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SDC: Chapter 1

Rainbow Turtle: I really like this novel but it is harder for me to translate and after it enters VIP, the chapters become really long. Therefore, this will be a side project and I will continue to translate chapters when I have time, but there is no set schedule and anyone is free to pick it up. Just send me an email.

Note: This has a seme/gong protagonist.

“Mu Huan, it’s bad! Someone is crying for you at the gate!”

Li Xin was already up when the door to his room was knocked on.

He was taking a selfie with his phone, staring at himself on the screen in a daze. A familiar face appeared on the mobile phone screen. This person had sword eyebrows, starry eyes, a handsome face and naturally smiling lips, but there was a hint of cynicism. The long and narrow eyes made this even more intense.

For this face that was out of tune with him, Li Xin could easily call out the name.

After all, they had been teammates for a year and he was such a unique person. Their relationship couldn’t be called good but it wasn’t bad. He heard and saw it with his own eyes the countless love relationships this person had using this face.

It was memorable. There was one scene that was especially profound. It was the luxurious solitary tomb that stood prominently on the hill of the mausoleum. It covered a large area and had a black marble tombstone inscribed with limestone characters:

Mu Huan.

Died April 22, 20XX.

The cries of his loved ones lingered in the drizzle and the fog cloaked the tombstone in a faint white veil. There was very little smoke from lighting incense.

At that time, Li Xin also couldn’t help shedding a few tears.

Now he was living in Mu Huan’s body?

He was full of doubts and preparing to sort them out when the person outside the door couldn’t wait and kicked open the door. “I said, are you awake?”

Then he paused and raised his voice. “Fu*k, what time is it that you are still so narcissistic?”

Li Xin put down his phone and turned to look at the person. He was tall and thin, with a long face. It was the popular small V shaped face but his facial features were kneaded together, making him not suitable for the word ‘handsome.’ He was like the villain in TV series and matched Mu Huan’s evil face very well.

Li Xin had an impression of the person who had come. It was just that this person had been retired for many years and he couldn’t remember the name for a while.

After all, not everyone was like Mu Huan who died early.

Li Xin hadn’t attended many funerals. Apart from the old man in his family, Mu Huan was the only one. Therefore, it was hard to forget.

This acquaintance entered the room but he wasn’t so anxious anymore. He jumped onto Li Xin’s bed with one knee and grinned. “This kid, you are going to be proud again. This blue face causes a disaster. You have created another disaster. (Blue face is a type of male confidant. Generally speaking, it refers to men who are closer than friends, less than lovers and purer than lovers)

 “By the way, you really broke up? I remember you were saying two days ago that Han Can is your destiny. There are many beautiful things but it is enough to grasp one of them carefully.”

“Your destiny has changed too fast.”

“Tsk. I look down on you a little bit.”

Seeing Mu Huan staring at him in a daze, Qi Wenfu raised a hand and pushed him. Then he grabbed Mu Huan’s wrist to pull him toward the door. “Don’t think about it and hurry up. If you don’t go, he will cry at the school gate and Coach Yu will strip off your skin.”

In a hurry, ‘Mu Huan’ grabbed his phone and was pulled out the door with messy hair.

It was now time for class. Those who had class had already left and those who didn’t have class were lazy in their dormitory. Mu Huan didn’t see anyone all the way down.

It wasn’t until they reached the entrance of the first floor that three people walked in. They saw ‘Mu Huan’ and gave a meaningful smile, winking at him.

“Mu Huan, are you busy?” Someone teased.

Qi Wenfu waved his hand impatiently. “Get lost or it will be your turn to be the joke.”

Another person said, “What joke? We are envious. No one is looking for us, blocking the gate and crying to death.”

Qi Wenfu was angry. “Shut up, you.” He tightened his grip on Mu Huan’s wrist and added a bit of speed. “Go!”

Mu Huan was pulled forward all the way, but his eyes were attracted by the scenery. His thoughts seemed to enter the long river of time and he was in a bit of a trance.

This was the dormitory of Beijing Sports University. It was a place where he never got his diploma. This didn’t mean he was ashamed of it.

It was very simple for him to get his diploma here. The principal had talked to him several times and made it clear he could come back to study anytime he wanted. It was no problem to guarantee his degree and be admitted to postgraduate studies without taking the exam.

At that time, he had always been very busy. In order to fight, he pushed himself improperly. Apart from his sports achievements, everything else was placed ‘second.’ There was no time to go to school.

So… he worked hard for over 10 years and it wasn’t easy to get glory. Now it was all gone in just one sleep?

Mu Huan frowned, his heart burning with frustration. Qi Wenfu muttered something all the way but he didn’t hear it clearly.

By the time he came back to his senses, the university gate was already in view. The wrist held by Qi Wenfu was hot and covered in sticky sweat.

Mu Huan raised his hand and shook off Qi Wenfu’s had. Qi Wenfu froze for a moment before complaining, “What are you doing? Don’t get mad at me. Am I wrong for telling you to come here?”

Then Qi Wenfu’s eyes rolled and he laughed. “You suddenly got drunk two days ago. Is it related to Han Can?”

How did Mu Huan know what was going on? He might’ve entered this body but the memories were zero. In his eyes, Han Can was a complete stranger.

Mu Huan wanted to know more about how he entered this body and what he should do in the future than the ‘love debt’ left by the former owner of the body.

He saw the crowd at the gate. There were people who came over in order to watch a good show. Mu Huan found it very troublesome.

It wasn’t what he did and he wasn’t interested in cleaning up the mess. It didn’t matter if it was ‘Han Can’ or ‘Bing Chan’, they were just emotional matters. All grievances and hatreds would disappear after a long time.

