“Is this the interview location?”

A 20 year old male asked while pushing up his glasses. In Seoul Gangnam, it was a building located 5 minutes away from the train station. A black glass in front of the building flashed ‘Global access Korea’ in English. It was the sign of a large company so the man naturally hesitated. He didn’t have the courage to go in. But he also didn’t have the courage to return.
He took a deep breath and entered the building.

“I’ve come for an interview.”

“Please go to the 3rd floor.”

The model like receptionist pointed towards the elevator.

“Ah, yes. Thank you.”

He nodded and hurriedly walked forward and he heard laughter from behind him. His face turned red. He could guess the reason why she was laughing. He had suddenly received the notification for an interview so he had borrowed a suit from a friend bigger than him. The suit didn’t fit his figure so he looked quite unseemly. Of course, he didn’t have any hope even after receiving the notification for an interview……

“Director-nim is coming!”

A guard’s voice rang out and the lobby instantly became busy. The guides stood up while the guards lined up in front of the door. The man pushed up his glasses and looked confused by the atmosphere. One man was just entering through the front door. The man was surprisingly wearing baggy jeans and a jumper. He was in his mid-20’s? He was so young yet he received the title of Director. He had probably become the director because he was a 2nd generation heir to the conglomerate. They were similar ages but one person got a position in the company from his parents while the other one had to borrow some clothes for an interview. The young man once again despaired about the identity gap in modern society and was about to turn away when he suddenly flinched.

“Wait? No, that person….p-perhaps…..”

The young man’s mouth gaped open as he examined the face of the other man. The Director’s eyes then looked at the young man. The Director looked at the badge on his chest and smiled.

“You came for an interview?”

“Huh? Yes, that’s right!”

The young man replied with a rigid stance. The Director was about to say something else when the guards approached.

“Director-nim, Vice President-nim wants to see you straight away.”

“Vice President-nim? Understood.”

The Director nodded and was about to turn around when he looked at the young man.

“Don’t be too nervous. You will get good results if you try your best.”

“Thank you!”

The young man’s voice rang out through the lobby. The Director smiled and moved away while the young man asked a security guard.

“Director-nim… he? The famous…..”

“You already know?

“Of course! I am a user in New World so it is impossible for me not to understand!”

“Yes, Kim Hyun-woo. He is the legendary gamer who became a director of Global Exos, Ark.”

The guard answered as he watched Hyun-woo go up the executive exclusive elevator.

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[…] first chapter of the sequel Ark the Legend has been released. You can read the prologue here and chapter 1 […]


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Wow so quick.. already moved on to the sequel.. thank you very much turtle for the translations




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Think the sign is suppose to say “Global Exos Korea” not “Global access Korea”.

[…] first chapter of the sequel Ark the Legend has been released. You can read the prologue here and chapter 1 […]