghua’s mouth twitched. “Mu Huan hasn’t skated for a year. He only returned to team training for five days. You know what this means?”

“I don’t know.”

“Just say it.”

Wang Qinghua explained, “It means he is still doing basic training now. Even if he has time to make a short program, a free skate is absolutely impossible for him.”

The moment these words came out, the advancing group stopped. Mu Huan clearly saw the group of people look at each other before smiling happily.

“Yes, he definitely doesn’t have time to practice.”

“Give him another week and he won’t be able to complete the free skate.”

“We are different. Even if it has temporarily changed, we have practiced the free skate before.”

“Thinking about it this way, he is a bit pitiful.”

“Get lost. Who is pitiful? He is grabbing a place in our team. You pity him?”

“Yes! Go back where you came from!”

“The coach did a great job this time!”

Mu Huan’s expression was strange. He turned to look at Li Xin and found that Li Xin was also looking at himself. They gazed at each other, talking in silence.

Wasn’t the figure skating competition all about preparing a short program and a free skate? Wasn’t this common sense?

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