Most of the relationships that were chaotic was because they weren’t handled quickly enough. It was sloppy and they made problems for themselves.

Mu Huan’s footsteps gradually slowed down. Qi Wenfu just thought it was Mu Huan ‘feeling cowardly.’ He smiled from the side and pushed him. “Go.”

Mu Huan moved his shoulders away and frowned. “I was dragged over by you. Are you helping me or watching the excitement?”

“Of course, it is watching the excitement.” Qi Wenfu generously admitted it. “I have such a boring life. Thank you for always making it colorful.”

The corners of Mu Huan’s mouth tightened and he turned to leave.

“Hey, don’t…” Qi Wenfu smiled mischievously.

Mu Huan threw this person’s hand away but before he could take a few steps, there was a cry grieving cry from behind him. “Mu Huan…”

Mu Huan stood still. He turned around with a frown and saw a petite, male omega dressed in plain white. This person had a fair complexion, a round face and big round eyes that were black and white. His lips were a plump, diamond shape and he was indeed very beautiful.

Right now, his eyes were swollen from crying and he looked at Mu Huan sadly. Mu Huan actually felt a dull pain in his heart.

The memories of this body really liked this person. Still, what could be done?

The so-called love was probably nothing more than the influence of hormones. Now it was love and then it would be pain. After a month or two, it would fade away. Once they talked about responsibility, about long-term and sharing suffering together, it was another calculation.

Mu Huan thought that the least interesting thing in the world was love. Mu Huan coldly watched Han Can walk up to him cautiously, wanting to take his hand. He moved his shoulder and avoided it.

Han Can’s tears fell down. He sniffed, his voice as small as a cat and he trembled as he said, “Don’t break up with me, okay? I like you, I only love you.”

“Mu Huan~” He timidly pinched Mu Huan’s sleeve.

The beautiful fingers trembled slightly as they pinched Mu Huan’s sleeve. His tearful eyes were open and round. Mu Huan’s face was reflected in his black pupils, as if he was watching the entire world.

Mu Huan could smell the pear scent this person exuded. It was light and slightly milky. It was a good smell but he tensed up. It was also very strange.

He had been an omega for his entire life and all the pheromones he had smelled were an alpha’s aggressive and powerful ones. In addition, pheromones were as light as water between omegas and there was no seduction.

This milky pear flower pheromone was very shy and reminiscent of the pear tree branches devastated by the storm at night. It was a delicate and feeble flower, trembling as it shook the remaining petals, drops of water rolling down unwillingly.

He begged Mu Huan for forgiveness. He begged for pity. He was even willing to get on the ground and kiss Mu Huan’s feet.

Drip, drip.

This seemed to fall into Mu Huan’s heart, setting off a wave of ripples. The pheromone communication was too straightforward. Despite the silence, Mu Huan could clearly perceive Han Can’s love for him and the attempt to make waves in Mu Huan’s heart again.

This feeling was terrible.

Mu Huan raised his hand to grab Han Can’s hand. As he met the other person’s surprised gaze, he exerted a slight force to free his sleeve from this person’s hand.

Then he released his own hand. He wondered, “What does that have to do with me?”

Han Can blinked and trembled. “W-What?”

Mu Huan stared at Han Can for two seconds before repeating it. “You like me. What does that have to do with me?”

“Huh?” Han Can was confused.

“Pfft!” Qi Wenfu was constantly laughing on the side.

The crowd of onlookers was in an uproar.

“Fu*k, what a scumbag!

“A quote from a scumbag.”

“Hey, talk well.”

“Please be a person.”

Mu Huan ignored the gossip on the side. He just glanced over Qi Wenfu before his eyes fell on Can Han’s face. “Let’s part without hard feelings. Let go like this.”

It was a mistake to come over. Talking to a stranger about love was even more wrong. What’s more, there were so many onlookers.

Mu Huan really wasn’t in the mood to continue. What he wanted to understand weren’t these inexplicable things. It was simply a waste of time.

Mu Huan didn’t stop anymore. He turned around to live but as a result, there was something from the top of his head that firmly fixed him to the spot.

He didn’t know when but he was surrounded by people in front of him and behind him, watching the action curiously. They surrounded him in three layers inside and outside

A face was exposed in the crowd and watched curiously for a few seconds before he was stared at by Mu Huan.

The man was stunned for a moment. He looked around to confirm that Mu Huan was really looking at him. Then he hurriedly smiled, backed away and turned to leave.

Mu Huan saw the familiar face and his head suddenly ached, as if it was about to split open.

…Wait a minute! He seemed to have seen this scene! He must’ve seen it himself!

One day, it was a morning that couldn’t be more ordinary. He did his morning exercise and took the commuter bus to university as usual.

That day, the morning class was relatively late so he came a bit late. He thought he would reach his classroom unimpeded but who knew he would be blocked at the school gate?

Outside the crowd, he looked curiously and saw Mu Huan, the ‘stallion’ dealing with another ‘confidant’ boring scene. He turned away. It was just a quick look but it separated man and Heaven forever.

That day, Mu Huan was killed at the school gate. A deadly’ brick’ was thrown and his head was cracked open, blood splattering at his feet!

In an instant, Mu Huan’s mind returned. All the hairs on his body were standing up. He hurriedly looked back and saw a person rushing out of the crowd. This person held a black stone in his hand while roaring, “Mu, you bastards!”

The person was already jumping high.

Mu Huan saw this figure and the sharp stone and a chill came from the soles of his feet, rushing toward the sky.


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